The Gazette of Gor – Issue 38

Disclaimer: All images contained herein are stock images from the archives of Lunacaleengpanthers.

(Gorean Press Edition)


  • From the Editor’s Desk (Sarah)
  • Our evolving story (Gazette Team)
  • Interview of Dawn Destiny (Minnie)
  • A BackStory (Teri)
  • Gazette Combat #6 Black Caste (Xaz) – (Rik Baar)
  • The Torn Kirtle Way Station and Village (Sarah)
  • Oasis of Two Scimitars Informational (Selvi)
  • The Tokei-ji Temple (Corine Fargis and Mariko Marchant)
  • Events February


– Gorean Campus

– Myst Weapons

  • Invitation to share Gor with the Gazette
  • Gazette’s Mission Statement.
  • Editors and Writers needed
  • Feedbacks

Dear Rarius Yuroki,

  • I wanted to congratulate you for these 250 weeks of labor, these 250 issues Voice of Gor. Your tenacity, your investment in the Gorean world should be welcomed. And I know very well that weekly work can be tiring. You braved storms, you avoided the shores of discouragement. You deserve our respect. I am proud to congratulate you again for your 250 children who helped the Gorean world .

(Minnie – Owner of Gazette of Gor)

From the Editor’s Desk (Sarah)

  •  People decide to start role-playing in SL Gor and/or enter the Gorean lifestyle for many different reasons. For me, i became interested in the Gorean lifestyle, as i enjoyed serving people, especially men, in a manner that paid homage to certain traditions that existed three hundred years ago. At first, i only practiced Gor online,

  • But after about nine years since being introduced to this lifestyle, i decided to become a Gorean offline. But as time marched on, my feelings on the type of relationship i wanted changed. I understand that people’s personalities, looks and opinions have the tendency to transform throughout the years, but their might be an aspect or two in individual’s lives that never changes; this is especially true for my life. You see, i was born with physical disabilities and while other physical challenges have been brought about since my birth, it did not erase the handicaps that i came onto this Earth with.

  • At this point in time, you’re probably asking yourself why am i telling you all this. Well, the reason is that while thinking about what i would like in a partnership, i also thought about the roles of slave and FreeWoman and how i could or couldn’t fulfill each offline. Of course, i know what each entails as i have mentioned briefly about my past in the Gorean lifestyle. But i feel that this was the first time that i truly was honest with myself about what i wanted, needed and could and couldn’t offer if i took on either of these roles in Real Life. I’ve come to the conclusion, that my personality is better suited of that of a FreeWoman over a kajira, but both roles feature things i’m unable to do offline. You see, the main duties of both a slave and a FreeWoman is to take of their Master’s or Free Companions home,

  • You know, they are expected to cook, clean and all that jazz. Now, it could be argued that as a FreeWoman, i could take ownership of a kajira and have her do my chores for me. However, i feel that i wouldn’t truly be a FreeWoman if someone did the tasks that goes along with that role, for me. So, what’s the solution? I know that one of the philosophies of the Gorean lifestyle is that of the Natural Order. The idea behind the Natural Order is that men do masculine tasks, such as building, hunting etc, and women do feminine ones, such things as cooking etc.

  • The problem with this ideology is that it’s not always practical. In fact, i feel that this school of thought could damage a person’s self esteem. For example, since i’m unable to take care of a home in RL, does that make me any less of a woman? What if a man can’t provide for his family offline? Does that make him less of a man? I think that if relied less on the Natural Order aspect of the Gorean lifestyle and more on the honor and value of life ones, then we won’t just become better Goreans, but better people overall.

Interview of Dawn Destiny (Minnie)

*     Lunellaa Destiny: Tallies ……. don’t mind me I’m just the agent

–     Đᴀωɴ Đєѕтiɴγ : is this 100% ooc?

  • Minnie giggles
  • Minnie: so are you ready Dawn

–     Đᴀωɴ Đєѕтiɴγ : yup

  • Minnie: 100 % OOC
  • Minnie: So can you introduce yourself
  • Minnie: Backstory, responsabilities and more

–     Đᴀωɴ Đєѕтiɴγ : I am Dawn Destiny, Se of the Sa’Jesuil, most people know me as the mouthy bitch who is an admin over at the Ruins… I am an American from NY, who started playing in Gor about 2 and a half years ago. I have been a panther since the beginning, spent my longest time in Zima, Forest Moon, and now Sa Jesuil

  • Minnie: Are you Owners of Ruins

–     Đᴀωɴ Đєѕтiɴγ : No the technical owner is Jess, but we are trying to get that changed over to Sheera as Jess is not on as much with real life issues. I am an Admin, and tend to be on a lot so most people deal with me.

  • Minnie: You were Zima, as i was
  • Minnie: Why did you leave Zima

–     Đᴀωɴ Đєѕтiɴγ : I left Zima cause i felt unappreciated at the time. There was some intertribe bs going on and people were starting to get their feather ruffles cause i was moving up in the ranks and that bothered some of them. However those individuals could not be around alot. However some things were said and my feelings at the time were hurt so i felt it was best to move on.

  • Minnie: Can we consider you as old Gorean or do you see you as old Gorean person or an experienced Gorean person ?

–     Đᴀωɴ Đєѕтiɴγ : I would say i am experienced enough to know the overall plot and how to rp in the gorean style in the game. I am not a superfan who read all the novels or one of those people who can tell you what happened in each book and on what page, but i know enough to be an enjoyable rp i think.

  • Minnie: BTB, Ge, many ways in Gor. What do you think about this fracture between those 2 currents. What is your current and why

–     Đᴀωɴ Đєѕтiɴγ : My personal opinion the breach is more an ego trip to make people feel more superior to others, BTB is fine however people tend to have a snooty attitude cause they consider themself by the book.. its silly, people should be happy when others want to roleplay and make an attempt to try. Not ridicule each other cause they have different styles.. I tend to tailor my rp to meet the ones i am roleplaying with. if its a more serious person i rp that way.. if they like more light hearted i will try to be cheeky.. overall its about fun. The only thing that does bother me is that in GE raids and fighting have become more important then roleplay, which just fuels the arrogance and dislike among the different groups

  • Minnie: smiles, clear *i understand now your mouthly
  • Minnie: What are your feelings about new direction of Gor. More pew pew fighters, less RP

–     Đᴀωɴ Đєѕтiɴγ : I am mouthy cause i dont know when to keep my mouth shut sadly. I see something that bothers me and i just say it.. I am probably the most honest person you will meet, but as such i tend to offend people even though i dont want too. I just like to say what i think. As far as Stats and Pew Pew to me it makes little send. While i like the interactive aspect of fighting and taking caps, the stat made it a FPS and not a Roleplay Game. If you want a FPS go play Call of Duty its a far more enjoyable game play. Stats whoring and trying to make some silly stats list has made GE gor into a place where most people dislike each other cause they had fights over pew pew… I go around the Panther area and i dont think there is one tribe that we go to that there is no tension with and its all do to Pew Pew raids and arguing over that stuff.. just seems to be an overall Roleplay Killer

–     Đᴀωɴ Đєѕтiɴγ : makes little sense

  • Minnie: About your Land. Who builds. who decides, have you a council for all decisions

–     Đᴀωɴ Đєѕтiɴγ : We tend to give our input on what we like and Kitten will usually build it.. She is a very talented person and we love the work she does. We want out camp to be balanced and she did that. We dont believe in things like prim walls and such as we believe if we want to shoot you we should be exposed too.. it should be balanced.. many camps are not like that. They focus on too much defense and no one wants to raid them cause they take hours especially now that we all have endless bandages.

–     Đᴀωɴ Đєѕтiɴγ : For out camp its usually Me, Sheera, and Cao, making the decisions and we will solicite the Tor’s if we need more feedback. Lune tends to be my council if i need advice as she is very level headed and wise in her old age.

*     Lunellaa Destiny: pffttt old age….

  • Minnie: You are Se, Fighter… Are you Moderator for the Land

–     Đᴀωɴ Đєѕтiɴγ : Yes I am a Moderator and Admin.

  • Minnie: Gor will stay Gor. Have you some ideas to improve our Gor and how do you imagine your future in Gor ?

–     Đᴀωɴ Đєѕтiɴγ : 1. Get rid of bandages, it makes raids way to long. 2. People need to get over there own ego’s and try to RP and not worry so much about whether somebody broke a minor rule in a raid. and 3. People really need to stop self moderating. Sims have people who moderate for a reason, check your attitude for ten minutes and let a moderator sort it out peacefully.

–     Đᴀωɴ Đєѕтiɴγ : And try to be nice to each other…

–     Đᴀωɴ Đєѕтiɴγ : i can’t stress that enough.. attitude is what kills everything for everyone

  • Minnie: smiles and nods *Gor is not war
  • Minnie: Be a true Gorean, what feelings give you this sentence

–     Đᴀωɴ Đєѕтiɴγ : It means Lune will like me collar me after the interview for calling her old…

  • Minnie: And Lune ll be right

*     Lunellaa Destiny: hehehe

–     Đᴀωɴ Đєѕтiɴγ : I get that alot.. apparently many people believe i should be in a collar..

  • Minnie: All names have a story. What is the story of your name. Why did you choose this name

–     Đᴀωɴ Đєѕтiɴγ : I didn’t choose it actually. When i first started Gor it was given to me they said my Hair was Red like the Dawn Sun.. so my original name was Dawn SunStrider.. Dawn from the name the valks gave me and SunStrider cause i just came from playing World of Warcraft. Now i have the Last name Destiny cause i am Lune’s partner and I love her with all my hearts.. So she is my old ball and chain so i took her name.. and happy to be hers.

  • Minnie: i understand now who is really collared

*     Lunellaa Destiny snickers….. “Awe I love you tooooo …….. Dawnikins….. ”

  • Minnie: smirks
  • Minnie: Gor could be a life’s philosophy. Do you adapt your RL with your Gorean life ?

*     Lunellaa Destiny: Waits for the “shup lune”

  • Minnie: It s your answer ?

–     Đᴀωɴ Đєѕтiɴγ : I tend to be very quiet and stoic in real life. While on here i tend to be more vocal. But realistic I think most people think i am just a loud bitch at times… but despite my mouth I really care a lot. I feel in real life and on here.. you do the best you can possibly do, and in my attempts to give people the best some i have rubbed the wrong way.

  • Minnie: Give me in one sentences, a reason for our readers to join your RP or your Gor’s philosophy.

–     Đᴀωɴ Đєѕтiɴγ : I think people should join my RP if they want an engaging experience with someone who just wants to have a good time at heart.

  • Minnie: Now, stop be kind. Tell me exactly what you have in minds, what you have in heart. Your feelings. What make you angry. What is bad around you. No censure

–     Đᴀωɴ Đєѕтiɴγ : This is a loaded question. I will be honest, I think anyone who knows me, knows I am a control freak. I am prim nazi too, it drives me bat shit crazy when people just drop any random thing down on the sim without asking. I dont want the Ruins to lag or be one of those places where Arrows stop in mid air cause the lag is so bad. So i walk around returning shit all day.  I am also tend to go with Logic over feelings when I make decisions. So I tend to clash with people who are more emotional centric personalities. Along with being a control freak, when people tend to go outside my thoughts on things i tend to get resentful… I am told once people piss me off its like a put a wall up and it would need explosives to get back in my good graces.. I think really its more i am pissed at myself for being mad in the first place. I am not very good with feelings and social conventions. I have alot of Sheldon Cooper in my personality, and that makes me a hard person to be around. No i am not crazy, Lune had me tested.

–     Đᴀωɴ Đєѕтiɴγ :  Also most dont know this but i have PTSD, so sometimes my emotions get a bit out of sorts and i act irrational.. I am a mess like most people i guess. And now i am rambling

  • Minnie: I think you needed tell what you have in your heart. I prefer honest people, even if i m not always agree with them. But we know where we go with honest persons

–     Đᴀωɴ Đєѕтiɴγ : I try to… problem is that gets me in trouble so very often… I have no filter, and that has cost me some good friends over time, cause I didn’t know when to keep my mouth shut. I think it, I say it… and that usually means Dawn is alone after.

  • Minnie: Do you want say somethings to those good friends you lose cos you forgot to shut up, some days

–     Đᴀωɴ Đєѕтiɴγ : I think I Just want most to know that despite my reactions or the things i say at times, in my heart i care very much. I tend to say what i think cause i dont want to see them get hurt, and usually i just end up doing what i wanted to protect them from.

  • Minnie: I m sure they ll understand, Dawn. There is time for anger, and there is time to forgive. You did a first step cos you love them
  • Minnie: I was very glad to interview you, Dawn. Do you want add something else

–     Đᴀωɴ Đєѕтiɴγ : No minnie i hope it was ok

–     Đᴀωɴ Đєѕтiɴγ : I dont think i am that interesting

  • Minnie: It was very good. Do you want that i keep all in interview

–     Đᴀωɴ Đєѕтiɴγ : i dont think i said anything i shouldn’t have

  • Minnie: I think we must keep all, for you and for your friends

–     Đᴀωɴ Đєѕтiɴγ : ok

  • Minnie: So Interview is over. *She smiles* Dont worry, i ll come back to update wanted board at Ruins

–     Đᴀωɴ Đєѕтiɴγ : thanks Minnie, i will cap you soon. I better head home i think lune had plans to molest me

*     Lunellaa Destiny: hehehe

  • Minnie: *whispers at Lune *Collar this bad girl * Points Dawn

–     Đᴀωɴ Đєѕтiɴγ : trust me she tries alot

–     Đᴀωɴ Đєѕтiɴγ : thanks and see ya later

  • Minnie: See you

A BackStory (Teri) – Part II


  •  I was taken to Ar and found pleasing enough to find my way into the slave gardens of a merchant there, one of modest status at that time. But he was a shrewd merchant, one who believed in long term investments rather than short term gains and losses. He would invest in things he knew would turn him a big profit in the weeks ahead and was willing to take risks in order to achieve long term gain. Sometimes those risks didn’t work out and he lost his investment but most times he was successful and the gains outweighed the losses. So from being a modest merchant when I first arrived he moved through the corridors of power, eventually reaching the upper echelons of his guild and attaining a lot of power through his investments and accumulated wealth.

  • I was trained in all the arts of a slave and given no choice as to the kind of life I would lead, but I found my calling there within the movements and grace of a Dancer. I fitted it so well, the training I had received from my free companion had given me skills that made it easy to adapt to the movements of a free dancer, the movements were not to dissimilar and I felt free when the music was playing and I was making the men watch me with lust in their eyes, my body moving with sinuous grace across the floor. I was one of the best, my Master was so proud of his Teri, I danced and danced well, I was treated well because of my skills and I flourished, I was hot, passionate a delight to have and hold, intelligent in that I could engage the mind as well as the senses in all areas, a truly special beast, one of pure pleasure, one that many men wanted to hold and own. I was happy for I did not have to think of the life I had lost, it was gone, the old me was washed away as the slave came to the fore

  • During the years of my slavery as my Master flourished and rose to prominence in the merchant circles, he was offered a lot of money for me, but refused, believing that my value would rise even more and that he could sell me for much more than he had invested in me over the years. One day, I danced at a banquet for him and his retinue, it was a reconciliation dinner that he was throwing, a party to celebrate a partial truce with Treve and a restoration of trade albeit with limitations, he had invited part of the delegation to his home, including their escort. Sitting at the head table was my former FC and he didn’t recognize me! Didn’t recognize the slave I was as his former FC! Beside him sat his new FC (new to me but apparently one of a few years)

  • I danced my heart that day and got the applause that my Master had wished for and he got the accolades for owning such prize stock! Offers to buy me came his way, at levels that he found impossible to refuse, but I was devastated. I fled from the room after all was done and ran into the gardens where I was allowed, being a prized and trusted Kajira, in tears, sobbing and blinded by my tears I walked in the gardens stumbling and I fell into a container, I didn’t know or realize what it was, just that inside there were soft furs, knowing that I could be punished, but not caring, I buried myself deep inside of them and fell asleep. I was exhausted, devastated and in total grief and I didn’t care.

Combat in Gor Sixth of a Series

Combat is a skill most of us can learn and with a little effort can become quite good at it.

(By Rik Baar, Magistrate of Olni)

  • Most of us probably are aware that combat is not the only use of weapons in Gor. There are countless crimes committed with them, but also the Sharks of Gor, known as the Black Caste, have perfected the use of weapons beyond the skill level of nearly all others.

  • I spotted a man we suspected of being BC as he walked past the Olni River and followed him to what i now know is “Dagger Isle Black Caste Camp” one of three BC training camps in Gor.

  • Naturally, I stopped Xaz Elephas and asked permission to interview him or I would never have found my way through the narrow ledges along side the mountain that hides the camp from it’s nearby city.

  • “I am working on a story for the Gazette of Gor,” I pleaded, “Can you help me with information on the Black Caste and your use of weapons.”

  • “Yes, he said, “follow me.”

  • Xaz is the Master Assassin for the camp and has for years trained others in his Caste. The BC plan extensively before they are allowed to hunt.

  • “Each student is trained in the art and skills of the weapons we use — crossbow, spear, daggers and, yes if they can catch us, the sword,” he said. ” Part of the hunt part is learning the geography of city and it’s weaknesses and having exits chosen in advance to quickly get out.”

  • The planning is so detailed that most BC believe they know the city and it’s defenses and flaws better than the builder or the Scarlet who protect it.

  • “I actually say cities should hire Assassins to find flaws in there builds,” he boasted. “We find two or three ways out before we do the kill.”

  • Asked his weapon of choice from all those he is proficient in, “Personally mine is swords, but each assassin has their own weapon they prefer.”

  • When BC enter a city on a hunt the rules often require then not only to be marked as BC but also to tell the Commander or Administrator their purpose. Then they are allowed to do their work as it has been done for all time in Gor.

  • In Camp Daggar with Xaz was Master Assassin Kumori(arian.clip) who listened to our discussion and offered a few comments of his own. When I suggested the Scarlet may attempt to arrest them after a kill, he just shook his head, “They want to, they do their best, but mostly by the time they realize what happened, it is too late. When the killer is long gone from the city, when he is at sea and even the captain of the boat does not know who he is.”

  • Of the warriors, “they aren’t too effective,” Xaz suggested. “I got more coins than I could ever spend in my lifetime.”

  • “If a city has more then one way out, be sure a member of Black Caste will find it,” Kumori said. “We will know it and as a secret between me and you, assassins know the citys better then their own Ubar would.”

  • A kill can be expensive, starting at about one Gold Tarn Disk, but can run much higher, “Depending on who it is, their position and how well protected they think they are.”

  • I won’t detail his work here, but Xaz told me of some Command level people he has taken out, all “with good reason.” Sometimes it can take weeks to investigate a case, decide if it is valid and lay the groundwork for a kill, including the planning for a way out.

  • Part of the BC training is to find a credible disguise to get into a cit y in order to draw maps and make notes of the mark’s habits, Xaz said.

  • One way I have learned to recognize a Black Cast Assassin prior to his hunt, he’s the one in the Inn or tavern asking the slave to taste the water before he drinks it.

  • While their disguises may not be perfect, their skill in weapons does not come by accident. There is a long evaluation and training program to go through until the instructors feel their skills are worthy for the title Assassin of Gor.

  • That’s it for this week. Please send questions, comments and new material to the writer. Rik Baar. Happy Combat!

The Torn Kirtle Way Station and Village (Interview) – (Sarah)


  •  Are you new to Gor and looking for a place to learn more about this lifestyle in a non stressful environment? Or just looking for a change of pace? Then you should check out The Torn Kirtle Way Station and Village. This gem offers people everything one could want in a Gorean Sim. But what makes this place special is that it seems to be a beautiful blend of BTB and GE. What do i mean by that? Well FreeWomen can go into its tavern without the fear of repercussions. In fact, you don’t even have to worry about being forced collared or captured, as meters and force collaring are prohibited here. Do you need more convincing that The Torn Kirtle Way Station and Village is a great place to visit? Well here’s what the owner and the builder of this sim has to say about it!

– sarahelisebeth Brenham: When and why did you open your sim?

* Malik aka Maximus Malick:  We opened at the end of last year. The initial idea was to find a bit of escape from the bigger sims, and make a spot for relaxation. I personally got fed up of some of the things that ruined roleplay experience… like endless quarrels about whether it was BTB or not.

– sarahelisebeth Brenham: What do you feel makes this sim unique?

* Malik aka Maximus Malick: Oh a lot of things. first, no metered RP. SL Gor has become so reliant on huds and meters that the RP experience is diminished. we allow them of course but they do not direct the RP. Also, importantly, this is not a city. this is a waypoint, people come and go. we get all sorts of characters. But the essence of it….is that it is meant to be a breath of fresh air… a break from the usual humdrum of city RP and pew pew.

– sarahelisebeth Brenham:  So, Peach, you are the sim builder, right?

* Peach aka Nellie Winger: Yes, Mistress.

– sarahelisebeth Brenham:  What was your inspiration for building this sim?

* Peach aka Nellie Winger: My Master said it should look like a river bank in an area that was starting to get plains-y.

– sarahelisebeth Brenham: What should one consider before joining The Torn Kirtle Way Station and Village?

* Peach aka Nellie Winger: This is meant as a stop-over for travelers, Mistress. We have no permanent residences. We would be delighted to have anyone play permanent roles if they wished, however.

(Tarn to The Torn Kirtle Way Station and Village: )

Selvi’s Travelogue –  “Oasis of Two Scimitars”


*City Administrator and Sim Owner Strada Tyran

*For this report it is with great enthusiasm I bring to the readers another Gorean sim. Scimitar is a Gay Gorean  roleplay community that serves primary gay and bi male population. They consider themselves a Gorean Evolved sim. It be good to know in advance that while they do have female roleplayers they recruit gay and bi male free, male slaves, and a limited amount of free women.

*I am including a notecard that has the sim rules in this report. I have as I explored the sim noticed some interesting tidbits that are worth mentioning. Unlike other sims, this particular sim, the housing and shop spaces are free. These places become your roleplay designated space for your quieter moments.  I went ahead and spent time here, walking around and observing the great views. The Oasis is situated, wait for the surprise folks, in the desert. ((grins)) with a mountain range closeby and water on one side. If the readers noticed in my previous reports I tend to go on about the sights and sounds. I am not sure about other roleplayers but I tend to get pulled into the role by how the surroundings add to my senses. I have to say for an oasis, I really like my time here.

*During my time in RL living overseas, I have come to appreciate the beauty of the architecture unique to the mediterranean area. I have come to love the unique middle courtyard that is prevalent here. Being able to see this in a Gorean sim was truly fun. I saw that they had some active roleplaying and thought it was time to walk away quietly and not interrupt their roleplay.

Writer and Photographer


The Tokei-ji Temple – By Corine Fargis and Mariko Marchant


  • The History of the Tokei-ji temple goes from a long time on earth, in the country called Japan. Several sources give different foundation but we know that it has been founded and directed by high ranked women becoming priestess, most notably the wife of a Shikken (regent) the daughter of an Emperor, the grand daughter of another regent adopted by the granddaughter of the shogun, each time protecting themselves there after the death of their family.

  • From all those relations he temple acquired  the benediction fo all successive the sources of power in Japan and became a place to protect women; This came to establish here a very uncommon purpose in the country : This temple was the only solution (with another temple in the country) for women to be allowed to divorce. The divorce was a simple thing for men but very hard to request for women and they had to spend two years in the temple, to have their divorce guaranteed by the power of the shogun and the law.

  • Later in Gor, something happened : One of the priestess of the temple was sent in the travel of initiation, found herself nude in the pani islands soon to be collared.

  • However, she found quickly impressed her successive owners by a knowledge about buddhas and Kami that no one could truly reject. She went to be famous in the high classes until she met a shogun, that she impressed too. After a time he allowed her to create her own temple and that is how the Tokei-ji fond an existence in Gor, adapted to this new environment.

  • What implies in gor, the Tokei-ji temple can free women not only from wedding, but also from contract or slavery, and grant their right by the law under the name of the Shogun.

  • So if a slave, a contract woman, or a spouse comes asking Kakekomi (refuge) and gives a donation through the gate, she will be hosted there during two years and will find and learn the basis of a new life. Afterwards, she will be considered free and her old status, whatever it was won’t be anymore.

  • Apart from the temple, the sim has a pani village with all facilities of pani life, commerces, tavern, and a working pleasure district with geishas.


© Gazette of Gor


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