Role play of stealing a ‘tiny’ SDS panther key

The quest for a slave by a slave

The Forest Moon catch a female slave , they find out her quest is to steal a SDS key belonging to the SDS slave known as tiny.

Once in the wintertime, many Gorean moons ago,  when the snow was very deep, a slave boy named ‘tiny’ had to go out and fetch wood. After he had gathered it together and loaded it in his small cart, he did not want to go straight back to the Sa Di Sani Lair, because he was so frozen, but instead to make a fire and warm himself a little first. So he scraped the snow away, and while he was thus clearing the ground he found a small golden key. Now he believed that where there was a key, there must also be a lock, so he dug in the ground and found a little iron chest. “If only the key fits!” he thought. “Certainly there are valuable things in the chest for my Mistresses” He looked, but there was no keyhole. Finally he found one, but so small that it could scarcely be seen. He tried the key, and fortunately it fitted. Then he turned it once, and now we must wait until he has finished unlocking it and has opened the lid. Then he shall bring this chest to the SDS Priestess and find out what kind of wonderful things there were in the little chest.

The role play:

  • Minx : Tal EN how are you

  • Marlies : “Tallies” she smiles to Minx as she entered the Lair, she brushes back talons of her red hair with nimble fingers “I am well and have returned from the hunt”

  • Sav : ffind out where shes from and lets drag her there in shame

  • Marlies : “Nice catch” she smiled broadly as she looked down at the captured and bound female slave with her dark orbs, assessing the girls worth “…..ample child bearing hips, she is worth a bosk calf from the farmers at least”

  • Snow  : leans  down an  takes  up the  leash

  • Sav : strip her and bring her to camp first

  • Minx : ‘So much for going to posion sds.’ she says

  • Sav : take her to camp love to the cross

  • Snow  : mmm maybe we should give her to them ☺

  • Minx : ‘We could.’

  • Snow  : nods ☺

  • Sav : lets make her suffer for attacking us first

  • Marlies  lips curl into a cruel smile “why not use the girl later to poison the sds”

  • Sav : baby you downed her shes yours

  • Minx: ‘Or You could keep her sav to clean the huts and whatever.’ she shrugs its no odds to her either way.

  • Phedre : moans softly as her eyes slowly open, at first she can not make out what is being siad then she hers ‘give her to them’ and she would plead,”Girl begs not to be given to that tribe, Mistress, it would mean girl;s death”

  • Marlies  searches in her leather pouch “thassa paste smeared on her lips , in case a SDS kisses her” she mused “….I have seen how their panthers embrace and kiss each other on many occassions” she adds, with a hint of disgust in her voice

  • Sav : hang her love and teach her a lesson

  • Snow : leans  down an  start  to  remove   the  girls  things      take the  worn   broom  an  toss it aside

  • Snow: looking her  over I  spot a  blow  gun an     removeing that    an  hands it to Marles  is it  poison  ?

  • Marlies  walks over to Snow , leaving foot prints in the soft earth with her boots , she reaches out with her left hand and takes the blow gun, holds it a moment to then inspect it

  • Snow : finding a   shield  on her   back  take that off her  an  throws it

  • Phedre : feels her weapons being removed one by one, then she hears the question by the Mistress about poison,”No, Mistress, girl has no poisons”

  • Minx : ‘Best search here all the same for it.’ she says

  • Snow : running my  fingers   carfull  through her hair   feeling  for any other  weapons

  • Phedre : (in her hair could be found her lock picking tools)

  • Snow : no  rolling the  girl on to her  back to better   see her

  • Minx : ‘Why ring a a visitor bell and start a fight?’ she says

  • Snow  : useing a  knife I  cut the   silk  away  from  her  waist   leaveing the  girl  naked

  • Phedre : “Possible death versus certain death, Mistress”

  • Snow : bending  over I  lossen the  girls  feet an  stand her  up   holding her  by the  arm

  • Marlies nods thoughtfully as she had inspected the blow gun and had found no poison darts in it

  • Snow : pushing her  to the  cross   I  tie  on foot then the  other  to the  cross

  • Minx : ‘So why would the SDS want you dead?’ she asks quietly looking at teh woman.

  • Snow  : undoing her  hands  then  tie  my to  the  cross  next    leaving the  girl hanging in the  air

  • Phedre : “Girl was commanded to poison the priestess there and to steal a key, Mistress, certain death for this girl”

  • Marlies: “steal a key ?  what kind of key and for what?  tell us girl !” she said in her sternest of voices

  • Phedre : “The key to the collar around the neck of the boy called Tiny, Mistress, that is held by the Priestess”

  • Snow  : so  why  would you  want  Tiny’s  key

  • Marlies  rubbed her small chin as she listened  then added to what Snow said “there must be other ways to secure that key, and all that trouble for tiny’s key” , she then shrugged some

  • Phedre : “It is not this girl who wishes the Key, Mistress, but a Mistress of this girl;s Mistress’ tribe who does and she sent this girl to poison the one who held it and to take the key”

  • Snow : I think  tiny  would   follow you  anywere   if asked

  • Phedre : “Yes, Mistress”

  • Snow : from what I  hear  of the priestess  she  would  sleep  with any  male that  came to  the tavern

  • Phedre : “Girl can only do as commanded, Mistress, that is the life of a slave, girl actions hoped to procure the poisons” she told a half truth

  • Snow : so what  do we  do with  this  one  looking  at the  girl  Sav  you  going to discipline her ?

  • Marlies  walked over to the cross , glances to angel “Sav, is still thinking about it ” she traces her index finger down the girls naked belly , stopping just short of the girls heat

  • Snow : I cant  say that I  blame her   but what is to  say  we  will  not  Kill  her  for attacking us ?

  • Snow : attacking  a   free is  very  serious

  • Phedre: whimpers as she feels the finger move down her slave belly, her muscles would sink in slightly

  • Marlies pressed her finger into the girls porcelain white  skin , feeling the girls muscles sink in , the red head grinned , dark slanted eyes now  looking the girl over “Very serious Angel, for such an act we would be in our rights to kill her…….or at the very least leave our mark on her”

  • MoonStar: Tal

  • Snow : mmm nods  hang her  limp  cold  dead  body  in  front  of the gate

  • Marlies released her finger from the girls skin , but not before she left a scratch with her fingernail , she turned to face moon “Tal Moon”

  • Snow  : tallies   Moon

  • MoonStar: Tal

  • Phedre : feeling the Mistress nail pressed more into her skin, she plurts out in near tears,”This girl begs mercy, Mistresses, this girl is not one to do such a thing, but she knew no other way. She is not one to normally attack the free, it is forbidden her and she will be punished by her Mistress for it”

  • Snow : maybe  you  will be you  might  not  make it  back

  • Marlies  tilted her head to one side , red talons of hair draping her shoulder,she flexed  her toned muscles , sneered at the whimper of a weak slave in her eyes

  • Phedre: hangs ger head and only answers with ,”Yes, Mistress”

  • Snow : here is the  girl that   attacked you

  • Sav : is she suffering yet?

  • Sav : shoot at me the little imp

  • Snow  : you wanna   feed her to the  fishes

  • MoonStar : Tal Sav

  • MoonStar  grins

  • Sav : no we should take her to sds but i dont like them so we can eventualy take her home in shame

  • Sav : tal moonsie

  • Phedre : looks to the ground nervously, knowing her fate laid in the hands of these huntresses

  • Marlies inspected the binding ropes that held the girl tightly on the cross “the ropes are tight and cutting into her skin” she smirks “…..she is so nervous too…..about the sds”

  • MoonStar: you could sell her to the pirates

  • Marlies  taps her furred boot on the groond , she waited to see how the girl would react to the prospect of being sold to pirates

  • Phedre : pleads “Girl begs not to be sold to pirates, Mistress, girl is not a bad girl, she acted only in disperation”

  • Snow : moves   the  hot  Iron  very  close to the  skin  watch  as the  glowing  rod    reflect  light  off the  skin    moving it  close to her thigh an  slow   down   just  so  she feels the  heat  but  not  touching her

  • Phedre ‘s eyes go wide as she shifts away from the hot iron, as much as the ropes would allow her to, before she would plead again,”Mercy, Mistress, please have mercy on this poor girl”

  • Snow  : I never smelled  burning  flesh just  my  own long  time ago you  Mistress  never branded you  looking into the  girls  eyes

  • Phedre : “Girl has not felt the liss of hot iron, Mistress, tho she knows her Mistress plans to”

  • Marlies leaned in ,  close to the cross, she blew her breath on the girls face,  “….first time for everything” petal soft lips parting as she spoke

  • Snow : yes  so if we  brand you   you   Mistress  will  have to  rebrand you  an you   will  be  burned  twice

  • Snow : walking  back to the   fire  an  places the  Iron  back into the  fire to  make sure it is  very very  hot

  • Phedre: “Yes, Mistress, but this girl;s Mistress also believes in not doing to other what you yourself do not wish done to you or those you care for, a thing she has been trying to teach her sisters”


The slave girl is branded with “FM” on her upper thigh and is then released.

© Lunacaleengpanthers


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