Role play of a drunken panther slave girl

The addictive nature of Mead

Brewed from the finest northern grains, made with fermented honey, water and spice. Is thick and sweet, kept in casks in the coolroom. There is also a cask in the servery for those wishing it served room temp. Traditionally served in a horn, may be served in a mug.

The Sa sheku camp has a barrel of “no paga” ,a kind of alcohol light paga in need of some testing, who better than a slave?

The role play:

  • Nicolette waves to the other girl and smiles

  • Nageena : had to check the fires

  • Nageena smiles at Nico

  • Minxy  : does it mean that you didn’t find any sister to do it for you?

  • Nageena : naaah i didnt looked for one

  • Minxy  : you are in progress, I’ proud of you

  • Nicolette  giggles quietly

  • Nageena : its the poyrimaniac in me that makes me do it Huntress…sniggers

  • Marlies looks at Nageena “I am going to check you checked the paga barrels near the fire”

  • Minxy  : giggles, Cally would have a challenger?

  • Nageena : mmmmm…well…i still have to wait for the report from the healer Huntress

  • Nageena : as  long as she doesnt confirm our En isnt preggies there will be NO paga

  • Minxy  : does it make you nervous?

  • Nageena : me?

  • Nageena : What please?

  • Marlies  tugs on the leash “come mine , I will show you around camp…….and the NO paga barrels”she grinned

  • Minxy  : sorry I thought it was for your third examination by the healer

  • Nageena : aah no Huntress

  • Nicolette nods and smiles as she is pulled up to her feet

  • Nageena : just the conformation…

  • Nicolette smiles at her Mistress “its a pretty camp Mistress”

  • Marlies  nods some “It is a very pretty camp” she grins seeing the barrel , she had a plan “I need the no paga tested mine , to ensure it is fit for consumption”

  • Nicolette  cocks her head and frowns “what do you mean Mistress?”

  • Minxy  : sits close to Nageena

  • Marlies: “Well, I am a huntress , I cannot get drunk , guarding the camp and such… I needed tested it is indeed no paga and no alcohol” she grabs a mug and turns the tap letting the paga flow royally into the mug , when the mug is almost brimming over with paga she holds it infront of her girl and smiles “Drink up mine !”

  • Nageena : mmm…..turns to Minxy…..Now watch her she goes and sit there, then her hand goes in her pocket then her hand goes behind her back then you hear psssssss…..and then she starts to smile…She whispers to her

  • Nicolette examines the large mug of paga and looks a bit concerned “can’t I just taste it?” she catches a whiff of alcohol and grimmaces

  • Marlies shakes her head with a clear no , her demeanor changing to forceful, her voice hinting she was going to have her way “No mine , you will drink the entire mug” she nudges the mug close to nicci’s lips

  • Nageena : mmm..nageena goes for a pee…blushes

  • Minxy : looks at marlies’s girl drinking that huge mug and smiles

  • Nicolette  would take a little sip from the mug and wince as the paga burns her mouth and throat

  • Minxy  : “is that the way you found to make your girl sleeping well, Marlies?”

  • Marlies huffs some  “Sister , this paga needs to be tested we dont get too drunk drinking it, as nageena says it is no paga” , she was  clearly not impressed her girl was taking small sips of the nectar , she became stern “now listen up slut… will take gulps or I will squeeze your nose shut and force the contents of this mug  down your throat”

  • Minxy  : “I agree as defenders of the camp we cannot drink alcohol, it would distort our mind and make the targets blurred”

  • Nicolette lets out a nervous little whimper and looks down at her mug of paga, she grimaces before taking a big gulp, nearly gagging and struggling to keep it down. She looks up at her Mistress nervously.

  • Marlies  lips curl into a thin smile “Indeed it would Minxy, we would lose our battles and possibly lose our freedom” she nodded encouragingly to her nervous looking girl “Good girl” she held her finger tip under the mug tipping it towards her girls mouth”….now another big gulp….just like you would ..”she grinned deviously to embarrass her girl , she leaned in “…just like you would drink my nectar”

  • Nicolette blushes but quickly takes another gulp of the paga, wincing still but getting it down easier than before. She begins to feel a little warm

  • Minxy  : approaches toward Mrlies and the girl to see if the brevage makes some effect, looks at her face and see her eyes becoming wave

  • Marlies  hears another loud spluttering noise come from her girl , she wipes the excess moisture from nicci’s lips with her hand , then wipes it over the exposed breasts and chuckles as Minxy approaches “she is becoming a little flushed in the face”

  • Nicolette  would quickly force back another gulp to avoid inciting her Mistress’s rage

  • Marlies grinned some , she watched cally approach and smiled “Tal cally!”  she nudged her girl and would judge from the tune of her voice if nicci was getting drunk “you may greet mine “

  • Nicolette smiles at Cally, her face flushed “tal huntress”

  • Cally : smiles back

  • Minxy  : “cally we had a justified doubt on the content of this barrel, as we can’t Marlies and I, as you taste the liquid, she used her girl and it seems to me seing her cheeks that the barrel is really what it tells”

  • Nicolette forces herself to drink another another mouthful of the vile liquid, whimper a little as it sears her throat again

  • Marlies  just watched her girls face become redder and more flushed , she frowned some that nicci’s speech wasnt getting slurred yet , she nudged the mug again towards nicci’s lips , she was being unrelenting with her slave girl “Aye cally , we need to make sure the huntresses dont get too drunk when drinking the paga ……”

  • Cally : chuckles and nods trying to be serious

  • Niva points at the slave girl…”make sure she tries that stuff several times., get a valid data base

  • Marlies  sees niva point at nicci , she glances toward niva and grins “…..oh , excellent idea sister”

  • Minxy : giggles, as she hears Niva

  • Nicolette whimpers but quickly takes another gulp and once more nearly gags. She looks up at her

  • Mistress and speaks slowly, quietly “I feeel dizzy Mistresss….”

  • Minxy  : looks at nicci who moves back and forth “hopefully, on her knees, she has no risk to fall down”

  • Marlies  checks the contents of the mug and notices there is barely a drop left at the bottom , she smiles smugly at the thought her girl has managed that, it was something to brag about at the camp fire , she turned , took some steps to the next barrel , turning the tap , letting the paga flow freely , returning with a paga covered with a big coat of froth , which was deliberate , she wanted her girl to have a cute white frothy moustache “…..tell me if you still feel dizzy after trying this batch mine “

  • Niva focuses on a spot far away, trying not to laugh

  • Nicolette frowns once more as she looks down at the next mug full of paga, slurring a bit as she speaks “I don’t feel right Mistress…”

  • Marlies  looks at Niva and notices she is about to burst out laughing , she couldnt ask her at the moment , so she looks to Minx “for some encouragement “can you help me steady nicce please sister , I know she is kneeling , but she still looks wobbly on her knees”

  • Minxy  : approaches a bit more and checks if the girl is still well then hold her by her shulders to maintain her right

© Lunacaleengpanthers


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