The Gazette of Gor – Issue 33

Disclaimer: All images contained herein are stock images of Lunacaleengpanthers.

(Gorean Press Edition)


  • From the Editor’s Desk
  • A new adventure (Minnie)
  • Combat in Gor, the First of a Series (Rik Baar)
  • Interview with Pucca Firecaster (LeaniYngol)
  • Dani’s Band (Minnie)
  • Kimba’s Rebuilding Koroba (Kimba)
  • Beautiful Villages in Gor – Ravenscar (Minnie)
  • On weapons – Design and costs (Mariko)
  • The Seventh Sanctum (Selvi)
  • Events – Voyage of Acquisition – Jan 11, 2016 by POHAdmin
  • Editors and Writers needed
  • Feedbacks

From the Editor’s Desk

  • A packed issue this week with news, feature articles and we hope to show you a different vision of Gor. We also wanted to stress that Gor will live by its RP. And in that sense, we organize a great adventure based on a RP that will evolve continually. The selected pieces of RP, created by Sonia band to Dani, The resurgence Koroba by Kimba and the great project of Cartius. And, speaking of Cartius, I want to tell you about a person who is my friend. A person who helped me start the Gazette. Right now, this person is fighting for life in a hospital bed. Dragostone, my thoughts, our thoughts, the thoughts of the Gorean world are with you in your struggle. And we all know you we will return soon. Drago thank you. Take care.

 A new adventure (Minnie)

  • With this new year, we offer to write new pages in our Gorean world. We will no longer be just observers, but now writers defining great adventures. And these adventures become perpetual, huge, beautiful. In this issue, you will find the beginning of a story. This story will give you a base to create new RP in tree categories: camp village adventure, and city adventure.

  • Each week, the best RP will be published by categories and winners will be acclaimed for their imagination and art in the creation and conduct of the RP. In addition, each winner will write a sequel, an addendum to the basic story. This addition will be used for the establishment of a new RP for the following week. The deadline for each new story will be on Tuesday to enable us to prepare the layout for publication.

  • For further information, please contact the Gazette. In this context, we are looking for charitable souls to join our jury that will work every week to pick the winners. So !! If you expect to become a new director who will be a hit in the Gorean world, come join in this new challenge.

  • First Story

  • It is five in the morning, the young woman is out in the dark, knowing her tasks. And her first chore is to collect the water that will be used for other household work. She left the camp / the enclosure of the city / village and goes down along the small road that leads to the creek, trembling with cold and not yet awakened. She was careful where she puts her feet. Her Master / Mistress made were angry about her behavior and she is still shameful to have so disappointed the person who protects her.

  • She knows she deserves exemplary punishment and accept it without flinching. The pale light of the stars are flooding, low clarity, and draw the lane threatening shadows using trees, the silent guards lining the track. Every sound makes her jump. The arrival at the river becomes an issue. The calm of the place, the crystalline laughter of the nascent downpour on the bank, all of which soothe the young woman. She filled buckets and take a deep breath to gain courage for the way back. She raises her burden and takes the way back, her tiny frame broken by the weight of his office. The return will be longer. The filled buckets and a light side will be her first punishment. She did not doubt that another sanction looms.

  • Just over the river crying. Small cries echo. A colony of Urts established its camp and rodents that people pray for a disappearance. One of them has just been killed by a LARL. Its body slides along the shore, and a poisoned blood now stains the waves. Urts have fear. They thought about peace, along the river. They now have to find another place to live. The colony is party to move. Docks, a tavern? Regardless of where they have to find a warm place for the winter if possible sustenance. In single file, our rodents go away from this accursed land that has seen one of their fellows die. They bring with them the memory of a vanished who was sick.

  • The young woman finally arrives. The way back was taxing. She puts buckets containing water of the river. She does not pay attention to the color of brackish liquid. The effort was considerable. She takes a cup and plunged into one of the buckets to cool. She puts her lips to the cup and slowly starting to drink ……

Combat in Gor, the First of a Series (Rik Baar, Magistrate of Port Olni)


  • Combat is a skill that most of us can learn and with a little effort be pretty good at it. This series is not to teach you to win big prizes in the arena, but to defend your city and beat most other people.

  • In this series we will cover the essentials, training, weapons, technology and strategy. And Free Women may want to learn about daggers.

  • Every Scarlet and most of the rest of us has an opinion about Gorean combat, but let’s get seriouis and talk to an expert. Not a paperwork Commander, but a foot-soldier who has proven he can win.

  • My search for this person took me to the edge of the Great Northern Forest, at the northern tip of the Thassa, to the village of Heimthorpe, which means ‘Second Home.’

  • I ran across a man i knew as Otuel, but has recently taken a more interesting name, Ha-Keel Kismyaz. “Tal, I need to understand the tricks of your trade. What is the most important thing you teach your Scarlet with regard to combat?-     “Focus on one weapon,” he said immediately. “Warriors must learn more than one, but one at a time until it is mastered.”

–     “Everyone wants to be proficient in all weapons, but that is not realistic said the man who has been Captain in Victoria, MAA in Brundism and is now building his new city and recruiting warriors wanting to be the best.

–     “Everyone should pick their best or favorite weapon and go with it,” Otuel told me. “I suck at sword but can hit a larma at 100 paces. So I use bow and spear. I call myself the Gomer Pyle of swords.”

  • Ok, I thought, we can start this series with the bow as it is the first weapon used when raiders approach, and just maybe we’ll find a different expert to teach the sword.
  • How to begin?

–     “First may sound silly but its true. Find the one bow that fits you. It will have the look, the feel, the character.”he said. “It can be a longbow or a handmade wooden forest bow, a cross bow. Find what’s perfect for you because if you like it you will enjoy training with it. Silly but makes a difference.”

  • I asked Otuel to tell us the training steps as well as how to use a weapon in the Second Life environment.

–     “There are many training tools out there for learning to hit a moving target,” he proclaimed, but suggested “you need to learn to hit a static target first. There are simple methods for this but there is also a trick.”

–     “In SL, the arrows arc when fired. You have to know the arc and compensate,” I thought that made sense, but how do we learn that? “If you aim at your target, you will miss every time.”

  • He said the old adage of “aim at the feet” no longer works as most sims outlaw “splash” in favor of the “direct hit” scoring. “The feet don’t do anything. Aim at the head or higher depending on distance and arc, but if the target is moving, aim at either side.”

–     “Imagine a ball just in front or just behind the target and aim at that,” the Rarius told the Gazette. “We train with a ball on either side and 45 minutes with that training and you will go from bow idiot to bow master.”

  • That sounded good, so I asked if training is open to anyone, even citizens of other cities. “Yes, we will train anyone wanting to learn, contact Aaron Kismyaz (aaronx), a captain in the under construction city of Heimthorpe.

–     “We don’t really have ranks yet as we are in the building phase,” Otuel said, indicating an opportunity to get in on the ground floor in the city expected to open Feb. 1. “We are going to build a great army and are recruiting warriors who want to learn By the Book Gor, no pew pew.”

–     “We are open to anyone who wants to join and role play By the Book. By that I mean there has to be a valid reason for someone to raid us or for us to go on a raid. So many warriors won’t come here because of that. We have just six right now that can take down an army.”

–     “We are trying to build an elite corp here where everyone is a team member and not a lone wolf running off … and not following command,” he said. We will talk more on team strategy in future articles.

  • Step two in bow training, after you learn the arc, is moving targets. He said the use of Tarl the Ranger is good, but not enough.

–     “There are many moving targets out there,” he said. “You should use them when you are alone but the best way to learn to win is with another person. you can’t predict which way or how fast someone will move or change, so a real person is best.”

–     “You need to keep moving too,” he smiles as he spoke. “Many are so focused on shooting they forget to move. Hahaha I’m that way.  I start focusing on my target that i forget i’m a target too.”

  • Next week, we will introduce technology into the training, but here’s a tip about what is to come.
  • Find out how fast your screen updates. One of the most important aspects in winning a fight.
  • Speed in Frames per Second can be determined by pressing “Control-Shift-1”
  • FPS under 10 means you probably will never win in combat. The same is true if your opponent has a 10 FPS advantage over you at any speed. The number will change depending on how busy the sim is.
  • Besides a new computer or a new graphics card, there are ways to improve speed. More on that in the next Gazette of Gor.

(If you have questions or contributions to this series, please contact the writer, Rik Baar. )

Interview with Pucca Firecaster (LeaniYngol)

  • LeaniYngol: I must to say, that is my pleasure to present my today’s interlocutors,owner and designer of Pucca Firecaster Creations ( PFC) so , Mister Firecaster how are you?

–     Pucca Firecaster: I am great thanks, a bit excited and all I am surprised you want to interview me like if I was some interesting speaker, can’t wait to know what somebody would want to know about me

  • LeaniYngol: Dont be so modest, i think that PFC is one of most popular and most appericated brends on Gor
  • LeaniYngol: risk which you take when you dont prepare questions

–     Pucca Firecaster: I have been crafting for a while and grown a big catalog, I think anybody can find a bit of each particular taste at pfc but I am always modest, there is a big path to improve yet

  • LeaniYngol nods
  • LeaniYngol: How much you are involved in the gorean community?

–     Pucca Firecaster: not much, I am into my customer’s feedback and many are into gorean community, so that makes a layer between gor and me, I am not directly in touch of it, maybe I am very indirectly involved in the gorean community

  • LeaniYngol: I see, would be easier for you that you are in direct touch with that world?

–     Pucca Firecaster: long ago I decided to dive inside check the roleplay, I did read the books (the first 8 ones) because I like to know what I am doing and many times the feedback needs to be completed with a background that you can’t understand if you don’t get directly in touch, by reading the books I only discovered how far from that most of SL gor is so I stopped reading and by roleplaying it I found that gor community got some of the best roleplay grid-wide , but for building nothing of this helped really much

  • LeaniYngol: Sorry, had a call. It is indeed a huge market, and I think that is not well covered by quality products, how long have you been in this, lets say business?

–     Pucca Firecaster: The first contact I had with gor were suggestions from customers to make my dcs2 weapons compatible with the meter, that was really long long ago, maybe 4 years ago? I didn’t dare to call that a business back in there, I have been building from long ago but slowly, always growing and always improving, so the start line is very blurry, faded, fuzzy

  • LeaniYngol: Somebody told me something like “when I create I trying to create something what I will like to wear or see on somebody else” is it like that with you too?

–     Pucca Firecaster: almost, I think the best builds are the ones I want to see on myself, when I build not to make people’s feedback happy but to create a concept I personally like, I think that makes me be a bit more picky on how it looks and gives birth to the best concepts

  • LeaniYngol: I know this question is pure cliche, but nevertheless I have to ask, what inspires you in your work?

–     Pucca Firecaster: I get different kind of inspirations, there is the obvious inspiration of designs you like, when you go see lord of the rings and you fall in love with the elven culture, when you watch Conan and those boots are so brute and epic you have to make some barbarian boots, but there is other sources of different inspiration, when people likes what you did it inspires you to go on that line, when you see other people creating something really good it pushes you to improve your own designs, even if the line has nothing in common

  • LeaniYngol: Is it hard to be imaginative in strictly defined frames ? If we know that you have to think about the character which your customer play?

–     Pucca Firecaster: I have a good imagination but usually strictly defined frames are easier to design for, as easy as boring but it always depends on the character, some characters invite your imagination to go in and there is so much to create in that frame, others are more restrictive and if in that case somebody else has created what you would create, it is not attractive, pointless to reinvent the wheel

  • LeaniYngol: Maybe you’re right, but nobody wants to look like in uniform. Some of, in my opinion, the most beautiful pieces from PFC are maden as gacha, why is like that and what is the difference?

–     Pucca Firecaster: I agree, and that is why I have 1 roman uniform and… I lost the count of how many wild rags and furs for tribal characters I’ve made. If tomorrow I make a new roman armor, I will probably use it to update the current one, because that is an uniform to look all the same, but tribal roles are more random and the need of be different is more intense and justified there. I personally don’t like the gachas because they are very restrictive, but I have some personal rules now for gachas that I’ve learned from my own mistakes and maybe that restrictions add a plus in effort. I know that gachas make a lot of people upset when they don’t get what they want so I try that if they get an unwanted prize that is at least something good that they can use, different but usable and of value. In the origin I made gachas have one model in different colors with a different thing for rare…. that was so bad, people play to get a color because the others just won’t fit their attire, they won’t be able to use the unwanted

–     Pucca Firecaster:  prizes. That made me change and create different things, sometimes each including different colors so people is happy. It makes much less money I must say but I sleep better not being insulted by upseted customers. So the short version of the answer, why are gachas better? to avoid insults from pissed customers

  • LeaniYngol: That is good answer. Mr. Firecaster I will not keep you busy anylonger, thank you on your time and on your amazing creations

–     Pucca Firecaster: It was a pleasure , I promise to keep improving ^^

  • LeaniYngol: I look foward for it, thank you one more time

  • Dani’s Band (Minnie)

  •  I m pleased to announce you, the new build done by Dani’s Band. New build but always the same good RP as we can find in BTB SIMs. Dani and Sonia would be glad to welcome you in their lands and play with you good RPs. I offer you read a story written by Sonia and you will discover how good ideas are in this scenario. But, we are not only here to talk about RP. Come discover a great land with hidden ways, secrets do discover and adventure to play.

A story done by Sonia (In the solitude of an empty and sad camp)


  • Sonia, listen to the wind in the trees to drop piles of snow from the branch, she can not help trembling at every noise ….

  • A moment she hears furtive steps, slides, sounds crushed branches .. she listen carefully trembling with fear, and if hunters comers to capture her, so she snuggled into her improvised hiding her and Dani were found, they crawling under a pile of fallen rocks, a little way that only the animals or women can take it as it is very small ….

  • Hidden behind this pile of rocks in this natural chamber under the mountain, with Dani she eventually bring some fur to make this a little nicer place by lighting torches with tissue soaked in tallow….

  • She didn’t remember how long she is prostrate here in that narrow space…

  • Speaks softly to herself, knowing that no one listening, but she feels compelled to speak for not become mad …

How long, how long is she there in the cave?

  • She does not know has stopped counting long time, do not see the light of day or night … she hears the larl or wild panther hunting in the deserted camp…
  • Wild beasts must feel her smell but can not find her traces in the cave …
  • She is sitting on the fur on the cold ground, knees bent against her chest the enclosing with her arms and prostrate, this way she feels safe…
  • Suddenly wakes up a noise, a crash she thinks that these are the sounds that woke, she does not know or maybe she dreamed … she can not say as her mind is foggy ….
  • She opens terrified eyes, nothing ……
  • Black night, the silence so sudden that noise that may have awakened … she rubs her eyes trying to see in the darkness of the cold, damp cave, she does not remember falling asleep the night before or the morning, she does not know has no sense of time passing …
  • Her stomach growls, she has not eaten for several days, her dry lips to moisten she tries from time to time with her saliva she harder to produce as she is hungry and thirsty …
  • She should come out of hiding, she should move out, to drink and also to eat something that takes a her empty stomach ….

but she was afraid and all the noises she heard since yesterday does not reassure, she wants to live to survive and must be motivated to look for…..

  • After several ihn that seem a eternity for her. Long before she takes a decision, she finally force out of the cave under the mountain, again she creeps under the pile of fallen rocks for thousands of years before ….
  • But before leaving, she took her knife, a knife whose handle was carved from a tooth sleen, pretty drawings roam the handle to its full height, a slightly curved short handle that go perfectly fine in her sutured scars hand , as if the knife was manufactured in model on her hand, a long thin blade and tapered ends that knife …

she hold the knife in her right hand and began to crawl under the small passage where only a woman or some small animals can pass….

  • Finally Sonia ended up out of hiding, she blinked as a distinct glow illuminates the place where she emerges …
  • One second largest cave, with a higher ceiling and some lights from small wells far above her head or a sunbeam illuminates the walls of the cave, she keeping a moment the knees always on the cold floor, she stand up with difficulty she shudders as she feels on her emaciated body and tired a stream of cold air, a seeming freezing kiss coming from outside freezing her almost naked body trembling…..
  • She shakes her head, then listen carefully to the sounds, the sounds around her, wind noise on the outside she feels she listen if animals turn in the camp, but she heard nothing of any growl, grunt indicating that a beast lurks in the shadows, she feels somewhat reassured and finally decided to walk to go outside to the campfire, and there she hopes to find some food and water to drink …
  • Gently she puts one foot before the other, her whole body is only pain as the blood began to flow normally through her veins, her nerves relax slowly launching electric flash sudden and fast ….

Sonia starts slowly to walk one foot before the other while her body hesitant in the semi-darkness of the cold cave

Sonia and Dani’s Interview

  • Dani™: Tal Minnie!

–     Minnie: Tal

  • Dani™: there we go

–     Minnie: so we are in a skybox

  • Dani™: exactly
  • گổηΐã: we are in our camp

–     Minnie: your camp is out the sim

  • Dani™ nods
  • گổηΐã: don’t matter our camp is on a skybox or not , because the story for coming here is simple

–     Minnie: so explain your philosophy

  • گổηΐã: you are lucky Dani i’m in a good mood now, the last person who dare to touch me, is hanged himself after a pike that passes through the through and through
  • Dani™ gulps
  • گổηΐã: ok so Savalon mean nothing to us , it’s not in our story line , it’s just the sim name and we cannot change it 🙂
  • گổηΐã: we are based on the bank of the Laurius river in the northern forests, our camp is based to some passang from the village of Piedmont and the other side if you follow the river you will find after some day’s of walking front the city of Laura
  • Dani™ whispers to Minnie, pointing to Sonia: “I have captured a scribe .. she helps me a bit with our dum….errrrrr…. not well educated sisters like she is one!!”

–     Minnie: are you a big tribe

  • گổηΐã: our tribe is small fifteen

–     Minnie: not in weight like this one *points Sonia* but in number of Panthers

  • Dani™: we have 16 panthers, 13 Kajirae
  • Dani™ grins and whispers to Minnie: “she eats way to much .. she says its due the winter

–     Minnie: Ge or BTB ?

  • Dani™: btb

–     Minnie: what is your personal story in Gor

  • Dani™: I arrived at the port of cardonicus many years ago (2008). After I was living in the Woods of cardonicus in the band Tre’sha Jerag, I founded my own band, called Danis Band, like Vernas band

–     Minnie: and you Sonia

  • گổηΐã: we have not personal story this band exist since Dani here decided to leave a other tribe called “tre sha jerag” i followed her and together we fought against wild beast and outlaws for save our life , together we protected us and finally we found this old mine completely buried under tons of rubble

–     Minnie: BTB, Ge, many ways in Gor. What do you think about this fracture between those 2 currents and What are your feelings about new direction of Gor. More pew pew fighters, less RP

  • گổηΐã: for me personally … BTB or GE mean nothing , because if you ask at people how many books they read , a lot will answer you only 1 or nothing
  • Dani™: I always say that 100% btb isn’t possible. I have seen that in the past. I always say that I am 90% btb, and we try together” she points to Sonia and herself “that we have a mix from roleplay, fighting (bow, spear and dagger) because this makes it more interesting

–     Minnie: i agree. Ge or BTB, we are all Gorean

  • گổηΐã: so yes we are BtB , because i try to teach at all our sister what’s gor and i share with her all the books
  • گổηΐã: i didn’t RP with fighter , i’m not a fighter only for hunt for feed our band or for defend usself against some enemy … i’m not a raider and less a pew pewer

–     Minnie: About your SIM, Who owns, builders. who decides, have you a council for all decisions and what would you say your sim’s most attractive Feature would be?

  • گổηΐã: for say the truth since Gor exist on SL pew pewer exist as well , i seen in Aria continent a lot
  • گổηΐã: we have a continent council with the 12 gorean sim around , all are invited in our meeting for talk and decide together the way we manage the game on all the sim

–     Minnie: Gor will stay Gor. Have you some ideas to improve our Gor and how do you imagine your future in Gor ?

  • Dani™: I would like to have more active sisters, even new sisters. Forest girls we can teach about gorean live, going out, even fighting like I learned this in the past. In the last few weeks we got new wonderful sisters. And I am sure with their help we can bring everything forward, and even reanimate a ‘little bit sick btb’ Gor life
  • گổηΐã: i try to write and imagine some story in order to offer RP for our sister, but isn’t easy you cannot drive the people like that , you can improve and purpose something and maybe they will play but we cannot go upset if nobody follow the story we prepared

–     Minnie: Give me in one sentences, a reason for our readers to join your RP or your Gor’s philosophy. but i allow 2 sentences if needed

  • گổηΐã: If you have no idea how a panther lives in dangerous woods …If the luxury of city, the chatter between free women and the laws of men annoy you… So join us , come and learn how to handle a bow, how to use a spear to hunt wild panther at the bottom of wet wood …Join us in our camp in the middle of the forest, just participate in the many hunting trips
  • Dani™: if someone is looking for a realistic, based on the roots of (btb) Gor life, they can find it in our band with roleplay, fighting with the weapons a Forest girl uses, living in a realistic made Gorean camp with many great people like in a family

Kimba’s Rebuilding Koroba (Kimba)

  • There are certain places in the books that seem to demand my attention to pondering them, across the decades since I first read them and read them over. I have written about some of these ponderable issues, such as different scenarios of what may have happened with Arn and Grenna’s band after the end of Hunters.  These questions range from the nearly trivial: “If Verna’s Panthers all WANTED to stay as slaves after spending one night at the mercy Merlenus’ men, why do they all have to have their hands bound behind their backs to be taken away as slaves in the morning?” – to the celestial: “What is the actual configuration and relative orbits of the three moons, tidally locked or independent orbits?”

  • Perhaps the most ambitious of these notions-for-pondering, has to do with The Rebuilding of Koroba. At the beginning of Book 2, we find that the city of Tarl Cabot and his father was given a Priest-King death-sentence, that the city was destroyed and the people scattered across Gor, enslaved, or killed.  Then in Book 5, it is back storied that the city has been rebuilt and people are returning; Koroba is on the way back to her former-greatness.

  • I have always dreamed of roleplaying it. To be in the first handful of citizens gathered under Matthew Cabot, axes in hand, picking out a place to start building and chopping down the first trees.  To welcome people Home, to pick the collars on our FW who have escaped bondage and found their way Home, to see the Warriors training to defend first the rough camp, and eventually the growing village and the first cylindrical tower.  To actually build it from scratch and roleplay the continued growth.

  • But there is another element. It is not just a Gorean city with a made up name like Milqutower or Temforest, or called Ar but looking like Medieval Barcelona.  It is not just a game, nor a gathering-place for the next raid, or a bunch of small cliques kicking in to pay the tier so they can all enjoy their own little story lines.

  • No, Koroba is The Towers of the Morning, the shining example of the best of what Gor can be. A true community of Gorean-in-their-bones Goreans, who love Gor, live with Honor, and create a true Gor-reborn, a Gor inspired by the books but not limited by them, an immersive Gor where roleplay, combat, and romance all blend together like in our best fantasies of what even Old Gor never was.

Beautiful Villages in Gor – Ravenscar (Minnie)

  • We begin a new topic about most beautiful village in Gor. And we have visited all Gor to find great villages. All builders in Gor did fantastic work to show us typical villages with a lot of details. We ll try so present you, every week, one or 2 villages. Today, we will speak about. And i invite you to discover this place. Architecture, build, RP, all is done to find your right place. Yes, it s a spanish village but there are good translators to help you. A very beautiful village and a little camp with Panthers. You have soon 2 RP available. But don’t worry, you will find more new adventures in this place. Feel free to come in Ravenscar and play with residents. You ll find a little light called beauty.

On weapons – Design and costs

Interview with weapon designer Kesha (Mariko Marchant)


  • Mariko Marchant: Welcome to the Gazette office Kesha

–    K E S H A (prince.zackerly): Thank you Mari.

  • Mariko Marchant: Can you tell how a weapon is designed?

–    K E S H A (prince.zackerly): It is a tough job. You have to be skilled and know what you doing. Firstly you  need a iron core and  make it to look it some like blade if we are making a sword. That is how real weapon made, but we are taking about virtual world all we have here pixels so we need to work on 3rd party external 3d designing platforms. There are various tools to do that.

  • Mariko Marchant: Which tools are used most?

–    K E S H A (prince.zackerly):  3Ds Max and Maya but those are expensive tools. I use both of them but other might likely use blender which is off course a good a tool without cost.

But there are many tools will make a shape that actual weapon you see in raw form and later the detailing job.  A paint job which enhance the beauty of weapon can be done by other tools like Photoshop.

  • Mariko Marchant: i see that there are so many weapons on sl now, is there still a need for designing weapons?

–    K E S H A (prince.zackerly):  Nowadays people  are more interested  in mesh build weapons. It is not like an old days where we sculpt or use prim to make a shape.  However both have their advantages and disadvantages.  People do like variety of things.

  • Mariko Marchant: You design weapons not only for Gor I presume?

If reffered to sl I o only design weapons for Gor. Beside That I have done some custom jobs for other combat fields like dcs and other urban theme weapon as well.

  • Mariko Marchant: Are there many designers for weapons in Gor?

–    K E S H A (prince.zackerly):  I am not the only one. Wish I was but yes there are  many others who have that talent and they contribute in their way to improve and give best to Gor.

  • Mariko Marchant: And when the design is ready what do you do then. Sell it to a weapon maker?

–    K E S H A (prince.zackerly): Its not that easy to sell your own design to them. It takes time. I personally chose to do  custom jobs. They contact me and give me a sketch of model they want or picture of particular weapon and then I deliver them volume and make it look 3 dimensional.

  • Mariko Marchant: How long does it take to design a weapon?

It always depends on the work load or the detail of weapon which is to be made carving box cube to look like a weapon. It is bit tricky to make a weapon look realistic. We have to design a high Polly count version and then we take the detail and bake it on to low Polly count so it will look good as people will like it and that job takes a day or week depending on the job.

  • Mariko Marchant: Polly count?

–    K E S H A (prince.zackerly): That is term in which we general say it. I  can explain it to you in simple terms. Each shape have lots of dots and all those dots align well to turn it in to shape. Two or more of these points are called vertices. Diagonal – a line and those line can make pollygon. Which is polly count.

  • Mariko Marchant: If you have a design why not write or buy a script and sell it as a complete weapon?

–    K E S H A (prince.zackerly):  Bying a script costs a lot  and don’t know what the other person sells. A script for bow and blade cost around 15,000L to 20,000L. Having your own store is difficult as you need to get approval from weapon testers and secure your weapon by anti cheat systems.

  • Mariko Marchant: What is the price of a design?

–    K E S H A (prince.zackerly): Each weapon cost a plenty of time and few lindens minimum as 25L to 100L in extreme case average of cost on each model is around 50L.

The weapon price is high because of  the following reasons:

Each weapon when  I have a design for example LR weapon store they pay  30% or 40% commission on each sale of that specific product. Every time someone buys that product 30% of that price goes directly to designer and rest goes to weapon store. The 70% covers  the scripting cost and the rent of store . The rest is profit.

That is why the weapon cost around 500L to 800L.

  • Mariko Marchant: I see many weapons in weapons store but they often differ only in designs and use the same script. E.g. for all LR bows the scrips are the same. right?

–    K E S H A (prince.zackerly): Yes the script are same for weapons.

  • Mariko Marchant: If you want to become a weapon designer what skills do you have to have?

–    K E S H A (prince.zackerly): 2 things: first you know how to use a 3d tool and second how to paint textures.

  • Mariko Marchant: Thank you for this interview Kesha.

–    K E S H A (prince.zackerly): Welcome Mari.

The Seventh Sanctum (Selvi)

Informational Piece

  • It is with great pleasure that this slave is able to bring this small informational report. There a lot of Gorean sims, some BTB, some are Gorean Evolve. My sole purpose is to not critique but to just bring to the forefront some of these Gorean sims that this slave visits in her wanderings. I hope that some information jumps up at someone who may be seeking a new home or plan to start their roleplay in Gor.

~ The Seventh Sanctum ~

  • From the Landing point, it is a nice scenic walk through the mountains and trees to the front of The Seventh Sanctum’s gates. As this reporter walks around the trail, she flips through the sim’s rules. A quick glance tells her all she  needs to know about the rules, fairly organized and well-written.  The one thing that stood our right away is that they have rules for Kurii raids. This could be interesting once the sim is open for raids. She puts away the scroll and continue with her walk. Almost immediately the atmosphere permeates her being, the trail leads her through marsh,  tall trees surrounded the trail and walls of  dark stone. As I walked further, I noticed a few more interesting formations in the rocks, but in spirit of adventure I feel it be prudent not to ruin it for the next adventurer who decides to visit these lands.
  • Finally arriving at the gate, I ring the bell. I turn around from ringing the bell as I hear footsteps behind me. Here is what happens next. Through the normal greetings and social niceties I had a nice long talk with Bryn Eldstrom Von Eldur.

–     Bʀʏɴ Eʟᴅsᴛʀᴏ̈ᴍ Vὄᾗ Ἕłḋὗʀ (bunny.donnelly): “We are currently not open for raids, but we are always open to meet those seeking shelter for a night or a home.  We hope to open our gates soon to any who wish to attempt to take us over, though.”

–     Selvi (laratorvis): nods her head as she takes note of that answer… “Please Mistress, may I know if your seeking any particular castes?”

–     Bʀʏɴ Eʟᴅsᴛʀᴏ̈ᴍ Vὄᾗ Ἕłḋὗʀ (bunny.donnelly) nods and thinks a moment.  “We are always seeking those of the red proclivity.  But we are also in need of a Green or a Healer.  And someone who can make those lovely cookies I hear so much of.”

–     Selvi (laratorvis): giggles as she writes these all done.

  • Further talks continued as I asked questions and exchange information with the lovely Lady. I established that they are not open for raids as of yet and they do  have a small market area, an infirmary, kennels, an apothecary, a tavern, a smith and a few empty buildings for anyone wishing to take up a shop and start one on the sim.  They also offer shelter to residents of their camp at no charge. The Seventh Sanctum is a GE heavy roleplay driven environment with well-established rules for raids.
  • Well all that information, I feel that anyone wishing to start their roleplay or maybe even find a new home, the role-play opportunities abound here at this beautiful Gorean GE Sim.

  •   Events – Voyage of Acquisition – Jan 11, 2016 by POHAdmin

  • Player characters can be agents of the Priest Kings, men and women living on earth in Israel, in the Village of Jericho. In this skybox, modern earth clothing appropriate to the Mediterranean area only please. No child avatars. No rezzing of prims. If you want a long-term house (the entire month) and are prepared to play there consistently, please speak to Melisande Moisant regarding arrangements.
  • The goal will be for men and women to be snatched by Priest King Agents and brought back to Gor – to the Fields of Hesius, to become part of the Port of Hesius!

The Vintner continues to live eternally young, kept invigorated and rejuvenated not by the serums but by the secret of the vine. The Vintner’s wine continues to perpetuate his youth, wisdom, and the love he has for life. He is companioned to the very place that the Priest Kings have confined him to remain.

  • He has lived there with the residents in the prosperous, yet very small port town on Lake Ias, a gem between Corcyrus and Argentum. Of late, however, many new citizens have begun filling into the port. It has grown leaps and bounds as The Vintner watches on. He sees the customs from the north being brought in, those from the south as well, as the plainsmen move close with their small tribe. And beyond that, the Port of Hesius is still a vassal state until the great Empire City of Ar.
  • The cultures move together in a great melting pot of cosmopolitan confusion as The Vintner searches the recesses of his soul for the answer. Skirmishes break out in the fields of Hesius regularly. Panthers have encroached upon the town from the wilds of the Hills of Eteocles. In his attempt to discover the answer that would bring his beloved Port city peace, he drinks the Falarian wine one evening that he had crafted so many years ago, and breathes a prayer to the Priest Kings who had brought him to Gor from the ancient city of Jericho so many years ago.
  • The Priest Kings have answered, though The Vintner has not yet heard their summons. Deep within the Sardar, they commune together and have decided that Amiel, or Hesius, as they had once named him, will find his answer on how to save his beloved city as it begins to crumble.
  • “Shall we interfere this time?” said Krug as he clicked his antenna, moving across the stark marble floor. The ice thickly coated the outside of the hive as he spoke with Leet.

“It is time for Hesius to see Earth again,” said Leet. He nodded to Krug. There was nest trust between them.

“Shall we allow him to have the item then?” It is something they had discussed many times. Whether Hesius should be able to infuse his land with power. But the City of Ar kept growing, their power swelling. The status of the empire was debated within the hive, and they were well aware of the Kurii’s communications with the Cosians, and how they sought to corrupt Ar from within.

“It is agreed upon by me,” assented Leet. “I, too, believe the empire should be curtailed. Perhaps Hesius will find the item.”

“He may yet find a Home Stone,” suggested Krug.

“Indeed,” said Leet, “He may discover what will be the Home Stone of the Port of Hesius.”

  • Niv then began asking why his colleagues would have interest in Amiel. However, Amiel claims to know nothing of Niv’s colleagues or what they may wish of him, so has no help to offer Niv. Niv hints at the fact he may be an agent but does not straight out say so. Niv asks Amiel about the kaissa board and if he knew how to use it to decode messages. Amiel still claims he is just a Vintner with no way of helping Niv. Nivthen explains his true reasons for being here in Hesius. The decoded message containing Amiel’s name bringing Niv to Hesius, brings Niv to explain the Kurri are also looking for the ring and Niv’s group must find it before it is found bythem.Finally a trust grew between them and Amiel began to come through with information. He explained that he could help with the decoding of the kaissa board, but he had a condition. The condition being that the other rings in existence be found and destroyed. Niv convinced him that the ring he was told toseek is to be returned to the Sardar and not destroyed. The two agree to to wait until Amiel speaks directly to ‘the Nest’ to get confirmation on whether the rings are to be destroyed before any action is taken.
  • The Meeting 1/1/2016

Ace, Lady Gena and Kat follow sana to the Vintners for a meeting. Ace explains that they are on a quest given by the Commander Victor and mentions meeting Arrington the agent. Ace talks about Niv’s role in the quest as a researcher. Ace also mentions ‘devices’ of which he has 23 in his possession. The location of the ring narrowed down to a few cities, Ace says he has but one burning question for Amiel.Ace goes on to explain that the Commander of Hesius wishes to use the ring as strength, to challenge enemies and such, but the fellowship, including Nive were all aligned with the purpose of destroying the ring. He mentions Tuchuks have moved into Hesius also aligned with the fellowship.They all discuss the kaissa board, how it is rarely seen and now in the hands of Niv to communicate with the Priest Kings. Told to keep the board a secret as it would be detrimental if the wrong person found out who all knew about its whereabouts. They discuss the information each has on the number of rings still in existence. Amiel discusses with them his birth home Jericho which had strange events reported of fantastic creatures with strange powers. They offer each other the names of their other connections to agents. Ace agrees to help from Gor or from Jericho if needed. All are overwhelmed yet excited as the meeting ends.

  • Tatius Rexen’s Visit 1/1/2016

Tatius Rexen, an Initiate, finds Amiel and sana in the Vintner compound. Amiel remembers the Initiate from his past and welcomes him in to talk, weary of what he had to say. The Initiate informs Amiel that there is a task Amiel must do for the Priest Kings involving travel. After serving the Initiate, sana is told by him that she is to go with Amiel as well. Tatius hands a small scroll holder containing a map to Amiel, telling him to guard it with his life. Amiel seems to know where the location on the map might be. Tatius goes on to tell Amiel this location is the first part of the journey. Tatius goes on to explain that there is a second part to the journey that will be clear later. He also informs Amiel that a man in possession of a second map is on his way to

Hesius and Amiel is to ask for this second map upon his arrival. Tatius then spoke in a foreign language that Amiel understood. Telling him to return to Jericho, his birthplace, and follow the map and bring back what he finds. Though the Initiate does not say what it is Amiel is to find, only that he will know when he finds it. Tatius goes on to explain the second part of the journey as being some sort of archeological investigations and would involve digging at the site depicted on the second map. Amiel agrees to do the bidding of the Priest Kings and is told that he will find a ship of acquisition and others would be joining him there. Tatius informs sana that she is to go with Amiel, watch his back and give her life if need be for Amiel to make it back safely with the item once found. They all say their farewells and the Initiate leaves heading to the docks.

  • Mysterious Messenger from Rorus 1/5/2016

Turen Corpur, from Rorus is seen by Ace, who called out asking what he was doingin Hesius. Lady Gena was present and seemed to know the man Turen from the past.The men discuss coin for information and Turen claims he requires 10 gold coins for the information.Surprised by the high cost, Ace offers 5 gold in good faith for the information,the remaining 5 gold to be given after the information is given. Turen takes the first 5 gold and goes on to tell Ace and Lady Gena that he knows where the ring is and even has access to the ring. The three all make their way to the Vintner’s, finding Amiel and sana inside.They find a secure place to speak with no one around who could listen in to the sensitive information. Ace paid the remaining 5 gold to Turen to complete the deal. Turen then pulls an expensive looking box from under his kilt. Lady Gena and sana stand as look outs to be sure no one overhears the men. Turen sets the box down in front of the men and opens it. It is the ring they have been searching for. Turen explains there were 4 boxes carried by the black caste and 3 of these boxes were empty, but there he had the one that contained the ring. Amiel leaves the ring in the box, explaining that if it were fake, it may explode. Ace used the device he had built with Midnight and Niv, holding it to the ring. He tells them it is indeed what they have been searching for. Ace tells Amiel he should wear it and see it it works.Amiel does put the ring over his wrist and all are excited as it seems to work and Amiel begins to disappear. Turen reminds them of the Ubar of Rorus’ temper and since the ring was stolen from his safe, Turen would be in grave danger when it was found missing. Ace used the device to see if he could locate the invisible Amiel and it worked. All were excited and wishing the other members of their group, Midnight, Niv, and Lady Katrina were there to witness it. Amiel informs those there that the ring would be destroyed. He pulled off the ring and was again visible to all. Turen tells them that the Ubar of Rorus knows things and hears things and he must get away before the Ubar or black caste find out he stole the ring. Amiel tells Turen that he has a friend, a former Ubar that he will send to the Ubar of Rorus to attempt to save Turen and his family’s life. Turen agrees to hide for a few hands then return to see if Amiel was successful in saving him from the Ubar of Rorus or black caste. Turen also warns them all not to trust the ‘white robes.’ Amiel simply asks Turen to trust him the the Initiate he knows is trustworthy.

Amiel tells Ace they now have the matter of finding the ring lost on Earth. They agree to discuss this further when all the members of the fellowship are available. Amiel tells Ace that Niv will not be blue flamed for making the device for the fellowship, he would make sure. Ace now leaves and finds Lady Gena, telling her all is done and well and they will talk more in the morning.

© Gazette of Gor


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