Role play of a male getting whacked by Red hair

He yells out in pain as Red hair listens to the lovely sounds


I have a few ideas for RP story lines with other encounters I have had. Like this weird little man by the name of Little Johny. This guy, has his own fort for him and his slutlings and FC to hang out in all day. They live on a BTB sim, but sectioned off on a GE parcel. Now, get this. This guy comes into our camp when no one is online and flags us. SUPER COOL. So, quite recently I beat him along with his FC !

The role play:

  • Marlies listens to the lovely sounds of WHACK….WHACK….WHACK as her wooden stick swiped against the man’s skin. She does another set of strikes, this time with more force. “Revenge for the flags, your threaten our tribe…” she breathed between her teeth. She was biting down hard with each blow, her arm and body throwing in as much momentum as she could muster into the force of the blows. WHACK…. WHACK…. WHACK. She continued for another stretch of three or so, then started to rest her arm. She spun it in small circles, keeping the blood flowing and her muscles warm for the next set. She exhaled softly. ” Call me a tree slut again and feel the end ” she huffs, breathing heavily. “I will spill your blood, boy”

  • Little Johny yells out as the pain begins to be unbearable….feels his stomach all like in fire….he doesn´t care yet how she calls him or about her threats … only pain and feeling of his powerless to help his FC occupy all his mind now

  • Karam It is no longer able to scream in pain. buzzing in her head, my heart beating wildly in my chest. in the eyes of the dark. She hopes to lose consciousness, that would at least for a while without feeling the pain … but it continues to be awake. just a thought in her head, when will it all stop. when he gets tired of her torment. she did not know how much it is enough that she would not break.

  • Marlies watches as pieces of her stick splinter off, leaving a piercing sharp point. She inspected it for a moment before turning the wooden stick into a rather crude and horrid dagger. She twists her hand, tightening her grip as her arm cocks back. She briefly looks to the girl to make sure she is watching, or even able to see what callous act Red hair is about to pull next. “And for all those weakened threats, I don’t think you realise how dangerous I can be….. ” She turns her body then, bringing her entire body into this lasting motion. She steps back on her back foot

  • Little Johny glares at stick with dagger attached to it….gets scared now really as he realizes what she is perhaps going to do….then turns his look to her …glares at her and shakes his head trying to stop her

  • Marlies rocks forward with her body, jumping, pouncing almost at the man’s flesh with her sticklike dagger. She stops just short of piercing his naval with the piece of wood. Instead she sweeps herself to stride around the cross, prowling like a forest larl before returning to his other side. She spins the dagger in her hand before bouncing the object on his head, playfully tapping him. “Now…. now, we should wait on for that…”


They both logged and somehow managed to get free out of our cages and leave the camp. However, in private IM we have agreed that he will return for his vengeance someday. Most likely when he isn’t terrified of Red hair 🙂
My next victim is going to be this one dude we shall call Roland from Ruins. This guy visits our sim every thirty or so minutes to try to kidnap one of the females and rape them. Okay guy, that’s cool and all, but really? This guy also likes to hotkey lock picking his way into everything…..bleh….definately not cool.

© Lunacaleengpanthers


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