The Gazette of Gor – Issue 20

Disclaimer: All images contained herein are stock images of Lunacaleengpanthers.
(Gorean Press Edition)


•     From the Editor’s Desk (Inna)
•     Interview and discussion with Bret /Gorean Whip (Itsmee)
•     The Helpful Slave… part one   (by Frey)
•     Sa ‘Anu Panthers ( Itsmee)
•     Interview Sin Thorvald (Itsmee)
•     Ivar’s Fjord (Roran)
•     Jacmar’s Haven Crannog (Minnie)
•     Interview with AÝA (Mariko)
•     Immersion In Sa’ng Gretuk (Minnie)
•     Events
– Gallery of Photos
•     Editors and Writers needed
•     Feedbacks

From the Editor’s Desk (Inna)

•     Well here I am stuck writing this weeks editorial.  I didn’t volunteer but was shoved to the front of the que…Gah!
•     Some people ask what I have to do with the Gazette, of which I just reply “Nothing”.  Although really I’m stuck in charge of all those annoying Gazette of Gor dispensers you see dotted around Gor and also keep the main server fed with the weekly issues.  Now why should I be interested in the paper if that is  all what I’m supposed to do people ask.  Well the reason I play my part is because I believe in the philosophy of the Gazette and its unbiased attitude.
All reporters/writers share the same belief that there is no such thing as the GE BTB debate.  It’s an age old dispute that has been running for as long as I’ve been in Gor. All what we see is a far left and a far right section of Gor whining about who is correct and better blah blah blah….while the rest of us just shake our heads in despair.  The true fact is that there are good and bad in all sections of Gor and I also believe that slowly people are beginning to realise that fact.
•     Come on… lets face it… anyone who has travelled around a lot will be able to tell you there are great role players hidden all over Gor in all Cities…barrens…wastelands…forests etc regardless of what label the sim has been given.
•     Of course not everyone is perfect or experienced.  But if they have fun and enjoy what they are doing then they will learn and improve.  Leading by example is the way to go and just leaving all the politics at the door on the way in is a great way to go.  This is Gor…and we are all part of the story regardless of where we choose to live or who we wish to hang around with.
•     Anyhow, I best stop boring you and just ask you to enjoy reading the GOG.  We welcome any feedback to help improve future editions and are always on the lookout for new unbiased writers to join our team for both OOC and IC interviews.  Also, if you wish one of our reporters to come and visit your lands then please let myself or one of the team know and we will get someone over to you.  We ask for sim owners to provide their own pictures if at all possible for publication. Any problems then please contact me directly x.

•     Inna Calamity the Tree Slut …  AKA Panther Girl

Interview and discussion with Bret /Gorean Whip (Itsmee)

•     This Day visiting Bret Bertolucci , Founder and owner of the Gorean Whip, To me it is the alternative to the Gorean Portals Radio, offering Goreans a wider choice to choose ffrom for their listening pleasure.
–     Brett Bertolucci: So what would you like to chat about?
*     Itsmee Zander: Tal Bret, good to meet up after a long spell, could you perhaps be kind enough to spare me a few moments of your time and talk to me about the Gorean Whip? Basically tell our readers about why and when you decided to form the radio station…
–     Brett Bertolucci: Sure, it would be my pleasure.  A little over 5 years ago I worked for another Gorean Radio Station in Secondlife.  At the time, there was a handful of us that were not happy with the programming there.  We felt that the market was large enough to sustain an additional radio station and we broke off to form The Gorean Whip Radio.  It really was a way for us to offer more diversity and choice for Goreans in Secondlife when it came to Gorean Radio…
*     Itsmee Zander: What is your vision and mission statements for the Whip?
–     Brett Bertolucci: We also wanted to be more inclusive of all the Gorean lifestyles.  We offered positions on staff to anyone in Gor regardless of their role in SL Gor…
–     Brett Bertolucci: We also wanted to provide an opportunity for our Listeners to be heard as well by offering them advertising.
–     Brett Bertolucci: Our vision is to continue our commitment to our Gorean audience and at the same time expand our reach beyond Secondlife into the Worldwide Whip as we like to call it.  🙂
*     Itsmee Zander: a more flexible approach towards your audience is always better
–     Brett Bertolucci: Our mission is to provide quality entertainment with the diversity to please most if not everyone in Gor.
*     Itsmee Zander: How do you see the Whip as serving the Gorean community and what future plans do you hold? maybe expand on this idea of the worldwide whip
–     Brett Bertolucci: I truly believe that we serve the Gorean community like no other media outlet.  We offer FREE advertising to anyone that becomes a loyal listener of our station.  In addition we also offer some paid advertising plans that offer much more exposure at a minimal cost to the client.  Beyond that we offer coverage of any event within SL Gor to our Loyal Listeners as well.  We cover dances, roleplay events, tournaments and more.  It is our goal to serve our community in any way we can.
*     Itsmee Zander: and finally.. As you are probably aware, we at the Gazette strive to work to similar goals as the Whip and with a circulation of to about 25,000 potential readers, We hope to bring more Gor to Goreans of SL via our newspaper by promoting various sims, idealogies stories. As such our team felt that maybe the Whip would work hand in hand with us, by maybe each day reading snippets from the gazzete or touching on one of the topics we write on by your DJ’s as news items or just articles of interest. how would you feel about that?
–     Brett Bertolucci: We also serve the community with our talk shows.  We currently have more than three live talk shows airing weekly, that offer a great deal of insight and opinions into our Gorean World.
–     Brett Bertolucci: I’m certainly open to sharing stories and articles from your periodical. We could do a weekly segment and run some teasers during the week for the segment if you like.
*     Itsmee Zander: Thank you for your time and agreeing to see me as such short notice and we hope to work with you to bring a better Gor experience to Goreans all over
–     Brett Bertolucci: Thank you as well for providing another means of communication for our Goreans.
*     Itsmee Zander: i want gor to move beyond the divide of BTB, GE, lifestyle RPer
*     Itsmee Zander: we are all simply Goreans..
–     Brett Bertolucci: I’ve always made it standard operational procedure to not criticize or look at other outlets as “competition”.  I’ve always had my staff look at what we CAN do and not what others may or may not be doing.  I wish all media outlets the best of luck in all they do.  I agree with you about the divide.  Hell, I’ve always had the mindset that Gor is big enough for everyone.  If someone enjoys doing something who are we to criticize them or fault them.

The Helpful Slave… part one   (by Frey)

•     Every slave girl, in her heart, wants to be helpful to her master and to the free around her.  Sure, she wants to be pleasing… but there more to it then just pleasing.  We have an inner need to be useful, bring value, to support, and to know that we are helping another be more successful.  Sweeping the steps or serving paga in the Inn, simply put, is just not enough for most of us.  A slave has an unquenched need to serve others.
•     Now, I’ve met some slaves that expect their role to be handed to them.. but the true slave, the best of slaves will go out and seek how they may serve and support and bring value.  These are the slaves I write this article for, as well as the free who own them.  There is not many of them, I can report that I had a hell of a time finding any.. and in the end, only found one.  Perhaps that’s an article for another time.. why are they so rare?
•     Originally, my plan was to find a slave for each caste, but I did not succeed, and trust me.. I searched.  So this article changed into a very different piece then what was planned.  Instead of talking about each caste, I’m going to highlight the one caste that I have feedback on and I beg if you are reading this and know of a slave that supports her master well in a different caste, please contact me and I will continue this article in another issue.
•     The first caste I will speak of is the Physician caste.. ah, yes, our lovely “greens”.  One of the most necessary castes, one of the most unpredictable RP castes, and one would never know what they might be walking into, or rather what might walk into their infirmary.  I interviewed a lovely slave named Vana, who I have witnessed with my own eyes, is a very very busy slave girl.  In addition to serving her master’s personal needs, Vana also works hard to support his caste needs.  As one might guess, Vana tends to the cleanliness of the infirmary, schedules appointments for her master, and maintains his supply stock.  But it does not end there… Vana’s master was wise. he began carefully training his girl in a few of the more common and frequent tasks, thus enabling her to be even more valuable to him.
•     I’m going to share with you, Vana’s own words, which are remarkable and should be the viewpoint of all slaves.  I asked her to list out the task she does that are caste related and here is her answer:   “Perhaps because I am literate it is more work but I feel any slave who looks to her Master properly, works hard and helps him every way he needs.  I take notes for my Master as he practices his skills. This way he can concentrate on his work.  Pass him any instruments or bandages as needed and be ready and calm if by unfortunate chance a badly injured person comes to the infirmary. I make herbal teas as instructed by him.  My Master taught me how to treat minor cuts and bruises, under his careful supervision, and how to differentiate between minor needs and need of a physician.  I also try to make any citizens who come to the infirmary feel as comfortable as they can be in the circumstances.”
•     With a girl like that at his boot, her master, Crux, is sure to be one of the most successful Physicians in Gor.  That being said.. there are a great number of other castes that I know.. or at least hope that there are slaves helping to bring value, and as I said before.. if you are one, or you know one, please tell me.

Sa ‘Anu Panthers ( Itsmee)


•     Sa ‘Anu Panthers is a small band living in the northern part of the Northern Forest, named Wretched Grove. We are a tight band, living in a well hidden camp, nestled between the mountains.
•     We try to follow the books as close possible in our RP, there for we call us self Goreans. RP is our first goal, but also a exciting raid is very welcome. Our rules are strict  and no your not safe as a Gorean man in our forest. You wont be the first who ends up in a moondance.
•     Are you interested to Join our band then contact either Sin ( Sinead Moonites En of the band ) or Noosey ( Nooseslt Helgerud Se of the band). New members will be chosen with care as we wont grow into a huge band. Some knowledge of Gor and panthergirls is a must.
•     To all the men in Gor, either from the South or the North, we would like to see them more often. Come hunt or even to trade. Longer rp-stories will be encouraged.


Interview Sin Thorvald (Itsmee)

(Sa ‘Anu Trade Bell shouts: The Sa ‘Anu Trade Bell has been rang, keep your weapons sheathed and wait for answer)
•     Itsmee Zander: Tal Hunteress, I am Zander from the Gazette of Gor
–     Sin Thorvald eyes the man curiously ” you rang the bell?” she asks then nods “tal “
•     Itsmee Zander: there were rumours of a new tribe and new camp…. am i Right
–     Sin Thorvald cants her head a little ” oh are you? ” she snickers “we dont get a newspaper here “
–     Sin Thorvald: hmmm yes and no, we are not a new band but aye this is a new camp
•     Itsmee Zander chuckled ” now that is a shame….. we can’t be having illiterate and outdated panfers, now, can we…. Handing her a dispeser.
–     Sin Thorvald chuckles while taking the paper, looking at the man from between her lashes
–     Sin Thorvald: “thank you, and well met, i am Sin .. En of this band “she tells him
–     Sin Thorvald: “you want to interview me? ” she laughs softly ” sure why not, but not sure all will be happy or waiting with my point of view ” she grins
–     Sin Thorvald: if you want to interview me i suggest we start with camp and best to have a seat and a drink “she sends him a wide grin
•     Itsmee Zander nodded … ” that would indeed be a great place to start”
–     Sin Thorvald: well lets go then to camp
•     Itsmee Zander: lead on En
–     Sin Thorvald: as you can see most here i kept like a forest
•     Itsmee Zander: any traps?
–     Sin Thorvald: and tried to build it as natural possible… as panthers wont build with high wooden walls
–     Sin Thorvald: yes we have some traps
•     Itsmee Zander: if i step on a boulder it would sink and a sea sleen eat me up?
–     Sin Thorvald: hahaha no no, come i show them
( The Section on the traps has been censured, to keep the defense of the camp intact)
–     Sin Thorvald: welcome in our camp
–     Sin Thorvald: just small but for now more then enough
•     Itsmee Zander: thank you for your welcome
–     Sin Thorvald: smiles
–     Sin Thorvald: i will first give you a tour
•     Itsmee Zander: but i am sure that isn’t how you would normally treat people especially wandering men to your camp
–     Sin Thorvald: this is the infirmery
–     Sin Thorvald: and our weapon racks are here
•     Itsmee Zander: this is more like it……. stepping into a cave
–     Sin Thorvald: aye
–     Sin Thorvald: thats how it should look, all natural
•     Itsmee Zander: i think, i will have to agree with you…..
•     Itsmee Zander: you live with the elements and with what you find
–     Sin Thorvald: then outside is our campfire
•     Itsmee Zander: those panther camps i have seen with elaborate treehouses
–     Sin Thorvald: aye?
•     Itsmee Zander: they look more like they were built by expert architects and planners, rather than some outlaw women trying to remain hidden
–     Sin Thorvald: hahahahhaha yes well we live in treehouses too but i retextured them to get a more panther look, of course we have to work with what we can get in sl
–     Sin Thorvald: well i think that i managed to make here, from outside its not that clearly a camp
–     Sin Thorvald: here is our campfire, where we eat sit drink and chat, with the waterfall for our daily bath
•     Itsmee Zander: you… have.. baths….? and…. daily?
–     Sin Thorvald: mhmm we had a long swim yesterday and we have our canoe’s here
•     Itsmee Zander: ok… this sounds more like a fun vacation relaxing trip for women here
–     Sin Thorvald: hahahahahahahaha
–     Sin Thorvald: well we have a lot of fun here!
•     Itsmee Zander: ahhh hah… you gonna take me on a canoe to the spa and massage area?
–     Sin Thorvald: hahahahahaha nope but aye we can go with canoe back to the forest later
–     Sin Thorvald: why wont we swim? its fun and also a good way to get away from hunters
•     Itsmee Zander: you are not making this easy
–     Sin Thorvald: hahahahaha what is not easy?
•     Itsmee Zander: this is gonna turn out like a comedy more than an interview
–     Sin Thorvald: lol
•     Itsmee Zander: silly En
–     Sin Thorvald: well as long all can laugh about it too its great!
•     Itsmee Zander facepalms
–     Sin Thorvald: come i show where you can stay, we have a great accommodation for men
–     Sin Thorvald: chuckles
•     Itsmee Zander: think i should just print it all as it is
–     Sin Thorvald: aye you can, i have nothing to hide ” smirks
–     Sin Thorvald: nice isnt it? for our guests
•     Itsmee Zander: meh
–     Sin Thorvald: fresh air, they can see the sea, hear the birds.. perfect
•     Itsmee Zander: i provided better accomodation for panthers when i used to live in cities and better clothes…. and soft furs and even some jewellery
–     Sin Thorvald: hahahahah oh yes i know that … but this is much more healthier hahahhah
–     Sin Thorvald: i dont like those shiny things who go around your neck
(I was then taken around a nice and cosy camp setting of their living quarters, simple yet clean and practical with just the bare basics and then was led to the last area of interest in a panther camp.)
–     Sin Thorvald: our moondance area
•     Itsmee Zander: omg
•     Itsmee Zander: you do actually hold moondances
–     Sin Thorvald: aye we do
–     Sin Thorvald: if the man dares to stay and not tp out
•     Itsmee Zander: why would he tp out?
–     Sin Thorvald: we have even drums we can use
–     Sin Thorvald: i dont know i think they are scared
•     Itsmee Zander: come come
–     Sin Thorvald: its true!
•     Itsmee Zander: you don’t really think the panthers get that horny
–     Sin Thorvald: some cant handle a few naked women dancing around them
–     Sin Thorvald: hahahahahahahahah
–     Sin Thorvald: then i will invite you for a moondance
•     Itsmee Zander: sooo… who is that idol…… Points to a Female Deity of some description presiding over the moondance arena.
–     Sin Thorvald: idol?
•     Itsmee Zander: some Godess?
–     Sin Thorvald: aye, she is our goddess… the goddess Anu
•     Itsmee Zander: right, the tribe derives it’s name from a Goddess
•     Itsmee Zander: Sa Anu
–     Sin Thorvald: aye daughters of Anu pronounced an-00
–     Sin Thorvald: a celtic mother goddess
–     Sin Thorvald: she is mother earth goddess and the flowering fertility goddess
•     Itsmee Zander: how long has this tribe been in existense
–     Sin Thorvald: around 4 years now
•     Itsmee Zander: so you have moved to this lands from another location
–     Sin Thorvald: we started on a btb sim called Radyr
–     Sin Thorvald: we have moved a lot of times
•     Itsmee Zander: as panthers usually do to keep their hideouts safe and well hidden
–     Sin Thorvald: till last october, when we had people who searched for a place, the tribe was slow, so we decided to go outlaw and Sa ‘Anu was put to rest
–     Sin Thorvald: aye
•     Itsmee Zander: good plan… is perhaps why you survived this long
–     Sin Thorvald: we have been in sardar and another place at the northern continent to our own homestead
–     Sin Thorvald: lets have a seat at the campfire and you can ask me all
•     Itsmee Zander: how do you feel about so many tribes out there and competing for members
–     Sin Thorvald: i dont want to get you nervous here hehe
•     Itsmee Zander: i don’t get nervous, easily
•     Itsmee Zander: besides this is kinda nice place actually …
–     Sin Thorvald: shrugs, “i dont care, i dont want a big tribe but a close tribe with solid rp-ers, i have some rules who are important to me and thats why not all would like to belong to this band
–     Sin Thorvald: aye it is
–     Sin Thorvald: if you look on midnight its really beautiful
•     Itsmee Zander: come sit with me
•     Itsmee Zander: What is so different about your tribe that would be so different that would make it a good home for other panthers to want to join you.
–     Sin Thorvald: well my first and most important rule i made when i started is, that i dont allow lesbian activities here
•     Itsmee Zander: that is pretty radical
–     Sin Thorvald: here sisters dont fur each other and we are not man haters
•     Itsmee Zander: ok hats off to you then
•     Itsmee Zander: you are more to the books of Gor
–     Sin Thorvald: maybe yes but dont forget i saw the other ways too, for me its not gorean at all when my sisters are more busy to get into each other furs then rp-ing a male captive
•     Itsmee Zander: you know something funny
–     Sin Thorvald: aye we play close to btb, calling usself Goreans, we dont chase Ge off here but they will have to honor our rules, we are not pew pew we are here to rp
–     Sin Thorvald: tell me 😉
•     Itsmee Zander: i usually hangout in Gimli…. I often get asked why would a Free man hang out in a panther sim
•     Itsmee Zander: i said … there is no place safer for a man….. and even without weapons
•     Itsmee Zander: there is no FW looking to grab an FC…. there are no slaves trying to collar a Master
•     Itsmee Zander: any raiders to the sim are always looking to capture the panthers and are usually other lesbian panthers
–     Sin Thorvald: exactly
–     Sin Thorvald: well not here
•     Itsmee Zander: but you can sorta see the point
•     Itsmee Zander: how sad that is
•     Itsmee Zander: What do you see is the role of panthers within Gor as a Whole….. just where do you see yourself fitting in?
–     Sin Thorvald: yes that is the whole problem about the panther rp these days, because of a lot of manthers and lesbian women who are not interested in a man to cap at all, but tell me, is that what you read in the books? besides there is a lot of man hating rp in some tribes, but panthers where not man haters, they didnt want to bow their head to them
•     Itsmee Zander: i understand where you are coming from…. the passages say about the women who would claw at the moon from unquenched desires to feel a man… yet their resolve was to not bow down to a man
–     Sin Thorvald: i see the role of a panther of a woman with a strong mind, a strong woman, who cant live with the rules of gor, where the man is the one who decides all, even if she is a free woman, she cant live like that so she runs to her freedom and gives up a lot of things, like being in the arms of a man, thats why they have their moondance now and then
–     Sin Thorvald: exactly
–     Sin Thorvald: and trust me i now played the role of panther, she-urt, free woman and outlaw woman
•     Itsmee Zander: amazing ….. i am very pleasantly suprised to find a panther such as you
–     Sin Thorvald: i felt very much leached to rules when being a free woman
–     Sin Thorvald: is that so? hahah
•     Itsmee Zander: you truly understand what being a panther is about
–     Sin Thorvald: i hope so and that is what i try to bring out with this band
•     Itsmee Zander: to me a panther is one of the three categories of women of Gor and each have had to make a sacrifice
–     Sin Thorvald: we will even work together with men if they can bring us supplies, as it happened in the books too
–     Sin Thorvald: aye they do
•     Itsmee Zander: nothing wrong with that , if you can trust them , not to trick or hunt you later
–     Sin Thorvald: exactly
–     Sin Thorvald: and it brings good rp
•     Itsmee Zander: then again a true Gorean man would have honor and not fuck that up unnecessarily
–     Sin Thorvald: well Goreans all would not give up a good trading agreement, trading was very important for them
•     Itsmee Zander: panthers would have great items for trade, like skins and also information
–     Sin Thorvald: i even did some spying , we can be good in that haha
–     Sin Thorvald: aye!
•     Itsmee Zander: i was going to ask you as my next question… in your experience what would your advice be to those who seek to become panthers, but with your varied role experience, you could probably advise for more than just panther role
–     Sin Thorvald: we even have a hunters tent in the forest, so they can make camp there, all to get them here to rp
•     Itsmee Zander: i did notice that on my way to the trade bell
–     Sin Thorvald: it depends first of all i think how you see your character, that can be also how you are in rl, are you more submissive then panther might be not the role for you, if you like to be at the side of a man being protected then maybe the role of a free woman is more for you, i mostly give a new member about 2 weeks to have the chance to see if this life fits them, and we can see if they fit the band
–     Sin Thorvald: what i have seen in the years now, its very important that someone fits in, the ones who joined me now again and that is just about 2 weeks ago is most of the old gang
•     Itsmee Zander: Very good and practical way to evaluate new members
•     Itsmee Zander: is there anything else you wish to add regarding your tribe or anything to do with Gor
–     Sin Thorvald: its only fair i think
–     Sin Thorvald: well i wish people would read the books more before jumping into gor, but also not always wave with the books like its the bible …. i have been now playing in a btb sim as free woman and that is what a lot do, but mostly only ike they see fit, not like it was in the books
–     Sin Thorvald: i wish there was not Ge and BTB, i wish all would just play gor, and allow all to come play, so kurii,, panthers, mamba’s , gorean animals
•     Itsmee Zander: true true …. they interpret as they want to see it suiting their own needs
–     Sin Thorvald: and take the books as a guiding thing
–     Sin Thorvald: aye
–     Sin Thorvald: we are here to rp, and have fun, i encourage rp stories, not raid rape and release
•     Itsmee Zander: in the true Spirit of Gor is how i call it… and yes it is also the same thing that i wish to see happen and so does the Gazette
–     Sin Thorvald: its getting boring
•     Itsmee Zander: no more divide between GE/ BTB/ Lifestylers and RPers
•     Itsmee Zander: we are simply just Goreans
–     Sin Thorvald: i dont like the pew pew groups, i dont like massive panther groups raiding us just for the fun, there should be a reason behind it
–     Sin Thorvald: aye thats why we called this sim old gor
–     Sin Thorvald: we try to play gor like it was discribed in the boooks, and aye Verna was sitting in the camp of Rask of treve so come one, we can do so much in rp
•     Itsmee Zander whispers: well then Huntress … from a truly old Gorean ,
•     Itsmee Zander: I wish you well and wish to see you succeed in your venture
–     Sin Thorvald: thank you 😉
–     Sin Thorvald: one thing i would like to say
•     Itsmee Zander: please
–     Sin Thorvald: this tribe will stay small, not more then around 10 members… this is a tight group of people who really care for each other for years now also outside gor and this game, we shared a lot along the years, but we will take new ones in, i just hope all come here to rp, bring something interesting and not the comon pew pew, lets all RP and have some fun, after all this is just a game
–     Sin Thorvald: we also share this sim with the one who played my mate when we where in the village or outlaws, both parts are seperated by water and no bridge. thats why we have a skybox with a tp so you can choose to wich part you go
–     Sin Thorvald: on this side gorean animals are more then welcome, i love to see them in the forest, it makes it more real, but not on the other side as its more a small village

Ivar’s Fjord (Roran)

•     Winter comes early in the Fjords, and the snow is almost ready to settle on this tiny lakeside village in the shadow of the mountains.
•     It’s a harsh life trying to find arable land in the steep wet land between fjord and mountains, and the inhabitants here need to depend on their skills in the freezing sea water to survive.  The log cabins may have a fantastic view, but the elements are always near-by up here in the north.  Open the door and you might find a face full of salt-spray, or a whistling wind.
•     Nearing the end of the year, the 20 or so inhabitants are gathering supplies for the winter, and any traders bringing strong clothing would attract quite the attention, particularly if they had a buyer lined-up for a boatful of fish, logs, or moss.
•     A quirk of the mountains’ shadows mean that visitors might find the daylight here much later than usual, almost as late as the western islands.

Jacmar’s Haven Crannog (Minnie)

•     The village is based on a gaelic crannog, or krænəɡ in the Irish language. Here is a wiki link:
•     Basically, it’s a very common village structure found archeologically throughout the western coast of Scotland, Ireland and Wales. They were in lakes, estuaries and sea lochs (the closest Scotland and Ireland come to fjords). They had both a domestic and economic rationale but, also, they were strongholds for the local chieftains (Hold Jarl, in our world).
•     For those of you that do not know, the western coast of the UK benefits from the northerly flow of the (relatively) warm water of the Gulf Stream, which brings with it all the nutrients to generate a wide and varied marine ecosystem. It also means that these sea lochs do not freeze over… it’s not Greenland or Northern Norway. They’re bloody cold, yes, but the deeper water does not freeze over. Hence the flourishing of crannogs and their significance of our archaeological past. You will note that the bay faces due west and out to sea to mimic the western outlook of Scottish and Irish crannogs.
•     Are they in Marauders of Gor, ye ask? Well, the book is a fantasy based on the viking/gaelic world… and so is our village’s layout. Therefore, the village is very much within the scope of torvie spirit, as is our roleplay.
•     And guess what? We are now unique in the torvie and, probably, gorean world. There is nothing like this. We are different… not verr-herd followers.
•     So… a little more about the village set up.
•     The only access to the village in rp is from the dock. The safest way in is by canoe or swimming. There IS a path through the Eastern wildlands but… do so at your peril! It is fraught with danger… ye HAVE been a-warned.
•     If ye do somehow make it outta the wildlands, there is another canoe dock in the bay opposite the village.
•     The sim is basically in two halves: the western half is the domesticated area where we all live and work. The eastern half is wild and beast-filled… go there at your peril!
•     Access to houses and main rp area is by planking walkways or canoe (friendly advice… wear a swim HUD or buy your own as canoe rezzers are sometimes unreliable!). Houses are bunched closely together in crannog fashion.
•     The rp area features a longhall with sleeping quarters for unattached women and bonds plus other rooms, an outside rp planking area, a smithy, a Healer’s hut plus several other shacks that will need to be multiuse for different trades.
•     Welcome to the new Jacmar’s Haven. Unique, steeped in archeological fact, designed for roleplay at the behest of its villagers, fun and stunningly beautiful….…your new home?
(Jack, Last Axe o’Jacmar’s Haven)

Interview with AÝA (Mariko)

Interview with AÝA (ayana.convair) EN of the Sa me Arquana panther tribe (By Mariko Marchant)
•    Mariko Marchant: Tal i am Mariko from the Gazette of Gor I would like to do article about your tribe: Sa me Arquana.
–     AÝA (ayana.convair): You are invited :).  Its a big honor.
•    Mariko Marchant: Thank you, can I come in?
–     AÝA (ayana.convair): Yes please.
•    Mariko Marchant: Nice nice to meet you again AÝA.
–     AÝA (ayana.convair): I am also happy to see you again :).
•    Mariko Marchant: Well let’s start. Can you tell me something about your tribe?
–     AÝA (ayana.convair): Our tribe is one of the first tribes in German Gor. We started at august 2007. We are a tribe of proud sisters, we not obliged to anyone, we are strong and know how to survive in the forest. Our history is very long.
•    Mariko Marchant: As a GE Gor panther tribe?
–     AÝA (ayana.convair): Yes.
•    Mariko Marchant: How many are in your tribe (huntresses,slaves, etc).
–     AÝA (ayana.convair): At the moment we have  about 10-15 people active. The whole  tribe has 79 persons. It is german tribe, but some of us can speak English as well^^.
•    Mariko Marchant: what makes your tribe different from other panther tribes in your view?
–     AÝA (ayana.convair):  We have our own philosophy, clear rules and a good structure at the moment . We try to give space for roleplay and also for raids.  We want always to create a back story to make an interesting roleplay to other groups possible, which whom we trade or in some cases we will fight against, if they are our enemies. Our enemies are mostly warriors, pirates, mambas, outlaws. We have a panther alliance  to only two other tribes (Ki Kara and Ja Hesa) and we are neutral to other panther tribes, if they don’t hunt in our forest, but sometimes there can be a raid, if we are on search for tabuk or tarsk. Especially in the winter month, when here in our forest are not so much animals to hunt.
Sometimes we go to other places to hunt for our food.
•    Mariko Marchant: What do you mean with: We have the right structure for a panther tribe?
–     AÝA (ayana.convair): We have En, SE, first bow, 3 scouts, 1 slaver, many huntresses , some pledges, and a few thralls.
•    Mariko Marchant: Nods and makes notices. You  are raided much?
–     AÝA (ayana.convair): We like when people come her for a ‘conflict-rp’ or a raid . We have also some bridges in our land, where we take money (3 copper coins or or other goods) from strangers. We try to find a balance between raids and rp. The raids should have a RP background.
•    Mariko Marchant: I understand. You do not raid because of raiding.
–     AÝA (ayana.convair): Indeed. We like to raid for food or for slaves etc.
•    Mariko Marchant: but sometimes groups will come and raid you without much rp? Is that correct?
–     AÝA (ayana.convair): Some raid groups like to kidnap a panther girl, if they do, thats okay, but we dont want to raid without RP.
•    Mariko Marchant: But you will rescue her then and maybe with your allies?
–     AÝA (ayana.convair):  We do rescue with our allies, yes, if we need help.
•    Mariko Marchant: Do you have the feeling that there is less interest in panther life then some years ago?
–     AÝA (ayana.convair):  I see that many panther groups are getting smaller, but we are at the moment on a good level. But we would enjoy if other groups would do more roleplay with panthers. We like to play with other panther groups, and also with any kind of other groups, mambas, warriors, outlaws, pirates and so on. We are not focused on only panther roleplay.
•    Mariko Marchant:  Anything you like to add to this interview?
–     AÝA (ayana.convair): Let me say something about our toll bridge. if strangers come and pass our lands, we try to take their money (3 RP – coins or what they have .) That is sometimes a good start of a roleplay, if they don’t want to pay we can cap them and other group members must come to free them or trade for them.
An other thing that i want to say is that we are searching for a new huntress to continue a very important part of our panther life: our moondance. i mean a new Shaman. We we have a hidden island, where we do our panther dance / moon dance once a month. This moondance is the time, where we panther dance and have fun together,  a big party and we sacrifice a male victim then.
•    Mariko Marchant: Well if someone reads this and and is interested she can contact you?
–     AÝA (ayana.convair): Sure we are always open for contact
•    Mariko Marchant: AÝA thank you for this interview it was very interesting to me.
–     AÝA (ayana.convair): I am happy  about the interview and we like to invite many people/groups to come to our lovely greenland forest to play with us. The forest is very nice and beautiful, a good place to roleplay. Thank you so much.

Immersion In Sa’ng Gretuk (Minnie)

•    There are mornings when life is good, stretch gently under the fur, feeling the protection of thatched roof of the hut, listening to the birds chirp and tell us their adventures. It’s time to enjoy the landscape and push the furs that have sheltered us from the cold during the night. Some steps to do to rejoin the sisters who are ready around the campfire.
•    The small path down to the rallying point is still steep and perilous. But, it offers breathtaking views of the forest and the plain in front of the camp gate.
–    “Tal Min”
•    A rocket has just passed beside me. I acknowledge the hair of Tam, our En. She engages in the path to go up towards the huts, stops, hesitates, then off again in the opposite direction at the same speed. She will return to me screaming “Tal Min, I said? “. She does not wait for my answer, it is already a party to the campfire.
•    I shrug and I move closer to the crowd. My sisters are there, Aala approaches immediately to distill me a hug which it is customary. Vel, very quiet, nods and greets me. Corine checks his bow and has marks on it. Each brand represents a victory. She shows us her weapon as a trophy when the slots are souls that would be lost.
•    Life seems to be a bed of roses on Lydius. Occasionally, a person falls from a boat, have five minutes to watch us, then rises in a canoe to find a new destination. Who said a Panther life was not monotonous. Definitely a fighter defeated by the proud tribe of Gretuk.
•    The day is organized, scouts will visit new tribes, huntress going to look for food, slaves go fishing and fetch water for the camp. A back and forth unfolds, with in the middle, our En who distills orders mixed with against-orders.
•    Everything seems to be in the best of worlds. But always some bad guys come to invite. A squad invaded the docks and prepare for battle. The bell rang, we deploy, ready to do battle. The attackers stormed the plain, arrows fly, shouts ring out, bodies fall. The fight is cut short. A strong defense is to undermine the bad guys who run away without asking them rest. Once Emeritus victory warms our hearts. Long gone are the days when Gretuk suffered the assaults. The tribe is structured, my sisters were strengthened. A final arrow has a streak sky darkens. Only the crackling campfire, sweeping around our stronghold, an orange yellow light. The cold is slowly coming back, eyes flicker. The night is calling us.

© Gazette of Gor


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