The Gazette of Gor – Special Edition!!!

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(Gorean Press Edition)


•    From the Editor’s Desk  (Frey)
•    A Kajira Finds ONE (Frey)
•    In Their Own Words  (Gazette Staff members)

From the Editor’s Desk

I’m not new to role play and not new to the Gorean lifestyle, but I still consider myself somewhat new to Gor RP.  There are still those small details that I am learning and I’m happy to report that I improve a little each day.  All that being said, I’m disappointed in the quality of RP out there in Gor, and that recent survey that was done shows that I am not alone.  I’ve visited many sims, traveling through one city to another city and I find some serious faux pas regarding, what seems to me, some pretty basic guidelines for any RPer.
First, when I enter a city and find a bunch of people standing around and not RPing, it’s a bit off putting.  These people are standing right in the middle of a traffic area, and often times they don’t even bother to toss on an AFK tag…. you greet and they simply don’t respond after several minutes.  How often is it that an RL issue arises where you don’t have time to step to a side area?  If you are an ambulance driver who is currently on-call… maybe it’s not a good idea to log in and head over to the gate area.  I do understand that life happens, but I see this all the time…. this is more than an occasional issue, this is people simply not caring to be considerate to the world around them.
Then there are the people who merge IC with OOC and seem baffled when the RP is awkward and choppy; you know them, they are the same people that complain that no one will RP with them, but they can’t seem to understand why.  People, you cannot tell me about your favorite TV show in the middle of RPing with me.  God forbid I dare to call them out by ICly asking them what “TV” is as a hint that the term and conversation might not be appropriate for the moment.  When I do that, I’m being a displeasing slave and written off as a poor RPer.  If you are in SL seeking companionship regarding your first life, maybe Gor is not the right genre for you, there are certainly a plenty of other sims that provide people who would be happy to discuss your sick dog with you.
There are many times that I encounter these types at the front gate of a city.  When I see this, to me, it says this is the best RP we will offer you, because we’ve entrusted our best to be greeting at the gate as our first impression of our city.  We think highly of someone who is so inconsiderate that they mix IC with OOC mid sentence and/or fail to respond at all.  Hope you enjoy our city, and by the way, we advertise that we are RP focused, so if you come and visit, do please bring your A game, even though we will not offer ours to you.
Allow me a moment to bang my head against the nearest concert wall!  What is going on???  Why would a sim owner seek to advertise that his/her city is RP rich and BTB then not bother to lift a finger to work toward actually offering such?  What happened to pride… do we no longer care to give the right and proper first impression?
So, here’s what I did… I went on a mission to find RP.  I’m not talking about expecting others to carry a story to me on a silver platter, I set out to kick off and participate in Gorean roleplay.  I visited 12 separate unrelated sims, 12 cities that boasted rich RP and BTB standards. Of that 12, I found one.  ONE.

A Kajira finds ONE    (by Frey)

My name is Frey and I am a kajira.  I beg a moment of your time to tell you about a rather special place that I happened upon.  After traveling far and wide, with my Master, as he sought a new home, I had an opportunity to visit a large amount of cities.  Many of them had my master frowning, we both found that they did not deliver what was promised in many of their advertisements.  This comment and feedback is not meant to disrespect any cities; certainly I understand the burden and hard work it takes to grow a city to be a strong bustling community.  But I have found a lack of good roleplay out there, so this quest proved to be a rather disappointing one… until we came upon Stormhold.
We at the Gazette decided long ago that my kajira articles would not be used as advertisement to highlight a new or rebuilt sim.  But, I am breaking that rule today, because this is not the normal ad or interview for a sim.  This is about a city that offers outstanding roleplay, a city that fosters community involvement and contribution, a city that has managed to successfully capture the passion of Gorean life.  I have no doubt that there are other cities that  have accomplished this, but I have not found them in my journeys, so for me, Stormhold has reached a feat that none other has reached.
My first day in Stormhold had me on the edge of my computer chair; no longer was I a middle aged woman on a laptop… I was teleported into Gor.  I was laughing, gasping, and giggling over the scenes that were playing out around me.  I was having fun… I was engaged…I was participating with a group of people all equally participating.  That last sentence is extremely important, I beg you to go back and reread it.  This is a aspect that I have not been able to find in SL Gor for months.
So, how did they do it?  This is the hot question that will likely go unanswered.  Sorry, I’m just a simple kajira, I don’t know how they did it, that’s not mine to know.  Here’s what I do know though, I’ve spent eight days RPing in Stormhold.  And if you torture me for testimony, you will discover that every single day of those eight days was filled with meaty role play.  Some were not huge storylines, and they do not have to be in order to be engaging and creative.  This is simply a group of people who embrace role play as it should be embraced.  A community coming together in the interest of entertainment and passion for the philosophies of Gor.
On day four, I will confess to you I was rather sassy, I did not believe that after eleven months of searching for great RP that I had suddenly stumbled upon a gold mine like Stormhold.  So, I test them, and sure enough, they responded like real role players… quick to engage, appropriate to Gor responds, everyone stayed well to each of their roles and/or castes.  And I pinched my arm to make sure it was not a dream.  And so, I beg you, if you are a Gorean who wishes for role play, and you cannot find it where you are, go out and find it.  Build your RP, fight for your RP, search for your RP, and do not stop until you hit a place called The City of Stormhold.


If you are wondering why a Special Editions this week, it is because this marks our 6 months in operation.   The Gazette of Gor has been providing Goreans with passionate articles and respectful interviews.
We would like to share our Mission with you:
In the main we had started out to promote Gorean sims and to promote better RP amongst Goreans and intersims by making known there were sims out there that were inviting RPers to bring them RP from other sims also to attract new citizens to find a possible home. As time went on our mission widened our scope to also provide more information on Gorean topics and cultures, some even challenging and controversial. Our task is to write without prejudice and to try and provide enough information so that we as Goreans, whether BTB, GE, Lifestyle or RPer all  still feel pride to be simply known as Goreans and loose the “them and Us ” mindset. We wish for all to be a united Gor with mutual respect and acceptance that it is with variety and diversity our World , SURVIVE and move forward.
Why The Gazette
In the long travel in Gor, there are several groups, tribes, bands, Wagon Peoples, fellow Goreans who are seeking good relations and affinities among one another. Gor is not a simple game with raids and RPs. Gor is a wide family with bands, groups, tribes.  And this family changes every week, new tribes come, new camps are created, lands are built or changed. It is perpetual growth and we know it may not always be easy.  Thus, this newspaper, The Gazette, has been established to match relations, ideals, a sense of community between people in Gor, to create a wide database of our family with rules, interests, to help every person in Gor find their right place to play.
This newspaper means a great deal to each of us, the people who make up the Gazette team are some of the finest in SL Gor.  We are proud to work, laugh, fight, and bitch together as we provide a product that we hope drives SL Gor to a better place.
Please join us in celebrating the Gazette Team by reading the bios of it’s dedicated members.

In Their Own Words:•    Owner:  Maxfromfrance (Founder)


(Minnie is a savage girl who saw her  ancient tribe destroyed, who saw her sisters killed, children murdered and hanged. Minnie has leaked, preferring to live instead of die with her sisters and she is full of remorse for having abandoned hers, her family. Her tearful eyes saw her child being killed. So she left, browsing paths, wandering in forests, hiding from others, avoiding free women and men killers. She was fed with wild plants, berries. She learned how to defend herself, to heal. She studied animals in the woods. She learned to heal wounds. She became a little witch, preferring to invoke the worship of evil to stop thinking about her suffering. One day she met a hunter, then another. This community was the tribe Sa Luna, and Minnie was accepted. She seems once again happy, but her thoughts have become bad. She seems that she will always be lonely.)
How to explain Gorean course without presenting this dream that exists in all of us. It was there just eighteen months, where after learning that I couldn’t see  again one person, I decided to abandon myself in Goreans meanders. At the time, I did not know what I would discover. I also expected to find anything. So I started my journey of initiation, I walked from SIM to another SIM, without really wanting to stay into a group. I met some tribes. I was greeted for a night around a campfire. I learned. But I went to far and iced memories were still too fresh. I had, at the time, no dreams, no desires. I did not stay in Gor, considering that this world does not concern me.
But in all the dark journeys, one can find a light, this small part of hope that allows us to live. And it happens when you do you least expect it. I arrived in a Land with a beautiful landscape. By leaving the docks, I met a huntress who asked me what I was up there. And I simply replied, “moments around a campfire”.  I had just met my first tribe, the Sa Luna Tor. I had found what I dared not look. Tribe Luna Tor was small, with few people. But osmosis emanated from these people. And the scenery was so beautiful, the build so harmonious, whether I was often alone in this place. I liked to admire the trees, flowers, the river, hills. And I tried to learn as much as possible, RP, fighting, smiles. I had finally found a dream and I was living it, awake. Various reasons have led the Sa Tor Luna Tor to disappear. And my sisters were all flights in the sky of Gor. From time to time, I crossed one Sis. They will always be people apart for me.
It is also, at the time of my visit in Sa Luna Tor, I started writing my ideas. You see, this tribe will always be important to me. This is also the only feather I keep all the time within and outside Gor.
At the end of Sa Luna Tor, I again wandered, without really looking. The injury caused by the disappearance of Sa Luna Tor was still too fresh. I thought really leave Gor. Maybe I would have had. I came in Whispering Moons and thinking that was the end of Gor for me. And I met the Zima. Ah, the Zima! This tribe has given me a lot and I tried to get involved as much as possible. I had a lot of smiles in this tribe.  It was not the same smiles as with Sa Luna Tor. But I enjoyed the people who made up this group, especially when everyone was going in the same direction. The advantage of Zima was the number of participants. There was always someone in the camp. The place was never empty and it changed me with Sa Luna Tor.
I became a Cub, Panther, Scout, Scout Leader. I defined new things. I created at that time, the Gazette of Gor. And I also learned a new thing. Not enough people  is not a good thing. Too many people are not good. The balance of a group is a fragile thing. Zima was torn. People left the band.  Zima left Whispering Moons and the tribe Ja Lina took place. So I was Ja Lina. But I no longer found myself in this new group. I missed Zima persons who left. Ja Lina, it was not what I wanted. I wanted a set and this set was no more. So I left Ja Lina and I found myself still without tribe. In defense of Ja Lina Gazette monopolized much of my time and I had little time to play with my sisters. It also strengthened the break. I left in Ja Lina, Sa Luna Tor Sister who had followed me. I miss her. I told you. Sa Luna Tor will leave an indelible mark in my mind.
In Zima, and with Lina Ja, I also created the Gorean Press Edition and The Gorean Festivals. Two future projects that are left a little aside. But I think and hope soon to resume these projects and lead them to the end.
And now I’m Sa ng Gretuk, an old tribe with a strong friendship. Yes, there are a few rants, some cries. But the atmosphere is healthy. Sa ng Gretug moved and I find the Land even prettier than the last. I’ll still stop me in combat to watch the flowers. What do you want ! That is  Gor, People, landscapes, flowers and birds offer us this share of dream. This is what I always hoped to find. That may be what we all desire.

SirGwain Shawbridge   Co Owner ( exception to the gereneral rule… bio was written by Hathor)Name: Itsmee Zander (or on occasion, Bosk or The Beast)


Caste (if it applies)
I cast about for a Caste, but haven’t found one that would accept my bizarre ways
How long in SL and Gor ?
I am older than Moses, older than dirt, but  I still think it’s not enough time to be in Gor chasing slaves
Short description of your life in Gor
I spend a lot of time chasing Panthers, which they love, because they like to shoot arrows in my butt.  When they  tire of that, they shoo me off their land to find something productive to do,which I don’t.  Slave girls flock to me, they think I’m gorgeous, masterly and very sexy  (which I am)
What impact has Gor made on your SL life (or RL,or both) ?
Gor has allowed me to flex my muscles, spit on the ground, fart when I want to and have all sorts of females (slave and Free) hover around me for a few words of wisdom drip from my mouth, along with food, which they then strip from me and clean, while getting very hot gazing at this fine manly form
What do you feel is important  for others in Gor to understand about the Community of Gor ?
If you have a Community, you are the Head Honcho, slaves at your feet to do your every bidding, FW to cook and clean for you, and loyal warriors who make sure the area is safe for you.
Why did you become a staff member of the Gazette ?
I was bored, and needed a reason to travel about and tell every one how to act in Gor, my way or the highway

Main Director, First Editor:   Freyja2015

I have been staring at an empty notecard for three days…. how does one write a bio on who they are and why they are with the Gazette? Where do you start? What is the goal?  What value do I bring?  Ah, I will answer these questions and hope that the result is a relatively decent article. Unlike some of the bios, mine is regarding my RL, as this is what drives me here in SL.
Where do you start?  You start with the start…. I grew up and lived for 41 years in a male dominated, female submissive lifestyle.  We frowned upon Western medicine and often avoided most modern technology and advances.  My life was simplistic, peaceful, and richly family oriented.  And suddenly one day, it all changed.  The loss of an important loved one caused my role in life to pivot from simple submissive to aggressive dominant.  For two years I shut down all submissive aspects of my personality and focused on recovering some control over my life and my role in society.  Once I had gained that, I needed a way to feed that side of me that was starved… my slave side.  By the time I found SL Gor, I was bordering on depression, severely introverted, and badly in need of someone to help my slave side regain strength again.
What is the goal?  I use the Gazette to pay back a debt to a community that saved my slave side.  And not just saved it, but nurtured it into a side of me that was better than I was originally.   When the tragedy happened, as it usually does, it was not at all apparent why I needed to experience such a life changing event; but I do have to admit, on this side of it, I do see how much I have grown and developed off of that experience.   Although there are dozens who helped me in small ways, without even knowing it… there are a few who literally saved me.  So, I listened to their beliefs, I found that I agree with them, and now I stand and fight with them.  I serve those that helped me to work toward a better SL Gor.

What value do I bring?  I sincerely hope that my articles find the eyes that need to read them.  That I help kajira, who are similar to me, understand themselves better; that I help the free understand the mind of a kajira a tiny bit more than they did yesterday.  I hope that people are pleased when they read what I write.  And mostly, I hope that I am contributing in a small way to the betterment of SL Gor as a whole.  As always, I thank you for sparing me a few moments of your time, I beg you always give feedback to any of the Gazette members on any of the articles we print, and I wish you well.

Publication Director:  Hathor01


Hello all.  I am a Tuchuk slave in Gor and was named Hathor01.   New to Gor, I was collared and began my slave life learning what a slave was all about by sitting at the feet of “old Goreans” and kajirae who had been in Gor for most of their Second Life.  There were no if, ands or buts in my training, but the core of my training made me what I am today.

I was given information on this new magazine, the Gazette of Gor, and my interest was peaked.  Little did I know this would blossom into a passion to provide information about Gor for all to read and if truly interested, go to the venue, visit, and hopefully find a home. Or visit and RP with the people of a sim.  Or read the articles the staff has provided.

You really don’t need to know more about me, I am only a slave.  However, I am a Gazette staff member who wishes you enjoy our magazine, read it  weekly, and share these issues with others.

Main Editor and Film Maker :  Mariko Marchant

Following my heart
My mother was killed when I was very young. I was raised by my father, a warrior. He teached me to defend my freedom and told never to submit to anyone. When he was dying on a battlefield he gave me his word  and he said:  “My girl use it well and have no mercy. Now run before you get killed too.”
Many times men attacked me when I was out  on my own in the Northern Forest, but my sword and bow saved me for being enslaved.
I travelled for many months until I met Sarka who invited me to join her tribe: Zima Ak’am
There I improved as a fighter and became a raid leader.
But at one day the tribe leaders started to fight. Some left the tribe to start again somewhere else. I stayed where I had lived so well but that was not one of my best decisions as you can read in the following story.

“When I wake up in the morning after a very short night I have still the image in my head of the woman who committed suicide our the dock. Outside I hear some of my sisters talking. I walk up to them and I see them looking at my feather they want to have. When I look them in the eyes they turn their heads away. The silence feels unpleasant for all of us. I feel sorry for them because I know they are are used in a power battle that has no winners but only losers. I walk further in the camp and see you a young pledge with tears in her eyes. She hands me over the scroll with the tasks she has done to become a full sisters, that no one wants to read She feels ignored and unhappy. I take her to my hut and say “Sis I am leaving” and start to pack my things in 2 large bags. I see the scroll the former First Bow wrote. Beautiful and wise words about a panther tribe, but I don’t think it is about our tribe. I put the scroll in the bag, along with all the lessons she taught me. I hate to leave her but there is no other way. I look at Naia and say “are you coming with me? She says”: “I follow wherever you go Mari”. We both cry when we leave our feathers in my hut and take the zipline to the dock. On the dock I have a last look at the camp I loved so much. “Farewell sisters” I say with tears in my eyes. I jump in the canoe and we peddle to distant lands. We are tired and hungry when we reach a panther camp. They open the gate for us, give us food and drinks and listen to our sad story. After that they say “If you need a home you can stay here”. Later we see the sun come up when we sit before our hut with a smile on our face, that has been away for far too long. Naia strokes her new huntress feather gently. She looks so happy. When look at her I have no regrets I left my First Bow feather at the camp. Sisterhood is more important to me.”
 I had a wonderful time at the Sa Sheku tribe, they are great bunch people,  but deep inside me I always felt a Zima.  When  I heard Zima had become talunas in the Southern Jungles I travelled to their camp. When I came there and I saw some of my friends I had missed very much I felt this is my home. Now I am a proud First Bow of the Zima Ak’am tribe.

As for the Gazette of Gor Minnie ask me to be Chief Editor when she started this  Gor newspaper. Later I became Main Editor because my passion is to write articles and doing interviews. I also make films about life in Gor as you can see here

Editor : HomerWilson

My name is Jarl Homar Wilson, a warrior of Gor for the past 7 and 2 Earth years.
My life, ah, how can I say this, but in my Gor life, EVERONE tells me i am wrong
and at times made me wonder why i even bothered.  People feel that you are and always will be wrong. but don’t let them guide your path – Gor is yours to pursue, not some else’s.
I became a Gazette staf member and  was asked because of something i have written.

Advisor:  Claude Belgar

 Claude was born sometime during the second millennium. He was first introduced to the world of table role-play by an albinos prince, who brought him to the Young Kingdoms.
During this time, he was also brought to investigate on very old legends, legends that talked about Elder Gods,  Great Old Ones and Ancient Ones.
This, as you could imagine, took a toll on his sanity, and he ended quite paranoid. Thankfully, he found usefulness once again, by serving in the Alpha Complex. And having at his disposal no less than six clones wasn’t too much to survive the missions handled to him by his friend, The Computer.
It was during one of these missions that he discovered what he found to be an old aerospace fighter. Fleeing the Alpha Complex using the unwilling collaboration of his now former fellow troubleshooters, he wandered a couple of days in space before encountering a very large ship at the edge of the Solar System. It was a ship of an unusual design for him. Looking roughly like a cylinder, with a command module in front and a huge, fully deployed sail extending from it’s aft. By the middle of the ship, he could distinguish an emblem, one representing a raised sword, in front of a shining sun.
He worked for those Federated Suns, as he come to learn they called themselves, when one day he was tasked to investigate an anomaly that appeared on the same orbit than Earth, but on the opposite side of the sun. His surprise was so huge to find out a whole planet here that he reacted a fraction of second too late when a silver ship attacked him. Struggling to keep his vessel in one piece long enough, he nevertheless managed to bring it safely to the ground of this strange planet, but it was a sad evidence for him that it would never fly again, forcing him to adapt to his new environment, heavily relying on an alcohol know as “paga” to forgot the life he had before.

Freelance:  Asra Kron

☪  Asra: She who travels by night

☾ FW name: Asra Kron
☾ Red Savage name: Ohitika (Winyan)
☾ gender: female
☾ age: 40
☾ race:  white/red savage
☾ North tribe: Taae Gianii
☾ Family tribe: Kinyanpi Red Savages
☾ status: wild and free and free companioned
☾ Companion: Leigh Kron, Physician of Tharna
☾ owners: none
☾ Birth father: Kron Black Caste of Ukunga
☾ Birth mother: red savage Isanna
☾ Spirit father: Yavapai Lizhjj – Kinyanpi Chief
☾ Spirit mother: Ehawee Lizhjj – Kinyanpi first lady
Asra was born on the planes of Ukunga (Ukungu in the books). Her mother was a red savage and her father a Kron warrior who took her and kept the child and mad with frustration as he wanted a son, raised her as a Kron male until she was betrayed by her body and realized her destiny was not to be confined within the walls she was kept in.
Eventually, she was old enough to make him see her as a woman and on her 16th birthday she decided she had enough of his coldness and his distance, and let him push her away at last.
She ran to the forests and there she stayed, eventually becoming a red savage like her mother before her.
A red savage half breed raised a boy in an ancient city, born a woman into an old family, running wild and free.
Traveling the luscious Northern Forests, Asra fell in love with the Wild of the North, so different from the South she grew up in. No red earth, no barren wastes, and the mountains were vibrant with life and taken by the whim of the Seasons, unlike the everlasting snows of the peaks of the Voltai and its red canyons.
There she found a home within Nature, as her blood told her to. The North Bank. And a family with Ja’Hesa Akas, sisters in blood.
At the age of 20 she went back to her family’s lands in the Schendi rain forests she was accepted by her grandfather Stari, barely tolerated by her uncle Nico and nearly killed by her own father. There she realized the reasons she had been pushed away, as well why the Kron women were usually sent into Exile. A condition she was soon to find herself in. Yet she reclaimed her heritage and embraced her grandfather’s Caste as a builder, since her father’s was denied women.
She resumed the quest for her lost Isanna mother and in doing so she was found and adopted by the Kinyanpi chief and his wife, Yavapai Lizhjj and Ehawee Lizhjj, at a time where their tee pees were set by the Kaila and the Isanna, in the Voltai range. She found out soon that the Isanna were as tolerant of her white blood as the Kron of her gender and was sentenced to yet again move away. Her spirit father saw this as the last drop in an already filled cup and the Flighted Ones folded their tee pees and moved out to their Barrens grounds, where they remain. Papa Yavi and Mama Ehawee knew her blood would pull her into the wild again and so one day she went out to find her destiny. She was 25 by then.
Running the Wild and the civilized world again, taking to the sands of Two Scimitars after her exile from Ukunga was determined, spending time in Vigo, finding a home in Hrimgar, she realized what she was looking for was really inside of her and so she followed her inner calling to the Thassa and found Aakii Jahesa. By the grace of the Mother, she became En Jerag to the Gianii 12 Taae. A place in life on an island where Dragons haunted dreams and favored the keepers of the flame. There she reached the age of 30.
In Aakii she was united with her better half, Lady Leigh, a physician of Tharna she met in Thentis, who would travel to Aakii at times to heal and be with her. She would be stabilized by Leigh during this part of her life, the serum preserving her at the age of 31. The parting started to become more and more unbearable and one day, she left Aakii to be lost in the Thassa fog and headed back to the continent, traveling to Tharna where she stayed with Leigh, becoming the high born free woman builder she always was, the panther heart beating softly in her chest, slowly but steadily falling in love with the ancient City of Silver she eventually helped to shape as a builder. She is now 40 years old.
In Tharna she is now. And in Tharna she will remain as long as the Mother wishes. Tharna Tassna Viktel.
Note on the Gazette of Gor…. and how I she ended up writing for it…
It’s all Minnie’s fault really. She was interviewing Asra and Leigh about Tharna, and was given a grand tour of the Tharna Regions, which eventually went by the Library of Tharna. After a major collection work by Criss, at one point Tharna’s Librarian, Asra was on the verge of finishing the restructure of the library and Minnie liked what she saw.
From there to the passion of History, records, Gor and writing it did not take long for asra to submit her words to the Gazette in the hope she would be accepted as an editor and writer, which she was.
The written word is mightier than any other weapon, no matter the matter it was crafted with, as there is no matter stronger than the one in one’s brain.
To a better world, where people are made to think.
One who needs words.
Power to the readers.

Asra Kron (x4ten resident)

Freelance:  Kimba

Kimba the Storyteller started reading the Gor books, when there were only ten of them in print.  Gor has been part of her life since she played backseat-kajira with her high-school boyfriend, and used to light his cigarettes with a silver lighter he owned but she carried, when he snapped his fingers.  She played vella to some dork’s Tarl Cabot in the Compuserve BDSM chat room, the two of them demonstrating the difference between Gorean and BDSM slavery by their roleplay.  She was dungsacked in the Silk and Steel, and was a slave in the first Panther-Lair on IRC, Bi-Fem Gor.  She was a Panther-Leader in HTML-chat Gor for a decade, and one of her protegees founded Sa Di Sani Panther Lair on SL, modeling their secret cave after the hot-springs cave from Panther-Claw Lair.
She started on SL almost nine years ago, but changed her name so she could start fresh here, minus the notoriety and enmity she had earned on OldGor.  Only after 8 years here, did her beloved Panther-Mate and partner convince Giannia Rossini that she had made her own place on SL-Gor, and that it was time to reclaim her true-name, and her pride at who she had been, and take a leadership-position on Gor again.  Kimba is Panther-Mated, SL-Partnered, and owner of Wildflower, formerly known as Vika of Treve.  Kimba is currently First Shield, Head Slaver, and Diplomat for Northern Lights Outlaws, residing in Northern Lights Bay, where they fight GE and roleplay BTB.  Kimba has so many jobs, because the female-led group is so small.  She also performs as a Storyteller, under the stage-name, Aggripina, leading a group of roleplayers known as The Storytellers’ Guild.
ᴡıʟɔғʟᴏᴡᴇя: I haven’t been capped in over a week
Kıᴍвʌ: Yeah no. You got rid of “Hi I’m Vika. I’m into bondage and making new friends” on your profile. *smirks*
ᴡıʟɔғʟᴏᴡᴇя: I’ll change it to: “Hi, I’m wildflower, a needy unholy slut who craves being used for anyones pleasure.”
Kıᴍвʌ: “But my evil Mistress hogs me to herself. Bag me and see if you can win me over to the hetero team.”
ᴡıʟɔғʟᴏᴡᴇя: Hmm..  *evil grin*

Editor : Medusa Avora

Mimi  ( Medusa Avora ), Ikerei panther .
Tal all i’m Mimi, SE of Ikerei tribe. since 4 years and i rp in Gor for 5 years and with no alt and in one group only.
All happens with chance. At the beginning of my life, on SL earth, i see one day a warrior , this man, mmhh nice look what?   After meeting he tells me there’s a rp group called Gor and i’m a wanderer in BTB sim looking for my home stone.
Really interesting by this world, i go to Gor with him , and a young Master collars me, and enslaves me as a kajira.
My fist day in Gor lol , capped!  This Master taght me to rp, Gor style, and English also.  I remained with hm for many months, and went to a famous school for kajira in Port Haifa where he sent me to learn more about Gor.
But i’m a wild and  to obey all males and free woman in the city and school put me in a bad mood, and as a result I was punished, by many people, not my Master. One day i see panthers that i have never see, and they tell me they are
wild and live far in Forrest. This day i see my destiny will be in wood. So I escape, and find the Ikerei tribe.
They keep me and lean me the hunting, the life in the Forrest. And i never leave this tribe, from pledge to SE.
This is my life a wild panther , free and bad and i like.
So as panther i fight all people coming on my land, enslave or sell to by items iron,.. many things we don’t have.
We organise raid to take another’s territory, to burn city who have captured one of our own, we never let a sister remain captured.  We must live the most possible in immersion.  In fact it is a life full of actions .
In Gor i find simply many good friends in all castes and groups, even enemies , I found my family and this is great.  We are as RL friends now.  In fact, Gor is a drug high. The more important thing  is to make this avitar’s life  the most real possible.
In fact i love this lifestyle, with honor and words true. It’s always great to find enemies and speak with other vision and life.
Knowing all people permit to know you better.
And when i see the gazette , i wanted to integer the staff cause i like write , even very hard in English, i like paper with problems and polemical all to make Gor better and find a way of unification of all gor. It’s a good way to explain Gor and showing that it’s a big clever community, even Sl is the world of THE ME , and other after.
No one know gor really, even they have read the book it’s just an interpretation , it’s just a world who grows and all person in the gazette want to build this world better.

© Gazette of Gor


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