The Gazette of Gor – Issue 19

Disclaimer: All images contained herein are stock images of Lunacaleengpanthers.
(Gorean Press Edition)

•     From the Editor’s Desk (Homar Wilson)
•     Ticket’s Mood (Minnie)
•     Whip Show – The Gor That Is  (Frey)
•     City of Ianda: Tour and Interview with Rarius Yuroki (Mariko)
•     Sa’ Seraka Tor Panthers (Minnie)
•     About Sardar Fair (Minnie)
•     Interview Lady Takama – Sardar Fair (Minnie)
•     Valdrtosk (Minnie)
•     A Kajira Shares   (Frey)
•     Events
– Gallery of Photos
•     Editors and Writers needed
•     Feedbacks

From the Editor’s Desk (Homar Wilson)

•     First of all I would like to thank everyone who reads the Gazette.
Without your support, we would be fishing for ideas and guessing at what is newsworthy.
•     Second, our Staff works hard to find the stories, the ideas, the things that interest you the reader. we all do the fancy foot work to get the stories, to get the interviews, to get the information about the Lands of Gor.
•     Third, the People that allow us to interview them, without you being willing to allow us to do these interviews, without you allowing us to report on the hard work you do for constructions of your lands, we would not be able to help the readers to find you and your Lands.
•     Thank you all, and personal Kudos (do they have those in gor??? laughs) to each and every one of you.

•     In coming issues we will begin a Series of articles entitled “The Journey to …..” an ongoing journey series about the castes of gor. the roles we as a Gorean Society chose to learn about, to fine tune to our best ability. we will not just focus on the top 5 caste, we will work with every one from initiates all the way to the slaves, both male and female. this will be a diverse series to inform everyone on what castes and roles people are interested in. from high caste to lower caste to even the slaves of both sexes. within this series we will look at the “old timers” that have been here since the beginning,  but will also include those freshly starting out. what started them? what have they learned? and the most important thing, what do they want to get out of gor?

Ticket’s Mood (Minnie)

•     Gor is a huge playground where are many activities like Role Player or great fights and battles. And although, most of the fighting is done by Outlaws, this can not mean that we should not follow some rules. I know the excitement of combat can lead to certain ends, certain deficiencies. But when you ask someone to respect, at least, his opponents, to demonstrate a certain ethic, so we hope to see this person get into our game respecting the basis of a Gorean fight. There are certain categories of fighters: The Raiders, the Pew Pews, the Outlaws, the panthers, the Warriors. I’ll talk about another category: cheaters.
•     A week ago, I saw a person accumulate offenses during a fight. I quote in random order: Detach the Meter, Climb rock walls, Become invisible. This person was not the only one to do this kind of nonsense. A noob did the same mistake. But at least this noob had the excuse of being newbie. Our great fighter, himself, was not noob. He was only a little punk who did not like being downed. So he started to cheat. He became Spiderman climbing the mountains, he became immortal to not be downed, he became Harry Potter with his invisibility cloak. And besides, he was rude, mocking the warnings. This person does not deserve to be Gorean. He has no pride. He should just be banished from our world. For my part, I banished him from my mind and my Gor. He deserves my contempt. I do not greet you, Mister Y………. Resident. I hope to not see you again.
(You can ask me, the log of this fight in IM and the name of this cheater)

Whip Show – The Gor That Is   (by Frey)

•     The Benefits of “The Gor That Is”  (by Frey)
•     I am still in my first year of Gor, though the basic principles are not new to me, the books, the role play, and many of the protocols are new.  Over the last 6 months, I have aggressively sought out to learn the details of the Gor philosophy… to do so, one must do more than simply read the books.  A wise learner looks for the aid of others who know the culture well… those that are experts.
•     I found many of these gems, and one of them is a panel talk show that airs weekly on the Whip Radio.  For those unaware, each sim has a radio station option.  You access the sound by clicking the music note on the top right of your window (Firestorm).
•     This talk show is called “The Gor That Is” and airs on Tuesdays from 6pm to 8pm SLT at the Gorean Campus.  Whip radio hosts a few talk shows, all wonderful, but none quite exactly the same.  Tuesday’s panel show has about five, old school, Goreans who discuss in depth various important topics.  The members are not paid, they do not receive any glory.. they are simply a group of humble individuals who have come together for engaging conversation and are willing to share it with others.
•     I cannot recommend listening to this show enough, for both new to Gor and long time members.  The topics are amazingly engaging, things each of us encounters and struggles with daily.  The entire Gor community is welcome to come and sit with the panel and discuss viewpoints in local chat.  It does not matter what style of Gor you prefer or what role you currently hold… this is a weekly event that you should not be missing.

City of Ianda: Tour and Interview with Rarius Yuroki (Mariko Marchant)


•    Mariko Marchant: Tal Rarius

–    Rarius Yuroki (yuroki.uriza): Tal Mariko
•    Mariko Marchant: I am very impressed by this Sim. Can you tell me something about this Sim?
–    Rarius Yuroki (yuroki.uriza): Ianda is one of the oldest Gor sims in Secondlife, I was Admin and Ubar here between March 2011 until December 2012, then I left because of several reasons. The sim had been renamed for a short while as Vigo. But then the sim owner asked me to rebuilt because she likes my style. I gave up my own sim Tancred’s Landing and decided to settle here too.
We called it Ianda now because that has been mentioned in the books as a merchant isle in the southern Thassa, not far from Anango. Ianda has many secrets, but I will not show you everything, I apologize.
•     Mariko Marchant: smiles
–     Rarius Yuroki (yuroki.uriza): We have an area for the black caste, at the moment two killers live here. They established a black caste court.
•     Mariko Marchant: Interesting…are you raided often?
–    Rarius Yuroki (yuroki.uriza): No, because the sim is pretty new after the rebuild, I must add one thing perhaps about raids: The old Landa had a kinda bad reputation because we were in war with 19 cities and won all battles, we had 12 active warriors 2012 and after that war nobody wanted to attack us, we were bored and people left. We have to rebuild that reputation perhaps, but at the moment we are looking for a good and active commander.
i do not longer play red caste but merchant.
•     Mariko Marchant: i see.. so most people come here to trade?
–    Rarius Yuroki (yuroki.uriza): Yes, Ianda is one of the founders of the true Southern trade alliance (2012) which has 14 members at the moment. You see the coat of arms of that STA besides the gate?
•     Mariko Marchant: yes i see
–    Rarius Yuroki (yuroki.uriza): We can make a tour by boat, here are a lot of streams and you can even pass the mainplace by sailing boat. My favourite building is the public bath, i won the architecturalcontest of Landa 2011 with it.
•      Mariko Marchant:  I have been to this beautiful city earlier today and iI saw there is so much detail, must took a long time to build, am i correct?
–    Rarius Yuroki (yuroki.uriza): Scratches his head:   two months.
•     Mariko Marchant: Yes, I would like to do the tour by boat.
•      Mariko Marchant: I think I have enough
–    Rarius Yuroki (yuroki.uriza): Ok.
•     Mariko Marchant: It is up to the readers to discover more.
–    Rarius Yuroki (yuroki.uriza): Yes.
•     Mariko Marchant: Thank you.
–    Rarius Yuroki (yuroki.uriza): Thank you for your visit.
•     Mariko Marchant: You are very welcome.
(You can see  the boat tour and a walk in the city at:
•     Ianda has taken it’s time and is growing into a busy city. Now is the time to step up and protect its walls and attack our enemies.  Due to other commitments our Commander is stepping down and we are looking for a replacement!
•     You should have a reputation.
•     We are looking for a forward thinking man who is ready to rally the warriors of Ianda!  A man who is ready to train our men to defend the citizens of Ianda and take on the new threat of outlaws who hide in caves along the river plundering the barges that pass…
•     If you know of such a man or believe you could take on the position on the High Council contact Siri Emerald (Admin, US timezone) or Rarius Yuroki (member of the admin team, GMT timezone)

Sa’ Seraka Tor Panthers (Minnie)

•     Sa’ Seraka Tor Panthers have moved in a new land. And Lyric did a wonderful work in this new place with two fantastic builders, Ƹ̵̡ .иίßןεţ  Skaði…̵̨̄Ʒ (koyia.bellic) and  Ƹ̵̡ .Calixte Skaði…̵̨̄Ʒ (janet.mai). My old Sis Lyric has a really great architect in her granddaughter Ƹ̵̡ .иίßןεţ  Skaði…̵̨̄Ʒ (koyia.bellic) and this new place is full of new ideas, new feelings, new landscapes.  Sa’ Seraka Tor Panthers are becoming a great family with a lot of good players, good RPers, good fighters. They deserve be known in Gor and their new land deserves be seen. So, feel free to visit them, prepar your bow and run to discover a new adventure.

About Sardar Fair (Minnie)

•     Sardar Fair is home to the largest four Fairs of the Gorean year and is the last passangs to the Temples and the Mountains.. It is a place for rest and reflection. It is along the Pilgrim’s Path, at the foot of the Sardar Mountains and is land locked.  In Geographical location, due to Ar being on the Vosk, Sardar Fair is a Southern sim, and abides by Merchant Law.  This is a peaceful, no raid, BTB sim due to being “holy ground”.
•     Sardar Fair is the last sim in the 15 sim Continent known as “The Freedom Continent”.

Interview Lady Takama – Sardar Fair (Minnie)

•     Minnie : Can you introduce yourself, your group and this place
–    Lady Takama : I am Lady Takama, the Interim Head Merchant for Sardar Fair. Sardar Fair is part of the Thirty Four Sim Continent known as the Freedom Continent (FC for short) Fourteen and half of those sims are Gorean, either BTB or GE. Sardar Fair was established in March of 2015 and is owned by Lady Serjourn Daxter. The current Administrator, Cayden Blackheart, was voted in, in July and we are just finishing reconstruction of the Sim.
•     Minnie : Can we consider you as an old Gorean or do you see you as an old Gorean person ?
–    Lady Takama : How about just old? *laughs* I tend to like to think of myself as an old Gorean. I tend to stick to more traditional ways of thinking.  As far as the Village itself, Sardar Fair plays a pivitol role in Gorean society and it could be considered old Gorean.
•     Minnie : Are you BTB or other? and do you observe Home Stone and Caste System cultures?
–    Lady Takama : We are BTB and ruled by Merchant Law. We do observe the Caste System and we have a Home Stone.
•     Minnie : You are BTB, so have you contacts with Ge and if not, why
–    Lady Takama : We are BTB, and we have contacts with GE through trade on the Continent. We are all Goreans, wether we are BTB or GE. As well, all Goreans, be them GE or BTB, at some time in their life, should be making their Pilgrimage.
•     Minnie : Can you tell me a bit about your land, who owns, builders. who decides, have you a council for all decisions
–    Lady Takama : Lady Serjourn Daxter owns the land, Cayden Blackheart is our Administrator. Cayden, myself and Cayden’s RP Mom have done nearly all the reconstruction.
•     Minnie : What would you say your sim’s most attractive Feature would be?
–    Lady Takama : Sardar Fair’s most attractive feature would have to be it’s peacefulness and the views of the mountains. We are a Non Raid sim due to being the home of the Temples.
•     Minnie : Many sim owners get burnt out having to do everything listed and more. People wonder how people do it. How many hats do you wear as a sim owner (Warrior, Scribe, Moderator … and more)
–    Lady Takama : I am not the Sim owner, but I can tell you that it is very exhausting at times. Both physically and mentally, being pushed and pulled in different directions at one time. Our Administrator has a great deal on his plate and does a phenomenal job at keeping it together.
•     Minnie : How do you imagine your future in Gor ?
–    Lady Takama : It is my hope that we will see Sardar Fair grow immensely in the future, both in the organization of the Fairs as well as the village itself.
•     Minnie : All names have a story. What is the story of your name, the story of the land’s name too
–    Lady Takama : The markets of the Sardar fairs are large and important ones in the Gorean economy. The fairs, and others like them, play an important role in the Gorean culture and economy. They are an important clearing house for ideas and goods. It is a place where all Goreans can come together peacefully.
•     Minnie : Give me in one sentences, a reason for our readers to join your group

–    Lady Takama : Sardar Fair is home to the largest four Fairs of the Gorean year and is the last passangs to the Temples and the Mountains.. It is a place for rest and reflection. It is along the Pilgrim’s Path, at the foot of the Sardar Mountains and is land locked.  In Geographical location, due to Ar being on the Vosk, Sardar Fair is a Southern sim, and abides by Merchant Law.  This is a peaceful, no raid, BTB sim due to being “holy ground”. We seek knowledgeable Goreans to join us. We have nearly all roles open in every Caste.

Valdrtosk (Minnie)

*Music of a distant land rings in the air as a voice begins to surround the air around you*
•     Are you tired of the same ol same ol? Looking for a new adventure? Look now further! I would like to introduce you to the Village of Valdrtosk. A Land so beautiful it takes your breath away. With the smell of freshed baked goods and the hearty yet sweet pungent smell of mead entices your senses. The sound of the natural springs bubbling and ocean waves crashing against the shore line. Wrapping you in a sense of serenity. Where beautiful bonds are ready to serve your every need and desire and welcome you to your new adventure. Our men are strong and proud, always ready to protect the lands from harm. The free women beautiful and hard working women. Many places to explore and learn.
•     No Matter if  you have been on Gor for a long time or just starting out we welcome you to take on the  exciting  breathtaking and bold adventure that is Valdrtosk!
* The music faded and the voice drifts far into the distance leaving your sense of adventure wondering*
Raask presents Valdrtosk
•     Raask: We are close to where I can take a really impressive photo for you if you will follow. I will give you protection since you have weapons if you give word that you will not remove them for anything on the way.  But stay close so you do not get hurt by accident.
•     Raask: come with me so we can get you the photo))  Stay close though. Do you like the view from here? Take some from here then I will take you to the other side for a more person look
•     Raask: This is the Jarl’s compound.  He likes to be the first in a fight.  Hard to protect him when he is always the first one to fight
•     Raask:  But he has never ls out a fight so at least that is a comfort. Ok lets go to the other side now.  Stay closer now as its more dangerous on the other side. Our farms is built down the other side and is on three plateaus this being where we store our goods
•     Raask: Taverns were not normally found in the north but the owner put this in an out of the way place that the villagers never use. It is here for the benefit to slaves or those who do not have lindens to spend.  So many come from places where they are lucky to even be on the Internet and many have come from sl with friends who are not Gorean so they can visit or entertain their friends here if they tp them in without interrupting the village itself.
•     Raask: these are our rentals. We have them scattered throughout the village
•     Raask: This is where slaves get their training after I am done with them in the kennel. My training is a bit harsher. laughs. Once a slave has learn the basics with me in the kennel and taken into the village then the older slaves and the FW’s take over the rest of the training
•     Raask: Our hall. This is where  an FW lives.  She live and her bakery is also inside.
•     Raask: This is my area.  It is my kennel. My favorite spot. roars. No slaves cannot escape in the canoe.  they are in chains while in the kennel to begin with so they would not be able to use it.

A Kajira Shares   (by Frey)

•     My name is Frey, and I am a Kajira.  I come to you today to beg for the privilege to share four simple things that have made me successful in being pleasing.  These to some, will not be new, for great minds think alike, but I have noticed that they have escaped the attentions of many a slave girl..  I do promise you, they work!  I have relied on them often and not one of them has failed me.
1>  Use the notes tab on a Free’s profile to list how they like things.  Remembering what a person likes, or various facts about them will show them that you care.  You don’t need to limit this to free either, though that should be your priority, you can use this trick to warm up to other slaves as well.
2>  Be nice.  It’s a simple concept and should come easily to any real slave.  Compliment people, say supportive things, empathize with them.  You don’t need to lie or kiss ass, and frankly, when you do, we all know you are doing it and you look terrible.. instead, focus your compliments and support on things that are positive about the person you are conversing with.
3> Own your RP.  Do more than para RP the serving of a horn of mead!  Para RPs like that are insanely boring.. and you are seeking to please your audience, not put them to sleep or make them wait seven minutes for you to type out a novel about how well you filled a footed bowl.  Slaves have so many uses… find other means to RP and use them.  Talk to people, make up adventures.. the stories are unlimited for you, so use your imagination and loop in others into your adventures.  There is no rule against a slave being creative.
4> Drop your agenda.  Do not come here in the role of a slave girl and think that you are entitled to anything.. you are not.  If you chose the role of a slave, then be one, stop crying out for special attention, stop stomping your feet and making demands on the free.. you are not free to have your own agenda… and for the sake of the Priest Kings, STOP IMing MEAN SHIT TO OTHERS!  If I had a copper for every time some bossy. little jerk, wanna be slave, IMed me to make a passive aggressive comment about something, I’d break my back carrying an over stuffed purse back to my Master.

© Gazette of Gor


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