Book Based Panther (BBP), Panther sim guide, Beautiful Hill

Sa`ng Gretuk Panther

Market Place :

None that I could see.

Easy to Find TP point:

Transported Directly to main sim.

Sim Lay out:

Beautiful Hill is a standalone sim and island with a small dock area, it is well spread out, a decent forest to explore , halfway down the forest path is a small trade  point , beyond that a small camp site with tent.

Meter Used:


Sim Rules:

The General laws are much the same as any other Sim.

Sim overview:

The sim is based on a woodlands setting, a stand alone sim/island. The lands around the camp are open with little cover , you will be easily spotted if you approach the camp.


Bad Points:


Good Points:

The layout of the camp, very nice woodlands setting with several rivers to rest at.

Final Comment:

I popped into this next sim explore to the tune of the “My Name I Michael” song playing in their sim which I thought was cute considering I haven’t heard that song for ages and this is an adult Gor role play sim. It was actually Gorian Radio that played a wide variety of music while I was in the sim. In this place you have to wear the meter even if entering as an observer. They had some specific guidelines at the entry so I conformed. When I exited the landing cave I was pleasantly surprised at the very cool build I viewed below me. I strolled around and entered some very cool caves. Of course my curiosity got the better of me so I allowed myself to drop into a type of cistern or hole in the cave floor only to find myself trapped in a shallow watery area. So I cheated and flew out since no one came to my rescue. The place has great waterfalls and other scenic areas. I was really pretty impressed with the scenery.

Overall Marks out of 10:


© Lunacaleengpanthers


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