The Gazette of Gor – Issue 36

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(Gorean Press Edition)


  • From the Editor’s Desk
  • A new adventure (Minnie)
  • The story continues, Part one and two Minnie)
  • Heimthorpe (Minnie)
  • Why do we Dance in Gor ? (Hathor)
  • Gazette Combat #4, The Sword (Spy)

Combat in Gor, the Fourt of a Series (Rik Baar)

  • An Idea: Gorean Contnent (Draven Therongard (Riddick1992 ))
  • A Dire Warning
  • The Town of Ship Rock (Minnie)
  • Chores roleplay at Veck En (Mariko Merchant)
  • Editors and Writers needed
  • Feedbacks

From the Editor’s Desk

  • A new edition of the Gazette this week, and still full of new things in this issue on the Gorean world. Adventures, stories, places to discover. Moreover, I advise you Heimthorpe and Shiprock, two different places but very interesting.

  • We also have a feature on Gor, sent by one of our readers. I ask you to read it carefully. This person has exhibited clear things and tries to find solutions. Just for this approach, it deserves your attention.

  • I would also ask you to try to participate in our adventure we started. Try at least, or I’ll end up thinking that the Gorean world consists only of pew pews bloodthirsty who prefer fighting to the joys of built RP. I know. I stress every week. But what you want! By dint of hearing in all places Gorean RP is king, I expected to be a lot of returns. Finally, is this really the king in RP Gor. I’ll end up in doubt.

  • Welcome to the 36 edition of the Gazette of Gor. Good reading.

A new adventure (Minnie)

  • With this new year, we offer to write new pages in our Gorean world. We propose to no longer be only spectators, but now our writers will define great adventures. And these adventures become perpetual, huge, beautiful. In this issue, you will find the beginning of a story. This story will give you a base to create new RP. Three categories will be defined for runners, adventure camp, adventure in a village, a city adventure.

  • Each week, the best RP will be published according to the categories and winners will be acclaimed for their imagination and art in the creation and conduct of the RP. In addition, each winner will write a sequel, an addendum to the basic story. This addition will be used to establish a new RP for the following week. The deposition of the RP and the new story will be on Tuesday at the latest, to enable us to make a classification and prepare the layout for publishing.

  • If you would like further information, please contact the team of the Gazette. In this context, we are looking for charitable souls to assist the jury that will work every week. So !! What do you expect will become of this new added direction to be a hit in the Gorean world?  Come and participate in this new challenge.

The story continues (Minnie)

First Story

  • It is five in the morning, the young woman is out in the dark, knowing her tasks. And her first chore is to collect the water that will be used for other household work. She left the camp / the enclosure of the city / village and goes down along the small road that leads to the creek, trembling with cold and not yet awakened. She was careful where she puts her feet. Her Master / Mistress made were angry about her behavior and she is still shameful to have so disappointed the person who protects her.
  • She knows she deserves exemplary punishment and accept it without flinching. The pale light of the stars are flooding, low clarity, and draw the lane threatening shadows using trees, the silent guards lining the track. Every sound makes her jump. The arrival at the river becomes an issue. The calm of the place, the crystalline laughter of the nascent downpour on the bank, all of which soothe the young woman. She filled buckets and take a deep breath to gain courage for the way back. She raises her burden and takes the way back, her tiny frame broken by the weight of his office. The return will be longer. The filled buckets and a light side will be her first punishment. She did not doubt that another sanction looms.
  • Just over the river crying. Small cries echo. A colony of Urts established its camp and rodents that people pray for a disappearance. One of them has just been killed by a LARL. Its body slides along the shore, and a poisoned blood now stains the waves. Urts have fear. They thought about peace, along the river. They now have to find another place to live. The colony is party to move. Docks, a tavern? Regardless of where they have to find a warm place for the winter if possible sustenance. In single file, our rodents go away from this accursed land that has seen one of their fellows die. They bring with them the memory of a vanished who was sick.
  • The young woman finally arrives. The way back was taxing. She puts buckets containing water of the river. She does not pay attention to the color of brackish liquid. The effort was considerable. She takes a cup and plunged into one of the buckets to cool. She puts her lips to the cup and slowly starting to drink ……

Second part

  • She starts to make her way to the shore, as she does, she pours some water from the river in a jug and puts it on the nightstand next to the bed of her Master / Mistress .

She returns to the kitchen and starts to clean the floor with an old linen she soaks in a bucket filled with the river water, humming softly while tending to her task.

  • While she is actively working, her temperature seems to rise. She wipes her brow with her forearm, coughing shakes her chest. She does not pay attention and continues to scrub the tiled floor of the house of her Master / Mistress.

She hears noises upstairs of the house, her Master wakes up… Quickly she takes the black-wine, which she had already prepared before her Master awakens, so there only remains for her to warm the blackwine, then garnish the breakfast tray that ison the table in the great room, and will take her Master .

  • Time seems greyish outside, while she looks out the window as the day slowly rises. he hears heavy footsteps of her Master upstairs .

She finished preparing the collation for her Master, poses a little black bread, a little pot of butter, a dish with fresh larma and a large hot black-wine bowl  without sugar like her Master loves drinking …

She goes upstairs wit the breakfast tray of her Master balanced on her hip.  A second cough shakes her chest harder. She experiences a brackish and ferrous taste in the mouth. She continues to climb the stair treads leading upstairs and finally gently knocks at the door of the room of her Master .

“My Master * she said in a  slightly hoarse voice * can this girl serve your breakfast  my Master ? *

  • She waits behind the door for her Master to respond and tell her to enter the room with the breakfast tray .

Master impatiently says, “come mine and puts the tray on the table.”

Then she finally enters the large room, she puts the tray on the table when another strong cough shakes her body.

* sorry my Master * she said while discreetly wiping her mouth  * may this girl  return on her tasks, my Master ? * she asks.

* wait mine *  he said ….

He took his purse and pulls out two silver coins * open your mouth, mine * he commands *… She obeys and opens her mouth. He places two silver coins on her tongue .. she closes her mouth on the money .  *Go to the market and buy enough to make a meal for noon*  he orders.

* go out harta, I want to have my breakfast in peace * he barks at the girl ..

  • She nods and leaves the room backwards, then went to the market while strongly coughing more and more.

Heimthorpe (Minnie)

I promise you, in last issue, to present you the new Land of our friend, Otuel. A new Land ? but on 2 SIMs.  Yes Otuel is crazy. We all know this. But we need crazy people like him. So, a wide land with 2 SIMs. Details, as you will se with pics. All to create adventures and new RP. Otuel is new in Gor, but he represents the future of Gor. He learned quickly, discovered a lot of things and came in Gor like a tornado. And now, he is always doing new things, good builds, amazing ideas. I remember his SIM about fights. It was fantastic. Thank you Mister Otuel

Why do we Dance in Gor? (Hathor)

I took a series of classes at  a Gorean dance school .  My thought was I would be given skills to be a better dancer in a tavern, to please the Free and hopefully get a grunt of “not bad girl” from my Master.   This should be a no-brainer, I am basically a story teller, I can easily spin a story from an idea that pops up in front of me.

  • I did, however, after the many classes, learn how hard a dancer works to perform, no matter what reason(s) or level of expertise she wishes to achieve.   Gorean dance is a beautiful expression of words and movement, a mastery of  words and movement to captivate an audience or a single  person with her imagery of her body and emotions.  It is hard work, the written dance alone takes hours of writing, editing, rewriting, striving for the best representation of one’s dance.   Add to the “story”,  the actual dance must show movements by the dancer to express not only the dance, but to echo the written portion of the dance.   A dancer learns how to use props, what to dance in, i.e., silks, nude or an appropriate costume.  All are a parts of a dance.

  • The teachers showed the class examples of some of their own personal dances, to give each in the class a sense of what a dance can become. The dances were exquisite, beautifully done and inspiring.  Each was a dance they had carefully crafted after many hours of work and many years of dancing.  At the end of the weeks of classes, each student walks onto the sands before her teachers, judges and her friends (who are welcome to attend the graduation dance) and showcases a dance she has created.

  • I wrote such a dance for my graduation and a mentor, and friends picked my dance apart and tossed it back in my lap, with so many helpful ways to improve, to better coordinate dance movements with the emotes, to engage one’s audience with the dance as a whole. To become one with the joy in a dance.

  • I am not a kajira who says, for now, I do not wish to compete; it’s not my “thing”. I do, however, commend those who do wish to dance competitively.  It is not an easy choice, it takes hard work, dedication to the beauty of the dancer’s moves and emotes, but rewarding in its own way, to be judged competent in the ability to dance Gorean and found to be a girl who dance for the joy, pride and grace in the judges eyes.

  • I wish to dance for the Camp group Free the best I can. I wish to be pleasing, to please both the Free and slaves who would see me dance.  I wish to honor my Master with my dance.  If my Master brought me to a tavern and told me to dance I would want to be able to step to the sands with my head held high.  I would dance Gorean, a dance of beauty, of joy, of heart, confident I have been taught by the best, the teachers who have magnified my passion for Gorean dance for more than a story.  I  now know how deeply I feel about Gorean dance.

 Gazette Combat #4, The Sword (Spy)


Combat in Gor, the Fourth of a Series (Rik Baar)

Combat is a skill most of us can learn and with a little effort can be quite good at it.

By Rik Baar, Magistrate of Port Olni

“And what is the purpose of the sword?” I asked.

“It is to kill,” he said.

“Yes,” I said. — Swordsmen of Gor, p 307

The sword, arguably is the most important weapon of Gor. It is essential for all warriors and valuable for any Free Man.

Watching combat training in Port Olni, i saw a man, a Rarius, who was giving instructions and I thought … Spy Habilis, Retired Commander of Port Olni, this man would make an excellent expert. After all he is a member of the honorary “Great Swordsmen of Gor.”

“The weapons carried by most warriors are sword, shield and spear.” he said.  “The bow is a peasant weapon, unfit for a Warrior.  Daggers, by the way are to eat with.”

Daggers are of course used by Free Women and we will deal with that in a future column.

“Bows, you will never see me with one unless a tarn is spotted,” he said with a huge grin on his wrinkled face. “Of the sword or spear, the weapon that is easiest to use but hardest to master is the sword.”

“The sword is the most important weapon of a Warrior,” he said. “He always wears it, never gives it up, it is a symbol of his Caste and honor. To most Gorean men … it is decoration. To a warrior it is life.”

“The normal sword of a warrior is a short double-edge stabbing sword, the blade being around 18″ in length,” he said. “Such a sword to the Roman’s on earth was called a Gladius and most makers in Gor offer one.”

“They also make a wide variety of other blades to appeal to the vanity of other castes but warriors wear the Gladius,” he said.

“Swords come with different stances or ranges built into their script,” he said. “the one you want is usually called ‘defensive.’ It is the slowest but longest range.”

By slow, Spy is referring to the swing time. Swords that are too quick, that is too little time between swings, are banned from most sims. A Master of Arms usually will be able to verify whether a sword is compliant or not.

“The warrior typically wears a shield with his sword unless he is in the arena where a bracer is preferred,” Spy told the Gazette. “Fighting with a sword and shield takes practice. It is much harder to move with your shield up and impossible to run.”

“The sheath is worn on a belt slung over the left shoulder so it can be discarded during a fight,” he said. “Actual fighting with a sword is not hard. You draw your sword, go into mouselook and left-click away. Winning with the sword is much harder.”

In combat, he says, “The trick is to hit and run. You can and move out of range before your opponent can hit you.”

“First you must get used to fighting in mouselook,” he said. “It can’t be taught, it must be practiced. And, remember if your opponent is wearing a shield, you need to try to strike from behind as much as possible or your blows get blocked.”

“There is nothing worse than losing your opponent and hitting empty air,” he said and it sounded like he has had that experience, maybe long ago.

“Practice, practice, practice” is the key to success with any weapon in Spy’s mind. “Chase your slave around in mouselook. Tell her if you catch her you’ll whip her! That should improve your skills.”

“Then give her a stick and tell her to stand still,” he suggested. “Work on moving in and out or range. Try hitting her before she can hit back.”

He cautioned, “Try not to cut anything too important and be sure to take her to a Physician afterwards,” my thought was to simply set her GM to “Arena Mode” but I think that would take the fun out of it for Spy.

In a later column, we’ll ask Spy more about tournament strategy and how to win the big prizes. Next week we’ll learn more about swords and some combat strategies.

That’s it for this week. Please send questions, comments and new material to the writer. Rik Baar. Happy Combat!

Idea: a Gorean Continent (Draven Therongard (Riddick1992))

Hello reader,

  • My name is Draven Therongard (Riddick1992) as I am sure alot know me as the giant of Torvaldsland currently and for those who do not know me it is a pleasure to meet you. I have had an idea amongst a few others over the years but it has not been able to come to fruition because Gor had not reached a point that it needs something new to restart what used to be the greatest roleplay in all of Secondlife. We even got a spot on the marketplace because of how famous it is while every other roleplay had sci-fi or fantasy on marketplace we had the spot that simply says Gorean, but since Gor has went to the point that its literally on its last legs and needs to a restart its time to devise a plan that will save a roleplay that has grown into a thing of beauty, not many can say Gor has not changed their lives in one way or another and thats why I devise the plan below so we can all have Gor be the biggest and best roleplay of them all. I assure you no other roleplay has ever done this not because it wont work (It’d work magnificent if we all worked together) but because nobody can work together on the same roleplay, everyone has different ideas when frankly the ideas are written down in a book or a movie or somewhere in history. So please read the proposition below and see if you would actually be interested in this, if we can actually get enough people serious about this then maybe we can bring Gor back and show the world that there is a way to work together.

The proposition:

  • Make a continent for Gor (North to South, East to West)

Each sim will be used 3/4s to use as city and village area the 1/4 that isnt used will go towards being used to make paths, trees, or whatever is outside your village or city so we can all be connected, the only way that people get around is walk, wagon, boat, ship, etc.

Example: Jane wants to go from City of Ar to Skjern in the North, Jane would need to take a wagon through the South hoping not to run into outlaws, thieves, etc., until she reaches a city with a Port that has a captain that is willing to go to Skjern, at which point that captain will then traverse the waters until he reaches the thassa and then Skjern. Jane will have to wait until the Captain comes back or til a different ship docks at Skjern to return home, she can either live at Skjern if Skjern will take Jane or will have to keep her escort close and do her business and if the Jarl of Skjern allows Jane to stay in his village for a time then she can wait until a ship docks.

  • Each person can have 2 sims but they must be able to pay for them, the RP sim MUST be a full sim, the 2nd sim though can be a full sim or homestead for anything they want as long as in some way or another it has paths on 1/4 of the area of the land so it can connect to a different parcel. Each City owner may allow any person who applies without speaking to other City owners as long as the person obeys the OOC rules of each sim and has not (Griefed, Severe Harassment) which will be the ONLY two ways to receive a ban, if you do not want them RPing in your village place a sign outside of your village with their name on it or have whoever doesn’t want to RP with that person place it in their profile, one thing that Gor has done that has killed the roleplay is abuse the ban button, just because you can doesn’t mean you should. All Cities and Villages and camps so on so forth would all be connected by paths so that each person can walk from each place.


  • Every design is your own, if you want to make a log village then go ahead and make a log village, you want to make tall city walls (Reasonable sized) then make tall city walls, you want to establish your own village in the middle of nowhere? Do the proper roleplay (Southern: Place your homestead down onto the land and wait Northern: Claim the land as your own AS long as its not already taken, and no if you do not own the sim these rules don’t apply to you, you can’t claim land if you aren’t the owner of the sim unless that sim owner allows it) everything is your own in YOUR sim/s area, as long as you obey TOS and don’t bring stuff like cars, robots, futuristic, non medieval stuff onto the land then you would be allowed, follow the Gorean roleplay of the BOOKS then everyone will get along, if we see a sky scraper with computers and the such of current times or futuristic times that is completely NON MEDIEVAL then you would be asked to remove it or move the sim entirely. The only things we would ask is a Gorean build (Medieval times) and thats all.

Removable offenses:

Making non gorean sim on the continent (Non medieval build)

Failure of payment

Failure of obeying OOC rules

Failure of obeying sim owners rules


  • These rules can be changed over time by council approval or by the people of Gor suggesting good ideas before the continent is ever places and begins. You may make your own IC laws for your village or city so enjoy

How it will work:

  • So you all must be wondering who in the world would have the money to pay for such a thing, it’d be the hugest continent in Secondlife other than the Secondlife mainland. But thats not the issue, money is not at all the issue IF we all work together, meaning not just one person is paying for a continent of sims but each person is paying for their own sim ON that continent.

  • Example: Jake wants to open up a sim on the continent and being 100% sure asks one of the sim owners if he can bring a sim onto their continent telling them where he is located on Gor (North or South or East or West) and that he is serious about the sim on the continent (If your not serious then you get turned down until you know for a fact you can afford it, you want to do it, and your ready entirely) at which point all of the sim owners come together to speak on it and then tell Jake yes or no on the decision or that he will have to come back at a further time as we have not gotten that far in the scale of having a sim say in the East and yet we are still working on say the South

  • So as I am sure you are all aware that not a lot of sim owners get along or have the same ideas of what they think of Gor, but the fact of the matter is there is already the ‘idea’ it’s called the Gor novels. So that just leaves the OOC rules or IC rules mattering on the person, some are more strict on OOC rules and some are more strict in IC rules but the fact is why? Just have common knowledge OOC rules, no griefing and so on so forth, and keep your IC rules because those are your LAWS. Every city or village had different laws its in the novels so enjoy.

A Dire Warning

  • Inhabitants of the planet Gor I have information that will shake the very rock that we stand on, it has taken me much consideration and soul searching to finally decide to share with you the knowledge that has come into my possession. I know some will dismiss it as crazed ramblings but I implore you to consider the facts I will impart with an open mind. I know this will be doubly difficult for the peasant classes and the majority of warriors, who’s main access to my library was concerned with the books on the top shelf that only had pictures of a dubious nature inside its pages, many of which I should add were often returned stuck together! I speak as one once of the caste of scribes with the third knowledge and whilst some of what I shall discuss has been held close within circle of the inteligencia events mean I have decide it is important I impart what I know.

  • First there is a planet called earth, and whilst this has been suspected by many for millennium due to the transportation of barbarian sluts, what is know known is these men of earth have found the planet Gor! Announcements broadcast widely on the planet earth have been shared with me of a new planet having been discovered, not as we were lead to understand a Gor directly opposite our Sun, but a planet flung deep into space. It appears the commonly held knowledge on earth believes this planet to be so far out it is both so cold and heavy it could never support life as they know it. They did not account for the Priest Kings, who’s solar enhancing lens amplifies the suns rays to provide the sweet shimmer of light we enjoy and who’s gravity enhancing contraptions allow us to, if a little differently from earth, walk this world so majestically.

  • This you may say is of little consequence we are so far away they will take millennia to understand what really lies on our planet of Gor. There is a twist to come which is perhaps even more shocking, a man is emerging in the race to lead the most advanced civilization on that world, perhaps the only one technologically advanced enough that could traverse such distance. The reports we have are from Kuri spies that have been caught and tortured. It seems a man of claimed Germanic origins is firing up the sleeping manhood of the weak and female oppressed males of earth. Openly insulting women and those not of his beliefs, I know many of you will recognize the old Torvesland name loosely translated of Triumph, this man has shortened the Torvesland battle name to Trump no doubt to avoid suspicion.

  • Now all this may still leave many of you cold but what has come into my possession may change that drastically. A draft of a post electoral win speech has been secretly passed to me and I will quote it word for word.

  • Those who came before us made certain that this country rode the first waves of the industrial revolutions, the first waves of modern invention, and the first wave of nuclear power, and this generation does not intend to founder in the backwash of the coming age of space. We mean to be a part of it–we mean to lead it. For the eyes of the world now look into space, to the moon and to the planets beyond, and we have vowed that we shall see it governed by a hostile flag of conquest, not by a banner of freedom and peace. We have vowed that we shall see space filled with weapons of mass destruction, not with instruments of knowledge and understanding.

  • We choose to go to Gor. We choose to go to Gor in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard, because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills, because that challenge is one that we are willing to accept, one we are unwilling to postpone, and one which we intend to win.

  • It is for these reasons that I regard the decision last year to shift our efforts in space from low to high gear as among the most important decisions that will be made during my incumbency in the office of the Presidency.

  • There is more but I fear to encourage more panic that these revelations may already create.

  • Let me say it simply, earthmen have discovered Gor, a Torvesland warrior is on the brink of gaining the levers of power and their eyes are focused on Gor

The town of Ship Rock (Minnie)

  • Our friends, from Italy have all understood in Gor. Really, i ve never visited a SIM like ShipRock. Nio, one of the Owner, shows me his land wich was done with a lot of details. So what is different in ShipRock. Many things …. Four groups are in this SIM. Gour groups and the insurance of a perpetual RP, cos SIM is never empty. And it s not the only thing. All builds done are fantastic, with details, with great landscapes, with new ideas. It not only a classic BTB Gorean Land. It’s the Land you should discover. Yes, they speak only Italian, but there is good translators. I offer you to visit the Citadel. A fantastic panorama is waiting for you. So what can i add more ? I know !! Forza Italia

History of ShipRock

  • Shiprock is a small town overlooking the Sea Thassa in a rock facing the island of Ianda south of the equator and the city of Korat, north of the city of Turia and its floodplains, not far from the Forests of Schendi . Shiprock is subject to the laws Gorean city.
  • We like to point out that there are laws on the planet Gor for Gorean towns because many realities coexist for ethnic backgrounds that have different jurisdictions. Shiprock was discovered in his wanderings, by the Tuchuk Nio and his slave Juna.
  • The town takes its name from a rock of particular form located on the corner end of the city itself, similar in features to the Shiprock Earth also called “Rock the wings” (so called by the people of the Navajo land because like a sail).
  • Gor is a fancy name that does not exist either on the books of Norman nor in any existing place names Gorean.

Rebuilt in part by Nio and his slave, the livelihood consists mainly in the trade of metals, gold and precious from its small mines.

“Honor and respect are high and virtue will be rewarded in a way honorable and respectful. Behave so honorable and not have to endure what will happen to you”

((Tribesman of Gor))

The owner

Chores roleplay at Veck En

By Mariko Marchant

Initiated by the first girl of Veck En luna (scorpioluna)

  • luna (scorpioluna): Be creative when working on chores and make your Owner, the Tribe and yourself proud. A slaves work reflects not only on the slave but, on the Owner and tribe too.
  • luna (scorpioluna): Remember while you work that Veck En is to be an active, living, working land in your imagination. Therefore, there will be people about that you can incorporate into your routine even if you are in the area alone.

–    Tobie Boa: sighs and hits my head as she forgets to get the fishing rod and bait… how can one fish without it she sighs and hits her head moving back to my tent to fetch the fishing rod

–    Tobie Boa: Moves in to the tent smiling as she sees the fishing rod and grabs a hold of it with some bait and brings it to the water giggling as she takes each step shakes her head as she forgot the rod in tent.

–    Tobie Boa: Puts some bait in the line and throws the line into the water, hoping she will catch a fish quickly as she must catch six.

–    Tobie Boa: Smiles as she feels the rod shake putting the fish in and sighs a bit as the fish escaped.

–    Tobie Boa: Puts the bait back on the hook and throws the line in again hoping to catch a fish

–    Tobie Boa: Throws the line in again and waiting to catch a fish.

–    Corchuela: Nada en el anzuelo / Nothing in the fish hook

–    Tobie Boa: Sighs as she feels the rod shake again she sighs and says shesh another got loose.

–    Tobie Boa: Putting bait again in the hook and tosses the line again.

–    Tobie Boa: Feeling the rod move a lot as she feels that she got a big fish, pulling the line in and smiles as she sees a fish in the line… putting the fish aside of her and puts more bait into the hook.

–    Tobie Boa: Throwing the line in again.

–    Tobie Boa: Feeling the rod wiggle as she smiles knowing she got another fish, reeling the rod, bringing the line closer she puts the second fish aside and puts bait on the hook again and tosses it back into the water.

–    Tobie Boa: Smiles as she feels the rod go crazy knowing there’s a fish on the hook again she holds the rod tightly as she knows the fish will take her into the water and reels the rod again smiles as she says wow that is a big one … catching her third fish smiling knowing she caught the three fish already.

–    Tobie Boa: She puts more bait on the hook and throws the line back into the water

–    Corchuela: Nada en el anzuelo / Nothing in the fish hook

–    Tobie Boa: Sighs as she thought she had another fish and reels it in but notices nothing on the line not even the bait as the fish ran off with the bait…. puts more bait on the hook of the line and throws it back into the water… i have no mercy for you fish… you’re going to be cooked and eaten.

–    Tobie Boa: smiles she feels the fourth fish reeling it in again and holding the rod tight as she caught a bit one again, seeing it she puts it aside with the other fish and says just two more fish and puts the bait back into the hook and throws the line into the water again doing the i got four fish dance and hoping no one notices.

–    Corchuela: Nada en el anzuelo / Nothing in the fish hook

–    Tobie Boa: Sighs as she thought she caught another fish but notices it took the bait and ran off with it again stomping her feet and sighs putting bait on the hook again and tosses the hook back in the water…

–    Corchuela: Nada en el anzuelo / Nothing in the fish hook

–    Tobie Boa: Smiles as she says i love to fish it’s the best hobby and she doesn’t consider it a chore at all.

–    Tobie Boa: Sighs again and stomps her foot as she was a little slow bringing that fish it knowing that the fish had gotten away yet again…putting bait in on the fish and throws the line in again feeling fustrated.

–    Corchuela: Nada en el anzuelo / Nothing in the fish hook

–    Tobie Boa: Sighs stomping her feet yet again telling herself she was doing good at first,, she will not give up as the fish is mine… just two more fish and a girl can cook them again.

–    Tobie Boa: Puts some bait back onto the hook of the fish and throws the line into the water deciding to move to another spot.

–    Corchuela: Nada en el anzuelo / Nothing in the fish hook

–    Tobie Boa: Sighs yet again the fish took the bait  and ate it .. growls softly hoping no one heard that and baits the hook again and throws it into the water come on fishie fishie fishie momma just wants to play with you.

–    Corchuela: Nada en el anzuelo / Nothing in the fish hook

–    Tobie Boa: Sighs as she thinks she shouldn’t stomp or try and talk to the fish the fish ran off again she puts bait in the hook making sure it’s nice and tight on it and throws the line back in the water.

–    Tobie Boa: Sighs no fish again stomping her feet… saying to herself i need just two more fish…. saying it again maybe she can sing a fish song but doesn’t know any song, placing the bait yet again on the hook and throws it back in the water … sighing hoping she will be able to get another fish.

–    Corchuela: Nada en el anzuelo / Nothing in the fish hook

–    Tobie Boa: Sighs again reeling the line in thinking she caught a fish but didn’t and yet again she grumbles and sticks the bait on the hook forcefully as a girl will not give up on anything anymore… she is a fighter and will get these last two fish if she has to be here all night she sighs throwing the line back in.

–    Corchuela: Nada en el anzuelo / Nothing in the fish hook

–    Tobie Boa: Growling ever so loudly as she is so going to scream if she doesn’t get these two fish that she needsss and start to cook them, again placing the bait in the hook and tosses the line back int he water… hoping and praying this time she will get one.

–    Corchuela: Nada en el anzuelo / Nothing in the fish hook

–    Tobie Boa: Growls louder and screams as she cannot get these last two fish she stomps her feet but still stays focused and puts the bait back onto the hoook throwing it into the water as she moves a tiny bit maybe it is a better place to fish.

–    Corchuela: Nada en el anzuelo / Nothing in the fish hook

–    Tobie Boa: Smiles as she caught another fish and it makes number five… just one more fish and i can cook it and the Huntresses will be happy

–    Tobie Boa: She screams with pleasure catching all six fish feeling herself accomplished at something… knowing my Mistress will be soooo proud of me today she runs back to my Mistress hut with the fishing rod.

–    Tobie Boa: as she moves towards the hut she thinks uh i have the rod but not the bucket with the fish she slaps her head again moves back down to the water and grabs all six fish and brings it to the camp sighing.

–    Tobie Boa: Smiles and looks at the bucket with all the six live fish and giggles as them, a girls captives she smiles as she knows they will all get cooked soon for the Huntresses, she takes one out of the bucket seeing it flop around and tosses it in the stove.

–    Tobie Boa: Tosses some lemon herbs and salt on the fish smiles as she sees it cooking, she takes it out of the stove as she sees it’s perfectly cooked and doesn’t want it to burn.

–    Tobie Boa: Smelling the aroma of the fish loving the scent putting some lemon and herbs salt and pepper taking it out again as she sees it cooked

–    Tobie Boa: Taking a third fish watching it flop to the ground i pick it up and places some lemon herbs, salt and pepper it on moves her head to the side as she got a little pepper in her noses and sneezes as she did not want to sneeze on the fish.

–    Tobie Boa: Oh it smells so good she sighs hearing her stomach rumble thinking a girl must eat herself after she finishes cooking the fish.

–    Tobie Boa: Taking the fourth fish and sees it on it’s last leg trying to flop but doesn’t flop that well as it has been out of the water too long, seeing the other fish also starting to slow down she prepares it putting some lemon and herbs and salt with pepper tosses it in the oven almost hearing something as she hears it sizzle.

–    Tobie Boa: Fetching the fish out of the stove handling with care as she doesn’t want to burn herself boy it’s hot… she smiles and puts it to the side nicely cooked.

–    Tobie Boa: She says last but not least she sees the lonely fish and grabs it by the tail putting it lemon and herbs on it and tosses it in the stove watching the last one cook even better as she knows the stove is extremely hot right now from cooking the five fish.

–    Tobie Boa: Taking it out quickly seeing the last fish she had to cook was nicely cooked, she places them all in a crate and moves towards the caves where the goods are kept.

–    Tobie Boa: Puts all the fish in the crate given to me by the lovely mistress and tosses all six cooked fish in there still smelling it with steam going across her face packing it nicely closes it and puts them all stored in the goods crate.

© Gazette of Gor


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