The Gazette of Gor – Issue 37


Disclaimer: All images contained herein are stock images of Lunacaleengpanthers.

(Gorean Press Edition)


  • From the Editor’s Desk (Inna)
  • Our evolving story (Into the Woods by Aaminah)
  • Why Dance Gorean (Hathor)
  • Combat in Gor, the Fifth of a Series (Rik Baar)
  • Story : How destroy the Kurri’s plan against PK (Sonia)
  • Physicians Academy Dunvegan (Mariko & Selvi)
  • A backstory (Part I) (Teri)
  • Lacassra Station (Minnie)
  • Gorean and Fashion Article (Sarah)
  • Story of Tazberg
  • Events February
  • Editors and Writers needed
  • Feedbacks

From the Editor’s Desk (Inna)

  •  In the distance a scream can be heard quickly followed by a stomping sound, which gradually gets louder and closer. Footsteps enter the darkened office along with a terrible whining sound then a deathly silence. Finally a small sound is heard….fumbling fingers…small sparks are seen which ignite a small tharlarion oil lamp which is set down on the floor and the room lights up in a dull yellow glow.

  • “Well it seems that I have been volunteered to do this weeks editorial” she pulls her dagger and throws it into the shadows as a scurrying Urt runs for its life.

  • “Gah missed. Anyhow, where was I?  Oh yes…this weeks editorial.  Well it looks like we are increasing our reader base and more people are stepping up to offer their services in writing interviews and stories.”  moves to the side of the room and picks up the dagger.

  • “Well I suppose you all must have heard that I messed up the GOG dispensers a few weeks back due to having to move the server. We are attaching the new version 3 dispensers for a few issues so that you can replace any remaining broken ones that we may have missed.”

  • “We bring you the second part of Hathors “Why Dance Gorean” story.  I don’t like to dance myself and much prefer to splash around in muddy puddles, but expect a lot of you will find it fascinating and will find it’s most certainly a worth read. In fact don’t tell Hathor this… but I do like to read her stories a lot..shhhhh”

  • “Also we bring the second part of our evolving story which is written by Aaminah this week which I think will become more and more fun as people step up with their contributions to this story. This weeks story has trees in it which are fascinating.  I like trees and hug them and sing to them and rub up aga….oh sorry I digress.  Anyhow..yes its about trees and some other things. Gah I forget so you will have to read that story because I go all gooey and distracted when I think about trees” slides her dagger into its sheath and walks  back over towards the lamp.

  • “Well I think that is enough for the editorial pffft! I don’t particularly want to do a good job on this editorial thing or they will keep asking me to do it.   Just keep it between you and me though….right?”  blows out the flame on the lamp and runs back to her lovely trees.

Our evolving story

 Part 3 (Into the Woods) by Aaminah.

  • She arrives at the markets entrance, her walk although long passed quickly, as she, as normal drifts into day dreams, dreams of finer things, that to her would be wonders that others take for granted, dreams of beautiful silks amongst the other every day mundanes.
  • Her eyes suddenly widen and a small smile of joy purse her lips as her eyes are drawn to the beautiful colorful enrichments surrounding her as she passes through the entrance, she wanders further inward turning gazing at the silks  that hang vibrantly from the stall holders wooden rails.
  • She knows they will never belong to her but it is to her they are visuals to her day dreams, and just for these few precious moments her dreams become a little more real until a cough so punishing to her thoughts of beautiful wonders rocks her back on her heels and snaps her wandering mind back into reality,
  • Standing in silence to her often mutterings to her self and her wonderful dreamy thoughts she looks down to her hand she placed to her mouth a bloodied dark mucas mass lay to her palm.

She looks up and looks around  and notices something is strange  , she never noticed on entry  her gaze had gone straight to pretty things  ..the market was quiet and not as it is usually very busy and bussling and not just that,  everyone was as she was also coughing, what to her was a cough that would have in any other instance drawn attention to her, nobody gave a damn and were all doing as she  and coughing deep wrenching coughs of disappear.

  • Bending down she wiped her palm upon the ground to wipe away the blackish bloodied blob of mucas and as she rose the sounds of squeels and squables pierced through her ears and she turned quick to meet a sight of urts squabling fighting over a mound that lay behind a stall on the furthest northen  side of the market,

unfortuantly for her the stall she sort and her sole purpouse of being there was  one of the stalls  she had too purchase her  masters food from for his dinner.

  • Bravely she moved forward the noice of there squables got louder to her ears  and the mound became ever more visable,

a huge urt sat right ontop of the mound and smaller ones were challenging the big one  trying every which way they could to get the best portion of what ever the mound was. Slowly she pushed her fear of the urts more and more as her foot steps slowly got her to a sight that nobody should ever have too witness in there life,

..the mound was a young child  of no more then 10 yrs old,  a girl but this was not easily recognisable.

  • The urts had in there squables taken most flesh to the bone from a lot of the poor childs dead body, she dropped to her knees and in spasams her body reached but instead of vomiting her body broke into ever more coughs     coughs that brought pain to her chest as she exhumed more and more black bloodied  mucas …..enough ? Coughing that the urts had noticed her plight,

and for a brief moment stopped there squablings, and were to her eyes eyeing her up as there next meal,

  • The girl wrose slow to her feet the pain stabbing at her insides she ran to a corner away from the urts to colect her self  and take breath ..standing straighter  she drew deep breathes and gazed to the wooded hills to the north of ? her  the woods rose  from outside the towns parrimter to high on the mountains side and toward the snow capped sumit.
  • The only break too the tree’s were the paths snaking there way up and over the mountains higher reaches  ….her dreams returned although more anxiouse.
  • And thoughts of the free began to fill her curiouse mind the free women she had herd tales of that are of both legend and mystery to her …people have said the free  have no illness and do not have need for potions the food they eat the plants they use  keep them alive  and have magical healing powers, what if she is ill what if the child secumbed to the illness that seems to have grabbed hold of her and others facing the same plight and coughing throughout the market ..
  • What if this is the death that stories told has returned and taken hold of the town what if it is the urts from the river swollen by the heavy onslaught of rain in past weeks that has driven them into the villages and now the town .. her ? panicked thoughts become fear what if we are all going to die. ….
  • As her thoughts still frightened and panicked return to her masters food, her eyes spot movement upon the rising hill side low amoungst the trees crossing from one tree line to another across the swave of pathway  first one then two then 6 or more she stairs upward trying to identify what her eyes are trying to tell her,  are they Tabuk moving thoughout the forest   or Task she again remebers her masters food and the meat she was suposed to have returned to him and prepeared for his meal by now..
  • She knows he will punnish her for taking so long ..but her gaze can not be broken what are they she asks herself in a whisper as she spots more, another three and then four more …another fear then sets in as she knows this wall to the north is patrolled by gaurds  a few months ago the town was aproached  by two fearsome beasts but slain by the guards as they attempted too scale the defended walls right here by the market  … the two dead Tharlarion’s were hung up as trophies as a emblem of strength against such attacks.
  • She looks around the walls to see if the gaurds have spotted what she is seeing but as greater fear then engulfs her she sees no gaurds upon the walls why are they not here what is happening  then the dead childs image enters her mind again are the gaurds so frightened of the death around her that they not come near.
  • She returns too looking up the hillside she watches then spots them again this time she see’s them closer now moving fast, back and fourth across the path ways in foramtion  of two’s   they are not animals to be feared …
  • But are the free ..she is seeing for the first time the free women the panthers of legend and mystery moving fast down toward the town  closer and closer they come there images getting larger to her sight then she hears a thud and another arrows landing in the wooden walls rops flaying from there long featherd shafts .. froze to the spot she sees the figure’s apearing over the wall beautful women dressed in furs with painted markings upon there faces and bodies  there crys and whooting loud too her ears ..

transfixed she watches them moving like the wind over semingly impossible deffences,  screems of fear and panic ensue around her but she is not showing fear she stands fixed to spot but in an awe at there wonder arrows wisle past her  men that are trying to defend there wares are being slain slaves like herself are being bound and corraled together furs silks and food are being pillaged and plundered  but she still stands fixed watching them  for what seems  an eternity

  • Untill one of them comes face too face with her a beautiful free, there eyes meet..
  • And her words trickle into the girls ears …. why are you not showing any fear GIRL she screems,  I i i the girl stutters as she looks the free up and down, then another free appears and they both screem at the girl too kneel or die  but i can not the girl mumbles,  then the cold steel of one of there blades from the un-sheathed knife meets her throat and a hand pushes her to the floor.
  • “You will obey MEEEEEEEE” … she screems the other says kill her the insubordinate slut GIRL wants too die ….. i hear her answer nooo i think this one is going to be of value too us i want her …

very well the other replies the GIRL she hisses is your responsibily  any trouble from her i will kill her myself  and be done with it …. seeing that the one free that interviened must be of lower order to the one that who wants too kill her

  • The girls instinct too survive along with the thoughts of the plants that if ill will save her kick in, and the girl bow’es before her now new Mistress … the girl chirps up and says “I will do anything you ask my mistress” the girl tells her … YOU WILL CALL MEEEEE HUNTRESS she Screems and slaps the girl across the back with the end of her bow  “Yess huntress” the girl responds…

  • The spoils of the huntresses raid are gathered quickly and they slip back into the woods taking the girl with them, she quickly accetains that she is one of only two girls taken by the huntresses …her mind starts too day dream again as she starts dreaming of becoming a huntress, a fearsome panther girl! a true Free and be of worth and wanting amoungst others, and she smiles to her self  chuckles inside at the thought of her master still waiting for his dinner, then a blow across her back once again reminds her that this FREE life is still far away and a very uncertain outcome it maybe ?    … 🙂

Why Dance Gorean – Part II (Hathor)

  • Two workshops were being offered by my dance school, and decided to attend each.  I still love to dance, have not competed, of course, but  want to learn as much as I can about Gorean dancing, a joy for me that is now  unescapable, laughs.

  • The first workshop was a refresher workshop for Gorean dancing. It reinforced in a couple of hours all that I had  first learned in several weeks in a classroom setting.  Those several weeks of class taught a specific aspect of dance, and a number of them had a “show and tell” dance to be performed according to the class theme.  I graduated from these classes, given a certificate to prove it, and gave me a deep respect  for all those who have and still dance, as well as a blossoming joy within myself to dance,

  • The workshop itself was about an hour and a half, an once again, i was amazed at the level of teaching that was given during that short period. I found I had retained a great dealt of my original instructions (thank you very much, those who instructed those classes and helped me during each class to improve).  I  again learned additional dancing postures, language and ideas for dance interpretation.  Instructions were clear, concise and questions answered.

  • The second workshop was learning about tandem dancing. This is a distinct dance performed by two or more dancers.  It requires dancing between each, and emotes between both to express the story line to be told in dance form.  Sound like fun?  I agree, but the more the workshop continued, i understood how much effort, timing, dedication by the dancers would be required.    Ideas popped into my head as to a story for a tandem dance, and I realized I would  like to see one performed.  The dedication it would take to perform a tandem dance finally settled in my brain.  Anyone who dances in tandem is to be admired, given your full respect for such a dance and the dancers, and if you see one offered in Gor SL, run to the event site, sit and watch!

Combat in Gor, the Fifth of a Series

Combat is a skill most of us can learn and with a little effort can be quite good at it.

By Rik Baar, Magistrate of Port Olni

  • Last week we learned of the most important tool a warrior can possess, his sword. Today we explore some ways to use ti.

  • Spy Habilis taught us some valuable lessons about the sword, but strategy should not be forgotten.

  • “One thing to watch for are those who fight without role-play,” was his first warning on strategy. “There is nothing more frustrating than to be downed while one is typing a witty response to a challenge.”

  • “In battle I frequently get downed while binding a captive,” he lamented. “While tediously typing out my three-line bind one of his friends will come up from behind and down me.”

  • “It is always best to fight in teams-one to bind and one to keep alert,” he said from experience. Other citizens can assist the Scarlet in that role to allow the best fighters to defend the city.

  • “Another thing teams can do is attack from front and back,” he said in thinking of strategies that win.

  • “Shields only work to the front so if you sneak up behind an opponent he is easily downed,” he told the Gazette. “If you find yourself fighting alone try to let your enemy pass and quickly strike from behind. This takes practice but will work against most over-confident Gorean warriors.”

  • He reminded citizens entering into battle that a Warrior who draws his sword will Kill. “Warriors usually will not draw their sword to solve a dispute, but if he does he will kill.”

  • “Remember also,” he warned, “if you draw first on a warrior he has the right to kill you. It is like a slave striking a Free to draw on a warrior. Don’t do it.”

  • While warriors carry the 18″ Gladius double edged sword, other Free Men might prefer another style.

  • “Not every Free Man in Gor belongs to the Warrior class but most wear a sword. Scribes, Builders even some Physicians wear them.,” he said. “The only caste I’ve never seen wear one are Initiates. Low caste Men wear them. Slavers, Merchants, I’ve even seen Farmers and Peasants with them.”

  • ” Who actually wore them in the books?” But Gor is “not Elizabethan London where every gentleman wore a sword,” he said. “Most scribes, physicians, merchants and slavers, no. Assassins? Yes.”

  • As to which sword to buy, for non-warriors, “Most sims have approved weapons lists that always start with “swords must be Gorean.” What this means,” Spy said “is no light sabers, magic flaming blades or swords that sing. Also no skinny little rapiers, bone-crushing blades that look like something out of a horror movie, or unless you’re a Pani, no Katanas.”

  • “Certain swords are banned in certain sims because they do not meet the Gorean Stats” for the GM meter, he said. “Ask your Master at Arms if you want to know what’s allowed in your sim.”

  • We will speak more of arena fighting in a later installment to this series, but Spy who is an expert on the subject, has something to say about it.

  • “Arena fighting is different from defending yourself during a raid,” Spy said. While you start out with your meter is at 100% instead of being weakened by several arrow hits”

  • There is no team work, no one to help.

  • “In the arena you are on your own,” he said. “Nobody will sneak up behind your opponent and down him for you. You are on your own in front of a sometimes rude audience.”

  • Of course there are events with multiple warriors in the arena, but more on that in a future installment.

  • Has anyone wondered about some of the most skilled killers in Gor and how they do it? Next week, inside Camp Daggar with the Black Caste Master Assassin.

  • Please send questions, comments and new material to the writer, Rik Baar. Happy Combat!

Story : How destroy the Kurri’s plan against PK (Sonia)


 The story continue …..

  • Sonia is always in seeking for many kajirus … she making a plan  … but alone she can do nothing she is too weak against the Kurri ….
  • The story goes that the Kurri, the sworn enemies of the priest-kings are now several spot on the planête in hiding …. several groups meet has strategic locations .. with a mission to collect as much gold and silver as possible and plan for a war with enough material to death against the priest-kings … Finally after her adventure in the mines in the forests of Valkyrie … she returned to the camp where she and Dani Were invited by the Sa Me Arquana tribe from Laurius Forest …. Once safe in their camp, she told her story to Tawy the first bow of this tribe

–   گổηΐã: i’ve a secret

–   گổηΐã: only Dani and me know this secret

–   گổηΐã: upon a day , was in the woods for hunt , and i falled on a paysan , a strange male … i hidden myself behind the brush and spyed him … i followed him in the wood untill we enter in the old mines

–   Tawy: listens curious when Sonia starts to speak about a secret *i guess you wanna share the secret* she said straight to the point

–   گổηΐã: fortunally for me i was very well hidden behing big pilars in the mine , i heard the noise who scared me , i heard very strange growling … and always hidden i seen a big kurri coming close the male … the kurri had some weapons and same pistols on him … at this time i though he will attack the paysan , but no the male don’t run , don’t try to fly …

–   Tawy: listens curious about the story Sonia is telling, not interrupting her

–   گổηΐã: the male toke out az key from his pocket and opened a hidden door i don’t seen the door because she was in the shadow of the mine … and the both entered in the room , i followed them very discretly , i blocked the door with a rock and i enter too in the room lighten by some torsh

–   گổηΐã: so i hidden again behind some crate , don’t know how many time i was hidden … longtime after they leave , i was in the night , they cutted the light before go out …

–   گổηΐã: I found a hot torch still not completely extinct … I have blown over to revive and finally with the torch I started to visit the depth of the cave …. after walking a few hundred meters I finally came across a huge room … something deep shone with the reflection of my torch

–   گổηΐã: then I approached …. and …… the iridescent dazzled my face, half blinded I’m still approached, I was afraid I did not know what it was, but at the same time I was curious…….. and …..

–   Tawy: now she has listened with much curiousity *and this has to do with the Ja suil tribe* she ask her

–   گổηΐã: after my eyes was accoustumed in the light , i see on the ground two large piles of bars … was one of the bars of gold and the other of the raw silver bars

–   گổηΐã: I have not touched anything at the time and I ran mine … dan while keeping my head where mine was located …. and so many days have passed … before I met the man again …. I attacked him and killed him and stole his key, a big key in metal … ** she opens a bag on the side of her belt and pulls out a big black key has curved end **

–   گổηΐã: now after a good reflexion … i think the tresure is from the kurri .. maybe they prepare something against the priest king .. i don’t know , maybe they prepare a uncursion with their big vessels … so the male i killed is the gardien … i don’t think the kurri will come back soon , so if you help me to steal him all his tresure … first i will share with you the half and second , we will be proud to break a war against the PK

–   Tawy: she keeps listening and first when she was serious and very interested in the treasure she is now doubting *hmmm i don’t like the priest kings eigter nor do i the Kurii, i would have them gone both* while her eyes are still focussed on the key *why not let them kill eachother?* she said with a serious voice *and while they fight we can steal their treasure*

–   گổηΐã: why we don’t let them fight and make a war between them ? i’m not a warriors … but the time i was in the chains in the city , i was the personal kajira of Marlenus … i heard many story about the kurri … so if i act like that now it’s because i think it’s better for all of us … me neither i don’t like the PK and even the kurri … but if the kurri win we will be all under the kurri they will enslave all living beings on Gor … there will be a lot of death, fire destroy the forests will all be annihilated …. then not even though I am a simple panther .. Today I have the power to block even it it’s just a grain of sand, but a grain of sand can stop a gear

–   Tawy: totally nods in agreement *yes you are right about that, the priestkings are the ones who let us women live* she thinks about the legend of the ancient war *hmm if we women where all killed how would the men on Gor had their pleasures/* she is more saying it to herself then to Sonia *oke oke… we need to do something* she says enthiousastic

–   گổηΐã: to a war, it takes a lot of money … thus driving the gold and silver in the cave, we stop Kurri gather enough money to bring the war …. will be for another time, but at least we will decline the maturity in doing so … so if you decide to help me, it is necessary to gather enough people to trust … I propose to capture a maximum number of slaves that we kill then after work done to stop talking … it is necessary to make this work in minimum time

–   گổηΐã: and we need be very discret

–   Tawy: looks around her to see if nobody else is around except her daydreaming SE *yes this will be great* she says while stroking her hands in joy

–   Tawy: *let me know what your plans are and we can work it out together* she smiles with excitement

–   گổηΐã: so we need a minimum of preparation … first your band need to release your En .. and i need Dani is here for continu our story … fter we will hunt a maximum of males … cut their tongue and make sure they will never flee

–   Tawy: a little unpleasant by the thoughts of the cutting of the males tongues she shall see what will continue…

–   گổηΐã shows 4 times her hands with all fingers unfolded for Designer twenty … what we need … suffice it three days to do the job .. one day to go into the mines, e day to transport all the gold and silver in several small boats and one day to return, but on the way back we will stop in order to hide the gold and silver in a secret that only two people will know me and the En for your band … then we will kill all the slaves so that no one could speak ‘

–   After the discution , Tawy was tired and got to sleep in her hut …. several day passed and i don’t forget the story but making several thing , tried to push this tribe to help me , i need Xenia agreed with my plan … The camp was quiet the sun was on the edge to sleep and the three moons was in the middle of the sky already lighting the wood , when Dani and Xenia came back from their journey ……

(To be followed)

Physicians Academy Dunvegan (Mariko & Selvi)

  •  I wanted to be clear for the readers, There is a Physicians Academy and an infirmary that provides emergency care right here in Dunvegan?

Yes we have an Academy and Infirmary

  • From a roleplay perspective, how is this working out? I always thought roleplayers are very centered on keeping all roleplay on their own sim?

Our Academy provides classes on a wide range of topics of interest to members of the Green Caste and anyone else who wishes to attend.  In addition we provide medical services in our infirmary.

Apprentices and physicians come from all over Gor to attend our classes, and anyone needing medical attention may come for RP.

I don’t know how to address your question about keeping people on their sim other than to note that many are referred to us by other sims, so your assumption may not be correct.

  • Who are some of the regular attending Lecturers, Physicians? Do they have a specialization in a certain field of medicine?

We have several on faculty and staff plus guest lecturers.  The lecturers tend to be physicians and we have a slave who helps with day-to-day duties.  It takes many to keep a school running smoothly, and we appreciate them greatly.

Our Lecturers this term include:

Elspeth MacLeod

Carrie Islar

Scout Galt

Caraya Ash’Rah

Elena Steiner

Rea Stoneshield

Basona Melody

Rain Drang

Snow Gryphon

and we are ably assisted by the slave Chayna (serteres)

Lecturers tend not to be be specialists, but some have areas of interest that can vary with time.

  • What should a future medical physician expect if they decide to receive training from the Physicians Academy Dunvegan?

I think they should first just come to some lectures and practice sessions to see if the subject matter is of interest.  In SL Gor Apprentices are guided by mentors and apprentices are not required to attend our classes, but many mentors and apprentices feel it worthwhile.

  • Length of training? Are there written and IC on the spot exams aka practicals?

There is no length of time for training.  Apprentices can learn at their own speed.  As part of training most use the PCoG Manual which includes the Skill Set and Knowledge Test.  They can be done as time permits.

  • Are their long distance learning classes for some of the classes provided at the academy?

No we don’t provide course materials outside of class, but the PCoG Manual does,

  • Can you give our readers a description how training would go for those whose Home Stone is not Dunvegan?

One is not required to live at Dunvegan to attend classes.  In fact few do.

  • What should slaves coming to Dunvegan to receive medical training expect and your expectations of them?

Slaves are welcome to attend classes.  All classes at OOC.  We sometimes have classes aimed at teaching physicians to RP with slaves in an infirmary setting.

  • Do the slave need to provide a scroll from their owners stating they have permission to attend?


  • Is there any messages you wish to impart to the readers of the Gazette of Gor?

If RPing as a Physician is of interest, please come see us.  All are welcome.

Here is video (Mariko) –  click here

A backstory (Part I) (Teri)

 Backstory Intro

During the man years I have been a panther within the realms of Gor I have often wondered about the backstory of others that brought them to this world of roleplay. We are all aware that knowledge of the subject is vitally important when it comes to being able to play the role you have chosen for yourself and so, just as important is the background you create around yourself that defines who you are and where you came from. It allows you to build up a history that is genuine for your character and incorporates well into the world you have chosen to play within. This is my story, the story of Teri and how I came to be a part of Gor, there are a number of parts to the story and it is spread across several issues of the Gazette as it is quite detailed and long. However despite this, I hope you enjoy


Part I

  • I was born many years ago into a high caste family of builders, in a city high in the mountains, they were famed for their warriors and their tarn flocks, they were the most feared tarnsmen in all of Gor. Its name: Treve. A wondrous city built on the side of a mountain, terraced with multiple tiers all stretching up to the sky covering the side of the mountain. Clouds floating around the uppermost tiers making it look for all the world as if the sky itself was part of the city.

  • I grew up there, not knowing much about the outside world, women of Treve rarely traveled out of the city except for one time in their lives when they must as it was law, however, before that happened I fell in love with a young Tarnsman, a promising warrior who had a bright future ahead of him and who had amazing skills as a fighter a true warrior and I was young. He was so handsome and strong, he stole my heart. We were so in love that I would spend all the time I could with him it wasn’t long before we entered into Free Companionship. He used to teach me his ways in secret, the ways of the warrior, the ability to fight and survive in combat, I would train with him to please him as he said that it might save my life one day. It wasn’t the the way things were supposed to be as it was frowned on to teach women such things I didn’t care, I had my warrior, but I did as he asked as all faithful free companions should do, or so I believed.We had a life together and I bore him two children, a boy and a girl, then came the day when the law had to be obeyed and I had to leave Treve, I had to go to the Sardar to pay my respects to the priest kings, a trip that every Gorean must make at least once in their lifetime

  • However such trips are always fraught with danger and this one was no exception, in my trip to the Sardar the caravan was attacked on its return back to Treve by soldiers of Ar, Treves greatest enemy. The battle was a fierce one as both sets of combatants were proud and fierce in their determination to prove who was the better of the two with the guardsmen giving as good as they got, but they did succumb to the superior numbers that Ar fielded against the and I was taken, spoils of war and displayed in the slave pits of Ar with a collar on my neck, naked and on my knees, a slave.

Lacassra Station (Minnie)

  •  Lacassra Station is a new Role Play land based on the concepts of exchange points in the books. Brev, the Proprietor, built the station on the ruins of his childhood village near the edge of the northern forest.  The station acts as a place of trade between the cities and those not part of the cities…. people who for one reason or another would prefer not to take their trade directly into the heart of such places.  these people range from simple peasant farmer to outlaws and forest girls.  In a way Lacassra Station acts as a bit of a black market.

  • The goal for Lacassra Station is to create a base of operations for a group of people to establish a trade group that goes all over SL Gor acting as a vehicle of trade as well as give people a safe place to come and interact with groups of people they would never normally get to interact socially within a safe combat free environment. No one needs to trust each other, they only need to trust that while they are on the land, they are safe to be themselves free of the worries of capture by opposing factions.

  • We are looking for motivated active role players who are tired of the “world of gorcraft” mentality of many of the current gorean role plays. While we do not claim being totally BTB, we do however try our best to RP within the spirit of the books and keep to the books as best as humanly possible withing the frame works of SL.   We believe just cause something has not been written down, that it still can exist long as it logically fits within the framework of the books written up till now.  Remember, Odin worshiping viking type people could have been argued to be not BTB, before Norman added them to the series.  Noman has not detailed every aspect of Gor, so we think we have some leeway, creating a role play based on the darker side of Gor, a side the cities ignore, but need to get some of the thing that keep a city running happily.

  • Lacassra is not an outlaw land, it operates within common Gorean law (for the most part), but outside city laws. Panthers and outlaws are welcome as long as they abide by the long traditions of the exchange points of gor. The land is neutral territory, Brev’s rule over it is total and he has the friends to ensure he can keep his rule. Imagine the fury one could arouse in a panther tribe, if someone tried to harm the one source of medical supplies they had, or an outlaw band losing a cheap source good quality weapons?

  • We are recruiting various positions here, the following is a short list of the positions we would like to fill in our little Role Play….

  • Scribe, someone needs to record daily transactions and such.

  • Healer, someone who doesn’t care why someone is sick or injured, only that they can help them.

  • Traders, people willing to be middlemen in transactions for a small commission.

  • Hunters, scouts, men and even women of the woods who are willing to offer their services to help others with tasks they can not do readily themselves.

  • Mercenaries, warriors who offer their swords for pay to ensure the peace is kept within the walls of the station, and perhaps running a little business of their own on the side.

  • And of course slaves, a station such as this could not run without slaves to keep people happy, attend to the daily chores and offer beauty to the eyes.

  • The possibilities are limited-less… she urts, ferals, wanderers, people who just don’t fit into the cities… they all would fit in here. the more unique the character the more it would most likely fit in.

  • Brev Farina will be happy to discuss the possibilities with anyone wishing to establish a active character within the RP.

  • We want to build a community of people who enjoy Role Play, who love to create stories, not just fur and go around hacking and slashing.

 Ladies, listen up! Are you new to or thinking about joining Gor and want to know more about the clothing situation there? Regardless, if you are or hoping to be a slave or a FreeWoman, read on to learn about everything you’ll need to know in order to dress to impress in Gor!

Gorean and Fashion Article (Sarah)



– Camisk-

A short and sensual outfit, designed to show off a slave’s best assets. Camisks are primarily worn in the southern hemisphere of Gor.

– Livery-

An outfit much like the Camisk, as its purpose to display a kajira’s most prized features. Liveries are sometimes worn in the northern section of Gor.

– Clad Kajir-

A tog worn by a slave belonging to a member of the Wagon People.

– Chalwar-

An outfit comprised of a belly top, pants and sheer face veil. This tog is typically worn in the desert portion of Gor.

– Kirtle-

An outfit that is considered a dress on Gor and is worn mostly in the northern parts of Gor.

– Silks-

This tog can vary in appearance, but typically pieces of fabric are draped over a kajira’s arms, vagina and buttocks. Slaves that are a part of a event in some-way, usually wear this outfit.

– Ta-teera or rags-

This outfit bares resemblance to both Camisks and Liveries, as well as having the same purpose as both. This piece of garment is primarily worn in cities throughout Gor.

– Hair-

Long, straight and down, or in a ponytail or braided.

– Jewelry-

Slave bells for kajirae who are red silks (non virgins),

– Earrings for low casted slaves.

– Makeup-

Used when used for furring (intercouse).


– Clothing-

FreeWoman must wear a garment like dress that fully covers her breasts, buttocks, back, stomach, vagina, legs and at least the upper portions of her arms. In some cities, face veils are required to be worn. Please be sure to know the laws of the Homestone you’re or thinking of living in.

– Footwear-

Slippers or flat boots.

– Hair-

Updo or braided.

I hope this article is found to be helpful for the gals considering of or new to Gor.

Story of Tazberg

  •  There was a day when the creators of Tazberg were citizens of a nothern lands on the southern border of the northern lands. That lands sunk to the Thassa leaving them homeless and searching for food and shelter.  Finding a length of lands ripe and ready for building and farming, they set to work, planting the seeds of growth, Traveling out to obtain the proper beast life they required for the wool and meat they would surely need to sustain their existence.  Finally with all that set into place, they formed a great bond, building day in and day out, placing a great Longhall, Inn, Bakery, Blacksmith, Carpentry, and much much more upon their lands.  Now with the final board to the docks in place, they have stood back and have gazed upon the lands they have built.  A proud family of outcasts and outlaws.

  • TazBerg Fjord is a NO RAID lands, settings are based around a northern farming village. Any combat that you wish to RP will be done with the dice roll system in order to keep all whom reside here safe.  The G&S system is used. Farming, Blacksmith, Carpentry, Brewery, Seamstress, Bakery, Inn, LongHall, Market, Infirmary, Scribe, Slaver.

© Gazette of Gor


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