Book Based Panther (BBP), Pani sim guide,The Tokei-ji Temple

Hybrid Pani Temple Sim – 松岡山東慶寺

The Tokei-ji Temple – Story By Corine Fargis and Mariko Marchant – Pictures by Marlies Dasmijn.

The History of the Tokei-ji temple goes from a long time on earth, in the country called Japan. Several  sources give different foundation but we know that it has been founded and directed by high ranked women becoming priestess, most notably the wife of a Shikken (regent) the daughter of an Emperor, the grand daughter of another regent adopted by the granddaughter of the shogun, each time protecting themselves there after the death of their family.

From all those relations the temple acquired  the benediction fo all successive the sources of power in Japan and became a place to protect women; This came to establish here a very uncommon purpose in the country : This temple was the only solution (with another temple in the country) for women to be allowed to divorce. The divorce was a simple thing for men but very hard to request for women and they had to spend two years in the temple, to have their divorce guaranteed by the power of the shogun and the law.

Later in Gor, something happened : One of the priestess of the temple was sent in the travel of initiation, found herself nude in the pani islands soon to be collared.

However, she found quickly impressed her successive owners by a knowledge about buddhas and Kami that no one could truly reject. She went to be famous in the high classes until she met a shogun, that she impressed too. After a time he allowed her to create her own temple and that is how the Tokei-ji fond an existence in Gor, adapted to this new environment.

What implies in gor, the Tokei-ji temple can free women not only from wedding, but also from contract or slavery, and grant their right by the law under the name of the Shogun.

So if a slave, a contract woman, or a spouse comes asking Kakekomi (refuge) and gives a donation through the gate, she will be hosted there during two years and will find and learn the basis of a new life. Afterwards, she will be considered free and her old status, whatever it was won’t be anymore.

Apart from the temple, the sim has a pani village with all facilities of pani life, commerces, tavern, and a working pleasure district with geishas.

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You can see a tour at Tokei-ji  here or read the full review in Gazette of Gor edition 38.

© Lunacaleengpanthers/Corine Fargis/ Mariko Marchant


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