The Gazette of Gor – Issue 28


(Gorean Press Edition)

Disclaimer: All images contained herein are stock images of Lunacaleengpanthers.


  • From the Editor’s Desk (Kimba)
  • My enlightenment (In-na)
  • Attitude – Something a slave has control over (Leala)
  • Militia (Rik Baar)
  • Personal Thoughts (Desi)
  • Interview at The Red Fjord (Hathor)
  • A Kajira Gets Labeled (Frey)
  • Animals of Gor (Hathor)
  • Events
  • Editors and Writers needed
  • Feedbacks

From the Editor’s Desk (by Kimba)

Second Life romance is like a new puppy.  You know it is going to end badly.  The puppy might get hit by a car the first week, or it might live to a ripe old age and you eventually have to put it to sleep.  No matter what, it’s going to end painfully; but you know that going in.  So you get the most you can out of every minute, with the puppy.  While you can.

My enlightenment (by In-na)

For a long time now I have hidden in the shadows, treading carefully in an attempt not to be seen, heard, or even noticed.  Scavenging for food at every opportunity, taking the scraps left out for only the beasts, caution taken with each step through a small village that I have been watching for ages from the highest trees.  Suddenly, without warning I hear cries of one and then of many villagers as I’m discovered.  “Get out of here!”, “you don’t belong here!”, “slut!” then suddenly a true god stands in front of me who introduces himself simply as “Mod”.    Fire in his non impartial eyes, takes out a scroll and points to a few simple words.  I squint my eyes and do my best to read while the villagers around shout out taunts and show their disgust of finding a filthy creature such as me among them.  The word on the scroll stated….”NO PANTHERS”.

In a state of shock and confusion I bowed down to the mighty god called “Mod” then ran quickly towards a conveniently placed dock where I could see a boat.  But before I was able to reach the safety of the boat the earth beneath my feet began to rip apart, then I was violently launched high into the air and passed out.  After, what only felt like seconds, I opened my eyes to see that some kind person must have taken pity on me and taken me home to my camp.  Breathing a sigh of relief I vouched never to return to another place that had the letters BTB engraved next to its name.  Yes, I had been EJECTED just for simply being a panther girl.

This incident happened a long time ago when I was new to Gor.  For ages I just could not understand why panthers were so hated as in my mind I was being sensible and not causing any trouble at all in a northern themed village….but now… I think I finally get it.  Yes that is right… I fully understand the reasons why the tar still sticks even though all the atrocities occurred way before my time.

We were accused of a dreaded disease called “Pew pew” and from the stories I have heard handed down by the elders I believe we really did have this disease.  Gangs of panthers running around shooting at everything that moved, screaming obscenities at all who opposed them and generally tearing at the very fabric of Gor.

In all my years as a panther I was not able to understand the bad feelings until two days ago. I realized that although the panthers have long gotten past this disease by often choosing interaction with just other panther bands, I discovered the disease is rampant in another species called the GE outlaws.  Maybe this is the link that was missing between panthers and the GE label?…pfft who knows.

Being lucky to have an ex in real who was coming back to SL and Gor after a long break I was able to watch over his shoulder as he hopped from one outlaw group to the other.  He was looking for an active GE sim with plenty of people for roleplay etc as he didn’t wish to go back to BTB due to previous drama that made him take a long break.  From what I could see it seems that the sims with high traffic were often built like mazes and were almost built with just fighting strategy in mind.  He stopped for a day on one sim and I just could not believe how raiding groups were showing up on the docks waiting for the previous raiders to leave before they could raid.  I watched him defend 4 raids in a row, each time eventually ending up left in binds which I did find rather amusing.

Suddenly it all hit me like a sac of suls.  I was witnessing where the divide shown between BTB and GE actually comes from.  The fact that some groups love to just fight all the time gamer fashion with a Gorean theme and then there are others who just wish to roleplay Gorean as that is their form of entertainment.  As he continued his journey after so many raids made his head numb I was able to see how blurred these labels really became as he found some beautiful places where he was able to finally get some decent roleplay with lands of both labels.  He told me it doesn’t matter what label is on a sim…all that matters is that he finds a place that is fun with good opportunities for roleplay and to do what made him happy.

My own personal conclusion from all this is that the tar brush needs to be taken away from the sheep.  Stay with the style of group that fulfills your needs.  Ignore any BTB GE labels as they really mean diddly squat and just have fun.  I now understand that Gor covers all extremes and you just choose where on the grand scale of Gor suits you best.

In-na the proud and free Panther Girl.

Attitude – Something a slave has control over (by Leala)

Many years ago I went to a class taught by the slave girl Ladina Fauna, I consider myself lucky today having had a chance to sit under her tutelage. Little did I know that a few months after sitting in one of her classes, I would be delegated to teach a series of classes myself, in fact, I always thought myself under qualified.  The class that I went to which had a huge impact on me, and was a stepping stone for my own class was the two most important rules for a slave…. To be pleasing, and to obey.

What I want to talk about today is attitude, if as a slave we focus on being pleasing, obedience will be much easier to embrace and achieve. Being pleasing at all times is not easy, in fact sometimes it can seem impossible.  Sometimes our mind is not in the right place, we are humans after all, we are not constantly the same, nor are we robots. I have days where every few minutes I have to remind myself that I am to be pleasing, otherwise I might go lopping heads off.

Let’s take a look at the top four reasons why we fail at being pleasing:

The single hardest thing a slave will struggle with is their emotions.  Anger, sadness, jealousy, entitlement, we can go on and on, and the emotions are not always negative, but it is the negative ones that tend to trip us up more than say thankfulness, joyfulness, happiness, contentment.  Did we have a good day at work, or a bad day? Do we take out our frustrations on those around us, even if they are not the ones we are really angry with? Emotions are tricky but they can be tamed, and we can do that by refining our focus, which brings us to the second reason on why we fail at being pleasing, that is our focus or lack thereof.  I have a temper, I admit that, and now days I own it. My own Master will joke and say I am proficient at ducking when she starts throwing things, but after many years of throwing I have realized that my temper flares have more to do with losing focus than anything else.  A Master once said to me something very important, that I have always remembered, and yes he was very upset with me when he said it, “if you cannot control yourself… how can you expect another to be able to control you?”

The second thing that will trip up a slave, is “loss of focus”. How can we stay focused when we have had a bad day on earth? Actually focus is something that we can more readily control at times than our emotions.  If we find our focus is not where it should be, we can “stop, pause, breathe, and evaluate”. In my original class I did not have the word breathe, but my Master has taught me that when I feel out of control, pausing to take that breath, can stop me from spiraling. So if our focus is out of whack, one thing you can do to bring it back is to offer to serve someone. Perhaps it is a drink, or you notice that a free may have a need for something in SL, maybe a small build, etc…. giving of yourself in these manners, can help you get your focus back to where it should be which is on serving the Free. Instead of feeling sorry for ourselves, perhaps because your owner is not on as often as you wish, reach out and ask to serve someone, you will be surprised at how quickly the feelings of self-pity are washed away and replaced with contentment. I mentioned that I had attended Ladina’s class on the  2 most important rules of a slave, but I did not mention that at one time Ladina and I were on the same chain, we were both Port Kar slaves, and on many occasions she would shake her head at me and say, desire… you would stop and ask yourself if this action is pleasing before you do it, do you think that some of your lack of focus would be diminished, and I would roll my eyes at her (when she was not looking) and whisper under my breath “stepford wife”. About a year later, I found myself going to Ladina and telling her that she was right, yes I can be a bit hard headed in my thinking, but I began to embrace her methodology and found it worked.

The third thing that gives us a hard time on occasion, is feeling that we are more important than our Masters. When we feel that we are more important than our Masters, we become entitled in our thinking. For example, say your Master did something that you don’t think is right. It wasn’t fair, and the more you think on it the angrier you get. In fact perhaps they keep doing it, now your anger is boiling over, because how dare they do this!!!! You all know what I am talking about as you all have been at this exact crossway before, I know I am not the only one. So now our anger has us in its grip, and we KNOW that we are justified and we blast them with our emotions. Is it being “pleasing” to jump on them, accuse, rant and rave?  Would it have been more pleasing to “stop, pause, breathe, and evaluate” first, letting them explain? Or perhaps if they don’t explain (because we know they don’t have to) when we are calm, we ask them to help us understand? The immediate reaction – bursting out… that is all about us…. The waiting is about them.

The last thing that gives us a hard time with obedience is “thinking of our own needs first. When we think of our own needs first that is when entitlement begins to creep into our thinking, then its all about “ME” and when we do not feel we are getting our needs met or our needs are not the most important, we stomp our feet and have a hissy fit. Why… because we are entitled, but if we were to keep our needs where they should be – which is in the safe keeping of our owners, then it is easier to be pleasing and obedient.

Militia (by Rik Baar)

From the Cartius Chronicle:

Everyone seems to know that scribes are not the most skilled Goreans in the use of weapons, but this reporter found a way to improve his own skills and help his city when there is blood in the streets.

by Rik Baar, Magistrate

“The civil militia is to defend the city,” Cartius Commander, chief recruiter and trainer Sage Leon told the Chronicle. “They assist our Scarlet on the front line.”

For now the militia which may be a first of it’s kind for our realm “will take support roles only,” he said, “They bind downed raiders and prevent pop ups,” the Commander said.   But also, “they will provide close secondary support from bow cover to swords as called upon by the scarlets,”

“The militia is forming” he said. “It’s a way for Free men to show their willingness to protect  themselves, their honor and their Home stone,” he exclaimed. “We will take any and everyone and I will personally train any Free man to defend  himself.”

He explained a “well trained” civilian male can assist in many ways and perhaps the Greens could teach them more. ” I would ask that greens provide sniffing salts to wake our warriors and a general class to teach militia how to use them.”

But the role of the civilian militia is not limited to support, Sage emphasized. “They will be involved in fighting.”

What do you want from the militia? The Chronicle asked. “The militia  will be there to fill in any gaps in defense they are and will be a versatile unit. I look forward to utilizing every man’s skill set whether that’s rounding up Free women and slaves to get them to safety or as a sharp shooter”

“I will work hand and hand with each man learn their strengths and provide them with responsibilities they can handle,” he said.

“In coming weeks,” he continued, “I will be designating secondary lines that the militia will be expected to hold. He explained these will be away from the hand to hand combat and could include bowmen on roofs in “higher elevated areas of the city.”

“I will be designating … one man … to lead the militia” and work with the Scarlet on “battle plans and defense.” That man will pass on assignments to the others.

How have you worked with civilians in the past? the Commander was asked. ” I can remember one time in (old) Victoria we had a harbor master who spent most of his time on the front docks and ended up as an early detection system for us.” He said. The Commander said he was thankful the man was able to take down the first two raiders.

Commander Sage called the civil militia essential to the defense of Cartius once raids are allowed, possibly mid December, he thought.

“One last thing. I want people to realize the attempt at the militia  is a way to truly give Free men a chance to defend themselves their honor their homes in a way I feel most Goreans would in the books,” he stated proudly. “The militia, if done the way I see it, will  be the first truly effective unit of its kind.”

He said in his vision, Cartius would avoid the potential problem of men from other casts wanting to “play Red Caste for the sake of the fight, but instead find men trying to defend their honor.”

For this reason he said “I am adamantly against slaves filling this role. For a Scarlet to be good b it takes hours upon hours of training.”

The militia is an “ideal  way to respect and honor that understanding while providing a chance for all free men to be an Ubar within the circle of their own steel.”

“No slaves on the battlefield,” is his rule. “I want to eliminate any prime targets and leave only men on the battlefield.” However, he stated, “Post war or if we are completely ass to the wall then, yes if they can get to a Free man without exposing themselves.”

His reasoning comes from the ancient scrolls, “The context being that any given time in the books men had to defend themselves within their own city be it because of individual struggles or because they were attacked,” In Cartius “we don’t have hundreds of men in our Scarlets,” therefore the militia “allows for a very real dynamic, one you may have seen in smaller cities in the books.”

How do you apply? the Chronicle asked, “they will be allowed to join the group and be trained on any day they wish. They need to simply come and ask.” He said the opportunity to help is extended for now to “all Free Men” whom he invited to either group or individual training.

“My times are readily available to train men,” he said hopeful that many will make the effort to help protect Cartius, our citizens and property.

Personal Thoughts (by desire reikaz)

Back in the early 1990’s i was exploring in a text based chat site and i came across a group of very interesting people i was drawn in i was addicted. i could not stop reading the local chat, i was shocked and intrigued thus began, my story in the “Lands of Gor”

I was young and wanting to know everything about it, i would ask questions, i would practice, i would strive to be the best i could be.  For a young teen my self image was not all that great, but watching the beauty of the slaves, the way they described themselves, the way they moved, the way they could paint a picture with their words and I could see the image before me.

What excites me about the RP ?… simple: the beauty of the Gorean RP, the way it draws you in, the way your whole person whether slave or Free can react to a scenario, the way you can entice and tease, with the painted words that flow from fingers dancing over keys, just some effort is all it takes, a shake of the ass, a stretch of the body, the movement of your hips.  A guy too can explore his potential in detail and description making a slave or a FW nervous causing them to press thighs together aching for a simple kiss or a brush of the mans flesh.

I am passionate about Gor for many many different reasons, but i do long for the days where we didn’t just press a button or type a command to kneel.  We had to open our minds close our eyes imagine how it would look in real life and put it into words, we actually had to use our brains to prove our worth, to discover our capabilities, a slave earned her place on the Owners chain, in the Owners thoughts she earned her place in her Owners RP if a slave messed up she lost her rights for that day or until the Owner was feeling like they would forgive the slave, a slave would work her ass off all day reading and studying only to rp at the times she could, all of this was done not because they had to but because they wanted to, they wanted to be more pleasing, they were not classed as princess kajirae like we see so much of nowadays, sure there was princesses but they were dealt with very quickly, there was no pampering and coddling of a wanton slut who did not earn her clothes, her food, her bed.  We served the free male and female alike, we respected ourselves in such a way that a Master would show us off as hard workers or “decent girls”, others would see it and envy our Owners.

As a slave we didn’t hover around at the hems or the boots of our Owners or their Companions and Friends we found RP for ourselves while the Free talked of things, us as slaves truly didn’t understand really.

The discipline in Gor nowadays oh my i can find so much pleasure in the way these men want to whip me and coddle me come on fellas take control own your actions make sure the slut knows she is in trouble don’t coddle her and say “oh i am so sorry Mine”  let them stew on their wrongdoings ignore them something actually punish them.  Men take the control back get your balls out of your little princesses silks and say “this is how i want it done, you will do this or that, it is my way or nothing”

Oh and what about these sluts and thralls dressed in silks to tend fields and animals, please why would an Owner allow that? Slaves were left naked until they earned their clothing  they would earn it bit by bit.  Silks and jewels were expensive and for dancing or special occasions at the Owners request of course.

….its easy to say “oh yes i am an exotic” please tell me how many of you so called exotic slaves out there have a single club foot

Bring back the older styled Gor, where men didn’t think with just their “long thick shafts” and women didn’t think with their “heat glistening in delicate dew” where we were able to RP together and not against each other without a laugh or a challenge that wasn’t taken to heart

Prove old Gor still exists let us see some hints of it and step up to the Roles you choose

Interview at The Red Fjord (by Hathor)

A notice went out telling about a newly formed Gor sim, the Red Fjord.  I was interested, and contacted the sim to see if I could come, see the full sim and perhaps chat with the owner or Administrator.  Mistress Sholee Firanelli offered her time to meet with me.

I was provided with a quote from Hold Jarl Hawk Firanelli as follows, about  the building of this new sim.

” He stands overlooking the destruction of his land.  Bloody and exhausted what few men he had left went their way to seek a fortune.   Hawk overlooks the once thriving land the great ax held in his massive fist.  Dark brown eyes are hard and filled with determination to rebuild and return once more to his home land of copper and iron covered mountains and cold water rivers.

” The serpent leaves the land of ruin and death.  Those who lost their lives sent to Valhalla by the remaining few.  Though trade and raid was slow at first it was not long before it took off.  One ship went to two, then three. After years of building coins and crews a huge fleet was moving along the sea between many cities trading and gaining a great wealth to reclaim their home land..

” With his son Jude and friend Magnus as  Captains to  the land.  They returned with their families to the land of Red Fjord to rebuild once more.  A great wealth was spent upon the land in a rush to bring it to life before the harsh winter sets in.

” The serpents come and go as weather permits and the Hold Jarl Hawk Firanelli and his lady Sholee Firanelli (Rajal)  welcome those who venture to the northern lands.”


An interview with Mistress Sholee Firanelli of The Red Fjord

Shole Firanelli(sholee.rajal): Good morning, welcome to Red Fjord

Hathor01: thank you Mistress

Hathor01: i saw your information in a notice this morning

Hathor01: I’m a reporter for the Gazette of Gor

  • Sholee Firanelli (sholee.rajal): Ahh
  • Sholee Firanelli (sholee.rajal): Would you like me to show you around?

Hathor01: actually, I would and if you have some time, an interview for the Gazette

  • Sholee Firanelli (sholee.rajal): Of course

(Mistress TPd me to the long hall so we could sit and chat about The Red Ford)

Hathor01: could you tell me where this sim is located Mistress?

  • Sholee Firanelli (sholee.rajal): I know they placed us high north on the Gor map

Hathor01: Yes, Mistress, located in the Northern borders.

Hathor01: is this your long hall?

  • Sholee Firanelli (sholee.rajal): It is yes
  • Sholee Firanelli (sholee.rajal): A large hall , and rooms of course you can’t see from here

Hathor01: a pleasant, large, and welcoming long hall

  • Sholee Firanelli (sholee.rajal): Thank you, a dream of many years for my mate and myself

Hathor01: i see a girl was here, a slave?  Do you have bonds and slaves Mistress?

  • Sholee Firanelli (sholee.rajal): We have a number of slaves that are hall bonds. My mate’s son Jude has a lady he took to mate recently and they have a bond as do Hawk and myself.  The bonds of the family refer the free in the family as my Jarl or my Mistress

Hathor01: are you recruiting Mistress, and if so, are there any positions you wish to see filled and come to live here?

  • Sholee Firanelli (sholee.rajal): We are recruiting yes and have a number of positions open. Though I wish to stress this land is very strict regarding women coming without an escort be they free or slave

Hathor01: so if they come to visit they must be escorted?

  • Sholee Firanelli (sholee.rajal): As to the women yes and the men do not recognize an NPC escort. They are very strict and it is an instant collar for any free woman and a slave will be forced to be a hall bond.
  • Sholee Firanelli (sholee.rajal): We have placed this in our rules very clearly so any woman who ignores it, chooses her fate
  • Sholee Firanelli (sholee.rajal): I have been a physician and healer for many years. My son Jude’s mate Helga is a healer and tends to most things.  I lend a hand if she needs it as I am often busy running the hall and tending to things here.

Hathor01: how do you expect anyone visiting to dress Mistress?

  • Sholee Firanelli (sholee.rajal): Well it is cold obviously so due to weather it is expected they dress so. As it is a northern land of course veils are not expected.

Hathor01: in the long hall,slaves and bonds must shed clothes?

  • Sholee Firanelli (sholee.rajal): It is a northern custom for such yes.

Hathor01: (just wanted to include that for people unaware of the custom)

Hathor01: and what people would you like to come and fill the ranks on your sim Mistress?

  • Sholee Firanelli (sholee.rajal): Well the northern lands do not have caste as you know like the south does. We have a position for a brewer, butcher, cheese maker, overseer and fishing.

Hathor01: You have rules for the raids, may I understand you have raids here Mistress?

  • Sholee Firanelli (sholee.rajal): We do yes and that was included with the rules I gave you. We are a melee only sim

Hathor01: this is also an RP sim, but not para RP?

  • Sholee Firanelli (sholee.rajal): I find it odd such is now separate. Pararp/rp is just plain role play.  Some do larger post than others.  We are a Gorean northern role play sim.  I will not put someone aside simply because their words are not in paragraph.

Hathor01: Would you mind taking me on a brief tour Mistress?

  • Sholee Firanelli (sholee.rajal): Certainly let me tp you from the landing dock and we can go from there
  • Sholee Firanelli (sholee.rajal): We offer a cheaper rent to those who take the task of trade. As I am sure you already saw the mill and temple

Hathor01: is a GM meter required Mistress?

  • Sholee Firanelli (sholee.rajal): Yes we do use a GM meter but do not use G&S
  • Sholee Firanelli (sholee.rajal): In this area are places of trade and we have provided interactive items for them to use to save them prims. As it is an important role to the village their rent is cheaper.
  • Sholee Firanelli (sholee.rajal): Tanner, butcher, brewer, smoke house and a milking barn is in this area
  • Sholee Firanelli (sholee.rajal): A temple and rune stones

Hathor01: do you provide housing for citizens?

  • Sholee Firanelli (sholee.rajal): We do yes, some houses along the back and by the farm area
  • Sholee Firanelli (sholee.rajal): Some are back this way I’ll show you
  • Sholee Firanelli (sholee.rajal): We also have a loft to place in the house as well if someone wishes

Hathor01: very adequate for a single person.

  • Sholee Firanelli (sholee.rajal): We only have two large homes those are reserved for our two captains
  • Sholee Firanelli (sholee.rajal): This house has a loft as you can see
  • Sholee Firanelli (sholee.rajal): This is for the cheese maker, not far from the milking barn
  • Sholee Firanelli (sholee.rajal): This is our fishing area
  • Sholee Firanelli (sholee.rajal): This is a lovely view if you look to your left at the arched bridges

Hathor01: they just caught my eye

  • Sholee Firanelli (sholee.rajal): Can you see the northern lights?

Hathor01: oh, yes I can

Hathor01: got a good pic  I think

  • Sholee Firanelli (sholee.rajal): Our mine , did you wish to see that?

Hathor01: ah, i guess, I’m a bt claustrophobic

Hathor01: dang, it snows in here too, laughs

  • Sholee Firanelli (sholee.rajal): lol
  • Sholee Firanelli (sholee.rajal): dead of winter in the north so it will be snowing

Hathor01: great place to hide during raids?

( And so we walked through the extensive underground mines.  With a shiver or two, I ventured and was rewarded with an amazing build.

(We returned to the long hall)

  • Sholee Firanelli (sholee.rajal): The long hall has an infirmary, storage , single free woman’s quarters, two alcoves, dungeon and hot springs

Hathor01: Mistress, how long have you now been open?

  • Sholee Firanelli (sholee.rajal): We opened the sim on November 23rd.
  • Sholee Firanelli (sholee.rajal): I have been told the hall is impressive by northern standards

Hathor01: it is Mistress

  • Sholee Firanelli (sholee.rajal): The hall is never locked. To ensure those who travel have a warm place to be.  At the entrance of the hall is the old custom of a warm basin of water.   The bonds also offer a warm cloth to the newly arrived.

Hathor01: something I didn’t know Mistress, thank you

  • Sholee Firanelli (sholee.rajal): This is the kitchen area, we try to fix rp-wise a evening meal every day. Bonds and myself or other FW will be encouraged to do this and it’s posted in GC.
  • Sholee Firanelli (sholee.rajal): We have two alcoves for visiting men to sleep in or those who do not wish to rent

Mistress,  you have been most kind with your time

  • Sholee Firanelli (sholee.rajal) chuckles

Hathor01: amazing how time flies when you’re having fun

  • Sholee Firanelli (sholee.rajal): Well you missed out on two more areas but that is fine. Thank you for coming by

Hathor01: may I leave you one last question?

  • Sholee Firanelli (sholee.rajal): Very well

Hathor01: Why would be the perfect choice for Gorean folk here make it their home,  What is Unique about it that you offer that perhaps no one else offers?

  • Sholee Firanelli (sholee.rajal): The land speaks for it’s self. Rugged and beautiful.  The people are family, friends and a community that welcomes those who are new or old to the ways of northern life.
  • Sholee Firanelli (sholee.rajal): You can tp from here if you wish and I thank you for coming to see us

Hathor01: my pleasure Mistress.  Again, thank you for your generous time and for showing me about, i so enjoyed being here and talking to you.

A Kajira Gets Labeled (by Frey)

My name is Frey and I am a kajira.  Over the last few weeks, I’ve been writing about various details that I’ve witnessed harming role play.  Someone asked me recently why I care so much about role play because they thought me to be a lifestyler and not a role player.  To this I answered simply, “I am Gorean”.  Why do we have such labels on us as “role player” and “lifestyler”?  Can you not be both these things?  To me, they are one.  Yes, I role play… I log in and tp over to my favorite Gorean sim and I interact with the people there in storylines that are pretend.  And I immerse myself into another world, one, to be honest, I am more comfortable in then my real life at times.

So, in my opinion, a person can be both a lifestlyer and a role player. I define a lifestyler, as a person who believes and respects the Gor philosophy. And I define a role player as a person who plays out a scene or storyline.  Lifestylers often make the best role players, because they put themselves more into the scene… they role play out their own true personality.

I also want to speak about two other very popular labels:  BTB (By The Books) and GE (Gor Evolved).  Certainly anyone who has been in SL Gor for more than a day knows theses terms very very well.  This topic seems to be the hottest subject of debate across any sim.  But, I am not sure there is such need for the strong feelings that come with these two labels.  Why are we separating the two to such an extent?  Why not simply respect each sim owners style, review his/her rules and chose whether you will visit and role play on the sim from that?

If everyone took a step back and showed just a bit of respect and concession to their fellow man, I see no reason why BTB and GE sims could not get along.  Sure…there likely would not be raiding between the two, but certainly there can be role play, visiting travelers, and cross sim storylines… why not???  At what point did Goreans become these snobby, judgmental individuals?  Gor, as depicted in the books, is a harsh land with dangers from the environment that brings the threat of death to every day living.  In this type of environment, human would band together to survive, they would not be at each other’s throats and digging for reasons to nit pick their neighbor.

I beg your understanding on this point…. I spend my RL day dealing with people who completely ignore the world around them while they reek havoc and leave messes in the wake of pushing their own selfish agenda.  When I come to SL, the last thing I want is to have to deal with more of it!  Aren’t we all sick and tired of our dramatic, ridiculous first lives and looking for a break from it?  Is that not why everyone is coming to SL?  I am beginning to suspect that I am a rarity…. I am beginning to suspect that people come to SL so that they can bully, judge, insult, and be just generally negative to their fellow man.

Please… prove me wrong.

Animals of Gor – The Jit Monkey (by Hathor)

I was asked by a reader to tell you about the jit monkey.  After a bit of research,  found the following quotes and then some information from the Gorean Campus Zoo.

“Trees surrounded us. Overhead bright jungle birds flew. We could hear the chattering of guernon monkeys about.”

The Jit monkey, a nocternal, simian mammal which inhabits the rainforests inland of Schendi.

Book 13: Explorers of Gor, page 312

“In the lower branches of the “ground zone” may be found, also, small animals, such as tarsiers, nocturnal jit monkeys …”

~Explorers of Gor~

There are many species of MONKEY to be found in the Schendi rain-forest, inhabiting all three levels of this habitat.

GUERNON MONKEYS are found along the Ua river, and are mentioned as generally inhabiting the canopy level of the rain-forest. They are recognizable by a distinctive chattering sound. JIT MONKEYS are a nocturnal species which reside in the lower branches of the ground level.

Visiting the Gorean Campus Zoo was a treat for an animal nube such as me.  You can walk the area in about fifteen minutes if  you’re jut looking.  It took me quite a while to look at each animal, take the note cards (and when I could, read each note card) and view the pics of the animals.

© Gazette of Gor


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