The Gazette of Gor – Issue 29

(Gorean Press Edition)

Disclaimer: All images contained herein are stock images of Lunacaleengpanthers.


  • From the Editor’s Desk (Desi)
  • The New Gor Clique (Tristan)
  • Whistler Mountain Interview (Mariko)
  • A Word About The Black Caste (Raven)
  • The Akita Hunt Competition (Mariko)
  • Interview Resurgent Ar (tsmee Zander)
  • A Kajira Rocks On (Frey)
  • Animals of Gor – Herlit (Hathor)
  • Events
  • Editors and Writers needed
  • Feedbacks

From the Editor’s Desk (by Desi)

~Ramblings~(Gor and Power Trippers)

Tal and greetings to one and all,

Just recently a few lil irks have been brought to my lil world where i RP this thing called Gor.

Admins , Sim Owners  Group Owners, just because you have the power to be an admin or sim owner or even a group owner does not make you the perfect Gorean nor does it mean that you can treat other human beings like bosk dung under a booted heel. Being a person such as those listed does not mean you can threaten to report others for the simplest of things such as a shared message, who cares as long as it does not relate to real life or divulging personal information such as real life information or alts, not one person in SL Gor can tell me they have not shared an im or two or a sentence at least once in their time.

Sim dramas, RP dramas are generally caused by silly little boys and girls who have no adult brain function in their head at the time of the offense.  Are we school children or toddlers or High school students?, i know i am not and yes on many occasions i have lost control of my temper so i am far from perfect.

These dramas consisting of ” he said, she said” situations with a few hurled insults in the heat of the moment can easily be sorted if blame is admitted and instead of listening to the rumor mill or taking sides why not keep an open mind know the two sides to every story rule.

A situation recently that comes to mind …a mistake was made, an accusation hurled, an apology offered, and the person who happened to make the mistake and apologize for it is threatened with being reported to LL and to the Sim Owners and Administrators of Gor, to me that is just another form of godmodding and all that fun stuff.

So i say this to all You Sim Owners, Administrators and RolePlayers out there, why not make your own judgment of people instead of taking another’s word for it , not everyone gets along with everyone, so how bout giving the so called “bad” ones a chance, you may actually find that the reason the other does not like them is because this one of their friends does not like them and they don’t want to be around them for various reasons. Make your own choices, as the human beings playing the avatars whether that person behind that avatar is a friend or foe.

I now ask all of you this question… How many of you say screw the TOS or better yet, don’t even think of them at the time and share a joke or put a funny iMed comment into local or into another friends iM box.  How Many of you have shared an iM to get a Mod to come to the aid of RP?

How many of You owners activate the spy feature on Your property’s collar so You can see what they are doing while away from You? is that not too a violation of their privacy also? How many of You copy chats into Your profile picks for humor cos of a funny story without permission ? many do it and yet others are persecuted for  simply retyping a line of text.

None of the above actions give you the right as a person to destroy another persons SL life in Gor, RP or Relationship so why even bother being a piece of dung (yes i used dung instead of the other cos it is more polite)

So food for thought why doesn’t everyone deal with drama and bosk dung like a fully grown adult instead of a whining child with threats and such it would make SL Gor and SL General a nicer place might even have a change of attitude in RL

The New Gor Clique (by Tristan)

Tal Goreans,  I am here today to speak of another matter that vexes me.  Goreans, according to the books, put Home Stone first, Caste second and Family third.  So will someone please explain to me why the new “clique” of being in a family in SL Gor is so important?  People seem more willing to RP with their family members than with others, even putting their family RP before RP with the Home Stone members or people of their own Caste.

I know many come here to RP, myself included.  I also know that just like normal society, people tend to gravitate to cliques.  What baffles me is the fact that so many seem to want to be part of a family.  I don’t know how many times I have gone into a city to see if I wish to reside there and instead of someone asking if I was interested in joining the city, I was IMed and asked if I would be interested in joining the family.  I have a background, and part of that background is a family, why would I wish to join a new one just because I’m going to a new city?

I personally think the amount of families in Gor is detracting from what the books showed.  People in the books were more concerned about their Home Stone and their caste than their family.  A patriarch was just as likely to sell his daughter into slavery as he was to offer her in companionship if it would better his caste or his Home Stone.  If family was so important to a Gorean they would stand up when speaking about their family, like they do when speaking about their Home Stone.  When a Gorean has problems, it is their caste that come to their aid, not their family.

Another reason I myself do not care for the whole “family clique” that is permeating about SL Gor is because it seems that if one person in the family feels “wronged” in a city, the entire family “has” to move.  I’ve seen this happen too often, and members of the family that were enjoying the RP they were getting in the city they were in were told either to leave that enjoyable RP or risk being cast out of the family….myself, I would stay with the RP.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that a family in SL Gor is “wrong” or “bad” as everyone is here for the RP they want to have.  What I’m saying is that perhaps the focus is in the wrong place when one is in a family, at least from a book standpoint.  Yes people were passionate about their families….but, more so, they were passionate about their caste and Home Stone, something which seems to be lacking in a lot of places on SL Gor.  We need to bring back that passion for the city we live in and the caste we are part of.  Be part of a family if you wish, but don’t let the family dictate everything for you….don’t let the family’s RP dominate the city’s RP…..stand up and bring the focus where it is lacking….back to the Home Stone itself and to the caste!

Whistler Mountain Interview (by Mariko)

  • Mariko Marchant: Tal Jai, nice to meet you again

Please tell me about Whistler Mountain, Torvaldsland

–     Jai Koskinen (jai.castaignede) : A pass of Torvie Mountains in the deep north hidden  between the mountains upon the third glacier north of the forest which exists a tiny village in the valley which we call Whistler Mountain.  Quiet and restful but cold.  It is said that Odin comes to these mountains often and you can hear his whistle through the crevasses as he rests his mind and soul here.  Family and friends come here to live and rest.  Traders come to trade for goods and fix their ships.  All come for the mead and fellowship.

This is home to to the Castaignede, Koskinen, and Ishmene families the brutal winter exemplifies Torvaldsland.

  • Mariko Marchant: What makes this place different from other places in SL? And why should people visit Whistler Mountain, Torvaldsland?

–     Jai Koskinen (jai.castaignede) : Though it is nooked between mountains in the far north, you will see other villages nearby.  We sail our boats to visit and share but we always come home to Whistler Mountain for the great lands that it is.  True Torvaldsland lands that brings you right to the roots of what it means to be a true Torvie.  Come for the feast, the bonds, and definitely come for the famous Whistler Mead made with special ingredients to quench any visitors thirst.

  • Mariko Marchant: Any hidden secrets that Whistler Mountain holds?

–     Jai Koskinen (jai.castaignede): Whistler Mountain holds lots of hidden gems all around the lands.  From the animals to the secret caves and passages you will always find a special place and maybe even the hot springs to soak ones weary bones from the cold.  Take a boat ride around the mountains and capture the views of the lands and neighboring villages, it is sure to capture your breath with a single look.

  • Mariko Marchant: Thank you Jai for this interview

–     Jai Koskinen (jai.castaignede): Thank you for taking the time visit Whistler Mountain.  Come back anytime for the great Whistler Mead.  Odin’s blessings to you.

See a tour at Whistler Mountain, Torvaldsland at:   click here

A Word About The Black Caste (by Raven)

Recently I was in touch with John Norman’s publisher, Richard Curtis.  I am a long time reader of the books and have pored over the passages about the Black Caste with great interest.  Upon reading Mr. Curtis’ blog, with muted expectations, I posted my questions there and admittedly with some cynicism I figured it was likely I would never get a response, or at best I might hear back at some point way in the future.  I assumed the author is a busy man and simply cannot answer all the questions he receives, particularly ones from annoying fanboys like myself.

Imagine my shock and pleasant surprise the following day when I received a personal email from Mr. Curtis relaying the author’s direct response to my questions.  Simply put, I was stunned (in a good way of course).  The response, to me, clears up a few questions those of us who are enthusiasts of Norman’s work pertaining to the Caste of Assassins have debated over the years.

Namely, is there only one Master Assassin?  Can there also be Master Assassins of individual cities?  Are Assassins allowed to walk around Gor with impunity or are they still outlawed?  Etc.

Without further delay, with kind permission given by Mr. Curtis, I will quote the response which was relayed to me here:


Dear Richard:

Thanks for forwarding to me the kind remarks, and associated inquiries pertaining to the Caste of Assassins.

The Caste of Assassins is the dark caste.  In many cities it is outlawed.  In some cities it seems to be tolerated, if not licensed, as were assassins in certain cities in the Italian Renaissance.  The Assassins are, in effect, free mercenaries without loyalty to a Home Stone, with loyalty only to their caste, their codes, and commanders.  It is likely that in each city accepting their presence there are relatively open arrangements for contacting them, and doing business with them.  In cities in which they are seriously unwelcome, it may be supposed that means are likely to exist whereby arrangements might be more discreetly effected.  They may be hired for a variety of purposes, of course, not merely for the business of  killing for hire.

One supposes that the Assassins, being a caste, is well organized.  Caste governance would then seem likely, particularly in such a caste.  The books seem to suggest that this governance is at least nominally centralized, presumably at both a local and, so to speak, a national level.  Accordingly one might expect a high Assassin, or a Master Assassin, in each conclave of Assassins, for example, in a city, or territory.  Thus, Ar might well have its Master Assassin, as well as other cities.  Beyond that it seems quite possible that there would be a Master Assassin of the Caste itself.  In the case of Pa-Kur, it seems possible that he may have been the caste Master, the supreme authority in the caste, as a whole, as well as, specifically, the caste Master in Ar itself.

With best wishes,

John Norman


What might we infer from Mr. Norman’s response to my queries?

“Accordingly one might expect a high Assassin, or a Master Assassin, in each conclave of Assassins, for example, in a city, or territory.  Thus, Ar might well have its Master Assassin, as well as other cities.”

First off, each city or territory could have a Master Assassin.  To me this is huge.  It confirms the idea of an individual being called for example “The Master Assassin of X city”.  I have never understood the reluctance by some to use the term “Master Assassin” or the term some have come up with as a substitute of “Camp Leader” and am glad Mr. Norman cleared this up for me.  Some have stated that there is only one Master Assassin and that term can only be used for that person and this definitively puts that debate to rest.

Second, groups of Assassins may be referred to as Conclaves.  This is interesting as I’ve not seen this in any of the books.  I have seen groups of Assassins in SL Gor referred to as Guilds, Camps or Clans, but to me this is the definitive word on the term which should be used.  Conclave it is.

“The Caste of Assassins is the dark caste.  In many cities it is outlawed.  In some cities it seems to be tolerated, if not licensed, as were assassins in certain cities in the Italian Renaissance.  … It is likely that in each city accepting their presence there are relatively open arrangements for contacting them, and doing business with them.  In cities in which they are seriously unwelcome, it may be supposed that means are likely to exist whereby arrangements might be more discreetly effected.”

Third, the Caste of Assassins is not allowed in many Gorean Cities, at least not openly.  I think this would make certain RP stories improbable and extremely hard to do.  For example, story lines in which Assassins go all around Gor carrying letters and wearing golden sashes.  Norman states that in many cities the Black Caste is simply outlawed. This might make for some exciting roleplay however provided it isn’t metagamed or abused.

In other words, in a city where Assassins are outlawed a man would not walk up to the gates wearing full black with a dagger painted on his forehead.  If he did then he might be arrested and put on trial as a criminal.  I can’t see every city in Gor doing this but in certain ones (Ar for example) I could for sure see it.

I could also see some sims simply outlawing the Black Caste without any supporting RP as a cowardly means to protect their citizens.  One hopes that this would not occur but sadly this is in all likelihood a certainty with regard to some sim owners who are more about traffic and numbers than creating good roleplay.

“The Assassins are, in effect, free mercenaries without loyalty to a Home Stone, with loyalty only to their caste, their codes, and commanders.  … They may be hired for a variety of purposes, of course, not merely for the business of killing for hire.”

Fourth, Assassins are mercenaries without homestones and with a set of codes specific to their Caste.  Again Norman calls them Mercenaries, which suggests they are men who not just kill but also fight for coin.  They are versatile and can be hired for more than just killing.  We have seen this term used for them before–one of Triad’s favorite book quotes for example refers to Assassins as “esteemed Mercenaries”.

Hearing this directly from the author himself to me makes it more book correct and acceptable for Assassins to be hired out as fighters, perhaps to fight in raids or in defense of a city (provided they were being paid to do so) etc.  It also negates the idea of the SL Gorean Mercenary only being one from the Scarlets.

“Beyond that it seems quite possible that there would be a Master Assassin of the Caste itself.  In the case of Pa-Kur, it seems possible that he may have been the caste Master, the supreme authority in the caste, as a whole, as well as, specifically, the caste Master in Ar itself.”

Fifth, there is in all likelihood a Caste Master, or Master Assassin of Gor.  This we knew from the books but it is always good to see it confirmed by the ultimate authority, the author.

“The Caste of Assassins is the dark caste.  In many cities it is outlawed.  In some cities it seems to be tolerated, if not licensed, as were assassins in certain cities in the Italian Renaissance.”

Lastly the inspiration for the Caste of Assassins, or the Dark Caste, as Mr. Norman refers to it in his response quoted above, appears to be in part based on the Renaissance era Assassins.  Recently this was popularized in the game Assassins Creed.  I have always used Machiavelli’s “The Prince” as a basis for my teachings and RP so this discovery was particularly exciting for me personally.

Anyways, hearing directly from John Norman was quite exciting, and I do thank Mr. Curtis for being the go between and for taking the time to relay the message.

Per Mr. Curtis’ request, please seek out more information click here

The Akita Hunt Competitor (by Mariko Marchant)

  • Mariko Marchant: Welcome Lyric and Fiona to the office Gazette of Gor.

–    Fiona String: thank you *smiles*

–    Ƹ̵̡ .Lyric Skaði…̵̨̄Ʒ (lesha82): Thank you, Mari, glad to be here.

  • Mariko Marchant: I hear you are going to organize a competition. Is that right?

–    Ƹ̵̡ .Lyric Skaði…̵̨̄Ʒ (lesha82): Yes, the Akita Hunt Competition, “AHC”.

  • Mariko Marchant: And what is that?

–    Ƹ̵̡ .Lyric Skaði…̵̨̄Ʒ (lesha82): The AHC is a program we have been working hard on these past few weeks, it will have hunts with various animals for people to hunt ranging from urts all the way up to larls, depending on the hunt. It is our hope it will give a new dynamic to Gor, something for all to do and create added traffic to all sims as well as inspire roleplay.

  • Mariko Marchant: That sounds great when will it start and who can take part?

–    Ƹ̵̡ .Lyric Skaði…̵̨̄Ʒ (lesha82): The first hunt already takes place. As for who can enter, any Gorean, including slaves, can enter the competition, even Kurri, for that matter beasts can as well, you see we have designed the animals so they can also be meleed down as well as the bow.

  • Mariko Marchant: How can one take part?

–    Ƹ̵̡ .Lyric Skaði…̵̨̄Ʒ (lesha82): is very simple, you go up to one of the AHC stands, which will be able to tell what animal is to be hunted by the big picture in the center, then you get the info cards and the rules and sim list, then you buy a license and find one of our AHC judges, the Judge will confirm your good to go and answer any further questions you may have.

  • Mariko Marchant: Where are the stands?

–    Ƹ̵̡ .Lyric Skaði…̵̨̄Ʒ (lesha82):  They will be distributed on the participating Sims and you can always come to Akita  and get yourself ready to go. If needed a Hunter can contact me (Ƹ̵̡ .Lyric Skaði…̵̨̄Ʒ (lesha82)or Fiona( Fiona String) and we will help them to find a AHC Stand.

  • Mariko Marchant: If you want to participate do you have to register before a certain date?

–    Ƹ̵̡ .Lyric Skaði…̵̨̄Ʒ (lesha82):  You can join any time during the hunt, you see, it is not so much the start time that you must be concerned with, tho we do not want hunters to start before the official time, but it is the end time you do need to be concerned with, because you have to have the meat and hide you get from your kill turned in before the deadline, Each hunt will last for 7 days. You can find the start time and end time of each hunt in the AHC Stand for that hunt competition. We had considered having a strict all in time before they could hunt, the problem we saw with this was the fact that so many people log in at various time and not everyday, so we wanted to allow them time to get in on the hunts as well.

  • Mariko Marchant: How long will this hunt competition be going on for, a week a month or indefinitely?

–     Ƹ̵̡ .Lyric Skaði…̵̨̄Ʒ (lesha82): We will have weekly hunts with 1st, second and third place prizes, and the winners of the weekly hunts will qualify for our monthly hunts, and the winner of the monthly hunts will qualify for our semi annual hunts.

  • Mariko Marchant: Are Kurri the hunter or the hunted?

–    Ƹ̵̡ .Lyric Skaði…̵̨̄Ʒ (lesha82): Well, as with any hunter in Gor, it is easy to be both, laughs.

But seriously, no we have no plans to officially hunt kurri or the avi type animals around Gor, our goal is for our hunter to have a realistic style hunt as it might be on Gor, braving the dangers on each land for that prize winning beast.

Fiona String: Unless you know someone running about as a tarsk ?

  • Mariko Marchant: Are the animals that are to be hunted actual avatar or SL toys?

–    Ƹ̵̡ .Lyric Skaði…̵̨̄Ʒ (lesha82): They are created beasts are for the sole purpose of the hunt.

May i elaborate on that?

  • Mariko Marchant: Yes please.

–    Ƹ̵̡ .Lyric Skaði…̵̨̄Ʒ (lesha82): this part is more for the sim owners, what we will do is work with the sim officials in the placing of the low prim, low script AHC stand, then we will work with them in the placing of the number of and location of the low script rezzers, the rezzer will rez the animals to be hunted, once an animal is killed, another will rez in it’s place, now once the hunt is completed, either myself of one of the AHC officials will come to the sim and remove those rezzers and place rezzer for the next hunt before that hunt.

Now i might also add: We at AHC will be working closely with the sim owners and their staff including their Mods, for example, say Fiona is an AHC hunter, and she is out hunting larl, for instance, and she come near my camp and i down her and she gets all angry, (she would not, but let’s say), then she goes of, reset her meter and runs helter skelter on everybody on sim, basically griefing, we will have a group for AHC official and sim official that their mod can say hey Fiona is over her griefing, Fiona loses her license and is disqualified from that hunt, that is just the first offense, the second offense she would be permabanned from all future AHC hunts.

  • Mariko Marchant: i see, last question: How many sims will be participating and will some animals be fighting back… e.g., the larl.

–    Ƹ̵̡ .Lyric Skaði…̵̨̄Ʒ (lesha82): well it remains to be seen exactly how many sims will be  involved. It is our hope in time all Gorean sims will be involved, as for the attacking animals, that may happen down the road.  We have discussed it, if we see an interest from the hunters in such a thing and we can do it without becoming a script problem for the sim, it will happen. You have to keep in mind, we do not want to become a burden to the participating sims while still providing a somewhat realistic experience for our hunters.

  • Mariko Marchant: thank you so much for this interview Lyric and Fiona and i wish you lots of success with this great initiative.

–    Fiona String: smiles

–    Ƹ̵̡ .Lyric Skaði…̵̨̄Ʒ (lesha82): No, Mari, thank you for taking an interest and having us here to talk about it, i am very excited, Giggles

–    Ƹ̵̡ .Lyric Skaði…̵̨̄Ʒ (lesha82): oh, Mari, i forgot to mention, If i sim owner wishes they can contact me or Fiona with a NC and we will get back to them as soon as possible.

Contacts for the The Akita Hunt competition:

Ƹ̵̡ .Lyric Skaði…̵̨̄Ʒ (lesha82) and Fiona String.

Interview at Resurgent Ar (by Itsmee Zander)

Resurgent Ar BtB

Once again, Ar had fallen from within as in the Cosian Wars of old. Once again, Ar now rises resurgent.

“One popular account has it that an ancient hero, Hesius, once performed great labors for Priest-Kings. He was given, however, only a flat piece of rock with a single character inscribed upon it, the first letter in the name of his native village. He was told that what they gave him was indeed worth far more than gold and silver, that it was a “Home Stone.” He returned to his native village, which was torn with war and strife. He told the story there, and put the stone in the market place. … “Whose Home Stone is it”?” asked the people, “yours or ours?” “Ours,” responded Hesius. Weapons were then laid aside, and peace pledged. The name of the village was “Ar.” Dancer of Gor, Book 22, Pages 301 – 302.


Martial Law Declared in Resurgent Ar

A former councilor of Ar, dispersed in the Cosian Wars, arrives with a small band of men to find Ar’s walls secure, but her people

[2015/11/27 10:14]  Erwin Solo:  scattered and the government vacated.  The Physicians blame plaque. The Initiates murmur of angry Priest Kings.  The Scribes fault poor enforcement of laws. The Merchants blame high taxes.  The Warriors seem to be away in foreign lands for war.  Being unopposed, he declares himself Ubar for management of the crisis, and pledges to step down as soon as order can be restored.


  • Itsmee Zander: excellent … do carry on … this is the most prepared interview we have done
  • Erwin Solo: haha. That’s all I’ve got.  I have a High Physician, High Magistrate, Master Assassin, High Builder, and I am Ubar.   I’m seeking their counsel on my draft laws, which will be aligned with the Luther Scrolls click here
  • Itsmee Zander: i am aware of the scrolls
  • Itsmee Zander: could i have a copy of this layout floorplan ?
  • Erwin Solo: Perhaps the only thing that I will do that is less than completely common in SL Gor is to have the Magistrates appointed independent of Caste, though doubtless many of the Magistrates will be of the Scribes Caste. In this I align with Luther also.  Quoting:
  • Erwin Solo: “Magistrates: There are numerous magistrates in the Gorean cities including aediles, archons, praetors, prefects and quaestors. The exact powers and abilities of these different magistrates is not explicitly stated within the books. These magistrate positions are taken from ancient Greek and Roman magistrates. There is also no indication whether Magistrates form their own Caste, are a subcaste of another or are simply positions. The books do state that magistrates are an “office” and that they must wear the robes and fillets of that office. They also carry wands of their office. As an office, that might indicate they are only a position. But, as they are legal officials, it is possible that they might belong to the Scribes Caste. There are merchant magistrates mentioned in the books and they wear white robes trimmed with gold and purple. This would indicate that at least that type of magistrate is part of the Merchant’s Caste.”
  • Erwin Solo: ^^^ quote from click here
  • Erwin Solo: ^^^ map is in there
  • Itsmee Zander: what do you see as a unique thing that Resurgent Ar offers that other Gorean cities don’t, that makes it a special place that makes goreans wish toflock here to claim it as their home Stone
  • Erwin Solo: A few things are unique.
  • Erwin Solo: First, the build is optimized for complex Arian roleplay, being aligned with the major districts of the books. The core build is just over 10000 prims, and so this build is hardly optimized for rentals, but is indeed optimized for role play.
  • Itsmee Zander: in other words the perfect stage has been set
  • Erwin Solo: Aye to that about the perfect stage being set. Second, of the cities one can choose within Gor, Ar is unique in the breadth, depth, and overall extensiveness of the backstory provided in the books.  The books begin with Ko-Ro-Ba, but little is told of the rebuilt Ko-Ro-Ba after its destruction by the Priest Kings.  Tarl does spend a good bit of time in Port Kar.  But of all the cities in the books, Tarl and his compatriots return to Ar over and over again.  One learns more of Ar in the books than of any other city.  So, if one wishes a backstory to build on, there is no place in Gor like Ar for you.
  • Itsmee Zander: Indeed … now what would your single most important advice you would give to new roleplayers coming into Gor
  • Erwin Solo: Well, my advice would be to split your time between roleplay and training. I’m a big fan of  secondlife:///app/group/5a8f9d30-24ac-0a6d-738f-e3a41158a181/about which has an OOC arena here at the landing-point sky level, as you can see, and I’m a big fan of secondlife:///app/group/585caae1-111e-f4d5-4cbc-12f8ac657248/about  .  I’m also a big fan of listening to the John Norman Gor books on audio.  They are available at via the Kindle subscription and subsidiary via audio subscription. .  Get a one year subscription for a modest price, and you can finish the Gor books in a year while driving to work and back.
  • Itsmee Zander: that is most excellent piece of advice, indeed knowledge is power, knowing your Gor would arm you with all that you need
  • Erwin Solo: From a legal perspective, Ar will be Luther-aligned BtB, and Ambassadors and Magistrates will not be limited to the Scribes Caste and will be appointed by the Ubar and later by the High Council after order is restored. Likewise, Gold Has No Caste, as the Merchants are fond of saying.  Those of Low Caste cannot officially be on the Council, but can certainly be valued advisors, and much is said in the books of the power and influence of the rich in the Merchant Caste.  So it is in Ar.
  • Itsmee Zander: I thank you for your valuable time Ubar … and well wishes to your fair city and citizens with building a great home
  • Itsmee Zander: if i may go down to the city proper to get some pictures unless you already has some ready for publicity purposes
  • Erwin Solo: Aye, thank you for the interview. One parting comment, the wordiness and repetitiveness of John Norman that is so annoying in print, is actually rather helpful if one is listening in audio.  Aye, you are welcome to go take photos.  The city is done.  The raid gate area is built but not activated yet.  We will be raid melee only.
  • Itsmee Zander: thank you again
  • Erwin Solo: And I thank you, and wish you well. You are granted water and fire and salt for your visit to Ar.  I have read one or two.  Do you have a giver station?  I don’t have one, but I had one on my Telnus of Cos.

  • Erwin Solo: Oh, if you can’t walk somewhere that you wish to go, check your coordinates. You will likely find that it is actually off-SIM decoration.

  • Erwin Solo: You stand in one place as does one who uses a SpaceNavigator joystick.

A Kajira Rocks On (by Frey)

My name is Frey and I am a kajira.  Six months ago, I joined the Gazette of Gor because they were a varied group of people with a common goal that I strongly believe in.  The team is made up of kajira, free women, free men, and panthers.  They are Northerners and Southerners, GE and BTB.  It’s an oddly matched group of people who gathered together in the interest of making a positive change to SL Gor.  And I am beaming with pride when I say that this team has made a significant difference.  I cannot stress enough how proud I am to work with this group, who use the Pen as their weapon to fight for a better Gor.

But the Gazette is not alone…Nay, there is another group of mismatched, passionate Goreans that also have teamed together to make a positive difference.  And I am again, very proud, to be owned by a master who is part of its management team.  I’m talking about Whip Radio.  Where the Gazette uses the pen, Whip uses the mighty power of music.  It is not a surprise to me that there is a connection between our two groups, after all, both music and the written word touches all humans…. it brings them together over common ground, and where one does not reach, the other touches.  Writings and music have been bringing communities together across all time.

Whip Radio has been running since 2010 and now staffs approximately 17 Broadcasters who provide Goreans with entertainment ranging from music to discussions and debates.  The team is a varied group of passionate Goreans, both free and slaves, from North and South, GE and BTB.  I ask you, what is more Gorean than working together to provide educational entertainment with the sole intent of making tomorrow a better day?  If you know any of these heroes, or you happen upon them, I beg you join me in cheering for them….they work for free.  These DJs selflessly volunteer their time and effort to someone else’s city to advertise and promote… to aid their neighbor’s success.

In addition to promoting and assisting sim owners, they do something so very important… they bring together a community, using a universal common ground… music.  Each broadcaster has created a special gathering of fans who come to dance and socialize together for a few hours of carefree fun.  As Plato said “Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything.”  What better weapon to use to fight against the decay of the Gor philosophies then music.  Every type of Gorean is welcome and encouraged to join the Whip’s broadcasters as they hop around from city to city to bring good cheer to all those around them.

This kajira kneels to you, Whip Radio, and begs you to keep rocking the Gorean house!

To learn more about Whip Radio, visit the website at

Animals of Gor – Herlit (by Hathor)

Hoping my interest in the animals of Gor has not bored our readers, I plunge into another informational article on an animal, well actually a bird,  I found at the GOREAN CAMPUS

Gorean Wild-Life Preserve – the Herlit.

The HERLIT is the giant Gorean eagle!

This large, carnivorous raptor has a wingspan of around six to eight feet. They are usually yellowish in colour with black-tipped wings, and are commonly found in the barrens.

The Red Savages call them ‘Sun-striker’, or ‘out-of-the-sun-it-strikes’, due to its habit of striking with the sun above and behind it, aiming to startle its prey.

The same technique is used by tarns in their hunting, incidentally.

It has fifteen tail feathers which are highly prized by the Red Savages, around fifteen inches in length.

They are commonly used by the Red Savages to mark coups, while other feathers might be used for ceremonial purposes or in making bonnets or headdresses.

“To give you an idea of the value of Herlits, in some places two may be exchanged for a kaiila; in other places, it takes three to five to purchase a kaiila.”

~Blood Brothers of Gor~

There is also a variety of herlit called the FOREST HERLIT, which prefers the forest areas of Gor to the plains or the barren

Watch a video tour of the Gorean Campus Zoo at click here

© Gazette of Gor


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