The Gazette of Gor – Issue 34

Disclaimer: All images contained herein are stock images of Lunacaleengpanthers.

(Gorean Press Edition)


  • From the Editor’s Desk (Mariko Marchant)
  • Ticket’s Mood (Minnie)
  • Tarns – Interview with Tarn lady Wing (Mariko Marchant)
  • Combat in Gor, the Second of a Series (Rik Baar)
  • Unforgiven Outlaws (Minnie)
  • The concept of transplanted cultures in Gor (Rick)
  • Beautiful Villages in Gor – White Fang (Minnie)
  • The story of NA KAN (Kanaloa Whitefang)
  • The Veck En hunt (By Mariko Marchant)
  • Port Anango informational (Selvi)
  • Rumors and More (Minnie)
  • Editors and Writers needed
  • Feedbacks


From the editors Desk  – Mariko Marchant

  • In 2014 I came to Gor as a wandering panther. I was lucky to be picked up by a panther who taught me, I also learned how to use a bow and became fairly good at it. But when I joined a tribe I was bullied and ignored. I thought the leaders would interfere, but I was wrong.  Newcomers to panther tribes are welcome, especially if they want to learn more about Gor, but the” establishment” is always right and if a newcomer is bullied and ignored,  most leaders will not intervene.   Because the “old” members are good at using a bow and in roleplay, which may attract visitors and so more traffic, that is important to most Sim Owners. But maybe they are  digging the grave of SL Gor to act this way. I think it is important to find and stimulate people to play at SL  Gor and help them to find her way, instead of focusing on a short term goal like traffic.

  • I learned to use at bow well and I survived and not only that, I got stronger. I like Gor and I spend a lot of time to learn more about it. I have seen many who have come to Gor at the same time as I came, only to drop out.

  • Recently I met a girl who wanted to be a slave was looking for a home. While she was inexperienced, she joined the tribe I was in. The leaders of the tribe thought she was an alt of someone they knew before and decided to kill her. To kill someone who is new to Gor and does her very best is not only very ungorean, because gor values life, it is also the death of Gor on SL. So I took her to another tribe. She is working hard on being a good slave but she makes mistakes as everyone new to Gor does. I hope she will make it and enjoy her time at SL Gor in that tribe.

  • She is just one example, there are many newcomers in Gor, trying to find their way. We should help them instead of complaining Gor is not the same as it used to be. Only new blood will Gor keep alive.

  • Think about it. Gor is for everyone who wishes to participate and to achieve their own goals. It is  not only for the happy few who have been in Gor for a long time.  While some have read the books, or some of them have never read a single book, we all need to work together to keep Gor alive in SL.

Ticket’s Mood (Minnie)

  • Last week, I launched the basis of a RP. I wanted, by creating this story, make Gor a vast place of exchange where the RP would be king and adventure, a queen. What do you want ? I had high hopes. Whenever I visited a new SIM, everyone proudly announced that they were pros RP. The theme was simple. The basis of a story, create a RP around, set a sequel to the story that would serve as a new theme for future RP.

  • But after a week, no one has deigned to create any story, no one wanted to try any RP. What do I conclude? I think most residents know Gor RP. But these people do not want to open to the outside, preferring the monotony but also a secure peace in their RP. They will not try to open outwards. They are afraid to fail. They should not forget one thing. The failure comes only if we do not try. Yes, I am disappointed. But I do not give up. I put the story in this issue, as a NC. And I will make a sequel to the story in preparation for your non-participation.

  • We have a unique opportunity to create a new page in Gor. I do not know about you, but I do not intend to miss my chance. Are you brave enough to attempt the adventure? Up to you. For you to try. Finally try to be a little more open to others. Drop your egocentricity. Try searching for good. Who does not try, can not succeed.

Tarns – Interview with Tarn lady Wing (adoveea.rau) By Mariko Marchant

  • Mariko Marchant: Tal Tarn Lady nice to meet you again.

–    Wing (adoveea.rau): Tal Mariko, excellent to see you as well. Have you enjoyed seeing the tarns and experiencing flight?

  • Mariko Marchant: yes very i wish to know more about them. I understood there are 4 types of tarns. is that correct?

–    Wing (adoveea.rau): That is correct. The four types of tarns used are War tarns, Racing Tarns, Draft Tarns and Saddle Tarns. Each tarn is bred for a certain duty and activity. War tarns are bred for combat and war, fierce and dangerous, their talons are shod with steel. Racing tarns are bred for racing, smallest of the tarns, for speed and agility, but not endurance.  Draft Tarns are for passengers and cargo, they are slow heavy birds. Saddle tarns are like a general type of traveling tarn.

  • Mariko Marchant: Tarns play in important role in Gor aren’t they?

–    Wing (adoveea.rau): Very much so, in fact they are mentioned in every book at some point.  They are a huge part of the wars and conflicts, and also travel for long distances.

  • Mariko Marchant: Can you give some examples?

–    Wing (adoveea.rau): As in books? We open with Tarl learning to fly in Tarnsman of Gor, In Priest Kings of Gor,  he talks about how he cannot take his tarn into the Sardar Mountains, Renegades of Gor, the equipment is discussed about tarns, Raiders of Gor speak about how the tarn cannot be taken out of sight of the land and over sea, Prize of Gor has a huge chapter talking about the slave eleni in the tarncot with Portus  the owner telling her the duties there, Assassins of Gor has the racing tarns in Ar,  Beasts of Gor talks about the  tarnsman in Torvaldsland . Tarns are everywhere in all the areas, even Torvaldsland, “it is possible in the spring and summer” said Sarpedon.

“The enterprize of Portus in the Corridon Tower was, so to speak, a livery stable and transportation outfit. The tarns were largely draft tarns, large relatively slow birds, controlled either from a saddle or, by the reins, from the tarn basket, slung below the bird. Bird and basket could be rented, or purchased, and drivers or tarnsters, hired.” (Prize of Gor by John Norman page 297)

“Whereas these dimensions permit ordinary saddle tarns, war tarns, and such, as entry in flight, the landing platform is generally used. It is always used, of course, by draft tarns carrying tarn baskets. The draft tarn makes a hovering landing. As soon as it senses the basket touch the ground it alights to one side. The sloping ramp, of course, makes it easy to take the tarn basket, on its leather runners, no longer harnessed to the tarn, down to the yard. It is also convenient for discharging passengers, handling baggage, and such.” (Renegades of Gor, pgs. 119-120)

Just a couple of examples from the books dealing with saddle & draft tarns, most are only familiar with war tarns.

  • Mariko Marchant: i see not much tarns in sl Gor. On many sims they are not allowed. How come?

–    Wing (adoveea.rau):  Several reasons, the first is that  many folks find they can’t fly one very well, so they consider it an unfair advantage on combat.  That was the biggest one. Second is a totally false delusion tarns lag a sim. This is utterly untrue and been proven time and time again with myself and sim owners testing them out.

In fact collars on a slave or the average warrior is more lagging on a sim then my tarns are. They have many more scripts

  • Mariko Marchant: You have been building tarns for long aren’t you?

Wing (adoveea.rau): Since 2007 I played around with the scripts, in Oct 2008, I put out my first tarns. They were racers, then I created war tarns. Every year after that I create new flight program, models and call upon tarnsman from all over Gor to come test them-the testing tarns are famous, they’re pink 😉  (grins)  Very very bright pink.

  • Mariko Marchant: can you estimate how many tarnsmen there are in Gor?

–    Wing (adoveea.rau): So I would say the war tarns today are not my creation, they are the creation of all those tarnsman here in sl Gor testing and telling me how they wanted them to fly and look. I would say in SL Gor with all the sims currently there are about 200 tarnsman if not a few more then that. They go active/inactive.

Wing (adoveea.rau): Its not easy to fly and do combat, it takes al lot of practice and skill to do that, that’s why it’s easier to be ground warrior.

  • Mariko Marchant: yes i have experienced that (smiles).

–    Wing (adoveea.rau):  Last round of testing I had 70 tarnsman come in

  • Mariko Marchant: What type of tarn is most popular in sl Gor?

War tarns absolutely, second is the draft basket tarns for the free women, who can fly those because Dora the Proud is spoken about in Outlaws of Gor flying that.

  • Mariko Marchant: anything else you like to say to the readers?

–    Wing (adoveea.rau): Tarns are Gor. Tarns are not in other sci fi, fantasy etc. other sims, a tarn is a very much an aspect of Gor. My first ever experience when I came to SL was to fly visually on a tarn, by Stephin N. who created the first ones. I was stunned, we only had text writing before in irc and web page places.

It was to me the first eye opening part of what it would be like to have visual actual moving avatars and objects. Yes, I’m talking early years of Sl.

Suddenly Gor was real  as I held onto the tarnsman and was gasping at seeing towers and people below.

  • Mariko Marchant: you sell them don’t you?

–    Wing (adoveea.rau): Yes I build/program/create tarns, I’m also told I’m a terrible merchant because I try to talk my customers out of expensive custom tarns and go for a cheaper market tarn 🙂

  • Mariko Marchant: thank you so much for this interview Tarn Lady.

–    Wing (adoveea.rau): most welcome 🙂 thank you for coming by and having fun. Best part of tarns, having someone experience flying and going wow!! that’s fun!

The store of Wing (adoveea.rau):  click here

[The Famous Pink Testing Tarns of Tarn House: click here

Combat in Gor, the Second of a Series (Rik Baar)

  • Combat is a skill most of us can learn and with a little effort can be quite good at it.

By Rik Baar, Magistrate of Port Olni.

  • We began our series last week with the Bow, the first weapon most will need in a raid. Next week we will study the sword, then the spear, daggers for Free Women and other weapons along with technical information.
  • Our bow trainer is Ouitel, now known as Ha-Keel Kismyaz of Hemithorpe. Last week he encouraged us to focus on a single weapon, even though most warriors will master several.

“If you are alone, tools such as Tarl the Ranger are great to train with,” he told us, “Learn to hit static targets first,, then practice with others. Then you can move on to moving targets. And don’t forget to move yourself or you will be easy prey.”

“The bow is probably the hardest weapon because your target is constantly moving, but if you learn to match your target’s speed,” he said “And practice your arc, you will score a direct hit over 60% of the time.”

“It takes from 12 to 15 hits to down a man,” depending on where the arrows hit. “I’ve done it on average with a ratio of 60 to 80% hits compared to misses,  but it takes a hell of a lot of practice and you can’t stop practicing or you lose the feel of it.”

“The key is the arc.” he said. “I learned that in 45 minutes. Once you get that, you’re golden.”

  • We asked Ouitel about strategy — Two kinds — individual and team. We will discuss team strategy later and how a few men can defeat many with proper coordination.

“to win, focus on one target until he is down,”  he said. “If there are several of you, coordinate to take down the advancing raiders and put them out of action.”

“the thing with a bowman is you are limited to the initial onslaught,” he said. “If they breach you, you need to know a second weapon. Most cities are melee only inside the walls, so you are without a weapon unless you learn a second.”

“You can shoot a tarn from inside the city,” he said. “But if you shoot a bow inside your own city you could very well kill your own.”

  • Part of a warrior’s training, he said, is to learn his city and potential trouble spots.

“The first thing a bowman should do is walk the wall and all the high vantages and shoot and keep shooting to find the weak spots, places where arrows won’t be effective,” he said because of the Second Life limitations and the way cities are built.

“You don’t want to find them during a raid,” he admonished. And the build can be a problem if  you are raiding another city. “Some of them, the whole damn thing is mesh, which means invisible prims.”

  • While we did not want to recommend weapons, “there are many great ones that conform to the Gor GM standard and some with many different functions, but they are pretty similar.”
  • He said he uses LR because of the multiple arrow choice and multiple functions, but even though he gets “annoyed with Primus, they have very good weapons. And, there are some new ones being certified now.”

“There are a lot of enhancer huds and weapons,” he warned that do not conform. “If found out, the user risks permanent ban. Sometimes you can scan them for the maker and many read out in local. Sometimes you can tell by the way arrows bounce or if they are not taking damage. Then you know.”

“Most real warriors wouldn’t risk the reputation and ban they would get” from use of illegal weapons,” he said. “The mods know the rules of engagement and weapons.”

  • He said de-rendering a wall is another form of cheating as it would allow an arrow to pass right through, but that if they are found out, that is another reason for ejection.

“If there is a wall and yet they are tracking you, either they de-rendered or they are mapping you which also is illegal,” he said. “Mapping is unrealistic like meta gaming. “How do you know there are Free Women in that room unless you search it in role-play? Everyone tries to map but it is meta gaming.”

  • We introduced the technical side of fighting last week, saying that speed is measured in Frames Per Second which can be viewed with “Control-Shift-1” on your viewer.

  • If your FPS is 10 or less, don’t bother learning to fight. You will lose. Similarly if you are 10 or less than your opponent, you can not last long no matter how good your skill is.

  • But don’t give up, there are ways to achieve faster screen updating without getting a new computer or graphics card.

  • Reduce your Draw Distance to fighting distance. Down to 64 will give you the best speed, but you will need 100 if you are shooting a bow at an approaching raider.

  • Reduce your Graphics Detail, just drag the slider left and remeasure FPS.

  • Increase Network Bandwidth in preferences to about 600 if you have a fast internet connection. The optimal number is trial and error depending on the combination of internet speed and CPU speed.

  • Turn off Flexible Objects. Choose the Advanced Menu (Control+Alt+D). Then go to Advanced>Rendering>Features to turn off Flexible Objects. This setting goes away when you log out so you will need to do it every time you want to enter combat.

  • Turn off Animated Texture. Another temporary advanced choice. Turn off Trees, Grass, Clouds, Bump.

  • Turn off Voice Chat, even if you are not using it. It sucks CPU and runs in the background.

  • Turn off other applications on your computer. Some of the big CPU hogs are Photo Shop, Word, your music player and even a web browser.

  • That’s it for this week. Please send questions, comments and new material to the writer. Rik Baar. Happy Combat!

Unforgiven Outlaws (Minnie)

Word from Unforgiven

  • ρнσεиιχ: Well, we are a GE group but hold to the proper Gorean principles of men being in charge, and women and slaves knowing their place unlike most GE groups.
  • ρнσεиιχ: None of our women are in ranked positions, and none would lead a raid to rescue if a man was available
  • ρнσεиιχ: Nestled on the west coast of the Northern Forrest, they congregated. Builders, Merchants, Sailors and more.  A rabble of society cast out by their own and desperately seeking a new life.  They remain……Unforgiven.
  • ρнσεиιχ: We only have men ranks. Matt has a philosophy. We value RP here, and have good RPers. RP is on sim and raids and rescues only generate more RP which is why we are here, to be Gorean
  • ρнσεиιχ: We also have a no door sim, we believe in fair battles and having fun. We also like our land to look realistic, natural,  as it would be. Ok we do have a few tunnels but I do think we are one of the most realistic Sims in GE Gor at the moment
  • ρнσεиιχ: We have more people on later on, this is a bit of a quiet time for us, but Euro evening into USA/Canadian night we are busy, and we have some Aussies too
  • ρнσεиιχ: We are, that is what we aim for here, a true Gorean sim, with women who are covered, and know their place, and slaves who behave like slaves, not princesses and men who are Gorean men
  • ρнσεиιχ: We are here to RP in a Gorean genre, not like some places who think it is ok to dress from earth and are only focused on the traffic and Pew Pew.
  • ρнσεиιχ: Our women use the normal weapons, as Matt states in the philosophy, GE gor was only created for women to be able to fight, that is where it stopped. we RP on Sim a lot, we have a great kennel mistress who keeps the slaves busy, and our members are of the ‘old school Gor’ style of RP for the most part


Matt’s Philosophy

Welcome to Unforgiven!

  • MATT’S PERSONAL GOAL: To provide a place where ALL can have fun, free from hassle to anyone no matter what their past has been.  A clean slate for everyone.
  • PHILOSOPHY – [ fi-los-uh-fee ] -a system of principles for guidance in practical affairs.
  • GE GOR is intended to provide fun and relaxation in a role play game based on John Norman’s books, a male dominated world. For guidance purposes, ownership believes GOR EVOLVED only to permit Free Women and Slaves to engage in combat, at which point the evolution stopped.  Members are expected to treat each other with the up most respect.  Racism and bullying for any reason will not be tolerated.  We play with dignity and honor………we do not refuse binds for any reason.  We do not reset combat meters in green unless instructed to do so by a sim mod or owner…….we do not rage OOC or in IM.  We do not attack without valid RP unless a hostile act is shown.  (being shot at or flagging are considered hostile acts)
  • BE GOREAN! – this is my Philosophy so you will know which end of the disagreement you are going to be on.
  • UNFORGIVEN has a “no women ranks” policy, Women who demonstrate the knowledge and calm fortitude required may hold Administrative position..
  • Combat is the vehicle by which those interested in role play engage new rp. Combat cannot exist without RP, nor can RP exist without combat.  We must respect both.   In combat, we respect the rules of our sim as we do the rules of other’s sims.  Each member has a right not to engage in combat where they feel the rules are unfair.  Ownership recommends familiarizing themselves with a sim’s rules prior to raiding.  WE GO NOT RAGE IN LOCAL OR GENERAL CHAT.  (take it to IM’s)  Issues can be sorted after a raid.  The exception is EXTREME behavior.
  • In role play we must also respect and portray the role we have chosen to the best of our abilities. The following concepts are considered basic at Unforgiven.
  1. Men are men and therefore superior in rights. They are expected to have the “balls” to act as Gorean men and the “honor” not to abuse their rights.
  2. Free Women are respected members of society and are to be shown respect to the extent they demonstrate worthiness. If you wish to act like a slut in dress or character you are subject to be collared by any Male with “balls”.
  3. Slaves are integral to the fabric of GOR. Lockpicking, bandaging and binding in battle are expected.
  • To be successful members must contribute. There is much to to and all efforts are appreciated.  To paraphrase JFK “Ask not what your group can do for you…..but rather what can I do for my group?”  Take a cap…….assist someone with combat skill…….be a friend!
  • Team Speak or Ventrillo are the preferred method of combat communication but Kool Hud is acceptable depending on a combat leaders preference. No one in the group is forced to use either, however, they must accept that they may not be as successful as they would like.

The concept of transplanted cultures in Gor

  • A key part of Gor is the idea of transplanted cultures. At unspecified points in the past the Priest Kings appear to have swept up samples of human cultures on Earth and to have brought them to Gor to found their own cities, settlements and empires.

  • Amongst these are the Greco-Roman culture that dominates civilized Gor and the islands, the pre-Christian Norse culture in Torvaldsland, the Shogunate Pani Islands, the Native American culture of The Barrens, the Mongolian Tuchuks, the Bedouin tribes of the Tahari and the Zulu influenced empire of Bila Hiruma in the jungles of the interior.

  • Conspicuous, so far, by their absence are Chinese influenced and South Asian influenced cultures (though Bazi may be influenced by either or both). For those players wanting to create a new or different Gorean culture this – and the uncharted territory of the world – create a real opportunity to make your own spin on the Gorean world, both of which have the potential to fit in very well with the caste culture of the broader Gorean world. There’s hints of a lost Mesoamerican culture, hidden in the deeper parts of the jungle as well.

  • Besides those areas, many cities are barely described and offer only the barest hints as to their nature. Harfax’s anglo-saxon names suggest something of a medieval English culture while the seeming etymology of other Gorean settlement names has its own hints that could be developed.

  • If there’s a period of history that you are particularly interested in you should be able to find an excuse to include it in your games, making Gor an extremely adaptable and open setting, if you choose to step beyond the bounds of the official material.

Beautiful Villages in Gor – White Fang (Minnie)

  • When you come first in a land and when all is so beautiful, well built, well defined, even the land zone and the market, so you’ll be sure that you are in White Fang Land. When you discover a lot of details, a good organization with houses, flowers, trees, colors, so you’ll be sure that you are in White Fang Land. Yes White Fang is one of the most beautiful village, i saw in Gor. All is defined to create realistic RPs, So, don’t hesitate, come and discover what your eyes needed to see.

The story of NA KAN (Kanaloa Whitefang)

  •  The story of NA KAN. Northern Port.  ***Background for RP and Understanding of NA KAN***

  • The fur of the Kur, limited from his area that he chose to live only makes him and his northern blood thirst for a better hunting grounds for the beast he hates with a passion. Knowing that they usually live in isolated areas of Gor such as the frozen wastes of the north and to him this meant as far north as he could go, Ax Glacier where the white kurii roamed seemingly safe.

  • He knew that the Kurii that lived in the cold north chose to live in field shelters that were made of skins and furs the weakness of this beast was clear, kurii do not like sleeping exposed and would even burrow into the ground if only an open field is chosen for a den. The colder and more isolated the better to find such beast that wield great axes.

  • With the sights and teachings of both the civilized north and the south he takes his thoughts and ventures north to stake his revenge on the Kurii and a little coin which allowed for trade always was a welcomed sight. With his ax and bond he claims a land to the north along the edges of Ax Glacier perfect for a port and begins his unobtainable quest of revenge.  To put an end to the kurii and protect those who claim the north as a home from the Kur and all those that would oppress the weak and old.

– Location:  Southern point of Ax Glacier along the sea near the Hrimgar Mountains.

  • Very Cold Region: Only those adapted to very cold temperatures normally bare any skin (imagine Siberia and those who live there who are used to the cold and still cover up tight) this includes slaves or risk frostbite and hypothermia or even death during the winter months.  Because of the low temperatures many products are not found in Na Kan and only heavy furred animals are common in this region year long.  Being the case Na Kan relies on heavy trade of supplies from other ports and may form raids to acquire these products if needed.  Although the temperature can get a bit higher during the off winter months when Na Kan would plan most of its raids do to the better seas and conditions, the winds that blow from the glacier keeps the temperature unbearable for the likes of southerners who forget to wear as much as they can to endure the cold.

– Port Type:  Northern Trading Port.  Basic Rules of the north with a few twist of common sense because of how the founder learned about the north and south.  Just like the differences between forkbeard and Bluetooth were apparent in how they ran things.  Because of Trade most of Na Kan tries to keep the axes in line for most part.  And extremely looks down at collaring a Free Woman of its homeland.  Or any woman of the north.  Trading from the south also brings a restraint from collaring any Free Woman of the south that comes for trade.  Not all are welcomed in Na Kan.   Orders throughout the land

– Founded:  Jarl Kanaloa.

– Books to Read:  Marauders of Gor,



When strawberry plants are dormant or while their buds are not yet growing, the buds can survive temperatures as low as 10 F.  When the buds are growing but the flowers are not open, the buds can survive temperatures from 22 to 27 F.  As their flowers open, strawberry plants can survive temperatures of 32 F, but their small, green fruits withstand temperatures only as low as 28 F.

– BOSK:  (Cows) can survive at very low temperatures.  This includes Bosk Bulls and Cows.

– VERR:  (Goats) can survive in very low temperatures.

– WHALES:  Meat and blubber.

– MEAD:  Summer months only.

– SEA SALTS:  Salts made from kelp and sea weeds.

– HUNTING PARTIES:  The Men of NA KAN thrive during the off winter months by hunting for game in the mountains.  Most of this meat is salted and some are stored in caverns filled with sheet ice from the glaciers to prepare for the long winter months when temperatures are too low to even hunt or provide safe travel for trade.  The village normally hunts as a village and the meat is first distributed to the whole of the village before any such trade is considered.

RAIDING PARTIES:  In times of despair due to the lack of trade or the weak hunts for the off cold winter months the men of NA KAN may organize and think of raiding a southern port.  For this purpose the War Council of the White Fang

The trade at Ravensfall

–    K E S H A (prince Zackerly): greeting lady Rikki how you come to this place today its surprise to see you here.

–    Rikki (Rikki Falworth): I have been offshore all week waiting for Aden to arrive.

–    Aden Longshadow (Aden Ellsmere): I look a bit strange ” I have been here for several days actaully ” my face looks confused.

–    Rikki (Rikki Falworth): I see Lil Larl ties to her master, this must be Aden.

–    Aden Longshadow (Aden Ellsmere): ” Well Lady , what is it I can do for you ?” I smile again ” Ahh poor larl had to go to the furs I guess.”

–    Rikki (Rikki Falworth): I am lady Rikki of port Falworth, I have to come trade for your ale and drinking horns that you are famous for.

–    K E S H A (prince Zackerly): well if i do know any thing about those missing villagers to be prices Zandir i will inform you more to add as i say those pelt would be on ship send one of your slave to bring it and keep those for inspection as i say i will come back when its suits time to bring my cask of famous wine as zandir says.

–    Aden Longshadow (Aden Ellsmere): I smile as I see the furs ” I shall Kesha . and I wil inform him .. If I do not see him I shall personally bring you that wine myself . I know were your camp is .. And if you would pass my greetings on t Lizzy and Ice if you would please . Tell them I shall come visit them soon “.

–    K E S H A (prince Zackerly): nods to Aden safe path to you and farewell to lady Rikki as i turn back and walk onword.

–    Rikki (Rikki Falworth): safe journey Kesha. Turns to the strong male named Aden and asks again if he is open to trade.

–    Aden Longshadow (Aden Ellsmere): I smile ” I am always open to trade .. as long as it comes out in my favor ! ”

–    Rikki (Rikki Falworth): of course and I know your ale and fine drinking horns will bring me a great profit in the south.

–    Aden Longshadow (Aden Ellsmere): I scratch my head .. ” Now how did you know I have such things my Lady ?”.. I ask now a bit suspicious of the woman ..

–    Rikki (Rikki Falworth): I have been here before and asked many questions. 2 trade through out gor, my ship is laden with goods.

–    Aden Longshadow (Aden Ellsmere): I nod . ” Ooohh yes . yes !!! I was told a woman had been here asking after these items .. I hd assumed it was Kesha .. ”

–    Rikki (Rikki Falworth): It is known widely through the region your ale is sound and your drinking horns are made from rare horns.

–    Rikki (Rikki Falworth): I was advised by your slave to see you. The weather off shore has been rough at times. Loering the small boat was difficult at best.

–    Aden Longshadow (Aden Ellsmere): I nod ” Alright , Aye I have heard that the winter storms hav been rougher than usual .. ”

–    Rikki (Rikki Falworth): I have paga from the Scottish coast, a delicacy for your fine tastes. Rare aged wines and the finest Iron ore one can mine. Unless of course you would prefer gold coins.

–    Aden Longshadow (Aden Ellsmere): I perk up .. ” Iron Ore .. ” .. my tone cant hide its excitement. ” I would prefer Iron Ore . !! ” I nod .. ” I always need iron.”

–    Aden Longshadow (Aden Ellsmere): ” Aye three ingots for each .. So for a case of ale .. and a case of horns .. so give me six ad you have yourself a deal my lady.”Rikk(Rikki Falworth): three more ingots and we have a deal ? No you have 6.

–    Aden Longshadow (Aden Ellsmere): I smile .. as I Nod .. ” I will be right back my lady .. I shall go get your goods “.

–    Rikki (Rikki Falworth): Thank you kind sir.

–    Rikki (Rikki Falworth): welcomes Aden as he returns. I could not notice the fine workmanship on your axe.

–    Aden Longshadow (Aden Ellsmere): ” aah thank you , yes my brother forged this for me.”

–    Rikki (Rikki Falworth): it is a work of art.

–    Aden Longshadow (Aden Ellsmere): ” Well here we are my lady . your crates ..  Horn and ale !!! ” I say sailing now grinning at the iron.

Rikki (Rikki Falworth): Much to his surprise I pick up the crates and haul them to my small boat. Sets sail for my next port of call, waves to large warrior and bids him good bye.

–  亗Fever Meng Blackburn (fever.meng): clears My throat as I look around the group, Fever reaches down and picks up a charred piece of wood and runs it through the sand, making the *X* in front of her “I have called you all together again because I had set a task to Veck’En… to collect the things we need to rebuild yet again. And I feel that we have enough to start…” dropping the wood into the sand I hold My hand up, blackened from the ash. “We will start again, and rebuild this tavern… it can only happen by the dedication of all of you…” looking to each for just a moment “I would like to congratulate the taluna who has gone above and beyond, if I may steal a line from My earth days, and recognize Kesha, who was like a dog with a bone… she did not stop until she got every last item on the list” stepping over to Kesha, Fever grins and reaches out to take her hand “you are an amazing warrior, scout and friend”.

Can not stifle a laugh and pulls Kesha in close, taking her in My arms for a big hug “if I still Owned Jinx I would give her to you as a reward.. but I do not, so I will give you something

–    KE S H A (prince.zackerly): Thank you.


Short interview with Liam Whitesong, one of the holders of an item

  • Mariko Marchant: what was your experience was with the trade and if you likes the initiative.

–    Liam Whitesong: I liked it very much.  It has been a very good RP initiative, that has encourageed creative thinking.

  • Mariko Marchant: How did it go? Was it easy for her to get the item?

–    Liam Whitesong: I made it as individual as I could, and tried to vary what I wanted by the personality or skills of the person asking.

  • Mariko Marchant: Did it take long?

–    Liam Whitesong: For Kesha, no…..  but it was difficult for her because I do not think it was something she wanted to consider.  For Ice, it would have been a test of her skills, but she is very capable…. For Rikki, it was a no because she came at the matter with a WONDERFUL twist…… but didn’t offer me what I needed. I each case though, it fostered RP and creative thinking.  I trade for specific reasons.  I do not trade for something I do not need, something I could get easily in my own town, or something I would not want.

  • Mariko Marchant: Nice!

–    Liam Whitesong: It wouldn’t make sense…. and it let me adjust the RP accordingly.

  • Mariko Marchant: Thank you very much Liam.

–    Liam Whitesong: My pleasure.  I do hope that someone will come for the last case one more time.  I was expecting Ice to be first, but I made it harder then my LAST bet with her.

Photo of the burnt tavern and some goods that were collected by the Veck En talunas.

Port Anango  informational (Selvi)


Your interested in roleplaying as a Pani in Gor.

You wish that your Gor Rp be BTB.

Your keen on using the G&S system.

You like the idea of roleplaying down south below equator.

If all of the above appeal to you, this reporter may have found what your Gorean roleplaying heart seeks. I present to you in this next report the Port Anango & G&S Market


-Diamond Livius-Slaver(DiamondWulfgard resident)

-Coralina Livius-Slaver(kajirastarsky.)

– dahlonega- Port FG(kyrstalite)

– Itatchi Fujiwara-Port Admin (agustas resident)

-As this reporter looks around she finds a pretty waterfall to gaze into as she contemplates the scroll in her hand. It is the scroll containing the rules of this BTB Gorean sim. It is a well-defined scroll full of much needed information on sim rules, application for citizenship,  The scroll clearly states where the safe zone is located.  There is a market place which is close to the docks and landing point. They use the GM meter system and like this reporter had mentioned above the G&S system.

-Finally putting the scroll away, she continues on her hike leaving the waterfall behind and follows the trail up the short winding trail-up the small incline. Thinking of what she had read, the Port Anango is open to all castes and they are actively recruiting for all types of castes as well as searching for knowledgeable roleplayers to serve as  head each caste. She was always one to see the roleplay possibilities in any sim she wanders into.

-She finally reaches the top and the expanse before opens up to what appears an village. The feeling of  open space leading into the wide expanse of blue skies fiiled her with elation. Remaining on the path, she followed it as it lead her to the third upper most level of the Sim.  Peering fearlessly through the gates, shes sees a lush green garden of tropical plants and trees. She wonders what adventures wait inside?

-After much contemplation and day-dreams of above mentioned adventures she decides to leave her report end here. After all, She can not do all the work for you? if you wish to see more perhaps it is time you pay Port Anango a visit and see for yourself?

Rumors and More

Sa’ng Gretuk Panther

Are they becoming the new nomads of Gor. Sa’ng Gretuk have found a new land to welcome you. New land, new ideas, new build and a lot of new things to discover (Hidden ways, Tunnels, secrets). So, now, you have no excuses to not come visit them. And they are ready to RP with you !!!

The interview

–   Minnie stares at Aala and puts back on her head, her Gazette hat. *Ok, Tam and Aala, for Gazette of Gor, you ll answer at some questions*

–   tammi wildness: Whats !!! blinks

–   Minnie: she smirks *I know that you like interview

–   tammi wildness: you cant toss this at me nows !! *sighs

–   Minnie: So a new SIM, a new adventure. Why did you move here

–   tammi wildness: we moved here cause our last place was just not in a good place , was to close to them outlaws , we needed something more in teh mountains 1

–   Minnie: I saw a tavern, as you had in lydius. i was a village. do you want improve new RP

–   tammi wildness: hmm, you see old buildings ,, we not sure what they were for or who built them,, but yes we haves a big tavern for good cheers and meetings,, and we also made a smith house of one of them old buildings

–   Minnie: have you contacts to have blacksmith and villagers there

–   tammi wildness: hmm, nooo, but we will take any collar off that you have on , or maybies we add one to you,,, smiles,, anyone can use it as it is open all the time

–   Minnie: Lydius Forest, Beautiful Hills, Topanga Canyon. Are Gretuk, new nomads of Gor with all moves you did

–   tammi wildness: sighs,,, well yes we have moved a few times,, this can happen , with land slides and floods , but lets hope we will stay here for some time.

–   Minnie: i saw a lot of new builds with great ideas. Who is the builder

–   tammi wildness: yess the was our sis mittens , she did the land here and put all things together and tari she did great work also

–   Minnie: I think you have a good tool to begin a lot of new adventures

–   tammi wildness: yess i agree, this land has lots to explore and can be really good for roleplay

–   Minnie: But, for our readers, can you in one sentence give them a reason to come here

–   tammi wildness: its not a fishbowl , laughs,,,,,, we tried to be fair with the build and the camp. and we are the hottest panthers around

–   Minnie: And now Aala, same exercise, one sentence to give a reason for our readers to come here

–   Aala : its a bigger land ,room for more people to visit (without the lag and arrows stopping in mid flight). Its a new land with great views and places to explore

–   Minnie: just another question and it ll be ok

–   Minnie: Gretuk are most known to love raids. Are you going to create full RP adventures

–   tammi wildness: well, we are always for RP,, but as you know that does not happen always or the way you wanted it too,, but yes we are also willing to RP and to do good raids

–   Aala : We will create what is available to RP ,if no one comes to rp but shoot arrows then we will shoot back, Gor is there for everyone to have fun without drama , so for me I take it as its dished out , always try to smile, be nice and have fun


He is back. Who ? Otuel, of course, with a lot of new and crazy ideas. I cant tell you more because SIM is not yet opened. But as i know Otuel, all will be created with a lot of details and RP will be great. Sighs, we have to wait a bit more. Opening is for February’s beginning. But, i m sure to run quickly in Heimthorpe’s Land to visit and cover this place for you all.

© Gazette of Gor


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