The Gazette of Gor – Issue 22

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(Gorean Press Edition)

•     From the Editor’s Desk (Minnie)
•     Mistress Kaiila, Interview – Second Part (Hathor)
•     BOOB-A-THON  (Mistress Kaiila)
•     Interview Angus Poggel (Minnie)
•     Explaining the SAS GOR (Angus Poggel)
•     Tharna (Lady Leigh Kron)
•     Your Service Sucks! (Lyric)
•     Letter from Kilo #1
•     A Kajira Sorts  (by Frey)
•     Events
–           Tavern night
–           Runefell Slave Hunt and Auction
–           Mr Gorean November  Event List
•     Editors and Writers needed
•     Feedbacks

 From the Editor’s Desk (Minnie)

•     Soon six months of existence for the Gazette de Gor. Six months trying to give our best for our world. When I created this newspaper, I did not know where I was going. I could not see further than the tip of my nose. Our team has grown. The number of readers has increased too. People who trusted us have become more numerous. Everything seems to be for the best in the best of worlds. However, we must not close our eyes. We are still young and like all the young shoots, we remain fragile. I want, with this editorial, to appeal to people of good will. Help us, again and again, promoting our Gor. Write, tell us of events, present your group. We are all, the Gazette of Gor. We are, all Goreans.
•     Mistress Kaiila launched a major operation in the fight against breast cancer. I could say that this struggle is even more important than the Gazette. I invite you to read the interview and visit her SIM. You will learn, in this place a lot. Fun workshops are offered. Information boards are available. Do not hesitate ! Discover this Land and help according to your possibilities.
•     I want to thank everyone who participated in this issue. New faces, new ideas, interesting contacts who have, through experience, to share a vision of the Gorean world. I quote Poggel Angus, Lady Leigh Kron, Lyric. In addition, we are launching a new series as a match. Our traveller/Adventurer is named Kilo, Read his letters of his journey and exploits . Read and feel free to comment. It is in the sharing that we will make progress. It is in the revival that we will live.
•     Renewal! This is an important subject! I’ll put myself back at the Gazette. I will continue to write, but the Gazette needs a new direction. I beg you, therefore, to now contact Itsmee Zander (Co-Owner Gazette), Frey (First Editor and Director) and all other members who will be there to help.

Mistress Kaiila, Interview – Second Part (Hathor)

(I have asked Mistress Kaiila to talk about her own observations and stories about how RFL has influenced RL an SL and how Gor has responded to her call to support RFL)
•     I have been blown away with the response over the past 9  years this March from the Gorean Community when I first was approached with Relay From Life (“RFL”)  I was simply going to sell Herbs for Healing to help the cause but after that first year I was just dumbfounded by the number of Goreans that came forward wanting more.
•     That first Relay I will never forget being on the track and a small furry like raccoon came up to me and passed me a note card about his mother who was a Gorean Free woman. The note card was a thank you for giving her hope. She told me she had no hair, no teeth, no breasts and wore her stomach in a bag. Her family could barely look at her but in here she found strength and beauty.  She felt she could once again gain her self confidence through her role in Gor. It was not long after I met the Ubar that told me he was bed ridden and had to have a nurse’s aid change his diapers but in here he was a man again and people looked up to him and didn’t pity him.
•     That first year I remember putting the call out and money came in so fast from all over gor i was just stunned.
•     Since that first year in 2007 the Gorean Community has consistently been steadfast in helping the cause. We have outnumbered any other group in Second Life.
•     Gor is considered harsh yet there is so much beauty and honor in it. The whole concept of caste was based on chairty to those within their caste. We see it in their hearts through this.
•     I have found so many wonderful friends through gor and doing this charity.
•     Doing this I have seen also the passing of so many good friends to this horrid disease. I guess, to ask me about that, I can’t help but see their faces and names. Remembering them each time I do RFL. I think of Teri LaFollette,she inspired me. She was a FW that I looked up to. That first year as I was staring Relay she passed and I will always remember her spirit and think of her as the person that really kick-started my involvement and what this has turned into from the early days of selling herbs.
 •     I think of Dianna Curtis who was a tough and strong Free woman who owned the City of Ti… she I remember was a tad scary to many. What most didn’t know was how she had lost her leg to bone cancer during her reign and continued to keep her spirit high and be a forceful leader.
•     Of course there will always be Ladina who left such a legacy behind with her teachings and the Gorean Portal Radio. I can’t help but remember Bear Yugen the Elder Scribe at the time. How brave and strong he was during his battle.
•     My fondest memory was of a woman named Mitra Lok. CNN even did a news article on her click here.  She got up early that morning of the walk and stayed the full 24 hours with me. Her last words to me were “Don’t quit. I can not walk in real but I waited to walk with you today.” She died that following Christmas.
•     I see the girls of the Dance Pit Raiders and I remember two faces that have gone from us. Talena Ember another of the GPR broadcasters and a dancer each year. Then there is Tink Randwick – Precious Oakleaf her words will live forever in memory of her strength. “I am  not  sick I  just  have  Cancer;I  am  not willing to  give in; I fight each  day ; I  believe  as we  get closer to a cure  that people will realize that  cancer  is  something we  can  live  with  no  difference to diabetics or anything else. ”  Her story is a story on its own.
•     Colton -Alexzander- Dark (Khampoh Resident)  was an amazing Assassin who spent several years locking up people for our Jail and Bail only to loose his battle in 2014. I see all these faces.
•     Charles Tiramisu who every year sang in the Gorean Idol and Goreans Got Talent as Johnny Cash for Relay. He left us this past summer of another horrid disease but it didn’t stop him from relaying for his friends here. My brother Thunderstrike as well now gone.
•     That brings to mind Thorhawkwind who was this fun but an obnoxious Tovy. and sometime Physician. He loved to scare the bonds. He left behind 4 small children and his wife. He had such a booming voice it would echo throughout Gor.
•     Sammie Jestyr was the Physician from Rorus that danced with me for all of SL at the big Making Strides Against Cancer show last October. That day she found out she had cancer and died just before Christmas. So it is so hard for me to not see all these faces each year as I try and decide if I can do another year. I hear their voices, their determination and their love for our Gor community. I am blessed to be doing what I do because of those I have had the immense honor to come across. There are over 70 names on the wall now and I know I have missed many. I just can’t not do this. It has become so much a part of what brings me back every year and every day. I do not have cancer. My parents died of other things yet I do it because I am one of the luckiest ones. I have been touched by angels and it warms me in ways that I cannot explain in words here. Thank you for allowing me to write this.

BOOB-A-THON –  (Mistress Kaiila)

Join the  BOOB-A-THON
•     Black Tarn is owned by Capton Jacobs and is a privately owned lifestyle sim that is opening up special for this events\.
•     All week we will be collecting pictures in support of National Breast Cancer Month – October
•     We are looking for the best breasts of gor. Men, women, families and groups can come and claim a spot and then help raise money by voting on their pictures. with linden love. Lets see if we can get some of those big families on the boards and the cities you represent.
•     There are areas with hundreds of backgrounds and poses for you to gather and take pictures. Get your family portrait done or you BFF”s in a fun group shop. We are trying to collect as many people in support of eliminating breast cancer, supporting those surviving it and honoring those we have lost. and educating all of us.
•     There is lots of learning opportunities. Sign a petition to help make a difference in congress. Sign a promise contract to take better care of yourself by living healthier and getting your check ups. Learn how to do a self exam and even take a mammogram here.
•     Come and help us make a difference in this fight against cancer. No Lindens? Come anyway dance and have someone sponsor your photo. The Gorean Whip will be here almost all week.
•     Want to help more.. Volunteer your time to be a photographer, a guide,  Join one of the talent events and come strut your stuff.
•     Friday at noon there will be a dance exhibition.
•     Saturday at 2:00 the Talent show – Come show some of that awesome talent. Contact Kaiila if you are interested
•     Experience the mystery, the humor, the euphoria and the indescribable celebration of art, technology and music that is Pink Man Group
•     See you there!!!

Interview Angus Poggel (Minnie)

•     Minnie : Can you introduce yourself
–     Angus Poggel : My name is Angus Poggel and I am 2242 days old and have spent all of those in GOR, give or take a few times away in RL –
•     Minnie : What is your personnal story in Gor
–     Angus Poggel  : My Story  in GOR is varied. I have RP’d in BTB and GE and have on occasion gone into “Pew Pew” to have a laugh.  But I have always preferred to stay in one place and have an  on going storyline and I have had some great times as a result My basic story is of a Fighter man / Warrior  with an side line in smuggling and making “deals” to my benifit. lol..This has included kidnapping FW and selling them for mead, a story line that has run for years and never been caught. I started in Gor as one of the Golden Talon Mercenarys ( GTM ) that  lived in the RarL Lands next  to the Old Fina. I progressed to Running the group for some time once Meph had left for RL. I also have been 2st Sword and Ambasador in a town (Tharnock) that ended up at  war with Fina.. such  great days lol….
I also  run a small group called the Legendary  Lurkers… spies, Smugglers and general vagabonds. I also co -own ed and Ran the Gorean Recruitment Centre ( GRC)  group and Land with  my SL and RL Partner, Astarte hubbenfluff so have seen a vast arrey  of sims open, close and heard the issues resulting from this
•     Minnie : Can we consider you as old Goreans or do you see you as old Gorean persons ?
–     Angus Poggel  : The phrase “OLD” Gorean can be confusing……..and is often used as a way  of making someoen else feel they do not understand GOR – You  can call me OLD Gorean as I  came into SL GOR at a time when there were some  very  old Sims still actively playing GOR but times change and SL GOR has done that
And I suppose, seeing as I have over 2000 days in Gor.. I AM  OLD !!
•     Minnie : BTB, Ge, many ways in Gor. What do you think about this fracture between those 2 currents.
–     Angus Poggel : Ever since I came into SL GOR, there has been the argument between GE and BTB and I can see both  sides of it. Which ever way  you  look at it, it should be fun…and to some,  just  having the battles, trying to avoid being Downed and Capped  ( or in  some cases..Wanting to get capped lol )
–     Angus Poggel  : Where the problem comes in is when  people get to emotional about it all….Where a GE tries to explain to a BTB about the  fun if it..and the BTB goes..that is not GOR. And When a BTB shouts out about how it is not in the books and so cannot be GOR. The Fact remains that actualy,  the books contradict themselves Often – there ARE passages where a FW does carry  weapons…..etc etc etc
–     Angus Poggel : In reality, NONE of SL GOR is GOR ! People Need to relax…..if you want to run a BTB GOR sim and be as close to the books as possible..Do so and do NOT allow slaves to tell the FREE what  to do. But we all know…..SIM owners always chase traffic count….and it is a sad way……A Gorean SIM that has only 5 people on it,but they are AWAKE and ready  to RP  is WAY BETTER than a SIM that has 25 on it but they are all AFK
–     Angus Poggel  : And if you  want to run a Pew PEw not go attacking RP sims and get upset when they  moan that  you were downed and did not stay for the RP
•     Minnie : Gor will stay Gor. Have you some ideas to improve our Gor.
–     Angus Poggel  : STOP CHASING TRAFFIC COUNTS – there is nothing worse than spending hours hunting for a SIM to RP on  but everyone you go to has people on it  but they are all AFK,  just  building up a traffic count. Having been an Admin in the GRC Centre for Years, I will say this….the BEST way to improve SL GOR is to go and EXPLORE it…….Go  find new SIMS to build RP stories on, this will build your story line well, this will help the SIM owners that  pay a LOT of money to give YOu a place to RP  in
–     Angus Poggel  : Best way to improve GOR..Build Storylines and Expore with in the abilities of your charactor. If you are a FW and BTB, RP paying a Free Man to escort you, under the pretext of somethign..Make a stopry, stick to it and explore
–     Angus Poggel  : And another way to inprove GOR is to realise it is NOT A SEXUAL PLAYGROUND FOR BDSM . As My partner says, In the RL, USA, Brtiain, Europe, China etc etc ALL had slaves..Are those countries considered BDSM  play grounds ? When people go off onto sexual IMs, they  sit on a SIM in AFK mode and do nothing for GOR RP. Instead, they drag a SIM  down  with them as people arrive for RP and find nothing but silent green  dots..
–     Angus Poggel  : OH,,,and STOP MOANING SO MUCH about “It is not Gorean”, “ITs not in the Books” blah blah
•     Minnie : What are your feelings about new direction of Gor. More pew pew fighters, less RP
–     Angus Poggel  : As I have said, I  prefer RP can be very funny…frustrating and really make you think about how to build the sotry while reacting to a “Live” feed of another person reactions to what you say
–     Angus Poggel  : I will not say that Pew pew is bad.and has been around as  long as BTB really – there has always been the ones that just want to some, that is what they want.. so  be it…
•     Minnie : Can you tell me if you have a land. And if yes, who owns, builders. who decides, have you a council for all decisions
–     Angus Poggel  : I  have only just returned and so no, I do not have land  just yet
•     Minnie : Many sim owners get burnt out having to do every thing listed and more. People wonder how people do it. How many hats do you wear as a sim owner or as a group leader (Warrior, Scribe, Moderator … and more).
–     Angus Poggel  : Running a SIM and / Or a group is HARD WORK..
I have done both and know how much  work goes into it…..I also know just how LITTLE people realise how much work is required.
More gratitude to SIM  owners is a good thing.. they spend a fortune every month, giving YOU a place to  play GOR  in…BE GRATFUL
–     Angus Poggel  : A Sim  / Group Owners needs to have a strong hand in running things BUT it is also a greta thing when He / She has people that  will  help……and not try to change the ethic of the SIm Group. People in a SIM / Group should Offer to help
•     Minnie : How do you imagine your future in Gor ?
–     Angus Poggel  : LOL..I  shall carry on having fun – FUN while respecting  people views..  I am NOT Here to try and force my  views of GOR on People.. I AM here to RP, get out of sticky situations etc etc
–     Angus Poggel  : I am NOT here to have pretend Sex and I wish more people in GOR would be the same..GOR is NOT a BDSM playground and the peopel that think it is are the BIGGEST problem in SL GOR
–     Angus Poggel  : It is Not the GE, BTB or PEW PEW people that destroy GOR.. it is the AFK, Wrist wriggling “players” that  go into private IM’s and have a toilet roll handy that destroy GOR. They move into a SIM…and stay in ome place, never moving, never RPing, always sending out Private IM’s and never talking in  Local Live RP
•     Minnie : All names have a story. What is the story of your name
–     Angus Poggel  : Angus is my RL name..POGGEL is not lol. No story to it
•     Minnie : Be a true Gorean, what feelings give you this sentence
Angus Poggel  : People who tell me they are TRUE GOREAN in RL show me that they have NO idea about wjhat a Gorean is and they usualy mean they  like BDSM and dominating woman. It is impossible for a TRUE GOrean to exist in the modern  would be arrested
–     Angus Poggel  : A TRUE GOREAN in SL is possible and would exist on a BTB Sim and, if sensible, would have fun. And in RP, A True Gorean does NOT let a slave talk  down to  him / Her. A Slave is nothing but an Object in  GOR….to many let a slave tell them what to do..In gor, if a slave talks down to you, put them in  a small hole and let them suffer and if the slave moans in IMs about it, then they should realise that maybe being a slave in GOR is NOT the character they should be
•     Minnie : Gor could be a life’s philosophy. Do you adapt your RL with your Gorean life ?
–     Angus Poggel  : As mentioned above..that is impossible unless you mean BDSM and I have explained myself on that already. A Gorean in the Modern world would be arrested and put in prision…….lol
•     Minnie : Give me in one sentences, a reason for our readers to join your RP or your Gor’s philosophy.
–     Angus Poggel  : Because it is fun and you are never sure where it will go next

Explaining the SAS GOR (Angus Poggel)

– Why Does having Land in GOR have to  be an EXPENSIVE SIM?
– Why do you have to  have a LARGE GROUP to be Gorean?
– A new GOR is being born.
– It is Not GE or BTB but it is the “Small and Smart GOR”
– If you  like the ideas below,  join the group and join in…Small groups WILL  be able to send notices about them selves.
– Membership is free and open enrollment
– This is NOT here to try and out do the existing GOR but to try and help others IN TO  IT.
– “Small and Smart GOR” (SAS GOR) is here to help and support the small groups in GOR. And there are many  of them.
– And also to PROMOTE HOMESTEADS in GOR. – A lot frown on a – Homestead, Thinking , its not Big enough, not enough Prims. etc
– Actually,  apart from the fact that a Homestead costs a 1/3 of a SIM – It can support up to 20 Avs….that is 10 living there and 10 visiting or raiding at a ratio of 1:1 (more about that later)
– A Homestead gives you MORE than enough Prims to build a nice place to call home and leaves enough (if built carefully and skillfully) for rezzing during small raisds etc See Group Pic..A large, secure Fort built for under 400 prims
– The Ideas behind this are numerous – But mostly COST and Giving SMALL groups a chance of actually getting decent RP and Fun.
– Small groups are MORE  family orientated, Close knit and care about e ach other better….they  will defend each other More and there is a More personnal feel to the group.
– With the right people in  your group, it will be  100 times better than the great  Large impersonnal groups that exist in the larger SIMS.
– There is NOTHING wrong with  having a small group that RPs a lot and has fun……But why be alone…….?
– Lets find a network of small groups and ALL RP together, create Storylines……and Use Cheaper Homesteads as a basis for this!
Less Stress
– As a ground Rule, the basic Laws could be
– RP FIRST – Because of the limited number of people allowed on a Homestead, think about actually having RP  first..Maybe be a trading port,  a whore house, A Island of Woodsmen,  a Mine
– 1:1 RATIOS ONLY – you have to be tatical as you  would HAVE to be in RL…..Leads to a better chance of winning. – With this in mind, you  also have to be realistic as to what you use to defend..Let your attackers have a chance. (maybe the ratio could be 1:1.5 approx)
– The Group is here to  help ourselves…Small groups and Homesteads always suffer with a lack of traffic and RP..Lets change this..If we all stick together, we CAN have a GOR that actualy is GREAT and FUN…No more of those days sitting on your land wondering if it is worth it…Lets Travel the GOR that MOST of us live in…We do  NOT need to  have Super Raids that LAG everyone out and crash SIMs../ Lets have fun and do it cheaply.
– The SAS GOR is fully supported by the GRC – Gorean Recruitment centre – SLs Largest Centre for Gorean SIM info
– ALSO, create an account on the Forums and blogs section  on the website we co-host. – click here
– Place a Forum about your group there…the site has been growing steadly over the last few months
– Join the GRC MEMBERS tp recruit and  the SMALL AND SMART GOR group to tell us about yourself
Any questions or suggestions, Please IM
Angus Poggel
Astarte Hubbenfluff (GRC)

Tharna (Lady Leigh Kron)

•     The History and where it stands today (October 2015)
•     Tharna (est. 2006 on SL) is based on the second counter-earth novel “Outlaw of Gor”, depicting a Tharna between C.A. years 10116 and 10117. We see our heritage on SL originating with Tatrix Ayana in 2004, after the closure of the first Gorean Sim, Gor. Thus, we are one of the longest lasting Gorean Sim groups.
Today, 10165 C.A. (2015) Tatrix Sahiela sits on the throne.
•     We do not follow either the strict Silver Mask, or Gold/Yellow Cord era interpretations. Acknowledging the logic of the Silver War saga played out in 2008 on SL-Gor, we consider ourselves to be a post slave revolt, post Silver War Tharna. Thus both Silver Mask and Yellow Cord eras are our history. Yet, both a part of our traditions and culture, as we strive to find balance within the Vosk culture region.
•     Tharna is not Gorean Evolved (GE) and moves towards By The Book (BTB). We allow female fighters in defensive roles ONLY because there were such women in the novels.
•     Tharna’s Royal Guard is made of Red Caste only (Red Caste males is a redundancy, of course they are males), and the only women allowed to serve in arms – when needed in defense of the homeland – are assigned to the Rangers of Tharna Woods.
•     Our BTB status is of neutrality due the treaty that ended the Silver War. Our roleplay is strictly “By the Novels,” with our motto being, “If it is in the books, it is by the books. If it isn’t in the books, it isn’t by the books.” We are a leader in promoting old-school and factually based Gorean role-play, and consider ourselves “Simply Gorean.” We see the books however, as our History, not the stage we are on.
•     In the books, Tharna was ruled by Lara and the Silver Masks until 10117 C.A., at which time the revolution (male slaves revolt) happened and the Blacksmith Kron took power. That is the PAST. Our History.
•     We are now in 10165 C.A. and the low caste blacksmith failed, as expected. A new Tatrix is in power and both the excesses of pre-revolutionary Tharna and revolutionary Tharna are set aside.
There are both free men and women in Tharna, the women are called upon higher offices than in most places by virtue of the City’s ruler and the City’s tradition.

Tharna – Geographic facts
•     Tharna is a City in the higher northern plains, on the same meridian as Ko-Ro-Ba (to the West), Ti and Thentis (to the East), between the Vosk river (South) and the Northern Forests (North).
•     The closest city is Rarn, 100 pasangs to the South. Around 400 pasangs to the  East, the Olni river, with the cities of Ti, Port Olni, Vonda and Lara, as it meets the Vosk river. To the South, 500 pasangs away, is the Vosk river and the cities of Iskander, Wood Haven and Jort’s Ferry.
•     The main northern geographic landmarks close to Tharna are the Thentis mountains (900 pasangs to the East), Sardar mountains (800 pasangs to the Northeast) and the Northern Forests (200 pasangs to the North).
•     Between Tharna and the Sardar mountains lay the cities of Besnit, Esalinius and the Fortress of Saphronicu.
Tharna – Society and Politics
•     Tharna is ruled by a Tatrix. It is similar politically to England at the time of the Magna Charta with the Tatrix holding considerable powers. However, unlike Queens, the Tatrix has no heirs to the throne. A Tatrix is elected and remains in the throne for life.
She cannot be deposed, she can only resign. And even then, due to the emotional connection that spawns much folklore and superstition, she remains a Tatrix to her people. Her role in life is similar to that of Medieval royalty.
•     The Vosk region is known for its cities being ruled by Caste Councils and administrators. Only in time of war by an Ubar or Ubara. So is it in Tharna. To establish a parallel to present day England, the Tatrix is the queen, the high castes are the House of Lords, and the low castes the House of Commons.
•     In Tharna castes have elders, from these elders the heads of caste are chosen, and representatives to the council of castes.
This is an internal matter of each caste.
•     Anyone who qualifies can be appointed an elder of their caste. Thus, and in a very Gorean way, most everyone has a voice in Tharna.
– – – – – –
Tharna has no temple to the Priest Kings.
If the blessed ones come we may build one.
– – – – – –
•     Tharna has a full arena of roles for this caste. Tharna promotes those who wish to search, study, write, teach, and publish dissertations on the novels. The city’s Library has been updated and organized and will keep on being updated, the aim being to transform it not only into a living archive of Tharna, but a true center of gorean knowledge, both in character and general.
•    LEGAL
o    Scribe
o    Magistrate
o    Speaker of the Council
o    Secretary to the Speaker
o    Magistrate of the Lower Court
o    Advocates
o    Librarian
o    News Scroll Editor
– – – – – –
•     Builders play a crucial role in all cities. Tharna is no different.
We tend to make all new builds a source of RP, thus building becomes real and buildings don’t just “pop up” out of thin air.
There are many low caste roles associated with this caste and Builders are their clients as they order the parts they need from carpenters and blacksmiths among others.
– – – – – – –
•     Tharna is in fully support of, and follows the guidelines of the PCoG (Physicians caste of Gor). Elders of Tharna’s physicians are represented in the body of PCoG elders. However, Tharna does allow non-qualified roles such as healer and shaman.
– – – – – – –
•     The Scarlet or Red Caste is the support for the City’s army, known as the Royal Guards. Members of the Royal Guard, also known as Royals, are all Red Caste.
•     They are supported in this role by Battle Thralls that may be their property or the Slaver’s or Kennel Mistress’.
They are also supported by the Rangers of Tharna, keepers of the Woods, who come from all Castes.
o    Royal Guards (Red Caste only)
o    Battle Thralls (slaves bred and trained for combat)
– – –
•     The Rangers of Tharna are the Woods keepers, their responsibility is keep the Woods, Old Mines and farms secure. Rangers are normally women that by nature of their lives learned how to fight.
•     Their weapons are those a woman can bear – daggers, short and light swords and hunting bows or crossbows (all weapons allowed women in the books). Rangers come from all walks of life and castes as long as they are free and Tharna citizens.
Note on the Rangers as a fighting force:
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
•     A completely secondary role is the reinforcement of Tharna City’s defenses in times of need. Rangers are however not an expeditionary force. Tharna is moving towards BTB and there are no women in “expeditionary forces”, raiding abroad.
Rangers are homeland defenders and the keepers of the Woods of Tharna, nothing more.

•     Tharna has a G&S based economy. Tharna is also one of the two cities stated in the novels as the sole miners and producers of Silver. Historically, Tharna was very socialist in nature. Due to the fact that the mines are still owned by the crown, this is in part still true. Tharna is also the Switzerland of Gor, and aligns herself freely in trade with anyone.

o    Head of Merchants
o    Banker
o    Merchants
o    Private merchants, G&S and otherwise related.

•     Today, (October 2015) Tharna relies on a formal and simple Slavers caste structure, with a Head Slaver that oversees all matters relative to the slaves not privately owned, a Kennel Mistress, who is sole responsible for their training, and a variety of supporting roles for each of the them.
•     There is no “City Slave” status in Tharna, all the slaves not privately owned are either on the Slaver’s, the Kennel Mistress’ or their Aids’ chains and legally belong to them.
o    Head Slaver
o    Kennel Mistress
o    Slaver aid (free or slave)
o    KM aid (free or slave)
•     The City of Silver, her metal workers and silversmiths were known throughout all of Gor. The caste knowledge in metallurgy surpassing all others. So that, in not only precious metals, she could be one of the few places on Gor able to produce high-carbon steel (imported as pig-iron).
o    Blacksmith
o    Minter
o    Silversmith
o    Carpenter
o    Tanner
o    Cloth maker
o    Tailor
o    Shoemaker
•     Tharna’s farmland is G&S based. (A whole sim) Tharna has 2 sim-sized levels dedicated to forests. Forest industries are a high priority. Around 3/5 of the Woods are now farmland (October 2015).
o    Farmer
o    Loggers
o    Woodsmen
o    Hunters
o    Collectors
o    Herbalists
o    Brewers
– – – – –
•     A core principle for Tharna’s slaves is placing them into duties.
There is no “City Slave” status in Tharna, all the slaves not privately owned are either on the Slaver’s, the Kennel Mistress’ or their Aids’ chains and legally belong to them.
Once accustomed to the sim environment and trained, they are assigned to duties.o    Farm Duty – assigned farm work
o    Royal House Duty – assigned to Royal property (like Mines)
o    Caste Duty – assigned to work in Caste property
o    Private ownership
Refer to the RULES OF THARNA for more details.
Any questions maybe sent to Lady Leigh (Leigh Kron / Reaze Resident) or Tatrix Sahiela (Sahiela Lavendel).

Lady Leigh Kron (Hand of the Tatrix)

Your Service Sucks! (Lyric)

•     Do you fear the moment that you enter a tavern and there’s more than one Free? Are you constantly trying to find ways to get out of serving because you feel like you’re out of practice?
•     Than what the hell are you doing in Gor? A place where slaves serve as if their life depended on it because it very well may!
•     Sure the service is role-play you say… and this is not real life or death… so then why are you so scared? Emote getting off your ass to dance, to get food or drink, and dare to offer a unique service! Maybe you are a highly trained ventriloquist or exotic scalp reader?
•     You say that the Free are not paying attention because they don’t notice the nuances in your serve or they are silent for long lengths of time. Then change what you are doing. Make your service count. Stop making it something they can ignore. Create service that Free rave about!
•     I’m not saying that it’s your responsibility to make them pay attention, you can’t make a Free person do something as a slave. However, you can serve a Free person like you are on fire!
   * Respond to the Free at the rate / speed they set.
* Take notes and put it in the Free’s profile note section
* Don’t be afraid to fail the Free will correct / teach us
* Beg and/or offer to serve the will of the Free not just some specific thing that you want to do
* Service isn’t always role-play it could be broadcasting, research, article writing, conversation, etc.
•     Sure you could role-play learning your slavery and being despondent about being a slave or fighting your slavery. Depending on how you do it it could be amazing, but are you using that as an excuse to not serve permanently?  Don’t pour water on the fire!
•     Serving like you’re on fire is to be passionate about helping others. As a slave in Gor imagine fire literally being at the soles of your feet. The moment a Free person enters serve them to soothe that fire. Serving is your purpose the reason you are alive. The moment you forget it you may as well be the ashes in the cities of dust! Don’t join the despondent ranks of Gor. Feed the fire with your passionate service. Not sure how to rebuild the pyre?
•     Join the Central Fire to find how to ignite your passion.
Discussions & Classes held weekly for Free & slave.

Letters from Kilo #1

Zander is awakened by an urgent shout . his name hollered in the wilderness where seemingly he hid…. A messenger comes forth and held out a scroll… Zander stretching and yawning fished out a few coins and handed it to the carrier…
•     When it finally caught up to whom it had been intended, the tattered scroll had seen better days.   The tightly rolled parchment, once crisp and sturdy were damp and brittle, the edges both riped and nibbled by ship urts.
•     Surprising then that the seal remained unbroken.  Refractions of light caught from the torch light shone from the metallic flecks of copper and bronze in the sealing wax hinting of some hazy memory.   A deep, neat scroll stalking it’s way across the parchment might have solidified that shadowy recollection into a single man.  A time and place.
•     Do not try to recognize me by name.  It is better that you not try, but even the shifting of moons and sun can not diminish some ties.  You may find me by the name “Kilo.”
•     How many years has it been since last I broke bread with you at our parting in Tarnsburg?  Much has changed since that time, I am sure it is true for us both.  Still, you may be surprised to learn that I have not a scrap of crimson in my possession save for a sash at the bottom of my trunk.  For some reason I can not seem to toss that last patch into the fires.  Funny how a little scrap of fibers can embody such loyalty to the codes.
•     It seems I find myself in need of a confidant.  This path I travel can be…. Singular.  Barren of those I can trust.  I use what it is I am good at to to continue now.  Hunting.  Tracking down flesh and stolen heirlooms. Capturing the lost and broken.  Exposing the past where it would rather hide away.
•     I am called to a great city now.  Taxed with the burden of several missions,  to collect a number of stray giani who become too bold for their own good; to track and deliver judgment upon wayward property, and to uncover a whispered legend I am told has some fragment of truth burred somewhere in a trunk of stolen scrolls.
Wish me luck my friend.
Your brother of The Wastes
~ Kilo ~

A Kajira Sorts  (by Frey)

•     My name is Frey, and I am a kajira.  Those who know me well, know that my real life involves studying human behavior.  As a result, I naturally look for common traits and categorize personalities… not for the purpose of judgment, as I would never do such.. but for the purpose of learning how to best relate to others.  There are many types of people, as they are like snowflakes and no one person is exactly the same, but many are alike and having a basic understanding of who you are dealing with is very important to a successful outcome.
•     I beg the privilege to share my opinions of these categories with you all, and with any of my articles, I beg you share your feedback with me and others.  They are not listed in any particular order:
1>  The Bully (not gender specific) – Thankfully rare, these folks have some deep hurt within them and are trying to spread that disease to as many others as possible.  Solution:  kill em with kindness… a bully never knows what to do when met with genuine goodness.  Bite your tongue, smile sweetly and ignore the nasty.
2> The Cap Whore (female, free) – You’ve seen this one!  Every city has at least one, hell, I’ve been stuck shivering in fear inside a safe room with them.  They will run out during a full on raid, making up some silly excuse for opening up the door and risk all within because their need to be dragged off and pixel raped is so strong, they cannot help themselves.  Solution: provide them with a few BDSM landmarks and ask them to play out their anti-gor fantasy elsewhere.
3>  The Master (male, free) – Unfortunately, extremely rare, this man has control over himself, is balanced in his actions, understands and behaves with honor, and can be easily identified by the hundreds of women falling at his feet in the submission pose.  He is one of the few that can smack you down and dismiss you and you will hop to your feet and attempt to impress time after time.  Solution:  there is none.. and if I catch any of you trying to change him, I’ll kill ya myself.
4>  The Princess (female, slave) – you knew she’d be on this list, admit it!  She is the most common type, the most annoying type, and the type that is destroying Gor.  She calls herself a slave, is sweet and submissive to her Master, then bitches, whines, and stomps her feet until she gets her way.  Solution: Use RP to whip the slut, and if/when that fails, free her and do not allow her back into collar again, help her find her correct role, because she was never meant to be a kajira..
5>  The Drama Queen (not gender specific) – This person has so little drama in their real life that they insist upon coming to SL to drum up some nonsense that gets everyone around them worked up, while they manipulate things to appear as if they are the victim.  Solution: Treat them like a car on ice and turn into the skid… take the RP ride of your life and sort it all out there.. you will enjoy the adventure and they will feed the need.  Win win for all.
6> The Kajira (female, slave) – She is not as rare as many think, she is quiet and just wants to smile and please.  It’s hard to get to know her, as she will rarely bother you with information about herself out of pure humility.  Solution: Do not be fooled into thinking she is boring or dumb, put the effort into bonding with this girl, the payoff is priceless.  There is no greater beauty then watching one of these girls bloom, this happens when she is collared by “The Master” (see above) and becomes comfortable… if you have not seen a Kajira bloom, you are missing a grand sight.
7>  The Dictator (female, slave) – This girl is not very common, but I’ve seen more than I care to admit.  She is a slave, yet feels she holds some power over all others.  This usually comes from either a title or years of experience in SL Gor..  She will kick out quotes without being asked, and misinterpret the meaning of the quote to suit her own agenda.  The minute a slave IMs you with a quote.. you’ve got a dictator on your hands.  Solution: RP sell her to the city kennel and be sure to let your citizens know that she needs a lesson in humility.
•     As with most things, I do love to resolve issues within RP, as it is what we are here for, and the least dramatic way of handling most things.  I thank you all for the privilege of your time and I wish you well.

© Gazette of Gor


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