The Gazette of Gor – Issue 21

Disclaimer: All images contained herein are stock images of Lunacaleengpanthers.

(Gorean Press Edition)


•     From the Editor’s Desk  (Minnie)
•     Interview with Mistress Kaiila, First Part (Hathor)
•     Castes of Gor and Free Women (Lady Arete Calliope)
•     Jacmar’s Haven (Inna & Minnie)
•     Interview With An Assassin
•     Grenna: The BTB Foundation of Female-Outlaws  (Kimba)
•     A Tour in Tharna (Minnie)
•     Interview Asra Kron and Leigh Kron, Tharna (Minnie)
•     Village  of Black Bosk  (Roran)
•     Interview Dark, Black Bosk (Roran & Minnie)
•     Skolldir Lore  (Minnie)
•     Private vs City Slaves (by Frey)
•     Events (Quizz Results)
•     NC (Editors, Writers needed – Feedbacks)

From the Editor’s Desk (Minnie)

•     For once, my editorial will be short. You will have a lot to read in this issue. I do not want to knock you from the start. A wealthy number, condensed, with a large number of interviews. I want to thank the various people external to the Gazette, who participated in the drafting of this issue. Mistress Kaiila, in particular, for her article about Relay For Life. We must all participate and fight the scourge of cancer. I wish also to thank the various people interviewed for their patience and enthusiasm. They participate through their passion, to make live our Gor. I wish you a good read.

Interview with Mistress Kaiila, First Part (Hathor)

(Talking first about Relay for Life (“RFL”) for 2016
Mistress is on the RFL Council  and a captain in RFL)
•     RFL is a part of the American Cancer Society, which is in a partnership with SL, actively in SL, in a unique relationship.  Because of this partnership, all donations directly go to the ACS   Mistress cautioned to be very careful with whom you try to team, if they are not a part of RFL, your contributions may not go to the American Cancer Society.
•     This month, Strides for Victory, designated strictly for Breast Cancer will be highlighted, as well as other RFL events will occur during the months for  general funds which includes all cancers, support programs for cancer patients, education, research and healthy living.   Additionally a new program is  Active for Life, basically for support, dieting, exercise, etc.  The other is the Cancer Action Network (ACS Can)  which is a group of representatives who go to  Washington, DC, to advocate stronger legislation for more cancer and environmental issues linked to cancer.
•     Here in the Gorean world of SL (10th year Mistress Kaiila has been involved in RFL), Gor have been generous and united in promoting RFL.  It is well known there are a lot of Cancer survivors in Gor, and a lot lost to cancer, many of whom are her friends in Gor from cancer, one of Mistress Kaiila’s reasons to support and spend untold hours working to promote RFL.   Mistress Kaiila told me she is truly amazed at how many Goreans volunteer their time and energy  supporting RFL.
•     On October 11, the Black Tarn sim will be opening up.  It is owned by Ubar Capton Jacob and the original first Gor sim in SL (2003).  It is a life styler sim, also the first to host the Sardar Fair.  Black Tarn closed its doors to the general public shortly after the Sardar  Fair ended.  Black Tarn has been asked to host the  Making Strides in Breast Cancer, which Ubar has graciously consented to do but  will again close its doors after the Making Strides in Breast Cancer event.
•     This month will feature a photo contest for the best “chest” in Gor.  Any one may enter this event, whether an individual, a group, couples, families are encouraged to post their pics in this category   Other events are:  a Pink Man concert sonsored by the Whip, dance exhibitions, and a Talent show.  Dates and times have yet to be finalized and will be announced to all in Gor when a schedule is made available.  You can catch us on FaceBook (  Two photo shops will be available for use to place  in the Best Chest contest  (volunteers for the studios are needed).
•     The City of Tor will have the Capture the Pink Flag and Love Wars.  Hesus is doing Barefoot Physicians Ball, Tea for TaTas will hosted by City of Besnit,. If any other sim or group wishes to host an event contact RFL Mistress Kaiila Mahoney and a host package will be given.
•     The month of November will be Men’s Health, at Port Thasa, a Mr. November (the sexiest man in Gor) contest and information on Men’s Health will be available in the Education House located on the RFL sim.
•     December is the Christmas Expo at the ACS Island.
•     2016 will kick off  with RFL.  This year RFL encourages people to become captains and make their own teams to support RFL in Gor.  Current Gorean teams will still be active, and smaller teams will of course be encouraged to start their own Gor teams.
•     I have asked Mistress Kaiila to talk about her own observations and stories about how Gor has influenced RL an SL.
(Second Part in Next Issue)

Castes of Gor and Free Women (Lady Arete Calliope)

•    I would like to begin with a simple statement from the books of John Norman relating to the caste system of Gor.
•    “It is apparently one of the socially stabilizing forces on Gor. It tends to reduce the dislocations, disappointments and tragedies inherent in more mobile structures, in which men are taught that they are failures if they do not manage to make large amounts of money or excel in one of a small number of prestigious professions. The system also helps to keep men of energy and high intelligence in a wide variety of occupations, this preventing the drain of such men into a small number of often artificially desiderated occupations, this tending then to leave lesser men, or frustrated men, to practice other hundreds of arts the survival and maintenance of which are important to a superior civilization.”
— (Dancer of Gor, p.186-7)
•    The Caste system of Gor was multi-tiered with the Castes divided into the High Castes and the Lower Castes. The High Castes in order include Initiates, Scribes, Builders, Physicians and Warriors.  The Lower Castes includes all other with the lowest being the peasant Caste.  Each Caste has a traditional color associated with it such a blue for Scribes, green for Physicians, red for Warriors, etc.
•    Castes are usually determined by the Caste of one’s father.  A woman may change her Caste by taking on the Caste of her Free Companion.  A man may not take the Caste of his Free Companion.  When a person desires to join a particular Caste they must serve an apprenticeship period and then be approved by the Council of the Caste they wish to be a part of.
•    Some interesting facts regarding the Caste system are that a slave freed and given papers of manumission still must petition to join a Caste again even if they belonged to one before they were a slave.  Also, the barbarian cultures outside of civilized Gor did not have Castes.
•    Since I usually write articles regarding Free Women I will devote a little time to that.  The higher a woman’s Caste the more likely she will be treated with respect.
•    Free women belong to almost all the Castes, with the exception cannot belong to Initiates, Players, and Assassins.  There have been instances of free women portraying Assassins in their role-playing.  That is not allowed in the books of Gor written by John Norman if one desires to follow the ways of Gor as written.
•    A special note regarding Physician’s Caste and the Free Woman is that when a woman is about fifteen years of age she is give two bracelets to wear and after the birth of each child a bracelet is removed.  It is only after she has born two children that she is allowed to be of the Physician`s Caste.  This is done because it is felt that professional women will not reproduce so much and thus lessen the size and quality of the Caste in the future.
•    These are just a few bits of information regarding the Caste system of Gor.  I wish to offer my thanks to Luther, Gorean scholar and philosopher, for all his support and his allowing me to use his information he shared with so many of us in his educational scrolls.  His wisdom and guidance have been an inspiration to all Free Men and Free Women of Gor.  His scrolls may be seen at
•    Lastly I leave you with a quote, which he has posted, on the Words of Gor board regarding Free Women and work.
•    “It could perhaps be mentioned that such work, cooking, cleaning and laundering, and such, is commonly regarded as being beneath even free women, particularly those of high caste. In the high cylinders, in Gorean cities, there are often public slaves who tend the central kitchens in cylinders, care for the children, but may not instruct them, and, for a tiny fee to the city, clean compartments and do laundering. Thus even families who cannot afford to own and feed a slave often have the use of several such unfortunate girls, commonly captured from hostile cities.”
—Captive of Gor, p.317
•    “Similarly the Gorean free woman does not seem appropriately suited to menial tasks. She is too free, too proud”
—Captive of Gor, p.318
•    Lastly, but not least I would recommend that each person also use the GoreanCave website by Fogaban.  He is an outstanding scholar of Gorean information and knowledge.  His website is
(Lady Arete Calliope, Chief Scribe of Ko-ro-ba)

Jacmar’s Haven (Inna & Minnie)

(Second part of our tour in Jacmar’s Haven, we meet Jack Thondar, the owner and builder of this SIM who has presented during a long interview, his work with enthusiasm. Please, discover in next lines, the village of Jacmar’s Haven.)
•    Minnie: Tal Sis, Canoe is ready. It s a village built on water. Access is only in swimming or with a canoe. A strange but good idea
•    Minnie  : Tal in village. We want meet Jack Thondar
•    In-na: I wonder if he is around ?
•    Minnie: Tal Sir
•    In-na sniffs “Greetings”
•    Jack Thondar: Hey there. Welcome to our crannog
•    Minnie: As i promised, i come back to do an interview
•    Jack Thondar: Yes, thank you. Sorry I wasn’t in earlier
•    Jack Thondar: I liked your latest issue
•    Minnie: so are you ready for some bad questions
•    Jack Thondar braces himsen “What would you like to know?”
•    Minnie: First Let me introduce Inna who is builder and i think she ll be pleased to know your work. What was your idea for this build
•    In-na smiles “I like to smash rocks and make the earth tremble” *Grins*
•    Jack Thondar smiles at the lovely Ellora “We’re OOC but feel free to sit and listen, Ellora”
•    Ellora smiles, “Tal MInnie, welcome both of you, Tal Jarl…excuse the interruption but can i get you anything to drink or munch on?”
•    Jack Thondar: My idea for this build? well…
•    Ellora: thank You, Jarl…do you mind if i join you, Minnie?
•    Minnie : Please, do
•    Jack Thondar: The story of this village goes back to June 2013. It all began one night at Ivar’s Landfall… I went there to claim a bond… my bond….and, in a packed longhouse……the RP went badly wrong. What happened there disgusted many of their villagers. After I left…Several contacted me asking whether I would be interested in setting up a new village. I had never done anything like that before but I was interested. So… whilst there were three owners at that time…It was my name over the door because I volunteered to underwrite all costs. One owner became Hold and the other was a builder. I became the glue that held things together behind the scenes and paid the bills. The builder built a truly beautiful sim. And the Hold was brilliant at his job and very charismatic.
•    Jack Thondar: So the village thrived right from that first day as many followed from Ivar’s and, in fact, it turned to dust shortly afterwards (it did rise again, though, I believe… which is good). The village frequently had traffic over 10,000 and was easily the most popular torvie homestead sim for about ten months
•    Minnie: high traffic ! So you came all from Ivar’s
•    Jack Thondar: Some of this you might want to be careful how you print, by the way, as I don’t want to cause upset. I’m just telling you what happened and where the crannog theme came from.  Jack Thondar: Anyway, in April 2014 the village went into crisis. The Hold left and the builder… for some bizarre reason I do not know… leveled the village to a flat plain… then left, too. So… I had a load of villagers sat on a flat plane… sighs. I asked them whether they wanted a Linden rollback or…. a fresh new theme. They chose the latter. So… I took a day off work… and….in 18 flat-out hours….I built this crannog. ack Thondar: I had never built anything in cyberspace in my life. I had to learn everything from scratch in one day.
•    Jack Thondar: The crannog you see now is virtually the same as I built it that first day. From plan to opening  in 18 hours.  With  the help of Xan, a bond here and still our Chief Admin.  She helped with prim choice and as someone to bounce my ideas off. She was and is… WONDERFUL
•    Minnie: where did you find this idea
•    Jack Thondar: The idea? Well…Somewhere at the back of my mind I had the notion of Bronze Age northern water villages ..but… I did not know of the term ‘crannog’ nor had I heard of anything remotely like them. I just decided to go for it and build a water village that could only be accesed (easily) by canoe. I just thought it was a novel idea. It was only several weeks after I had built it that…..I realised that Bronze Age Northern water villages ACTUALLY existed! And they had a term… crannog. This was confirmed by my wife who….studied archeology at university. Then I researched it and found lots of stuff online about crannogs. Let me pass you some things. I’ll send them to Minnie
•    In-na: Ahhh…so that is where you got that term from. Okay
•    Ellora smiles, listening quietly
•    Jack Thondar: Anyway… I was sooo pleased that they actually existed. And so the crannog theme was born and we weaved it into a gorean setting. We justify it because Mauraders Of Gor is basically a Nordic tale, really. And crannogs existed in the time of the Vikings.  And the Carlingwark Loch pics are ones I took in July when we were eating fish n chips next to the loch… I saw the signs in the picture and couldn’t believe my luck! we were eating tea RIGHT NEXT TO A RL CRANNOG!
•    Minnie: where do you find those pics
•    Jack Thondar: I found the Loch Tay pics in a pictoral history of the valley I live in
•    Minnie: Really  ? Loch in Scotland ?
•    Jack Thondar: Yes, in Dumfries & Galloway in South West Scotland
•    In-na: Lovely country up there…wet though haha
•    Minnie: I see. Nods, very interesting
•    In-na: Interesting pictures.  It’s good to see that you have done your homework. Most things in the books tend to have something on earth to relate to
•    Jack Thondar: I sent the pics to the Jacmar villagers as soon as I got back to the caravan
•    Minnie: Personnally, are you an old gorean ?
•    Jack Thondar: OK… Old Gorean… Old Gorean was what the original Jacmar’s Haven was set up to be… Old Torvie Gor.  That was what the original Hold and the builder believed was missing in Gor. And it was very popular as a result. Our new… well, new is the wrong word because Yar has been Hold Jarl here for over a year now and is AMAZING, truly…New Hold Jarl continues that theme, really
Jack Thondar introduces himsen “Ah be Jack. Last Axe o’Jacmar’s Haven. Feared by all under three foot two… so long as they are blind, ‘ave only one arm and canna run very fast”
•    In-na laughs
•    Jack Thondar: I’m just here to amuse folk and pay the bills. Yar runs the RP here and leads the crannog. And he’s WONDERFUL at it. This sim is sometimes busy… It still has traffic of over 13,000 occasionally…and sometimes quiet. One thing about it is… …it will ALWAYS be here. We are no fly-by-night sim. We are now in our third year.
•    In-na: Good to know as so often you see lands open up the close down soon after
•    Jack Thondar: Villagers know that it will be still here tomorrow when they wake up so…Thier home is secure and they can get on and enjoy their SLs and their RP.
•    Ellora grins in agreement with Him
•    Jack Thondar: we also have trade alliances with most of our local torvie villages. We SHARE the RP between the villages. You can always have fun…Even if your village is quiet. It’s an idea I proposed to the Northern Council ages ago. The Council died but… THAT idea lives on. And it means we can have our beautiful lil villages even when quiet AND live fulfilling gorean lives
•    In-na: I notice you have a lot of G&S items around here.  Are those the items you trade with other villages?  I expect it can give the slaves plenty to do.
•    Jack Thondar: Yes. I brought G&S in to give folk things to do when it’s quiet. I also like the G&S economy. The idea was taken up and developed by Xan and the Hold’s woman at that time. We also have a skyG&Sfarm. So yes, we tradee with that but that wasn’t the reason I supported the introduction of G&S.
•    Jack Thondar looks to Ellora “It was to give villagers something to have fun with when the RP was scarce, as it is from time to time in every village”
•    In-na: Do most of the villagers choose to wear the G&S hud also?  I do know it can become very controlling.
•    Jack Thondar: I do (in all my alts here) and I know some others do. We use G&S coin I know that. Auctions and tuna tournaments, etc
•    Ellora whispers, “i wear mine…the only way i can care for the fields and ensure plentiful harvests”
•    Jack Thondar: There is always food here for travellers and for the villagers. The folk in the village make it
•    In-na: So with your farm high up above the clouds do you actually find it can lag you out here or do you not really see any difference anyhow?  I often here different comments over it.
•    Ellora: there was more but we recently had a fishing tournament so it got wiped out a little.  i have lots cooking
•    Jack Thondar: I rarely get lag… unless I am RP-ing two alts in a busy longhall, like at parties and feasts
•    In-na: ahh yes well that will be understandable
•    Jack Thondar: We often have so many folk in here I have to kick t’Dragon out ato let more folk come into the sim
•    In-na laughs  “Well its better too many than not enough.  So do you often hold events here and invite your neighbours along?”
•    Jack Thondar: Please forgive me if I have rambled on. You probably haven’t got a single thing you actually came to find out. Yes we do, re invites. And they invite us to theirs
•    In-na: haha… we love to hear dedication and you have plenty of that *winks*
•    Jack Thondar: We had the EnKara festival this year on our second anniversary. That was a lock-out for most of the day. Jack Thondar: We had a tuna tournament in honour of Yar’s anniversary of being Hold. Jack Thondar: We hold fasts at mid-summer, coming of spring, yuletide, etc. Jack Thondar: Hold? The hold is actually the village itself and the Hold Jarl is the village leader… technically, everything in the crannog belongs to him unless he says otherwise… including bonds
•    In-na: Ahh excellent.. Okay…now… Its time I need to ask some of the more generic questions that are usually asked if you dont mind?
•    Jack Thondar: Of course
•    In-na: Okay thank you…here goes…..
•    In-na: What would you say your sim’s most attractive Feature would be?
•    Jack Thondar braces himsen once more… now worried (again)!
•    In-na: haha
•    Jack Thondar: Most attractive feature? You mean other than Ellora?
•    Jack Thondar: Well, the most attractive feature for me is……and please forgive my indulgence, here…But the sim has balance and proportion running from the two corrie lakes in the eastern mountains to the bay of the sea loch in which the crannog resides. The plan is simple and it… works. One of the ideas of the plan was and still is that…All the residential homes are is close together so that folk are always near each other. That is very deliberate. It creates a very close-knit community and allows the rest of the sim, to the east, to be wild
•    Ellora nods in agreement even if she thinks the most attractive feature is the little island with the pink trees where she passes her free time studying. But it’s not her interview *grins*
•    Jack Thondar: You will probably be aware that…..if you try to walk to the village from the dock… will be attacked by wild animals. That is partly for porotection but mainly to be…..different. The safe way to the crannog is by water…..just as I intended when the village was re-built in April 2014
•    In-na: How do you imagine your future in Gor ?
•    Ellora listens with great interest
•    Jack Thondar: My future or the crannog’s?
•    Minnie: yours in general
•    Jack Thondar: Well, I’m not important, here… it’s the villagers that count. It’s their SL/entertainment time and all do is provide a settled and, so folk say, achingly beautiful environment for them to live their torvie lives. And so I do. Yar runs the RP and that will take its course just as RP should. We are part of several torvie “steering” groups re RP and torvie life. We hope we can contribute actively to the developments that those fora come up with. All with the surety that the crannog will always be here.
•    Minnie: Give us in one sentence, a reason for our readers to join your group
•    Jack Thondar: Jacmar’s Haven gives you the security to build traditional, torvie RP long-term in an environment that, some say, is THE most beautiful in all Gor
•    Minnie: nods
•    Jack Thondar: Does that hit the mark?
•    In-na: Yes very good thank you
•    Minnie: we want thank you for all answers
•    In-na: We all just try to spread the word of Gor around and we take no sides.  Its people like you with your dedication that keep gor going and we thank you for that x
•    Jack Thondar: If there’s any way I can help you further now or in the future, you know where we are

Interview With An Assassin

•    Red Sherwood*: Hello Shair Hiddan*. You are a member of the Black caste, is that correct ?
•    Shair Hiddan: nods respectfully Red..I am.
•    Red Sherwood: At least my informations on this were exact. I do suppose that the Black cast have use for slaves girls, my question then is the following. Aside from the obvious, are those girls used for any particular tasks ?
•    Shair Hiddan: Eyes and Ears Red is the only use for such slaves.. As a condition of training we are forbidden to form attachments of any sort. But as it would be, slaves are used to gather information from sources that would be less inclined and forthcoming in the presence of a mask, they have proven time and time again to be rather invaluable .. its why we keep them around.
•    Red Sherwood: So your uses of a slave girl would be first and foremost to gather informations. I would suppose that sometime they might be prevented to come back to you, being that they were claimed, or killed, what would happen then ? I would believe they would have some sensible informations on their owners, or I am mistaken ?
•    Shair Hiddan: the association is always mono directional.. and contact times and location are set well in advance.. if one appointment is misses.. then a second slave is sent…amd a third untill the objective is achieved.. My Caste makes no claim on any slave… The association is Secret..  The slaves are specially trained and conditioned to carry out designated tasks…. but where intervention is needed it is swift and without trace.. all slaves as like my own caste.. know the dangers.. they are accepted fully or they are never engaged.
•    Red Sherwood: I see, it indeed make sense. Would you have anything to add for our readers’ benefit, before we conclude this interview ?
•    Shair Hiddan: only that they enjoy the life Odin has granted… its is a common misconception that the Black Cast do not hold any regard for life.. in fact its the total opposite we value it more than most… its death we honor above all else…
•    Red Sherwood: And this conclude our interview. Thank you for your time and your explanations.
(names have been changed for safety reasons.)

Grenna: The BTB Foundation of Female-Outlaws  (Kimba)

(Grenna: The BTB Foundation of Female-Outlaws
by Kimba of Northern Lights Outlaws)
•    This passage from Hunters, is the book-based foundation for a Home like ours, of mixed male and female outlaws.
•    In this quote, we see that Panthers and FM can be lovers, the Panther even sexually submissive – but the man sees the wisdom in having the woman remain a free.  I believe this would be equally valid in reverse.  A Panther might well decline to take a FM as a slave, but allow him to hunt with her as a near-equal.  We also see that Arn’s men are not going batshit-crazy to have a Panther in their midst.  Even, it seems, a nearly-naked one?
•    This is a morning-after scene, after the Panther Grenna has been in the man’s power all night.  Verna had been enslaved by Marlenus and served him well, but got Marlenus to free her, and got back to a Panther mindset, despite having been a slave.  She then tests the other Panthers of her band by ordering them to serve Marlenus’ men overnight, as if they were slaves.  In the morning, only 2 of the other 16 Panthers had not submitted.  Sheera remains free, as she will not submit to Tarl Cabot, because she knows he is still in love with Talena.  Verna is free also.  And Grenna.
– He began to leave the beach. Grenna looked wildly after him. Then, hands still tied behind her back, she ran to him.
– “Master,” she said.
– He looked at her. “I am an outlaw,” said he. “I have little use for a slave.”
– She stood there, bewildered. “I find you beautiful,” said Arn. “I desire you.”
– “I do not understand,” she stammered.
– He turned her about. With his sleen knife he cut the knotted loop of coffle leather from her throat. With his knife he cut the binding fiber from her wrists. He then held her from behind, by the arms, and kissed her, gently, on the right side of her throat.
– Still held, she whispered, not looking at him, “Am I not to submit to you?”
– He released her arms. “No,” he said. “I free you.”
– She turned to face him. she stood on the beach. She rubbed her wrists. She seemed startled.
– “I have little time,” said Arn, “I am an outlaw. I must hunt.” He turned away.
– “I am Grenna,” she cried suddenly. “I was second to Hura. I, too, am an outlaw. I, too, know the forests. I, too, must hunt.”
– Arn turned and faced her. “Do you find me pleasing?” he asked.
– “I do,” said she, “Arn.”
– “On my head,” said Arn, “I wear the degradation strip.”
– “Let me, too, so shave my head,” said she.
– He smiled. “I must hunt,” he said.
– She smiled at him. “I must hunt, too,” she said.
– Arn extended her his hand. “Come,” he said, “let us hunt together.”
– Arn and Grenna, followed by his men, entered the forest, and disappeared.
•    What is really important here is the way it the scene ends in this open fashion, inviting speculation as to what kind of Home might have grown around Grenna and Arn.  Logically to me, the other men would soon see how good Arn had it, and want to get their own Panthers.  Rogue Panthers would see this was a pretty good deal and join up.  Other men would join, drawing more Panthers.  More Panthers would join, drawing more men.  People would realize that this was a better paradigm for both kinds of people, better than Panther Lairs and better than outlaw homes with slaves.
•    Such a band would grow strong, and quite likely eventually take over a village, or a fortress, or an island on the edge of the Forest.  We could claim to be a BTB group.  We could say we are Arn and Grenna’s Band, grown up, twenty years later.  The only difference being that we have a female Leader, like Tarna from Tribesmen.  So our foundation from the books is that we are fusing two similar BTB concepts about outlaw groups.  We are taking the location and mixed nature of our Home from Arn and Grenna, and the female Leader of a large group of outlaws from Tarna, and merging them into one premise: A large outlaw band led by a great female fighter who is mostly dominant sexually, the band composed of Panthers and other outlaws, male and female, who have become strong enough to move out of the Forest and take over a fortress and village on an island on the Forest coast of Thassa.


A Tour in Tharna (Minnie)

•    Asra Kron (X4Ten Resident) : Tal Minnie
•    Minnie (Maxfromfrance Resident) : Tal Asra
•    Asra Kron (X4Ten Resident) looks at the girl. “You stay as you are girl”
•    Hunter (Ghost Wolfhunter): me Mistress or her..?
•    Minnie (Maxfromfrance Resident) frowns
•    Asra Kron (X4Ten Resident): I will talk to you about this later. “growls”
Hunter (Ghost Wolfhunter): sorry Mistress and Mistress
•    Asra Kron (X4Ten Resident): Alright then…. Since we have time. I will show you around the Woods and ridge. This way to the Woods.
•    Asra Kron (X4Ten Resident): You remember the Old 3 sims Tharna
•    Minnie?
•    Minnie (Maxfromfrance Resident): not all
•    Asra Kron (X4Ten Resident): Well in the old days there were three sims. The Woods were mainly at water level. Now we only have 2, City and Woods. What we did was : Place the Woods Ridge in altitude, same size as the sim itself. We have iC and OOC ways to the Ridge. I will show you one of the iC. This level we call the Lake. Tharna is in the northern midlands. No shores, no rivers. So to make up for SL water, we call this a lake
•    Asra Kron (X4Ten Resident): This way… This plot is available why so empty. So the Lake as the ridge is now part farmland
•    Asra Kron (X4Ten Resident): Tharna is a fully G&S economy. We use the G&S hud as much as the GM meter
•    Asra Kron (X4Ten Resident): There is a “tunnel” from here to the old mines. The pod is the cave entrance. These are the ancient Tunnels. The way to the creek is the same. The tatrix charged me with the Ridge and the command of the Rangers.
•    Asra Kron (X4Ten Resident): when using the escape rout from the Lake you have these two ropes to climb up. But Rangers and mine officers know how to operate the ore elevator. It’s built to carry Silver
•    Asra Kron (X4Ten Resident): We are going to the top of the Ridge. There are more tunnels, these are just a few.
•    Minnie (Maxfromfrance Resident): a lot of details, a lot of things to load
•    Asra Kron (X4Ten Resident): yes, You will lag a bit until your cache fills
•    Asra Kron (X4Ten Resident): Tharna is G&S enabled and very detailed. Takes tiime to load
•    Minnie (Maxfromfrance Resident): yeahhh love landscape
•    Asra Kron (X4Ten Resident): Redhill’s back door. This is our farm
•    Minnie (Maxfromfrance Resident): hard work all g&s
•    Asra Kron (X4Ten Resident): Yes it is
•    Asra Kron (X4Ten Resident): But we love it and it brings pause and balance
•    Minnie (Maxfromfrance Resident): and it helps with rp
•    Asra Kron (X4Ten Resident): A lot
•    Asra Kron (X4Ten Resident): As a builder I was pleased when G&S launched the carpentry series. I actually get some orders for G&S builds but they are limited
•    Minnie (Maxfromfrance Resident): it gaves you more ideas ?
•    Asra Kron (X4Ten Resident): What I do is build myself or mod existant builds. It is fun to work the carpentry but I do is mostly to attract others. Carpenters are artisans and we would welcome one
•    Asra Kron (X4Ten Resident): So let s go to the City
•    Asra Kron (X4Ten Resident): On weekends, Sahiela has G&S tuna tournaments. We ask people to dress appropriately and if gorean to fish iC. We have a weekly G&S in character auction. We only have it assembled for the auction
•    Asra Kron (X4Ten Resident): City then, This way. Welcome to the City of Silver Minnie
•    Minnie (Maxfromfrance Resident): Thank you
•    Asra Kron (X4Ten Resident): Have you seen our library Minnie?
•    Minnie (Maxfromfrance Resident): no
•    Asra Kron (X4Ten Resident): It’s one of the greatest and most beautiful in Gor. 4 floors of knowledge
•    Minnie (Maxfromfrance Resident): whoahh
•    Asra Kron (X4Ten Resident): all organized. We have an excellent librarian. He is still working but much is done. All the shelves give ncs. The Poet’s Rest, Tavern… Access to the Baths…. You can come down to the baths from the rooms. This is the Rangers Library

Interview Asra Kron and Leigh Kron, Tharna (Minnie)

•    Asra Kron: Min this is Leigh my FC
•    Minnie: Greetings Leigh
•    Leigh Kron: Greetings  Min, smiles
•    Asra Kron: She is also the Hand of the Tatrix, and our RP leader
•    Leigh Kron: smiles
•    Asra Kron: Minnie and I toured Tharna and the Woods. She liked the library
•    Minnie: I liked a lot of things
•    Minnie: i just wonder if too much details wont make place too much laggy
•    Asra Kron: Takes 2 hours for a full tour. It s not that laggy, no
•    Leigh Kron: once you have cached tharna
•    Asra Kron: The details are assimilated by the cache Minnie
•    Minnie: but i m not a specialist
•    Minnie:  We ll begin interview. So, an OOC interview will be done with Asra and Leigh
•    Minnie: Can you introduce yourself, your group and this place
•    Leigh Kron laughs ‘I am Leigh, a physician here, and also Hand of the Tatrix”
•    Asra Kron: And I am Asra Kron, a Builder here and also the Rangers eldest…
•    Leigh Kron: This is Tharna, and we are in the Poets’ Rest, our Inn
•    Asra Kron nods nods and whispers “Better say it’s Andi’s Inn…”
•    Leigh Kron: you can tell about the Inn Asra..
•    Asra Kron: Well, What would you like to know, Tharna first?
•    Minnie: Please Tharna first in general, The group, the land, how many persons
•    Asra Kron: Well Tharna has been through many stages through the years. It is still considered one of SL Gor’s oldest regions. Our SL-Tharna was founded in 2005 by Tatrix Ayana. Since that time she has been passed down from one tatrix to the next. She is one of the longest lasting SL-Gor groups. This version began in November of 2012 with Sahiela Lavendel taking over from Juicy Bamaisin, who had run Tharna for 5 full years.
•    Asra Kron: Now as for the RP timeline, As you probably know, in the books, Lara had a very short reign, 10113 to 10117. It was the Silver Masks era. Men were little more than servants, many slaves in the mines, Women ruled supreme. Foreigners were lured into slavery by the 10 ahn law. That all changed in 10117
•    Asra Kron: Slave revolt, Lara in chains. All women were enslaved. the Silver Masks that escaped became panthers. In power a low caste man, by the name of Kron, a blacksmith
•    Asra Kron: anyway, he was not meant to last as John Norman stated several times that low castein power bring doom and gloom. And so it was that unhappy, Tharnians got rid of him and we have a true Tatrix again. Both the excesses from the pre revolution and post revolution were purged
•    Asra Kron: OOC I can tell you that Tharna was GE for a long time. Too long. The conversion to BTB is slow and sometimes painful
•    Minnie: what are your personnal stories in Gor
•    Asra Kron: Oh dear, You start Leigh
•    Leigh Kron: hmmm- I came here in 2013. As a Village Shaman. I submitted to a Woman living here at the time. Her name was Alma. So – was a slave in Tharna. As a shaman i used to heal in the village. And the Lady Soraya wanted me to by physician but as slave that was impossible. So she and Alma connived. I was set free so that Soraya could mentor me. So there after, i was apprentice, and eventually Physician. The Tatrix herself gave me the honour
•    Minnie: And you Asra
•    Asra Kron smiles “And now she is Head of her Caste here…”
•    Asra Kron: Hmmmm Well … I was born in the Schendi forests. From a Kron father and of an Isanna red savage mother. In the South, The rain Forests where Lake N’Gao is, Just above the Tahari, West of the Voltai Range
•    Asra Kron: My Grandfather had been an Initiate. Is a Builder. I am a Builder after him as my father;s Caste is denied to me. He is an Initiate protector. My mother was sold when I was a baby. I was raised as a boy until my nature betrayed me. Was made to run becoming of gorean age. As I was a liability to my father. Searched for my mother… ran North as I never found her. Became a Panther. After a while I went back, My grandfather took me in. My father nearly slit my throat as he saw me return a young woman. I was 19
•    Asra Kron: Eventually, to my regret I was exiled. Spent time in the sands. Then in Vigo where I had a residence. Eventually went back into the wild. Met Leigh as I was En of the Sa Luna Tor. And when I left for the Thassa Sea to start my own tribe. I left Sa Luna Tor to become En Jerag of my own sisters. That’s when I found aakii… The island on the Thassa where we were happy for a while and where Leigh and I were FC’ed. In time the Thassa fog hid Aakii island and Leigh called me back to Tharna, where I sometimes came to be with her. Being high born opened a lot of doors most see shut when they go wild. So… here I am.
•    Minnie: Can we consider you as old Goreans or do you see you as old Gorean persons ?
•    Asra Kron: OOC I was born to Gor in 2006. Lived in Old Venna, a beautiful place I still miss. My old character was old school even if her dwellings were more GE than BTB
•    Asra Kron: She lived her life in Gor with one condition, One life and one death. When she died, she vanished
•    Leigh Kron: I dont see myself at anything, just a gorean woman
•    Minnie: Gor could be a life’s philosophy. Do you adapt your RL with your Gorean life ?
•    Asra Kron: oh Gods no “laughs”. No not in RL
•    Leigh Kron giggles “Very much no, my RL is not linked to my SL life”
•    Minnie: You are BTB, so have you contacts with Ge and if not, why
•    Asra Kron: Well there is a thing about Gor. When I first arrived in Gor there was no GE really it was starting. Back then there was no BTB either. We were just gorean and tolerant. A lot more tolerant than today. GE brought polarization. Suddenly there was BTB and GE
•    Leigh Kron: and every variation you can think of
•    Asra Kron: But the truth is GE’s promise turned sour. What was to be evolution turned out to be revolution. Suddenly anything went. And it was doomed to fail as it became more and more combat with no purpose. And endless capture RP over and over. When I was in my old charcater in Raiders of Gor I had mike constant calls for raids, like every hour. Now? Rare. Raids have all but died
•    Minnie: About Tharna, do you observe Home Stone and Caste System cultures? Can you tell me a bit about your land, who owns, builders. who decides, have you a council for all decisions
•    Leigh Kron: hmm our Home Stone is a secret, to be found in the books. But we do have
•    Asra Kron: I will leave that answer to Leigh but let me answer yours briefly. About welcoming GE, We RP everyone worth RP’ing with, GE or BTB. But our settings are BTB so if you are GE you need to keep that in mind
•    Leigh Kron: We have a normal Caste system here – not so far North as to be Odins. Never seemed to get any Initiates..Our difference is that tha Tatrix, once elected , is Tatrix for life..
•    Asra Kron: If a blessed one comes we will build him a temple
•    Leigh Kron: So – our governance is slightly different. There is a council , and we do vote and work on rules and laws, but the Tatrix has full veto rights.She does not use those often, and also abides by the rules once they are in place
•    Leigh Kron: smiles – OOC Sahiela Lavendal is our Builder, She owns and builds most of Tharna. We are working to change that now. So to give the Builders Caste more role play
•    Asra Kron: OOC and iC I assumed my position. I am also an accomplished sim designer and old school builder
•    Minnie: Builders Caste seems very important for you
•    Asra Kron: So around Tharna I terraform and build a lot now
•    Leigh Kron: only if you are commissioned Asra
•    Asra Kron: The one thing I brought to Tharna as far as building in character is concerned is how you build. If I am commissioned by a citizen I make the plans and build. That may be a mod build from a maker in the market like this Inn. Or a new one
•    Minnie: What would you say your sim’s most attractive Feature would be?
•    Asra Kron: Either way the builds are made real time – in SL terms
•    Asra Kron: oh dear
•    Leigh Kron: smiles – The walls around the City are the first that come to mind
•    Asra Kron: I think it is Tharna’s exception
•    Leigh Kron: they are immense and the first that a stranger sees
•    Asra Kron: More than any landmark or build
•    Minnie: i love your library
•    Asra Kron: What attracts me to Tharna it’s it’s exceptional status in Gor
•    Leigh Kron: The whole city is build to a specifc style – so it meshes with itself into a whole
•    Minnie: i ve visited a lot of places, i ve never seen a library like yours
•    Asra Kron: Yes we love the library it is one of Sahiela’s greatest builds and one of the most beautiful and large in all Gor
Leigh Kron: OOC that toook Sahi about 2 yrs to build. Over a 1000 textures
•    Minnie: i understand why. It s wonderful
•    Asra Kron: Yes it is a labor of love. We see Tharna as a cultural center. In time we hope to bring literature and dance and music
Minnie: Many sim owners get burnt out having to do everything listed and more. People wonder how people do it. How many hats do you wear as a sim owner (Warrior, Scribe, Moderator … and more)
•    Asra Kron: Yes….At the moment bot myself and Leigh are working on many fronts. iC we remain two prone
•    Leigh Kron nods “that is why in a way i am the Hand to the Tatrix
Asra Kron: She is the Hand of the Tatrix and a Physician, HoC. I am Builder and Ranger Eldest . But OOC we do alot of work in all areas
Leigh Kron: It is to help the city and to give the Tatrix and sim owner a bit of rest
•    Asra Kron: We try not to accumulate jobs
•    Asra Kron: One of the pillars of Gorean society is that you can only have one Caste. So iC we can’t really be more than we are except an pointed position, like Hand or Ranger commander
•    Leigh Kron: nods, i am a green, nothing else
•    Asra Kron: Not caste related, I am only a Builder
Minnie: How do you imagine your future in Gor ?
•    Asra Kron thinks “Future is a tricky thing…”
•    Leigh Kron: Our future – to havea full, happy population in city and i farms. Working together
•    Asra Kron:  “That is our goal”
•    Asra Kron: But yes we seethe future as bright or we would not be living here. We both love Tharna very much
•    Minnie: All names have a story. What is the story of your personnal name
•    Leigh Kron blink – my name ? My father and mother gave to me – laughs – they were Tanners on the roads. Not sure if it has any significance
•    Minnie: Tell me more about the build. What did you use for all, are you done with all
•    Asra Kron: You mean the Inn?
•    Minnie: All
•    Asra Kron: Hmmm
•    Leigh Kron: hmm, that question would be for the Tatrix
•    Asra Kron: Hard question. The thing is. Sahiela is a very good OOC builder. She is the prime builder. And she hitches a lot. As a builder I do too. But we try to make Tharna as stable as possible
•    Leigh Kron: Most sims are build OOC i think
•    Asra Kron: Personally I believe in the “coming home” feeling
•    Leigh Kron: so the experiment to see if we can do it ic is fun
•    Asra Kron: Meaning you actually recognize the place you live in. The Woods
•    Leigh Kron: Andi was hopping around like a cat on a hot roof waiting for Asra to finish
•    Asra Kron: the architecture and landscape. I like to KNOW they are the same. That is what makes a place home. A place where you have a mountain and a tower in one place today and a lake and a batrn in the same place tomorrow is no home.  It’s just a sandbox. Stability is important. It makes the place you live in a real home.There is room for change
•    Minnie: Give me in one sentence, a reason for our readers to join your group
•    Leigh Kron: tharna is a sim to live in properly, not just to come for a day every so often, we want people to be so much a part of it. To really view Tharna as home. – For me that is so so important
•    Minnie: And you Asra
•    Asra Kron: In one sentence, Tharna is a place to roleplay Gor in an exceptional setting, BTB even, and a lovely place to live and make a life, make your story richer
•    Minnie: Have you something to add
•    Leigh Kron: grins, – hmm yes
•    Minnie: please do
•    Leigh Kron: we never mentioned the Farming we do  – Its all outside the City but we have farms and slaves and everyone out there on farms. Working and visiting each other. – in a real community
•    Minnie: i ve visited and it ll be a good part of all RP, i think
•    Leigh Kron: yes, very much so
•    Asra Kron smiles “And you need time to see it, feel it, becoming part of Tharna is a process and a rewarding one if you are willing to learn – G&S brought realism to many aspects of RP. We no longer eat invisble pies, no longer pretend we are coking or fishing or tending fields…”
•    Minnie: I think that you have done a full SIM ready for all new RP with a lot of details, maybe too much, but you did a choice and i respect this choice
•    Asra Kron: Yes I agree on the detailling but as Leigh said, once you allow your cache to fill you are good.
•    Minnie: But all i ve seen pleased me with a particular point, your library
•    Leigh Kron: if a warrior comes, he has a warrior hall, if a scribe comes – a magnificent library
•    Minnie: it seems that you have thought to all
•    Asra Kron: The Library and the Inn are just two pieces of it
•    Asra Kron: Thank you so much Min, Was good to have you
•    Minnie: thank you. Interview is over. Now, I ve to work and edit all for next issue.

Village  of Black Bosk  (Roran)

•    Ever feel that the day-to-day village life is lacking, that your day at the fort feels like an archery game?  Well there is one sim which has taken the complexity of its domestic roleplay to a whole new level.
•    Black Bosk is a lakeside fishing village amongst the mountains, where year-round harvests make for plenty of food – if people work for it.  Luckily there is already enough slaves to keep the present population fed, but if you arrive newly you may find yourself asked to build boats, cut crops, learn a trade, or do something more useful than just fighting.
•    Reaching into your endless pouch of copper coins is no use here, as the sim implements its own currency which must be earned, similar to the Kingdom of Sand (for those of Tahari origin who may recognise it).
•    From the entrance you may be tempted to enter the village and climb to the castle; however there are plentiful fishing opportunities, bosk hunting, and even some tool sheds, to the south and east of the island.

Interview Dark, Black Bosk (Roran & Minnie)

•    Minnie: Tal Sir and thank you
•    Spoons: greetings Mistress
•    Dark: welcome!
•    Minnie: Greetings Girl
•    Minnie: I love your land and the build. Minnie: I ve visited a bit and a lot of good details
•    Spoons beams
•    Minnie: It s not easy to find new places with new ideas. You did something a bit different. And i want thank you for this
•    Dark: glad to hear it 🙂
•    Minnie: I will do the interview. You have one hour you said ?
•    Dark: Yes
•    Minnie: ok, we begin. It s an OOC interview. If you dont want answer at some questions, tell me. Let me introduce myself, i m Min, Owner of Gazette of Gor and i ll do interview of Dark, Owner of Black Bosk Island
•    Dark: ok – Spoons Xallana is half owner
•    Minnie: First, Can you introduce yourself, your group and this place
•    Dark: I am known as Dark, the leader off the Black Bosk group who inhabits Black Bosk Island. We are a southern group, a rural group of low caste people
•    Minnie: rural group ? so you are most farmer
•    Dark: No, we are miners. There are rich deopsits of iron and copper here. But the village supports our mining enterprise.
•    Minnie: nods
•    Minnie: what is your personnal story in gor
•    Dark: I have been in Gor for 8 years. I have been on many gor sims and recently have build several – built them for RP, and I have learned more and more from each
•    Minnie: so we can consider you as an old gorean ?
•    Spoons: he lives !
•    Minnie: Tal Roran
•    Roran Karu: tal all.  nice view from up here
•    Dark: Yes I would say that, even though I bend the rules for practical reasons sometimes.
•    Minnie: you bend the rules *smiles* tell me more about this vision of bending rules
•    Dark: BTB can get very stifling. I dont bend rules much but I like ot see it so individuals are allowed to pursue their personal stories easier.
•    Minnie: Are you more BTB or Ge
•    Dark: this island is substantially BTB. Although it is not a place in the books and we cannot have big raids due to technical issues at the moment – the sim is a homestead, but it has much to offer.
•    Minnie: i understand and 20 persons max in homestead
•    Dark: yes thats right, but it is more do do with the technical ability of the server which makes raids a problem, and raids in my experience create huge amounts of drama in BTB sims
•    Minnie: i agree and not only in BTB. Have you contacts with Ge ?
•    Dark: Yes I have played on GE sims and have GE freinds, and some are only GE because they allow female fighters = other than that they woudl be BTB. I also spent alot of time with Dark Sword Outlaws and Ghost in GE, you do find some decent role players in there, and it is good to develop combat skills
•    Dark: But taking your cat to a battel isnt funny lol
•    Minnie: do you observe Home Stone and Caste System cultures?
•    Dark: Yes we do, although the caste system here is that of a rural settlement, we have scribes and greens, but not reds – we have a militia not a single caste of warriors
•    Minnie: Can you tell me a bit about your land, who owns, builders. who decides, have you a council for all decisions
•    Dark: Not yet, as we are new and we build I am the BOSS lol. This makes it easier to respond and move things quickly. But i do listen…a little. I think I jnow what words and what does not
•    Dark: The Rp model is a bit like Tabuks Ford in the books
•    Minnie: you told that the SIM has many things to offer. What would you say your sim’s most attractive Feature would be?
•    Dark: its beauty and build. A build that inspire role play and makes it happen. For example the forest is a dangerous place but also a place you can actually hunt. It can put you in the infirmary or provide a butcher with meat….
•    Minnie: smiles
•    Dark: the key aim is to make the sim work to give RP opportunity in a pro active way
•    Minnie: as Boss, *winks* you have to do many tasks. Many sim owners get burnt out having to do every thing listed and more. People wonder how people do it. How many hats do you wear as a sim owner (Warrior, Scribe, Moderator … and more). How many hats have you
•    Dark: Yes they do get burned out. We do have enough people in caste roles to cover IC work, and as a ‘Chief’ I just nudge the RP along the right lines. I like people who are pro-active in RP and also want to help in the development of the sim OOC. I have help from Xallana in promoting the sim and damaging certain aspects. So I have one RP hat, I delegate and allow freedoms to caste members,m shoudl they wish to take it. Other than that I moderate and manage, and build now and again
•    Dark: managing not damaging LOL
•    Spoons laughs
•    Minnie: Spoons, your co owner is your slave ?
•    Dark: yes and first girl
•    Dark: so the realtioship is easy, I …::::B!tChSlap:::.. her ass and she does as she is told
•    Minnie: Now, some bad questions
•    Dark: oh good
•    Minnie: How do you imagine your future in Gor ?
•    Dark: Emperor of Ar
•    Dark: Or
•    Minnie: hehe
•    Dark: developing this sim as a model for others, how to make a sim thats inspires Rp in the way it is built and organised and make sit work – rather than having to pus it all the time. And maybe at some point adding another HS to this one to extend Rp possibilities
Minnie: All names have a story. What is the story of your name, the story of the land’s name too
•    Dark: Darkness Papp is a name I tagged myself when I arrived – not in gor – I wasn’t well at the time LOL. But I kept it even though its not Gorean, but the character is certainly Dark by name and Dark by nature. Dark was a pirate for a long time. Black Bosk isnt a gorean place, but it is in the spirit of one – like Tabuks Ford. And it is so hard to find a BTB name that hasn’t been used and causes friction if you use one that has.
•    Minnie: and for Spoons
•    Dark: Let Spoosn answer that
•    Minnie: nods
•    Dark: then I will give you the real answer
•    Minnie: stares at Spoons
•    Dark: slaps Spoons ass
•    Dark: wake up
•    Spoons laughs, my Master loves his food so spoons was a useful name to have
•    Minnie: And the real answer ?
•    Dark: It’s is a way smaller commumites name slaves – something everyday and usually simple – spoons, sandal strap, vulo, boots lashes etc
•    Minnie: giggles
•    Dark: well it is the way I name them, in a very unromantic way
•    Minnie: Gor could be a life’s philosophy. Do you adapt your RL with your Gorean life ?
•    Dark: I adjust my gorean philosophy to RL, life as a public gorean isnt very easy – although many in RL hold the basic tenets of the relationship between male and female to be a John Normam suggests. They just keep their ideas to themselves so they are not vilified by the feminist world the West has become –
•    Minnie: Give me in one sentences, a reason for our readers to join your group
•    Roran Karu smiles at the good question, makes mental note to use that one later
•    Dark: If you are looking for a realistic btb role play experience where you can drive your RP, where the location will help drive and inspire you, then come to the island of the Black Bosk and meet me of course, future King of Ar
•    Minnie: do you want add something else
•    Dark: no I have enjoyed the interview – but let Spoons have a final word OOC of course, we do not want a beating
•    Minnie: Last word for Spoons
•    Dark: you may words like magnificent to describe your master
•    Spoons smiles ” I just want people to come here and have fun, enjoy being everyday goreans “
•    Minnie: It was a very pleasant interview with clever persons able to have humour. Thank you for this
•    Dark: well ty for helping us, it is appreciates
•    Spoons: yes very much so

Skolldir Lore  (Minnie)


•    Welcome to Skolldir, home of the truest warriors of Odin. It wasn’t until recently the city that was once forgotten has now been rediscovered. A band of warriors, expelled from their land – honor and respect taken from them – that discovered the history of this land that was once forgotten, and gave it life again onto the world of Gor.

•    Long ago, up in the Hrimgar Mountains was a village. This village was home to many warriors, for all the warriors in Gor strived to come to this village – whether it is for final rest, or to protect those ancestors that were laid to rest.

•    These warriors, or protectors, were handpicked by Odin to guard this city of his chosen few for Valhalla. However the warriors grew restless, and wanted change. With old blood dying, and new blood rising, the warriors left their home to wander Gor. Some wander the Northern Forest, other trekked deeper South and became that which they fought against.

•    Odin, greatly displeased at the actions of these men, decided to destroy the city. He buried the city on the land itself, and buried the life these warriors had made and left.

•    But time flows like a river, and history would once again come to light…

•    A band of warriors, and their companions since banished from their home along the outskirts of the Northern Forests, have made the trek to this long forgotten city. Some say Odin gave them a vision. Others say they wish to disappear from Gor, and remain ever watchful over the many people within the North. Whatever the reason is, they fell upon Skolldir.

•    Seeing fit to take these warriors, as well as calling forth many more, to use them to rebuild the lost city, Odin has decided to let them stay, and watches over these people through their hardships, and despair – and helps these people persevere through it all.

•    He knew that these were the people to rebuild this land, and return it to the former glory that it once was. However, one still remains that no one knows is out there. One still can lay claim to being a descendant to the clan of Skolldir, and take his rightful place among the ancestors. Where he is, no one knows, but only time will tell if he becomes aware of whom he really is, and how deep his blood runs….

•    Welcome to Skolldir – land of the ancestral warriors of Gor, come and protect these warriors so they and their legends aren’t ever forgotten.

Private vs City Slaves (by Frey)

•    I caught a very interesting discussion regarding whether it was harder on a girl to be a private slave or a city (or state) slave and the subject peaked my interest.  It’s a great question!  Though I suspect that there is an element of “the grass is always greener” to this subject as well.  I took an opportunity to ask around to get some opinions of slaves girls on which was more difficult, and both types gave great feedback as to why each is a challenging position.
•    First, there is the type of tasks.  When it comes to food service, a city slave is the one who comes running when the Inn or Tavern bell is rung…. or at least they are supposed to do so, I’m sure you’ve seen many that will not answer the call.  That can be very challenging… but on the other hand, if the master is doing right, the private slave will come running as well.  There is also housekeeping task. For the city slave, there’s much more ground to cover.  They wash the streets and common areas, where the private slave need only tend to one household.
•    Second, where as a city slave need only worry and toil over the city’s need, the private slave’s work often goes much more into detail.  Sure, when the city kennel is sparse, the work is much harder… but then when the kennel is stocked, the work is rather light.  This is not so for a private slave, they often find themselves alone on the chain and the only one there to take care of the tasks.
•    Third, there is pleasing the master sexually.  For the city slave, she does not know what is expected of her when she is called to furs, each master may have different likes and dislikes and for the savvy slave, this can be exciting…. while for the newbie, this can be a nightmare.  This may be the one area where the private slave has the advantage.  She would quickly learn how to please her master. her only challenge is to not let things get boring.  I can tell you from experience, a private slave does not get called to furs by those that do not own her very often.  Many simply do not want the hassle of potentially dealing with a jealous master (no, it’s not Gorean, but it is common in SL Gor for masters to be the boyfriend of their slave, certainly, it’s wrong, but it happens).
•    Lastly, and probably most important is the connection… the safety.  The city slave does not usually have this, typically they get to know the city’s citizens, but there is no direct, strong connection.  The city slave is owned at a distance, which many would feel is a serious negative.  The private slave has her master at her back, he will protect and guide her, the connection there cannot compare at all to a city slave.
•    So, to wrap this up, there are clear advantages to being both.  Which is best, greatly depends on the personality of each girl.  it’s this slave’s opinion that being a city slave is a bit harder than private, but then I’ve been both and have throughly enjoyed the perks of both roles.

© Gazette of Gor


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