Role play of robbing the Sa Di Sani panthers blind

Dressed in black like an outlaw

Marlies ran up to the sign that read ‘Priestess temple KEEP OUT’ and grimaced. She wasn’t keen on the Priestess and the Sa di Sani, they usually hated her on sight. From a distance she couldn’t see any rising smoke from their campfire, so was a good a sign as ever that their nearby camp was empty. She ran despite this, anxious to get what she needed from the temple and scram.

Marlies came to a structure  that looked like it had supplies, there was bread and jerky and other dry foods, opening the sacks one by one she finally came across one with some yellow grains inside, she lifted a handful to her nose and sniffed. “Nice.” closing up the sack she threw it into her back pack and made like a banana…. split.. haha

much later in Gimli village

Marlies stopped in her tracks as she saw three panther girls and the red haired priestess at the rear of the tavern, she could most likely slip in and out without them noticing… most likely. She didn’t have much to lose, and was going to be late on her quest if she didn’t go for it. Exuding confidence she continued to walk towards the tavern and stood outside, not so casually staring inside just in case anyone was inside.

Marlies hopped over the counter  and began rolling a barrel of mead towards the exit, only then did she hear footsteps above her. “So THAT’s where the owner is….” she hissed under her breath, followed as some profanities as the footsteps starting to descend the stairs. “Eeeeeeep….” half running she got the barrel out of the door and kept going towards the docks.

The role play:

Ino : can we help you, huntress?

Ino : *giggles as she seems to know the huntress*

Ino shouts: Huntress

Marlies  dark orbs slanted sideways to look the girl over , slender fingers wrapping around her wooden bow , she finally speaks “Tal , we have met ?  you were a mustard once ?”

Ino : Girl is living in this land  and  huntress don’t

Ino: so …

Rampoina: tal stranger

Rampoina: may i helps you?

Marlies  eyes shift to the other woman, she was wearing a dark purple  dress and veil , marlies speaks  “Tal ” then  she shrugged about  the girl, continued  “it was many moons ago and the mustard I knew , wouldnt wear a collar soooo……”

Ino smiles

Marlies  sheaths her wooden bow over her left shoulder,adjusting the thin black leather straps  , glancing briefly at Ino , then back to ramponia, lifting an eyebrow wondering why a free woman had approached a panther trade point  “Trade , I guess…..”

Rampoina shakes head ” we have a lot of slaves , no needs another one …try at village ” points infront of me to village

Ino : living in the wild is a hard life, huntress

Rampoina rises eyebows ” ah a trade … have understood wrong then”

Rampoina runs my look up to down of stranger and back ” what you wants to trade ?”

Marlies  lips curl into a thin smile , her interest peaked at the mention of a slave surplus “tell me more , you have a lot of slaves , any to sell?”

Ino tiptoes and shivers lightly but knows that she is not for sale

Rampoina nods knows what she wants to trade ” i can not speak for my sisters , but i dont have any of my slaves to trade, about tribe ones you must to ask to our slaver, …when you backs ask for our slaver”

Ino: huntress lives very close to here, don’t you?

Ino dares to speak without permission, but holds a hand to her mouth and blushes

Rampoina is a bit surprise about ino says ” where you belongs , stranger?”

Rampoina strokes ino’s hair , she usually dont do this mistakes , so is for let me know any

Ino whispers: ty Mistress

Ino relaxes and looks with great interest at the huntress

Marlies  watches the slave girl with some disgust as she seemed to shiver , her naked  body left little to the imagination “I will come back again in a few hands , the name of your slaver then?” she hears the slave speak , her brows furrow , she does not answer the girls question , but since the other woman , a free did so , she scoffed  “I do not belong to any one , I lead a small band of outlaws” she pointed north , “some pasangs from here , the Forest Moon ”

Ino sends the huntress a broad but warm smile and nods

Ino says nothing but giggles with joy

Ino whispers: Forest Moon, Mistress …pffff

Ino sends Marlies a teasing look

Rampoina nods softly and tries not to show the feel about a bad news like that , a group of dirty and bloody outlaws close to our camp ” you may ask for the slaveror … the sis with bigest ass…. as you are outlaws , i imagine that you will buy any slave , no worry about if is oldie, young or a cap, isnt it?”

Ino whispers: Outlaws has no taste, Mistress, they take what they can get

Ino : *chuckles and studies Marlies more intense

Rampoina nods softly and caress ino’s hair

Marlies  lifts her nose arrogantly at the slave girl , sensing she may have said something to the other woman, she digs the heel of her  left boot into the soft loam earth, crossing both arms she nods her head slowly  “Very well….I shall ask for the one with a big ass …..the males or females must be strong …..looks matter less for what we have in mind” she grinned “You may call me Marlies , next time I come to trade”

Ino nods and blinks to Marlies

Ino : big ass, Mistress … they belongs to outlaws, girl thinks

Ino : *chuckles

Rampoina nods again ” i will tell our slaver about your interest , Marlies… i hopes we can meet more times in future… in a peacefull way …” blinks eyes to her with this soft but clear advice

Marlies  waved her hand in a peaceful manner “As do i ……safe paths”  she glanced briefly at the kneeling girl , she wrinkled her nose “…..and you….you serve with fire”

Ino : safe paths, huntress

Ino sends Marlies a huge smile

Rampoina: ” safe paths Marlies ….” smiles behind veil and ads soft ” she always do…stranger…Always”

© Lunacaleengpanthers


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