The Gazette of Gor – Issue 23

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(Gorean Press Edition)

•     From the Editor’s Desk  (Kimba)
•     I won’t be a slave, today (Kimba)
•     A Gorean Kajira Defined (Desire Knight)
•     An Interview at Ivar’s Fjord  (Itsmee)
•     Ubar Capton Jacob Interview (Hathor)
•     Dancers Fight against Cancer / Dance Pit Raiders of Gor (Itsmee Zander)
•     The Gorean FW living in a Man’s world by Lady Yesi
•     Article by Frey ( Frey)
•     House of Kailauk Interview (Hathor)
•     Events
•     NC (Editors, Writers needed – Feedbacks)

 From the Editor’s Desk

I am an old-time Trekkie.  One of my favorite episodes is “Return to Tomorrow”, where the Enterprise finds a planet where there are three Elders from way back in time, surviving in globes that hold just their minds.  They get restored to bodies and think to bring back the greatness of the old days.  Of course the plan goes to Hell.
I am kinda like Sargon, the Lead Elder: A relic of an earlier era of pure roleplay in text-based chatrooms that I call OldGor.  I may be as wrong as Sargon was – but I think roleplay is coming back.
We are past the era when SL was a primo gaming platform.  The flood of FPS-gamers that changed Gor into a gamer-first realm, the pewpew-assholes as I call them (and many call themselves); has moved on to better games.  Now, a Home full of people is not just a good target to be raided – but can actually roleplay.
There are some things we could do to facilitate more roleplay:
Raiding-Hours: Why not say, we only accept raids in our Home during certain hours of the week.
Roleplay-First: If you are in roleplay, nobody should just be able to decide, I don’t like the way the roleplay is going, let me quick-draw my weapons and KO everybody who is busy typing.
Negotiate-for-Hostages: The dumbest thing on Gor is rushing up to attack people who have your buddies bound up and helpless.  I got news for you, before you got close enough to hit me, those helpless people would be bleeding out from slashed-throats.
If you are down, stay down.  Just because the bubble lets you up after five minutes doesn’t mean you could have realistically recovered from a dozen arrow-hits and are ready to fight some more.

I Won’t Be a Slave, Today

“Yes, I admit it.  I am a killer.  But I choose not to kill … today.  That’s all it takes.  I won’t kill … today.”  James T. Kirk on self control.
Today I am going to discuss Chapters 8&9 of Captive, where we find the first major treatment of Panthers.
Captive is the first book not narrated by Tarl.  Elinor is a captive earthborn who is learning about Gor the hard way, as part of a slave chain on the road North with a Slaver.  By Chapter 8, Elinor has learned about kajirae and Free Woman and is about to meet Panthers.  But first JN has to hammer home one of the fundamental truths about Gor.  There are three types of women, slaves, slaves, and slaves.
During Chapter 8, Elinor goes from:
“I glared at her. ‘I will never wear a collar and have a master,’ I hissed at her.
through various self-realizations to:
“I stood in the stream, furious, fists clenched.  ‘Yes,’ I cried, ‘I want a master!’
In between, we get this well known quote from Ute, who is a very knowledgeable character:
“’In every woman there is a Free Companion and a slave girl. The Free Companion seeks for her companion and the slave girl seeks her master.’”
“’That is absurd,’ I said.”
“’Are you not a female?”’ asked Ute.”
“’Of course,’ I said.”
“’Then’ said Ute, ‘there is a slave girl in you that wants her master.’”
Ute will be proved right, not only about the captive FW, Lady Rena, but also about the Panthers.  Ute introduces us to Panthers (unless we recall a brief mention in Assassins) with this passage:
“Some call them forest girls. “Other call them the panther girls, for they dress themselves in the teeth and skins of forest panthers, which they slay with their spears and bows.  They live in the forest without men, saving those they enslave, and then sell, when tiring of them. They shave the heads of their male slaves in that fashion to humiliate them. And that, too, is the way they sell them, that all the world may know that they fell slave to females, who then sold them.  Some were doubtless once slaves.  Others were once free women. Perhaps they did not care for matches arranged by their parents. Perhaps they did not care for the ways of their cities with respect to women. Who knows? In many cities a free woman may not even leave her dwelling, without the permission of a male guardian or member of her family.  In many cities a slave girl is more free to come and go, and be happy, then a free woman.”
Ute shows particular insight here, speculating, in the final paragraph, on things she has no way of actually knowing about.  The words “doubtless” and “perhaps” clue us in that Ute has no actual knowledge about where Panthers come from.  But she does have actual knowledge about what it is to be a woman, and her insights about the slave/FC in every woman can be trusted.
Before the actual appearance of Panthers, Elinor has an epiphany that will be very telling regarding the Panther scene to come:
“Interestingly, for the first time in my life, I found that I was not displeased to be a woman. I was pleased, rather, indeed, thrilled, that they were men. It is joyous to be a woman on Gor, even though slave, with such men. I would not have exchanged my sex, though I was only a girl in bondage, for the throne of Ar.”
We also get some foreshadowing from Lady Rena, when Elinor feeds the enslaved and broken former FW:
“I saw that the hood, her gag and the bonds had taught her slavery.”
It is not Rena’s belly that makes her slave.  It is the harsh reality of bondage that makes Rena slave.  Without it, neither Elinor nor Rena would be slaves, voluntarily.  But forced into the role, they both adapt.
Elinor is captured by Panthers, but her first impression of the Panthers’ superiority to Elinor turns out to be wrong, at least she soon afterwards decides that it is.  At first she says:
“I was nothing with these proud, free, dangerous, brave women, these independent, superb, unfearing, resourceful, fierce felines, panther girls of the northern forests of Gor. They were swift, and beautiful and arrogant, like Verna. They were armed, and could protect themselves, and did not need men. They could make men slaves, if they wished, and sell them later, if they were displeased with them or wearied of them. And they could fight with knives and knew the trails and trees of the vast forests. They feared nothing, and needed nothing.”
But Elinor changes her mind when she sees the Panthers dance:
“Then, for the first time I noticed, in the center of the circle, there were four heavy stakes, about six inches in height, dark in the grass. They formed a small, but ample, square. I shuddered. They were notched, that binding fiber might not slip from them.”
JN clearly wants the reader to see that too, as he shows us Panthers dancing out what they would do if they had a male captive staked out:
“The first girl began to dance before the square.  Then suddenly, to my amazement, Verna cried out in anguish, a wild, moaning, anguished cry, and threw from herself her weapons and tore away her own skins and leaped into the circle, turning and clawing and crying out like the others. She was not other than they, but first among them! She danced savagely, clad only in her gold and beauty, beneath the moons. She cried out and clawed. Sometimes she bit at another girl or struck at her, if she dared approach the square more closely than she, writhing, enraged, but fearful, eyes blazing, dancing, they fell back from her.”
“She danced first among them, their leader.”
“Then, throwing her head back, she screamed, shaking her clenched fists at the moons.  And then, helplessly, she threw herself to the grass within the square, striking at it, biting and tearing at it, and then she threw herself on her back and, fists clenched, writhed beneath the moons.”
“One by one the other girls, too, violently, threw themselves to the grass, rolling upon it, and moaning, some even within the precincts of the square, then throwing themselves upon their backs, some with their eyes closed, crying out, others with their eyes open, fixed helplessly on the wild moons, some with hands tearing at the grass, others pounding the earth piteously with their small fists, sobbing and whimpering, their bodies uncontrolled, helpless, writhing, under the moons of Gor.”
In the pantomime dance, Panthers may start on top, but they all end up on their backs, helplessly imagining a strong man’s weight upon them.  Verna might be the toughest bitch in the band, but she is also the biggest slut.
Now that she knows the Panthers’ secret, Elinor has gained some inner power over them, at least in her own mind:
“’It seemed to me,’ I said, ‘that your bodies moved as might have those of slave girls.”
“My head leaped to the side, stinging, as Verna, with all her might, slapped me.”
“Then she looked at me. ‘We are women,’ she said.”
At this point, JN expects us to remember what Ute said earlier:
“In every woman there is a Free Companion and a slave girl.”
Panthers clearly have slave girls inside them, if one goes by the books.  It reminds me of some roleplay I was involved in.  I had tracked a loose slave and I told her to kneel, so I did not have to hurt her.  She said, “I am not going to kneel to a woman, who, the only difference between me and her is a collar.”
Of course she was wrong, there were two differences.  She had a collar, and I had a spear.  And like Kirk, I choose not to be a slave … today.  Not today.

A Gorean Kajira – Defined. by punaani.. (Desire Night)

What is a Gorean Slave?

There is a lot of talk these days about Gorean Slavery, what it is, what it isn’t, a slaves rights, their need to put their foot down and make demands, etc. I would like to share my viewpoint based upon the “books” about what Gorean Slavery is.  Some of the confusion comes into play when we try to combine BDSM with Gorean philosophy. BDSM has things like safe words, and rights, along with contracts and negotiations, Gorean slavery is absolute and non-negotiable, once a woman submits.
Over the years I have heard many say, “If my Master doesn’t do what I want him to do, he gets a piece of my mind, or I pitch a fit, or I threaten to leave”. All of these responses are human, but none of them are “Gorean”.
“The slave, makes no bargains; she does not desire small demands to be placed upon her; she does not ask for ease; she asks for nothing; she gives all; she seeks to love and selflessly serve”.
Blood Brothers of Gor, Page 139
A Gorean slave was/is “required” to always be pleasing. Why… because otherwise what is a slaves purpose besides being pleasing? Think of it this way, a slave’s value is determined upon their ability to be pleasing. So in that sense, a slave has a positive value, if they are pleasing. A slave that merely gets buy, without putting in an effort to be pleasing, but doesn’t seek trouble, might have a neutral value. A slave that is displeasing would be regarded as a liability. A Master will treasure an asset, he will be ambivalent about a bland trinket, and will actively seek to rid himself of a liability. A slave with a slave heart will strive to keep their Master happy, and pleased with them, so that they are viewed as an asset versus a liability.
“I considered the unilaterality of the Master/slave relationship. All power is with the Master. This of course, has its effect upon the slave. Let the slave strive to be such that her Master will keep her”.
Magicians of Gor Book 25, Page 127
When we think about the fact that we “are to be pleasing” it takes “self” out of the equation. Slavery is not about “us” what our needs are, what we want to do, what we don’t want to do. Slavery is about serving the Free. This service is not always easy, in fact at times it is difficult, but it is a slaves job to be pleasing, to be obedient and to serve.
“I exist for you,” she said, “and it is what I want, to please and serve you.” She was much in love. She wanted to give all of herself t Marcus, to hold nothing back, to live for him, and if need be, to die for him. It is the way of the female in love, for whom no service is too small, no sacrifice too great, offering herself selflessly as an oblation to the Master.
Magicians of Gor, Page 27
Reconciling yourself to slavery is not an easy task, and it may not happen overnight for every slave. Some may take weeks or years to truly accept that they are enslaved, that they are property, that they must serve and be pleasing, that they do not get to choose, once giving up their rights when they are collared. Personally a year and a half ago I begged a collar after living many years as a free woman. It was not only until this summer that I accepted and embraced my bondage, my condition, that I truly felt a weight being lifted off of my shoulders, and a sense of freedom that I had not experienced up until then. My slavery became real, and something I cherish versus resented.
“We do not choose our Masters nor is it up to us, whether or not we will please them, or to what degree. We must strive be perfection all ways, for anyone. That is part of what is to be a slave. In reconciling myself to bondage I had, also, to reconcile myself to this condition, it is a part of bondage. It is something which the slave must accept. Without it there can be no true slavery. I had accepted this condition, at least theoretically, verbally acknowledging its incumbency on me, in my training. Somehow, interestingly, this acceptance too, seemed liberating to me, it made my bondage much more real to me. Too, interestingly, in its way, it also made it seem much more precious to me.”
Dancer of Gor, Page 92
A Gorean slave is property. Property does not make demands, they do not throw tantrums when things do not go the way they want. Whether we like it or not, we are property. We cannot water down Gor to meet our needs, we have to decide if we are Gorean slaves or not, if not, then why torture ourselves trying to be something that is not in our nature? Property can be bought or sold, disposed of, put in storage, left unattended, cherished, or valued. Property will be utilized as the owner wishes to utilize said property. Remember earlier we mentioned a pleasing slave would be considered a valuable asset? A man could own two slaves, love them equally, however, if one slave is always complaining, whining, and not being pleasing, why is it a surprise if the man finds himself drawn to spend time with the slave that quietly serves, and gives of herself daily without complaint? Is the man being uncaring and not taking care of both slaves equally? Some might say yes, but in reality the answer is no, the man is valuing the slave that serves him, that is an asset, versus a liability.
“Gorean slavery is categorical and absolute. The slave is property, an animal. She is incapable of doing anything to alter, change of affect her status. She is owned by the Master, and owes him all. She can be bought and sold. She must serve with perfection.”
Renegades of Gor, Page 386
As a slave, we do not even have the right to our own names. We don’t get to pick them and an animal doesn’t get to complain about their name, or demand that it be changed, or whine about it. A slave accepts the name she is given by her Master. I find it interesting at times, when people ask a slave, how could you “allow” your Master to name you “x” don’t you have any self-respect?  A Gorean slave should be able to answer indeed I do have self-respect, but as a slave, I know that my Master owns everything and that includes what my name is.
“The case with slaves, of course, is much different from that of free women, either those of Gor or Earth. Their names are simply given to them, as the names of animals. They may be altered or changed at will. Indeed, sometimes a slave is not even given a name. The names a slave wears, or course, are functions of the Master’s pleasure. They can own a name no more than they can own anything else. It is they who are owned. Some Masters have favorite names for girls. Some Masters may reward a hard-working girl with a lovely name; others may torment a slave who has been insufficiently pleasing with a cruel or ugly name. Most girls, of course, are given beautiful and exciting slave names, for the Masters wish the girl too, to be beautiful and exciting. She is, after all, a slave. Needless to say, a slave girl, as she changes collars, may change names. Most girls in passing from the hands of one Master into those of another, will have had various names.”  Explores of Gor – Page 365, 366
Being a Gorean slave is not just about doing what you are told and just making sure that the box is checked. Gorean slavery requires a passion to learn, to push oneself to excellence. A Master can train and dictate so much, but it is also the slaves responsibility to improve her own value. How can we do that? By being accountable of our feelings. Yes, we all have feelings because we are human, but a slave is responsible for evaluating those feelings and through evaluation and discussions with her Master, a slave is the one responsible for improving or refining those feelings. It is natural to feel jealousy, but how we allow ourselves to react is something we control, and we are responsible to make more pleasing.
Do you know, ultimately, “I asked, “who will prove to be your one best trainer?” “No, Master,” she said. “You, yourself,” I said, “the girl, herself, eager to please, imaginative and intelligent, monitoring her own performances and feelings, striving lovingly to improve and refine them. You yourself will be largely responsible for making yourself the superb slave you will become.”
Savages of Gor, Page 210
If we take the above quote to heart, how can we ever be bored?  We can learn new dances, create little things that could be a special delight to our owners. Work with other new slaves to help train them. Considering that we are in SL, as far as creativity the sky is the limit.
“What is the duty of a slave girl,” I inquired.
“Absolute obedience,” she said, frightened.
“What are you?” I inquired.
“A slave girl,” she said.
“What is your duty?” I asked.
“Absolute obedience,” she cried out.

Hunters of Gor Book 8 Page 258

 An Interview at Ivar’s Fjord


Stepping off the docks onto the lands of Ivar’s Fjord…. Zander wanders along a well trekked path heading on a steep climb till he saw signs of life….
.Waking up several hours later in this strange land where technical difficulties had intervened with his original planned visit and interview,  finds himself in the presence of a slave girl, ever so charming and welcoming to the land.  The girl offers the visiting Master to serve him a beverage to his liking.

•  sakura:  bites her lower lip then looks to the Jarl “warmed spiced mead…as You wish Jarl” turns on her heal and quickly makes her way towards the kitchen
•  Itsmee Zander fished out some coins and dropped them onto the long table
•  sakura searches out the perfect bowl to serve in and with the snap of her wrist she quickly removes any dusts that has laid to rest upon it.  She then holds the bowl up to her rose colored nipple she slowly turns it to check for any imperfections as she would rather harm come to herself than to the Jarl she is about to serve
•  sakura once satisfied she places the bowl to the counter and gathers the kettle and holds it to the mead barrel, filling it and then returns to the fire feeling the flames dance over her bared skin.  She hums softly to herself
•  Itsmee Zander watched the girl’s movement rather admiring her attention to detail and her serve
•  sakura as the rich aroma fills the air she carefully removes the kettle and pours the now warmed mead into the carefully prepared bowl to the rim to hopefully satisfy this Jarl, turns to replace the kettle and places both palms to the bowl, the warmth causing her to sigh softly
•  sakura turns ever so slowly on the ball of one foot.  She makes her way back across the room, hips swaying as she brings the warmed spiced mead back over to the Jarl.  Lowering  carefully to her knees,lifting the bowl to her chest.  A tiny gasp escapes her lips as deep emerald eyess lower to count three ripples dancing across the warm liquid forced by her heartbeat.  Lifting it above her bowed head she whispers “I bring You this spiced warm mead in hopes that it quenches Your thirst Jarl”
•  Itsmee Zander smiled and reached up and took the mead from her dainty hands” thank you lass, that was a mighty fine serve”
•  sakura smiles softly at such kind words from the stranger
•  Itsmee Zander takes a sip from the vessel and swirls the rich spiced concoction around in his mouth and lets it trickle down his throat, “ahh this is the life and what a pretty girl you are too”
•  sakura feeling heat rise once again to her cheeks as if she was still standing before the fire “thank You Jarl”
•  Itsmee Zander: so then lass, tell me more about this place.  What does this land produce?
•  sakura: it seems to produce babies lately *laughs*
•  Itsmee Zander looked at her and then broke into a loud guffaw of laughter. “That is a great thing indeed, times must be good here”
•  sakura blushes and laughs…nodding
•  sakura: not by me though  *quickly shakes her head*
•  Itsmee Zander: incidentally are they slave babies or free babies?
•  sakura: mostly free it seems as of late, Jarl
•  Itsmee Zander: then all is even better, the community grows from within and will be strong and self reliant.
•  sakura: yes Jarl it seems so, as the family continues to grow and grow and grow *grins*
•  Itsmee Zander:  looks at her  “Do you get much in the way of raids here?”
•  sakura:  at times it seems that the raids never stop, and at other times we are out looking for our own fights
•  Itsmee Zander: perhaps you could show me the prettiest spots of your village
Wandering around the pretty lay out and built lands, taking in the sights runs into a familiar figure
•  Nash Katar: Tal Zander, good to see you again my friend
•  Itsmee Zander: Tal a pleasure to finally get to see you, if you wouldn’t mind stating your name and position here in Ivar’s Fjord, which so far I understand as a Northern GE Gorean Land.
•  Nash Katar: My name is Nash Katar, I am the High Jarl of Ivar’s Fjord, and yes myself and my sisters left the south during The Cosian and Ar battles. We escaped and our father was missing and our mother was killed for refusing to submit,  So I brought my sisters North and we found these lands and welcomed friends an outsiders to join in creating a good Northern atmosphere
•   Itsmee Zander: A Southern born Gorean in the north, is a rather interesting thing, and you being the High Jarl would mean a mixture of the two cultures, highly commendable and rich
•  Itsmee Zander: how long has Ivar’s Fjord been around and what would you say is the thing that makes it so unique that makes it a great home to Goreans here
•  Nash Katar: “I appreciate the compliment and yes it was difficult, “However I had to care for the family as the oldest male to walk away from the disaster in Cos.
•  Nash Katar:   “Well I would say it is the infusion of great people, that still enjoy the value of role-play, and get away from the pew pew fighting, which we will do, but we much prefer good story lines and connecting with others that value the Gorean culture
•  Itsmee Zander: Splendid.  Why did you decide for a GE setting as opposed to BTB, I am not saying that one is better than the other, but just to clarify?
•  Nash Katar: “Well, since women outnumber men 3 to 1 in Gor, we wanted to give them more roles and more ways to create their own story lines, SL is tough enough without excluding people, after all we don’t exclude anyone. We enjoy the raiding, but we like to say we are GE but dipped in the holy waters of BTB.  It’s hard to balance the two but I feel it can be done, if we can evolve with the Free Women and slaves.  And let them play their role.
•  Itsmee Zander: seems a rather practical approach to the reality of things within our given framework and yes, something a bit difficult to juggle, having a balance,  but thus far my time spent here and observations have shown that this is indeed a great community and very conducive to Roleplay and also living a rather decent Gorean life
•  Itsmee Zander: and finally, is there anything you’d wish to say to welcome newcomers to come settle and make this grand village their home?
•   Nash Katar: Nods and says “We have some wonderful people, and to answer a question will answer here,  we have only been active for 4 to 5 weeks, and things are growing quicker than I imagined, and it tends to string out the leaders, but we are adding a council that will handle issues, and help solve problems, it will be all done ICCLY and we will always roleplay new members in.  Most importantly, we want people to enjoy their SL experience and their Gorean experience most of all.  We also encourage newcomers to Gor as well, and have several programs to help teach and welcome them into whatever role they may choose.
•   Nash Katar: I have this in my Profile “Stressing RP over raiding?  We value both.  Want to stand shoulder to shoulder with some really great people? Come have a look around.  The only requirements here are a sense of humor and a driving desire to bring RP back to Gor.
•  Itsmee Zander: Thank You for taking time out from your busy schedule and seeing me. Indeed, we share similar values it would seem, the reason for us to start the Gazette was to bring Gor back to Gor, chuckles
•  Nash Katar: *I think it can be done as long as we keep our sense of humor and practice what we preach.  Gor is a wonderful place and I cannot imagine doing anything else, Thank you for your time, and I appreciate you thinking of us, “I wish you well my friend”
•  Itsmee Zander: Well Wishes High Jarl and I hope that it all works out well here; and as I was informed by the delightful girl, Sakura, your land is mainly producing babies… I am sure it would be a fast growing community.


•     Interview With Ubar Capton Jacob
•  Hathor:  Can you introduce yourself, your group and this place
I am Capton Jacobs, Ubar of Black Tarn Island
Ubar Capton provided the following history of the Black Tarn Island

•  Black Tarn island was created in June of 2004 by me, Capton Jacobs, when I had just joined Secondlife.

•  Hathor:  Why go from beginner to sim owner so quickly?

    Capton Jacobs was not new to Gor but new to SL.  When he arrived here he found some very experienced Goreans, and became aware of a major problem that confronted all Goreans on SL.  There were some well-organized, alternate life style groups that were trying hard to prevent Gor from gaining a foothold on SL and were actively speaking to the Lindens and other residents to gain support.
•  Hathor:  Why the opposition against Gor?
The male members of those groups were concerned that the Goreans would raid their homes and villages and capture their women and steal their property.  The female members of those groups took one look at a naked beautiful kajira on her knees, legs wide apart, breasts thrust forward to allow easy viewing and use, head lowered in respect, silent until spoken too and then whispering “yes, Master”  and realized they did not want to compete with someone like that.

•  What was Capton Jacobs’ solution?

Phase 1
Create the first Gorean sim and organize the existing Goreans to begin a campaign to educate these hostile groups of the Gorean ways and values and show them that Gorean culture was rich, and the men were responsible, dedicated, and loyal  to their Homestone, protected and nurtured those in their clan and most of all knew how to mind their own business.  And what went on in non Gorean areas were not their concern.

Phase 2
Put on the first Sardar Fair in SL.  Two day event.  Many merchants were invited to show their wares that would be of interest to the Gorean community, an archery tournament open to all comers and eventually fairly won by the leader of one of the D/s groups, kajira dance demonstration, the first kajira auction on sl, a Gorean art exhibition with discussion of the meaning of the art, and continuous discussion between all at Black Tarns Tavern with free flowing mead, paga, kalana, etc. served by beautiful kajira, a demonstration of a Tarnsman in flight during the fireworks finale…you get the picture.
The results of this effort was the opposition to Gor vanished…and that was 300+ sims ago.
Black Tarn evolved into what it is now…and honorable Gorean Lifestyler sim where access is granted to Gorean and non Gorean friends of the Ubar Capton Jacobs.  It is a place where there are only three major rules which have never been broken in 11+ years on Black Tarn:
Treat all you meet here with respect
Protect all women
Bring no drama to my homeHonorable men and women may request access and in most cases it is granted by the Ubar.  It is understood that if you violate His rules on His land…you will not be allowed to return.
A word about the title Ubar.  When Capton Jacobs started he had to organize and protect those who rallied to His call for help to give Gor a chance.  He knew that if his peaceful effort failed, and if the situation demanded, he would fight to protect those he had come to love, admire, and respect.  The title stuck.
•  Hathor:  Can we consider you as an old Gorean or do you see you as an old Gorean person ?
•  Ubar Capton:  Yes, I’m an old Gorean, rez date 06/24/2004
•  Hathor:  Gor could be a life’s philosophy. Do you adapt your RL with your Gorean life ?
•  Ubar Capton:  Only when safe…not in public
•  Hathor:  Are you BTB or other? and do you observe Home Stone and Caste System cultures?
•  Ubar Capton:  other, however I do observe Home Stone and Caste System cultures
•  Hathor:  Can you tell me a bit about your land, who owns, builders. who decides, have you a council for all decisions?
•  Ubar Capton:  I own and decide everything
•  Hathor:  What would you say your sim’s most attractive Feature would be?  •  •  Ubar Capton:  Those who live on the sim are Lifestylers, they have access only, but there are no raids, no griefers
•  Hathor:  Many sim owners get burnt out having to do everything listed and more. People wonder how people do it. How many hats do you wear as a sim owner?
•  Ubar Capton:  Warrior, Scribe, Moderator … and more
•  Hathor:  How do you imagine your future in Gor ?
•  Ubar Capton:  Right Here on Black Tarn
•  Hathor:  Could you give me in one sentences, a reason for our readers to join your group?
•  Ubar Capton:  They must join the group to have access…group is by invitation only
An interesting interview from Ubar Capton Jacob.  Ubar prefers to maintain the spirit and ways of Gor, as he believes it was meant to be when a Gorean avi is in SL.   As you read this interview, you may understand his perspective of Gor and how he wishes to keep those standards alive and kicking.  You may or may not agree with Ubar, as is your right, but you do have to respect his thoughts, ideas and the ability of his vision of Gor remain a viable alternate  for those who do agree with  him.

Dancers Fight against Cancer / Dance Pit Raiders of Gor


•  Itsmee Zander:  I was at the recent Sardar Fair event , when i got to see your troupe (the Dance Pit Raiders) perform an overwhelming piece.  All I can say was perfect timing, grace and amazing emotes which lasted a marathon 45 minutes of solid dance emotes.  The music arrangement was pretty and well arranged to reflect almost all world cultures and very serene and captivating , a really well choreographed synchronized dancing by the troupe. It made me think and feel .. yes we have all gathered here from all over this planet and this illness never saw any indifference or showed favoritism.  Gathered in the audience were some of the really well known and long standing Goreans who had come from all over to show support to this cause… I was humbled by this experience.
•  Itsmee Zander: so then tell me a little bit about you, and how you are related to the dance pit raiders
•   ƨραякℓℯ™: this one is just a kajira, who adores to serve, cares and also has a heart filled with emotions that just need to be danced.  Through serving in dance, it was an idea in 2009 at this exact Village of Pembe, the Tavern, where 2 mischievous kajirae decided to form the Dance Pit Raiders of Gor! ….and we did actually go across Gor in the middle of the night… ‘raiding’ Dance pits!! It was soo much fun!
•   Itsmee Zander: Can you please tell me about the efforts it took for staging that and how many dancers took part
•   ƨραякℓℯ™ beams Thank You Master!  it is the unity of all the dancers that make the group so special, because they are all unique but come together and share their hearts on the sands .. .and the audience can feel that as we dance.  Although we do dance completely spontaneously .. we write the dance as we perform, the planning is intensive.  We have three Co-Captains plus this one who work so hard to get each performance ‘just right’.  Each event is unique, with specially created staging by flute alonzo, planning and details by Kalah and NAdi here, and this one does the outfits and music.  It takes a lot of effort and time but it is our way of serving and “we dance to make a difference” and hope each time we really touch those watching and experiencing our dance.
•   ƨραякℓℯ™ Master… this is flute alonzo, she is the creator of our beautiful staging
•   flute Alonzo: greetings sparkles and nadi
•   ƨραякℓℯ™: she is Co-Captain of the group along with nadi and kalah
•   Itsmee Zander: well done and greetings flute…
•   flute Alonzo: pleasure to meet you, Master *smiles*
•   ƨραякℓℯ™: we also have our own Raider Maestro who lets us inject the emotion of our dancing into each ‘raid’ , JArl Bryan Rickena.
•   Itsmee Zander: it is a great brave endeavor of the kajirae of Gor to come together from various backgrounds of Gor to unite and fight this scourge that has taken many loved ones from us, even in this Gorean community, Can you tell us whom can be contacted for making further donations, if our readers would wish to do so.
•   ƨραякℓℯ™: We always encourage donations into a verified Relay For Life (“RFL”) Kiosk (either in Season or off Season).  At Raids we always place RFL kiosks for anyone that wishes to donate.  If anyone cannot get to a kiosks between raids, this one can be contacted (or any of the Co-Captains) and we can enable a donation to be placed in a RFL kiosk; 100% will go to RFL research and support.
•   Itsmee Zander: the Dance event at the Sardar Fair was coming to a close and the emotes of the dancers were an emotional cry and plea to help fight this illness and it showed strength within our Gorean community and a commitment to find a cure.
•   the music coming to an end and we heard clips from the American Cancer society about the amount of work that goes into this, the support for family and also the patients themselves, All in all an overwhelming performance.
•   Itsmee Zander: i must congratulate all of you on an awesome task, if any more dancers out there wish to join you, are you open and whom do they contact
•   ƨραякℓℯ™: Thank you again Master, it is always designed that a Raid is to serve and please, also to raise awareness and support those around us on each raid.  The music and the PSAs are crafted to bring out emotions that some find hard to express, it helps to share and gain support in unity.  The music and dance touches in deep emotion, the Raiders themselves often dance with tears, a rainbow from their hearts filled with many emotions from celebrating life, to sorrow and also remembering .. we never forget.  If any dancers wish to find out about joining, we do have a process.  Any of the Co-Captains can be contacted: flute alonzo, nara Zsun, elona dayafter or myself, sparkle kling.
•   Itsmee Zander: the Gazette is now also being read on the Gorean Whip so their listeners will also benefit from this interview.  We also distribute the Gazette to about 25,000 Goreans via group notices, so let us hope we get more funds rolling in.
•   ƨραякℓℯ™: that is wonderful Master, we have danced and attended events in unison with the Whip Radio especially the RFL events, they are also great supporters of RFL of SL
Itsmee Zander: serve with fire and passion, girls

The Gorean FW living in a Man’s world by Lady Yesi


A bit about Lady Yesi
Lady Yesi ( Yesica Glas ) is a long standing Gorean Free Woman from the Physician’s Caste and well respected for her strong opinions and knowledge of Gor. She has many , many years of experience in Gor and well read.
Her Bio on Gor with her experience:
Trained by Astorette Novi and Kaiila Mahoney, Graduated by Oisin Daffyd and Mentored by Carrie Islar.
Head Physician in Sais, Head Physician in Lara then moved on to be Tatrix of Lara.
6 years experience of Gorean Healing and 22 yrs RL experience in Healthcare
Chief Lecturer in Olni’s Academy.
Ti’s Head of Caste and Ubara
Medical Advisor to Vigo’s Green Caste
Head of Caste in Victoria
Head of Caste in Telnus
Residing now in Port Hesius, Training Apprentice Physicians
The Gorean FW living in a Man’s world by Lady Yesi
Goreans, in their simplistic fashion, often contend, categorically, that man is naturally free and woman is naturally slave. But even for them the issues are more complex than these simple formulations would suggest. For example, there is no higher person, nor one more respected, than the Gorean free woman. Even a slaver who has captured a free woman often treats her with great solicitude until she is branded.
Hunters of Gor     Book 8     Page 311
Many women when beginning Gor life begin as Free Women, because they think this is the easiest way to learn how to be gorean.  I beg to differ.  The life of a Gorean Free Woman, if played BTB is one of the hardest roles to play well.
Gor is a Male dominated world.  Women, the lesser, weaker sex have to fight doubly hard to survive in this culture.  This does not mean she has to become loud and opinionated, rather, I believe to be the opposite!.  How is this possible you may ask?
Gorean Free Women who are brought up in cities are taught the art of survival from a young age.
. . . even girls who will be free companions, and never slaves, learn the preparation and serving of exotic dishes, the arts of walking, and standing and being beautiful, the care of a man’s equipment, the love dances of their city, and so on.
Nomads of Gor     Book 4     Page 63
They are taught how to survive if they were ever to be companioned, or, if they were ever to be enslaved.  There is a fine line between remaining Free and being enslaved.  Many Free Women tend to walk along the fine line.
How can a Free Woman walk this fine line and manage to remain free?
In my opinion the key to this is to gain respect.  Not just respect of other free women, but moreso, the respect of the Men in the City you occupy.  A Free Woman, should be slow to speak, humble, respectful, supportive, hard workers, trained and much more.  All of this is her Key to survival.
Being a Free Woman does not mean you are excempt from slavery.  All a Free Woman has to do is rub a Man up the wrong way.  It is his decision then if he wishes to let it slide, or whether to act and come down on her like a tonne of bricks.  Ultimately, a Free Man can make accusations against a Free Woman, even lie, just to obtain her if he desires.  This is why a Free Woman MUST at all times remain lofty and always thinking ahead.  She is conscious of her actions at all times.
A Gorean Free Woman’s sexuality
Now.. before you all fall over and die in shock… It is true that a Gorean Woman presents herself as frigid, cold and oblivious of sexual desire.  I beg to differ!
It is said and there are quotes to support this, that a Gorean Free Woman hated slaves, because of their freedom to express themselves sexually, whereas a Free Woman has to present herself as respectable, non sexual creatures in public.  A Free Woman might just be as passionate as any slave, but only in private.  If she is well respected, her companion will strive to make sure that her passion is kept only for him in the privacy of their home.
I urge you Free Women of Gor to be Free Women!. Support your Men and stand by them to help them regain control of Gor and run Gor,  Men… I urge you to respect Free Women as that.  Guide them, bring them back to old gor when they feared the fine line and worked hard to stay on the right side of it.
This role is not for the faint hearted!
Lady Yesica Glas

Free Woman and Physician in Port Hesius

Article by Frey
A Kajira Growls   (by Frey)


My name is Frey, and I am a kajira.  This week, I’m going to get a bit tough, and I beg your forgiveness for it, but I am frustrated at what I see, as I expect a few others are as well.
Here’s my dilemma, as I was writing an article regarding slaves and the various tasks they are given, I searched for slaves who please and serve their Masters well.  And again, although I found a small handful of gems, I am innately disappointed in the girls I have shuffled through.  It seems the norm for slaves is to be mouthy, bratty, displeasing, and outright disrespectful to not just their fellow slaves, but to the Free they are here to serve.  And I am not talking about a woman who choses to RP a sassy slave ICly… I’m seeing it go well beyond that and into OOC behavior as well.
I am beyond horrified by why this is acceptable behavior.  But, I don’t blame the slaves… I blame the Free. The men who call themselves “Master” yet do not master a single thing.  These actions are happening right in front of them, yet they seem blind to it all.  What is happening in SL Gor?  Why are the men so unwilling to take control over a simple slave?  Is it laziness or is it weakness?  Are men really surprised that woman have taken control over SL Gor given that they lack the ability to take control themselves… think about it, men…. you handed it to the women.
So, just like my fellow slaves who are disrespectful, I too am going to cross that line.  My purpose differs from theirs, where they are only here to act out to seek attention or to pull control from the men, I am here to yell at them for what they are allowing, hoping they will hear me and take back control.  It is not acceptable for men to watch a slave misbehave and simply chuckle over her mouthy ways.  It is not acceptable for men to say they do not have time to punish bad behavior… to answer that simply….find the time to do things right or put on a collar and report to the nearest Mistress, because you are not displaying the actions of a Free man.  See what i did just now?  I turned it around… you all like to tell Free women that they need to use care to avoid actions that are slave like… but what about the men who display slave like actions daily?  Do they get collared?
Honestly, I am astounded as to why the concept of telling a girl “no” is so difficult for men.  I see Free women do it all the time, and they do it with ease.  So, what’s the problem, guys?  Are you so badly in need of love and attention yourself that you fear if you tell your princess to behave she will leave you and you will be stuck in the world alone?  Really? You need love so badly you are willing to remain with a slave that does not obey, reflects poorly on you, and makes you the object of snide remarks behnd your back while you live in a delusional state that you are mastering your slave.
I end with this.  A beg, a plea to all men.  Make a choice here and now, will you draw the line and hold it?  or will you chose to cower in the corner while the women run SL Gor.  The choice is yours, either is acceptable, but then please stop yelling out in group chats about the state of SL Gor when it is your fault we are in this state; and refrain from tossing up excuse after excuse for your slave like behavior as if we will believe it.  No one believes it.

House of  Kailiauk Interview


I met wth Jarl Ash Revenge Thorn Kailiauk, to talk about the new sim ,House of Kailiauk, which has recently been built in Gor
•  Hathor01: I would like to find out a litle about you and why you started this sim
•  Ash Revenge Thorn Kailiauk (alaisdair): Well, I didn’t start it alone. Friends, IC Family, others believed in the simple idea of a place where people can come for role play, that involved the “old gorean’s” Where slaves were held to specific standard of behavior. Where Free were Honorable, Loyal and even held to a high standard of behavior.”
•  Kailiauk is a town on the Frontier of The Barrens, NE of Fort Haskins. It is a major trade center for the purchase, processing and selling of kailiauk hides taken from the massive herds which traverse The Barrens. It is also a slave trade center, dealing primarily in barbarian girls who are sold at various points along the perimeter. Our goal is to bring the old school role players together in one location and provide a home we can all be happy with.
•  Hathor01: Jarl, by higher standard of behavior, you expect the people who reside here are to be honorable, respectful and follow their chosen path in SL?
•  Ash Revenge Thorn Kailiauk (alaisdair) “Yes, but it goes beyond IC, meaning that anyone who participates in role play here, regardless of their participation level, is expected to not just follow their story lines and character, but to give a mutual respect to everyone, both IC and OOC levels. does that make sense?
Hathor01: very much so Jarl
•  I see Mamba titled over your head, could you tell me ts significance?
•  Ash Revenge Thorn Kailiauk (alaisdair): well my character was born mamba, around Kailiauk Island (hence the name) but raised torvie for a time. So typically I would not be found in cities and such, but my character is respectful unless given a reason not to be. This is what has allowed me to play my mamba/torvie character in various BTB sims without problems.
•  What would you say is the main source of income for this fair city and what products are produced here that you would export to other lands of Gor.
•  Ash Revenge Thorn Kailiauk (alaisdair): The major business in Kailiauk is the traffic in hides and kaiila. It serves a function as well, however, as do many such towns, as a social and commercial center for many outlying farms and ranches. It is a bustling town, but much of its population is itinerant.
•  As would be expected it has several inns and taverns aligned along its central street.  Its most notable feature, probably, is its hide sheds. Under the roofs of these open sheds, on platforms, tied in bundles, are thousands of hides. Elsewhere, here and there, about town, are great heaps of bone and horn, often thirty or more feet in height. These deposits represent the results of the thinning of Kailiauk’s herds by the red savages.  A most common sight in Kailiauk is the coming and going of hide wagons, and wagons for the transport of horn and bones.
•  Ash Revenge Thorn Kailiauk (alaisdair): We currently have 15 active members between free and slave. (we are a RL first, people come when they have time)
•  Ash Revenge Thorn Kailiauk (alaisdair): and 3 others who have been spending time here exploring to decide if they wish to become a part of us long term.
•  Ash Revenge Thorn Kailiauk (alaisdair): We teach members who belong to other cities/homes. One of our learning Free Men is Autistic and is unable to learn like most, so we have come up with something to help him learn at his pace on his level.
•   Ash Revenge Thorn Kailiauk (alaisdair): I was at the hub, and noticed people giving him a really hard time, when he was only trying to ask simple questions. People can be so cruel. So I dragged him home to the House of Kailiauk and my Mate and I and others here have been helping him ever since.
•  Ash Revenge Thorn Kailiauk (alaisdair): Some come to just have fun and enjoy the experience, come to trade, or even watch like Dray here.
•  Ash Revenge Thorn Kailiauk (alaisdair): this slave  Dray (nathanieldrayton) new to Gor, and is learning about it as he feels he wants to, without being an IC role.
•  Ash Revenge Thorn Kailiauk (alaisdair): mostly  just comes to hang out and have fun.
Jarl has now brought me to their slave kennels.
•  Ash Revenge Thorn Kailiauk (alaisdair): One of the main sources of income is slave flesh, so naturally our kennel is large.
•  Ash Revenge Thorn Kailiauk (alaisdair): here we have the main room, Kennel(cages) a class room type area for when I hold Discussions and Training lessons as well as a slave library.
•  Hathor01:  thi classroom is huge, able to accommodate a large number of slaves
•  Hathor01: may I ask Jarl how many teach the slaves?
•  Ash Revenge Thorn Kailiauk (alaisdair): Me, Lu, Pitt,  Annya atm. We have other free that are experienced and lend a hand where they are able. Everyone tries to help out the new ones. As we all can remember what it was like when we started.  Most of us here have been in Gor for YEARS, myself 15, Lu 18, Pitt 8 years (in SL) .
•  Ash Revenge Thorn Kailiauk (alaisdair): we currently have 2 (OOC subs learning)  5 IC slaves, most of them seasoned, simply here for the Kennel, and eventually hope to find a suitable owner and 3 more slaves pending (exploring)
•  Ash Revenge Thorn Kailiauk (alaisdair): we don’t believe in velcro collars, a collar should be earned.  And those that are here hope to eventually find owners via RP who meet their goals.
•  Ash Revenge Thorn Kailiauk (alaisdair): so any slave joining gets a kennel collar, if they want more then that from a member, it’s genuinely earned.
•   Ash Revenge Thorn Kailiauk (alaisdair): Another big thing, Im a stickler on, is our staff does not fur kennel stock.
•  Ash Revenge Thorn Kailiauk (alaisdair): myself included
•  Ash Revenge Thorn Kailiauk (alaisdair): most of us are simply sick of slaves, whining, wanting a personal collar, and someone to fur them….that is not ALL that gor is, its only a small part of it.
•  Ash Revenge Thorn Kailiauk (alaisdair): hence we are picky about who we let participate here
•  Ash Revenge Thorn Kailiauk (alaisdair): but on the same hand, we welcome RP
•  Ash Revenge Thorn Kailiauk (alaisdair): well this is a slave house, their is going to be RP, but not all of us are (RL goreans) but we dont turn you away if you are.  We just feel that if you want someone’s collar even via RP, it should be earned IC, not just handed out.
•  Ash Revenge Thorn Kailiauk (alaisdair): We respect everyone, slaves aren’t treated as slaves OOC unless they desire that, but even then there is still a very fine line of respect.
•  Ash Revenge Thorn Kailiauk (alaisdair): I still have slaves that I trained years ago who come visit, and RP .
•  Ash Revenge Thorn Kailiauk (alaisdair): ok lets give you a tour.
Jarl began to walk around the sim, beginning with a charming tavern – a large bosk was roasting on the fire, smelling mouth-watering delicious.
•   Ash Revenge Thorn Kailiauk (alaisdair): This is the Caste House, Physicans “Lu’s area” (ladylu.ravenheart) and a Record Keeper (scribe) upstairs
•  Lunaria (ladylu.ravenheart):I am not just a human physician/healer as we call them up north.
•  Lunaria (ladylu.ravenheart): I also tend to the beasts as well
•  Hathor01: ah, a “vetrinarian”?
•  Lunaria (ladylu.ravenheart): A vet so to speak…yes
•  Ash Revenge Thorn Kailiauk (alaisdair): Here we have the Inn, Tea room for the Southern Ladies and a few guest rooms within the Inn. We do not, however, provide housing.  But if people stay long enough, Lu and I have been known to randomly adopt. chuckles
•  Ash Revenge Thorn Kailiauk (alaisdair): and that is the gist of House of Kailiauk:  Four main buildings to date.
As we walked around, I noticed the well built housing, and the care it seems to have been included in the look of the sim.
•  Hathor01: what castes do you yet need Jar, that I could add to this interview
•   Ash Revenge Thorn Kailiauk (alaisdair): High Jarl, First Ax, Second Ax, Blacksmith, Story Teller, Record Keeper, Hunters, Fishermen, Baker, Long Hall Mistress and Chocolatier
•  Ash Revenge Thorn Kailiauk (alaisdair): We would be willing to apprentice also:  Inn Keeper, Hall Mistress. Other like minded teachers of course
•  Ash Revenge Thorn Kailiauk (alaisdair): or even slaves, slaves teaching newer slaves is awsome
•  Hathor01: If you had to choose one important or main ideal or theme of interest from a Gorean aspect… What would you say is the most attractive feature of your sim?
•  Ash Revenge Thorn Kailiauk (alaisdair): “Be Gor, or Be Gone”
•   Ash Revenge Thorn Kailiauk (alaisdair): its the Kailiauk motto
•  Ash Revenge Thorn Kailiauk (alaisdair): but on a serious note
•  Ash Revenge Thorn Kailiauk (alaisdair): I feel our most attractive feature, is simply the people. We are a group of years upon years in Gor, and we believe in sharing our knowledge with others, in an effort to keep a little piece of the old gor, the old way still around
•  Ash Revenge Thorn Kailiauk (alaisdair): as our people come from all walks of Gor, all experiences and people is what makes this or any other place work.
In parting, Jarl left me thie following words for all of Gor:
•  Ash Revenge Thorn Kailiauk (alaisdair): we are just a few people with like minds trying to do right by Gor
•  Ash Revenge Thorn Kailiauk (alaisdair): no more no less
•  Ash Revenge Thorn Kailiauk (alaisdair): we arent perfect, perfect is an illusiion of grandour but we try
This was a very relaxed  interview with Jarl.  Ths new sim owner was easy to talk to and the information he provided could entice a reader to visit the sim, and visitors are welcome.

© Gazette of Gor


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