The Gazette of Gor – Issue 31


(Gorean Press Edition)

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  • From the Editor’s Desk (Desi)
  • Olni History (Rik)
  • The Gor I Love (WorkHaus)
  • A Slave’s Tale (Miri)
  • Panther Trophy Contest – Interview of Mark Magellan (Mariko)
  • A Kajira Reads Minds (Frey)
  • Free Women in Positions of Power (Luthien Runner)
  • Guardian of the Gates (Quercus)
  • Wow! This is RP…. Let me off!  (Yesica Glas)
  • Animals of Gor – Snakes (Hathor)
  • Events
  • Editors and Writers needed
  • Feedbacks

From the Editor’s Desk (by Desi)

ok so Gorean RP at its finest it has been on and off for years

Something that always makes me laugh to myself is all these so called RP limits.  Ok so i know some are necessary cos we have some pure idiots in the RP world of Gor.

Come on people this is Gor its a pixel world yes real people drive these hot avatars granted some avatars are simply horrid but hey who cares if the RP is good

So rp limits i constantly see men with RP limits no collar, no shaving head, no submission, no permanent situations, no kill whatever the case may be…are you not cutting own throats men?

This is a RP world nothing is permanent who cares if a Panther collars you or a FW says ok you acted slave like towards me sheesh roll with it who knows could be the best RP of Your lives may and may help you to understand how a slave feels too

no shaving heads hahahah so funny what you think as women in a role such as a panther should leave you as they find you please get a grip have some fun

i could touch on each of these pathetic little limits and yes i am guilty of being one of these RPers who had retarded limits cos “oh it seemed like the right thing to do” ha took me some time but i soon figured out hey best limits are Keep it Gorean and of course the standard extreme limits of no childplay no animals no toileting but hey thats just me i am sure in the ginormous world of SL there are some….. hmmm ………extreme kink fans, but no i will not touch on each one i will speak of them as a whole known as RP Limits

Do any of you ever think:

Hey they can chop off my arm or cut out my tongue it is MY choice if i rp it out but i will RP it out until the RP here is finished and as soon as i leave that sim oh the priest kings will miraculously heal me it is a virtual reality people once the RP is done its done you do not have to continue it unless you choose to

Owners give Your slaves some rope let them experience something other than Your company whenever they are online let their limits be their limits guide them sure but hey respect their RP  and them

slaves oh girls and boys come on now you are rping in Gor as a slave you have no limits other than keep it Gorean and the whole uhmm no icky stuff, if you must have limits then how bout you find another place to RP, or a different character to play where you can respectfully state limits even if they are ridiculous

something was said to me recently

KAJIRA  “how can i write a story in Gor”

ME  “honey take out at least 5 of your limits ”

~~~~~She did that and now she has a continuing growing story she has traveled the lands of Gor and found that her heart lies in no true place yet but she says ~~~~~~

KAJIRA “i am still working on it, i have seen so many different things that i would never have seen otherwise

Olni History (by Rik Barr)

Tired of looking for great  BTB role play? Why not do as I did and visit a stable community which has had the same Ubar more than five years.

By Rik Baar, Magistrate of Olni

They searched the south shore of the Olni River many hands before discovering the ruins of Port Olni. Then, with the original Home Stone in hand about two dozen citizens began their work.

“The first structure we built was, of course, a small Temple to the Priest-Kings as it was they who destroyed the previous Olni,” the present day Ubara Lucy Bronet told the Gazette.  “It seemed they were happy with our dedication and our city prospered, growing gradually, bit by bit, to the grand city you see around you.”

Olni today is one of the largest Cities of Gor where hundreds have found home.

It all started in Tampica, a man called Eric was given a precious gift.

“A friend approached Eric(Kammerer) with the original Home Stone of Olni and, knowing Eric to be a true and honorable Gorean, gifted it to him,” Ubara Lady Lucy (Bronet) recalled.

“No one is aware of it’s existence,” said Doran Markova who had the honor of removing it from the ruins of Olni and guarding it ever since. “I will keep it that way and let you decide when to announce it’s presence.”

“This is to certify that I Doran Markova, Administrator of Olni, Lawfully held responsibility over the Home Stone of Port Olni at the time of the destruction of the city of Port Olni,” proclaimed the official scroll that accompanied the Home Stone.

“Further I declare that the Home Stone was in my possession after the destruction. Kept in safekeeping until the city would rise again,” it said.

And rise it did.

“The Priest Kings were thorough in their destruction,” Eric said at the time.  “Some scattered rubble, and a fountain beyond is all that remains”

The end of summer of 2007 Eric and a few friends began the search to find the ruins of his only Gorean home.

“For me swearing to a Home Stone is no small thing,” said Eric, currently Ubar of Ti.  “Olni, until Ti, was the only Home Stone I had sworn to.”

“Any Gorean is part of their Home Stone, and their Home Stone is part of them.” he said, standing proudly as he spoke those words. “I simply did what any Gorean should do, make their Home live.”

“It is wrong how it happens today, everyone jumping from place to place because it becomes hard, or someone says something they don’t like,” Said Eric. “A man works to make their home a better place, to make it alive.”

The search for the ruins of Olni “was a long one,” but finally the site was found using Eric’s memory. He had always admired the glorious Olni,” Lucy said. After the Temple was finished, they built “a small wooden fortress” which was their home for nearly two years.

“There was a small dock and a path which led for a short walk through the woods, terminating in a log gate. Beyond that, to the right, on a small rise, was our Temple,” she remembered. “Only the temple was made of stone as it “was constructed of the ruins of the older city.”

In a year and a half the City grew to the point that it exceeded the population (20 people at a time) which could live there under limits for the Homestead called Nectarine.

The growth “was amazing.” She attributed most of it to the Ubar. “Eric had such a reputation that people were eager to be in his city. You see the same thing happening in Ti currently.”

Then reconstruction then began in earnest on today’s site, but Eric was unable to remain for it’s completion.

“Once these stout walls were erected for the defense of her citizens, a tragedy occurred and our Ubar was forced to go on an extended Journey,” Lucy said. He never returned.

With a growing population, the city was attacked more and the Scarlet legion grew enough to defend not only Olni, but also to assist Olni’s allies.

“In 2009, the City of Vonda under Jarvis, was under seige from glorious Ar,” according to Verona Lorgsva,Olni magistrate. “Jarvis Quan, a long time friend of Olni Ubar Eric, had summoned warriors from all over Gor for one final glorious battle that resulted in the deaths of Jarvis’s family and my neice Verona Lorgsval, then publisher and editor of The Voice of Gor. She was eaten by a Kur after being used for medical experiments.”

“Olni showed up in force, its banners flying next to Vonda’s,” she said. “the battle raged for two days though sadly the beleaguered city of scribes fell to Ubar Dyce of Ar.”

“The men of Olni fought bravely and women physicians patched up the warriors as did slaves as the city burned around them,” Verona recalled, but Ubar Dyce and Ar prevailed.

Eric and his warriors still talk of that memorable final battle to this day.

Though circumstances caused Eric to leave Olni, he had groomed his successor. The warrior Commander was named Ubar December 2, 2010 to follow in Eric’s footsteps and five years in later, Ubar Jarek Spiritweaver is still in that position.

“Jarek was everything an Ubar could hope for in a Commander,” Eric told the Gazette. “He was strong, and diligent, considerate but strong. I saw in him what everyone else would come to see, that he was a good leader.”

“I have been around a very very long time, and in all of that time he is the only person I have ever made family,” Eric said.  “It is not often you find someone that is truly better than yourself. I found that in Jarek and have more pride and confidence in him than it is possible to put into words.” I may not always agree with how he does something, but I always know he is doing it not for himself but because he believes it is the right thing.”

Jarek said it was his honor to work with Eric and “along side with so many awesome warriors, Commanders that followed me, Just incredible people here.  Free, slaves, everyone. We have great people, involved, creative.”

And to what else does Jarek attribute Olni’s success? “I think we do well because we try to keep to our standards and values.”

how did he meet his Ubara?

“We were fighting with Thentis at the time and they capped one of her scribes was taken,” he said. “Lucy tried to save her but got taken also. So I went off to Thentis to get her back, against orders” from a Lieutenant.

The commander had been escorting Lucy from city to city and didn’t realize his feelings for her had grown until a Eric’s slave Lex(Lexus warwillow) asked him about it.

“I knew her but didn’t consider myself interested romantically. It is kind of funny,” he said. Lex’s question “kind of hit me between the eyes. I didn’t realize I cared so much.”

Asked his greatest memory of early Olni, “Still tops of everything is when Lucy agreed to be my companion,” he said. “the first time she said I love you.” That was in the beautiful gardens the city was known for.

One of the four longest residential citizens of Olni was the Scarlet Paul, now the Ubara’s slave paul (phaneroz.panthar)

“I’ll never forget my first day in the city,” he recalls. He said he was depressed after losing his intended companion so he left the camp he lived in and visited Olni at the invitation of a friend.

“Some Free Woman was acting in a strange manner and grabbed a bow,” he said. “And began shooting at me. Thankfully she could not pull it even to half and I swiftly downed her (with his sword) and tied her as is the custom of a tarnsman.

“I became a Red of the City with the rank 2nd Lt., and the woman became a slave,” he smiled. “She was not Free long enough for me to remember her name.”

Under Eric’s leadership Ti is a city with Old Gorean Values. It is growing and prospering, but Eric still has a warm spot in his heart for his first Home Stone.

“Anything I can ever do to help Olni, just say the word.” he smiled “I miss the place most days.”

The Gor I love (by WorkHaus)

Tal folks.

I am not here to have a “what gor is or isn’t” debate, enough of that takes place daily.  I will not argue any points, nor will I take offense to your own views.  The following is my opinions, my views, my thoughts, my own ramblings. It is my hope in writing these down and sharing them with you, I get you to think. In thinking, I hope to get you talk. In talking, I hope to get you hold real conversations that open up to understanding. The following is in no particular order of what I love about Gor.

The Gor I love holds great value on home and community. There is nothing more sacred or more worthy of respect than a Home Stone. It is momentous, meaning no other topic spoken of among Goreans carries more weight or significance. When one speaks of Home Stones, it is customary to stand, for by so doing one does honor to the very topic of conversation. We possess here the ability to decide where and how one will live, in effect to choose one’s “Home Stone.” What a both wonderful and sacred task! I find that this deep meaning is somehow lost to a great many within the greater Gorean community that is SL Gor and it pains me when I see those, especially new Goreans rushing to be in a place. Let me urge you all to take some time, find a place that fits you and that you fit with. One of the beauties or Gor, in my humble opinion, is that a cities laws extend no further than their own walls. If you do not take the time to know a city before you swear to a city’s Home Stone, and you hop from place to place hoping to hit it right, you have no one but yourself to blame when a place fails to meet up with what you expect. A Home Stone is the keystone, the center or heart of a place.  I leave you a quote on this love that has always struck me..

“Commonality of Home Stone extends beyond concepts with which you are familiar, such as shared citizenship, for example. It is more like brotherhood, but not so much in the attenuated, cheap, abstract sense in which those of Earth commonly speak glibly, so loosely, of brotherhood. It is more analogous to brotherhood in the sense of jealously guarded membership in a proud, ancient family, one that has endured through centuries, a family bound together by fidelity, honor, history and tradition.”

Prize of Gor     Book 27     Pages 117 – 118

The Gor I love is structured. Everyone has a place and that place is defined. Gor is caste based and even in the cultures where caste-based is not the way things are, it is still structured in such a manner that each person knows their own place in society, what their “job” is and can live that path. Living within this structure is what each Gorean should strive to do. The concept of personal responsibility cannot be understated in this structure.  It means that every Gorean is expected to strive within the limits of his or her existence to achieve self-fulfillment and lasting happiness. A Warrior may draw his sword and lead an army to conquer and raid a city, if he is strong enough and fit enough to do so. A free woman may attempt to contract a profitable companionship or to build a financial empire, if she is strong enough and clever enough to. Even a slave is expected to seek her deepest self-fulfillment within the bonds of her Master’s chains. In such a manner, each Gorean is expected to strive and achieve something for the collective Gorean society, and struggle to attain perfection within the structure of that society. Gorean structure is powerful stuff. If for some reason you are not happy with your place in Gorean society, examine that, and yourself why. Take personal responsibility for your own actions, own your mistakes, and celebrate your triumphs. Structure has its own rewards.

The Gor I love is harsh and uncompromising. This love I suspect brings conflict to some and peace to others. We have a lot of “gray” in SL Gor. We moved away from black and white somewhere along the line. We created labels to justify how we view Gor, how Gor should be “played” or how Gor should be “lived”. It does not surprise me at all actually. Human give “labels” to everything. We calculate, compute, and bend to our own perceptions. Our “flavors” adapt to how we view the world. In the simplest of terms, we have brought guns to a knife fight.  But think on this: When a thing attempts to be something it is not, problems arise. A man is a man; a woman is a woman; a tree is a tree; a flower is a flower. To the Gorean mind, it is foolish for anything to assume the properties of another thing.Therefore, each person is required to understand his or her basic nature, and to abide by it. Though the lines may blur at times, when all things are reduced to their basic forms, each thing is appreciated and celebrated for its own uniqueness, and is not forced to assume properties of another, different, thing. What would happen if we took away our labels and flavors and looked at each thing as an absolute? Superior strength– be it strength of will, strength of body, or strength of mind– will tend naturally to manifest itself among ordered human groupings. In the Gorean world there is what is called the natural order. Natural order may be summed up as “the male of a species evolved to a particular status while the female of a species evolved as the opposite status in order to meet species survival needs.” I see natural order as this yin and yang, both working together, in their own ways to create a whole. The whole of Gorean society is based on this interaction between men and women. The exceptions when forced into a cultural insistence on total equality between the genders – creates many negative spin-offs. Males are acculturated to become more feminine and females as a result of the power vacuum become masculinized. But remember what happened in Tharna within the books… oh you don’t know? It’s a good read. It also shows the harshness and uncompromising nature in Goreans. The majority of those who seem to fall outside the natural norms actually do not, but rather, have subscribed too long to societal teachings that encourage the stifling of natural behaviors and thinking in favor of simulated equality and have developed habits and views that suppress and circumvent our true natures. Gorean thought requires one to constantly evaluate oneself and strive for personal betterment and truth.

I leave you with a quote on this love of mine…

“The morality of Earth, from the Gorean point of view, is a morality which would be viewed as more appropriate to slaves than free men. It would be seen in terms of the envy and resentment of inferiors for their superiors. It lays great stress on equality and being humble and being pleasant and avoiding friction and being ingratiating and small. It is a morality in the best interest of the slaves, who would only be too eager to be regarded as the equals of others. We are all the same. That is the hope of the slaves, that is what it is in their interest to convince others of. The Gorean morality on the other hand is more one of inequalities, based on the assumption that individuals are not the same, but quite different in many ways. It might be said to be, though this is over simple, a morality of Masters. Guilt is almost unknown in Gorean morality, though shame and anger are not. Many earth moralities encourage resignation and accommodation; Gorean morality is bent more towards conquest and defiance; many earth moralities encourage tenderness, pity, gentleness, and sweetness; Gorean morality encourages honor, courage, hardness, and strength. Gorean morality many earth moralities might ask “why so hard?” to these earth moralities, the Gorean ethos might ask, “why so soft?”

Marauders of Gor, page 8

The Gor I love is full of beauty. I am not talking about pretty sims or pretty slaves although both have a part in that. The Gorean world is a beautiful thing. The planet as described has so many regions , so many cultures. We live in this complex world full of dangers and intrigue. It is a world full of laughter, argument, heartwarming and heartbreaking. If you ask five people what Gor is they will give you five different answers and that is part of that beauty as well. Gor can be a place to explore both physically and mentally. It can be challenging, or mundane; quiet or exciting; exhausting or fulfilling.

“If it is not beautiful, it is not Gorean.” John Norman

I thank you all who read down to the end here. I challenge you now my readers, MAKE your Gor Gorean. Stand for your words, your actions in your Gorean lives. If you do, you will be in good company. If you do not, as always, I wish you well.

A Slave’s Tale (by Miri)

I was asked to write a piece about my journey in Gor and about my seven years in one collar.

The task has actually taken me back through time to my introduction to Gor in early 2007. What a vastly different place it was then. I recall there were only a few sims by comparison to today. The life of a slave was ” be pleasing or receive the whip or worse, death “. The feelings of the typist were ignored, you walked into this world, you are what you say you are!

My introduction was Midgaard as a Free woman till I found my feet, I think my shoes and feet were lost at the entrance somewhere. Petrified was a word to describe how I felt inside. Here I was called Lady, veiled and robed from head to foot, an escort to protect me and a complete sense of wonderment at what I found. This counter earth full of men who led, women who knew who was in charge and slaves that served swathed in silks and those damn bells that drove everyone insane.

I was the trifecta of naivety, new to second life, new to Gor and new to role play. In time I was made a slave by my escort and we traveled deep in the Northern wastes. There was no instruction from anyone, least of all him, so it became a daunting, scary place, filled with everything I really didn’t understand. Men yelled at me when I got things wrong and free women sneered at me like a was a fungus growing between their toes that was totally unwanted. There were moments of joy as a knelt in the deep snows by my Master and looked over the vastness of white and mountains, we were as one in this beauty of second life and Gor and it felt completely sane. Sadly it was not to last and the fear that leapt from me every time I logged on was not conducive to learning anything, so it was goodbye to a place that I was fascinated by but unable to fit into to.

It was some time before I re-entered Gor under the care of Free woman, a Physician who was become my savior and mentor within the walls of Gor. With her help I came to understand the philosophy of Gor and with another kajira, I learned the basics and the beauty of slavery and role play. How to bring scenarios to life, how to draw from deep within the slave that lies in each woman. There would never be enough thanks to those two for what they brought to me.

But as had happened before, I was lost to Gor a for a little while and it was always in my mind to go back. That is when my desire turned to an honest hunt for what Gor was and so began the drudgery of reading the novels, Slave girl first.. With ferocity, I ate up the first five books, the writing left me pale with apparitions of ” golden beetles” swimming about my head after reading Priest Kings, the words being repeated over and over again verbatim. That’s what I despise about the writing, the duplications that are some how meant to get the idea across, but leave your mind swirling at the end until even in your sleep you hear those words reoccurring. But it without this foundation that you get lost in a myriad of note cards that could be correct or written from someone’s perspective, the truth lies within the bad writing. What John Norman lacks in literary talent, he seems to be able to conjure the meaning of men and women and their respective roles. He develops a theme that gives us what the world could be, if we let go.

When things are meant to be, I find they are! It was the end of 2008 that Mirianda was born and she was enter the world of Gor for good. She became known as miri, kennel slave. There were good lessons in this life of never ending serves, there was honing role play skills interacting with other slaves watching them for clues and hints. It was also about writing those copious amounts of chore notecard’s that nobody reads, but we were dutiful and whilst they were tedious they were also instructional. Those days shaped miri into a cookie cutter slave, yet she didn’t mind so much as long as she was achieving, she was happy, even when there were detractors or punishment, she ate up information. It was a drug that became an addiction. But with all enslavement of the mind come the pitfalls and I fell into the deepest trap of anyone that comes into a place like Second Life and a role play genre. I couldn’t separate IC and OOC, not in a twisted way, but in the way that I was feeling and caring as a person behind the screen and that came out in here. It was a symptom of being cookie cutter, one I should have known better about. When people were role playing being displeased with me, I cried real tears. When I hadn’t understood something, I was hurt. People intimidated me and it was all too real, yet I had no skills to fix it.

Enter one hero in the form of a man that had me at our first role play. I longed for him to come online, I smiled when he spoke to me and desired his collar more than anything else that had mattered before him. The dream eventuated and we became Master and slave and it was from there that slavery for miri was to take a turn. Through his guidance and mastery, miri became more confident in her actions, she learned the differences of being a character and what she felt inside to understanding when she could say no and mean it. Her Master was instrumental in shaping the slave she is now. His patience was phenomenal, he knew exactly what she needed and it was finally then that I understood what Gor was all about. How the books described the relationship. If I felt to be pleasing before, he made me crave it ‘s perfection in his name. He brought about a change so real in my online character and therefore the woman behind the screen, it amazed me then, it still does now.

He demanded perfection but he did in such a way that made me want to give it to him. I was transfixed on being at his feet, heeling to his left side, being attentive to his needs, learning them. But what began to teach me was so much more, it was about drawing on the inner slave, directing the frustrations and turning them into positives, about laughing at mistakes yet making them a lesson that would not need repeating. He was the inspiration that miri had needed and wanted from the very beginning. She had go through the mire and take steps through the wilderness alone to get to the summit of her slavery and with him, that was it. Yes, I kneel to many and never cease to learn, as slaves we cannot, we can only stop when we are dead. It’s foolish to think we can know everything from a series of books that spans so many volumes, we need re – read, take a refresher course and desire to be better than we were. Time in Gor does not equate to knowledge, what it pertains to is experience.

We spent nearly three years online together, developing our relationship from one height to another. Love shone through and led us to meeting in real time and becoming partners. It does not happen for everyone and we find ourselves blessed that the fates of Gods have shone on us. My story is not unusual and perhaps others reading will understand the torments and the happiness that comes from being a slave in online Gor. Some of us are role players, some of us are subs, some of us are in tune with the writing of John Norman and some of us play at the game, never fully understanding the ideals behind the mess and jangle of words. What ever our purpose here, we are here together and my philosophy is stay true to what you  believe in and you can never go wrong, it doesn’t matter to me what is popular right now, BTB, GE or Lifestyle I am miri, slave of Ian, slave of men, slave of Gor.

Panther Trophy Contest – Interview of Mark Magellan (by Mariko Marchant)


  • Mariko Marchant: Tal Mark, nice to see you gain!

–     MarkMagellan: great to see you as well, mari.

  • Mariko Marchant: You organized an Panther Trophy Contest, who won?

–     MarkMagellan: There were two prizes, one for the tribe holding the trophy for the most time (won by Ja Lina) and another for the last to hold the trophy (won by Veck En).

  • Mariko Marchant: Who else took part?

–     MarkMagellan: Ja Lina, Sa di Sani, Veck En, Luna Nevah, Sa Tavi, Talender Moon, Sa Sheku, and Forest Moon.

  • Mariko Marchant: What what the trophy about?

–     MarkMagellan: The trophy was simply a valuable object that the tribes took from one another.  I kept track of who had it and for how long, with the winners decided by total time of possession and who had it last.

  • Mariko Marchant: Did you see any action?

–   MarkMagellan: Lots of it!  The purpose was to give the panther and taluna tribes reason to interact, and they did a lot of it.  There were raids, of course, captives taken, trades made, and some thefts.  Oh, and I should add some pretty hilarious attempts to sneak into camps.

  • Mariko Marchant: What is your opinion about the participants?

–    MarkMagellan: The participants were great.  People cooperated and had a lot of fun.

  • Mariko Marchant: Are you planning to organize more contests?

–     MarkMagellan: Yes,  I’m working on a couple of ideas now, so we’ll see.  I really enjoyed getting to know all the people in the various tribes.  I definitely made some new friends.  Hopefully the next contest will be as much fun for everyone.

  • Mariko Marchant: Anything you like to add to this interview?

–     MarkMagellan: No.  Other than to encourage others to participate in the next one!  Have fun!

  • Mariko Marchant: Thank you very much for your time and for organizing this wonderful contest!

–     MarkMagellan: It was my pleasure!

A Kajira Reads Minds (by Frey)


My name is Frey and I am a kajira.  By the title of this week’s article, many can guess that I will write about the dreaded thing that we’ve all encountered…. The Thought Emote.  Sometimes the thoughts are small and used to reassure the other person that you, as the typist, have good intentions and are clarifying the tone of your words.  And when someone uses them for this purpose, they are showing their nature to be an honorable Gorean.

But there is another type of thought emote that is not so Gorean… and quite frankly it’s not Earthen either… simply put, it’s not human at all.  Who among us has not fallen victim to this manipulative type person who holds you hostage under the trick that you cannot read minds, therefore, they are free to insult you without consequences.

I’ve asked around for advice on how to handle these types, and I’ve heard a lot of great suggestions.  The best one, and the one that I have taken practice to, is to just ignore the existence of the self centered bully.  These really are simply inconsiderate people who are so badly in need of all attention to be solely on them that they are willing to make themselves look horrible to feed that need.  To successfully get in front of these types, I’ve created yet another list of “warning signs”, and I beg you allow me to share this with you:

– If the person has a  “RP Limits” pick on their profile that starts out by them lecturing that this is Gor and that they do not have any limits… then the pick continues on to list out their limits.  You are dealing with an attention whore.

– If, when you ask during RP after a person’s background, you are told to check their profile. And when you do, it’s 3 to 4 picks of a back story.  And by the way, you fellow slaves out there who are doing this… get over yourselves… no slave is that important whether IC or OOC.  You are dealing with an attention whore.

– If the person is incapable of separating the RP from IMs, and proves this by whining in your IM box like a crazed lunatic.  Then if you dare to push back as IMs are OOC and you have every right to do so.. you are told to not take it personal.. and by the way.. F U!  If you are in my personal IMs it IS personal!  <clears her throat and regains composure>  You are dealing with an attention whore.

– If the person floods the local chat window describing their lovely orbs and hair that flows like a river, they interrupt quality RP with mind numbing drivel about how they are being pleasing while they are puking out their attention seeking posts, then turn around and call themselves a para RPer.  You are dealing with a really stupid attention whore.

– If they are a free woman and they do any of the following:  open up a safe room door during a raid, give birth to triplets every two weeks, are attacked by a secret assailant that no one else saw, and/or companion someone new every week.  You are dealing with an attention whore.

– If they are a slave and all they talk about is their needs, their feelings, their struggles, and what you must do to give them attention.  If they are all about Me, Me, Me… then you own an attention whore.

– If they write on their profile that they will not accept drama then stroll around stirring drama… and when they don’t get enough in RP, they resort to IMing others in a nonstop effort to bringing focus upon themselves. You are dealing with an attention whore.

– And lastly, of course, if they thought emote out an insult… You are dealing with an attention whore who has serious bullying tendencies… and if they are a slave…you are dealing with a nut case who put herself in the wrong role so she could be an attention whore while prancing around making everyone within chat range miserable.

Free Women in Positions of Power (by Luthien)

This is a controversial subject, but as many of you know, I enjoy approaching the controversial!

Gorean Free Women had a role in Gor that was unique to themselves.  Free women had to maintain a standard, where they were respectful, honorable, polite, dignified, and much more.  Even when they were the latter, they were allowed freedom to speak their mind.  They could be lofty and could voice their opinions without the fear of being punished for it.

Even low caste free women were expected to maintain many of these qualities or face punishment depending on the laws of the City they lived in.

You might ask:  how then could a Free Woman rise to be a leader in a City where men were dominant?

“Gorean free women, particularly of high caste, have a status which is far higher than that of the average free woman on Earth. Indeed, the average free woman of Earth would have very little understanding, at least initially, culturally, of the social station of a Gorean free woman.” (Prize of Gor, Chapter 25, page 886)

The above quote suggests to me that a Free Woman of High Caste, could rise to a status where she could become a leader.  As the quote suggests, there are such things as Earth-Ruling Queens, as the British Monarch Queen Victoria had been in Power, followed by the British Queen Elizabeth, who also ruled her people assisted by a democracy of people in the form of a cabinet, lead by the Prime Minister.

We could make a comparison to Gor and see a female Ubara, as head of a City, assisted by the High Council.

“Gnieus Lelius, it seems, had been deposed, and Seremides, in a military coup he himself characterized as regrettable, had seized temporary power, a power to be wielded until the High Council, now the highest civilian authority in Ar, could elect a new leader, be it Administrator, Regent, Ubar or Ubara.”

Magicians of Gor     Book 25     Page 83

“At last, in view of the distinct unrest in the city, and the possible danger of riots and demonstrations, a communication was received from the Central Cylinder, jointly presented by Talena, Ubara of Ar; Seremides, captain of the guard; Antonius, executive officer of the High Council; Tulbinius, Chief Initiate; and Myron, Polemarkos of Temos, to the effect that Ar might now rejoice, as in these unsettled times Lurius of Jad, in his generosity and wisdom, at the request of the governance of Ar, and in the best interests of the people and councils of Ar, had permitted the Home Stone to be brought to Telnus for safekeeping.”

Magicians of Gor     Book 25     Pages 162 – 163

“There must be many in Ar who will have scores to settle with the Ubara,” he said.

“I suspect,” I said, “that these arrests are more the work of Seremides, and Antonius, of the High Council.”

“You would defend Talena of Ar?” he asked.

“I would not blame her for more than that for which she is responsible,” I said.

“Surely her complicity is clear,” he said.

I was silent.

“She is an arch conspirator in the downfall of Ar,” he said.

“Perhaps,” I said.

“What does she mean to you?” he asked.

“Nothing,” I said.

The men were now filing past, with their guards. Their hands, indeed, were manacled behind their backs.

“Some of those men may have been high in the city,” said Marcus.

“Undoubtedly,” I said.

“Some even have signs about their necks,” said Marcus.

“I am not familiar with the politics of Ar,” I said, “so I do not recognize the names.”

“I know the name of the last fellow,” said Marcus, “Mirus Torus.”

The sign about his neck had that name on it, and also the word, “Traitor.”

“Who is he?” I asked.

“I assume,” said Marcus, “that he is the Mirus Torus who was the executive officer of the High Council before Gnieus Lelius, and later held the same office under the regency of Gnieus Lelius.”

Magicians of Gor     Book 25     Pages 165 – 166

Talena in Magicians, Ruled Ar as Ubara in these above quotes.

It is noted that she had Power within the Mighty City of Ar.

If a Free Woman could rise to take the position of Ubara, then why could she not rise to take the position of Caste Leader?

I could find no quotes that referred to the position of Head of Caste, but I did find quotes referring to High Physician, High scribe, High…. This suggest to men that the “High” depicts that of someone who has worked their way up the ranks to take on a position of leadership within their Caste.

“Will there be many who will work with you?” I asked, remembering the dangers of his research, the enmity of the Initiates.

“Some,” said Flaminius. “Already some eight, of skill and repute, have pledged themselves my aids in this undertaking.” He looked at me. “And the first, who gave courage to them all,” said he, “was a woman, of the Caste of Physicians, once of Treve.”

“A woman named Vika?” I asked.

“Yes,” said he, “do you know her?”

“Once,” said I.

“She stands highest among the Physicians of the city,” he said.

“You will find her, I think,” I said, “brilliantly worthy as a colleague in your work.”

Assassin of Gor Book 5 Page 398

“Vika was an exceptional Physician.  She was born into the caste and worked in it all her life apprenticing after the  brief time when she was enslaved.  She then rose to receive the title of Highest Physician in the City, Flaminius was to work with her.  There is no mention of her being de-titled and the position given to Flaminius.

I had seen few women, but knew that they, when free, were promoted or demoted within the caste system according to the same standards and criteria as the men, although this varied, I was told, considerably from city to city.” (Tarnsman of Gor, chapter three, page 30)

The point is raised, however, from these quotes and others, that not just any Free Woman was given the title or could rise to such a position.  What I am saying is, that there were exceptions to the rules, where a Woman deserved it.  She rose in ranks, proved her abilities, and was voted in by elections.

“A notable exception to the generalization that women of a given caste normally do not engage in caste work is the caste of physicians, whose women are commonly trained, as are the boys, in the practice of medicine. Even the physicians, however, normally do not admit their women to full practice until they have borne two children. The purpose of this is to retain a high level of intelligence in the caste. Professional women, it is well understood, tend not to reproduce themselves, a situation which, over time, would be likely to produce a diminution in the quality of the caste.” -Fighting Slave of Gor, page 214

With any position of power along with the fact that she is a woman in a Dominant Male world, the higher she rises, the harder it is and further the fall.

In my own personal opinion, yes, there are too many Free Women leaders who have not earned the role.  But that shouldn’t mean that no Free Women should be allowed to strive for such a role.  High positions of power should be earned.  Once earned, a Free Woman must strive every single day to maintain the position, always giving respect to her Male counterparts.  One wrong move could see her stripped of her position, her veil, her clothing and her freedom.

  •  Guardian of the Gates (by Quercus Robur)

I am the Gate Guardian, Rarius of this Town,

I take my duty seriously, I’ll not let you down.

And at the gate I will stand all day, No villain shall ever pass,

But if they try believe me now. I will surely kick their ass.

So stand here daily as I do and all do come and go,

From the very highest of high caste to the lowest of the Low.

Yes they all do have a tale and some are readily shared,

I wish they knew how I really felt and how little I could not be cared.

But speak with me and distract me from my duties task,

And some I have to tell you make me see my arse.

But all are dealt with great respect, with a nod and wave,

But my furs do i just wish for and the company of my slave.

Come rain or shine, the weather thrown, through snow and hideous hail,

I stand here wrapped within my cloak, never ever daring to fail.

At my feet my Kajira, my cloak she is wrapped within,

Can you tell what she does by my cross eyed goofy grin?.

There is no place I would rather be, except  by this bloody gate,

Where is my relief, time flies, he is always fucking late.

I bet he is in the Tavern, served by the sluts warm Mead.

If he aint here within an ehn I’ll make the fucker bleed.

Oh hell who now approaches, a stranger do I see,

It has been a really busy day and have not yet had a pee.

To this man I must challenge on this I did not factor,

Oh shit it is the Woodsman, I must have a nutter attractor.

He will bore me with his poems and terrible joke to tell,

I just wish that tree would fall on him, the last one he would fell.

I see my relief approach and suppress my icy blast,

And wonder as I walk away if I could change my caste.

Quercus Robur, Gorean poet and entertainer available for IC / OOC events on your Sim.

Outrageous Comedy on a Gorean Basis.

Gorean Poetry to make you laugh, to make you cry, to make you think a bit, and make the Free Women blush all over with Bawdy Banter and wit.

Send Notecard to Quercus Robur (Elfinstone Hellershanks)

Wow! This is RP… Let me off!   (by Yesica)

As in any busy Sim there are ups and downs.  A bit like a roller coaster, where many shout… “Let me off!”… but when the ride finishes they get right back on for another turn!

RPing in Gor is just the same.

Many of us have been here for many years, as the same character, adding to his or her story over the years, perfecting them, imperfecting them, depending how you want your story to go.  Some of us have been here for a very short time, and are flung (so to speak) into the lions den with no means of escape, apart from to either tame the lions, or become one of them.  For the benefit of those who are in the latter category, I would like to explain a few RP pointers to help get you started.

  1. Your character is the Avatar you see in the screen. The Actor/ Actress.  The person behind the screen is penning his or her story as it unfolds.  There is no script.  Anything could happen, at anytime, depending on how you interact with the other players.
  1. Yes, we are people, who have emotions and it would be unrealistic to say that we don’t invest some of our emotions into our character. How then do we feel passionate about something, or someone.
  1. All Rp we involve ourselves in should be for the good of the Sim.  We should be smart, when it comes to confrontational RP to do it in a way which is positive to the sim.

A sim cannot survive solely on RP from nice slaves making food and serving the free in the cafe or tavern.  There must be RP about daily lives.  The ever present gossiper, the thief who is so good he rarely gets caught.  The FW who walks ever closer to that fine line of being face stripped.  The slaves who ran and has been hamstrung.  The Warriors who are out conquering Gor and bringing back their wares.  The merchants who seek the assistance of black market smugglers so they an make a few coin.  The slaver who has a quick turnover of slaves and makes himself rich.  The Physicians who are striving to keep the citizens well.  The accident prone who love them and visit often!

It is also unrealistic to get along with everyone in a City, town, port, village.  If you find you have OOC differences and can’t settle them, then just agree to disagree and steer clear.  If you want to take it a step further, then RP it out, but let them know you will only give digs IC about IC things.

As with our First Life, we have no idea what the future holds for us.  The same is for our Second Life in Gor.  We have no idea what tomorrow brings for our character.  It depends on so many factors, including the people around us and how they interact and weave through our story to make their own story.

If you find your characters story is taking a turn where you feel uncomfortable, then contact one of the Moderators or sim owners, who will help you and give you ideas on how to bring your characters story back to where you would like them to go.

Animals of Gor – Snakes (by Hathor)

Snakes belong to the animal class reptiles. This group also includes crocodiles, lizards, and turtles. Reptiles are cold-blooded animals that raise their body temperature by lying in the sun or lower it by crawling into the shade.

The snakes of Gor, oh my.  (Just be glad  wasn’t asked to do one on spiders !)  I accidentally wandered into the snake pit, looking for this  remnant reptile and almost was bitten.  It hissed at me, I jumped and I said, “feet don’t fail me now” as I back-peddled as fast as my little Gorean feet would move.

The snakes of Gor are:   the Ost, Banded Ost, Ushindi Ost, and the Hith,

Enjoy reading ab

about the little slithering sweeties’s facts below.


Gorean Wild-Life Preserve


The ost, cousin of the hith, is a twelve-inch snake and bright orange in color. It’s deadly venom causes excruciating death within seconds.

“I was scarcely aware of the brief whimpering of the Paravaci as, twisting and turning on the rug, biting at it, holding his arm, his flesh turning orange from ost venom, he writhed and died… I saw the contorted, now-orange, twisted, agonized face. Already it was like colored paper and peeling, as though lit and burned from the inside. There were drops of blood and sweat on it.”

~Nomads of Gor~

One obvious danger lay in the road itself , and the fact that I had no light. After dark, various serpents seek out the road for its warmth, its stones retaining the sun’s heat longer than the surrounding countryside. One such serpent was the huge, many-banded Gorean python, the hith. One to be feared even more perhaps was the tiny ost, a venomous, brilliantly orange reptile little more than a foot in length, whose bite spelled an excruciating death within seconds.

Norman, John. Outlaw of Gor (Gorean Saga) (Kindle Locations 243-246)


Like the hith, there is a variety of ost known as the BANDED OST. These have orange and black markings rather than pure orange, and is also described as “exceedingly poisonous”.

“You have great respect for him,” I said. Vancius laughed. “As I have great respect for the banded ost,” said he. I smiled. The banded ost is a variety of ost, a small, customarily brilliantly orange Gorean reptile. It is exceedingly poisonous. The banded ost is yellowish orange and is marked with black rings.

Norman, John. Assassin of Gor (Gorean Saga) (Kindle Locations 5121-5124)



Another breed is the USHINDI OST, sometimes called the rain forest ost.  This variety are red with black stripes, and are just as deadly as the common variety.

The room was now well lit from the several lamps. Other lamps, too, at a sign from the ubar, were lit. I looked to the round, shallow, circular pit in the center of the room. It was about a foot deep. The poles supporting the sleeping platform were set within it. In the pit, his hands still clutching , fingernails bloody, at one of the round poles supporting the platform, lay an askari. His body was twisted horribly, and contorted. The flesh had turned a blackish orange and, in places, had broken open, the skin peeling back like burned paper. A knife , fallen , lay near him in the pit. About his body, small, nervous, sinuous, crawled tiny snakes, osts. Each of these, startlingly, had tied to it a thin string. There were eight such diminutive reptiles. The strings, fastened, behind their heads, led up to a pole at the head of the sleeping platform, where they were tied. A woven basket hung, too, near the foot of the sleeping platform. The ost is usually an orange snake, but these were Ushindi osts, which are red with black stripes. Anatomically, and with respect to toxin, I am told they are almost identical to the common ost.

Norman, John. Explorers of Gor (Gorean Saga) (Kindle Locations 4221-4228)

I was dragged to the edge of the pit. Bila Huruma extended his arm. I saw the small ost, red with its black stripes, on its string, near my face. Its tiny forked tongue slipped rapidly back and forth between the tiny jaws. “Do you like my pet?” he asked. “No,” I said. “I do not.” The snake twisted on the string. “Who hired you?” he asked. “No one hired me,” I said. “I did not know this was your chamber.” “You do not know, probably, who it was who truly hired you,” he said. “Doubtless they would not do so, openly.” “He is white,” said a man nearby. “Only those in Schendi might hire such a killer. They are familiar with the sleen of the north.” “Perhaps,” said Bila Huruma. I now saw the snake lifted until it was level with my eyes. “Is Jambia, who was my guard, known to you?” asked Bila Huruma. “No,” I said. “Why did you wish to kill me?” asked Bila Huruma. “I had no wish to kill you,” I said. “Why were you here?” he asked. “I came to find something of value,” I said. “Ah,” said Bila Huruma. Then he spoke rapidly to an askari. I could not follow what he said then. Bila Huruma took the tiny snake and then, carefully, placed it in the hanging basket. He then placed the lid on the basket. I breathed more easily.

Norman, John. Explorers of Gor (Gorean Saga) (Kindle Locations 4264-4275)

Ost venom is often extracted and used in weapons such as fang rings. It can also be prepared in a powder, and the effects are the same as being bitten by one of these creatures.

Ost venom is selectively deadly. For mammalians, it is fatal, but cold-blooded animals such as reptilians are immune to it.

“An ost,” said Lord Nishida, “is not well advised to pursue the great hith, against which its poison is useless.”

This is not as surprising as it might seem, as the poison of the ost, as that of many poisonous snakes, is prey-selective, deadly against warm-blooded animals, such as tiny urts, its customary prey, or even larger animals, such as verr and tabuk, but harmless to other snakes, to certain forms of

tharlarion, and such.

“It is true,” I said.

~Mariners of Gor, page 137~

I awakened suddenly, screaming, unable to separate my ankles, which seemed fastened together by some thick, living, coiling, fibrous material. And I felt it moving more about my legs. Then I shrieked with pain. “Ost!” I thought. But there were no osts here, surely, not here. The ost did not range this far north. If there were osts here they would be caged pets, or assassination devices.

Norman, John. Smugglers of Gor (Gorean Saga, 32)


Another form of lock difficult to guard against is the pit lock, because of the natural crevices in Gorean tiling commonly found in corridors of cylinders; when tampered with a trap falls away beneath the individual, dropping him to a pit below, usually containing knives fixed in stone, but upon occasion osts, or half-starved sleen or water tharlarion; sometimes, however, the pit may be simply a smooth-sided capture pit, so that the individual may later be interrogated and tortured at length.

Norman, John. Assassin of Gor (Gorean Saga) (Kindle Locations 777-781)


Grimly I smiled to myself. Like most members of my Caste, more than the monstrous tarns, those carnivorous hawk like giants of Gor, I dreaded such creatures as the tiny ost, that diminutive, venomous reptile, orange, scarcely more than a few inches in length, that might lurk at one’s very sandal and then, without provocation or warning, strike, its tiny fangs the prelude to excruciating torment, concluding only with sure death. Among warriors, the bite of an ost is thought to be one of the most cruel of all gates to the Cities of Dust; far preferable to them are the rending beak, the terrible talons of a tarn.

Norman, John. Outlaw of Gor (Gorean Saga) (Kindle Locations 1436-1440)


“In another case, somnolent and swollen, I saw a rare golden hith, a Gorean python whose body, even when unfed, it would be difficult for a full-grown man to encircle with his arms.”~

~Priest-Kings of Gor~

In the chronicles, the HITH is refereed to as a large, python-like snake of which several varieties exist.

The BANDED HITH inhabits certain areas of the Northern Forests. It can grow quite large, up to twenty feet long.

The hith is a constrictor, trapping its prey within the strong muscles along its coils and slowly squeezing the life out of it.

The larger varieties of the banded hith are especially feared. However, none so much as the GOLDEN HITH.

The golden hith is an extremely rare breed of hith, so large that a man would find it difficult to encircle its circumference with his arms …

© Gazette of Gor


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