About being a Panther Chieftess – an insider guide

So YOU want to start a Panther tribe in Secondlife eh?
Oh,  and you want to be a leader of a group in SL Gor?
Some advice from an Oldie.

Well then. Alrighty! So first , you need to be SUPER motivated and really have the drive to do something completely stupid and insanely, ridiculously hard.

Ok, so how do you start a panther girl group? Well here’s the easy rundown:
1. Under Contacts, look at your Groups tab.
2. A button inside the Groups tab is called Create. Upon clicking it this will show up!
3. Here you can Name your group, insert a picture that will be the image associated with your group, give a description and decide all kinds of factors in how you will operate your group.

Sounds exciting doesn’t it?

IT’S NOT. Well to be honest, in the beginning it is. It is a little exciting to start to think of what a group of like-minded people could accomplish. You get to pick a sweet-ass name, you can design some stellar logo that will ultimately make other people a little jealous, and you can really get your ideas off the ground.
So you make your group. You set all the permissions that seem to make sense to you. You ignore the crap that makes no sense to you, I mean by the time you get this group off the ground, you’ll know everything, right? WRONG. I’ll hit on this again in a bit…
So you set your tags and you pick something great like “CHIEFTESS OF BADASS BISHES”
First things first. YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG.(Unless you’re going for pure combat and only a running, hilarious pew-pew group, I’d avoid those tags and the like.)
Alright, the first idea you really need to have when you make a groups is if your Group tag and Name come across as being either “eh, kinda cool” or “ew wut a dork” as you hang out at the Gor Hub trying to fish for idiots stupid enough to join your group. We are talking about what other people are going to see and think. And you need to face the Music at this point. If you are leading a group YOU are the FACE of your group. Everyone will be looking at you. If this is starting to remind you of a dream where you are naked back in high school, it should.
This is where we weed out the weak from the strong. Being a leader is A LOT of work. A shit ton. A Metric Shit Ton. If you don’t like making choices, you need to find someone else who can. If you don’t like making the tough decisions, you cannot, and should not lead.

Here is the daily dosage of shit that a Group Leader in SL Gor deals with:

1. Newbies. (They wanna play to, but they need help…with everything. This includes rezzing items, opening boxes, putting clothes on, fixing their hair, learning the do’s and don’t of Secondlife, learning about Gor in general, and also learning about the kind of group they are in.)
2. Oldies. (Who preach about how things were done in the “Old Days”. Sometimes grumpy, typically bored. Usually end up writing a stupid blog. {Like this one!})
3. Pew-pew’ers. (Both those that are in your group and against your group. They are like CoD addicts but worse. They typical do not want anything with a /me or any kind of roleplay whatsoever. They tend to push the rules and boundaries everywhere with everything, because to them, combat is the game, and winning is the goal.)
4. Role players. (Those who want nothing to do with combat. You will find your diehards who would rather even roleplay their fights out. And yes, I mean they will -/me unsheathes their bows with flourish after their years of training under a famous first bow, and set their feet in the appropriate stance to better win.- Yes, that’s a thing.
5. Whiners. Complainers. Cry-babies. Wimps. (They will complain about anything and anyone. They will constantly be in your private messages and in the group chat talking about what has bothered them now. They also expect you to fix everything, all the time, no matter what.)
6. Drama Llamas. (Gossip, drama, inner-group arguments, outer-group arguments, petty squabbling, they will start shit just to start shit.)
7. Raiders. (Many will come, many will conquer, and many will hold a grudge if you manage to fend them off or if you whoop some ass. This is just something that will happen all the time. You will be accused of cheating, of being a douche, of having an unfair build, of not doing things how you should for a raiding group.)
8. Moderators. (If you become successful enough to have Moderators, well done, however, while they help to deal with issues that don’t specifically need you, they will be in constant contact in order to keep the peace and make sure they are making choices that coincide with what their fearless leader would want. Sometimes, their ability to be fair will be tested, and they may not possess the qualities to uphold the rules, often letting things slide or playing favorites.)
9. Land Owners. (So if you aren’t successful enough to own your land that probably means that you either rent or have met someone who lets you take up space on their land. They have their own rules for how their land is used, who gets to be there, and what gets built there. There are rules for how many prims you can have on sim, how many scripts, and how many people before the sim gets too full. Parcels are a bitch, and that means that they are pain in the ass but they always have to be dealt with.)
10. Linden Labs. (If there is any issues with your group, your land, or if there are complaints about you that go to Linden Labs they will send a Linden out to talk to you, they will inspect everything and they will pass a judgement on you. Sometimes this can mean that you change things, or they can even block your IP from even logging in. They can, and will take your account and delete it.)
11. Friends. (Yes, you will have to deal with your friends. Some may think they get an automatic spot in a lesser leadership role in your group. They may want extra things and special treatment, because I mean, come on, you guys have been friends for like ever. Trust me, this happens. You’re friends can easily become frenemies, or completely turn their backs on you for many reasons.)
12. Critics. (Anyone on the outside looking in, who will want to tell you how to run your group and how they did it and how they would do things.)
13. People wanting to Join. (They will have questions, especially if they haven’t read your note cards available for your group or gone through the process of joining. They may be alt’s of friends or enemies. They are new to you or old to you and you need to be able to make time for them or point them in the direction of someone who can help them.
14. People who Leave. (For whatever their reason is, it is important to pay attention to why people are leaving. Maybe it is your build- maybe they don’t like your panther camp or fort. Maybe its the group- maybe they don’t feel included or they don’t like the style. Maybe it’s you- maybe they didn’t connect with you or they got a bad experience during a time when you weren’t your most calm and steady. These people will ultimately spread word about what kind of group and leader they just left. What do you think they might say?)

MY Social life what is that?

So are you prepared to kiss your social life good bye? Are you ready to longer be apart of stories or combat? Are you ready to stand in one spot, usually in a skybox, above sim, and not move so that you can keep the multitude of im’s in your message box answered, to keep the peace, to keep your group afloat? If you think any of these examples or the list above is ridiculous…just wait. You’ll see, and you’ll either create an alt in order to escape the chains of command, or you’ll give up your leadership tag to someone else who thinks they can hack it.
Because inevitably you will end up as an Oldie, sitting there watching noobs and the dramatic players go by thinking to yourself ‘You have no idea princess, back in my day I was the real deal, and people respected me, people feared me.’ But they have no idea. And there’s probably no one around to tell them. So you end up just despising them and wanting nothing to do with them.

And this is where I leave you little Gorean. Think about this, can you do it? Do you have the mental fortitude needed to withstand this kind of bullshit.

So good luck newb Chieftess!

© Lunacaleengpanthers/hoodenimo/Wiki


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