The Gazette of Gor – Issue 30

(Gorean Press Edition)

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  • From the Editor’s Desk (Desi)
  • Gorean Legal Academy (Rik)
  • Interview with Hawk Firanelli – Red Fjord (Minnie)
  • The Makings of a Gorean Free Man: Dax, Slaver of Cartius (Itsmee)
  • Journey to the Black Caste (Jaeger)
  • Kajirae: The Diversity We Share (Tara)
  • Odr’s Haven Interview (Hathor)
  • A Kajira’s Question (Frey)
  • Asahi Remnants (Itsmee)
  • Events
  • Editors and Writers needed
  • Feedbacks

From the Editor’s Desk (by Desi)

Smiles, so many gripes in SL Gor one i come across regularly is about Physicians male ones more specifically and personally i have had no issues with any of the green caste  but here we go

Many times i receive IMs saying hey can a physician do this or that  most of the time my response is “are you slave or free”as there are different answers for each status

Recently a couple of matters were brought to my attention not that i know what i am supposed to do about them but anyways they came to me so here we go

One was a male physician doing a physical exam on a Free Woman it is not my place to name names so will just give a brief detail of the account :

– A FW goes in for a pregnancy check up a male is the physician on duty the man is from the womans HS and she had NPC guards with her, so do we all have a fair idea what a pregnancy check up is? we should if we are females who have had children it is a simple blood test nausea maintenance urine sample and a quick check of belly and boobs so what right does the male have to slide his fingers into this companioned pregnant woman and massage her clit and rub over the walls pressing His finger into her ass? none in my opinion

– the second scenario was with a slave, she was doing the right thing going to get a check up done for some bill of sale, she went in belted mind you, so obviously restricted by my accounts, anyway the physician manages to pick it take it off and “fur” the girl ….please for goodness sake mr Physician man show some honor and some discipline how can You Master a slave if You can not control Your own urges and Master and or Discipline yourself?

i don’t know why some people use their positions of power against others Free and slave alike ..pull ya head in guys and girls want to RP make the RP worth remembering for good not bad have fun show some respect again You will be amazed

Gorean Legal Academy (by Rik Baar)

Lost in Gor?

Want to improve your knowledge and character?

Just want to have fun?

Consider doing what the author did, take a Gorean Campus Course

by Rik Baar, Magistrate of Port Olni

“Who can tell me a type of Law,” Lady Jan asks Day 1 as she opens her Magistrate Course at the Gorean Legal Academy. “There are divisions of Gorean Law, types of Law that fall into (three) certain categories”

Lady Janette Inglewood is well-known across all of Gor because of the classes she has taught three or four times each year since 2009 with well over 200 graduates.

The GLA was the beginning of today’s giant Gorean Campus which Lady Jan administers with the assistance of the First Girl Krista (krista 1k) who is known nearly as well. Lady Jan “was there in the beginning.”

Both of them and dozens of other instructors teach  BTB Gorean concepts in a fun and exciting way.

Today let’s look at the Gorean Legal Courses.

“The concept is to share learning and experiences to greater understand the legal system of Gor and to enjoy good role play as a result,” say Lady Jan who says she teaches “because I see how much people enjoy it.”

She says people all over SL Gor are always asking for trained magistrates to jump in on various legal problems “when someone needs help.” She checks her graduates and refers a magistrate, even in the middle of the night in a different time zone. “They are getting experience as well as helping the client and city.”

“Some cities have required the completion of (formal Scribe training) before offering a Scribal promotion,” but also, ” i suspect that may also have happened with the law.”it has never been my intention though,” she told the Gazette. “Cities should do as they wish and courses remain optional.”

Still, various cities hiring a Magistrate or Advocate might do well to consider finding one with credentials and experience rather than just taking a chance on someone who claims a title.

While there may be many groupings of laws, Lady Jan points out that there are really just tree — (1) Initiate, (2)Civil or City Law and (3) Mercantile or Merchant Law.

“Initiate Law. overseen by the Initiates themselves, is regarded as superior to us and our humble laws,” she tells her eager students. “We do not argue about that.”

Generally Initiates involve themselves in areas of their own interest,  “Blasphemy, Priest-King denial, assaults on Initiates,” she says and “Temple destruction.”

Merchant Law applies all over Gor and relates to trade, and measures and are proclaimed annually at the Sardar Fair. Lady Jan says merchant law primarily involves trade disputes, including trafficking in slaves, “Branding, ownership, buying and selling and so forth.”

Most important to her students in the Magistrate Course is city or municipal law, The laws that are passed by various cities and apply only within their city walls and the lands they protect or claim as their own.

However, be warned, a raiding party may well be shot approaching the city, even though still outside it’s walls.

“Many city laws are the same,” from place to place, she says, “Theft of a Home Stone is a crime everywhere,” but some laws are based on customs such as a Free Woman “wearing a veil (or) allowing bare arms.”

Her advice on the law is for travelers is to “read them before you enter a city” as they will be enforced whether or not you know the law.

For more information on the Law courses or any of the 2,000 classes taught every year First Girl Krista suggests visiting the Gorean Campus web site

She and her Mistress, Lady Jan, have seen the Gorean Campus grow in the past six years from near zero to “now 40 classes a week, over 15,000 students” annually and more than “1500 unique visitors a week. and over 1/2 million page views” on the web site. with 3,600 members of the Gorean Campus group.

She says new people really should consider taking some of the free classes, rather than give up on Gor.

“like the new girl I talked to last night.  GAWD she said SERVARY,” Krista said with a pained look on her face, “let’s humiliate her … show how friggin Gor we are.”

She said the classes will explain why that happens and help new girls learn how to deal with it, “that’s what we’re all about.”

Interview with Hawk Firanelli – Red Fjord (by Minnie)

  • Minnie : Can you introduce yourself

–     Hawk Firanelli : Am Hawk Firanelli a Tovry for last 8 years in Gor, was born in old Gor long ago

  • Minnie : what is your personal story in Gor

–     Hawk Firanelli : Was borne in old Gor long ago

  • Minnie : Can we consider you as old Gorean or do you see you as old Gorean person ?

–     Hawk Firanelli : Am a strong but fair Old Gorean tovry

  • Minnie : You are BTB. BTB, Ge, many ways in Gor. What do you think about this fracture between those 2 currents.

–     Hawk Firanelli : We are BTB in Red fjord but also old Gor

  • Minnie : What are your feelings about new direction of Gor. More pew pew fighters, less RP

–     Hawk Firanelli : Well to be honest we had fighters in old Gor but we respected rp for its an rp world so in my eyes pew pew and some of the new people that don’t respect      rp have killed half of Gor.

  • Minnie : Who owns, builders. who decides, have you a council for all decisions

–     Hawk Firanelli : yes  its called above the salt Hold Jarl and both Captains make the decisions along with input from hold lady and villagers.

  • Minnie : what would you say your sim’s most attractive Feature would be?

–     Hawk Firanelli : a true Tovry land scape and great roll players

  • Minnie : Many sim owners get burnt out having to do every thing listed and more. People wonder how people do it. How many hats do you wear as a sim owner or as a group leader (Warrior, Scribe, Moderator … and more).

–     Hawk Firanelli : Well yes its a hard job, But my son Jude is the captain over goods and trades, Magnus is the captain over raiding, Shols my mate is helping run the hall and bonds, We all deal with the sim issues when they come, I  am the hold Jarl and the last word in the land when it comes to making choices

  • Minnie : Gor will stay Gor. Have you some ideas to improve our Gor and how do you imagine your future in Gor?

–     Hawk Firanelli : thats the same question every ones been asking since 2006 or 2007 when meters came out and Gor started to change. not sure how to fix because there so many different ideas on what people read and interrupt from what they read. Best way i have found is less pew pew and more rp kinda weeds out that none Goreans

  • Minnie : All names have a story. What is the story of your name

–     Hawk Firanelli : Well most people don’t write there own stories those that know them do i will let my actions speak for whom i am

  • Minnie : Give me in one sentences, a reason for our readers to join your RP or your Gor’s philosophy.

–     Hawk Firanelli : We are a true Gorean BTB Tovry land and with wonderful old Goreans to roll play with.

The Makings of a Gorean Free Man: Dax, Slaver of Cartius (Itsmee Zander)

Tal Sir ….. can you please tell us what made you think about joining the world of Gor in SL?

Dax:  I was actively involved in a fantasy roleplay sim, but participation in RP on that sim was fading.  One of the members of my RP clan and her husband moved to Cartius.  I followed, along with another person from the clan.

Have you read any of the Gor Novels, prior to coming into Gor in SL?

Dax: No.

What did you expect to see or experience in this world called Gor?

Dax: I believed it was a male-dominated society and women would be subservient.  I knew women could hold high-ranking positions but that decision-making is ultimately left to men.  I thought Gor would be more combat-oriented, with fighting and raiding.  As I checked out several sims, many seemed fairly empty.

How long have you been in Gor now, and what would you describe as your experience thus far?

Dax: I’ve been in Gor about 2 months now..  My experience is still limited to Cartius.  At first, it was challenging to learn where I fit.  I also had to learn protocol and terminology.   Once I figured out where I wanted to be, and that is as a Slaver, and learned the terminology, it’s been pretty good.

Would you say that Goreans are friendly and welcoming to newbies to their world or do you find them difficult?

Dax: I would say it’s a mixed bag.  Some expect you to know a lot upon entering, and some understand that not everyone’s read the books.  Some people have their own styles of Gor and expect you to automatically fit.  I  believe that my style of Gor may not be a typical Gorean as I’ve only read pieces of the books finding them in general very hard to read.  Like in life there are people of every flavor, some take things very strictly and let you know about it either publicly in local chat or privately in IM’s.  I’ve learned who to be cautious around and who is more open, which is common in all RP sims.

I wouldn’t say it’s been overly positive or overly negative.  It is just how RP is, one learns to adapt to the sim or leave.  I’m happy my first experience has been with Cartius, as I’ve enjoyed my time there and generally everyone is there to help newbies.

What is your chosen role to play in Gor and why do  think that this is a suitable role for you?

Dax:  I chose the Slaver role after initially looking at being a Warrior.  The RP options for a Slaver seemed more appealing to me because I’ve done combat RP for years, even before SL.  The Slaver position was more interesting because it’s not a combat position and is something new to me. it’s not a high caste position, but it is a necessary one for a Gorean city to function.  A city would crumble without slaves to provide service, entertainment and to perform the tasks that the Free choose not to do.

What is your experience with the available groups of Gor that are around as support groups for new  Goreans?  Have you ever used any of them and how helpful are they?

Dax: I am vaguely aware that groups of this nature exist, but I’ve never used any of them. None of them were recommended to me.

Where do you see yourself, say, in six months or a year down the line in this World?

Dax:  I see myself running the city kennels with the other Slavers of the city of Cartius.  I hope to be training new slaves and building up the kennels so we have an abundant number of well-trained slaves to meet the needs of the city, and that everyone has a fun roleplay experience.

Finally , I would like to wish you well and pleasant experiences on this journey of yours.

Dax: Thank you.  I wish you and the Gorean Gazette well.

Journey to the Black Caste – The Back Story (by Jaeger)

He takes the freshly plucked quill, into his hands and examines it, absentmindedly. Turning it over and over, he stares past the black and white striated feathers, into the wood grain, of the desk and remembers.

Smiling, he remembers his days spent running through the city streets, past the baths, through the luxurious gardens and out one of the nine gates.  Always under the watchful eyes of the city guards.  His favorite game was to take his wooden short-sword and run out the huge gate, at the south of the city.  Being pursued by as many as a dozen imagined wagons outriders, he would sprint for the lone, gloriously tall and dark, Tur tree, for cover.  Fighting for his life, he would run from one side of the Tur, to the other, dodging the bolas being heaved at him.  One by one, the quivas would whiz past his head, thudding heavily, into the trunk of the tree. Breathlessly, his chest heaving, he would charge the outriders, sword in hand and they would fall, at his feet, one by one.  Dazed, sweat pouring from his brow, he would consider the killing field before him and count the bodies.

He was nine years old and life was glorious and amazing.  His father was Red Caste and Second Sword of Turia. A prestigious position, by any account and would one day, rise to First Sword.  His mother was at leisure and enjoyed the life.  Servants pampered her, making her days easy and relaxed.  In turn, she provided her mate and son, with a loving and proper Gorean household; overseeing each aspect of life’s daily requirements.

His brow furrows, as his memory grows from the light of joy, to the darkness of horror.

The nine-gated city of Turia, had never, in its long existence, fallen.  The Tuchuk, the wagons peoples of the plains, were always on the minds, of the people, in the city.  They were strange people, the Tuchuk.  Scarred, scary faces. Wild eyed, long haired, riders of the kaiila.  His father once told him, “The Tuchuk word for enemy, is the same, for stranger”.  “We and everyone else, are all their enemy.  Never forget or deny that”.

Running through he number three gate, he heads out, onto the open plains. The grass is getting high and easy to hide, in.  Wary of the prairie sleen,  he crotches low and walks, head into the wind, to help pick up any scent that floats his way.  He stops to listen, not sure what he just heard.  Looking back, to the city, he can tell he’s about a half passang out.  He hears the sound, once more.  A bending stalk of grass?  So faint, so slight. He swivels his head, side to side, sticking his nose out, trying to catch a scent.  Any smell.  Nothing.  Wary now, his nerves all at attention and on edge, he chooses safety, over valor and turns to head back.

The man rises to his full height, not five yards, from him.  Tall, dark from the sun, scarred and a small smirk, of a smile, curled on his lips.  The boy screams for the warriors!  Help me!! Tuchuk!!!!  The man laughs at him and steps closer.  The boy reaches for his wooden short-sword, wielding it, defensively.  The man takes yet another step as the boy rushes him and slashes at his belly.  The outrider stands there, watching the boy swing at him, finding its mark on his abdomen and legs.  He raises his left arm and just as the boy swings once more, back hands him, across the plains.  The boy tumbles, head over heals.  His head bursts, suddenly, into pain and the blood flows down his chin, from the cut on his lips.  Whimpering in pain, lying on his stomach, he rolls over to see the man, standing over him, a piece of leather thong, in his hands. He reaches down to the boy, flips him on his stomach and brings both writs, to the small of his back, not gently.  He grabs the boy and throws him, in one, fluid motion, over his shoulder and turns, from the city.  He calls out, some Tuchuk word, or saying and this jet black ‘thing’ appears.  Massive. Multiple rows of fangs, with claws on his hooves.  The boy has seen them, from the walls of the city, as a Tuchuk hunting party would pass. Kaiila they are called. The massive, fighting mounts, of the Tuchuk.  Quick, fierce, mean, they would kill as many men and sometimes more, than their rider would, in a battle.

As they got closer to the thing, the boy faltered and hesitated, afraid of the animal.  The man chuckled and once at the animal, threw him over the saddle and jumped on, behind.

His mind jumps forward, to a time that would be about his eighteenth year. His name was, Harold.  He had been stolen from Turia.   Taken from his family and friends and the life he knew and loved.  He was Tuchuk. Without his ‘Courage Scar’, the red scar and first scar to obtain, as a man, he could not own his own wagon. He could not own a slave, or more than five bosks.  But, he smiles because, he is Tuchuk!  Unchallenged kings of the plains.  Nomads and wanderers.  Tenders of the great bosk herds.  Bosk, the giver of life. Bosk, the giver of all things Tuchuk.

His mentor and guiding light was Kamchak.  The man for which he would always and in every way, be indebted. Kamchak, was Ubar of their camp.  He had taught him the way of the bosk.  The use of the bola and quiva. The short lance and short bow, of the Tuchuk.  He had taught him everything, save one thing.

There are no castes, in the Tuchuk, but, there are clans.  Weaponsmith, butcher, leatherworker, etc. None of which, ever excited the young man.  The one clan that caught his attention, that was not spoken of much, at least around the camp fire, was, Clan of Torturer.  He would never dare say a word to anyone, but, when one of the men of the torturers clan was near, he was always a little more alert. He would be a little on edge and keenly aware of the man; his movements, his focus, the weapons he carried.  He would avoid these men, for they were dark and mysterious, to him.  They evoked feelings in him, deep down feelings, that conveyed thoughts and memories of his youth, when mercenaries, outlaws and yes, ever Tuchuks would attack Turia.  He would close his eyes and shudder, as the scenes replayed themselves, in his minds eye. The thoughts, drew him into the mysteries.

Kajirae: The Diversity We Share (by Tara)

My Master and I share a deep connection.  It is one I cannot explain.  Sometimes, the universe just puts people in your life who belong there.

We were talking about this recently, and he made the statement that he thought many shared the same depth of connection since many Masters own slaves.

I heartily disagreed and explained to him why.

There are many types of Master/slave relationships.

Some girls are happy to have a name on their profile. That alone makes them feel owned.  It says it on my profile, so it must be so.  Someone wants me.  Someone thinks I’m cool enough to acknowledge!

Those girls are lucky – the bar they set is low.  They can be pleasing and they can serve without making any demands of their owners.  What an easy way to be a slave!  For many of these girls, Gor goes away when they log out of SL and that’s perfectly OK.

The next type of girl might be owned, but really longs to be Mastered.  A name on her profile is not enough.  She longs to have demands made upon her.  She wants to be obedient and pleasing.  This type of girl might enjoy doing chores in SL, or building something to please her owner.  In her heart of hearts, she needs to please and obey.

Her joy doesn’t disappear when she logs out of SL.  She might find herself beaming at the thought of being owned by <insert name of Gorean legend here>.  She catches herself smiling throughout the day because she’s so happy to have a Master who she believes truly touches her internal kajira.  She is commanded and she obeys.  She won’t be happy if her Master doesn’t pay attention to her. She needs him to play an active role in the relationship.

The last type of girl longs to be owned – body, mind, heart and soul.  Whether his name is on her profile is irrelevant  She craves a Master with whom she can have a deep, spiritual connection and, every once in awhile, the moon and stars align.

He rarely gives her any direct orders. Their souls simply touch. She has an innate understanding of what would please him and is compelled to do so from within.  She craves his pleasure and, even more, she craves the intensity of how it feels during the moments when their connection is strongest..

There are many demands made on such a Master, but he engages in the relationship enthusiastically because the way they connect simply blows both his mind and hers.  She lives and breathes him.  Even in her offline life, he bubbles just beneath the surface.

He pushes her boundaries. She might protest a little, but her need to please him far outweighs any fear of where he might take her.  Her trust in him is unwavering.  She is not Mastered from without.  She is Mastered from within.

There are as many different motivations for serving as there are Masters and kajirae.  We, as Goreans, need to celebrate our diversity and the endless possibilities it brings to this community.

Odr’s Haven Interview (by Hathor)

Interview with Chieftain Keith Crystal and MistressToy Crystal of Odr’s Haven

Hathor01: Greetings Jarl

  • Kel Crystal (johnnykelly.crystal): Toy love are you here?
  • Toy Crystal (zanjabil.lionheart): Yes i am here

Hathor01: Greetings Mistress

Hathor01: i am named hathor

Hathor01: a Tuchuk slave and Gazette of Gor reporter

  • Toy Crystal (zanjabil.lionheart): Tal to you . my feet a bit slow but will follow with you both .  I am Toy .
  • Kel Crystal (johnnykelly.crystal): Thank you Hathor feel free to speak freely to us both. We are simple folk,  Toy came from the plains herself.  I am a Northern son through and through.

I’d like to ask certain standard questions, but other than that, I try to keep this free flowing, you know your sim and citizens and what you wish for those who reside here

  • Kel Crystal (johnnykelly.crystal): We will take it at your pace so feel free to guide us at the speed you are most comfortable with.
  • Toy Crystal  (zanjabil.lionheart) agrees~

Hathor01: and i would ask what you most want in this interview for a Gazette issue

  • Kel Crystal (johnnykelly.crystal): To show that although we have had a slow start, unlike other places we are not a flash in the pan but here for the long run. Our group is a family and we have stuck together through the crisis of loosing an old home when the Chief went awol due to RL and We came to Odr’s together as friends and made a family.  Now we also accept the addition of Animal RPers and encourage people to give them a shot.
  • Toy Crystal (zanjabil.lionheart): We are village of refugees from other homes that have come across one another and made it to this place and welcome others.  We are not your typical harsh, collar your ass first step in. We are a more rustic farm and family life with holding to the root of Gor in the north .
  • Toy Crystal (zanjabil.lionheart): Yes beasts of Gor a big part of us .
  • Toy Crystal (zanjabil.lionheart): Yes, he says that now but in a while fat feet and low belly  he will be heading to the hall for sure .~ laughs a bit  at the idea ~
  • Kel Crystal (johnnykelly.crystal): We have many active Gorean beast Rpers including (and they have a viable story line for being in the north), a pair of Kaiila, a baby tarn, a pair of giani, verr and a pesky white larl that thinks it is fun to pick off my bosk *shakes fist*
  • Toy Crystal (zanjabil.lionheart): Also most people here are para role players but we welcome and help train others wishing to learn. Many places forget everyone starts somewhere.

Hathor01: may I ask if you could give me a brief intro of yourselves, and then where this sim is located

  • Kel Crystal (johnnykelly.crystal): We are located in the Northern West on the coast line, up a bit from Torvaldsberg.
  • Kel Crystal (johnnykelly.crystal): I am Kel Sigmarsson, Chieftain, I herald originally from just Askara which was a small village North of the Hrimgar mountains. I was trained as an axe smith but found I was better shipwrighting.
  • Toy Crystal (zanjabil.lionheart): Well i am from the deserts of the sand sleen by birth, a free women of surgeon training, though a few mishappens landed in a collar.  A long life here and there.   Returned home and found a mate through  the games in Turia … three great sons.  Later I fell to a collar not by choice where soon after I meet Kel .  And for furs and a bit of salt ended up together.
  • Kel Crystal (johnnykelly.crystal): I travelled as a trader, wasn’t very good at settling down to be honest, ended up at Tyr’s Fist to trade for some skins for mead and met Toy, and settled down.
  • Toy Crystal (zanjabil.lionheart): He liked my bosk tail soup .. hehe
  • Kel Crystal (johnnykelly.crystal): She says a bit of salt, it was her weight in salt. She was worth every grain.
  • Kel Crystal (johnnykelly.crystal): We settled at Tyr’s for a while, but then Odin brought us here to Odr’s.

Hathor01: could we take a tour Jarl, Mistres?

  • Kel Crystal (johnnykelly.crystal): Lets
  • Toy Crystal (zanjabil.lionheart):  Oh yes please. the dock can be a bit windy .

Hathor01: is G&S a part of your sim?

  • Toy Crystal (zanjabil.lionheart): The idea was as refugees we found this patch of ruins at the level of stone.  It was barely anything but as it slowly fell in place more and more stone work began to show.  So instead of coming in building homes and such we made do with what was here. There is a maze of caves under the land also.
  • Kel Crystal (johnnykelly.crystal): As well, G&S area which we are hoping  will encourage others, and we will be holding fishing competitions and trading in the future.
  • Kel Crystal (johnnykelly.crystal): It gives us something to do, and achieve. A real sense of doing and achieving.

Hathor01: Caves Mistress?  You have raids here? and use the caves for protection?

  • Toy Crystal (zanjabil.lionheart): oh no raids. we have not enough barely for ourselves to let another in to take from us. The caves are more for storage and a hot spring for bathing.
  • Toy Crystal (zanjabil.lionheart): As you see the watch towers are not in much use for  now but makes for good housing for single men with slaves. As for those wth a family we have a few homes about . As you see the homes here are bit large as they hold trade workshops at the lower levels and living above .
  • Toy Crystal (zanjabil.lionheart): If you like we can walk  closer to see

Hathor01: please Mistress

Hathor01: bee keeper’s house Mistress?

  • Toy Crystal (zanjabil.lionheart): here is the bee keeper. oh ! .. and there in a few days will have a ceremony for a family in our village .
  • We really need a bee keeper and brewer.
  • Toy Crystal (zanjabil.lionheart): during the winter there is not much rush for but come first thaw  will have our work cut out for us .
  • Toy Crystal  (zanjabil.lionheart): Our crops roll with the seasons .
  • We also found out that under those ruins lays a secret room, the whole land is full of them

Hathor01: really?  that must have been an exciting find

  • Toy Crystal  (zanjabil.lionheart): Oh it was. I fell right into one . It took hours before anyone found me.  But that’s what i get for being nosy i guess
  • Toy Crystal  (zanjabil.lionheart):  You can come a peek if you like
  • Toy Crystal  (zanjabil.lionheart): men of the village call it their man room to stash slaves

Hathor01: i think  would be happy not to be in here

  • Toy Crystal  (zanjabil.lionheart): depends who had you down here i would think but unless they were close no one could hear you scream
  • Toy Crystal  (zanjabil.lionheart): Now on to the hall it is our main focus of the village
  • Toy Crystal  (zanjabil.lionheart): on our way to the long hall, we pass the central fire as well as the black smith’s work shop and house

Hathor01: notced there is housing above, it is for the blacksmith?

  • Kel Crystal (johnnykelly.crystal): Aye yes.
  • Kel Crystal (johnnykelly.crystal): Each of our villagers has a trade and they live above it
  • Toy Crystal  (zanjabil.lionheart): Yes he and his mate have 5 children together over the years .
  • Kel Crystal (johnnykelly.crystal): Our Seamstress and Weaver lives over the way there.  Above the shop with our First Axe Bjorn Sigmarrson who is my cousin.
  • Kel Crystal (johnnykelly.crystal): Just coming up to the long hall

Hathor01: very nice large long hall !

  • Kel Crystal (johnnykelly.crystal): We love it.

Hathor01: this is your community center?

  • Kel Crystal (johnnykelly.crystal): This and our firepit outside
  • Toy Crystal  (zanjabil.lionheart): are the main heart of the village  Slaves and storage are held down here below the main floor of the long hall. Above the main floor is a second level with beds and room for guests
  • Toy Crystal  (zanjabil.lionheart): For meals we have a planned menu for a week at a time. A morning and evening is served, but  i do not believe a small village could whip up anything like a tavern provides . It’s a waste of the food, and with our winters have to be careful.  Additionally,  most bonds do not read, so we have pictures to explain what to to cook for the day

Hathor01: A pleasant room I would imagine time in the evenings after work is done, it’s time for relaxing and storytelling.

Hathor01: and the Green has a private set of rooms for her exams and record keeping  here

((RL interrupted both Chieftain and Mistress at this time.  We agreed to meet again on the next day))

Kel Sigmarsson (johnnykelly.crystal): Ok all here? Bjorn I have added you

Hathor01: Tal First Ax Bjorn Sigmarsson

Hathor01: Tal Mistress Puddin

  • Bjorn Sigmarsson (bjornfenrir): Tal Hathor
  • Puddin’ Sigmarsson (zanjabil.lionheart): Morning to you. and welcome back .

Hathor01: a pleasure to meet once again

Hathor01: and to meet the First Ax

Hathor01: One thing, not sure if I asked, if you are recruiting citizens and if so, what would you  wish to come to your Haven?

  • Kel Sigmarsson (johnnykelly.crystal): People that are able to fit into a hard working community.
  • Puddin’ Sigmarsson (zanjabil.lionheart): All walks of life, from the farmer to the old warrior. As northerners we work together side by side  but when in need to fight, just like all things, we stand together.  Luckily that does not happen often . From the seasoned role player to the fresh off the book . teaching is fun .
  • Bjorn Sigmarsson (bjornfenrir): Good rp’ers who know the difference between IC and OOC mostly, plus of course it is good to have rational people who you can lead a conversation with OOC, it heads off drama in a big way, and makes for a better environment. My two copper bits on the topic.

Hathor01: and that is important, teaching what you need on your land

  • Bjorn Sigmarsson (bjornfenrir): And yes of course, room for learners too. Not too long ago I was one of them.

Hathor01: in the south, many Free and slave come to Gor and a sim with preconceived ideas how to RP and be their character without knowing how to be proficient in their role, IC or OOC

  • Kel Sigmarsson (johnnykelly.crystal): Yes they do, and they bring a bdsm aspect into Gor that is not always as Gor was meant to be. The limits and boundaries that go with it.
  • Bjorn Sigmarsson (bjornfenrir): Aye, there are things to be said for that of course, but it is like watering a plant in a way, you add plenty of impression as the water, rp with others, storylines and so on, and the plant (your character) will grow. Making a background story too complicated with fetishes and what have just limits you in the long run, and is sure to create problems as I see it

Hathor01: Do you wish to have visitors here, to have them meet your citizens and chat a bit?

  • Puddin’ Sigmarsson (zanjabil.lionheart): Yes some pass through for a day or two. If they do not wish to stay  they may return another time.  We enjoy visitors as it is the flow of people that makes RP a bend in the river for fresh stories.
  • Kel Sigmarsson (johnnykelly.crystal): We have an OOC title in our group, we like people to come and hang out and meet with us, find their feet before being offered a house.
  • Kel Sigmarsson (johnnykelly.crystal): Or as Toy says they drift through.

Hathor01: you offer housing to those who wish to stay Chieftain?

  • Kel Sigmarsson (johnnykelly.crystal): Yes we do.  A small home if they take a position or active chore within the village.

Kel Sigmarsson (johnnykelly.crystal): Bjorn and his woman live above the seamstress for example as she is the weaver and seamstress.

Hathor01: oh yes, a cousin to you Chieftain?

  • Kel Sigmarsson (johnnykelly.crystal): That is Bjorn aye, our Fathers were brothers.
  • Bjorn Sigmarsson (bjornfenrir): Indeed, we have also known each other for years OOCly, so it made sense, adds a bit to the rp too

Hathor01: I did see a housing unit above the blacksmith’s work area

  • Kel Sigmarsson (johnnykelly.crystal): yea Tibrok and Eria live above.  Eria is our healer and Tibrok our Blacksmith.
  • Puddin’ Sigmarsson (zanjabil.lionheart): yes, there are different styled homes along the lands as I do not like cookie cutter homes, but prefer houses to look realistic,  as housing would be built at different phases of the village .
  • Kel Sigmarsson (johnnykelly.crystal): Our farmer has a small hut out near the animals.  We will eventually replace with a stone one once it happens ICLy

Hathor01: are there any other areas you would like me to see?

  • Kel Sigmarsson (johnnykelly.crystal): Have you seen the Kaiila barn?

Hathor01: no Chieftain, if you wish, I can follow

  • Puddin’ Sigmarsson (zanjabil.lionheart): It also houses some the chores that would be done outside but our winters are safer and better within the barn with some shield from the elements.
  • Bjorn Sigmarsson (bjornfenrir): But to address you question about what roles we need, it is easier to say what roles we already have, because the range of professions out there is expansive, and only the imagination sets the limits really, as an example, the thing with building our walls and houses, we would need a mason, stoneworker, like that.
  • Kel Sigmarsson (johnnykelly.crystal): Nava ((a grand kaiila))is here so you can see her

Hathor01: they are such magnificent, yet don’t-touch beasts

  • Kel Sigmarsson (johnnykelly.crystal): Nava is well trained and bred for the job, Hrimfaxi ((also a kaiila)) is quite the opposite.
  • Puddin’ Sigmarsson (zanjabil.lionheart): She is the tamer of the pair.  As for Hrimfaxi it has taken months of role play to gain and bring Nava along this far .
  • Puddin’ Sigmarsson (zanjabil.lionheart): being around the wagons for so long was nice to be able to have a little bit of home  here in the north .
  • Kel Sigmarsson (johnnykelly.crystal): Its been a wonderful experience with them
  • Kel Sigmarsson (johnnykelly.crystal): Hrim found us
  • Kel Sigmarsson (johnnykelly.crystal): and Nave was ICly bought up from the plains

Hathor01: roomy enclosure, you could house many more if needed

  • Puddin’ Sigmarsson (zanjabil.lionheart): too many more and they will eat the village out of house and hold but they do hunt on their own time to time . It is why the barn was built with open access as I  was tired of replacing barn doors .
  • Kel Sigmarsson (johnnykelly.crystal): Its true.  Anyway, all animals are welcome here too.  We believe that a lot of the Gorean community are closed off to RP with animals and birds.
  • Kel Sigmarsson (johnnykelly.crystal): They bring a realness, a sense of personality and fun.  Fun can be lacking in Gor sometimes

(( at this point, a short bit of good natured bantered occurred with the above comment))

Hathor01: would there be anything else to show me?

  • Bjorn Sigmarsson (bjornfenrir): I think you have seen most of it for now, but our brilliant builders are adding things to it, so might be more soon
  • Puddin’ Sigmarsson (zanjabil.lionheart): i think most of the the layout is simple in the winter. In the warmer times there is much more going about .
  • Bjorn Sigmarsson (bjornfenrir): There you go, directly from our builder herself

Hathor01: and it is a great build, I’ve been casting my eyes about as we walk, and I must say, it is very interesting here

  • Puddin’ Sigmarsson (zanjabil.lionheart): wanted some a little different .

Hathor01: Pictures will be  added to the interview to show how  well  it is constructed

  • Kel Sigmarsson (johnnykelly.crystal): After Christmas we will start slowly pulling the snow back getting ready for spring
  • Bjorn Sigmarsson (bjornfenrir): Aye, we seem to have made it through the hard months despire Larl attacks on our herds and Kur lurking around, better weather will bring new opportunities.

Before  leave, may I ask two questions please?

If you had to choose one important or main ideal or theme of interest from a Gorean aspect… What would you say is the most attractive feature of Odr’s Haven?

  • The family feel. A group of people and animals that have struggled through adversity and hard times and become stronger for it.

Why would Odr’s Haven be the perfect choice for Gorean folk here make it their home,  What is Unique about it that you offer that perhaps no one else offers?

  • Loyalty, family and friendship.  This above anything else makes us different to others.  We have all been friends for a long time in Gor, and we welcome new members with open arms, even if you are new to RP we will give you a home and help you on your passage into Gor and the North.

Lastly.  please feel free to add to this interview any comments about your community or any aspects of Gorean Life?

  • We are here to show there is more to Gor than the bad press, the standing around bitching that RP is dead.  We know that RP is really alive and we have a close knit community here all working towards the common goal of a successful RP world for all to be part of whether they have two or four legs or even wings.
  • Bjorn Sigmarsson (bjornfenrir): we are different people most of us, from different corners of the world, but some viewpoints we have in common, some just express them differently than other, and I am glad you like it here

Hathor01: Each person I have met has been warm, accommodating and welcoming,

It has been a wonderful experience meeting all of you and seeing your sim.  In my mind’s eye, I can visualize spring and summer here, green and leafy trees and perhaps animal babies frolicing .

  • Bjorn Sigmarsson (bjornfenrir): Thank you, yes we try to be rational adults about things. And welcome people the way we would like to be, there is no elitism, and no inflated egos around here, if some pop up they will be taken care of, we are all here to have fun, and there is no logic to be a asshole just because one can. 🙂

A Kajira’s Question (by Frey)

My name is Frey and I am a kajira.  This week, I’m back to ranting.. this time it’s about my fellow slaves.  I would like to ask a rhetorical question:  Just who the hell do these princess slaves think they are?  I call this a rhetorical question, but if you know the answer, I beg you IM me with it!  I am a slave, and as a slave I find comfort and safety in not owning anything.  I have no possessions, I have no will, I have little say in what transpires in my SL Gor life.  That is what a slave is, that is the role that I chose when I submitted, and the place that I continue to return to.

So, how is it possible that there are these slaves out there who are controlling others?  And why are the men who claim to own them allowing this?  This simply ceases to baffle me as to why these grown women are logging into SL Gor, under the role of a submissive slave, then running around telling everyone off.  I’ve no doubt many of the free know what I’m talking about.. but I would say none of the free quite know if from a slave’s view.  When a princess is snotty to a free in open chat, you should know, she is horrendously awful to other slaves when the free are not looking.

So who the hell do they think they are??  All I can guess is that these are women who are unhappily begging to be controlled and are owned by men who don’t care enough about them to give them what they need most.  There is also the possibility that their master is not aware of what a princess is, or is blind to the behaviors that a princess will display.  Therefore, I beg you to let me help….

–  If your kajira openly corrects another, be it free or slave, on a regular basis as if she is not able to shut her fat mouth… you own a princess.

–  If your kajira interrupts a conversation between the free to offer up information so that she can show what a know it all, snotty bitch she really is… you own a princess.

–  If ALL the other slaves within the city get along with each other, yet exclude your kajira… you own a princess.

–  If your kajira does what she wants,  when she wants, and how she wants,  and you have no say in the matter…you own a princess.

–  If your kajira thought emotes bitchy emotions to others and a means to insult and spread harm…you own a princess.

–  If your kajira runs her fat mouth while you chuckle and admire her fiery side…you MADE a princess.

These are just a few of those behaviors that I’ve used as a princess filter.  I beg all Masters, when you see these things being done, punish your kajira…teach and mold her to be a true slave…and if you can’t,  then for the sake of those of us out here, who have true slave hearts…kill your princess.

Asahi Remnants (by Itsmee Zander)

Zander steps off the boat unto the docks.  He is instantly taken with the beauty and difference of the build and layout of this land, the architecture and environments reminding him of the Pani peoples of Gor.

Walking around the lands , he wanders and sits in a quiet corner of a tavern in the center of the well laid out city..

Big Daddy Banished The Wizard wanders into the tavern as he smokes on his pipe. He then spots the passerby and nods his head to the man. “Tal. ”

Itsmee Zander raised his hand in greeting “Tal, I am Zander from the Gazette.”

Big Daddy Banished The Wizard nods to the man as he steps a bit closer, blowing out a bit of smoke to the side. “Well met, you can call me Ban. What brings you here to these lands, Zander? ”

Itsmee Zander smiled and nodded politely.  “The pleasure is mine, Ban.  I travel the various lands of Gor and write about the lands I visit in our Gorean paper.  As yours is a unique culture to most of other Gorean lands, it would be nice to do a write-up and make others know of your lands and perhaps bring more trade or just visitors here.”

Ban leans up against the pole behind him for a moment while he continues to smoke from his pipe. The aroma of weed was quite strong. He then nodded his head, mouth holding his pipe as he used the hand that held to to stroke his beard. “Interesting. Well – our culture is much a mix from the start, as you can tell… I am not Pani. ” He smiled to the man. “But I am respectful of their culture. I am very fond of their swordsmanship and the blades they craft which is why I have come to live here.”

Ji: “Hey Ban, hey stranger.”

Itsmee Zander: “Tal there.” He and turns to Ban, “I’ll openly confess being ignorant to much of the Pani culture myself and i could not have told that you weren’t of that culture from the way you are attired. However, I am more than pleased to see a good mix of cultures coming to live in harmony in a single land and to feel such passion for the place to call it your home.”

Ban would give the man a nod in agreement as he took out his tharlarion oil lighter, snapping the flame and lighting his pipe for just a moment. “It took time – thats for sure, but with time opens new possibilities. I wouldn’t mind others hearing about these lands, though.”

Itsmee Zander listened to Ban speak and caught a whiff of the aroma of the smoke, “Smells like good stuff..  Aye, we can bring word to others a large of trade possibilities. if you’d care to explain a bit about the lands here, the produce maybe or what makes this place tick.”

Ban nods his head as he moved over to the table. He slipped the lighter into one of his pockets. He took a moment to take his pipe from his mouth, holding it off to the side as he kicked out a bench to sit down. “Well, we produce a main assortment of crops, some for consumption, others for medicinal reasons. ” He smiles down to his pipe and sets it down on the table for a moment. “But the main thing that makes this place tick is the weaponry. The Pani have a unique style of craftmanship.  The blades that they produce are much more durable than the average gladius found in other lands.”

Itsmee Zander watched the movements of the man, observing him and the comfort with which he speaks. “You do seem to know well your weapons and the metals that they are made from. Would you say that your master craftsmen would be willing to sell your weapons to buyers from foreign lands?”   Zander chuckled, “In fact i must add that your lands also must have master craftsmen builders, too, from all the buildings that I have seen from the docks till here.”

Ban would take his pipe pausing for a second to inhale some of the strong smoke into his lungs. He then turned his head blowing it off to the side out of courtesy.. “Aye, that wouldn’t be a problem at all. And yes, we have some amazing builders. They take pride in their works and style.”

Itsmee Zander stood and bowed slightly in respect to the man in command of the lands. “I thank you for your warm hospitality and good conversation.  One of my team shall be in touch shortly to follow up on my visit.”

Ban nods and stands up. “Sounds good to me. I am sure you wont have troubles finding me.”

© Gazette of Gor


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