The Gazette of Gor – Issue 25

Disclaimer: All images contained herein are stock images of Lunacaleengpanthers.
(Gorean Press Edition)


•     From the Editor’s Desk   (Kimba)
•     Scribe of Ko-Ro-Ba (Lenwe Spiderweb)
•     Thoughts of Gor (Lizz Dawes)
•     A Kajira Heels (Freja2015)
•     Master Gorm Runo, Ubar of Caer Cardarn Intervew (Hathor)
•     Gor again the bad face (Mimi – Medusa Avora)
•     Interview Menander Blaisdale (Minnie)
•     Does a Warror Have to Fight?  (Tristan Moonites)
•     City of Sands Festival (Hathor)
•     Libraries of Gor (Minnie)
•     6 MAX – A new combat concept for RP lovers (Asra Kron)
•     Sa’ng Gretuk has moved (Minnie)
•     Animals of Gor (Hathor)
•     Editors, Writers needed – Feedbacks

From the Editor’s Desk

By the Books?  Or just Misogyny

One of my Panther friends was captured in a BTB sim.  So I put on my BTB FW Storyteller Costume, and went to see if I could help spring her, pretending not to know her.  This led to a very illuminating encounter with what I think is a couple of relatively typical BTB Free Men.
The following exchange took place (names changed for anonymity):
Kıᴍвʌ finds the girl looking somewhat familiar, but I am unable to place from where I may know her.  Then again, I have encountered a thousand common-sluts in my travels, and there is no way I can remember them all.*  That gentleman told me I should look for someone named Theodorus.  If you help me find him, pretty slavegirl, I will give you a copper coin to carry home in your mouth for your Master.
Kıᴍвʌ turns to see a stranger standing behind me.*  Tal Sir.  I am Aggripina the Storyteller.
Tarl strode up towards the woman in blue, letting his boots hit the ground a bit louder to mark his movements towards the small group.  He would clear his throat as he spoke to intercept the woman in blue,  his golden gaze looking into her visible face as soon as she would turn to see if it were the scribe from the day before.  There was a visible shift in his mood as she identified herself.  “My pardons Lady Aggripina, I had hoped you were someone I met the day before to hear of news. “
Dina: looks up at her and narrows my eyes a bit as i was not pleased she does not recognize me but answers quickly. ” Mistress I have only been here 1/2 the cycle of the full moon. I do not know this man but if you tell me where he may reside I could try to find that for you ” regards the male but says nothing
Kıᴍвʌ: Wel met, Sir.  * then turn back to the girl as she speaks.*  That is ok, little one.  I should have known better than to expect a pretty blond slave to know anything more than how to serve and spread her legs.  You may go.
Tarl: Shaking the misunderstanding of woman in blue and introduces himself as in proper.  “You may call me Tarl.  Well met Lady Aggripina.”  He says hearing her words but as they are of no interest to him, He simply looks over the girls and prepares to move about the group.
Dina: looks up at her with a fire in my eye and tell her ” I am no paga slut. I am a private slave and restricted. And it was NOT my choice to be a slave. I was a panther and slaver not long ago. ” huffs and gets to my feet and starts to slowly walk away to see if she has a reaction
Pa Kur clicked his tongue a few times, the chatter behind the door coming to his ears. He would step out and stretch as he looked down the walk way to see who was around. Rubbed his chin and tapped his foot on the ground, steel hues looking and observing.
Kıᴍвʌ: And my girl was Tatrix of Tharna.  Serve with fire, private, restricted, involuntary slavegirl.
Pa Kur quirked a brow as the conversation was heard.. “Would be a private restricted slave with no tongue, with that mouth.” he mutters as he walked over to the lower city.
Dina: walks away mumbling. ” you could soon be a paga slut “
Tarl  was furious as he heard the slut and moved down the street to whip her well.
Tarl shouts: was furious as he sought to track down the slut and her mumbling mouth.   His booming voice would carry through and over the bustle of the tavern and bakery and even over the singing click hammers of the street of brands beyond as he shouted.  “SLUT HALT!”
I had intended to rub Dina’s nose in some of the less-pleasant aspects of being a kajira, to motivate her to want to escape back to her Panther-Tribe.  I used “little one”, insulted her intelligence and her morals, and reminded her of some of the indignities she would have to endure to remain a slave, such as carry money in her mouth.  As I intended, it woke her up to who she really was, and within a couple of days, she was back with her tribe.
But not before those two guys beat the crap out of her for mouthing off to me.  But did they really do it because she mouthed off to me?
They certainly beat the crap out of her, but nobody thought to make her apologize to me, for insulting me.  Her offense was that she offended THEM, by acting out.  Slavegirls don’t act that way in MY BACKYARD!

Lenwe Silverweb, Scribe of Ko-Ro-Ba

Ko-Ro-Ba, a lifestle sim under the firm hand of Ubar Scar Statosky. Lenwe is Old School Gor and firmly believes in teaching Gor values and philosophy thro RP and experience. He is of the opinion that the Scribe Caste of gor isn’t doing enough in their own sims to deliver their full potential. the Gazette invited Lenwe to write us an article to share something that he thought would be good for Gazette readers:

Tal everyone,
   I was asked by a friend a serious question, what do I love about Gor? I pondered this question for awhile, such a simple question at heart. Though it reached down to my core foundations about what I truly love about the Gor and the lifestyle. First thing I thought about was the culture itself, the return to the natural order where men act like men of honor and integrity. We all fall victim to human nature where we think the universe rotates around ourselves rather than the other way around, hence it is our nature to act in a manner as ‘every man for themselves’.
“If you are interested in this sort of thing from the Gorean viewpoint,” I said, “free men and women are usually attentive to the thoughts and feelings of one another. Not only are they free, but they may even share a Home Stone.
Explorers of Gor     Book 13     Page 354
 In Gor we act with dignity, integrity, and honor for our Home Stone. A focal point of our entire existence is to bring honor to our individual Home Stones, regardless of the situation, we strive to better our cities or villages without much regard for ourselves for the Home Stone is beyond understanding to one who is not of Gor.
 So to answer the question ‘What do I love about Gor?’ My answer is the thing I most love about Gor, is my Home Stone, the family that accompanies that Home Stone. We come from all walks of life, be it a Scribe, a Builder, a Warrior, a Merchant, a Slaver, a Peasant. We strive to better our communities to make them shine. We strive for honor through everyday task so our inner light shines out to those who are unaware. Saying in one voice “This is Gor, this is our Home Stone.”
Lenwe Silverweb
Scribe of Ko-ro-ba

Thoughts of Gor (Lizz Dawes)

an Old Gorean, passionate of Gor, writer of several articles that are pretty challenging to a Gorean. She was a Free Woman scribe a long time ago, and is nowadays more involved with one of the older and larger tribes of panthers in SL. However her talents recently have been more in producing and directing plays on Gorean life. She is currently working on her  second one and for those who had missed her first one… it is a must see….
It was the end of 2006 I found Secondlife and quickly got bored with the sex disco’s and pointless inaneness of what I drifted through, then I found SL Gor. A role play world, a place to immerse yourself in a different reality, not be driven by some game makers plots but where the stories were created by people endlessly unpredictable and inventive. I become hooked on role play, and entered a different world on a planet directly opposite the sun. I felt times when my blood raced as my heart thumped, never knowing what the outcome would be, and with 26 books of Gor in my head a world I knew. Though perhaps not one I would choose as my reality but one I loved to enter from the safety of my arm chair.
Then some one invented Gor Evolved. To my mind Gor worked, and I emphasise worked not works, as it had structure it had rules; they were laid down in the writings of Norman…and moaning that he is a homophobic bigot is no reason to change them, go find a place that suits you more not change the rules of this world of Gor. Second life as a role play environment for me works best when there is a solid and extremely well defined structure. Without that frame work it reverts into the sex shambles that is much of the rest of second life. The frame work is the books then we started to corrupt it with personal limits that are ridiculous in a Gorean world, captives at will TP out after 1 hour, mysterious birds that fly thousands of pasangs with scribbled messages. I was taught a number of core rules, never break role play, live it as you were there, you are on Gor not earth, this is role play…go with it.
We had that structure and the world was one; they were good times. It was one world, it was dangerous, it was brutal at times, it was intellectually stimulating in the play of words and the tensions of the male female dynamic; it was not our world of political correctness, an alien world. Evolved sought to change that subtly pulling it back to the values of earth. It is not earth it is Gor.
Then what happened is many who neither understood nor had read the books pushed the edges, interpreted the changes or re read the scrolls to adapt this now flexible interpretation of Gor. It allowed women to fight and vast pew pew bands of gamers that allowed these woman emerged calling themselves outlaws. Huge groups of players with little interest in role play but only in fights swung the emphasis of the game from the immersive game I loved to some poor refection of a kids shoot um up game. The stalwarts seeking purity in an attempt to hold to the values of Gor in opposition to the extremes of GE created BTB and so began the split of our world to the sad reflection we have today of what once was such a fine place. The frame work of rules broken the thing that made this place special now sadly began crumbling.
Now I look across what was once the vastness of of our Gorean virtual world and see how it has been much diminished. Islands of excellence still exist with groups trying to retain and hold to the books, but as the disease of GE has spread widely in some cases refusing to let those infected into their land. Some using an interpretation of Gor to be the thin veil used to re-write, it as some sort of BDSM paradise, some not even bothering with the veil. Massively different sets of rules on each sim that require you to read war and peace before you even enter. The world I loved has not totally gone, oasis exist still but as with global warming the sea is rising and they are increasingly disappearing or becoming isolated prefering to exclude the world beyond their shores for they have seen it and do not like what they see.
I fear it may be too late to recover what was, as a child who invents a game  with sticks and cardboard, the first time you play it is is magical but it is never as good the second or third time round. I have played Free woman scribes, briefly slavery and now a panther and I like many before me doubt this place will ever be what it was nor if it can be repaired.
Look at the numbers coming to our world see how they fall, Gor will not totally disappear but it is even now a much diminished place and shrinking rapidly. I am not so arrogant to say I know the answer but will end by offering some suggestions and options. Perhaps we need to let go of what was and start again, no more GE and BTB there is simply Gor. Leave behind those who want to play both purely BTB and GE for both has its hang ups and start afresh.
Create a new place for Gor to grow with a common set of rules set by an elected council, that would be as close to the books as is sensible, ejection from sims for OOC behaviour as standard, create again a true role play interpretation of what is in the books of Gor. Let those who prefer what is now a more gaming oriented Gor to play it and wipe the slate clean and reunite this once beautiful, intellectually stimulating world.

A Kajira Heels (Freja2015)

My name is Frey and I am a kajira.  The last few weeks, I have written some rather direct and brazen articles regarding my opinion on what is wrong with masters in SL Gor.  Today, I have been commanded to write about the positive side.  For the record, I was not “asked” I was commanded… there is a huge difference, and if you do not know the difference, you should not be in Gor.  I beg you hear me out as I write about a true Gorean Master.  My Master.  My Owner.  He who is the center of all that I do.  I reflect upon my Master, and I take this into consideration with all actions.
I have made a list of those attributes I have witnessed him displaying that I feel contribute to his success as a Gorean Master.  This list is certainly not all encompassing, but these are the main points that I feel any true master needs, and they are in order:
1.  He commands.  I’m not talking about telling your slave to heel, or fetch you some paga.  Although, my Master has done this many a time.  I’m talking about control that goes beyond the simple daily tasks of a slave.  There have been some instances in which my Master has commanded something I do not agree with; I voiced this to him, he listened, he told me to do it anyway, and I did it.  It is that simple…. if you are a master and it goes beyond this and turns into you arguing back and forth with your slave… then it’s time for you to step back, take a serious look at the relationship, and do this next item…
2.  He takes action.  He does not talk about taking action and never does it, he does not ponder taking action for weeks on end.. he TAKES action.  There is an important difference between the master who keeps repeating “I’ll correct this” or “I’m working on it” and the master who actually steps up and does something tangible to remedy a problem. This is a very gray area, because the trick is to know the difference between being lazy and being careful.  Which brings me to the next item….
3.  He makes wise decisions.  Before he takes actions, he uses the wisdom life has taught him through many experiences to take the right action.  My Master has made spot on accurate decisions, and the few occasions that I hesitated, unsure about what he was doing.. I was wrong to do so.  He has shown me, in tangible proof, that he knows what the hell he is doing.  I follow this man blindly… mostly, sometimes I do ask what’s going on in his thoughts, and sometimes he shares it.  But he has proven to me he is a man that can be followed without question.  He has proven, through actions and decisions, that I can absolutely obey.  If you are a master that has not done that for your slave, you have no right to ask her to be absolutely obedient to you, and you are doing her a serious disservice.
4. He does not punish, he corrects.  This means he doesn’t grab the whip and beat the snot out of me for every little mistake I make.  Beating your slave senseless is not being a Gorean Master.  If she only obeys when you are around to punish her, if she only kneels to you out of fear.. are you really mastering her properly?  Would it not be better to control her to the point that she WANTS to please and obey?  As soon as I see my Master arrive, every muscle in my body lunges to get to him, to kneel at his boot.. but not because I fear that he will beat me if I’m not there quick enough, I go because I hope for the opportunity… the privilege to please him.  He will whip me, there is no doubt of this, but he will only do it when it is necessary.
5.  He cares for his property.  When he arrives, he asks me how I am doing, and then he listens to the answer.  If needed, he asks questions about my day, about the things that might be bothering me, or about the things that gave me joy.  My Master has taken the time to know me, and I have taken the time to know him.  He, so that he can control me best, realign me when needed and keep me on the right path.  I, so that I can anticipate his next need, and please him better.  This takes honest effort on both sides, and if it’s not done… you will not connect properly.
I’m not saying that my Master is perfect, he is human and no human is perfect.  But, my Master is perfect for me.  And my ultimate hope, my wish, my prayer, for all slaves and masters is that they work to be perfect for each other.

Master Gorm Runo, Ubar of Caer Cardarn Intervew (Hathor)

Hathor01: a little background about your beginnings in Gor?
Gorm Runo: Yes, My name is Gorm Runo.  I am the owner of the House of Runo, a slave training house, and of this estate where the slave house is located.  It is called Caer Cadarn, which is an Earth name, not a Gorean one.   Caer Cadarn also houses the Black Tarn Inn and Pleasure Resort which is a uniquely Second Life Gorean place.
Gorm Runo: I first became aware of online Gor in 1998.
Gorm Runo: It was in a chatroom in Yahoo Chat called the Three Moons Tavern of Gor.
Gorm Runo: So, I guess I have been in online Gor for 17 years  now.
Gorm Runo: I first came to second life in 2007.  So, 8 of those years have been spent here.
Gorm Runo: It does seem like a long time when you hear it said, doesn’t it?   “laughs”
Hathor01: The early days of Gor, what were they like, obviously I have heard bits and pieces, but then  I’ve been in Gor such a very short time
Gorm Runo: Well, the early days were very different mainly because of “graphics.”  When online Gor existed in chat and was totally text based, the nature of those we called role players was quite different than it is today.
Hathor01: do you wish to expand on that Master?
Gorm Runo: Goreans online were real people joined together in a sort of online community by a common love of Gor.  Some might call such people, “life stylers”, but there were no clear rules, and everyone was really quite different in their approach, but the common thread was just a love of the Gor novels and some of the ideas in them.
Gorm Runo: People interested in role play had so many other cool places to go do it.  Video games and online venues like World of Warcraft were designed just for RP … chat room texting was not.
Gorm Runo: so, we had few role players, and the ones we had were mostly “players.”  I mean they were pretending to be something they were not mainly to screw with people, or in most cases … to screw slaves.  And so, there was a natural  dislike for them in our community.  They weren’t there to have fun, they were there to cause trouble.
Hathor01: When did the concept of Gor sims become a reality Master?
Gorm Runo: But, that changed when Second Life began.  Now, with graphics, Second Life Gor was a fun place to roleplay and real roleplayers started to come into the community.  And they mostly thought they were coming into a game, and did not realize they were coming into a community, and thus much confusion existed.
Gorm Runo: The first Gorean sims in SL were just homes for members of the community who were in SL.  They were not “cities” or anything.   Then, about 10 years ago, someone got the idea to build a “city”. They built Port Kar, which was the first city sim.
Gorm Runo: and it was very popular.  Both life style and role players liked the idea of “being on Gor” and for awhile Port Kar was the high traffic sim on all SL.  But, drama and problems caused the builder to take it down after less than two months.  However, the idea was out, and more sims were built, until we have what we find in SL Gor now.
Hathor01: From some of the feedback I have received, there was a great feeling of community during the early days?
Gorm Runo: We did not plan it well.  We did not make rules and decide how the “games” would be played, or if we wanted to do it one way or do it the other.  It just happened sort of on its own.
Gorm Runo: yeah,,,and many of those early days people gave up in disgust when SL Gor got over run by game players who did not even recognize that a community existed.
 Gorm Runo: It is always upsetting when someone tells you that you are not real or do not exist. But, that happens all the time now.  Someone will speak up at a discussion and say,,,”This is just a game, people!”
Gorm Runo: Not realizing that to me, and many others, it never was a game at all.  Not even in the very beginning.
I was going to ask about that Master, how you perceive Gor as evolved to it’s present day
Gorm Runo: I think it is really two groups of people.   They dress the same, and use the same words to say hello and goodbye, and share many of the trivia of Gorean culture, but they are not the same.  One group accepts at least some of the ideas of Gor and feels that these ideas do impact our real life, and the other just thinks they are playing World of Gorcraft.
Gorm Runo: They mix at events, and in the Hub, and in the cities and sims, and many even become friends and get along for the most part.  But, it is important, I think, that everyone knows that we are not all one big happy family of role players.
The Life Style Community is still the heart and soul of Second Life Gor, and they need to be more vocal about their own interests and less tolerant of dishonesty.
Gorm Runo: The idea of honesty is critical here, simply because a “role player” playing a game has no need for honesty, whereas a member of a “community” has an imperative responsibility to be honest.
Hathor01: There are so many new sims being built, and their “BTB” ideology seems more like they will adjust their sim according to who populates it. Is this True Master?
Gorm Runo: Yes, what is sad about all these BTB sims being opened, and closed, is that they are using the same formula that the very first one, Port Kar, used, and Port Kar failed in a month.   And yet, people try the same thing, again and again.  That is a definition of insanity , isn’t it?  Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.
Gorm Runo: We are way past time to come up with a whole new concept to try rather than doing the same mistake again and again.
Hathor01: which brings me Master, to your visualization of the future of Gor
Gorm Runo: Well, I am optimistic.  I see more and more people being attracted to it.  Gor is a big part of second life, and second life is growing.  And if it continues to grow, people are going to eventually figure out something better.
Gorm Runo: There is already so much that is “cool” in Second Life Gor, like our two radio stations, and dance competitions, and the whole G&S farming thing.
Gorm Runo: I think more and more, we will move away from “BTB” and begin to realize that “Second Life Gor” is a world of its own.  It is not on “Gor” , it is not fiction, but, it is not on Earth either.  It exists here in the servers of Linden Labs, but is its own community, and its own culture, and it is getting more and more distinct.
Gorm Runo: People have met, and begun to live together in rl from here,,,,we have lost members of our community, and remember them, and we have made many friends, globally, here, and none of that has to do with the books.  Maybe, I can say it this way.   The Planet Gor is fictional and we can only read about it and play games with it.   Second Life Gor is real though, and we can live it!
Hathor01: I look about your sim, Caer Cadarn, and see the lush sim, so well build, so inviting.
Gorm Runo: ahhh, yes, I am a most skilled builder and landscaper.  “winks at tabicat who did all the work making the sim beautiful”
Hathor01: the kajirae here are very beautiful as well
Gorm Runo: Yes, we are open to the public now.  And we have begun to run regular ads on the Black Tarn on Whip radio, so expect to entertain more guests in the future.  I wanted to go public to show people my idea of a “Second Life Gor sim” rather than BTB or GE,,,,it is SL Gor.

   Gor again the bad face (Mimi)

Patrolling on sims I just learned a news never seen before in the world of Gor; this will cause panic among GE and BTB already in war since the dawn of time. We know all that we can find many good rplayers in btb and GE  too, but the worst can be in these groups.

A Gorean,of a city famous is capped.As always he honors his captivity and a rp begins.His
capture is honored as we all do and that is a good thing.
But his group did not immediately rescue and does not provide this for the moment. 4 days of rp later
he is banned from the sim because rp too long and no rescue.
So here gor for catching people and rp if there no rescue you have a ban? where is the aspect of games,the stories
mounted with strong rp, so that if one is GE, you get accused of BTB which of course has nothing to do here.
Is an insult to be BTB ?
Frankly this is stupid and weak all this still kills more Gor who already died,the fault of the mindless
of this world,an exciting game makes a world of Superman cheaters with no shame,a world of less capture and many sail,
and the poor if there is no rescue, we sail you as a trash without interest. Congratulations to all these spirits.
Not to offend and humiliate these people the names are not given. Preview:
–  AS: that toy can fuck off in a min if PMs dont answer me
–  AD?: oh?
–  AS: 4 days he has been here
–  AD: no he my cap and we in RP
–  AD: i know one of the raid commanders
–  R: 4 day’s wauw
–  AD?: we are in an RP simple
–  AS: fuck off
–  ÀO: they have 8 they could finally rescue
–  AS: Ive ejected and banned him
–  ÀO: why
–  AS: he has been here 4 days
–  AD: we are in an RP
–  ÀO: and you ban people coming to rp?
–  AD: thats why he still here
–  AS: not anymore
–  AD: omfg this is a joke
–  AS: 4 days you can go to btb for that
–  AD: so long RP long live pew pew
It’s just amazing, even the rplayers are forced to justify nearby sim owners and groups
where they are. What pitiful picture it gives of GE. There is no respect of the people in fact now.
Goreans rebel you .. Do not let the human stupidity win neither the primary racism inter goups and entity.
I am Gor, I’m Charlie

Interview Menander Blaisdale (Minnie)

(Sometimes we meet two people, outside of time. And for these people, you need a setting, a haven for defining perfect harmony. Sandy and Tala are these two people. They occupy a SIM and a full homestead. All this just for them both. They like RP, play, discover new faces. But most of all they like to be together. A jewel to be discovered, of being understood, an RP that is worth trying.)

•     Minnie : Can you introduce yourself
–     Menander Blaisdale : I am Sandy, my free companion is the Lady Tala.
•     Minnie : What is your personal story in Gor
–     Menander Blaisdale : I quote direct from my profile which summarises over 7 years in SL Gor:  ‘First aware of himself as the fighting slave of a female peasant farmer.  She vanished and he took his freedom and the small farm near Cardonicus after the appropriate interval.  (Formal papers of manumission granted and witnessed by Cardonicus scribe.)  Wandered Gor trading farm goods and met his beloved Tala; now owns the  large Couthy Estate (Tharnock Hills and Loch Couthy) after being very successful with his farm adding others as his wealth grew though the Cardonicus farm was lost in an earthquake.  Childhood unknown but able to read and write.  Gentle by nature but stubborn, independent, bloody-minded even, and can apparently completely lose his head sometimes, becoming unreasonable and violent, particularly verbally so (all abuse, which may be downright insulting, ic only of course).  His business success and wealth were recognised by his being Councillor of the then nearby city of Tharnock.
–     Menander Blaisdale : Now live on Couthy Estate, capturing men and/or women to help with the chores needed on the Estate………..and sometimes for other purposes.
•     Minnie : Can we consider you as old Goreans or do you see you as old Gorean persons ?
–     Menander Blaisdale : Old RL for sure (grins); not come across many older (one I think so far).  Not sure I would say we are old Goreans or old Gorean persons but we have both been in SL Gor for more than seven years and spend a lot of time here. We have seen many Sims and groups come and go. We help as allies while keeping our home.  We have outlived many Allies: First old Tharnock,  Vanour, Siba, Sharks Cove … Currently we are are allies to Strongheart. We help defend with our friends  but stay as our own group of two.
•     Minnie : BTB, Ge, many ways in Gor. What do you think about this fracture between those 2 currents.
–     Menander Blaisdale : I regret it happened.  With a good percentage of SL Gor being female, there has to be diversity for those who want to fight.  It seems to me that when the split happened it was only about whether women could carry bows and fight, now it has become a yawning chasm.
•     Minnie : Gor will stay Gor. Have you some ideas to improve our Gor.
–     Menander Blaisdale : None that have not been aired by many in the past.  Trying to respect the views of others and the way they wish to play in Gor  -which is not always seen  – would help; I have no problem with folk holding differing views but one should respect them, their views and their right to hold them as much as one does one’s own.
•     Minnie : What are your feelings about new direction of Gor. More pew pew fighters, less RP
–     Menander Blaisdale : I regret the passing of the days when a successful raid led to most of the defenders being taken and so most getting rp; the ‘take one cap to get a rescue’ trend and hence traffic and more pew pew distresses me.  Maybe like minded people/groups should get together more?
•     Minnie : Can you tell me if you have a land. And if yes, who owns, builders. who decides, have you a council for all decisions
–     Menander Blaisdale : I and Tala own the land (two sims); no other residents so no need for councils etc.  We make the decisions and we do the building; we have not used a builder.
•     Minnie : If you have a sim, what would you say your sims’ most attractive Feature would be?
–     Menander Blaisdale : Air of peace and tranquillity………unless we are being shot or are shooting someone.
•     Minnie : Many sim owners get burnt out having to do every thing listed and more. People wonder how people do it. How many hats do you wear as a sim owner or as a group leader (Warrior, Scribe, Moderator … and more).
–     Menander Blaisdale : I wear only the one now, but used to be mod and admin on seven gorean sims, all at the same time.  Never again!
•     Minnie : How do you imagine your future in Gor ?
–     Menander Blaisdale : Simple; with Tala living on these lands.
•     Minnie : All names have a story. What is the story of your name
–     Menander Blaisdale : The name Sandy was given to me by my owner when I was her fighting slave long ago; the name Menander is that of a Greek comedy playwright from the fourth century BCE.
•     Minnie : Be a true Gorean, what feelings give you this sentence
–     Menander Blaisdale : None really; Gorean means different things to different people.
•     Minnie : Gor could be a life’s philosophy. Do you adapt your RL with your Gorean life ?
–     Menander Blaisdale : No.  Tala and I have never met in RL so Gor is for us as a couple our life………. but in RL I am married 43 years and yes Tala and my RL wife know about each other.
•     Minnie : Give me in one sentence, a reason for our readers to join your RP or your Gor’s philosophy.

–     Menander Blaisdale : Sorry not possible to answer in one sentence.  Anyone who captures us knows there will not be a huge rescue party coming to interrupt the rp and we have no problem with our captors using the equipment we have in our own stables for those we capture or in taking us to wherever; their choice.  We may be farmers but after many years of trading we are looking for more capture rp.  Our RP may be a bit different because Tala and I will not be separated out of local chat range if captured.  Many do not like that which is fine and their choice but some find it adds an extra dimension to RP.   If I am not online Tala will be afk/ooc, either farming or meditating.

Does a Warrior Have to Fight?  (Tristan Moonites)

Tal Goreans, I come before you today with a bit of an issue I have been seeing.  When you choose to RP a free person in SL Gor you also choose your caste.  With that choice comes many responsibilities.  It also brings many opportunities.  However there is one caste that seems to be limited on its opportunities.  I’m speaking of the Warrior Caste.
When one chooses to RP as a warrior caste, they are expected to only be available for raids or to guard the gates.  There is so much more out there for warriors to do.  I for one avoid raids as much as possible because I am not here on SL Gor to button mash.  If I wanted that I would play a combat game.
As with many things, we each bring our own thing to SL.  But that doesn’t necessarily mean that it is right or wrong.  Too many times I see warriors who are more concerned about how well they can fight in SL Combat than learning the codes, or learning about honor.  Too often, a warrior is not allowed to be a part of their caste unless they can do well in the combat aspect of things but aren’t required to know anything about the caste itself.  Why does the combat aspect of SL have to be the focus for a Warrior?  Why can’t a Warrior provide RP opportunities as well?
Why are Warriors only expected to do raids or guard the gates?  There is so much more that a Warrior can do.  Warriors were expected to enforce the laws and bring issues to the magistrates and preators.  Warriors can teach each other the codes or discuss their meanings.  I for one come here to RP, but so many seem to think that I’m only here for the pew pewing associated with SL Combat because I choose a Warrior caste.
Warriors are a brotherhood.  Each caste has its own codes and its own connection to each other, but Warriors are a “true” brotherhood.  This is something that seems to be lacking as well.  “Warriors share a common Home Stone, and it is battle.”  Rarely do I see the respect for fellow warriors especially if it is someone that has bested someone in combat.  That being said, however, just because I am a fellow warrior does not mean we are Sword Brothers so do not call me “brother.”  Until we have bled together, either against each other or fighting on the same side, we are not blood brothers.  One does not need to be called “brother” to share a brotherhood of the sword.
I have no problems with those that wish to raid as much as possible, nor do I have problems with those who are very good at the SL combat system, everyone comes to SL Gor for their own reasons.  However, when someone chooses to RP a Warrior Caste but does not like to do the SL Combat system, he is not weak, or afraid or any of the other comments I have been told.  I do the combat when necessary, but I do not go out of my way to do it and it is not the focus of my time here on SL.
I, like many others, are here to RP.  This does not mean I should be forced to choose a more “RP oriented” caste such as the scribes, physicians, or merchants.  I choose the Warrior caste because it represents who I am and how I feel about Gor.  I prefer to focus on the codes, the honor, and the integrity of the caste, not the combat.  There is nothing wrong with this choice and it should not hinder anyone who chooses the same to find a place in SL Gor RP.

City of Sands Festival (Hathor)

I  was gven a note card about the event at the Village of Aghri that was having a Cities of Dust Festival (October 31).  I took the landmark and entered at the landing point and then the TP to the Visitor/Docks.  I had an easy walk up a slight hill to the City of Aghri gates.  I was curious to see what was this Cities of Dust Festival.

I walked about the city of Aghri, finding a number of booths offering fresh vegetables, ceramic bowls and vases, hides set on the ground, ready  for tanning and finished leather goods, to name a few.  There were also a number of fun things to do, such a a wild bucking bosk ride, a duck pool that dispensed gifts (I got a cool framed map of Gor), and pies you could throw at your favorite (?) person.
I met a Mistress wearing a mask and asked if visitors to the festival should wear a mask while here.
•    Lilyana Turmus (lilyanarose) shrugs a shoulder, rolling it forward more then bunching “Masks are optional, as this is the one day of the year when people may wear a mask and no one shall know who they are, be they free or not, should they so choose. But of course no one would force a person to participate. It is the City of Dust festival, to honor those who have passed on and remember them, and to remind us to live.”
 I turn and sees the Master with a beautiful musical instrument
•     Hathor01: “Master is that a lute?”
•    Mathias Ragnarsen (mathiasragnarsen): “Aye it is beast”
The Master strummed the lute and gave a few bits of a song, one I remembered from my childhood, and listened to his music, humming along with the lute.  We chatted a while about the various songs that are now popular in Gor.
•    Lilyana Turmus (lilyanarose) chuckles turning to the girl “Many today are in disguise so a slave may pretend to be a free, a free may expose more as a slave.. and no one would know as they are all in disguise with masks”
•    Hathor01: “ah, thank you Mistress”
•    Lilyana Turmus (lilyanarose) zips her lips “Few will give out their names this day. It would reveal who is behind the mask, and then they get to no more fun.”
and so I put on a mask.
I met a Master who I suspected was a spy, but he vehemently denied this.  I laughed.  He tried to sell me some of his goods, and I became suspect, as  the rules were that nothing was sold for coin, (which he should have known) but was to be traded.  I haggled with the man, and after our tongues got tired, we settled on a very amiable trade.  I will value these pieces as I have never bartered in Gor before.
I was at Aghri at the time when the Dance Pit Raiders arrived.  I found a comfortable spot to sit and waited for their performance.  These beautiful dancers were dressed in attractive black and gold silks and each held a gold fan in their hand.  They dance for Relay For Life, an organization close to all Gorean hearts and in celebration of the Cities of Dust’s festival in remembrance of those who have gone before us.  It was a  beautifully choreographed dance that captured the entire audience.  Each dancer posted an emote to mimic the movements of the dancers, most posted a memory of one close to them who has died from this terrible disease.  The dance ended, the audience took a second to breathe and the gave the dancers an astounding round of applause, clapping and whistling.  I myself had to search my RL house for kleenex.

I had an enjoyable time puttering about the festival area,  I caught snippets of citizens RPing with one another in a friendly manner, bantering with others.  It made me feel  this was a welcoming place to visit.

Libraries of Gor (Minnie)


Knowledge exists to be shared. Starting from this, I wanted to present to you the finest Gorean libraries. A new player, coming on Gor, needs information. The Gorean is not innate. Know and find his RP either. This requires a certain culture and a few bases. This article is not going to list the various terms used in Gor. We will, through this, offer you some of the most beautiful Gorean libraries, and also talk about libraries in SL outside Gor, and also have web sites (Blogs, etc.) that deal with this subject.  As a fierce proponent of IC world,  I invite you, however, to visit libraries in Gor to start and RP. Welcome to the world of knowledge.

In Gor
•     Library Of Tharna
Maybe, my favorite library. A very good design ! a lot of books. a good work to see and appreciate. And the place to work is so comfy .
•     Library Of GRC
GRC presents its library in a long hall. We could find there a lot of informations for all beginners, but for confirmed players too
•     Library Of Ko-Ro-Ba
How define Ko-ro-ba Library. Great, wide, with full of informations. But a bit cold. For people who wants study and discover all needed.
Ko-ro-ba was established as a education center for those who wished to learn Gor…….the Gor that IS in the books……not onlinisms…We have afull library with the essays of Luther & the works of Fogaban……We have translations in other languages. We have all the slave classes and education classes for years housed here…We have hmmmmmso many features & we always invite people to study here the true Gor from the books. I must give credit to one of the Scribes, IvanCarlo Landar, for keeping it organized. We also keep logs of kaissa games for kaissa players to view & study…I am very proud of this Librarium (Αrête
•     Library Of Gorean Campus
Gorean Campus or maybe the reference with Ko-ro-ba
•     Library Of City of Tor
One of the most well known library in Gor. A lot of books to read in a wide place with the charm of an oasis
•     Library Of Anything Gorean
A little library for slaves manners and for slavers
•     Library Of City Of Venna
A young library wich needs to be completed. But the build is good and comfy too. a warm ambiance to study all you need in Gor
•     Gorean Library And Retreat
Complete, organized, comfy, warm ambiance, a good place to study in good conditions. You will find here a lot of NC, books, informations for you culture about Gor . To visit !!!
•     The Great Library Of Gor
One of my favorite places to study Gor. All needed is here with a warm ambiance. It s only for study. The Land is often empty and we dont meet a lot of people. 􀀇
Outside Gor
•     Library
There is a good library outside Gor. Its name is Library. You could learn here a lot of things, not only on Gor but on SL too. It s more a generalist library, very good for beginners !
Web Blogs
•     And for those who love discover informations with a web browser, i offer you some good web sites to learn more about Gor.

6 MAX – A new combat concept for RP lovers  (Asra Kron)

I remember when most weapons used in Gor were decorative and combat was a dance of emotes that rested upon the skill of one’s prose and the roll of dice. Some still enjoy it that way and it has it’s place for sure, but for better or worse, GM metered combat took over SL Gor and, what is more, the meter labels over our heads – that we are not supposed to read! *coughs* – became a synonym of “I am Gorean”.
Much has happened since Alika and Jara made the system that took SL Gor and in particular Gor Evolved decisively into the “First Person View” combat universe, with all the pros and cons that come with it. For me, that have used the system so long, it has more pros than cons but, along the way, the system allowed for improper use in the realm of role play Gor, by fault of the users and not by its own nature.
If there is an expression that most Gorean role players know and consider a symbol of all that is wrong with combat in Gor is “Pew-Pew”, the irrational and inconsequential use of GM meter combat in confusing, near free for all type engagements that serve no purpose other than… well… pew-pew.
It destroys the role play atmosphere, creates huge amounts of lag, leads in most cases to hours of useless moderation and it is probably the one factor that is responsible for the largest amount of wasted time in SL Gor role play.
Entire communities turned their back on combat altogether as a result of this negative aspect of GM metered combat and “no combat” regions started to spawn, also due to the emerging “Homestead” movement in SL Gor. This is, of course, not a solution for a role play universe in which combat is at the fore and center.
So how do we bring GM metered combat back into role play, considering not only the facts stated above but also the use of GM metered combat in Homestead regions or regions that have limited prim reserves due to role play elements on the ground?
My solution is not “The” answer to this problem, merely a suggestion I designed after years of muttering about the senseless free for all, capture the flag like types of engagements that rendered Gorean GM metered combat almost worthless as a role play tool. I leave it here as it is being rolled out in Tharna, where I live, and it was tailored for Tharna’s unique characteristics.
Other places would probably add or subtract from my design, but the essence should remain the same. Creating a combat system that is both a result and a generator of role play.
I call it the 6 MAX combat concept, and this is the Tharna version.
Food for thought!
6 MAX means a total of 6 fighters from all sides, no matter the ratio. As in RL, a group may attempt to take advantage of numerical superiority, being Tharnians or foreigners.
So you may have 5 attackers on 1 attacked or 1 attacker on 5 attacked. That is the extreme limit.
6 MAX is oriented by a single rule: Tharnians do not attack first unless provoked in role play, foreigners do not attack without a valid role play reason.
Combat must always derive from RP, and a small incursion attempt against the city should be “announced” by scouts, then played out.
Scouting for combat is a Role Play that can take minutes or weeks, that is up to the attackers.
Once the attack starts, the 6 MAX rule kicks in.
This means, both attackers and attacked must use their heads. There is a limited 6 total, so you need to choose your time and your fighters. This is valid for both sides.
Capture and Rescue in a 6 MAX combat environment
If a group attacks Tharna and wins, under the 6 MAX combat rules, they my take ONE captive. Rescue will take place at the attackers home and use their rules (( usually “standard” raid rules )).
If a foreigner is taken in Tharna or brought to Tharna and there is in character information of his/her capture and whereabouts, the rescue will take place under the 6 MAX combat rules with ONE rescue clause – Rescuers may send a maximum of 4 fighters. That means Tharna can use 2 defenders (4 + 2). Depending on the rescuers line up, so will Tharna’s defenders line up be.
4 rescuers = 2 possible defenders
3 rescuers = 3 possible defenders
2 rescuers = 4 possible defenders
1 rescuer = 5 possible defenders (Hero Rescuer scenario)
Rescuers DO NOT have to wait for Tharna to line up defenders to match the 6 MAX limit. If a party of 3 arrive to rescue and there is only one defender in Tharna they “surprised” Tharnians and CAN engage. So it also involves scouting Role Play.
As always, negotiations for trading a captive are possible.
Waiting times in Capture and Rescue
1 hour to Rescue/Trade after a local capture (end of duel/skirmish)
1 hour to Rescue/Trade after landing with captive (imported captive)
Limited Combat – Attack & Rescue details
       Only 6 players total ( 6 MAX rule ) fighting for both sides are allowed (examples: 2 attackers and 4 defenders or 4 attackers and 2 defenders)
You must use your head and choose LOCATION, TIME and FIGHTERS to comply with the 6 MAX rule.
MAX variations possible:5 attackers vs 1 defender ( Hero of Tharna scenario )
4 attackers vs 2 defenders ( 2 to 1 scenario )
3 attackers vs 3 defenders
2 attackers vs 4 defenders
1 attacker vs 5 defenders ( Berserk scenario )ANY OTHER VARIATION UNDER 6 FIGHTERS IS ALLOWED ( 1 vs 1 or 2 vs 3 or 4 vs 1 )1.2 RESCUE COMBAT IN 6 MAX ENVIRONMENT
MAX variations possible:RESCUE CLAUSE: Maximum FOUR rescuers4 rescuers vs 1 defender ( Total Surprise scenario )
4 rescuers vs 2 defenders ( 2 to 1 scenario )
3 rescuers vs 3 defenders
2 rescuers vs 4 defenders
1 rescuer vs 5 defenders  ( Hero Rescuer scenario )

      ANY OTHER VARIATION UNDER 6 TOTAL FIGHTERS IS ALLOWED ( 1 vs 1 or 2 vs 3 or 4 vs 1 )

Once combat starts, if 6 fighters are involved, NO ONE can join in the fight. If the 6 MAX limit was not reached ANY SIDE can get reinforcements.

      Attackers/rescuers reinforcements arrive at the landing zone and start there.
Defenders “wake up” at their log out positions or arrive at the landing zone.
If combat starts with a total of 6 fighters involved ( attack or rescue situations ) no reinforcements are allowed.
If rescue starts with a total of 4 rescuers involved ( rescue clause ) no reinforcements are allowed the rescuers.
Once more:
Rules for weapons and bindings, self unbinding and range of the fight apply.
Asra Kron,
Tharna Elder
* The complete combat rules of Tharna are available from any dispenser in Tharna or on demand.
May water be on your paths always.

Sa’ng Gretuk has moved (Minnie)

•    Some tribes will live always, no matter where. Sa’n Gretuk has to move for many reasons. But the hard core of the tribe is still able to make you live new adventures, RP and fights. I offer you to visit them in this new place and find this little light that could be found with a good tribe, ready to welcome you.
•    The  Sa’ng  Gretuk Panthers  have moved to a new land, the winters  was just to cold for us , so we decided  to pack up and move  a little more  southwest. we are  ready  for  roleplay  , so please come and visit  us in this  beautiful land. There is plenty  of land to explore  and  some  nice spots  to just relax, hope to see you soon….
•    SIM built with help of  Gyda (caroliina abrahams).

Animals of Gor (Hathor)

Gorean Basic Training Academy has a marvelous Gorean Wild-Life Preserve, a Zoo open to all of Gor. It is located on a platform above the Academy that displays the animals of Gor.  You walk on a path to see the minute ants, up to the UL Tharlarion,  A placard is placed by each for you to take a note card of information about each.   I was amazed by the detail of the visual setting, lifelike reproductions of each animal and the time and effort that has gone to this zoo.  You can take a guided tour, or walk about by yourself.
I was ignorant of the plethora of wild life exists in Gor  Due to my lack, I thought our readers too, might enjoy learning about some of them as well.
Rather than taking up valuable space for other articles in our magazine, I’ve placed a note card here you may copy and read when you have a lull in your Gore life.  I hope you enjoy – I’ll try to add more in future issues.

© Gazette of Gor


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