Book Based Panther (BBP), Panther sim guide, Forsaken Eclipse

The Nykus Fori panthers/Ravens Band

Market Place :

Yes,  a small market place with information booths and dispensers.

Easy to Find TP point:


Meter Type:


Sim Lay out:

This sim comprises of a forest setting with a panther camp. Accross a wide river a village settlement can be seen.

Sim Rules :

Much the same as any other Gorean Sim, nothing of note stood out.

Comment about the tribe:

The Nykus’Fori – Victory’Freedom –   are a role play group founded to play the role of panther girls on Gor with some differences, we are not gender biased so all are welcome. We are a tribe that takes the books seriously but want fun and role play also. We are a tribe of adults and expect our members act like adults.  We are not gender biased here and LGBT friendly.

Sim overview:

The sim is based on a woodlands setting, several rivers to cross, and routes leading to other connected sims, plenty to explore! A very pretty sim with a natural looking panther tribe camp.

Bad Points:


Good Points:

This is a well laid out sim,  the builder has done a great Job, I especially liked the many rivers around the sim. The band is known for being she male.

Final Comment:

Through the Grapevine I’ve heard that Raven’s tribe in Forsaken will be closing , but word is she is relocating as needed. I don’t have the facts, Raven isn’t online atm, so just passing the closure info at this time. It will be sad to see this sim go, as I always loved it.

Overall Marks out of 10:


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