The Gazette of Gor – Issue 24

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(Gorean Press Edition)


•     From the Editor’s Desk  (Itsmee)
•    Diversity and Multiplication (Minnie)
•    The Brew and Banter discussion at Central Fire ( A must Read)
•     Interview with  toes (terra.warblood) (Mariko)
•     Letter from Kilo #2
•     Minnie and Maya’s understanding. (Minnie)
•     Interview With Eean Faddoul (Hathor)
•     Interview of Black Pearl Mercs (Mariko)
•     Stay safe while online (Hathor)
•     iC Tharna Auctions (Asra Kron)
•     Events
•     Editors, Writers needed – Feedbacks

 From the Editor’s Desk  (Itsmee)

At an entry point of one of Gor’s many sims… doesn’t really matter which .,.. just an interchange….
Itsmee Zander: “greetings”….. seeing one dressed in denims and earth clothes
jesseant: hello
Itsmee Zander: welcome to a gorean sim
Itsmee Zander: if that is what you be looking for
jesseant: im not sure what im looking for
Itsmee Zander: chuckles…… you could probably say that, for most people in SL
jesseant: haha
Itsmee Zander: the thing is this….. pure fact
Itsmee Zander: you don’t know for sure what lies behind any door, unless and until you open it
jesseant: yes that’s very true
Itsmee Zander: take one step back…. is the .. i don’t know what i am looking for
Itsmee Zander: for instance you decide to go out for a meal, since today you didn’t feel like cooking
Itsmee Zander: you go down the high street where most of the food areas in town are and look around….. “damn”
jesseant: spoilt for choice ha
Itsmee Zander: italian, greek, chinese, turkish, fast foods, high end classy expensive,indian, pizza, McD’s
Itsmee Zander: at least you know roughly what they are….. and how much you gonna pay
Itsmee Zander: but do you?
Itsmee Zander: until you go in and sit and they hand you a menu
Itsmee Zander: and you look at it and your face turns several shades of green and you stand up and walk out…”bleh”
Itsmee Zander: and then as you step out that door …. exotix aroma hits your nostrils and suddenly the gastric juices in your tummy begins to activate, your mouth is salivating
Itsmee Zander: what the hell is that and you follow your nose
Itsmee Zander: hahah… welcome to the wonderful world of Secondlife
jesseant: haha
Itsmee Zander: we are still working on the smell side of things, …. i think
Itsmee Zander: nothing like the scent of an aroused woman to get things going
Itsmee Zander: laughs
Itsmee Zander: good luck to you and your search
jesseant: smiles, thank you

 Diversity and Multiplication (Minnie)

•     I always thought that was in the differences  that our world could progress. New views, new interests, different approaches should help us form a new Gor but also new RP. We can not confine ourselves to a systematic approach of a RP based on the books, or on more or less epic battles. The world Ge, BTB world, the Raiders pros can coexist and even live together to define a new Role Player.
•     The world is full of Ge players who can make RP. The BTB world consists of warriors who may want to slum it with regulars Raids. Cohabitation is possible. But it will also be necessary. Trying too hard to separate different streams, different gorean approaches, we arrived at a multiple SIMs, camps, tribes, groups. And different people in our world can not multiply themselves indefinitely.
•     The result is what? First, and this is certainly the saddest of, Lands disappear as the Owners do not want to invest for empty SIMs. I understand them. It is useless to continue paying (large amounts) for one or two people who are bored in an empty place. Second consequence, the appearance of ALTs.
•     Ahhhhhh the ALTs, SL scourge !!! Some people create a new identity, a new face. Well, I must not judge. But I struggled to make myself a character and a personality. I wonder how have several. Well, I’ll do my mea culpa. I ve too, a second account. Its name TeamGazette. This account is in the form of a crawler. All this is not too Gorean.
•     I will continue the diversification and multiplication of SIMs. Too many SIMs can cause a disappearance, the disappearance of Gor, the end of our world … the end of a dream? It will stay strongholds and small groups will struggle to survive. Yet we all have the right to choose. This increase will bring the opposite effect. We will not have this notion of choice. We will have to bend us and join groups even if it does not fit our RP. And finally, we leave these groups, we leave Gor and Gor  will be even more depleted.
•     I think you’ve all seen, empty cities, abandoned camps, places where a bored person, waiting without hope, the arrival of another person. This is the result of the multiplication. And this effect becomes stronger during holiday periods or during working days.
•     Here, I wanted to present this assessment and the result makes me fear for the future. I wanted, by these few lines, get you thinking. And I also want you to make a note of hope. You noticed that Mystic Fire, IOB and IOB2 disappeared on the continent. These places, disappearing, left a divided continent. However, the continent was a place where the RP lived naturally as all SIMs so touched. Through the efforts of Ikerei, BP, of all people, the continent is in the process of reform. The RP then goes back to live.
•     As I said in the beginning …. It is in cohabitation that Gor will live. It is in harmony with all that we can continue. I do not ask the moon. I just ask you to think that we can win and that we risk losing.

           The Central Fire Brew & Banter


Topic: Why are there no schools for Masters in Gor?
Edwin Alter: I wish to welcome everyone to the Brew and Banter discussion
Edwin Alter: Tonight’s topic “why are there no schools for Masters”….
Edwin Alter: sure if we look deep enough we could find some class or group that does help Master learn more on how to be a Master but when compared with the large number of classes, schools and groups that focus on slave training …
Edwin Alter: it can be easy to see the difference. is it because a Master knows how to Master before even starting into Gor? I find this unlikely…
Edwin Alter: maybe it is that most Men of Gor, have a bit of a Lone wolf mind set. Surely part of the strength of the Free Man of Gor is our self assurance that we are, in most thinks correctly …
Edwin Alter: yet part of the truth I find in Gor is a want, need to always improve. I have spend time talking with other Goreans, some that could be called the Old Guard. there was a time when Learned Men would take new Members of Gorean under a wing and help show them….
Edwin Alter: from my point of view I think Masters reject some of the ideas of “classes” yet would take more into the idea of mentor-ship….
Edwin Alter: now that I have rambled my views on this… Piker my brother, would you care to join in?
Pɩkęя Gręy Cęrbērմş (pikerman): Aye brother …
Pɩkęя Gręy Cęrbērմş (pikerman): I would agree with your comments, Men thinking they are correct, Most men as opposed to boys know what they want. I would also agree with your view that not all men come ready or learned to master, but that is a matter of opinion on my part as well. Men do have ego, so I would also agree with your view on mentor-ship over a classroom setting, This latter thought makes the most sense in regard to the topic I think. I find myself mentoring or suggesting things to other brothers, in addition to FW and slaves, male or female alike. I suppose there could be a class on Mastery, for refinement.. There is certainly a language that slaves understand, and it could maybe help if the less experienced Free had a guide of sorts in form of a class or lecture, if not a mentor in this regard. I may think of more things to say on the topic but for now I will throw it back to those gathered here. Done.
Edwin Alter: Nyoka, did you have anything you wish to share on the topic?
Nyoka (kayravi): I am surprised to see there is no school for the free. As a free women  it would seem highly improbable that a Free Woman would not have something like a finishing school where they would learn how be a wonderful host as well as how to pursue a Free Man of their choosing. And how best to keep their companion pleased  to avoid the less desirable outcome of becoming  a slave. To close far to many Free  believe they must be cold or harsh and be like those in the books when that is not the case at all and the reason why I believe there is no school is because  the Free might feel embarrassed they need such classes… Done
Edwin Alter: Zander, would you like to join in on this?
Itsmee Zander (sirgwain.shawbridge): Thank you, Edwin…where does one start and how long do we actually have.. chuckles… well my personal belief is this .. if there is no demand then why bother with ensuring a supply…. firstly let’s examine the two categories that are involved in SL Gor… the largest proportion is the RPer … does HE really need to learn anything about being a Master… the only prerequisite is that he is able to churn out posts of a semi novel with flowery shakespearan language and growl a lot and show his dominance, maybe in an abusive way. long as the script is right for the storyline.. we are all happy that the show went on and concluded somewhere, the audience applauded and that is that….but for those of the other category where Gor really is something a lot more than mere playacting…
Itsmee Zander (sirgwain.shawbridge): for those of us who picked up a Gor book ages ago and reading thro… we could feel and place ourselves in distinct charcters of the stories, we Identified ..” hey this IS me” and so on and so forth .. to us Gor is what world we fit in cos we are just us, we didn’t change becos we read the books, we remain who we are, the term Gor merely gave us a label to call ourselves and to come together under a single umbrella to unite and live together and share in the brotherhood of Gor
Edwin Alter smiles listening
Itsmee Zander (sirgwain.shawbridge): As brother Piker clearly pointed out , the biggest stumbling block is the ” ego” I already know it all, so why would i need to learn anything and who is better than me to teach me… I have the Almighty Cock… therefore I am a Master… and women shall worship me for i have this awesome weapon….what else is there, i care not for it concerns me not. who cares about community or brethren, it is no concern of mine, therefore i have no need for schools or mentors. Done
Edwin Alter: Thank you Zander, I agree with you, many of us read the books, and it was not so much a change as finding what we have been looking for
Edwin Alter: Pennybroke, would you like to add to the topic tonight?
Edwin Alter: Pennybroke might be away… Ursa, would you like to share tonight?
pennybroke: im just collecting input please continue
Edwin Alter: aww, sorry
Edwin Alter: Pennybroke, will give the floor then
TriumphRider65: Well i suppose ill give my two cents
Edwin Alter looks to Penny and TriumpRider to see who might post first
TriumphRider65: Dont expect much though -chuckles-. Coming from a new person entering gor, a mentor-ship or a class on at least the basic rules of mastering, or general customs would be great for someone like me. I know much more now thanks to a lot of you guys here and i thank you all -smiles- But i still ahve some questions and things i need to udnerstand. Im not much of a master though ive had my share of littles pets and subs in other games, gor is quite different to me. I suppose this is more of a why there SHOULD be a class ramble .. -chuckles- But like my brothers have said, most seem to have to big of an ego to accept classes, or they preffer more of a gathering .. something like this but with only masters, discussing their ways to keep their pets obedient and loyal. Thats all i got on my ind 🙂
Edwin Alter: there we go, I think we got a bit confused for a moment there, thank you for sharing Ursa
Edwin Alter: and very good points
Edwin Alter: Pennybroke, the floor is now yours
Edwin Alter: greetings xander
pennybroke: look no disrespect im just as new too gore as my new brother triumph here …i tried going too gore classes on university sim but was like a college course & quite overwhelming it would be nice too have basic 1,2,3, instructions
Pɩkęя Gręy Cęrbērմş (pikerman): Welcome, Xander
pennybroke: i like too keep it simple …not overloade with BS
pennybroke: that u’ll never use
pennybroke: all thats icing on the cake anyways
Xander Wizardly his hips swayed rhythmically as he assessed a place for his knees to find the floor.  After a bit of deliberation, it seemed this was a decent enough spot and eased down to settle his hips between his feet.  He relaxed and sent a smile around the room “greetings Masters, girls” replied he.
Edwin Alter: it has been while since i was “new” to gor, so is good to hear the different points of views
Pɩkęя Gręy Cęrbērմş (pikerman) thinks Ursa and penny’s insights were useful as well.
Edwin Alter nods to Piker
Edwin Alter: Caius, brother, would you like to share?
Caius Kanellis (fleshcrow): Thank you, Edwin. I would.
Caius Kanellis (fleshcrow): The nature of knowledge from a Gorean viewpoint was one of property. High Castes possesed the Second Knowledge and First Knowledge, The Lower Castes the First. How knowledge and skills was passed among the Free has an underlying current of exchange.
Caius Kanellis (fleshcrow): I think much of being a Free Person: behaviour, interaction with slaves, interaction with other Free was passed culturally,informally and likely through Caste codes and Caste knowledge. A Free person might have an expectation to not need to learn how to be slave. But through war, capture or other means might need to hastily learn how to please their owners. done
Jonathan Crane (jonathancrane): kisses his girl hard and thoroughly
Edwin Alter: Thank you Caius
Edwin Alter: Jonathan, would you like to jump in on this topic?
Jonathan Crane (jonathancrane): I would agree with what those before me have said.  As Masters it may, at times, be a matter of arrogance that we feel no need to learn.   And while its pretty much true that you must have “The Master: in you to be one, many aspects of being a good Master can be taught.   One of the things that annoys me the most is the automatic belief that when one calls himself a Master that its a license to be rude crude and abusive.   Only a fool abuses his own property.  Administering pain for the purposes of D/s is not the same as just beating someone because you can.  Done
Pɩkęя Gręy Cęrbērմş (pikerman) smiles.
Edwin Alter: very well put brother
Edwin Alter: so far I think we have heard some good thoughts.I want to next hear from the slaves, as we always get some different points of views.
pennybroke: even though this isnt bdsm i belive in the creed ……submission is earned & not given or taken lightly slaves are precious treasures”
Edwin Alter: vella, your turn to share
Vella (ditzah.vella): yes Master thank you
Vella (ditzah.vella): I have always said I was Gorean before I read the books.
Vella (ditzah.vella): the words of John Norman tell the Free how to Master in passages such as…Do not free the slave, but instead possess her
Do with her what you wish, it is the only thing that will truly fulfill her
Do not ask the slave if the terms are acceptable, simply tell her your terms
Make certain you get everything you want from her
You must not yield to the temptation to be weak with her – she must know that you are not to be trifled with
She must know she is always within your discipline
She will naturally test the strength of your will, the boundaries of her slavery
Buy a whip

Vella (ditzah.vella): and I dont have the reference i seem to have buried it in my inventory

Jonathan Crane (jonathancrane): Many will see this statement as a free for all to be abusive

Jonathan Crane (jonathancrane): Sorry out of turn
Vella (ditzah.vella): and one more thing I thought as an idea for mentorship might be a group where A group chat can be used for discussion of issues and if all in this tavern joined it it would be a fair start   and I am done for now thank you for allowing me to speak **blushes and crawls back under the chair
Pɩkęя Gręy Cęrbērմş (pikerman) smiles, gently drawing his hand down Vella’s hair.
Edwin Alter smiles, thank you vella
Jonathan Crane (jonathancrane): C
Edwin Alter: Jonathan, you have a comment
Jonathan Crane (jonathancrane): While its a master right to do with his property what he will, only a fool abuses his own property as I said before.   I like to compare it to owning a pet,  If you have a valuable pet, you take care of it and treat it well so that it may serve you in whatever role it is required.  Why would you treat a slave any worse ?  Last time I checked no one ever got a blow job from a dog or cat.  Done
TriumphRider65: Well then -chuckles-
Jonathan Crane (jonathancrane): at least I hope not
Edwin Alter: thank you Jonathan, I agree that my slave is more valued then any animal would be to me
Pɩkęя Gręy Cęrbērմş (pikerman) nods as he listens to Jonathan, recalling that brother Manoc refers to such Ill behvaior as ‘douchebaggery’
Jonathan Crane (jonathancrane): LOL
Edwin Alter: sara, would you like to join in and share your thoughts
Pɩkęя Gręy Cęrbērմş (pikerman) grins
Sαrα-ƒαє Ŋєνєrмσrє (tochter): Yes, please. ^^
Edwin Alter: you may share sara
Sαrα-ƒαє Ŋєνєrмσrє (tochter): I’m extremely new to Gorean, but not new to the Dom/Sub relationship. I’ve had RL and online experience with BDSM and the BDSM lifestyle. I think all doms, masters, frees should be just as educated as the submissives/slaves. Without classes for the free, I think you’re asking for ignorance and danger to roam around. Not meaning to offend anyone. But think of it this way, a master could be hurting a slave and not knowing it. That slave will be turned off of Gor… something that might make her very happy if she was with someone that was educated and knew what they were doing. We can’t all see what goes on behind closed doors, so we have no way of knowing if someone is doing something wrong. I think classes should be offered and mandatory for all… Although that’s unrealistic and I doubt that would happen. Heh.
Sαrα-ƒαє Ŋєνєrмσrє (tochter): Err, not only hurting but possibly harming the slave.
Sαrα-ƒαє Ŋєνєrмσrє (tochter): In short, I think education should come before all else. Done~
Pɩkęя Gręy Cęrbērմş (pikerman) smiles.
Edwin Alter: Thank you sara
TriumphRider65: -chuckles-
Edwin Alter: I have spend time in both Gor and BDSM groups, and agree that awareness of basic things like safely is very important
Edwin Alter: xander, would you like to share?
Xander Wizardly: I would
Edwin Alter: you may speak
Xander Wizardly: Xander is a product of the question that has arrisen here today.  He is an alt.  My main is a free man avi.  I wanted to know the other end of the chain, to know why my slaves constantly and vigorously tested his authority, pushed his boundaries.  Through the years, there have sprung up many resources available (though at the moment I have difficulty recalling the names of such).  I agree that a gathering of masters only could be a very useful tool as long as the right mix of men was present.  All too often, a gathering of such will result with an odd ratio of men doing those things you girls mention that might tend to hurt the enslaved.  Equally so, a gathering of free women should be had….let’s not forget the male slaves as they were ever present in the books and seem to often be forgotten here in sl.
Edwin Alter nods
Sαrα-ƒαє Ŋєνєrмσrє (tochter) smiles and nods in agreement~
Edwin Alter: very good points
TriumphRider65: I liek the idea of having alt slaves
Jonathan Crane (jonathancrane): Not something I’m capable of, I am what I am
TriumphRider65: Same, but its nice to think of the other side 🙂
Xander Wizardly: this is my first time here, I’ve heard of central fire now and again the last few years but my presence in sl has been spontanious and infrequent.  Furthermore, it occurs to me that there is a growing penchant for bratting slaves.  I, myself, have fallen into this trap in the past and tested my own Mistress’ limits…for me it was the simple sake of finding out what these girls got out of what they were doing to my free man….rather AT him than to him.  I think a large group of knowledgeable and thinking men would be a huge addition to sl gor.
TriumphRider65 speaks lightly “pardon my interuption
Jonathan Crane (jonathancrane): smiles, likewise
Pɩkęя Gręy Cęrbērմş (pikerman) smiles, appreciating Xander’s views.
Edwin Alter: Thank you xander
Edwin Alter: shay, it is your turn
shayna rya (shayna.rau): yes, Master, thank you
shayna rya (shayna.rau): shay agrees very much with all of the views and comments that have expressed by each of the Free already, especially that which notated the two main categories of the “lifestyler, real person” who is not playing a character but essentially presenting who and what they are in this virtual realm, who identify with what the Gorean books present, and then the “roleplayer” who may also be a lifestyler, but seem more the vast majority are merely “playing a part”, and who evidently do not associate with the ideals and philosophy.
shayna rya (shayna.rau): shay has been fortunate in her time and chosen path to have seen attempts of bridging the gaps between these two categories, with the wagon camp group who recently lost in real life a good Man and Master back the end of July 2015, and now here within the Central Fire.  There has been so much willingness of others who believe very deeply in the importance to help teach, guide, mentor, offer direction or provide information to those that truly want to learn, or who are serious in their interactions here.  Though most of those attempts have usually been lost or given up on as time progresses, since there seems to be way more negativity and those that do not believe Gor offers much more than just the fantasy of fiction the books were labeled as….
shayna rya (shayna.rau): What little time shay has been here at the Central Fire, this one has seen the Free of this Home share very openly and willingly to any that have come, had questions or have asked for assistance, no matter the chosen status, and not just during the scheduled Brew and Banter discussion like tonight, but during any time at all when gathering around, both in voice and text.  How each person learns, their ability to comprehend and absorb, is different, and though some kind of structured class can help others, more casual and comfortable settings as we are doing right now can be just as though provoking and helpful, mayhaps even more so since there are no timelines, deadlines, or testing….
shayna rya (shayna.rau): all shay knows is we shouldn’t ever compromise in that which each of us believe in with our heart and souls, and Free, whether Male or Female, who truly want to learn and interact however they wish within Gor…..will reach out as well
shayna rya (shayna.rau): done
Pɩkęя Gręy Cęrbērմş (pikerman) smiles.
Edwin Alter: Thank you shay, beautifully put
Edwin Alter: now lyric, do you want to add anything
TriumphRider65 nods and claps three times “Expertly said” smiling
shayna rya (shayna.rau)’s head lowers with humility, grateful for Master’s words
lyric (lyricnox): yes, Master
lyric (lyricnox): Thank you for the gift of speaking Master of me.
lyric (lyricnox): Why are there no schools for Masters in Gor? Well of course the obvious answer is that there are a few here and there that cater to the nuances of certain types of Castes / Roles of Men in Gor. However, when it comes to true teaching of what it is to be a Master is often left to a Man to figure out. Most are typically pointed to the literature of John Norman (Mr. Lange) in order to rectify the educational aspect of what it is to be a Gorean Master. Some sadly are simply left to figure it out in ‘rp’ or stumble across various slave girls, Free persons or random locations until they either create something for Him self that he sees as “Master”. Sometimes this can be an excellent result of positive and negative experiences rounding out to formulate a Man that knows how to speak his mind, treat others with respect, respect nature, and take reverence in the world around Him. Also, it generally leads to a Man that demands / commands what he desires and does not take ‘no’ for an answer.
lyric (lyricnox): So you can see how this might become tantamount to Men with different ideas of what is to be a ‘Master’ and generally no one group agreeing on what a ‘Master’ is. Also, typically men naturally being attracted to Gor for what else? …slave girls! Slave girls become the best resource for Masters to determine how to ‘Master’ and this can lead to good or negative data. Essentially the Master becomes what a ‘girl’ envisions what a Master ‘should’ be to her…. Not exactly what a Gorean Master may or may not be?
lyric (lyricnox): So this slave girl asks where have all the Master Mentor’s gone? Do they exist? Lyric looks around the fire pit this eve and counts three known Men that are capable and willing to mentor other Men. The question is will how many Goreans will join around a firepit and have discussions like the Masters that lyric sees here tonight.
lyric (lyricnox): The dynamics of learning who you are as a person is a big deal and having a mentor that has found His foothold in Gor sounds like it would be a huge help. There are many pillars in Gor and discovering it with someone to use as a sounding board or ask advice seems like it would be extremely helpful. Finding a male mentor that is focused on helping you as a fellow Gorean is probably something difficult to even grasp that a Man could look for and maybe he wouldn’t.
lyric (lyricnox): Regardless of what type of Gor a person decides to align Him self with knowing the ‘self’ and finding the strength of who you are as a man is no small task. Being even a ‘made up’ role play character shows a need to understand the nature of what a ‘Master’ is, sure He could get by for some time. However, even the narrative begins to become weak and kajire / other Free flee faster than urts to a dropped sa tarna loaf in an alley citing (no good rp, abuse, insert horrible comment here). Then the man is alone again until he becomes brave enough or brash enough to try or simply continue with no idea as well as little care of what is to come next.
lyric (lyricnox): Lyric is only a slave girl, so please take her words in kind. Gor to lyric is about knowing the self – Being a Master to lyric is knowing who you are, what your personal power / weakness is, being honest about emotion, thoughts, and giving back to a community at large. There is also a raw sexual energy that comes to fruition when a person knows His ultimate self and continues to progress. He looks for guidance in other Men and knows he has flaws, he is not perfect but he works to Master himself. When taking care of property He does so because it is what he wishes and how he wishes but in a way that contains all the healthy elements of knowing oneself. Granted that Master may be real or fictional, but the power of knowing the self becomes clearly evident.
lyric (lyricnox): He who fears he cannot satisfy a woman, or fears he will be unable to do so, often pretends he does not understand her need. If necessary he may chide her gently, or belittle or ridicule her, attempting to make her ashamed of her need, that it will therefore be overlooked that he has not satisfied it. If the female can be tricked, thusly, into the verbal repudiation of her needs, the male, in his weakness, relieved, need not consider fulfilling them. These deceptions, of course, are seldom successful; unhappiness, conflict and frustration, accordingly, for both males and females, for the needs cannot be physiologically repudiated, become endemic. One who fears to be a master, who doubts his capacity, his power, his strength, his will, his resoluteness, will be expected to turn a deaf ear to the pleas of even the most piteous of beautiful slaves. How can he be expected to fulfill another who fears, first, to fulfill himself?   Fighting slave of Gor, pag. 10
lyric (lyricnox): This is passage hits at the very heart of knowing the truth of the self from the literature of the Gorean novels. It is a small piece to a very large puzzle.
lyric (lyricnox): Lyric believes the Brew & Banter discussions at the Central Fire on Wednesday nights at 6:30 pm slt in general are an excellent way to 1. meet other Goreans 2. Make friends that are Free 3. Possible find a mentor or 4. at least find out if your philosophy  /  ideas of Mastery / Gor jive with other Men
lyric (lyricnox): Granted it also a nice way to at least warm by the fire and get a brew served by a willing slave girl at minimum. Thank you Master of lyric for the gift of speaking and sharing a slave girl’s ideas on Mastery & Mentorship.
lyric (lyricnox): “I am a slave. That is what I am. I have learned it on this world. It is the truth. I cannot be a half slave. I must belong to a man who recognizes what I am, and will have all of me as what I am, all that I have to give, and more, or I will know the whip.”
-Prize of Gor done.
Edwin Alter: wonderfully put my girl. That concludes the Brew & Banter for this eve. See you next week same night and time of the week.

 Interview with  toes (terra.warblood) (Mariko)

Interview with  toes (terra.warblood) about setting up the new panther tribe Sa’tavi
By Mariko Marchant
–    toes (terra.warblood):  Tal Mari. Welcome to our lands.
•    Mariko Marchant: Thank you.
toes (terra.warblood):  Well, this land is btb and mostly agrees with me, small, and … the word is….. hmmmm hidden?
•    Mariko Marchant: It is very nice.
–    Toes (terra.warblood): Thank you, and its northern woods, but i like sa’tavi. It means “beloved”.
•    Mariko Marchant: nods
–    toes (terra.warblood): panthers, BTB or Ge, the role really doesn’t change much. We are independent , aggressive, and wild regardless.
•    Mariko Marchant: You were a Forest Moon panther. Why did you start your own  panther tribe?
–    toes (terra.warblood): Thats a good question, and Ihad to think about it, it wasnt really that I wanted to add another tribe to a world already so full of tribes, I guess we just all have a direction we want to go and I chose mine, though the tribe goes further back, i was Sa’tavi before I was forest moon.  Best way to answer that is to ask you, how many wondering panthers you’ve seen in gor? how many sisters homeless ? I wanted to offer them a place to go, to be what a panther is… free, to be themselves. A home, sisterhood. Any tribe is only as strong as its sisters, and its sisters that make us strong. Alone  are  targets, together  are a family.
•     Mariko Marchant: Do you intend to raid much or is roleplay more important?
–     toes (terra.warblood): The are both important, were panthers, were targets, we need to survive… in that context raids are a large part of the lifestyle, and hand in hand is our ability to defend ourself , at the same time… its all about roleplay, but you cant have one without the other. A lot of tribes will throw you out if you are “aggressive” and “troublesome”.
Basically you run around causing fights…. thats just our nature.
•     Mariko Marchant: I see you have a vision what a your tribe should be. Now and this might be interesting for a lot of readers: which steps did you take to set up this camp.
–    toes (terra.warblood): I am not sure what you mean, steps?
•    Mariko Marchant: Well you have to rent land etc..
–    toes (terra.warblood): Oh, yes. You need a place to have a camp, there are many that will allow a tribe to stay –  but to me that gives up a portion of control of your tribe, is best to have your own land – and either the ability to make it a home or someone in the tribe that has that ability. This land for example just the name holds a history in Gor, so that helps to build a storyline to the tribe.  You also want to be aware of those lands nearby, what their roleplay direction is, and how to work together.
•    Mariko Marchant: So you have your own land. You need a lot to do then. Build, define groups etc. and then run it.
–    toes (terra.warblood):  You need to define the tribe, structure it in a way that has a clear chain of command, and steps a sister, or slave or any member can follow to find help.
After all to me thats what “tribe” is, it’s sisters helping each other to survive and enhance our life here.
•    Mariko Marchant: it think that is a lot of work and then you have to keep it running. Moderating etc..
–    toes (terra.warblood): This land has mods, I also keep a tribe moderator, admin,  but unless there is an ooc issue, most of the decisions fall to the En, Se, Shamaness, or other leaders in the tribe.
•    Mariko Marchant: I see. So you have time to roleplay. I hear than often a tribe leader is drowned in OOC activities.
–     toes (terra.warblood): Which is why it’s important to have strong leaders, that you trust. You have to be able to allow them to do there job, that is key, otherwise you lose your mind and the tribe will fail. One person can’t make it work.
•    Mariko Marchant: it is hard to get good leaders and tribe members?
–    toes (terra.warblood): It is,  but if just “having members” is the goal no its not hard, “having solid member” is hard, it takes time on your part to get to know them, to understand them and to know there strengths and weakness,  thats why you have an En. Her place isn’t to run everything herself, its to make sure to have those around her who can do the job and take care of those responsibilities. Everything boils back down to “tribe” a family and a team. That makes it work, strong leaders, direction, loyalty.
•    Mariko Marchant:  What you said about wandering panthers which is very true. Why should they join your tribe?
–    toes (terra.warblood): I don’t know, grins. Seriously its a two way thing,  do they fit here, and do we fit them. I.. we, simply offer a home and sisters to call on, a place to make your choices as to stay or move on, if it fits they will stay if not they move on, in the end those that stay make a family that works well together. I would say, come here, spend some time, lets get to know each other. Make it your home for a time and learn about us, as we learn about you.
•    Mariko Marchant: So there is room te develop yourself?
–    toes (terra.warblood): Of course, isn’t that what its all about? W are each of us, our own person, lets see how that fits, and we can build a puzzle out of it, so each piece unique as it is, still fits perfectly in the whole.
You pair a persons strengths, and weaknesses to the position, and as a new tribe, yes, we have the time to get to know that person before she is put in a position.
Anyway, you pair the person to the position, thats why a new member generally speaking, unless she is known allready, starts as a cub… it builds the trust and the relationship with the tribe.
•    Mariko Marchant: Last question. Can you say something about your camp? It is not open but also not a fortress right?
–     toes (terra.warblood): I prefer an open camp, but in todays “Gor” it’s unrealistic, and wouldn’t allow for roleplay, so yes a gate but its to slow things down, no camp should be defenseless  nor should it be a fortress, it’s small to allow few sisters to defend, yet big enough to have decent roleplay.
•     Mariko Marchant: Would you like something to add to this interview
–    toes (terra.warblood): Just that gor itself is what it is, and btb or GE, panthers as a role, is pretty much the same, its our nature that makes us what we are, and our nature that causes us to be a target.
•    Mariko Marchant: Thank you so much for this interview  Toes I hope you enjoyed it as much as i did.
–     toes (terra.warblood): i did, gave me a chance to express my opinion
Be well Mari and thank you.
Sa’tavi  “The beloved” Who are we?  As with any good Panther tribe, we are independent, aggressive, determined, and fiercely loyal to our Tribe, unpredictable and random at our  best, and out of control (ic) at our worst.  We despise weakness in all forms,  and respect strength and courage, all of which comes in many forms. We try to model ourselves after the panther tribes described by the books by John Norman in as much as we can.

 Letter from Kilo #2

This time the parchment was not nearly as tattered though if one would look closely remnants of desert dust particles gritted the parchment, and traces of jungle molds rooted in the fine lines, and exotic scents still clung to the scroll. Perhaps it had a faster journey but by no means less difficult.
The seal was the same as before, that sparkling glimpse of copper and bronze flecks in the sealing wax that was the trade mark of the hand that sealed it recalled to mind a gaze from across the camp fire.  This time the scrolling script that marched across the parchment was blotted with dabs of ink.  Had it been written in haste?  Perhaps there had been no blot paper or no time.
Forgive the state of this letter.  I crouch here in the darkness in a field, several pasang away from any kind of city wall or peasants farm.   The moons are my companions this night, shedding what pale light they can muster for the sake of this letter.
I am told my quarry will travel along the road before this night shall pass.  It seems there are always men who would rather pass judgment upon an outspoken woman with out the uncertainty of the courts, enjoying the rather cowardly anonymity of a hired hand to pass along their own verdict.
Don’t.  I can feel your thoughts as your reading this.  The man you knew would never hire himself out to something like this.  Something that by his own words was a cowardly way out.  Is it right?  Is it Just?
Time has darkened me.  I MUST bring in the coin.  Obligations burden my resolve and I am not fool enough to forget that it is those higher classes that create the tomes of past and laws of the cities.
Still, that scrap of crimson weighs in upon my decision.  It is ever there, even while hidden far away.  It bids me to act harshly only after My eyes have met with theirs.
I hear a wagon along the road.
Wish me luck my friend.
Your brother of The Wastes
~ Kilo ~

Minnie and Maya’s understanding.

Minnie: Tal
maya: tilts her head a little  . a smile playing on her lips. ” i thought you were rushing to lock me out not come out and visit. ” tal to you.”
Minnie smiles a little and shakes head *someone has broken our gate, surely a bad girl and i m always glad to see you
Minnie: but ….
maya: gives her head a long slow nod almost a bow. ” and i am happy to see you  as well. are you content here?” lifts her chin and gazes upon the panther on the gate. ” your sister is looking out for you.”
Minnie: my sister …. *points the camp* Aala is a very good sister and she wants protect me* she sighs* am i happy here ? i cant answer at this question *she rubs her wet eyes* i think, that i need to see something that dont exist
maya: she smile softens  to a look of concern. ” I am sorry, I didn’t mean to cause any harm. what was it that doesn’t exist?”
Minnie stares at Maya with a smirk *how explain something that doesnt exist …. maybe smiles on faces, maybe hapy birds in sky, maybe clever people who prefers peace that weapons
Minnie: maybe people able to see others with heart and not only like a pic
Minnie: a lot of maybe for no answers
maya: her smile return to almost a laugh. ” aye,  in lands such as these that is hard to find. I have found pain of many kinds in my time alive and few people who would choose peace over  arms.” takes a  short but quick step towards Min.  she holds up the palm of her hand . turns it inwards  towards herself then presses to her heart and chest. Calm eyes study yours.   they are hardened by the world yet still remembers mercy and care.   pulls her hand from her chest and places it to yours. ” If it exists in here , it exists somewhere.”
Minnie takes her blade and throws it away, then she removes her bow and lets it fall at her feet *no weapons are needed, you know. our best weapon is what we can build with our heart. *she sighs one more time* maybe it exists somewhere, i just need to find it and i dont know where begin my seek *tilts her head *am i in the right world ? i m not sure, maybe better to travel far from here and begin a new life where hopes could exist
maya: This world is not right for either of us. I do not fit no matter what mask i were to wear. and i do not fit without on either.  ” motions with her hand to the surrounding  lands. “But this.. this world is all i know.. and no matter the misery it gives,  I am scared to leave it , and i cling to it  even when  my heart and soul has been shattered by it. If you can leave it. I think you should. if not  then don’t let it change you for good. ” Looks at the bow and dagger on the ground. Perhaps you missed a calling, dear one..perhaps you still have one. “
Minnie looks around and shakes head *this world is beautiful, this place is beautiful, only people have dark hearts, all other things are full of colors, colors of life, colors of hopes. i dont like darkness, i hope find the light everywhere i could go *kicks the bow and blade on ground *these weapons are tools for create darkness
maya: ” or tools to save one from it. I once knew a man who  dropped his blade and bow as you have.  he took up a pen and  charcoal and wandered the lands. he would paint and draw  what he saw and if you encountered him   and  treated him  without harm he would   draw your picture and give it to you. he had a calling and he became it once he shed the weapons  and picked up his pen. “
Minnie: he was a man and men always come back to weapons. *she smirks* a weapon for a man is an extension of his virility* she tries to keep calm and quiet* draw and write, it could become weapons too, but does it mean that we want war. maybe it s just a kind to explain our feelings. *nods more* my friend, i m just tired of everything i ve seen
maya: ” so am I, Min. This world .. as you say those in it, have no love for my kind , nor yours. ” she sighs soft then smiles again in a lighter mood. ” a tall blonde told me  to visit you. she said if you were happy here, to simply invite you as an envoy  for your band to my lands.  She said i could trust you. and I believe she was right.”she grins. “where i live is dark and dreary to the normal eye.  but the comfort and peace a swamp can offer   can become healing after a time. it supports more life than the  largest meadows , more life than the  fullest forests. It and I will welcome your presence any time. “
Minnie smiles softly *yes i know your land and i m always glad to visit you, yes your land is full of darkness, but your heart is full of colors and we know, you and me, where we have found those colors. i ll be happy to visit you with some of my sisters and maybe begin a new adventure, maybe continue what we have broken, long time ago, maybe see if we could find a better path to find quiet peace. *she smiles more and takes Maya’s hand* you are more than my friend, you know this ! but you know that i need time for now
maya: gives your hand a small squeeze as she offers a warm smile. “Should i  grow a band, i will be sure to tell all you are welcome and give you something that you can show  them that they will know  you’re to be trusted. ”  places her other hand over yours for but a moment then starts off down the path  the way she had come.  casually she calls back ” I sent word to an umata,  I wonder if she will come. ”  turns and gives you  her brightest smile.  before continuing on her way.

Minnie: Umata !! I ll be pleased to see her again *she waves as she sees Maya take the path *i promise to come visit you again, my friend and be careful, some paths are dangerous, everywhere we could go

Interview With Eean Faddoul (Hathor)

Hathor; Can you introduce yourself, your group and this place
 Eean Faddoul; My name is Eean Faddoul, my group’s name is Anything Gorean and it was conceived in thought by my brother Bosk (Itsmee Zander) and we put it together to be a wandering band of Goreans.  Our initial purpose was to go from sim to sim engaging both Lifestylers and Roleplayers in an attempt to try and cement our much fragmented community into something that more closely resembled the Gor we all know and love from the books.
Hathor; what is your story in Gor
 Eean Faddoul; I encountered “Gor”, back in 1976 aboard a US Navy ship out in the Mediterranean Sea.  As I was reading this book, my first thought was, the guy was a terrible writer.  At the same time I couldn’t help but think that there’s alot of what he tells that should be normal in society today.  After returning from that overseas excursion I never saw another one of the books until about 12 years ago.  Suffice it to say that being gorean in thought and attitude was something that came natural to me and I finally had found a community of people that (I thought), held my belief system.  Unfortunately not long after I came to the online Gorean community, I discovered that most of the people I dealt with, turned off what they professed to be as soon as the computer was turned off.  It was at that point that I decided to start a lifestylers sim that I ran for the better part of 8 years.  Only letting go of it about 2 years ago.  I and my slave live together now in SE Georgia and we live the life of a Master and slave on a daily basis.
Hathor; Can we consider you as an old Gorean or do you see you as an old Gorean person ?
 Eean Faddoul; Depends on what you mean by “Old Gorean”.   I consider myself to be an oldER Gorean, older than most that are still kicking around.  If you mean do I hold to the standards that originally founded our community?  Yes I do.  I have no room nor patience for this so called “Gor Evolved or the BTB” business, and damned little patience for World of Gorcrafters.
Hathor; Gor could be a life’s philosophy. Do you adapt your RL with your Gorean life ?
 Eean Faddoul; Yes I do, and have since my early days in the Marine Corps.
Hathor; Are you BTB or other? and do you observe Home Stone and Caste System cultures?
 Eean Faddoul; Depends on what book, no I don’t have a Home Stone (I’m Tuchuk) and I’m a Warrior, that’s as close to a caste as we’ll get.  For those who do not understand my
answer, the wagon people do not have “Home stones”, they swear fealty to an Ubar.
Hathor; You are BTB, so have you contacts with Ge and if not, why
 Eean Faddoul; Both have their challenges so I subscribe to neither.  BTB is something bandied about by folks who have a holier than thou attitude about “their” Gor, and the GE folks have no compass by which to guide them at all.  One of the reasons we are so fragmented as a community is for those 2 reasons right there.  BTB is constantly ragging on GE and Vice Versa.  Lifers are constantly ragging on RP’ers and Vice Versa.  None are 100% right and none are 100% wrong.  I know what I am, I know what my brothers and my girls are, and that’s enough for me and for us.
Hathor; Can you tell me a bit about your land, who owns, builders. who decides, have you a council for all decisions.
 Eean Faddoul; Don’t have any land to speak of anymore, I go pretty much where I want and do as I please.  But currently I hang my hat and my quiva at the Caer Cadarn Wagon Camp.
Hathor; What would you say your sim’s most attractive Feature would be?
 Eean Faddoul; Lack of knuckleheads
Hathor; Many sim owners get burnt out having to do everything listed and more. People wonder how people do it. How many hats do you wear as a sim owner (Warrior, Scribe, Moderator … and more)
 Eean Faddoul; I wear one hat.  HMFIC of the Anything Gorean group.
Hathor; How do you imagine your future in Gor ?
 Eean Faddoul; Same as today.  Gor isn’t a game or a temporary attitude for me.  It is what I am.
Hathor; All names have a story. What is the story of your name, the story of the land’s name too
 Eean Faddoul; Eean is a throwback to my scottish ancestry.  I tried to use Ian (which is the proper spelling) and Iann when Linden Labs couldn’t handle a 3 letter name, but that one was taken, so I came up with this.  My original sim name was simply “Gor”.  I doubt that’s the region’s name anymore.
Hathor; Give me in one sentence, a reason for our readers to join your group
 Eean Faddoul; I don’t have one and am not interested in inviting more people into it, come or don’t, leave or stay.  Either way is fine with me.  If someone wants to join us, they are welcome.  If they prove themselves to be something they are not, they will be removed post haste.  We’re not a feel good namby pamby social group.  We’re Goreans.  Period.

 Black Pearl Mercs – The oldest GE Gorean Sim in Gor

Interview with Chrissie Crimson
By Mariko Marchant

•    Mariko Marchant: Tal Chrissie, I trust that, it is your claim that you are THE oldest GE Gorean Sim in SL Gor. So then would you therefore kindly explain what the GE or Gor Evolved Culture is about.
–     Chrissie Crimson: The GE culture strives to be as close to the books as possible.  When the Pearls first were formed it was back in Old Aria, there was not btb vs ge, but it was just gor. Things have changed a great deal over the years. I hate to say not really in a good way. Ideally I would like to say that the difference is woman fighters and leaders being allowed in ge gor. But it has veered a long way from even that ideology. I know we try to be as close to the books as possible and try to play in the spirit of the Gorean sagas.
•    Mariko Marchant: Why did you and your group see the necessity of forming such a variation from the mainstream Gorean theme?
–     Chrissie Crimson: I think that depends on what your definition is of main stream gor.  Mainstream btb or mainstream ge. I feel the pearls are a hybrid,. We have many of the old values of old gor., our difference with btb is female leaders and fighters. Ge gor Now are super forts and super groups more interested in stats than in the role play or interaction of people.  I feel we have tried to keep the Pearls in the main flow of gorean philosophies.
•    Mariko Marchant: Approximately how many GE groups/ sims are there to your knowledge, and do all GE share the same value system and beliefs as some standard rule ?
–     Chrissie Crimson: I have no idea how many ge sims there are.. well at least 40 since there is a stat system and they list the top 40 but i am sure way more than that. Most will tell you that they do share the same value systems but  i would disagree. many are not here for role play but here for th fight..We try to maintain a balance of battle vs the subsequent role play and encourge story lines.
•    Mariko Marchant: In your opinion is GE more popular nowadays than Mainstream Gor or shall we say BTB Gor?
–     Chrissie Crimson: Now that is a hard question to answer since I don’t interact too much with mainstream gor.. The reason I dont is mostly they show disdain for ge goreans and most especially if its a woman leader. I would always welcome role play with btb but again it gets back to a females role in the cast system . I can not fight in btb although i could lead as an ubara or tatrix.
I imgine that if gor were a real place and we were bought up as gorean in philosophies and beliefs the conceptions that are put forth in mainstream gor would be as natural to our lifestyle choices as we are with earth choices.
•    Mariko Marchant: I see less panther and taluna camps today. How is that with outlaws?
–     Chrissie Crimson; The Pearls are a mercenary group  and we are for hire.Just thought i would throw that out there It seems the panthers and talunas now have gone back more to traditional roles, they keep to themselves. And I would suppose more to the spirit of the books.  There was a time when they were forming big alliances and this did help the stats of their sims.but tended to annoy a lot of ge members. Now there are still men who like to hunt panthers and still do. But many don’t want anything to do with  panthers or talunas and in my opinion it has to do with the big raid groups alliances they use to have.
•    Mariko Marchant: How many members do you have?  Is it less or more than the past years?
–     Chrissie Crimso”: We have 150+ members now but don’t ask how many active. And it is more than we use to have. But this is a problem all groups have people join all excited gun ho .. and then poof  they move on or out or back to their real lives
•    Mariko Marchant: I see you have many one line emotes. Is roleplay less important than fighting for you?
–     Chrissie Crimson: Roleplay is way more important , if you were reading our rules. They also say that emotes over ride the meter. If I emoted binding you then you are bound. even  if the bubble is not clicked. Role play is way more important,  but we change with the times to survive and hope to show an example to new generation goreans of the right ways to bring role play into their sl experience.
•    Mariko Marchant: Do you raid often?  Are there many rescues?
–     Chrissie Crimson: We raid  but not as often as other groups and rescue when needed. We will also helps friends on rescues… after all we are mercs..•    Mariko Marchant:  Can you tell me about the design of your camp? I think for instance the maze is a brilliant idea. –     Chrissie Crimson: When you are loosing you can get in there and if the enemy follows you..they get lost and defeated in the end.
The design of our camp was not my design but my partners, jack, and we get defeated in there as well.. nothing is totally assured a win,  It was meant to be something different. Yes its a challenge, but who wants a shallow win. I think I should make tee shirts that say  “i SURVIVE THE PEARL MAZE”   just kidding of course, You know every sim, every group has their spot. they call a kill room or a maze. Ii fact i think mazes are getting to be pretty popular.
•    Mariko Marchant: Is there a strong hierarchy in your camp? Do you have often issues with (new) members?
–     Chrissie Crimson: I would not call it a hierarchy because I think of us as more a family here than just  a group. We have a strong bond with each other, I have pearls here that have been with us since. Well if not the beginning.. close to the beginning. This is better than a hierarchy. This culture may not work for some people .. but for others it does  but i think it is the secret to our longevity.
•    Mariko Marchant: What kind of ppl you you like to join your band of mercs?
–     Chrissie Crimson: We don’t have a type here. We have had everything from mambas, to ex panthers, there is no type. We always welcome people new to gor to learn, We were all new at one time..
•    Mariko Marchant:  What do you think makes the Black Pearls a Unique group that makes it attractive for others to join
–     Chrissie Crimson: See above answers.. We are like a family. I think we generally care about each other, which is why I have people with me since the beginning, we also don’t distinguish by lifestyles, nationally ethnicity or religious  affiliation, everyone is made to feel welcome here.
Thank you Chrissie for this interview.

 Stay safe while online  (Hathor)

Do you ever really know the person on the other side of the screen?
You might think you do.  But what you know about that person is what they want you to know or think.
You should be careful of the small details you reveal about yourself,  your family, friends and places.  Think before you give any information.  A phone number can give someone your name and address.  The type of work you do, the city you live in and your first name can lead someone to your door step.
I hear it all the time, strangers asking me how old are you, what is your real first name.  Where do you live. What do you do for a living.  What are your hobbies.   Questions that seem harmless and normal when trying to get to know someone. But is it really necessary to give this information for someone to get to know you?  No, it really is not necessary.
 Just think of the information people give out everyday without realizing it.
I know all this might seem a bit extreme and over cautious,  but if it keeps you and your family safe it is well worth it.
I was almost a victim myself.  I thought i was being safe.  I didn’t give out my full name or phone number.  What i did do wrong was I gave bits and pieces here and there without realizing it.  The name of a near by store,  my line of work, the city I live in.  The names of family members and friends.  Local events I had attended.  It all added up to help him locate me.  I was very lucky to have neighbors who noticed an unfamiliar car in the neighborhood.
I am not telling you this to try and scare you but to make you think about your safety and the safety of your family and friends.   SL is a wonderful place to meet new people and make friends.  We just need to think first.  Do you really know the person on the other side of the screen?

 © Gazette of Gor

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