About a blacksmith of Gor – a panthers best friend?

“or……the smithy’s best friend?”

The blacksmith , a deal to suit both

The colour of the metal workers caste is grey, the black smith wore his grey and purple tunic. She visited him on occasion on the small wharf where he had his blacksmiths shop, they had an understanding, she would receive her arrowheads , he would be allowed passage through the forests her band controlled. If he was captured by her sisters she would speak on his behalf. The man was handsome with raven black hair and emerald green eyes, he was one of few men (free or slave) she allowed to be close to her.

Victor Warilard

I remember a blacksmith in another city who had an ongoing rp with some panthers girls who would pay him to remove collars after they had escaped. He was always drunk and the rp was hilarious. Some of them would try to seduce him instead of paying, but he didn’t trust their intentions. Just an idea for you

RedSnapper Teitelbaum

I really like also the idea of setting up some alliance with removing the panthers collars, that does sound an interesting one, you could do a good trade there 🙂 and yes I heard before of a smithy doing the piercings, then side lining in making jewellery, not exactly how fine the jewellery would be though 🙂

If i hear of anyone needing branding and your around I will pass them on to you…(I must admit i like doing the rp of branding, must be my ex panther days *winks*)

Thoughts from Marlies about Myst

I’m sure that anyone that reads this blog either knows Mystery or has heard of him. In the case that you don’t know who he is, you’re about to learn!

He keeps arrowheads hidden under his chair!

He had well defined muscles from working the hammer and bellows.

Yes, his hair smelled of wood and soot , but it was strangely attracting.

How to remove a collar on a Panther girl.

No magic lock picks , no disney Gor , just facts and quotes:

“Remove the collar immediately,” commanded Kamras, plenipotentiary of Phanius Turmus, Administrator of Turia. Kamchak smiled. “It seems,” he said, “that I have forgotten the key.” “Send for one of the Caste of Metal Workers!” cried Saphrar.

“I will send for one of the metal workers tonight,” he said, “and we will get this collar and tag off your neck. Then, afterward, we will see that you are chained. And, in the morning, when we leave, I will put you in the coffle.” Prize of Gor   Book 27   Page 374

In a few minutes a fellow in the black and gray of the metal workers appeared and removed her collar, with the attached tag. He then made use of her, briefly, and then freed her from the trestle. She was then, held bent over, in common leading position, her head at his hip, taken back about the tent and chained for the night. Prize of Gor   Book 27   Page 375

Unless you can find a metal worker , black smith or thief , the only valid way to remove a collar is to ask a sister in the tribe with lock picking experience , for example the sister who emotes the lockpicking lines on each raid , or who is adept at stealing. Asking a random panther to remove the collar is …..just disney.

Ɗiσηє reaches a pouch and picking some needles with different sizes”Uhmmm let me see”say tilting her head would peeking the Collar lock for get a idea about what kind of the needles would be suitable

© Lunacaleengpanthers


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