Book Based Panther (BBP), Panther sim guide, Three Moons Valley

Sa Sareem/Three Moons Panthers

Market Place :

Yes, small market place at entry point.

Easy to Find TP point:


Meter Type:


Sim Lay out:

This sim is well presented, with a northern themed woodland feel, with a panther camp, village and other buildings like mercenary and thieves hide outs to be explored.

Rules :

Much the same as any other Gorean Sim, nothing of note stood out.

Sim overview:

The sim is based on a woodlands setting in Torvaldsland,the panther camp is very large, there are caves to explore, pity about the double gates.

The role play:

Micha Destiny: “that is good,” They did flag us recently” chuckles

Marli: hehe…..

Micha Destiny: “we know them very well, don’t we siss”

MaryEllen: aye well we will no doubt return the favour

Micha Destiny: “you will know when sa’ngs attack you Marli” “They will use seduction to achieve there aims”

Marli: “bah….they sound like Donnie’s tribe in Laurius ……fur sluts ”

MaryEllen haha – yes that seems to be their main weapon

Micha Destiny: “mainly collar you and make you sumbit”

Micha Destiny: “thats the ones”

Micha Destiny:    …Giggles…

MaryEllen: and if you will not submit – they fur you till you are sore

Marli rolls eyes “yeah , we have fought with them in the past”

Noberto yells furious “i will hunt that damm larl or whatever that peed on the water while i was downed and eat for dinner”

Micha Destiny: “well, we have a common enemy which is something to keep aware of, its not uncommon for two panther tribes to sometimes attack a larger enemy, but rare

Matilda shouts: oh shuttup….i told him too…better he pee on you than me” growls back

Marli nods slowly “that is up to your En ….Mary…..but im game for revenge on Donnie if you have anything in mind ”

MaryEllen: the Luna Caleeng have always been curteous to me and I would be happy to help them in anything that does not threaten the Sa Jesuil

Micha Destiny: oooo

Noberto shouts: then maybe i shoud hunt you, laughs

Micha Destiny: “Well,”

Matilda shouts: looks at her puppies..”you gotta get past my sleens first and they eat small things off” growls

saige shouts: growls at the man loudly for threaten her owner

Micha Destiny: “see Marli, I have a desire not to be captured by the sa’ngs

Micha Destiny: because the ones named verna and angela have got collars ready for me”

Marli smiles at Mary, then looks at Micha “I know verna and angela is ex SDS ”

MaryEllen giggles – a desire that we all share – but then revenge on that prima donna Donnie would be sweet

Micha Destiny: giggles

Micha Destiny: pima donnna😀

MaryEllen: I will think on your offer Marli and if we can combine I will speak with you again

MaryEllen: I need to go now – my sisters have needs

Marli: Thats fine , you think on it

MaryEllen: be safe Marli and good luck catching up with Egnatiuos

Marli: Be safe both of you

Micha Destiny: “safe paths Marli , been a pleasure meeting you”

Bad Points:


Good Points:

The layout, and over all Build.

Final Comment:

My first quick explore of the day is in “Three Moons Valley” which is a gorgeous build. This is a Torvie and Panther role play sim and I took a visitor/observer tag. It looks like the sim is new and the rule giver wouldn’t pass me the rules, but I agreed to them regardless as I’m a good panther girl and shouldn’t do anything wrong by accident I suppose *chuckles*  Of course I took some photos.

Overall Marks out of 10:


© Lunacaleengpanthers


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