Role play of no one messes with Red hair and the Forest Moon

Tales of Whispering Moons

Evening in Whispering Moons

It was a warm and pleasant evening. Toes and Amey were enjoying the suns closing rays.

This idyllic situation wasn’t to last – the pesky SDS had decided to come visit.

Panthers too numerous to mention stormed the citadel of the mighty Forest Moon (well I think it was like maybe 4). To be met by the fearsome Toes and Amey, who was very annoyed at having to down her G&T in one hit.

Long story short – WE WON.

No one messes with the Forest Moon

Morning in Whispering Moons

It was a calm, peaceful morning and all was well  int he world. Aanna and Amy just standing outside camp, enjoying the view. Well Aanna was Amy seemed intent on shooting things. Our next door nieghbours horse for exampe but hey ho.

Suddenly some swine shot us!!! How dare they. The struggle was brief and decisive well it was when Toes turned up and saved us but up until then the score may have been in the enemies favour. Which isn’t surprising as they numbered many bows. Well only one actually.

We had capped ourselves a Sa’Jesuil by the name of “Show Masala” bit of an odd name as no Masal was on show that I could see. Anyway, after a brief chat, and despite being bound, she legged it off sim.

Neither of us could be bothered complaining , if she didn’t want to play it wold be a bit silly to try and force her. But it is a precedent if youget capped by the Jezzies – just run off. (no don’t bad form)

A day of trades for a Forest Moon Huntress

The role play:

ΛπdƦα عƦιπψεѕ : talies

Minx : tal I cam to trade but there seems no one here. I met one called Chiyoko the other day. She came to trade on the forest lands.’

ΛπdƦα عƦιπψεѕ : did you ring the bell?

ΛπdƦα عƦιπψεѕ : oh my sis

ΛπdƦα عƦιπψεѕ : no she its not yet awake

Minx : ‘So is there anyone here to trade with, should I come back when she wakens to her day?’ she says thinking she can go down river in her canoe and stop in on her return journey

ΛπdƦα عƦιπψεѕ : well we can trade…. thats no problem

ΛπdƦα عƦιπψεѕ: what you offer then… btw i am andra. daughter of SKy the EN of the Ikerei and allied of the Zima

Minx : ‘Autumn is coming to the forest lands and the dark days settle in. I come with furs of the bosk and Panther to trade. I seek pots and pans, also arrowheads for the hunt before the snows come.’ She says looking at the woman.

Minx : ‘My name id Minx I am of the Forest Moon an allie of the Ikeri.’ she says with a nod and a slight smile.

ΛπdƦα عƦιπψεѕ : nods to her and raises the hand back to the gate *sure come whit me you can have all you need and no worries nobody will harm you or i will bite them*

Minx : She smiles, ‘that is good to know.’

ΛπdƦα عƦιπψεѕ: dstops first at the smithy and looks for some arrow head crates

Minx: She lays out the furs and shows Andra, she knows they are good quality and just need a little tanning.

ΛπdƦα عƦιπψεѕ: oh i belive you *she smiles and places the furs near the smith and hands her 3 crates of arrow heads

ΛπdƦα عƦιπψεѕ : now we will go and take some pan and stuff

Minx ropes them so she can drag them together towards the river and looks to the woman, ‘Do you have a couple of pots and pans, such things are hard to get in the forest and are often needed, I have some herbs here I can give.’ she says, showing the woman a small bag..

Minx : She smiles. ‘That would be good.’

ΛπdƦα عƦιπψεѕ : steps in and search some pots from te blacksmith and find finaly two *hum a bit old but not damaged* she mumbles and hands them to minx

Minx : She looks and thinks not the best but good enough for their needs. ‘They will do nicely’ and she hands over the bag of herbs and picks the pans up and nods. ‘Yes it is a deal a good trade for both I am thinking.’

ΛπdƦα عƦιπψεѕ : sure i think the same…. maybe we will find also somewhere a pan *take the bag whit the herbs and tie them at my belt

ΛπdƦα عƦιπψεѕ : aaaah yes here we go *she giggles and runs to the fire place to take two of the best pans

Minx : Looks around at what seems to be a tavern or eating house and wonders how people can live in such confined spaces.

ΛπdƦα عƦιπψεѕ : hands her then the pan and giggles *i am sure they wont miss them* she laughs

Minx : Minx looks at the pans and smiles. ‘They would do very well, they are bigger and you could put more in. ‘They will do very nicely,’ she says with a nod

Minx : she smiles and thinks the trade is good for her tribe.

ΛπdƦα عƦιπψεѕ: let me know if you need anithing more. i will help you allways if i can

Minx : That is good to know Andra, I am hoping top make this part of my trading route, it would be good to be able to come and trade with you here. After all we are all outlaws and a little help to each other maybe good.’ she says

ΛπdƦα عƦιπψεѕ : oh normla i hunt other huntresses but not allieds of mommy

Minx : She smiles. ‘Forest Moon and Ikeri have been friends a long time and we on occasion join to do rescues.’ she says with a nod. ‘Its good to know.’

ΛπdƦα عƦιπψεѕ : nods to her and smiles *allright then i will show you the fastest way out just to avoid the troubles

Minx : She nods ‘That would be good.’ she says

ΛπdƦα عƦιπψεѕ : here this zip line brings you fast close to the docks *points at them and spack softly her bum* so nobody will see anithing

Minx: She nod smiles slightly at the spank. ‘Well good trade’ and zips then runs round fetching the arrows from outside the gate and drags tehm to the dock and her canoe. ‘Safe paths and regards to Sky.’ she says

Tavern talk in Whispering Moons

The role play:

Ty: nods, “seen some that would work, but most just want ta serve and dance, many wear these infernal belt contraptions that prevent they use and they talk like free and taste nay the leather.  So Aye bonds are different and aye most Kajirae are lazy.”

Ty: nods ‘Aye belly under the blade”

Ty: laughs,’Nay much ta tell, we be decendents of Torvald, who be decended of Thor, We be a large strong lot with appetites ta match.  We excell at fightin, drinkin, and wenchin. other than that we strive to survive in an inhospitable land.”

SashaKatz: ” Is that very different then other men then? Like the one in the South, and the dark skin ones of the Schandi, and the tanned ones of the Tahari… There’s some with mark on their face that live in the plane in wagons.. There’s so many different kinds of men. ” She seemed fascinated, as if a man was some odd Mythical creature.

Ty : laughs derisively, ‘Aye we be different, we be men of earth and iron, shaped in the image and power of the great god Odin”  makes the sign of the hammer and pounds it to my chest.  “Other men, be just that men.  We be torvaldslanders!”

SashaKatz nod, but then thought of something else. ” So you don’t Worship the Priest Kings? ” She tried to imagine what it would be like, to have so much Pride, but that concept eludes her.

Ty : spits on the wooden planks, “there be me worship the priest kings.  Never seen nay heard anythin that makes me believe in no priest kings, those white robed hucksters that run aboot talkin of them and askin coin.. bahh childerens stories.”

SashaKatz: ” Well I never saw a white robed man either, only the Priestess, she does wear white.. But I don’t think she worship the Priest Kings either. ” She changes the subject then, indulging in her curiosity. ” Are there a lot of Kurii in the North? ”

Ty: shrugs, “there be enough ta cause trouble, nay sure how many, I took two before the third took me leg.”

SashaKatz cants her head, cooing in amazement. ” Really! They are so big and scary… I saw one once, and ran away even if it was in the distance. You must be a mighty Warrior to have defeated so many.. ”

Ty : chuckles, “Twasn’t at once and the first two i wasn’t alone in fightin it.. the third took me unawares and I took some blood from him before he got me leg.”  Shrugs, “But whatever I was woman, I be nay but a cripple now.”

SashaKatz: ” Is that a bad things in the Torvaldsland? ” She moves a bit closer, crouching to look at him.

Ty: growls bitterly “it be a bad thing in all lands.”

SashaKatz: ” Can’t you still make a good life? ” She said curiously, not really understanding the thirst for battle and glory that men value.

Ty : shakes my head, “I can exist, I can continue eating and breathing, but when I enter Valhalla twil be limping on a missing leg and dragging not a single enemy with me.  There will be nay trumpets nor men beating their shields ta welcome me..”  glowers and sulks, “So I pour drinks for tree slu.. uh forest girls.”

SashaKatz thinks about that, bouncing back a moment. ” But.. you still have two strong arms… so maybe when that time come, you can jam your sword into your enemy. ” She made stabbing motion, showing her inexperience she was in real battle. ” Jab jab… Then be victorious! ” She tried to console the man, in her clumsy way.

Ty: chuckles at her attempt at solace” Aye if i be luckier than i’ve been in years.”

SashaKatz cants her head, and smiles when he chuckles. ” Well, they might not see it coming… ” She hesitate a moment, but then asked anyway. ” Would it be a bad thing, if you gave me some points in how to fight well? ”

Ty: shrugs, “That bow on ye back be ye best bet and there be far better teachers than me, if ye wish ta handle a blade I can show some rudiments, but me mobility keeps me fairly stationary.”

SashaKatz nod nods. ” I use special blades, made by a smith that sometime forge weapons for Panthers. He said, they would be good for me, because I just need to flail them about… Wanna see them? I’m not a very good combatant.. Well, I guess that is kind of normal for a woman anyway. ”

Ty: nods “Aye bare ye steel, lets have a look at them.”

SashaKatz: ” Aye! ” She reach back, and carefully remove the half moon of steel. It was a peculiar design, perhaps more suited for a kitchen instrument then a valid weapon. ” See… since there’s lots of cutting surface.. if I flail about I can get lucky and cut.. He told me to avoid people with shields tho, since the blade is easy to deflect then. ”

Ty: nods, ‘Aye and no thrustin point.  the range on thise would be bad, but close in ye could dice a man.”

SashaKatz nod nod. ” Not very deeply, he suggested to cover the edge with poison also… to make it more effective. It’s good to block longer weapons too. ” She takes a stance, and swings about. But it looked less like combat, then some kind of dancing. Graceful, with a lot of circular motion, to make use of her arms for reach and momentum to compensate for her lack of physical strength. Afterward, she pause with a small pant, and slide the blades back under her pack.

Ty: nods, “Well at some point we can see how ye do agains a long sword but as now that man that just went through is a problem that needs solved.”

© Lunacaleengpanthers


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