Role play of a high price to pay for a panther captive

Red hair shook her head  disaprovingly as she heard the exorbitant price

When Red hair entered the premises that morning, Leo was rummaging around some tavern shelves looking for heaven-knows-what. Red hair managed to learn that a tall, thin girl had enquired about a lost Free. She was, in the meantime, browsing over the wide dinner table where some knives and forks had gotten her attention.

The role play:

Ḝm’s eyes squinted slightly when he explained the situation boldly. “There was no one in camp but me..” she stated then, her voice a little bitter, and then realised that this fact did not make it any better either. “.. For now. The others are scattered out looking too, Master..” she adds then quickly, though that was a white lie. “But please forgive me for bothering you. I should really be on my way if I may.” she had a polite smile briefly curl her lips before her gaze darts to the huntress entering, and gives a bow of her head as silent greeting

Leo seeing a panther stride in, goes to point to the girl it might be her owner then smiles and says “Tal En Marlies”

Marlies  walked into the tavern with an air of arrogance on her face , she was aloof as she passed the slave girl , bold steps coming to a halt near the bar “Tal tavern keeper”she smiled back.

Leo  listens to the kajira and then shrugs “still a slave should not search for a lost Free, even if other Free are, at least not alone, perhaps someone couldcome and take you” then waves my hand dismissively at her “I will keep an eye out for a no legged woman, good luck in the search”

Leo: what can I do for you En?  perhaps a refreshment?

Marlies  caught the last sentence about a no legged woman and frowned some , then shrugged and looked back at Leo “I came to trade with the village , I caught me some rabbits ……interested in a trade for some plates , knives and forks. ”

Ḝm ‘s features hardened for a moment, her gaze lowered to the ground. She didnt exactly fancy that he lectured her about it, even though she was taught to give only a little to what men said. “Aye, Master.” she said with a slightly lower voice than she would have spoken in before. “I wish you a pleasant day and thank you” she bowed her head to him, then to the woman “Pleasant day to you too, Mistress”

Leo  frowns “that sounds like a good trade En, but how many of each? itll be hard for us to eat them without utensils” taps fingers on the bar and puts a tankard of fresh water before her “I think you will need this, as it could involve much talking”

Marlies  pulled up a chair near the bar and sat down, fingers tapping down on the wooden bar…..tap…..tap…taptaptap……..the red head was thinking “I have two rabbits in my backpack……and you run a tavern …I expect you to have many …even a surplus of eating utensils” she reached for the mug of water “….I assume this water is free of charge ?” and waited for an answer.

Leo leans on the counter as she talks over her tapping fingers and presses her hand to the bar “that sound is really annoying” but keeps hand pressed on hers a ihn or so longer than necessary, a challenging look entering my eyes as I gaze into Hers, “Here is the deal, I will give you this tankard of water, and three sets of knives and forks for the two rabbits, and” motions around “if you have any new or unwanted slaves in camp, I will throw in a seven arrow heads for her”

Marlies  smelled his musky sweat as the tavern keep leaned on the counter , closer to her , she feels his large meaty hands over her slender fingers , his weight made her stop, instead her fingers curled and fingernails dug into the wood “I can make more irritating sounds than that”she quipped back at him, when he released her hand she moved it back and rested it on her thigh near her filetting knives , she flashed darkened orbs at him “but I wander off…..” she paused “….three sets of knives and forks for two rabbits ?  let me see your wares and ill show you mine. ”

Leo  nods and steps backwards, not taking my eyes from her, hearing the tone of her voice, and seeing her look, to make sure she wasn’t going to try and do something foolish when my back is turned.  Opening a drawer, I take three knives and three forks, freshly washed and turns back dropping them before her onto the counter “they are in good shape, the knives kept sharp enough to cut burnt bosk meat with little effort, and made of good metal” taking a step back so she can admire them in the light of the tavern unhindered by my large shadow

Marlies smirked some as she noticed he wouldnt take his eyes off her , no easy feat since he had to open a drawer to rake out the utensils , as they lay glistening before her she leaned forward to take a closer look “ill be the judge of that” as she held the knife to the light to check for any dents or blemishes , she wasnt trading her hard begotten catch for battered knives and forks , but they were sound ….so she reached for her back pack and took out two freshly caught rabbits , laying their lifeless carcass next to the utensils.

Leo looks at the rabbits and sniffs them, “at least they are fresh” but they are very tiny for that price” I say, trying to get a better deal out of it, “Plus where did you capture them?” I lift them weighing them

Marlies  rakes the utensils into a small heap “tiny rabbits? ” she raised an eyebrow “….they are all that size in the burrows where I have laid my traps ….they are from our lands” she watched the tavern keep lift the two carcasses in the air “…..the price is fair and tonight you can cook them as a special menu.”

Leo  shrugs and says “If you say they are, but one day I will find this place of rabbits, at least I can skin these soon and have them put on the menu for dinner, now about that girl?”

The Red head leaves the taven in search of a slave girl.

Red hair had travels by canoe , a short number of pasangs from Whispering Moon to the neighbouring lands of Three Moon Valley, where she encounters a Ja Lina panther with a captive. The barter trade leaves the Red head perplexed.

LeaniYngol: “tal”

Marlies  nods to the approaching women “Tal” she says.

мιςнσииє smiles as she sees her old friend and waves”tal marlines”

кαℓì ŠäßєяÇℓåω : tal

мιςнσииє”tal to both misstreses’

LeaniYngol nods back “i looking to sold this girl, is any of you interesated?”

Marlies  sheathed her bow and pulled the leather straps tight around her left shoulder, she smiled briefly to the captive whom she had recognised , she lifted an eyebrow to the ja lina huntress “Sell?  or trade ?”  she enquired.

LeaniYngol shurgs “what is difference? just i am tired of draging her around, she dsnt stop to talk”

Marlies lips curled into a thin smile “well sell usually means coins …and well as I am a huntress …I dont have many of those , but I do have two rabbits in my back pack or 15 arrowheads I would trade ya.”

мιςнσииє smiled toward marlines and remebers how long she has not seen her long time”umm how are you mistress marliness…not seen you for long …you have changed ”she blinked slowly looking with her blue eyes to the other  huntress wich wa unknown to her

LeaniYngol turns to Marlies and scretch her head unsure “15 arrowheads… i dont know… i spend 20 at least til i catch this one…”

Marlies  slanted her eyes slightly towards the captive , she laughs at the mention she had changed “I have grown a bit older and gained some more battle scars ” she nodded to the ja lina “20 ?  Ill add two more ….call it an even 18 arrowheads and ill take the girl off your hands. ”

LeaniYngol shake my head in disagreement “no , her tribe will pay more, she is their shaman and is worthy more than 20  arrow heads”

Marlies  smirks some , she looked at the ja lina again, musing it over “a shaman you say?  why didnt you say that earlier?… many arrowheads do you want to trade for her?”

LeaniYngol put finger on my lips in deep thoughts “hmm …50 at least”

Marlies  eyes grew wide , she almost coughs out loud “what??? 50 arrowheads ?   how many do you think I could carry on my shoulder?” she bit her lower lip “you drive a hard bargain, there are 30 in my canoe , I carry 20 ….so a deal?”

LeaniYngol sighs “no, i am sure that i will find somebody who will be able to regonise how valuable she is…stay well hutresses” she waves and head on north

With no trade the Red head moves on , travelling over the marshlands till she reached the forest of Gimli.

Red hair approaches the Sa di Sani encampment, she knew this tribe had many slaves, before she has time to sheath her bow she is hailed.

tiny  shouts: ‘greetings Mistress!!!!’

Marlies  cups both hands and shouts “Greetings tiny !!!”

tiny  shouts: ‘permission to come greet you please Mistress

Marlies smiles and cups her hands “Permission is given !”

tiny : ‘mmmm your markings are so beautiful Mistress’ kneels

Marlies  leans over tiny as he kneels before her , she strokes his long mane of hair with her slender fingers “How have you been tiny?”

tiny: ‘very well thankyou Mistress, I missed you’

tiny : ‘your tribe ran away’

Marlies : “The markings you see are for the hunt , I prepare for a journey to seek new panthers” she nods her head.

tiny : ‘hhhh well good luck Mistress, I hope you find many new sisters’

tiny : ‘you want a girl to play with Mistress? tibbles is looking for some fun’

Marlies  teasingly pulls on his hair “…..maybe I find some kajirus like you to fill my fur after the hunt.”

tiny : ‘woohh!! yes please Misterss I would be honoured to serve you!!!!’

tiny : moans and squirms

Tibbles Catnap looks dow curiously, straining her ears to catch what they are saying. See sees Tiny gesture tiowards her and puts her head on one side, wondering what that could mean

tiny : ‘tibbs jump down and meet Mistress’

tiny : calls to her

Marlies dark orbs glanced up at the girl up on the ridge.

Tibbles Catnap frowns, but she does as he says, clambering down the rock, ungainly, naked bum waving above the couple as she hangs for a long moment by her fingertips, before letting go and sliding down in a heap, scratched and bruised

tiny : ‘tibbs this is the EN of the mighty forest moon tribe, Mistress this is tibbles, she is paga hot’

Tibbles Catnap: ow!

Luciy  shouts: you ok there tiny?

tiny  shouts: ‘yes Mistress thankyou!!!’

Tibbles Catnap: “erm, greetings, Mistress – it is lovely to meet You”

Marlies looks to the girl  and smiles “greetings paga hot girl.”

tiny : chuckles

Tibbles Catnap blushes a little at the description and looks down at her own feet, intimidated by the tall, elegant Huntres

tiny : ‘tibbs was in sa di sani before even me Mistress’

tiny : ‘she recently returned’

tiny : ‘after a long absence’

Marlies paces around the girl , she gives the girls bum a brief double pat “she has ample hips and a fine buttock” she grinned back at tiny.

tiny : ‘oh yes Mistress, she is so nice in the furs also’

Tibbles Catnap blushes red as the Huntress stalks around her, openly staring at her naked body, even giving her round bottom a brief pat. She squirms, and is even more discomforted by her brother’s words, crossing her hands over her crotch self consciously, as she cannot help remembering when he was commanded to bed her

tiny : ‘not being a member of sa di sani anymore Mistress, i am sure that there would be no pronlem if you was to take tibbs for your pelasure for a few days surely… I can tell the Huntresses in camp she went along willingly’ smiles and winks at tibbs

tiny : ‘greetings Mistress’

tiny : looks up at wiss

Tibbles Catnap goes slightly pale as Tiny casually offers her as plaything to elegant Huntress. She opens her mouth in protest but only makes a tiny “eep” noise

Wissem: tal tiny

tiny : ‘so nice to see you free of the collar Mistress’ says to wiss

Wissem : is everything alright?

Wissem : tiny thank you

tiny : ‘yes Mistress, greeting a longtime good friend’

Marlies  hears tiny , she stops a moment and tilts her head to one side sending long talons of red hair over her shoulders, her dark orbs notice the girl is fidgetting and covering her heat , she chuckles as she fills in the blancs, a new comer approached  , she nodded  “Tal.”

Wissem: oh, okay, no problem, so “smile and say boujours both huntress” Tal Huntress

Marlies  walked over to tibbles and stood behind her , her hand rested on the girls left shoulder “are you new to the collar girl?”

Tibbles Catnap: squeaks in some alarm as the Huntress’ strong hand rests on my bare shoulder. I look up at her “No no Mistress. i am sorry – i did not mean to be rude. i was just … surprised” (glares at Tiny)

tiny : smiles innocently

Wissem:  seeing no problem, puts his bow, make a sign to the hunter to say goodbye “to care Huntress”

tiny whispers: ‘Mistress, if you hunt for new tribe members, perhaps some “bait” would help’

tiny : ‘greetings Mistress’

tiny : says to luciy

Marlies  nodded back “take care”  her hand still rested on the girls shoulder, long fingernails gently dug into the girls flesh as she heard tiny speak ” hmmm……bait ?”

tiny : ‘yes Mistress…. she would make good bait dont you think?!’ whispers softly

Luciy : tal Tiny

Luciy : who is this stranger?

Luciy : tal tribs

Tibbles Catnap: my eyes still held by yours, flick to Tiny in alarm as i overhear his suggestion, and then back to you with real apprehension. I wince as your fingertips press into my bare flesh

tiny : ‘you dont know the EN of the mighty forest moon Mistress? really?’

Tibbles Catnap looks up “Oh, greetings Mistress Luciy!”

Luciy : arnt they a band of girls to the south? grins

tiny : sighs

tiny : ‘a band of fierce and beautiful panthers, Mistress, yes’

Luciy : never heard of them

tiny : ‘uh huh’

tiny : ‘how did she know the tribe was to the south if she never heard them’ whispers chuckling

Marlies  looks over to where the female voice is coming from “Tal”  then looks at tiny and smirks some “well you are a smart kajirus.”

tiny: ‘I dont get called that very often Mistress!’

Tibbles Catnap: my eyes still held by the Huntress’, flick to Tiny in alarm as i overhear his suggestion, and then back to Her with real apprehension. I wince as Her fingertips press into my bare flesh

tiny : looks up to luciy and wiss and announces ‘Tin=bbs has offered her services to the EN of the Forest Moons to help her recruit new memebrs Mistersses, she will be absent from the camp for at least 3 days’

tiny : ‘safe paths Mistress, was ncie to see you I hope you enjoy tibbs’ whispers to Marli

Luciy : has your mistress given permission Tribs?

tiny : ‘safe paths Mistresses, sis I wish you all well’ runs off and kennels

Luciy : be well Tiny

Tibbles Catnap nods “I… I am to serve the tribe and friends of the tribe, Mistress, and i know the En of the mighty Forest Moon to be a friend of the tribe”

Marlies smiles at the girl and nods “Indeed.”

Luciy : what will you pay for her use?

Marlies rubs her chin and mused it over “She is a real beauty… I will pay a fair price … about her weight in freshly hunted tabuk meat?”

Tibbles Catnap looks from the Huntress beside her up to the two on the rock, her mouth open in some disbelief as her price is negotiated

Luciy : and  a dozen tabuk tongues and its a deal

Marlies  pulls a face and repeats what she just heard “dozen tabuk tongues?  ….hmmm…fine … can have those too!”

Luciy : make sure she is back within 3 days

Marlies: “She will…..and I will use her well” she grinned “Follow me girl!”

Tibbles Catnap: my eyes widen, i swallow, but reluctantly i follow after the elegant Huntress

 The trade is done and the Red head has a slave girl at last.

Red hair leads the leashed girl back to the Forest Moon lair. It is time to put this girl through her slave paces.

Tibbles Catnap: my eyes are wide as i stare around the unfamiliar camp

Marlies  tugs the girl by the hair “join me by the fire.”

Tibbles Catnap: gasps as she is tugged forward by her own long hair, and stumbles to join you beside the fire, sitting close enough that she can feel the heat of the flames on her bare skin

Marlies  lips curl into a brief smile , her brown orbs flicker as the fire had been lit , she stretched out her legs “Girl , you may remove my boots. ”

Tibbles Catnap nods, and she leans forwards, her round breasts shifting freely as she hovers over your lower legs, taking her weight on one hand while she carefully unlaces your boots with the other, then using both hands to remove them one by one. Placing them nearby

Marlies wriggled her toes like they were little fat worms now that her feet were free from her boots , she shifted her body weight , hunched up her left leg a bit and started to wriggle her tiny feet near the girls heat teasingly and waited to see how the girl would respond.

Tibbles Catnap blinks in apprehension as you deliberately shift your wriggling toes to approach my exposed pussy, Squirming, but not daring to withdraw, i tense up, wishing i had anything to cover my precious modesty

Marlies : A gutteral purring sound escaped from the red head , her eyes lit up as she noticed the girl squirm some as her toes touched exposed skin near the girls thigh “you like the touch of women?  or do you prefer men?  or both?”

Tibbles Catnap: i am holding my breath as your toes hover so close to my exposed pussy. I jump as one toe grazes gently the sensitive flesh of my inner thigh. “I… I have been used for pleasure b by both, M Mistress….And… and both have given me pleasure”

Marlies snorted some “As if a free would care if a slave has pleasure ”  she leaned forward and her finger reached for the piercing that had caught her eye , without warning she gave the nipple a twist , she hissed “you will understand this ….”

Tibbles Catnap cries out as you grasp her poor little nipple, she arches her back forward, as if trying to take some of the pressure off. Tears spring to her eyes, but to her shame, her little nipple responds against her will by becoming stiff between your fingertips

Marlies heard the girl reply with a whimper and a cry , this didn’t satisfy her  , so the red head increased her grip around the nipple , as the girl leaned forward her fingernails loosened slightly , but only for a split second and then she dug in her pointed nails into the pink swelling flesh “do you understand this ?”

Tibbles Catnap: I cry out again as your fingernails dig into my swelling, intensely sensitive nipple. Meeting your eyes with tears in mine, i nod swiftly “y yes Mistress – yes of course ….. I I  I understand….”

Marlies let go of tibbles nipple , but not before giving it a flick , she leaned back again “Good girl”  her toes touching tibbles intimate parts again.

Tibbles Catnap: breathes again as you release my poor, stiff little nipple, but i gasp again as your toes touch my little pink pussy lips, and i squirms, cheeks colouring bright pink as i feel your toe teasing my little folds

Marlies  circled her big toe around tibbles pussy lips , she watched intently the girls face as she gasped and cheeks coloured bright pink “What I like most about slave girls ……they respond so well to touch … sensitive” she licked her own moist lips “…..and when the girl is alone in the furs ….she feels her slave heat…..what will she do?” the red head grinned “……you may speak girl… may describe to me how you satisfy yourself when you are alone and in heat.”

Tibbles Catnap: moans as your toe circles around, teasing my open pussy, until it becomes moist against my will. Red faced, short of breath, my hands on my hips, I am having trouble thinking, but i try to answer your question “I… I… If I am not disallowed to touch my self, m m Mistress, I finger m myself, when i am alone…”

Marlies heard  tibbles moan , the crackling of fire in the back ground as she threw a small branch on the fire , she glanced back at the girl and pushed her fat toe closer to tibbles heat as if she was going to penetrate her “hmmm…you are getting wet already , I feel it on my toe” she jerked back her head and laughed “then….if that is so…..I want to see you finger yourself …..” she pointed her index finger at the girls face “you may commence.”

Tibbles Catnap: is whimpering, hands on her own generous hips, as you toe fuck me, and my pussy juice slips fro puffy bare puffy lips onto your foot. i look shovked as you order me to finger myself, but i am too scared to disobey, and i move my knees apart, raising myself up, aso that i can reach down with one hand, fingering my puffy little lips, while with the other hand i reach back, cuppig my own buttock, fingers slipping around the curve of my bum

Marlies kept her foot near the girls thigh , rubbing it to and fro as she moved her knees apart , the red head now had a clear view of tibbles intimates , she smiles as tibbles started to finger herself , the red head clicked her tongue as she pressed her index finger on the girls lips “you may also suck my finger.”

Tibbles Catnap: whimpers, ashamed by the slippery pussy juice that trickles from her lips. She leans forwards, taking your finger into her mouth, sucking on it with eyes on you

The Red head makes full use of the girl and brings her back to the SDS camp three days later.

© Lunacaleengpanthers


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