The Gazette of Gor – Issue 32



Disclaimer: All images contained herein are stock images of Lunacaleengpanthers.

(Gorean Press Edition)


  • From the Editor’s Desk (Frey)
  • About Weapons – The GM meter (Mariko)
  • About Weapons – GTS Weapons Store (Mariko)
  • Interview of City of Cartius (Hathor)
  • An Answer to Heimli (Mimi)
  • Port Hesius’ Voyage of Acquisition (Selvi)
  • Animals of Gor – Urt (Hathor)
  • A Walk in Mamba Territory (Mimi)
  • Events
  • Editors and Writers needed
  • Feedbacks

From the Editor’s Desk (by Frey)

I’ve recently weathered through a full share of drama and storm offs, and it got to the point that I had to sit back for a moment and realign my thinking.  We often forget that we are not dealing with computer generated characters.. that these are real people, who deserve to have their feelings respected.  As a result, I thought it might be a nice idea for me to re-print an article I wrote a while back… as a way to remind everyone, myself included, just what is important.

A Kajira Loves    (by Frey)

My name is Frey and I am a kajira.  “I love you.”  It’s a statement I have typed and/or said a million times.  I have never used the statement without meaning it, could not ever imagine a reason to do so.  It is a simple, beautiful statement with a simple, beautiful purpose that far too often has been terribly contorted into something negative.  We are placing way too much responsibility on the sentiment of Love, which is killing the simple beauty of the emotion.

I have loved just about every person I have met whether it be in RL or in SL.  I love them.  So, why does this make us cringe?  There is no obligation that comes with this sentiment, any person who attaches an obligation to it does not love the person they are holding hostage over.  Love… is NOT a requirement, not now, not ever.  There is no expectation that comes with loving someone, there are no standards, or rules, or rational.  It’s not a light switch, you don’t get to turn it off and on upon your every whim.

Love is the little soft twinge you get in your toes when you see someone you know.  It’s that little upturn of your lips when you look at another person.  It’s the most basic and simple emotion and we have allowed it to be manipulated into a tool of control for far too long.  I call upon the lovers of the world…. help me stop the massacre!  hahaha   Force others to love freely without any attachments.

Love is universal, it’s not gender specific, it is not solely connected to sex, and there is nothing wrong with loving everything in sight.  You love your mate, yes, of course you do.. but you also love your friends, your children, your parents, your siblings, hell, you even love inanimate objects.. that proves right there that there is no expected obligation that comes with loving.  So, I beg you.. YOU, yes, YOU.. when I meet you and shortly afterward, when I tell you I love you… don’t cringe, I don’t have expectations.. just accept my love for what it is… simple beautiful, free, and pure.

 About Weapons – The GM meter – Interview with Jara Lowell (jaraziah.lowell)  (By Mariko Marchant)

  •    Mariko Marchant: Thank you Jara for inviting me.

–    Jara Lowell (jaraziah.lowell): And your Most welcome, even though it freezing cold up here in the northern forests.

  • Mariko Marchant: Yes the climate is so much better in the Southern Jungle.

When did you get in SL Gor?

–    Jara Lowell (jaraziah.lowell): Oh my actually quite early, in the 1st sims, back then Glorious Ar, and then Port Cos, where I got more active really, and that was way back in like 2003-ish.

  • Mariko Marchant: And in 2007 you made the GM meter. Why?

–    Jara Lowell (jaraziah.lowell):  Oh I did not start with GM, I started in Port Cos with save zone combat, though back then I needed a male alt to do that, strange as it now may sound, the 1st weapons and meters; Gor allowed only to be created by man. When Gor started we had bows, that shot an arrow and then turned in to a ball, better known as the net-bows now a day. And no longer used. So started with a small group save zone combat. Later in like 2005-2006 i started help with an meter by an other, but he revoked it basically to outlaws and women. So Alika and me got together, with the project, Alika already was working on it for Aria, as an commission by Syn Snyder and so I got in to it and made the web side part of it.

  • Mariko Marchant: So also you had to make some weapons to test it i presume?

–    Jara Lowell (jaraziah.lowell): I did make weapons, not per say to sell them or use them even though some would say, i am rather good with it, strange as it may sound; I never truly liked combat much, but I always enjoyed watching it.

  • Mariko Marchant: When you had developed the meter what happened then. This must have brought a change to sl Gor?

–    Jara Lowell (jaraziah.lowell):  I do not per say believe that the combat meter changed Gor, though it made it more famous and popular I guess, Aria was an famous sim at the time, no drama, small role play sets with simple capture, play and release games. It was a bit outside the mainstream of Gor, and less serious that the harsher environment that was at the days Gor. But so to, the BTB players started to come to Aria, for an quick escape, an moment to simply laugh and goof. And as more came, it started to change Gor region wide. Making people see, I guess. That even as serious Gor is, it can be, an enjoyable event so to.

  • Mariko Marchant: GE gor started at the same time i think.

–    Jara Lowell (jaraziah.lowell):  It’s not called GE Gor. That notion came to live when people like me thumbed people on the had that using the word Disney, is not Gorean at all. But as people have an huge urg to label things that is out side there chapter, the word Gor Evolved was born. However, understanding, that there is no other form, is what irks most people. When you try to explain people, we are all evolved they get annoyed even though they know it is true. Same as the so called label BTB is wrong, as claiming that in that fact already is Evolved, to explain this, you are an Taluna, by the chapter this means, you do not know what a panther is, and there be even an 99% chance, you never even heard of the word. But as your evolved now, you dean them to be your next door neighbors. And this is what one would call Gorean Evolved, knowing and using things outside your chapter. So even if you claim BTB, you would state a wrong claim, BtB means you acknowledge ALL the books, every word, from book one up to book 33, but doing that, would make  one evolved, and nobody would acknowledge this isn’t here right mind set.

  • Mariko Marchant: well I think without meter Gor would be different f.i. all those raid groups they would not exist without the GM meter. Or am I wrong on this?

–    Jara Lowell (jaraziah.lowell):  There are still many combat systems out there, though most not created for arrow combat. But they would do the job so to, and if GM was not here, one of them would soon or rather eventually branch out to an system for Gor. Now a days, most meter makers communicate and even meet with Lindens at times to discuss new ways and get possible new scripting code to do things.

  • Mariko Marchant: I see.It must be a lot of work to maintain such a meter?

–    Jara Lowell (jaraziah.lowell):  Well right now, it more finding the time, to have it both me and Alika can be on to do things.  As even though I might make fixes, she cant always be on, or vise versa. Our real lives got more busy and that causes some step backs to the meter development. Thought we never sitting still. 🙂

  • Mariko Marchant: I think the GM meter has a huge impact on how we interact in a battle f.i. the bandage thing has changed and the battles are different now.

–    Jara Lowell (jaraziah.lowell):  People allow it to make an huge impact, in end the GM, like any combat meter, is just an role play aid, it never intended to rule role play other then making you aware that your always in a position that there be danger a food.

  • Mariko Marchant: Why did you make the website? It is informative, but it change behavior as well. I was #1 in the reset top 10 because I play a lot of CTF. Now I am more careful with resests.

–    Jara Lowell (jaraziah.lowell): Giggles; like many things, the factor there is labels, like we can label a sim with being ‘GE’ one not so easy do that with a person, however, moment you know a person is in top x, you know he is more combat orientated then role play, and this is most time rather true so to. Sad as it may sound, you will not easily find good role players in that list, because they usually to busy chatting then shooting. So thats one way to show it, so to as stated, Aria was a land to goof, and stats with that for some was important. It is how it was born. Even though we did not wish to give to much stats away. Hence the GM website only records, 14 days.

  • Mariko Marchant: Yes but there is GE stats now.

–    Jara Lowell (jaraziah.lowell):  GE stats is because some of the pew pew people wanted more stats, a bit like counter strike. We at GM will never stats wise go that far. We allow a short list, as see the top 10; and those are more fun then anything else.

  • Mariko Marchant: Nods. Would you like to add something to this interview. Maybe a question I forgot to ask?

–    Jara Lowell (jaraziah.lowell):  I would say, to those reading, remember why you press that login button. Why it is, you signed up, to SL, to Gor; I find it strange to see, so many like to argue about a raid, then enjoying the raid, to talk to mods for a hour, over a five min roleplay. Because a word was miss spelled. Do we all log in, to argue or are we here to make friends, be with friends and enjoy our time. As Jara’s profile states: To the world you may be just one person,  but to one person you may be the world. We create and keep Gor alive, all of us, one by one. From slave to free, from ubar to she urt. We are Gor, combat, chat, and otherwise.

  • Mariko Marchant: thank you very much for this interview Jara it has been very interesting for me.

–    Jara Lowell (jaraziah.lowell):  Smiles, “most welcome!”

About weapons – Interview with Tαtsuyα DƦαķøηīş IcεδƦøsε, owner of GTS weapons store (by Mariko Marchant)

  •  Mariko Marchant: thank you Tαtsuyα for inviting me to your home.

–    Tαtsuyα DƦαķøηīş IcεδƦøsε (tetsuia.kohime): you are welcome Mariko.

  • Mariko Marchant: When did you start out to make weapons?

–    Tαtsuyα DƦαķøηīş IcεδƦøsε (tetsuia.kohime): me or GTS?

  • Mariko Marchant: Tell me your story please.

–    Tαtsuyα DƦαķøηīş IcεδƦøsε (tetsuia.kohime): GTS was born in August 2007 but the first bow came available in October of that year.

The owners  were Tommy Burton and Glace Allen. I joined GTS  in October 2009.

  • Mariko Marchant: Are you the owner now?

–    DƦαķøηīş IcεδƦøsε (tetsuia.kohime): I am co-owner with Tommy Burton.

  • Mariko Marchant: How is a weapon being made, it looks very complicated to me.

–    DƦαķøηīş IcεδƦøsε (tetsuia.kohime): Well  first you need to have good scripts, this is not easy. So the work start with making scripts, according to what people want or need in a weapon. When you have finished the scripting you need to perform a lot of tests to see how it will work in lag, in each situation. When you think scripts is ok 50% of the work is done.

Designing the weapon is different.  You need to start with an idea, and work with one of the 3D studio software. We use Cinema 4D and Blender.  Making a weapon takes a lot of time for design, texturing, light and shadows.

Sometimes we use also commercial weapons, when we see something different in its design.  Actually in design, Tommy and I have Kendra Zaurak, Calamity boram and Flech willow weapons.   We have also some mesh outfits to match some weapons.

  • Mariko Marchant: Commercial weapons?

–    Tαtsuyα DƦαķøηīş IcεδƦøsε (tetsuia.kohime): Yes commercial shape are weapons with a full perms shape for purchase in the internet.

  • Mariko Marchant: But the script is the most important part. Am i correct?

–    Tαtsuyα DƦαķøηīş IcεδƦøsε (tetsuia.kohime): Yes the script is core of the weapon, design is only a external part, like in a car the script is the engine.

  • Mariko Marchant: Are the scrips from different weapon makers not more or less the same

–    Tαtsuyα DƦαķøηīş IcεδƦøsε (tetsuia.kohime): No each maker develops his own script.  By himself or using a professional scripter.

  • Mariko Marchant: They all interact with GM meter etc. Are there modules for that?

–    Tαtsuyα DƦαķøηīş IcεδƦøsε (tetsuia.kohime): Yes but GM specs are only a guide that a maker needs to follow. Each maker  works with his own script and usually it is 99% different from others. e.g., we have our melee using 1 script only and all other makers  use 2 or 3 different scripts, including the update code.

  • Mariko Marchant: I hear some don’t follow GM specs and then the weapon is not GM approved.

–    Tαtsuyα DƦαķøηīş IcεδƦøsε (tetsuia.kohime): As for GM specs, each maker can be approved for sims.  It helps when a sim owner is not a tester.

Making weapons with GM specs not need to be 100% legal or approved. Part of the work is to  get the sim owners approval. For established makers it is usually is  easier because  of the GM name. For new makers  it is quite a bit of work. Anyway, a maker can be legal with a script version on a Sim and illegal on another one. Some makers try to push scripts  to be more attractive to customers and if the weapon is found out, they can be banned.

I’m sad when I see this because it is always possible to be wrong and have script by which user can push a button that makes a weapon making it stronger but it is really a bad action on the part of the user.

  • Mariko Marchant: I understand, but is the WTG weapon list leading or not?

–    Tαtsuyα DƦαķøηīş IcεδƦøsε (tetsuia.kohime): There are more than 1 list. GM meter has no such list.

  • Mariko Marchant: I have a cheat detector (GM tools) when it says when an illegal weapon is being used. Is that true or not?

–    Tαtsuyα DƦαķøηīş IcεδƦøsε (tetsuia.kohime): We had a similar tool some time ago. it is not possible to have a tool that never fails. The only way to be sure is to test it with correct actions. Anyway the most of cheats used now are on the customers side not on the makers side.

  • Mariko Marchant: On the customer side? Do they change the weapons?

Tαtsuyα DƦαķøηīş IcεδƦøsε (tetsuia.kohime): There are many ways a person can cheat, few ways a maker can do. The maker can do it in the script and any person testing can find the cheat. It is different when the cheat comes from customer’s side.

  • Mariko Marchant: How can a customer cheat?

–    Tαtsuyα DƦαķøηīş IcεδƦøsε (tetsuia.kohime): By using an animation that moves your avi out the bounding cube, using speed enhancer, etc..

  • Mariko Marchant: I see..I think that must be frustrating for the weapon makers.

–    Tαtsuyα DƦαķøηīş IcεδƦøsε (tetsuia.kohime): Well it would be nice for us if customers and makers are always respectful and honest. I don’t know why people find pleasure to win by cheating. For this Tommy and I never play in Gor, we are out managing others thing.  We never do spar in sparring land. And for this reason we stopped to be a guest within groups on sims.

  • Mariko Marchant: Last question: How long does it takes to bring a weapon to the market from scratch?

–    Tαtsuyα DƦαķøηīş IcεδƦøsε (tetsuia.kohime): You mean with scripts ready or with zero work to completion.

  • Mariko Marchant: With zero work to completion

–    Tαtsuyα DƦαķøηīş IcεδƦøsε (tetsuia.kohime):  It depends, some designs take  7/10 days to be ready. Then you need to prepare it with scripts, package, posters, server and Marketplace. 10/12 days usually.

Making scripts require not less of 2 months for us GTS. Each release we do is a complete rewrite of the code, trying to reduce script lines into and making it lighter and we need retest all the functions, update included. When this is ready you need to see how it matches with other weapons, especially for bows.  A brand new weapon from 0  takes 2/3 months to be ready. It requires less time when you use commercial scripts.

  • Mariko Marchant: Our conversation was very interesting, thank you very much Tαtsuyα.

–    Tαtsuyα DƦαķøηīş IcεδƦøsε (tetsuia.kohime): You are welcome.

Interview with Judy Vastel Delaunay (Judy Wunderland), Ubara of the City of Cartius (by Hathor)

Mistress, you are the Ubara, and Head Scribe for Carrtius?

Judy Vastel Delaunay (judy.wunderland): I am both yes :))

Judy Vastel Delaunay (judy.wunderland): mostly Ubara these days lol

  • Hathor01: Mistress, as a start, could you tell me a little about the City of Cartius, were it’s located?

  • Judy Vastel Delaunay (judy.wunderland): smiling she nods ” well first we are located at the southern shore of the Thassa-Cartius river, about 4 pasangs from the junction of the Vosk . The river itself controls all trade of the Thassa to the Voltai mountains. It is the main trade route servicing Talmost , Hotchberg, Tamburg, etc. Our closet neighbors are Venn and Turmus.

  • Judy Vastel Delaunay (judy.wunderland): The CIty of Cartius is a warm , welcoming city, always growing. Our citizens enjoy meeting new people,travelers are welcomed and many have made their home here.

  • Judy Vastel Delaunay (judy.wunderland): We do not limit ourselves to only southerners, but all walks of gorean life from northerners to panni and beyond, we are BTB.

  • Hathor01: Travelers are welcomed, and if a Free Woman, would they require an escorting male?

  • Judy Vastel Delaunay (judy.wunderland): nodding ” as per the normal laws of Gor a traveling freewoman should only travel with with an escort …one is always provided at the dock . He is ready and waiting to escort Free Women into the city . Talkative fellow that he is “

  • Hathor01: yes, i saw the escort at the docks and wondered f should have taken him while here

  • Judy Vastel Delaunay (judy.wunderland): smiling ” many slaves has used his services also “

  • Hathor01: really, then I could have used him to walk about?

  • Judy Vastel Delaunay (judy.wunderland): I have seen slaves use them , but again as a slave , coming into our city , the warriors may stop and question you , escort or no

  • Hathor01: Cartius is IC rather than OOC

  • Judy Vastel Delaunay (judy.wunderland): yes , we are BTB

  • Hathor01: and a meter is required?

  • Judy Vastel Delaunay (judy.wunderland): yes we require the GM meter

  • Hathor01: I saw there were two doors when entering the City, one for Black Caste

  • Judy Vastel Delaunay (judy.wunderland): yes

  • Hathor01: do you have a large number of Black Caste here Mistress?

  • Judy Vastel Delaunay (judy.wunderland): lifts a brow and smiles ” I personally have not ventured into their domain to be honest , no Free Woman would do so or Free Man for that matter unless they wished to lace one of their palms with coin. However , I have been informed that there is a large encampment in the mountains and many dark clad silhouettes have been observed slipping in and out of the city as of late “

  • Hathor01: Are you still recruiting Mistress? and if so, any particular caste you would like to come and visit ?

  • Judy Vastel Delaunay (judy.wunderland): We are still recruiting …we seek warriors and blue caste the most ..and as always merchants to help with trade

  • Hathor01: You have an active trade system here?

  • Judy Vastel Delaunay (judy.wunderland): nodding, we have a long list of trade items we offer, merchants who aid in trade and alliances of course

  • Hathor01: is there a G&S area for the city Mistress?

  • Judy Vastel Delaunay (judy.wunderland): no we do not have an area but some of our citizens do use G&S in their own private gardens and yards

  • Hathor01: If you had to choose one important or main ideal or theme of interest from a Gorean aspect… What would you say is the most attractive feature of the City of Cartius?

  • Judy Vastel Delaunay (judy.wunderland): smiling ” If I were to be honest I would have to say the people of Cartius is its best feature . They are wonderful , warm and welcoming to all …a true family spirit moves through Cartius and we are all loyal and dedicated to the city and one another “

  • Hathor01: Why would the City of Cartius be the perfect choice for Gorean folk here make it their home, What is Unique about it that you offer that perhaps no one else offers?

  • Judy Vastel Delaunay (judy.wunderland): well what I just said , the people of this city while true Goreans , respect one another and help each other grow . We provide many options for people , while there is housing inside the city , there is also a wonderful sim across the river that holds many homes for those who wish to get away to a peaceful retreat . We have beautiful gardens , breathtaking really that provide a perfect backdrop for companionship and ceremonies , forests teaming with Gorean wildlife where many a warrior can hunt or for a butcher to provide his skills to those who hunt to their hearts content “

  • Judy Vastel Delaunay (judy.wunderland): We offer diversity I suppose you could say

  • Hathor01: You offer no “SL Voice” here?

  • Judy Vastel Delaunay (judy.wunderland): we do not use voice here in the city no, warriors of course have their own way of using such things but we find it detracts from rp

  • Hathor01: and RP is IC

  • Judy Vastel Delaunay (judy.wunderland): always

  • Hathor01: Lastly.  please feel free to add any comments about te City of Cartius  or any aspects of Gorean Life?

  • Judy Vastel Delaunay (judy.wunderland): mostly just all I said , I love Cartius with all my heart , its a wonderful city !

  • Mistress, as the Ubara, you are busy, and I have taken quite a bit of your time. I had a quick glimpse of the city as we walked to your scribe office. It’s a beautiful build.  Mistress could I return for a tour and if it is allowed, take pictures to accompany the interview.


emiko (nevva.nightfire): smiles.. greetings…

emiko (nevva.nightfire): i belong to the Master Assassin… I’m also the wife and slave of the sim owner and I’m his wife and slave in rl

  • emiko (nevva.nightfire): i understand you want to take some pictures?
  • Hathor01: please
  • emiko (nevva.nightfire): smiles
  • emiko (nevva.nightfire): ok.. so if at any point you want to stop just stop.. I’ll keep an eye on whether you are following me
  • Hathor01: okay
  • Hathor01: your City is huge
  • emiko (nevva.nightfire): it’s fairly simple setup
  • emiko (nevva.nightfire): a full sim for the city
  • Hathor01: it’s so clean and crisp looking
  • emiko (nevva.nightfire): this is the top of the arena and the building with the gold statues is the bank…
  • emiko (nevva.nightfire): to my left is the market area with stalls and outside drinking
  • emiko (nevva.nightfire): so the markets are here.. kennels too
  • emiko (nevva.nightfire): the Inn.. smiles
  • emiko (nevva.nightfire): the back curtain takes you up to the alcove
  • emiko (nevva.nightfire): you want to go right over to the residential area?
  • Hathor01: that would be great
  • Hathor01: done
  • emiko (nevva.nightfire): touch the fountain then for a TP back to the City
  • emiko (nevva.nightfire): you want photos of this ship?
  • Hathor01: yes, thanks
  • emiko (nevva.nightfire): ok.. this way 🙂

  • emiko (nevva.nightfire): the gardens

  • emiko (nevva.nightfire): i build other stuff down here too.. we had a traveling theatre and ooc parties and events

  • Hathor01: this garden is gorgeous

  • emiko (nevva.nightfire): ty.. i spend quite a lot of time down here.. i hide in one of the trees 🙂

  • Hathor01: do you have dancer perform before the onset of the games?

  • emiko (nevva.nightfire): it depends on what we are doing.. usually with the sword tournaments we don’t.. we have dance competitions here in the large dance pit near the kennels

  • Hathor01: Emiko,thank you for showing me around and for your time

  • emiko (nevva.nightfire): smiles.. it was my pleasure

  • emiko (nevva.nightfire): anytime you want to come visit just give me or Judy a shout


An Answer to Heimli (by Mimi)

Answer to Heimli after a paper in the gazette (yes we read the Gazette and wanted all to know of this place)

The gor stupid integrism who insult

just an Answer to heimli rules after a paper in the gazette ( yes we read the Gazette and wanted to know all  nice GOR place).

Some say don’t publish, just ignore. A fact this but we do not have to let this out of , just respect for people. It’s not a personal attack just a meaning.

Yesterday scouting on new sims, i decide to jump on btb sim, make contact and searching really nice and good rp.

I have find nice person with no hate against panthers and GE, and meet a Btb panthers camps. All was nice, and i follow my way to a sim heimli. Before entering as always i read the rules and, my blood runs bad.

how can people can write insults on rules against people from other world, specially against GE.. This is totally the reflect of pure racism, putting a population out just cause she is different.

~ We are a ROLEPLAY sim. We are not interested in Pew pewers. If that is all you are interested in, pew pew  elsewhere… They’re plenty of GE sims for that.

Who are U to tell this, to judge people who make gor live better and rp good ,looking for the first meaning of Gor. You are birth  as a god of Gor ?. It’s just a free insult against many people and this is unacceptable. You are nothing in gor and it’s not cause you seems to be owner of the sim that You are a BTB . You just put water in the boiling oil. and be sure we can insult U in the same way in rule but we are more clever and respect people  from the 2 worlds. Money and payment don’t allow You this words. So put your sim in private if U don’t accept people.

You are the same profil of pseudo Btb who are in Rescue group to come fight on GE sim doing disney fight and cheating cause U think U are the best of Gor..

There is  2 days here in GE sim we down 3 BTB who accept the bind but they stay with no rp, simple they don’t talk or answer, bravo BTB people who want to make lesson and refuse simply rp cause you are not on a BTB sim. Many come to hunt panthers and refuse panthers on theirs sim… easy this.

Land of Heimli i see on rules also.

  1. No PANTHERS or MAMBAS. We are in the north. It is cold, they would not survive the climate.

And what i find citizen of the sim with no boot, in little dress on the snow under a hard weather..

What to say ?? just read the book

.Panthers could easily live anywhere on Gor. Wether it’s in a cave far north in Torvaldsland or in a thick vast forest somewhere between two southern cities. Panthers wear warmer outfits when in the forests, not skimpy.

Panther girls:Northern; more clothes for the weather

Talunas: Southern; less clothes

“pointing up to the hills and forest north of Laura. “these are the great forest. No one knows how far they extend to the east, and they go north as far as Torvaldsland. In them there are the forest people, but also many bands of outlaws, some of women and some of men.”

“Women?” I asked.

“Some call them the forest girls,” said Ute. “Others call them the panther girls, which they slay with their spears and bows.”

Captive of Gor; pages 81-82.

Look this…hahhaha and U refuses panther for false reason,

We have boot and great furr for the cold , know this. But sure U prefer furr bonds quiet than seeing panthers on the sim.

For information  Panthers are BTB at the same level as U.

Sorry but when i read this , i can’t stay here telling nothing. I report just only fact i see.

I respect all people from all world, even with translator, i know many BTB to who are mad when some owner  of BTB sim ban just people cause looking the profile they see sim GE. Think that now this behavior are the same than all we see now in Real life, this is not a good thing cause they are most integrist than RL integrist, knowing they risk nothing here , they just think they are boss, master of the world, what a poor spirit.

So stop to give lesson to people and stop to insults people with your rules, you are less BTB than GE are.. And make Gor living in a good way.

After this  imagin this in  a game it’s totally mad, i check all sim BTB  who are panther friendly respecting the true Gor. And  yes there is so hope is always living. This will come later in a list.

Port Hesius’ Voyage of Acquisition (by Selvi)

One morning, i saw a notice that caught me curiosity. It was titled “Voyage of Acquisition Roleplay. Since I am a curious little bondsmaid, I immediately clicked on it and started reading.

Port Hesius  has set up an opportunity for other roleplayers (old Gorean roleplayers and new to Gor) to play out their own abduction and kidnapping from Earth to Gor. I immediately saw the merits for folks wanting to start their stories in Gor from the very beginning.

The goal is men and women roleplay being snatched by the Priest King Agents and are brought back to the Fields of Hesius to become part of Port Hesius.

This set up is only good for the month of January.. Included in the notecard was the lore, so a back story is provided and if one desires  to roleplay in another capacity, the notice informs you of two other ways. One you can IM Melisande Moisant for a chance to roleplay as an Agent of the Priest kings,  or you can also come to Port Hesius and fill in the roles that they are currently looking for, Scribes, Physicians, Merchants, Grocers and farmers even an innkeeper or two. Since the Home Stone is not yet discovered. So if I let my imagination fly it would seem the opportunities are endless.

The Voyage of Acquisition skybox is the set for the last  option of participating in roleplay. Roleplaying as an Agent of the Priest kings or a barbarian living on Earth in Israel, in a small Village of Jericho. Modern Earth Clothing is appropriate for the time and place, just know child avatars are not allowed and if you have questions the Admins will be more than happy to answer them.

Animals of Gor – Urt (by Hathor)

I’m baaaaack, reporting on the Animals of  Gor.  Today, is the Urt.

I was walking in the Gorean Campus Zoo and saw this rather large animal.  I had no clue what it was, so I took a NC provided by the Gorean Campus Zoo, read it, and looked again at the animal.  It was huge, compared to Earth standards,  I had to take a pic.  I’m in the pic, ’cause you need some sort of reference size-wise.  So now, you get to read about this animal that makes me wrinkle my nose and wish I had walked a little further in the Zoo.

Below are descriptions as well as many quotes from the books.  I’ve condensed some of the quotes, in order to provide you with inforation, and to shorten the lenght of this article.

THE URT  – Horned Rodent, resembling the rats found on earth.


> Same sorts of ecological niches on Gor which rodents, of various sorts, occupy Earth.

> Function well on land and in the water, much like sewer rates.

> Various living includes the wild, slums, in insulae, canals of Port Kar

—John Norman, Letter to The Gorean Group, Sept 20th, 2000


Sizes: There are different types of urts, some small as mice , whilend others as large as tapirs, or even larger.

The urt is a loathsome, horned Gorean rodent; some are quite large, the size of wolves or ponies, but most are very small, tiny enough to be held in the palm of one hand.


Eyes: Set obliquely (or sideways) in the skull

His eyes, like those of an urt, one of the small horned rodents of Gor, were set obliquely in his skull.


Color: General brown, black, or gray.

—John Norman, Letter to The Gorean Group, Sept 20th, 2000

Natural Instinct: Tend to be nasty, and when hungry, aggressive.   Their demeanor seems to be sly and can move and turn very quickly.

—John Norman, Letter to The Gorean Group, Sept 20th, 2000

Migration: twice a year, and Travel in Packs, large numbers extending a half a pasang (2,000 to 3,000 yrds across)

It could be urts,” said a man. “It is near the time of the year for their movements.” Certain species of urts migrate twice a year. At such times, annually, it is usually necessary only to avoid them. People usually remain indoors when pack is in their vicinity. There is little danger from these migrations unless one finds oneself in their direct path.


There are different species of urts:

* brush urt: Smaller than its cousin, the forest urt, and just as dangerous. It inhabits bushy, leafy, dense underbrush areas within the Northern Forests.

There were small birds about, and I saw a scurrying brush urt, even a lovely, yellowish Tabuk fawn. I crossed two tiny streams.


* canal urt: Also called river urts.  Fast and cunning especially in water.  Lives along canals; particularly found in Port Kar where it feeds on refuse. A larger member of the urt family, having the same tusks and horns as the land-dwelling variety. Its silken coat is prized among hunters.  White furried bodies,  web-footed, weighing 75 to 80 pounds

Behind the man, in the stern, lay the bloody, white-furred bodies of two canal urts. One would have weighed about sixty pounds, and the other, I speculate, about seventy-five or eighty pounds.


* field urt:

> small silken furred body

> 3 rows of teeth

> 2 tusks

> 2 horns

* forest urts: Size of tiny dogs, usually found in the Northen  Forest,  nocturnal

In the forests, this afternoon, Thurnock and Rim, who were familiar with such matters, the first as a peasant, and catch, returned to the Tesephone, in a cage, covered with canvas, carried on the back of Thurnock, had been six, rather large forest urts, about the size of tiny dogs. This evening, after the evening meal, we had opened the cage into the lower hold. They had scurried from the cage,

dropping down to the sand, scampering off into the darkness.


* giant urt :

> fat

> sleek

> white

> 3 rows of needle-like white teeth

> 4horns.

> long hairless tail

It was a giant urt, fat, sleek and white; it bared it three rows of needlelike white teeth at me and squealed in anger; two horns,  tusks like flat crescents curved from its jaw; another two horns, similar to the first, modifications of the bony tissue forming the  upper ridge of the eye socket, protruded over those gleaming eyes that seemed to feast themselves upon me, as it waiting the permission of the keeper to hurl itself on its feeding trough. Its fat body trembled with anticipation.


* gliding urt: Related to the common tree urt. It inhabits the rainforests inland of Schendi. The Gorean gliding urt is similar to the sugar glider of Earth.

…Here, too, may be found snakes and monkeys, gliding urts, leaf urts, squirrels, climbing, long-tailed porcupines, lizards, sloths,  and the usual varieties of insects, ants, centipedes, scorpions, beetles and flies, and so on.


* ground urt: a small rodent which inhabits the ground level (floor) of the rainforests inland of Schendi.

In the lower portion of the canopies, too, can be found heavier birds, such as the ivory-billed woodpecker and the umbrella bird.  Guernon monkeys, too, usually inhabit this level. In the ground zone, and on the ground itself, are certain birds, some flighted,  like the hook-billed gort, which preys largely on rodents, such as ground urts, and the insectivorous whistling finch, and some unflighted, like the grub borer and land gim….


*hut urt

Inside the stockade, given the feast of the village, the column would widen, spreading to cover in its crowded millions every square inch of earth, scouring each stick, each piece of straw, hunting for each drop of grease, for each flake of flesh, even if it be no more

than what might adhere to the shed hair of a hut urt.


* leaf urt: a small tree-dwelling rodent, having 4 toes, which inhabits the rainforests inland of Schendi

…Here, too, may be found snakes and monkeys, gliding urts, leaf urts, squirrels, climbing, long-tailed porcupines, lizards, sloths,   and the usual varieties of insects, ants, centipedes, scorpions, beetles and flies, and so on.


* port urt:

The urt shields were still fastened to the mooring ropes, circular plates, preventing small port urts from boarding the ship.


* ship urt: blazzing coppery eyes, long haired

I screamed and thrashed; I could tell my ankle was bleeding, from the feeling of the wound and the wetness about my shin and on the wood. I tried with my right foot to press against the wound, to stanch the flow of blood. I saw the blazing, coppery eyes of the  long-haired ship urt on the other side of the mesh. I had let the shin of my left foot rest against the mesh.

—Slave Girl

* tree urt: a small tree-climbing rodent, having 4 toes, which inhabits the jungles of Schendi B

“…We may perhaps, somewhat loosely, speak of this first zone as the “floor,” or, better, “ground zone,” of the rain forest. In the level of the emergents there live primarily birds, in particular parrots, long-billed fleers, and needle-tailed lits. Monkeys and tree urts, and snakes and insects, however, can also be found in this highest level….”

—Explorers of Gor, 32:311

* snow urt , tiny rodent found at high altitudes of Voltai Mountains

There are villages here and there in the Voltai, usually of herders of domestic verr. These are generally, though not always, in the foothills. I know of only one city in the Voltai, like a remote tarn’s aerie, and that is the bandit city of Treve. The mountains are beautiful, but forbidding. They contain larls and sleen, and, in the lower ranges, wild tarsk, as well. As noted, at the higher altitudes, there is little to be found but wild verr and tiny snow urts.

Norman, John. Conspirators of Gor (Gorean Saga, 31) (Kindle Locations 6666-6671).


Urts as food:

> In desperate times, tiny urts were sold for food, usually for a silver piece in Ar.

It was Ar’s misfortune, at this most critical time in its long history, to be in the hands of the bleakest of all castes of men, the  Initiates, skilled only in ritual, mythology, and superstition. Worse, from the reports of deserters, it became clear that the city was starving and that water was running short. Some of the defenders were opening the veins of surviving tarns, to drink the blood. The tiny urt, a common rodent of Gorean cities, was bringing a silver tarn disc in the markets. Disease had broken out. Groups of looters

from Ar itself prowled the streets. In the camp of Pa-Kur we expected the city to fall any day, any hour. Yet, indomitably, Ar refused to surrender.


> In the forest for survival

She had, thrust in her belt, the binding fiber she had used for snares. We always took it with us, of course, when we moved. Over her shoulder she had two small, furred animals, hideous forest urts, about the size of cats, in her left hand she carried four small,  green-and-yellow-plummaged birds.


Uses of Urt in Gor

> Physicians perform research on urts

Flaminius looked at me. He was drunk, and perhaps that is why he was willing to speak to me, only of the black caste. There were tears in his eyes.

“I had,” he said, “shortly before the fire developed a strain of urts resistant to the Dar-kosis organism; a serum cultured from their  blood was injected in other animals, which subsequently we were unable to infect. It was tentative, only a beginning, but I had hoped very much.”


> glands of the Cartius rover urt extracted for the use of perfumes

That scent, I knew, a distillation of a hundred flowers, nurtured like a priceless wine, was a secret guarded by the perfumers of Ar. It contained as well the separated oil of the Thentis needle tree; an extract from the glands of the Cartius river urt;


> Giant urts used to flush escapees from tunnels

Some Silver Masks were discovered even in the sewers beneath the city and these were driven by giant, leashed urts through the long tubes until they crowded the wire capture nets set at the openings of the sewers.


> Some large urts became domesticated, bred and trained especially for attacking & killing

Certain forms of large, domesticated urt, incidentally, should be excepted from these remarks. They are especially bred for attacking and killing. Such animals, however, are inferior to sleen for such purposes. They also lack the tracking capabilities of the sleen.  Similarly they lack its intelligence.



Gorean Wild-Life Preserve


A Walk in Mama Territory – Sa’AFI des Janka (by Mimi)

In a lush forest, in an enchanting but dangerous setting on a beautiful sim that is not necessarily reflections mambas wild, I realize quickly that I’m on the sim Jang’ka of a fairly large group of French mambas .

Suspicious nevertheless, I meet one mamba Sa’Afi which left willingly interview to talk about this tribe and to discover a little of the world or she lives.

. (Mimi) Tal Mamba enchanted to meet you and happy to end up like meals, who are you and what group?

– (Sa’Afi) smiles showing his sharp canines, “hou (tal) panther, as you make me not provoked, you will remain alive”. The mamba is never pulls on the press.

-I’m Sa’Afi Tribe Jang’ka

.the jang’ka can you explain what this tribe?

-the mambas are cannibals living in the jungle schendi, hostile jungle or the bravest survive. The jang’ka are an ancient tribe united with laws and hierarchy. But the tribe has survived the years and multiple hurricanes and flood that destroyed many of the city. she often migrated to find fertile land. The tribe has about thirty members

– and You why choose mamba in Gor as role?

-Early Following the route of another person, and then being able to be free and warrior women, and also live in the middle of a big family very well organized and everyone in his place and role. we are a pack, welded solid, and no one behind.

– and Can you tell me a little of this strange hierarchy and your strange language?

-The hierarchy is triple the kiumes one side, the other the kikes, and after Inyanga sangoma and Ferals. headed the Inkosi (we have two) assisted Akicita (war leader and tribal chief in the absence of Inkosi). a kike can become at most M’Wana. Some roles are open to both gender. We speak Gorean, but of course our mother tongue is Swahili dialect mambas.


… is a little lost with this language and the kike Inyaga? the Ferals are human beasts of cash if I remember correctly?

-We Also speak the schendien. kiumes are the males, the females kikies the inyangs the careful, yes Ferals the human half beast mi.

… mmhh It still seems to me a tribe of macho sexist genre since kikes will no M’Wana and the Panthers women cheffes IN Ubara just like in the city

-yebo (yes) it is the laws jang’ka, difference is made between men and women in the hierarchy.

.Aye Grumbling that should not be simple for women, what are you waiting for rp and visits?

– When you become Wanawake it’s easier, only the hunters are at your level, and above Akicita and Inkosi.

We have a PR that is not only the fight, all subjects must be RP, jewelry manufacturing weapon, cook, care for, and also with any captive or captives. our RP is open to those who want to know us, participate, discuss and discover. But we remain a cruel and cannibal tribe, we fear.

.Peur To large urban city I think, who can only eat their furr and later on chairs to be served by a kajira army. But I do not think the Panthers tribes are afraid of you frankly.

-Eclate Laughing, this is something that is not known to us, no union or marriage among jang’ka. but kiume and kike can swear loyalty.

.You Accept everyone from the two entities Gor eternal war with GE and BTB?

-yebo, everyone is welcome to RP with us but must not believe that it is the club med camp. I think we should open up to more Anglo, and not stay on the French. We have much to learn from others, and vice versa, for that matter some Anglo RP tries to come with us, and I am part of one that encourages future.

This is fine, everything would gor understands that the opening is survival.

Life for a woman mamba is to what?

– Orthe vast subject that depends on your role, you’re here to teach younger, monitor their progress, teach them the laws rules, the language, but also the food and manufacturing after we are also there to s ensure that the tribe lacks nothing, food etc, barter, caring for m’totos (children), and learn the rudiments of arms, and become a jang’ka.

.A Long learning actually

Yes very long and every day we learn of others, for those who want to see and hear. it also deals with any captives

.it’s good to honor the catch is done less and less, we are in a generation I’ll sail shame.

.To End you can say mamba, thank you all for reading and see you soon?

– Kwa wote kuwashukuru kusoma na Kuona kwenu HiVi karibuni

.sourit Oula … I understand nothing hihihihhihi but anyway thank you for this moment for granted Gazette.

– Thank you Panther


© Gazette of Gor


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