Book Based Panthers (BBP), Panther sim guide, Twilight Falls

The Tsula Ne’esa Panthers

Marlies neck hairs bristled a bit, there she was , finally…..she was standing on the snowy shoreline, she lowered her head and spear, recalling the paper note Kirsten of Veck En had sent her:

KirstenMaebh: tal Marlies – on my scouting I ran across a panther band I had never encountered before – the Tsula Ne’esa Panthers – they have camped on Twilight Falls, its a beautiful wooded sim although bitterly cold and snow covered – their En is Jo (joanna breem).

Northern Forests Gor sim:
A large wooded sim with snow covered mountain peaks , mesmering teal blue rivers and lakes.
Market Place :
None that I could see. TP directly onto Sim.
Easy to Find TP point:
Meter Type:
Sim Lay out:
The sim is part of a larger ‘torvie’ continent. Beyond the forest is a torvie settlement.
Sim Rules :
Much the same as any other Gorean Sim, nothing of note stood out.

The sun  was still high enough to warm the waters of the creek.  Red hair breathed in the crisp air.

The crisp cold water that flowed from the mountain springs mixed with the warmer water of the inlet.

She looked at the mountains beyond marveling at their beauty.

The Red head, for the time being remained unnoticed, with her brazen attitude she headed for the tallest tree she could find, she climbed to its highest point to gain a good look out point for her scout report.

She squints her dark brown eyes , she sees no movement within the camp , her attention then focuses on a large tent within the camp, she wonders out loud “it must belong to their Chieftess, I wonder what treasures are hidden within?”

The farmhold was too cold in the winter months to grow any crops and the red head plucked up her courage to take a closer look……it seemed abandoned.

After a few ehn of observing the farm, she knew it would be safe to head deeper inland, she reached down to swipe away some snow to gather a handful of frozen earth. In summer she mused, most excellent for growing the grain and suls that the villagers  needed for their livestock.

She stops dead in her tracks,  a pensive look on her face for a moment then a thin smile spreads over her face , she hears the shrill shriek of a young woman.

She hears a male voice shout “KAT!”

The Red head turns on her heel, her boots crunching in the crispy snow as she heads back to her canoe, it was time to leave now and report back to her tribe.

Sim overview:

Omigosh, I seriously like the look and feel of this sim. Several rivers to cross and an untouched  forest to explore. Beyond that some farms and a fortified village.  The whole sim has an organic and natural feel to it.

Bad Points:

ZoeTemara: gmorning. i read over the blog entry for tsula nesa.  nice.  on my excursion there i ran into a capture trap that held me for about 2 minutes.  im sad you didnt have that same scare.  perhaps they removed it
Marlies: Hi…..hmmm…..I found no such trap , but ill check to make sure and update my blog if needed
ZoeTemara: it was near the village gates kind of.  like maybe 20 meters out im thinking. it wasnt visible to alpha view until it grabbed me

Good Points:

Very high quality build resulting in some really pretty pictures for the blog.

Overall Marks out of 10:


© Lunacaleengpanthers


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