The Gazette of Gor – Issue 27

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(Gorean Press Edition)

Happy Thanksgiving to our readers!

We give thanks to the Gor that was, the Gor that is and the Gor that will be…. for it all has always been in the hands of those who proudly call themselves Goreans and take onus of this tag seriously.


  • From the Editor’s Desk (Itsmee Zander)
  • Oedipus Unbound (Asra Kron)
  • Interview , Thortein’s Lair , Mistress Bonnie Sarenus (Hathor)
  • Too Many Rules in Gor?
  • Don’t RP Tread on Me ! (Frey2015)
  • A Kassar Folktale (Kimba)
  • Animals of Gor (Hathor)
  • Tantara Pirate Outpost (Maxfromfrance: Minnie)
  • High Forest -BTB
  • The Final Frontier ~ Gor (Mariko Marchant)
  • Homeless Outlaws (Itsmee Zander)
  • Help Wanted – Jobs on Campus
  • Events
  • Editors and Writers needed
  • Feedbacks

From the Editor’s Desk

They say a picture paints a thousand words …..

Oedipus unbound: How the BTB child was screwed by its GE parent.

by Asra Kron

In the beginning there was desire.

I saw it clearly on my return to Gor, early 2010’s, three years into an experiment I did not know when I was introduced to Gor. The Gor Evolved experiment. It started as a movement doomed to become a revolution set for implosion. But before this would come to be, the new hermaphroditic entity spawned its child, which happened almost immediately. The minute it was born, its GE hermaphrodite parent thought the child would grow up to want to screw it and named it Oedipus, but no one could spell that so it was soon known as “By the Books” or BTB for short. The parent was right.

As I arrived to Primus, the heart of GE Gor in the early 2010’s, a new and promising world opened up before my eyes. It was a small panther tribe that one, and very smart. Some were even shopping at Macy’s for cardigans and hats. I did not like that much but it amused me and it was “the spirit” that mattered after all… Then I realized why the movement had stopped and started spinning at an increasingly greater speed that could only end in it’s self-destruction. It was never an “evolution”. It was an alternative fantasy.

I climbed the Sardar Mountains and stuck the “alternative” banner on its summit and the Priest Kings applauded. Of course bugs can’t applaud too good, so it mainly went unnoticed throughout the lands. To be sure, I was also a byproduct of GE, even if “advanced” or “enhanced” or whatever variations of GE tending to BTB were tentatively named, renamed and again renamed… None of that stuck. And so, given the opportunity by fate, as my old persona died, she made her final statement as a true Gorean. And really died. No bubble deaths and no resurrections “a la Brigette”. Dead is dead. You don’t come back from that.

As Asra was born, I decided to go back to the old ways as much as possible, and with the exception of a few months when the delusions of my previous life were allowed to linger, I have been living and role playing mainly in the BTB environment. The results are, as role play goes, much more interesting and rewarding than those achieved by my former self on her GE return, but soon it became apparent to me that BTB is just as messed up as GE. it just could not stay away from it and sure enough it has been screwing it over and being screwed over by it in happy happy incest ever since the kid was old enough to achieve a hard on. Which by GE standards was about an hour after birth.

So now what…. We have the Gaul-winged-helmet-200-pound-axe-wielding-balloon-boobies-bitching-amazon-from-hell GE free women on one corner and the nakie-red-silkie-dick-swinging-bare-footed-oxygenated-blond-14-year-old-bond-slut BTB kajirus on the other.

If you don’t know why they are both not Gorean and will never coexist outside of the furs where they have been fucking each other’s brains out for the past 8 years, doomed to disappear in the fog of time without descendants, you are probably one or the other.

Time to stop calling BTB and GE what they are not. They were never Gor to begin with. And time to get the old ways back. I long for the banks of old Venna… Where tolerance, respect and open minds made Gorean roleplay a pleasure and not this endless “look at my big dick” oriented fantasy topped from the bottom that insists in calling itself “Gor”. It is not.

So I shrug at all that, live my life happily in an old school environment where role play is what matters and seek to, by example, show others that the return to the old ways is possible. We should be so lucky. And maybe we will.

Asra Kron

Interview , Thorteins Lair, Mistress Bonnie Sarenus ( Hathor)

I had heard of a new sim that had been built, Thorstein’s Lair, and asked to visit and talk to Mistress Bonnie (Bonnie  Sarenus (xisannax), Elder of the Thorstein’s Lair, about this BTB new Gor sim

It was winter at Thorsteins Lair,  snowing lightly, a pretty white blanket covered the land adding to the pristine ambiance of the build.

Bσηηίє Sαrєηυs (xisannax): I don’t know how much you know but we have only been around less than four weeks so still building, though open as it is. I would get off my knees if i was you, seeing you’re in the North and most will bite your head off for kneeling like that  and  yes * laughs* you look a bit cold .

(Slaves do not kneel in the North, rather maintain a respectful standing pose before all Free)

Bσηηίє Sαrєηυs (xisannax): *smiles* Here is a warm, more appropriate dress to put under your cloak to keep you warm and hope it fits you . At least you will have something more correct to the North . We should head to the long hall and not stand here

(Be sure if you visit in the winter, you have a warm cloak and boots.  In my haste to visit I forgot my boots and had to move quickly behind Mistress so my feet didn’t freeze)

Hathor01: Is this a long hall and should a slave be nude here?

Bσηηίє Sαrєηυs (xisannax): No no, custom for the long hall is that, here with only a Mistress in the hall there is no need to strip, only if the men come.  And in those cases deposit your clothes at the entrance to the long hall.

Hathor01: i’m a southern girl, so some of the Northern culture I have only had rare occasions to be  around

Hathor01: my, but this long hall is a great build: warm, inviting, and huge, should hold a lot of rollicking masters with a mug in their hands

Bσηηίє Sαrєηυs (xisannax): Oh thank you.  We are rebuilding it in another place, so when it’s done this will be picked up and replaced all finished.

Hathor01: could you tell me where on the map of Gor this land is?

Bσηηίє Sαrєηυs (xisannax): Thorstein’s Lair is a village at the coast of Torvaldsland, about halfway between Kassau and Helmutsport. It’s a busy harbor, tucked away in a cove protected by jagged cliffs, is the most southern of Torvaldsland, and one of the first for merchants to reach.

Hathor01: Do you get travelers from both northern cultures and southern?

Bσηηίє Sαrєηυs (xisannax): Yes we have had some. Our new healers hail of the south and now lives here.  We have only been open for about two weeks and not had much time to travel to have others come here, but they seem to find their way regardless.

Hathor01: Visitors are welcome, yes?

Bσηηίє Sαrєηυs (xisannax): Yes all kind of visitors really. We do allow larls , kurs , Northerns and Southerns alike.  We also offer free housing to all here to role play.

Bσηηίє Sαrєηυs (xisannax): Of course when there are times of war we will be more careful, but do wish any one to feel welcome and come role play

Hathor01: Role playing  – is it a large basis for your group Mistress?

Bσηηίє Sαrєηυs (xisannax): Yes, we have a basis group here who all take part in role playing.   And most of the people here are para role players , though we do welcome all.  All roles  are such that each has the ability to immerse themselves into their role within the sim, all have something to do to be included in the community.  We will never leave any one out so to speak . We also have G&S, the metal worker would have to be a metal worker and supply the village with what it need as well as the butcher, brewer and so on.

Bσηηίє Sαrєηυs (xisannax): That also gives all something to do even if we should lack in numbers at times.

Hathor01: Do you have room for, need, any castes at the present Mistress?

Bσηηίє Sαrєηυs (xisannax): Yes we lack a brewer, metal worker and butcher. Although our overseer is acting as both at the moment along with others .  Also, a baker and other similar roles like it would be available for any one wishing it . If there is a role we will give it . As far as for the first axe and shield, we are now working on an arena where we will hold a tournament to find such a person. My companion is an excellent builder so he is in charge of this as well as those roles.

Hathor01: Is this just the winter season here now?  Is it always snowy, or do you have the full seasons?

Bσηηίє Sαrєηυs (xisannax): We change the seasons and i will give you a peek at how fast that is done * smiles*

Hathor01: you have a G&S here, merchants,?

Bσηηίє Sαrєηυs (xisannax): No we don’t yet , I deal with that so far and we are still building it up. We do make G&S coins and work on a system there as well as another pay system. So we will be giving coins through the coin system.

Hathor01: and do you have slaves or bonds or both?

Bσηηίє Sαrєηυs (xisannax): I don’t have private bonds but we have village bonds and the overseer has two private ones as well as others.  Right now we have two village bonds here but are looking  to have four village bonds before we get the ones who will be sold on the block.

Bσηηίє Sαrєηυs (xisannax): And I’ll take you to our farm part of this place as well when walking trough here . We can do so now if you would like to take a walk

Bσηηίє Sαrєηυs (xisannax): I’ll take you to the overseers place first and start there

Bσηηίє Sαrєηυs (xisannax): Here we have a fire and the black as you see. I love this place for rest and get to talk to the others here . We do not wish people to lock themselves in to their houses so we kind try pull them out here or long hall and so on

Bσηηίє Sαrєηυs (xisannax): This is the overseers place, where he keeps all the bonds except his two private ones . He also has his own place for the healers to do exams and any medical treatments .

Bσηηίє Sαrєηυs (xisannax): As you can see there are a lot of items, such as the slave gruel, water and so on.

(It was a large building, containing as well, slave kennels, a slave library, a nicely done building with care and attention to the details for a slave housing.)

Bσηηίє Sαrєηυs (xisannax): Now lets see …oh yes. Outside here is the metal worker’s area.  Again there is G&S so we do hope of course that one with G&S experience would come and fill the role as he would fill up the stock we need to tend to animals and all the fields . Also they can make shields here as well as collars.

Hathor01: i also see weapons, looks like those could be done here also?

Hathor01:  will you be having raids here Mistress?

Bσηηίє Sαrєηυs (xisannax): We do supply with all needed at all times so they would never run out.  Yes weapons too they can make. The seamstress room where also the bonds are working is not completed.  It is close to the overseers place as well.   We are well  protected here . . . Yes we do allow all sorts of raids, though as any village or city we have rules that are to be followed .

Hathor01: oh, a lovely house dedicated to  spinning and weaving

Bσηηίє Sαrєηυs (xisannax): Again it is G&S and to provide tasks for slaves.  We don’t wish any bond to sit on their arse and have nothing to do. Same when they are told to go to the fields to work, it helps sustain the community and that is what is needed of them. They would actually have to go do it.

Bσηηίє Sαrєηυs (xisannax): Laughs * In the books, a bond worked hard and we do expect people to follow the principle of the books. And lazy bonds  will quickly find out that is not accepted here, be it whether they are in the hall, outside, spinning or making food.

Bσηηίє Sαrєηυs (xisannax): This is the private housings, we do offer free housing to every one. If you have a woman or a family you get a larger house like this one, along with 100 prims you can use.

Bσηηίє Sαrєηυs (xisannax): As an example, a healer will also have the healer house as well, which he or she get to do as they please as long as it is Gorean. Same with the butcher, brewer, seamstress, baker and so on.

(The private house I saw had large living room, dining room with a kitchen and a loft bedroom.  Generous living quarters)

Bσηηίє Sαrєηυs (xisannax): This is the overseers house for his companion and his two slaves.

Bσηηίє Sαrєηυs (xisannax): As you see there is a difference if you have a family or if you don’t.

(I was also shown a smaller, one room house, which could be adequate for one person)

Bσηηίє Sαrєηυs (xisannax): But even here i have seen someone build a second floor, so the 50 prims they get normally is enough.

Hathor01: do you have a cave system?  I see a ladder over here. It provides protection during raids?

Bσηηίє Sαrєηυs (xisannax): Yes, for the security of the village, while it  is not one of the places i am comfortable go through,during raid this is a great protection.

Bσηηίє Sαrєηυs (xisannax): The healer’s house currently works . We are going to have this whole house rebuilt soon .

Hathor01: Healer’s house and exam room

Bσηηίє Sαrєηυs (xisannax): Yes with room for one or two upstairs

Hathor01: well done, healers would be envious of this build

Bσηηίє Sαrєηυs (xisannax): Down here we have the farmers houses. All the ones who wish to live here, rp here and help with the G&S are offered one of the houses here

Bσηηίє Sαrєηυs (xisannax): They are more houses being built as you see

Bσηηίє Sαrєηυs (xisannax): Also as I mentioned earlier, I’m going to show you how we shift to each season like this

(Very quickly Mistress changed the sim from winter to spring)

At this point, Hold Chief Hendix Sarenus met up with us.

Bσηηίє Sαrєηυs (xisannax): *chuckles* well as i was saying this is the brewers house if you like to go inside you’re more then welcome.

Hathor01: holey gazigges, what a build

Hєηđίx Sαrєηυs (anbus): Aye, we are very hospitable despite the fact we are northern blood. and my woman is of tenderhearted nature (though don’t let her fool ya, she is a pistol when needed) lol

Bσηηίє Sαrєηυs (xisannax): *chuckles* well someone has to be in this North * smiles* thank you , though i am still bugging my man here to make us a new one to fit the beams up in the second floor.

Hєηđίx Sαrєηυs (anbus): yes, though the long hall is my home, it brings up the village moral to be in my home and in my shadow, so my doors are always open to the village people.

Hathor01: Why would Thorstein’s Lair  be the perfect choice for Gorean folk here make it their home,  What is Unique about it that you offer that perhaps no one else offers?

Bσηηίє Sαrєηυs (xisannax): *chuckles* now that is a hard question to answer, tho we do offer an administrator who daily works to make it better for everyone to stay. We also will offer an economy as well soon and will add for all to advance the rp. We do wish people to have fun and role play but keep it BTB as they call it. Also each of the roles do have a say as we try not to dictate this or that so we all get the ability to be themselves in the village. But i can say this I could not do this without my friends and all those who have helped out and still are. We have the basic group here and we are not going anywhere, we won’t close even if traffic should be low.  This is our home and hopefully more will come and enjoy the four seasons , the role play we offer and have fun. Larl , people, kurri, ginis and so on . I’d like to think we offer more than a little  to many.

And so ended this interview with Mistress Bonnie.  The time spent with Mistress was cordial, welcoming and the tour of the large sim, so very well done, an “eye-popper.”   Pictures and a landmark are below, if you wish to visit.  Bring a warm coat and boots, and enjoy !

Too Many Rules in Gor?

Why is it that there are so many rules in Gor that are not by the book.  Why is it necessary to impose so many rules.

Raid rules for one.  Who ever said war was fair.  Why do the numbers have to be even.  Why do you have to notify someone you are going to raid them?  Why can’t you join in on an active raid?  Did they not call for help from allies in Gor?  Did the Captains get together and say ok we are going to raid your village what is your count?  Did they close their dock and not allow any one in during a raid?  How is this BTB?  Is there a village out there that does not plan everything out?  That allows events to happen as they may?

I am a Free Woman, I was bored and decided to visit an enemy village to see what would happen.  I brought along a friend.  We landed on the docks with me and a man with a hood over his head.  We proceeded through the gates without any encounters from anyone.

We located the infirmary and knocked on the door as it was locked.  The head physician came to the door and inquired why we were there.  We explained that we were traveling when I began to experience pain in my abdomen.  Being that I am three months pregnant we were concerned.  We did not have the necessary equipment on the ship to examine me properly.  So we pulled into the nearest dock to seek help.

She had me lay down on the exam table and proceeded to ask questions.  Suddenly she said we are being raided,  She told me to come up stairs.  I looked about the room and could see no stairs.  I found myself in the infirmary alone.  I stepped out the door and found raiders running past.  I quickly ran back into the infirmary where i was followed and brought down.  The head physician came back and bandaged me.  I was told to put AFK over my head.  But when i tried it would not allow it.

By this time the man who downed me returned and downed me again and began to tie my feet.  The head physician began to protest.  Telling him that I was a Free Woman and of a particular caste and he should know better. I told them I was fine with what had transpired.  And, he was within his rights to capture me.

Then I was told that i was not included in the count.   That we had arrived after the raid docks were closed.  I was then told to tp out.  I was scorned for not knowing they were going to be raided.  I was told  I should have looked at my mini map (Is that a new rule when entering a sim?).

I truly did not see what the problem was.  If I had been on Gor would I have known the village I was about to enter was going to be raided?  Maybe, maybe not.  Why was it a problem that I was not counted?  Why was my caste a factor on whether or not I could be captured?  Now mind you, I really did not want to be captured.  But it happened and I believe you should role play events as they happen.  It is up to me to role play my way out of it.  Not to complain or say you can’t  capture me because I am a free woman or of this or that caste.  That is not Gor.  Free women were captured in Gor.  But not in SL Gor.  Why is that?

What rules have we created that take us so far from the books and still call it By the Book?  I see so many who say whats wrong with SL Gor.  Some will leave their home stone because they do not like the rules.  They create their own sim only to fall into the same trap of rules.   What is it that is causing sim owners to make up such rules.  Is it because of the people who don’t want to play by the books and complain?  Why do we cater to these people?

Why are they in Gor if they do not like Gor?   Why do we allow the drama Kings and Queens to dictate to us what rules we should have?  Why do people run to sim owners about such things.  Are there not Magistrates/Administrators to handle those type of problems?  Yes, there are many things wrong with SL Gor and we all know it.  But what is being done to stop the madness.   It is time to stand up and take back Gor.  My favorite saying is “Actions speak louder than words”  I am ready to take action, are you?

Don’t RP Tread on Me ! (Frey2015)

My name is Frey, and I’m a kajira.  And while we are on that subject.. “Kajira” is the Gorean word for slave.  It is an all encompassing word, Bondmaids are karjira, silkies are kajira, slaves of ALL type… are kajira.  By that last sentence, you can guess what I’m going to write about this week… a few of those little housekeeping things that ruin RP, my first item is Onlineisms.  But, I think I may surprise you.. I actually do not believe that Onlineisms harm RP, rather it’s the snooty Goreans who scream and whine about them that ruins it.  Who cares if a slave calls it a servery if she’s obediently serving you paga… let her call it what she calls it… isn’t it more important that she’s serving you?

I worry over the state of SL Gor, when grown adults portraying free men and women act like children and stomp their feet to toss a tantrum over a slave’s verbiage while she’s serving them pretend paga, in a pretend tavern, in a pretend city, to satisfy their pretend thirst.  Really?  You don’t think the focus should be on the fact that she is being sweet and kind to you… you need to focus on whatever tiny detail you can dig up, just so you can feed your need to belittle another human being?  You’ve got someone happily typing out how she sways her hips and smiles at you while joyously kneeling to you and offering, not just paga, but her absolute obedience, and what do you do?  You remark about how there is no such thing as a chiller in Gor because you so badly need to feel superior that you ignore the gift she is offering to you in order to pound her down just a bit more.  And we wonder why Gor is packed with disgruntled princess slaves.

The other treader on my RP, is the “know it all”.  You know them, they are the ones who will find any quote or justification they can to show you just how wrong you are at all times.  Folks, if Goreans behaved like this in the books, no one would read them.  The characters in the books were honor based, community oriented, passionate human beings.  They did not constantly go out of their way to prove to everyone around them how smart they were.  They did not constantly shit all over someone’s conversation, then turn around and defend their greedy egotistical actions by saying “hey, it’s Gorean to do that” or my all time favorite, “it’s nothing personal, I’m just following the books”.  That is a lie.  It is personal when you feel it necessary to bully everyone around you and control the RP like a filthy hog.  You are greedy hog, and you are not welcome to RP with those of us who have respect for others, go find a nearby sty and roll around. Oink Oink, you are a hog.

Now, I beg you excuse me while I go tie myself up to the nearest whipping post and wait for my master.   Cause although I was right in saying it, no slave should ever call a free a hog.. even though you are.  As always, I thank you for reading my opinions, and I wish you all well

A Kassar Folktale (Kimba)

It seems that there was a certain Kassar fellow who had two Companions pass away under odd-circumstances, and he could not procure a Companion from his own tribe, so he went to purchase one from the Tuchuks.

He was bringing her home on a small wagon pulled by a Bosk steer, carrying her goods and dowry back the wagon camp, when the steer cut a horrendous fart, that drifted fouly back to the buckboard where the newlyweds were riding.

It was a heavy fart, with staying-power that lingered around the wagon.  The Kassar man coughed several times but other wise pretended not to notice, and her eyes watered but she pretended to be sad to be leaving her home.  Neither one wanted to let on that they was affected because they was tryin’ to be on their best behavior, for each other.  But the Kassar turned his whip to the steer’s ass and stung it good, and said, “That’s one!”

After a while the air cleared and they started to again amiably chat about their past lives and their future together, their hopes and dreams, little bare feet running up the wagon steps at supper-time – when again the draft-bosk cut one, even worse than the first fart.

It was like a brown cloud fell on the wagon, burning their eyes, fouling their hair and clothes.  This time there was no faking it that it didn’t bother them.  The man pulled his hat off and held it over his nose and mouth as a filter, and the woman leaned over the side and barfed.  The Kassar man was angry now, and he lashed the whip again, striking the flatulent beast, as he yelled out, “That’s two!”

It seemed like the honeymoon-mood was broken, and the newlyweds sat in sullen silence for a while, just wanting the trip to be over, to get home, have a bath, and get to the furs.  But before they had gone two pasangs, the beast let rip again, worse than the first two put together, a smell so foul that it sent the woman crawling from the buckboard, seeking some leather or blanket or anything that she could hide her face in or breathe through.

From her position on her knees with her head buried in a duffle-bag of dirty laundry, she heard the Kassar cry out, “That’s three!!!” and then there was the twang of a bow, and the sound of a large animal hitting the ground, and the wagon came to a stop.  The woman stood up and looked to see the dead bosk, with arrow fletchings protruding from its anus and she was furious!

“What did you do that for?  The poor sick beast could hardly help itself.  Now how will we get my stuff back to your camp without a draft animal to pull the cart?  At least if you had waited until we had got back to camp, we could butcher the beast for hide and meat.  Now, the carcass will rot before we get back to harvest it!”

The Kassar simply nodded, and said, “That’s one.”

Animals of Gor (Hathor)


Gorean Wild-Life Preserve

Of the many animals in Gor,  this week I thought you might wish to read about a fairly common animal ,one which is mentioned throughout the books, the Sleen.  The Note Card you may take if you visit the “Zoo” is lengthy, not ony in descriptions, but quotes from the John Normal books.  The information below, has been shortened for a quick read, and that you might wish to visit the Gorean Campus and read the entire note card for this animal.


The Gorean sleen. Tarl Cabot once referred to a sleen as a “Dark Brother of the Night.” It is an animal unique to Gor though, in part, it fills in many ways a functional niche similar to the domesticated dog. Yet in other ways it is more akin to the wild wolf, especially some of the larger, more prehistoric varieties. And at least one type of sleen fills the niche of the domesticated cat. Sleen exist in nearly all parts of Gor, species adapting to the various environments. The sleen is also one of the most deadly animals on Gor. And even domestication does not blunt its lethality.

Types of sleen trained

Most common – Prairie Sleen and Forest Sleen

There are many varieties of sleen, and most varieties can be, to one extent or another, domesticated. The two most common sorts of trained sleen are the smaller, tawny prairie sleen, and the large, brown or black forest sleen, sometimes attaining a length of twenty feet. In the north, I am told the snow sleen has been domesticated. The sleen is a dangerous and fairly common animal on Gor, which has adapted itself to a variety of environments.”  ~Slave Girl of Gor~

Prairie Sleen

7 feet in length

“…farther to one side I saw a pair of prairie sleen, smaller than the forest sleen but quite as unpredictable and vicious, each about seven feet in length, furred, six-legged, mammalian, moving in their undulating gait with their viper’s heads moving from side to side, continually testing the wind”  ~Nomads of Gor~

Forest Sleen

20 feet long

1,100 pounds in weight

“The animal was some twenty feet in length, some eleven hundred pounds in weight, a forest sleen, domesticated. It was double fanged and six-legged. It crouched down and inched forward. Its belly fur must have touched the tiles.”  ~Beasts of Gor~

“Most domestic (trained) sleen are bred

Most domestic sleen are bred. It is difficult to take and tame a wild sleen. Sometimes young sleen, following the killing of the mother, are dug out of a burrow and raised. If they can be taken within the first two months of their life, which seems to be a critical period, before they have tasted blood and meat in the wild, and made their own kills, there is apparently a reasonably good chance that they can be domesticated; otherwise, generally not.”  ~Slave Girl of Gor~

Even domestic, trained sleen may revert to wild

“Although grown, wild sleen have been caught and domesticated, this is rare. Even a sleen which has been taken young may revert. These reversions can be extremely dangerous. They usually take place, as would be expected, in the spring, during the mating season. Male sleen, in particular, can be extremely restless and vicious during this period.”  ~Slave Girl of Gor~

What Sleen were trained to do – the uses

Most common – herding, tracking, guarding and patrolling

“Sleen are used for a multitude of purposes on Gor, but most commonly they are used for herding, tracking, guarding and patrolling.

”  ~Slave Girl of Gor~

Tantara Pirate Outpost (Minnie)

A word from Tantara

Welcome to the Tantara Outpost

  • First let me state Tantara is NOT a city with its laws and warriors. It is an outpost of Pirates and those few that are brave enough to make show of their worth to work the docks and engage in their trading practices..
  • Tantara is a Pirate Outpost in Secondlife for Gorean Roleplay (RP), using the GM Secondlife RP Battle system. The Outpost operates as a TRUE BTB (By The Book) Regional and Cultural Outpost. This means if it isn’t in the Books culturally it can not be used except under special circumstances.
  • Tantara is a river Outpost that is a Meca for the Slave Trade, and the sale and barter of pirated goods from all over gor where ever a pirate crew infesting these lands have gone to make their raids and plunders
  • GE players may enter the outpost but are held to the sim rules as would be any other visitor. Captives may NOT be taken from Tantara to a GE sim.
  • Panthers may NOT raid the outpost holdings but must use weapons BTB to their roles as portrayed in the books. Female outlaws are permitted.


A Tour in Tantara

(I met the Owner of Tantara, Minx Del’Rey, who made me do a tour in her SIM. This little homestead is wide with the quality of the RP. And Minx Del’Rey did a lot of things to allow people to find the right RP. Follow me to discover this place.)

  • Minnie: Tal

–    Minx Del’Rey turns her head and smiles “Tal again”

  • Minnie: Ready to make me a tour ?

–    Minx Del’Rey nods, smiling “Of course” and hops up from the barrel

  • Minnie: smiles back and winks.

–    Minx Del’Rey smiles “Well since we are here I suppose we will start on the docks”

  • Minnie: nods

–    Minx Del’Rey: Alright, well as you can see this is the docks. He have merchant stands, a laundry room for slave to use. The men bath here as well. Come I will show you. This was going to be a blacksmith’s shop but a tarns man offered more coin

–    Minx Del’Rey: Over here is the infirmary, where I and my daughter work. It is small but then again this is a small place. Alright, well this is the laundry area, I thought it would be nice for the slaves to come and do chores and gossip.

  • Minnie: so you have rents

–    Minx Del’Rey: Yes we do. In fact i am considering putting a rental box on the big ship behind you.

  • Minnie: can you explain at me the different builds done there

–    Minx Del’Rey: Of course, the build on the docks, the houses and shops, were put up by my friend Donovan LaTour who lives here as a Captain. The castle, walls, and the kennels are all his. The houses, the docks themselves, as well as the ladders and many of the other items you will find are mine but the tavern and the magistrate’s is Zed’s. This is for rent for anyone to do with as they please. The next two levels are housing

  • Minnie: all for rent

–    Minx Del’Rey nods “Yes all of them”. The tavern is also for rent but it doubles as an inn

  • Minnie: a great tavern

–    Minx Del’Rey: Thank you. We even have a small room for plotting

You know how sailors and merchants can be

  • Minnie: Ohhh yes i know. They need find warm after cold sea.

–    Minx Del’Rey nods “Yes, and we do have a few tavern girls, they are students in RL but when they are on it is a riot. Minx Yes and then there is the village up there

–    Minx Del’Rey: So this is where I hide the Tuchuks. Not really a big part of the tour if you are not in a wagon but still, kinda fun

  • Minnie: Hide ?

–    Minx Del’Rey: No, not really but he likes to think of it that way

–    Minx Del’Rey: Alright, so over here is the village

–    Minx Del’Rey: So here is the houses, There is a tiny cafe in the corner for the FW

  • Minnie: Prisons and jails under our feet ?

–    Minx Del’Rey: yes, here I will show you. Feel free to look around. I actually found that door by accident

  • Minnie: i hope find the exit

–    Minx Del’Rey: so I put down two different kinds of houses, some bigger than the other and the bigger ones offer more prims to play with.

–    Minx Del’Rey: Oh *laughs* That is my house, I had to move it so I had to take up everything. I like it. It works for me. Many cannot find their way around it. But it does have a nice view

–    Minx Del’Rey: alright, so over here is the FW bath house. My sister and I fixed it up, it looks very pretty. We also made sure no one can just walk in and peek

  • Minnie: Nice

–    Minx Del’Rey: Very, I just thought women would want their bath house to look really pretty whereas men never seem to care.

–    Minx Del’Rey: Alright, now the kennels. The first door belongs to the Slaver Helani. Well the second door is where the girls who are owned by the city or tavern live, Cobra will also be kenneling his overflow here.

–    Minx Del’Rey nods “Yes, down here is the place for magistrates

  • Minnie: looks like a tribunal

–    Minx Del’Rey: it is courthouse, scribe center, holding cells the works.This is why i am not a scribe

  • Minnie: Everyone is scribe of her/his own life

–    Minx Del’Rey: True enough

–    Minx Del’Rey: oh The She-Urts. Come. The She-Urt camp

  • Minnie: A little tribe ?

–    Minx Del’Rey: not really, more just a place for them to go that is out of the way enough to suit them

  • Minnie: You put a lot of things to manage all RP. It s a Homestead

–    Minx Del’Rey: I want everyone to feel comfortable here. I want anyone to be welcome and to feel like they have a place.  Homestead, Yes, But that is no reason to exclude anyone.And if I get enough others about I may upgrade. Well most see homestead and they leave pretty quickly, it is really sad but the fact remains that most feel better rping in large cities

  • Minnie: And the castle is for your UBar

–    Minx Del’Rey: No. We do not have one

  • Minnie: No Ubar ?

–    Minx Del’Rey: No

–    Minx Del’Rey: As odd as it may seem, we do not have a man running things, I am in charge

–    Minx Del’Rey: that is a fisherman’s hut, I did not put a rental on it. If someone wants to live there I have no objection

  • Minnie: Jack Sparrow’ Hut

–    Minx Del’Rey laughs “Indeed”. This is Captain Don’t holding

Minx Del’Rey’s Interview


  • Minnie: Now it s time for some bad questions. Are you ready ?

–    Minx Del’Rey: Alright

  • Minnie: Can you introduce yourself

–    Minx Del’Rey: I am Minx Del’Rey, companion of Micah and physician here of Tantara

  • Minnie: What is your personal story in Gor ?

–    Minx Del’Rey: I was, amusingly enough, a slave girl of earth. I was owned and the freed then companioned by my ex-Master Ignorance Quinnell who died when Vigo fell. I was a merchant of a small town of Stonehaven but after a kaiila accident I was reassigned by my old mentor Dahra. I have three children and two grand children as well as having been the head of the green caste in three cities as well as the physician of the old first captain of Port Kar. I was a panther girl for a time after my companion fell in between the head of caste of stone ridge and going to Port Kar. It has been quite an adventure. And now they are disgussing making me the leader here of Tantara so I guess we will see what happens

  • Minnie: Can we consider you as old Gorean or do you see you as old Gorean person ?

–    Minx Del’Rey: I have no memory of earth so I am gorean

  • Minnie: You are BTB. BTB, Ge, many ways in Gor. What do you think about this fracture between those 2 currents ?

–    Minx Del’Rey: I really have very little experience with GE so from what I can tell it is more that women and slaves can fight and in BTB we can only defend ourselves but I am not really certain as I have never actually been in a GE sim

  • Minnie : What are your feelings about new direction of Gor. More Pew Pew fighters, less RP

–    Minx Del’Rey: I am not real sure I like it. I loved the books and I really just cannot get into all that. I prefer a more traditional Gor. I like women to be women, men to be men, and slaves to be slaves. Panthers are suppose to try to be more like men. I will not lie, I prefer to old Gor over all this and so that is why i try to keep the rules simple here

  • Minnie: about your SIM. Who owns, builders. who decides, have you a council for all decisions

–    Minx Del’Rey: Well it was suppose to be more of a lawless place but recently I have been asked by many to please take a more direct approach. It has been tossed around a lot but it has finally been decided that i should take over a the leader here. OUr IC builders are Kassi Da’Koss, Micheal Da’Koss that is my sister and my son. They do a lot of building around here but OOC it is also myself, Donovan, and Zed. I seem o make a lot of the choices but I do welcome outside opinion but in the end the choice is mine

  • Minnie: what would you say your SIM’s most attractive Feature would be?

–    Minx Del’Rey: Honestly, I love the water. I can just sit there and watch it flow as the sun is rising or setting. I find it to be relaxing

  • Minnie: Many sim owners get burnt out having to do every thing listed and more. People wonder how people do it. How many hats do you wear as a sim owner or as a group leader (Warrior, Scribe, Moderator … and more).

–    Minx Del’Rey: Honetly I have been running Tantara since it opened. I have been more the moderator and the green as well as the psychiatrist to everyone. It is not really a matter of getting burnt out, you just have to learn how to take the rp and roll with it. I find it exciting when I get to interact with a new persons and see what place I have in the rp with that person

  • Minnie: Gor will stay Gor. Have you some ideas to improve our Gor and how do you imagine your future in Gor ?

–    Minx Del’Rey laughs “Now that is a tough one. Honestly I miss the raids, the rp, and limits people tend to put on are kind of silly. I mean, if you are a FW you should be afraid of a collar. A slave should not tell their owner what to do and frankly men need to man up. It is probably not the most poplar opinion but it is mine. I see myself as having a place in Gor one way or another. I have been a lot of things in my time here and I have no desire to stop until there is just no more rp

  • Minnie: About you . All names have a story. What is the story of your name

–    Minx Del’Rey: Well, when I came here it was kind of a shock. I cannot recall much, not that a slave would have a name of their own anyway. I actually got into trouble, going into a cave I should not have, and at the time I could not read Gorean so I did not see the signs. I accidentally caused a rock slide and almost got myself killed. My owner looked at me when I crawled out and said I was sorry. He told me that I was not really sorry and took to calling me minx. After Iw as freed the name sort of stuck and now when I get caught doing something I should not I say “He did not call me MInx for nothing”

  • Minnie: Be a true Gorean, what feelings give you this sense?

–    Minx Del’Rey: Pride

  • Minnie smiles
  • Minnie: Gor could be a life’s philosophy. Do you adapt your RL with your Gorean life ?

–    Minx Del’Rey: It is, in rl I am a wife and mother. I take charges when I have to and well, Minx is me. i am not good at faking or lying so everything I would totally do Minx does. If anyone could ever catch me long enough to collar me it would happen. I was FCed to a man who went over my head and spoke to my son and my guardian. He is only my companion because he outsmarted me. That is pretty well what I look for in rl. I put myself into he situation and ask myself what would. I do if I had to be in this? Then I do it

  • Minnie: Give me in one sentences, a reason for our readers to join your RP or your Gor’s philosophy.

–    Minx Del’Rey: Well that is easy, because it is Gor and I want to RP like it.

  • Minnie: i never said that my questions are difficult *winks

–    Minx Del’Rey laughs. “I am having fun”

  • Minnie: Have you something to add

–    Minx Del’Rey: I really do not think so, if anyone ever has any questions or comments I am always happy to talk to them. Just so long as it is a “Hey baby, lets have IM sex from however many sims away.” if you want to rp with someone get off your lazy butt and go talk to them. I actually had one man offer me a collar in IMs like I was suppose to put it on and go wherever he was. Play rp like you would COD, no camping

  • Minnie: Interview is over. i want thank you for the tour and to have answered at my questions

–    Minx Del’Rey: No problem, I was happy to. Sounds wonderful, I really enjoyed this

High Forest -BTB

High Forest and Wretched Grove looking for role players who enjoy Role playing rather staying on AFK and complaining there is no role play . High Forest is on two sims . following role players required .

Panther Girls – BTB { contact sinead Moonites}

Red Savages – BTB{ contact Donovan (Donovan Fairport)}

Mercenaries – BTB{ contact Leo Moon (Morginus)}

Port Laurius-Pirates – BTB { contact muzzy daxter}

Gorean Animals also welcome

Interview with Homeless Outlaws (Itsmee Zander)

with Cina Svenson

DJ Jaydog smile “Tal sir someone will be there with you soon ”

Itsmee Zander: Tal and thank you, that is excellent

Çιɳa Şvҽηšσɳ stands by the gates  as she thought  she heard someone out side  of them

Itsmee Zander: Tal, I am Zander from the Gazette of gor

Çιɳa Şvҽηšσɳ  walks  up to the gates opening on  up as she peeks at the man  standing on the other  side

Itsmee Zander: can you spare a few moments of your time, Lady

Çιɳa Şvҽηšσɳ : aye  what  can i help you with  sir  i am Lady Cina

Itsmee Zander: very good then… i saw your recruitment notice and thought that i would come do a quick interview and write up of this place. if you are willing

Çιɳa Şvҽηšσɳ: aye i am i wil try to  answer your  questions as best i can sir

Itsmee Zander: you call yourselves Homeless outlaws and yet i must say you have quite an impressive and extravagant build here, i would assume that you are more GE inclined. am i right?

Çιɳa Şvҽηšσɳ: well sir aye we do at point  we all was homeless til we came  across these lands  and make them our home well my family  did i join them alittle later  …… aye you are right  we also try to bring alittle btb into it most here like to RP  not just to pew pew like most places

Itsmee Zander: that is like a breath of fresh air

Itsmee Zander: where in Gor are you located, i mean geographically speaking

Çιɳa Şvҽηšσɳ: but like some places we do have those that like to just fight  and no rp   but myself i like to do both

Çιɳa Şvҽηšσɳ: we are in the North

Itsmee Zander: but not quite in Torvaldsland, right?

Çιɳa Şvҽηšσɳ: right

Çιɳa Şvҽηšσɳ: i wish my uncle  Ashaka Svenson   was here he could answer your  question  better then i  could

Itsmee Zander: this place is amazingly built with an almost impenetrable defence… this would be a challenge for any gorean group to try and attack here

Itsmee Zander: is he the Ubar / Admin of this place here?

Çιɳa Şvҽηšσɳ: he is one of the Admins/ High Jarl

Itsmee Zander: well we could arrange a more detailed interview and coverage of this place with the Admin at a later stage,    now i wanted to do a small write up and let our readers know you are here

Çιɳa Şvҽηšσɳ: well i am one of the Admins  but i think he would know more  then i do

Itsmee Zander: how soon do you think, you’ll be open for new citizens or RP?

Çιɳa Şvҽηšσɳ: i am hoping this week  we will take any new citizen at anytime sir we had four join us as we was building

Çιɳa Şvҽηšσɳ: np    but i do think  Ashaka  could help you more i did join my family later

Itsmee Zander: thank you so much for your time  and hospitality

Çιɳa Şvҽηšσɳ: you’re welcome and thank you: for taking the time out to come by to take a look

So Goreans,for a sim that isn’t totally GE but with more btb flavour and a promise of action and RP… this might be the land for you to find your new adventures a balance of swashbuckling and roleplay dares you to bring your wit and skills to join them in building an exciting Gorean home.

© Gazette of Gor


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