The Gazette of Gor – Issue 35

Disclaimer: All images contained herein are stock images of Lunacaleengpanthers.

(Gorean Press Edition)


  • From the Editor’s Desk
  • The story continues (Sonia)
  • What Happened To Gor?! (ThunderCloud lecker)
  • Response What Happened To Gor (Selvi)
  • Combat in Gor, the Third of a Series (Rik Baar)
  • Invitation to share Gor with the Gazette (Hathor & Minnie)
  • Unforgiven (Second Part) – (Minnie)
  • New concepts for SL Gor roleplay (roughplay) – Erratum
  • Caste of Musicians -Interview with Master LarlHunter (Selvi)
  • Editors and Writers needed
  • Feedbacks


From the Editor’s Desk

  • Tal to All, Goreans. I said Goreans and not Ge or BTB people. We are all Goreans. We are a Family, The Gorean Family. And it is time to believe in our world. In some places, people are still building this frontier, forgotting that we need to be unified. If we keep discord, we will continue to see lands closed, owners tired. Why not try to reach out. From what are you afraid. Whatever you will decide, i will continue to believe in all of You. Because, you are not only my Family, You are my friends. And if we can’t choose our Family, we can’t choose our Friends. I choose You all, my Friends, my Gorean Friends. Another thing, Sonia, from Dani’s Band, joined our team. She believes in Gor. She believes in RP. She wrote the first addendum to the story we did two weeks ago. Now, you have to define the next story with the RP. Are you good storytellers ? Are you good writers? Are you good Rpers ? Give me proof !

  • This issue was full, so i couldnt present you in this issue, a new SIM. Our friends in Italy did a fantastic build with great ideas. At the same time , an old friend has just opened his SIM. So I ll present these two great builds to you next week. Be patient and I promise to show you these lands. Be ready to have an uppercut to your face !

  • Last point, Gazette of Gor is nominated, in the Avi Choice Awards, in category, Best SL Magazine. I want thank you all  for the trust you have placed in us. And of course, you can vote for us !!

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The story continue (Sonia)


Second part


  • She starts to make her way to shore, before she pours some water from the river in a jug and puts it on the nightstand next to the bed of her Master / Mistress.

She returns to the kitchen and starts to clean the floor with an old linen she soaks in a bucket filled with water of the river, she hums softly while at her task.

  • While she is actively working her temperature seems to rise, she wipes her brow with her forearm, coughing shakes her chest, she does not pay attention and continues to rub forcefully the tiled floor of the house of her Master / Mistress.

She hears noises upstairs of the house, her Master wakes up… Quickly she prepares his mug of black-wine, of course she had already prepared before the  Master awoke.  There only remains for her to  warm and  then garnish the breakfast tray that she will take to her Master on the table in the great room.

  • Time seems greyish outside, while she looks out the window as the day slowly gets up, she heard heavy footsteps of her Master upstairs .

She finished preparing the collation for her Master, poses a little black bread, a little pot of butter, a dish with fresh larma and a large hot black-wine bowl  without sugar like her Master loves drinking .

She goes upstairs with the breakfast tray of her Master on her hip, a second cough shakes her chest more strongly , she feels a brackish and ferrous taste in her mouth.  She continues to climb the stair treads leading upstairs and finally gently knocks at the door of the room of her Master .

“My Master * she said with a slightly hoarse voice  * breakfast, can this girl serve you my Master ? *

  • She is waiting behind the door for a response from her Master to enter the room with the breakfast tray .

Master impatient, “come mine and puts the tray on the table,” he said .

She finally enters the large room, she puts the tray on the table when a second cough shakes her body still more strongly .

* sorry my Master * she said while wiping her mouth discreetly *  may this girl  return to her tasks, my Master ? * she asks.

* wait mine *  he said .

He takes his purse and pulls out two silver coins * open your mouth, mine * he said *… She obeys and opens her mouth, he places two silver coins on her tongue .. she closes her mouth on the money .

* Go to the market and buy enough to make a meal for noon*  he orders…

* go out harta, I want to have my breakfast in peace * he barks at the girl ..

  • She nods and leaves the room backwards, then went to the market while coughing harder and harder.


What Happened To Gor?!

by ThunderCloud lecker

  • When I  first  came to  Gor in  second life 7 plus  years ago it  was a  land  named Isle of Cos  City of  Telenus.  As I  walked into  the  realm  of  Sl  Gor  i  saw  kajira   cleaning  the  bakery  that was  to  the  side  where  Free  Women  and  Free  Men could  sit and  talk  and i  saw  slaves  working  feverishly  to please  me  as  I  came  in  offering  me  food and  drink  or  anything  else they may provide. The one thing  that  stood  out to  me  was  punishment crosses  outside  with  slaves  being  whipped  and  slaves  being  punished for  their  mistakes at a serve or a  drink just as  the  books  portrayed.

  • Fast forward to 2016 and you will find a  different  tale.  Going into a  land   you  have to  search  the whole land before  being offered a  drink as most slaves  stay in  homes  or  are not  in  the  city at all.  Additionally,  you  have  slaves who  are  untrained  serving you  drinks.  When  you  try  punishing  them and grab for  the  whip around your  belt, swing  it,  she  does one of  two  things  that  really irritates Me.  She fades to  black  or  she gets in  your IMs  telling you  you  were  wrong!  What has  happened to  Gor that  has  made  that slave have  the  right  to  say  “No I  will not  be punished”  or “No your punishment is  too  severe”?

  • Truth be told it is not the  slaves  fault  and you may  think  I  am  losing my  point  but I am  not,  so  just  hear Me out on this and  listen closely.   Men, instead of playing  Nintendo  pew pew  raiding and  being on an alt , try something called  Mastering your kajirae and  making them fear the punishment, instead of treating it like Burger King Gor, cause folks  you cannot  always have it your way!

  • The other thing is for the kajire and bonds, and this is important, almost just as  important as  the advice for  the Men and probably more so.  If you  get off  the  boat or go into a  gorean sim and  walk  to  that  gate and  put  your  arms  over  your  head and  say  those words  “La Kajira I  submit Master”  or something like  that, you  better go  back  read  the  rules and  read  what Gor is about.  Find  the  books, check  out wikipedia or something before  doing  that because once  steel  is around  your neck, you  lose  your  right to  complain and  bitch and  whine because now you  are  a  slave and  you  are at  the whim  of  the  Free  and  you are now to please  them.

Till Next time


Response What Happened To Gor (Selvi)

Greetings to all,

  • I say print it and if readers have a response,print that next issue. Awareness is a good thing.

An Individual’s real life business and living situation influences how we go about our business in a metaverse.  A decade ago, who would have heard of online bullying and online safety? I feel we need to be realistic, who can say what the population is now in Gor versus a decade ago, lets also take in consideration what are most folks doing in their spare time? A decade ago did they have the latest pc system that folks are crazy about now? How about the cost of Sims nowadays?

  • We should remember that the books written by J. Norman are how old now? The rest of the world has moved on and changed by huge strides since that very first book was published in 1966. We have Harry Potter Fanatics and Vampire diaries die hards. Let’s face it, we have serious competition.
  • As someone who has roleplayed in all genres, I can honestly say its the same across the board in other metaverses, just because you show up somewhere does not mean someone is gonna interact and roleplay with you off  the boat or landing point.

–   “No I  will not  be punished”  or No your punishment is  too  severe?”

  • Reading his description of what he saw some 8 years ago paints a vivid and reasonable mental image of Gor. The book worm in me loves it. Sadly, we do have real people behind the Gorean rolepayer and with only that statement, I am not sure why that roleplayer had that to say. I do have a quote floating in my head about punishing a slave but I feel we must remember that as roleplayers, we have no right to dictate to other roleplayers, be free Gorean or a slave. If they do not wish to carry out their story line and if they  decide to fade to black, what are your options? Do not roleplay with them again? Find another person who relishes those type of encounters? The fact remains, you have choices. We all do.


Combat in Gor, the Third of a Series (Rik Baar)

  •  Combat is a skill most of us can learn and with a little effort can become quite good at it.

By Rik Baar, Magistrate of Port Olni

  • Our first two parts of series concentrated on the bow and how to use it effectively. This week we look at a much more difficult task — Shooting from a flying tarn.
  • To find a tarm expert, we travelled to Gorean University and spoke with their tarn instructor, Commander Orochi Masoto Daili(snowtora), the top Scarlet in Ti and owner of a beautiful tarn Kira. click here
  • Our bowman, Ouitel told us how to practice first hitting stationary targets, then moving ones and finally combat against a person who is much more unpredictable. Orochi takes it all one step farther.

“So you’re above the battlefield where you get a good view of everything, a giant fishbowl,” he said. “I fly in raids to supress them (the enemy on the ground). I use my bird as a distraction to keep them busy fighting so guys on the ground can finish them off or breach the walls.”

  • In combat, “the person flying a tarn takes his finger off WASD (direction control) keys or stops pressing them, then aims and fires” while flying directly to the target. “Learning to move while flying takes a lot more practice” than shooting from the ground.

“Needless to say at 20 meters per second movement speed, it’s not easy,” for a bowman. “Swords are good for Dive bombing unsuspecting man and a spear is good for strafe runs flying right by and hitting them,” he said. “It does 35% damage and due to the wrack effect stopping all shield regeneration for a few moments” thus allowing men on the ground to put them away and bind them.

  • He said the wrack effect, or time delay after a hit before recovery “is stackable so you can stop them even longer if you keep hitting them.” That’s where the men on the ground come in. “If you are flying it takes some effort to come back for a second shot.”
  • The wrack delay he said can stack up to five times, which gives a lot of time to take a man down end his participation in a raid.

“Tarns are more important for men on the ground,” he said “and it is also true that many warriors are afraid of tarns because of the supersition that tarns pick their riders.”

  • A bow is much better at shooting down a tarn than a weapon to be used aboard one, he said. Flying at 1 to 20 meters per second.

“Just takes practice to adjust to the lead distance for a tarn,” he said. “Basically it is hard to hit one 20 times.”

  • He said legal tarns, unlike warriors, are non-regenerative which means if hit, they do not recover. But hitting one can be a bonus as the arrow also damages the rider.

“Because of the GM Meter, when you hit a prim you take full splash damage, so enough hits near the rider and you will down him before you down the tarn.”

“It takes 10 hits to down the rider and 20 to down a tarn,” and a hit on the tarn could count as a hit on both. “In the past there was an issue when you sat on a prim you wouldn’t take GM damage so Alika made it so anyone sitting on a prim can receive ful arrow damage from splash within a 3.5 meter radius.”

“Try to avoid getting shot near saddle,” he said without explaining how a rider does that. “A hit to the saddle and you take full arrow damage.”

  • If the tarn is flying higher than 50 meters there is another problem for the rider, fall damage.
  • He said Tarn House tarns are the most widely used and respected, but warned that tarnsmen should be careful when choosing their bird, not to buy the prettiest one.

“Tarns come in a variety of colors, some are harder to see and some way easier,” he said. “Like a bright orange tarn stands out like a traffic cone in the dark.”

“Most tarns have improved greatly in recent years and are less laggy,  so are not really affected” by SL problems. “Most tarnsmen know about FPS but ping is more important to them. It measures the connection between you and the SL server and the higher it is the more lag you may face.”

“Low ping keeps you from flying into a wall or getting stuck in a building and not being able to move at all,” a nightmare for any tarnsman as they immediately become the prime target.

  • Ping is found in the same data location as FPS, just press Control+Shift+1.

“Anything under 150 is excellent,”  he said but at 200 “You start feeling laggy and over 250 it gets to the point it is impossible to fly.”

  • In previous columns in this series we spoke of improving FPS. Many of those ideas will reduce demand on your computer’s CPU and improve your ping response.
  • Orochi is rebuilding the Scarlet of TI, and is always looking for a good tarnsman so he can lead from the ground. He will provide training to the new warriors there.

“I often think tactically and being above the raid gives me a better point of view on what needs to be done or where to strike,” he said. “In a sense, it’s fun when you spear people from odd or rather insane angles and downing them is just as enjoyable in the air.”

  • That’s it for this week. Please send questions, comments and new material to the writer. Rik Baar. Happy Combat!

Invitation to share Gor with the Gazette (Hathor & Minnie)

  •  Greetings Readers of the Gazette of Gor

  • We, the staff of the Gazette who try to find interviews, articles, editorials to present to our fellow Goreans with this weekly magazine, would like to invite you to become a part of the Gazette. To do this, we would like to invite and encourage you to send us your vision of Gor, or your story of Gor and it’s influence as to how you perceive Gor would exist in real time.  Or how you came to be an active member of Gor.  You are our most valuable asset, you who read the magazine.  Your vision would be something of interest not only to be published in the Gazette, but for others to read and perhaps pause to think about your words.  We welcome your thoughts.

  • Please respond directly to maxfromfrance (Minnie) or Hathor01 (Hathor)

Below is the Gazette’s Mission Statement.

The Mission of the Gazette

  • In the long travel in Gor, there are several groups, tribes, bands, Wagon Peoples, fellow Goreans who are seeking good relations and affinities among one another. Gor is not a simple game with raids and RPs. Gor is a community of wide family relationships with bands, groups, tribes. And this family changes every week, new people come, new camps are created, lands are built or changed.  It is perpetual growth and we know it may not always be easy.  Thus, this newspaper, The Gazette of Gor, has been established to match relations, ideals, a sense of community between people in Gor, to create a wide database of our family with rules, interests, to help every person in Gor find their right place to play.

Unforgiven (Second Part) – (Minnie)

  • Unforgiven is not a sim like all others. The people deny being the Pew Pews mode. Yes, we have in this place, raiders, fighters. Yes, we meet here, the male superiority myth with weaker women. But, here, Unforgiven adds a little something to this cruel world. It adds sweetness RP well built, constructive exchanges, life in a nutshell. In summary, there will be fights, epic battles, glory. But first, there will be an exchange of words, a scenario is created, a concept will take shape. To you now to come to this place to create your adventure. Dare you measure yourself against these outlaw warriors, either by words or by the sword.

New concepts for SL Gor roleplay (roughplay) – Erratum

Culture-transplantation into Gor

  • Todays SL Gor is not as interesting for many players as it once was. It is difficult in a big way to recruit new players that will stay in SL Gor for a long time.
  • For so many starters Gor RPG seems like they would play an encyclopedia with the fun factor of a phone book. They feel paralyzed by the flood of information.
  • But this can be changed. We need to get away from overwhelming the people with information and instead teach them what Gor is, what Norman’s concept is. It’s like in “The Little Prince”: If you want good sailors, you will not give them as many details about shipping as you can, but instead teach them the love of the sea. Just as we should do with Gor.
  • Who understands Gor and will stay on one of the sims, will voluntarily learn and continue to inform himself and grow into the role. We should then be helpful as friendly mentors. Not challenging but supportive. Not be angry about mistakes, after all, we made a lot ourselves when we started in Gor.
  • Now for the main topic of this issue. In several parts I want to convey some reflections on Gor RPG. Think about and discuss them, please. I would be glad to have you share the results with me.
  • Does BTB as we know it today make sense or should it be reconsidered and extended?

– Part 1: The cultures of Gor as we know from the books – can there be more?

  • Even the introduction of Pani was a shock for many players. A culture in so many ways different than what they previously knew in Gor. There were players who made it clear to me that for them nothing that comes after Book 27 has any relevance, although they thought to play BTB . They ignored the Pani, they ignored the steel worlds of the kurii, the prison-moon. But was not even the culture of Torvaldsland different? Or the Red Savages of Gor? Or the jungles of Shendi?
  • Norman tolds us many times in his novels, that the Priest-Kings brought people of all cultures to Gor. In Explorers of Gor, he wrote that there were in the unexplored areas of Gor, ruins of ancient peoples, cities, but also, in the now known Gor, previously unknown cultures. And the biggest part of Gor is unexplored territory. So is it BTB if we introduce a new culture, which was not mentioned by Norman so far? According to the previous BTB concept no, because it was not even mentioned in the books. I am, therefore, in favor of a redefinition of BTB which I will call BTB plus. BTB plus logic. What happens to BTB? Nothing problematic, because BTB plus it is not a replacement, but an extension of it.
  • BTB plus is not GE because it follows Norman’s concept. But it can widely integrate GE. It means that many GE sims can be BTB plus sims and are back into family.
  • Why do we need this change and have we handled not much anyway in that direction and just have to think ahead?
  • For example: Norman never wrote there were air in the Silver Ships of the Priest-Kings. We assume, however, that it is so, because otherwise, logically, neither priest-kings nor humans would survive a journey with it. No one would say that there can be no air, because even in the books there is no proof if it. Logically, Norman cannot mention every detail. Norman wrote about what was important for his story, the understanding of his concept and not much more.
  • So if we restrict BTB in a way that we only accurately refer to the text of the books, then we will build a cage around us that destroys creativity and fun and we overlook even any logic.
  • Remember how many towns Norman has never described in detail? How many we know only by name? We assume that we can understand how those cities would be constructed, because several times we have built in Second Life  without any further knowledge. Thus, none of these cities would, by our description of BTB, be allowed.
  • Now Norman has given us the key to an expansion of the world of Gor into our own hands: There are other cities and whole still unknown cultures. He himself has pointed out on several occasions, most recently when he introduced the Pani.
  • But can we simply introduce a new culture ? Yes, we can, if we understand Gor and Norman’s concept. A new culture must be at a place where it could remain undiscovered so far and it must fit into the concept of Gor.
  • BTB plus allows such an extension, since it does not destroy the previous concept.
  • On the basis of BTB plus I have developed the concept of a new culture for Gor including a city and sim concept last year.

– Example: Akkad, the hidden city.

  • Akkad is based on the ancient Mesopotamian cultures. In the books already mentioned, there are people whose ancestors come to Gor from these area. No wonder the origins of the Tahari strains are not from far away.
  • So why not assume that in the unexplored areas of Gor a Mesopotamian culture may be present?
  • For the background of this culture I worked intensively with their myths and traditions, the historical facts. Introduce a fundamental condition to a new culture for Gor. And I came across some interesting facts that enabled a seamless fit.


– Now about the background of Akkad:

  • One day the end of the akkadian empire came on Earth. None can say how it happened. It looked as if they had just disappeared.
  • But the akkadian time never really ended…dark spaceships of the kurii brought them to Gor…into the unexplored area right from the voltai range, many passangs from the barrens, the lands of the red savages of Gor and out of reach for the Voltai tarns.
  • There they created a new big city called Akkad. To remember the big time of the akkadian empire the leader of that new Akkad is called the Sargon.
  • The akkadians think they live in the world of their gods, like an old myth told. That ancient story said that one day their gods would come and bring them to the world of the gods and so it happened long time ago.
  • In their city one can find the house of the living god with it’s priestess. She tells the Sargon about the will of the gods. This living god is a kur. The kurii for a long time stayed behind the arkadians. Proof is that the old sumerian name of Akkad was Kur urii. None of the people of Akkad ever saw the kur, only the priestess of living god Marduk, the old earth name of that kur.
  • From time to time a dark object covered in flames appears near Akkad and the living god brings goods and slaves from the world of the fathers.
  • Will Akkad stay hidden or will one day a brave man, an explorer from the well known parts of Gor enter through its gates?

Concept 2015 by Rick (roughplay)


  • It would be an Egyptian culture on Gor possible, a city that is inhabited by people of british origin, a city of the Germans … and much more. Yet everything would be Gor, because it follows the concept of Norman. On the maps we can already find typical names of british cities, as well as typical german city names.
  • What are the advantages of this cultural expansion of Gor? We have seen today a lot of sims are extremely similar. A friend called them cookie-cutter sims. The fun to discover a different culture, a new kind of city is significantly reduced in todays North Gor, Gor Central and South Gor. And let’s face it, most know all of them and there are no surprises. For explorers, travelers, merchants, there is not much new left to discover in today’s SL Gor. That may change, if we allow it.
  • Also for the builders of SL Gor, there is not much left. New clothing is a different interpretation of existing material. Furnitures are very similar. There are almost only versions of items, not many really new ideas. Houses are often viking style or depressing dark medieval. The expanded concept also gives many new and interesting possibilities for the creative builders out there.
  • We can make Gor an extremely adaptable and open setting, if we choose to step beyond the bounds of the official material and still respect the concept of Norman.

Later I will tell you more about it.

I have planned as the next:

Part 2: Non-human life on Gor

Part 3: Technology of Gor

Caste of Musicians -Interview with Master LarlHunter (Selvi)


  • I actually have his permission to print his poem/song in the Gazette of Gor. Not sure if there is a way to make the song not take up so much space. Maybe do two articles off of this? not sure.


*** Safe paths (my friend***

Magnificent, truculent,

Malevolent, translucent  eyes,

Mirroring my form.

I felt its presence,

Once at night.

Then saw  its gaze,

Two yellowed glares,


Bathing in. the moons.

And all the rest

Our primeval fear,

Hidden in the black….

And  that stare.

Froze me to the bone

And opened wounds that ached

Though once forgotten

Which of long time past

Dissipate, at last.

A child’s’ scary tale,

For those up too late,

Was there…..

The Larl too close

And knew

One roar,

Would signal death

Upon this lonely  path.

Maybe that night

Old warriors we,

Too scarred and worn….

Too old perhaps?

With aching bones…

Who knows?

But suddenly

The beast was gone!……

And I remained alone

Safe paths my friend, safe paths

****by Master LarlHunter

Caste of Musicians


  • Master LarlHunter was kind enough to provide me with permission to use his poem/song above and he even granted me an interview. I hope this interview allows us all to take a peek into the world that is the Caste of Musicians on Gor.

*Selvi : In terms of roleplay, is it fun? does it provide tons of opportunities for a rich storyline?

*Master LarlHunter: Well I am I guess a little shy, so I don’t make conversation easily, so I play my music, and sometimes people come up and comment, and I make a quip or tell a joke, or they are keen to show what they can play , and I step back and let them and I am mostly quite taken with the performances they give. There are some good story lines that grow from there.

*Selvi : good way to break the ice and create an opening for interaction.

* Master LarlHunter: Yes, and sometimes I find a wonderful sound and tune and I ask where they obtained them. Sometimes I learn a new joke and a new tune, or a new instrument I may wish to get as well. So all the interactions bring in their own way a little knowledge to help my craft.

* Selvi : What would you say is some of the good parts about roleplaying in the Caste of Musician?..

*Master LarHunter: So my role play is that of a Musician who plays music but since playing an instrument is less interactive since it leads to the tendency to speak without listening in role. But it does provide a good story line. I roleplay as a smuggler since as a musician I am seldom searched or robbed. In fact, my lute is a shield. I have only been shot once by a tone deaf panther, and if  I only play my stuff when invited to, no one has the urge to kill me.  So being a musician means I can move freely between cities and ports and not risk being captured. In this essence, no place is too risky for him to venture into.

* Selvi : To help the readers see how this works, would you care to share some of your back story?

*Master LarlHunter: I travel with my sister  Lady Adoris, who is the more sensible one in the family as I tend to drink away my sorrow over our lost love one, we travel together as I search for that missing  family member who was taken away and enslaved. At each place we visit, I make it a point to sing a song a particular song that expresses how I am still searching for this lost member.

* Selvi: one last question Master? do you have a message to the readers of the Gazette or any advice for anyone wishing to roleplay a musician in Gor?

*Master LarlHunter: Don’t take yourself too seriously, don’t play when not invited to, or if you do play where people can avoid you if they wish, each audience has a different sense of what is good and bad, try to individualized your performance for that particular audience.

  • Aim to have a laugh, after all the whole point is to try to make your audience smile, and slip in

something to make them think too. For example, “if you have singers and dancers and the flute players, buy their gifts also. For they too are gatherers of the fruit and frankincense, and that which they bring, though fashioned of dreams, it is still a remnant and food for your soul”- K Gibran

(( I had later learned more about the quote above here

  • We ended our interview and said our farewells with plans to talk more in the future. Out of curiosity I did a research on the last thing he quoted to me and gave me food for thought. It comes from a poem and essentially, if everyone leaves with something learned from one each other, we all leave with something more than before we first all gathered together. I as a writer and explorer really like that notion.


© Gazette of Gor


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