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Northern Lights Outlaws (NLO)

Land HO!!!!!

After crossing the open land we come to a little huddle of homes. The puffs of smoke rising up from the chimneys gives the feel that there might we a warm welcoming fire to sit by in each of them.
Have a care if you choose to visit this homey, hearth though for you might find the welcome heated with arrows as they are a Merc group.

Not really a huge fortress but a low wall short and arched. It looks inviting with welcoming flags and a low squat door. The craftsmanship and texturing is superbly done as is the prim work.

Backing out a bit you can see the small ridge that crosses over to the walled village. The ruins of something older in the foreground. At a glance I saw many buildings and seeming little homes for those living there. Rental Boxes shows there is still room for a few more people that might seek a Northern Lights Home.

Cozy little cottages, well made and fine looking. I love the roof of the buildings. The sims theme works very well together and fine congruity to the appearance of all.

Over all there was some tender loving care that went into this build from the terraforming to the choice and selection of the buildings. I enjoyed my visit here and spent some time looking over much of the sim.  I did however omit some of the more hidden places which you will have to venture forth to see.

I encourage you to go and see not only this outlaw sim but others and if you see one I should review.
Then by all means drop me a note so I can go and see the sim you like!!!

My thoughts on NLO:


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