The Gazette of Gor – Issue 26

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(Gorean Press Edition)


  • From the Editor’s Desk (Master Claude Belgar)
  • From the Editor’s Desk (Maxfromfrance -Minnie)
  • Interview with Master Drakonn Dragovar
  • Combat in Gor (Mariko Marchant)
  • I Dreamed A Dream (Lizz Dawes)
  • White Fangs Clan (Itsmee Zander)
  • The Born Again Gorean (Frey)
  • Village of Aghri Interview (Hathor)
  • Anmals of Gor (Hathor)
  • Events
  • Editors and Writers needed
  • Feedbacks

From the Editor’s Desk (Master Claude Belgar)

The recent events in France, and world wide,  made me reconsider my original idea to write as an editorial about how  Social Justice Warriors were starting to ruin Gor. That was my original idea but…

In Gor, we often hunt each other, we often hurt, and someone kills each other indeed.  But it stops with our characters.  We won’t feel the cold iron of a blade or of a swift arrow in the back or thigh when our characters are wounded. Our family won’t mourn us when our characters are put to death.

Nevertheless, too often do we see people complain when something such as this happens to their character, forgetting that they are just this, characters.

This last Friday, 129 people died in real life. It was not characters that would return to life after 24 hours.  It was not characters that had the luxury to ask a moderator to invalidate their deaths.  They are truly dead.  A father won’t see his son anymore.  A daughter won’t hold her mother’s hand ever again.  Families are mourning their loved ones. There is no second chance for them, they are simply, definitively, dead.

So when your character is maimed, when your character is killed even, ask yourself if it really matters.  Ask yourself if it is really worth it to whine about it. Ask yourself, if the drama your complaints have a meaning.  Gor is a fantasy.  We always have a second chance if we die in Gor.  And a third.  And a fourth. And a fifth…

The people killed this Friday 13th November 2015 in France, didn’t have the luxury of a second chance.

Please reflect about this when your character’s actions in Gor leads to his end.   And please also remember those who died this Friday in your prayers.

Thank you.

From the Editor’s Desk – Minnie  (English version)

There are times when we can not ignore reality. I know that we log into SL and Gor to escape from RL. I know that this virtual place is done to allow us to forget the worries of everyday life. Yes, I know all that. But we can never completely make sense of things, we can never forget the real world. And this reality will affect our game, our second life. Last Friday, the violence raging in the streets of the French capital. Innocent people have been killed, others are physically wounded. Souls are suffering. The French people have received from the international community support messages. France will recover as it is raised before. France will fight to promote life and liberty. However, we can never forget that day of infamy, the evening of 13 November 2015. As ever we will not, either, forget the date of September 11, 2001.

Starting from this, I decided, as I had done in January after the killing of Charlie Hebdo, to continue my adventure in Gor, but without weapons. Maybe one day, I would bring back my bow. But for now, I prefer to have the joy of dialog, to RP rather than getting into fights, albeit imaginary but representative still some violence, this barbarism that lies within each of us. And I invite you all, to do a day without weapons. And you will find the power of words. It is through dialog that conflicts can be avoided. It is through dialog that humanity will live. I beg you, just a day of dialog, RP, lifestyle, smiles, words exchanged. Just one for all died that we have just experienced. Just one day … for all of us.

Thank you



Interview with Master Drakonn Dragovar

Interview with Master Drackonn Dragovar, a Turchuk Outrider, one who has been in SL Gor since 2010.

Master Drackonn is a life styler. He explained to me that other Gor Masters told him, he was one of the most Gorean people they had met.  This was something Master Drackonn wasn’t aware of. Upon learning about what Gor was, He quickly found he was at home, Gor was a part of him.

I begin by asking Master what was his perceptions of Gor when he first joined SL Gor.

Master Drackonn:  When I first became a part of Gor,  it had  lot of structure, rules, Masters were respected, slaves knew they place and each knew their Gorean roles.  Gor was more fulfilling in the early days, each Master, slave, caste member knew what was expected, how each would be a part of the whole.

Was their a sense of community?

Yes, Gor sims interacted, their was a comeradire.  For example; if a slave was a runaway, everyone knew who it was and what action was to be taken with the slave. Griefer names were shared if there was a problem. Ubars distributed information, communication was important to the survival of each sim.

However, as Gor expanded beyond its limitations, it  has been stretched. It is to the point there are not enough Goreans to populate all sims and to be successful many must fall and close.

Sims began to change, alter and bend the rules to be more pleasing to attract more people.  This world no longer resembles the Gor we knew but a mere shell of what it once was.  Slaves dictating the rules with Ubars too scared of loosing slaves to stand up to them and do what’s right. The newer sims such as Gor Evolved lead to more sims changing the ideology that was the corner stone of what Gor is.

As to the future of Gor,  I predict as the true elders of Gor die off so will the true Gor sims. All that will be left  will be CareBear Gor and  World of Gorcraft It seems Gor Evolved sims are what  we are turning into.  I can only hope I am wrong.

Combat in Gor (Mariko Marchant)

Combat in Gor – Interview with julie2777

  • Mariko Marchant: Julie welcome to the Gazette of Gor office

–     julie2777: Thank you.

  • Mariko Marchant: You have written an interesting document “Gorean Beginners Combat and Raid Guide”. Why did you write that?

–     julie2777: Well I’ve played many different mmo games and it’s something I’ve always done really to help out. I’m a quick learner and when I come to a new game I learn all that i can in a short period of time, that way I can enjoy the game better because I’m pretty competitive. I really like  Gor and I’m having a really great time here. I will say though that it’s been a struggle to learn not just how the combat works but how the community works as well. From a combat skill and raid perspective, however, it was very difficult to learn because when I came here I saw no guides anywhere and it was hard to find info and help from people. So on one hand I can say that it was for people who are new in general, but then on the other hand, which is the real reason why I wrote this guide, was to help the people who already know how to play. I should of called it “advanced” guide rather than beginniers, because a lot of things in there are really just my opinion and experience and some even theoretical even. One of the problems  with GE is that the groups are incredibly unbalanced combat skill and raid wise. There are mistakes that players make often because they are stressed in the moment and can only focus on one thing at a time sometimes. So I made my guide more for those people. I think the more aware you are and the more secure you feel in yoru combat skill the calmer you are, and hence the better you do in raids. Honestly I don’t think it will make some big impact or anything. I think it will help some people here and there but things will go on the same. So I’m just happy if it can help some people out there because I didn’t see anything like it when I first started. Literally about everything I learned in Gor was from trial and error, but it was worth it to learn. You know someone showed me a guide they made after complimenting me on my guide, and it was way better than mine. I didn’t even really include much of the basic things that you need to know like how the hud works etc or how a raid works. I usually fight with the  underdog, the groups that are not as skilled all around as some of the other groups. I get more joy out of this because sometimes the skill level is so unbalanced that the weaker side never has a chance. I’m hoping some of the weaker groups can pass this around or organize group raid training sessions etc. But really it’s not that I think they are weak or anything. When I came to Gor I came here with a competitive mindset rather than a roleplay one, and Gor is built upon the roleplay first rather than the pew pew. So I don’t get mad anymore or upset when I lose, even though I could point the finger and blame this person or oh this is why we lost, in the end everyone just wants to have fun and says “good try good raid” etc. I do wish though, however, that people on my team were more aware of simple things. For example if I am red and have 5% health and I stand next to 3 people in green standing idle doing nothing and I am crying for a banadge and I get none. If I was standing there, I would already be at  16% as i bandaged them. I made it with hope that it would enlighten some raiders to things they may have not known before, and to help people who are new to the raid scene in general, or even who are just BtBers that want to learn some advanced things about the combat.

  • Mariko Marchant: Are you in Gor for combat or do enjoy more things in Gor?

–     julie2777: At first I was all about the combat and very little about the roleplay. I’ve roleplayed for years but I come from a competitive gaming scene and when I discovered just how much skill is involved in the combat I was instantly hooked. Also it is very hard to find a sandbox fantasy-ish type of combat game anyways, and it’s been awhile since I’ve played one. I’ve always been involved with roleplay while here in Gor, but not nearly as much as I am now. I am definitely more about the roleplay now and much less about the combat. I’ve had a lot of fun with GE and raiding often, and I will always be raiding for sure. I feel I seek something deeper now though for example storylines and such. The 1 hour capture roleplay of GE sometimes feels rushed and I find it hard to sometimes find roleplay in GE because everyone is so focused on raiding, or waiting around for a raid etc. I enjoy it all now, really. For me personally I’m having a lot more fun jumping between BtB and GE so I enjoy all Gor has to offer and not just one side of it.

Mariko Marchant: Last question: I see more and more raiding groups now or I am not correct on this?

–     julie2777:  I’m not really sure. I’ve always known the same ones since I’ve been here. I know Homeless, Tarnfighter and Kax Xun are somewhat new I think. I haven’t been here long enough to really tell you though with confidence. I have seen a couple GE sims close down since I’ve been here and I think that sucks, but it happens in games, groups/clans come and go. If there’s an increase in the raiding groups then I think that it’s simply just more people coming to GE, and then also whoever has the money and the ambition to get a sim started and start a new group. I also want to add there is a new GE group called Birchdale so please feel free to stop on by and give it a look. They are recruiting free and slave roles and it’s a beautiful northern GE sim that strives to be focused on the roleplay and not just the raids/combat.

  • Mariko Marchant: Thank you very much for the interview Julie

–  julie2777:   You’re welcome! Thank you for having me it was fun.

I Dreamed A Dream (Lizz Dawes)

I Dreamed a dream……….

Surprisingly instead of the expected deluge of troll message to my previous article I received many supporting what I tried to say which I accept was not perfect. If nothing else my article seemed to stir discussion. So for those who are interested, as they all asked basically the same question, ‘How!’ my humble views.

What I will now write is I fear unachievable, and to many probably undesirable, requiring money, commitment, leadership and a will to make it succeed by a lot of folks; still what the hell you asked! here we go…..

Many it seems want the Gor we read of, if sensibly structured to the limitations of Second life, to basically role play as it is read in the books. However what will never succeed , as that child seeking the pleasure from that once played game, is to try to turn the clocks back it will be doomed to failure, for nostalgia colors the view through a prism to the past; 2006 was not perfect nothing ever will be and times have moved on 10 years.

I hinted at this previously, let us wipe the slate clean, start a new, wind the clock forward not backward and with the many years of experience now gained make a new the place many seek. It is what those who call themselves BTB seek and it seems also many who are now excluded from that world.Nor is either BTB nor GE without its faults both have their draw backs.

If I was Empress this is what I would do:-

Leave the current SL Gor as it is, in my view its direction whatever that is cannot be influenced, to play its version of a game who’s origins are derived from Gor but now deviates from it.

Currently anyone can set up a SIM and call it Gor, you have little idea of what you will meet when you get there, a front for a BSDM paradise, a shootum up bunch of gamers, or the other multitude of variations, it could be anything. Create a new space for Gor, called perhaps The World of Gor. Agree this with the Lindens and have a section of the grid that is only The World of Gor SIMs, physically close to each other, on a specific designated area of the grid, with SIM’s connected or not, remaining as Islands as SIM owners wished.

Elect a group of respected Gorean players who wish to champion this initiative and draw up a single set of SIM rules that would need to be adopted with no exceptions for any SIM joining or wishing to join the World of Gor segment of the Grid.

One set of rules for all no exceptions, with changes to common rule set only by agreement of the elective; if you don’t like them don’t join. This group also responsible for resolution of any issues not capable of being resolved at a local level.

Physically move all participating SIM’s in the World of Gor to this new area.

The rules would be key and breaking them would cause either complete SIM’s or players to be banned from the collective, and in this instance SIMs would need transferred out of the World of Gor Grid area. I will not speculate here on those rules it is a separate debate.

As I started of saying this utopia will not happen, getting agreement to such an large plan would take money, and a lot of will power and commitment, people I feel here do not easily give up their own little kingdoms….still  ….

I began saying it was likely impossible but It could happen, Gor is the probably largest role play group in Second life united we would carry much influence, but there lies the issue ‘united’ and to achieve this goal leaders of the biggest SIM communities would need to join forces and with one shared vision make a role play world we would all be proud of.

I dreamed a dream in time gone by

When hope was high

And life worth living

I dreamed that Gor would never die

I dreamed that Gor would never be forgiving

Then I was young and unafraid

And dreams were made and used and wasted

There was no ransom to be paid

No song unsung, no wine untasted

I dreamed a dream……


White Fangs Clan (Itsmee Zander)

Zander steps off the serpent and dusts himself and steadies himself allowing himself a few moments to come to a standstill after the long rocking and swaying motion on the boat…. Walking up a path he comes upon some Goreans:

Itsmee Zander: Tal People

Adel Whitefang: Ho Sir, Welcome to Whitefang

Kiara: Greetings Jarl

Adel Whitefang: How are you this day?

Itsmee Zander: Zander of the Gazette thanks you

Adel Whitefang: Well met Sir. I was just giving this man a tour of our land if you would care to join us?

Itsmee Zander: a fine village it would seem that you have here

Adel Whitefang: We can circle back around to the top and I can show you the hall and the upper mountains after.

Itsmee Zander: I would be honored to join your tour

Adel Whitefang: Wonderful, then this way.

Camalus Borr Gustafson: He smiles warmly to the new comer and stretches out his hand … I am Camalus Borr Gustafson and this is my bond … Kiara

Itsmee Zander takes the offered hand in a firm grip. “Tal Sir”, nodded to the bond with a smile

Adel Whitefang looks to the writer. I am Lady Adel Whitefang sister to the High Jarl of White Fang Clan.

Camalus Borr Gustafson: Well met then, looking to the Lady and smiling ready to continue the tour

Adel Whitefang leads forward.

Itsmee Zander: ahhhh sooo I am now established we are in northern Gor. Part of Torvaldsland

Adel Whitefang: You are indeed Sir. This is the Inn where we bring our Southern guest when doing trade. Here the bonds stay clothed.

Adel Whitefang looks to the Writer, would you care for a drink to warm you Sir?

Camalus Borr Gustafson: He nods looking around and taking it in

Itsmee Zander: I am fine for now, thank you

Adel Whitefang smiles coolly then shall we all continue?

Itsmee Zander: please do

Adel Whitefang: This is where extra supplies are stored

Itsmee Zander: Lady Adel?… curiosity question for you

Adel Whitefang: when we prepare them for trade or bring them in from trading.

Camalus Borr Gustafson: looks to the small cage making a mental note of it should he require it for kiara

Adel Whitefang turns to the Writer man, Yes Sir?

Kiara peeks at her Jarl, knowing that look all too well.  She grins up at him and whispers “looks awful drafty to me my Jarl”

Itsmee Zander: you mentioned clothed bonds especially where southern men come to trade…. what is the reason… can’t they be trusted?

Camalus Borr Gustafson hears Zander speak of being trusted, wondering if he is talking about the Southern Men or the bonds?

Itsmee Zander: are Southern more likely to run off with your naked bonds… is what I was trying to ask?

Adel Whitefang  looks up in surprise at the man, Well most of the time Southern women accompany Southern men and they do not always care for the naked bonds found in the hall so as to put there women at ease we offer the Inn as a clothed area. Of course they’re welcome in the hall as long as the bonds being naked will not bother them.

Itsmee Zander mutters in disgust Damn Southern Frigid Women spoils it all for us, don’t they

Kiara chuckled at the Jarl

Itsmee Zander: sorry to interrupt your tour… please continue

Adel Whitefang lets out a laugh. Well Sir it is more the customs difference of the North and South. Many Southern people would be offended by our customs so to place them at ease we offer the Inn to have supplies and drinks as well as the bonds are clothed. It is more for the comfort of our visitors.

Adel Whitefang nods with an accepting nod of her head before continuing the tour.

Itsmee Zander chuckled at her politically correct answer and looked at her closely….. You must be the Ambassador for here too

Adel Whitefang looks to the man with an appreciative smile. I delegate a lot of the trade and alliances for White Fang Clan and Na Kan

Adel Whitefang : there is a home here as well as stairs that lead up to the lookout point for the clan Axes

Camalus Borr Gustafson looking around taking it in … I have a question for you Lady

Adel Whitefang : if you look to your right and up to the top of the wall you can see the lookout building. Yes Sir?  I turn to Sir Camalus

Camalus Borr Gustafson: Your housing I think you mentioned was available to those that are permanent, how are the homes given out or selected?  ((also what is the rent and how many prims do you allow?))

Adel Whitefang : (( The houses are given first come first serve and the prims we just ask people to keep them as low as possible we have 8k prims reserved for decorating of the homes and adding more touches as we go. There is no rent for the homes. ))

“here is what Lady Adel had to say about White Fang Clan”

White Fang clan is located at the base of the Axe Glaciers a world cut off from the civilized world. Here hunting is the main sport of battle and means of survival. The Axe Glacier a wild untamed part of Gor that is both cold and harsh .Na Kan and The White Fang clan is located along the base where there is grass on the lands below and snow above in the hills and mountains The High Jarl Kanaloa Whitefang aka  SSgtRock Resident moved to the Axe Glaciers with his Bond pειε (Bellarinea Resident) with only a few coins for trade and his axe on a quest for revenge against the Kurri. He Swore to himself to kill the Kurri and make the North safer for those that call it home. Na Kan and The White Fang clan is a land where women both Free and Bonds, serve there men. Where People can be there true self and still be by the book. No cookie cutter role play where you have too fear thinking outside the box. Though a word of warning Warning if you believe that if its not printed in the book it did not happen then Na Kan and White Fang Clan will not be the right place for you. Be Gay and be Gorean is part of the Na Kan belief system. We believe in respecting everyone equally and not forcing people to live in a box where they have to hide from the Gorean community. Our Goal is to build in the Community respect for all gay and straight alike. To build tolerance of what is Gorean while still thinking outside the box. Such as Bonds/thralls are not set to pacific training. We believe training each bond/thrall to their own Uniqueness so that the bonds/thralls can step up and be them selves. If you train one way you will put out one type of bond/thrall with no ability to think for themselves. Bonds where intelligent, lively, and passionate beast no two where ever alike. Women/man in general be Free or Bond/thrall or Southern Kajira/kajrus had there own characteristics that made them who they where. We want to remove titles of BTB or GE and come home to “Gorean” without pounding the pages of every book to make this happen. So we are building a home for Goreans by Goreans. We of Na Kan and the White Fang Clan is not strictly BTB, GE, old school, or lifestyle. We are in fact just Gorean immersed into the RP and life that John Norman created originally while staying as close to the books as possible without killing everyones fun. I like to think after years of trying out different titles for what is or is not, that we are finally coming to a way of life that immerses all the lessons old and new into one bonded and loving community.

The Born Again Gorean (Frey)

Recently, I’ve been focused on role play, and I beg you allow me to share my observations, my discoveries, and my opinions with you over the next few weeks as I take a deeper look into this new side of my SL adventure. If you read my last article, you know that I found an outstanding roleplay environment, so the first hurtle has been achieved, now for the next ones… it’s one thing to FIND good roleplay and it’s another to KEEP good roleplay.  By the way, it’s important to remember, these are my opinions. I also plead to you that you take all this with a grain of salt; I am in a rather snarky mood while I write this, it’s meant to be read with a tone of sarcasm.

Today I talk about what I affectionately call “Born Again Goreans”.  I define this group as individuals who reinvent themselves, after declaring themselves to everyone around them, whenever the whim takes them, or in some cases whenever they find themselves in a pickle.  This should not be confused with the death of a character and creation of the next one.  I’ve far too often seen Goreans change their castes, some change their family, some change their back story, heck, some change all of it without giving much care to how it will affect the community around them.  Sure, it’s a game, and yes, we are here to have fun and find a few moments of entertainment and joy in our overtly busy lives.  But, I think it’s often forgotten that you are not the only person playing the game…. these are not computer generated characters that you interact with.  And, I know you don’t want to hear this, but, sadly, even in SL you are accountable for your actions.  You cannot mess up on Monday and wipe everyone’s memory on Tuesday.  We will remember what you did.

When someone turns around their story and character, they often have adverse affects on those around them.  Good RP is now strained as we log in to find someone we knew yesterday is now completely different, with little explanation… John, a passionate blacksmith who is searching for his Mother after she went missing in AR, is suddenly Raymond, a head scribe who’s Mother has been in the city the whole time.  Born Again Goreans leave the rest of us looking around baffled and scratching our heads as we ask, “wait, so since last night, you are now Jane’s brother, David is your Father, and you companioned the baker, do I have that right? And all my RP with any of these folks is now null and void, eh?”  Great, glad you are happy, can’t wait to see who you are next week.  Please excuse the rest of us as we realign everything we just worked on, and accommodate your need for change… really, it’s no bother.  And also, we won’t take offense when you belittle us and make it out that the rest of us are stupid because we cannot keep up with your roulette wheel of characters.

Let me be clear, I don’t want to have to rediscover my community each week… I like consistency, I like balance, I want to bond with and grow within a city.  And you may ask, why is it important how I feel; why should you care how your storyline is viewed by me?  Because it will adversely effect my own and everyone else’s roleplay with you…that’s why.  When you toss a pebble into a bucket of water, it ripples and effects the ENTIRE bucket. Because you are murdering quality roleplay, and now Gorean children every where are crying themselves to sleep each night… look at what you’ve done.  No salt and bread for you!

Certainly no one should ever be forced to roleplay a character they do not enjoy, but why not roleplay yourself out of your undesired role and work it ICly into a new, more fitting role?  And while we are on that subject, why are we not thinking through our decisions carefully before we start our adventure?  I’ll give a pass to those that might be new to SL Gor and still learning the fine details, but those that have been here longer than 6 months… you really ought to be fully aware of who you are, where you came from, and where you hope to go.

This is such a critical part of creating quality roleplay; the best role players are those that have fully embraced who they are within their character.  When they log in, they immerse themselves into this other world called Gor, and their passion and dedication to their role shines through in the role play.  There simply is no possible way you can immerse yourself fully when you are changing your family, your history, and/or your caste like a pair of socks.  This will cause your role play to be choppy and awkward… it’s just not meaningful.  And to be frank, if you don’t embrace who you are, how the hell can you expect anyone else around you do it?

I’ll end with this message:  I am dedicating my time, effort, and passion into SL Gor role play and I do not stand alone in this goal.  Do not insult those of us who understand the need to be considerate to others, who embrace consequences for our actions, and who are not whimpering in the corner when faced with accountability.  If you are not interested in being a serious Gorean role player, then don’t visit or frequent cities that are roleplay focused.

Interview with Lady Lilyana Turmus, Village of Aghri Interview (Hathor)

Lilyana Turmus (lilyanarose): Tal, now what questions might I be able to answer about our village?

Hathor01: I walked around this circle, is that the majority of the Fair, or did I mis something?

Lilyana Turmus (lilyanarose): This is most of it, and its a festival really, we had hoped for more merchants to take part but they seemed uninterested in doing a full out merchant fair, or perhaps simply too busy to do so, as they have businesses to attend after all.

Hathor01: Aghri, is this a new build and land?   could you tell me a little about Aghri?

Lilyana Turmus (lilyanarose): Agrhi has been around for nearly two full years (rl) now. It was built by Glossu Albans, who is even now our head builder and current Administrator. He laid the Home Stone he carried with him through his travels in this place, where his father was slain fighting off a Kur. Being just barely this side of the border, he called it the Last Stop.  Just barely within the forest, caught between the forests and the sea.

Hathor01: The build is different, in that you have multiple stories to the houses, it seems utilitarian

Hathor01: makes the most of the space

Hathor01: and yet it’s still has the warmth and welcoming a visitor would feel

Lilyana Turmus (lilyanarose): Well the houses are the upper floors, we believe in keeping people close. Homes spread out into other areas leads to separation. The main floors are often shops and such. The upper are apartments, None are large, but that is intentional. We want people out within the village, meeting and talking. Our homes are free with an allotted amount of space, furnished if necessary as well. Agrhi is a merchant village at its base, we want it welcoming. Also our Admin is a Pani man, so you see the use of the nature throughout along with the elements of water, fire, stone or wood, metals, and air. He built Agrhi to grow with the forest rather then against it.

Lilyana Turmus (lilyanarose): I believe so. Being so close to the north and with people traveling as they do in SL, we feel there would be at least slight influence, as we’ve seen throughout history. So things like, woman are allowed in the tavern, of course if men get rowdy, which they usually will not if one is there as they respect women, but it does happen.. then the women will leave of course. We also do not require veils if hair is up or bound and honor the braided customs of many free people, the wagons and the northerners. Down of course does require a veil.

Lilyana Turmus (lilyanarose): I remember Glossu telling me about the tavern my first time here, I love that building. He said.. “its what a southern man may think a longhall looks like, but a northern man knows its not.” I think that is accurate for it

Lilyana Turmus (lilyanarose): There is also a world still outside our walls. One of the spider people has been found to be living in a cave within the forest.. there is talk that the warehouse on the ship dock side has odd happenings going on at times… and there’s a large dark structure on the island across the river that no one dares go near.

Hathor01: You seem to have a lively RP here, I met a few of the Citizens and it looked like they enjoy being here with one another

Lilyana Turmus (lilyanarose): We have a friendly bunch here so that helps a lot. Agrhi has a way of weeding herself out, as if she were a lifeform. We’ve had people here who didn’t fit, and they never last long. We’re also OOC consent sim.. within reasonable limits as we believe in consequences as well.

Lilyana Turmus (lilyanarose): We are a village of merchants yes. One thing I never quite agreed with was unless a city or village is in war, they do not handle trade as a unit. That is the merchants business and it’s best the politicians and city leaders stay out of it. Let the economy run on its own without being micromanaged. Our merchants enjoy that freedom

Hathor01: May I ask if this is a BTB Gorean land and has it’s culture and traditions of having a Home Stone and the Caste System?

Lilyana Turmus (lilyanarose): We are BTB, southern caste system, and have a Home Stone of course. In the books John Norman said the border and rural villages held their own cultures and traditions.. ours are .. I would call them simplistic. The same caste ways that are found everywhere, except that we, due to our location, have respect for the northern ways. We’re just directly north of Lydius and within the forest, so out of the influence of the Initiates but not quite into that of the Rune Priests.. we are a true border village. Southern in every way except for the leniency on veils if hair is completely bound, the acceptance of women in the tavern unless it gets rowdy.. and we do not set people on fire for not having the same beliefs. Merchants care for gold, not who one worships.

Hathor01: anything else you would like to add Mistress

Lilyana Turmus (lilyanarose): I think I got it just about covered. I just like people to know.. with Agrhi, we don’t want to top, we never do, We want people to know there is always a place to come and create their own roleplay, with a zero tolerance for any ooc drama. but we do LOVE ic drama

Anmals of Gor (Hathor)


Gorean Wild-Life Preserve

A little bit about the large birds of Gor.  They exist on a number of sims, and I really knew little about them until went to the Gorean Campus Wild Life Preserve.  The Preserve has a walking path to see the animals, as well as a note card you may take and read about each.  Walking this “Zoo” is well worth your tme to visit.


These are the giant riding birds of Gor, also called the Brothers of the Wind.  They resemble a hawk but with a crest like a jay.

They are surprisingly light for their size due to the hollowness of their bones.  A tarn is an extremely powerful bird.  It can fly from the ground with a spring and sudden wing flurry.

Its tongue is thin, sharp and as long as a man’s arm.  It has a curved beak, slit with narrow nostrils.  They are not migratory birds and cannot live in the cold northern regions.

Tarns are diurnal and carnivorous.  They eat only what they catch themselves, usually antelopes and wild bull.  If enough food is available, they will eat half their weight.  But by Renegades of Gor, tarns are being trained to eat prepared meat.  They are seldom more than half-tamed and it is not unknown for a tarn to attack its own rider. Their plumage varies and they are bred for color.

The most common color is greenish-brown. Black tarns used for night raids, white for winter raids, and multi-colored for proud warriors who care not for camouflage.

It is extremely difficult to fly a tarn from the sight of land.  The jungle tarn is a rare bird, gloriously plumaged, from the tropical reaches of the Cartius.

Tarns often are trained for specific functions.  Draft tarn are used for transporting cargo while Saddle tarns are used for transport of people.   War tarns are used by Tarnsmen in battle.

Racing  Tarns are made for entertainment like Earth horse racing.  Racing tarns are different in size, strength, build, and tendencies from most other tarns.  They are extremely light so that two men could lift one.  Its wings are broader and shorter permitting a swifter take off and a capacity for extremely abrupt turns and shifts in flight.  They lack the stamina of most other tarns and cannot carry heavy weight.

© Gazette of Gor


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