The Gazette of Gor – Issue 18

Disclaimer: All images contained herein are stock images of Lunacaleengpanthers.
(Gorean Press Edition)


•    From the Editor’s Desk (Roran)
•    Interview with Eve Cartier (Mariko Marchant)
•    Interview Draven Therongard (Minnie)
•    Lands of The Sa Ki Fori (Frey)
•    Live Your Life (Lili Dawes)
•    Interview Isle of Sin (Claude)
•    SIM Owner Interviews (Frey)
•    Island Of Carthae (Minnie)
•    Town Of Teibar (Roran)
•    City Of Ti (Minnie)
•    How to Join Our Band (Sonia, SE of Dani’s Band)
•    Events
– Gallery of Photos
•    Editors and Writers needed
•    Feedbacks

From the Editor’s Desk  (Roran)

•    Welcome to another issue of the Gorean Gazette, and do we have some great stories for you this week!  Despite seeing some massive raids, our reporters dodged managed to get in and speak with luminaries, leaders, and great builders to get the stories that you need.
•    This issue we go meta, we go OOC. We talk to the story-creators behind the SIMs, and their approaches to creating the Gorean world on SL.
•    Need to know how to make a RP city work, befriend your neighbouring SIMs, or encourage your players?  Read on for tips on recruiting, building, and storytelling that will keep your villages, camps and cities in the centre of peoples’ minds.  There are a lot of interviews in this issue. And all persons we met give us a lot of reasons of hope. They build, they define rules, laws, stories, cities, camps. They continue to create our Gor. With actions of those persons, we can live, play, dream. We are going to be more and more Gorean.
•    Not convinced?  Well did you know we managed to score an interview with Eve Cartier, the first Panther in Gor, and famed builder.   As first Panther, she defines the way for all of us!
•    Don’t fail to read to the end, where a great collections of photos is exposed in Ko-Ro-Ba. Kama Maertens did a fantastic work and she deserves have a lot of visitors in her Gallery.
•    We hope for you all a good read and a fantastic weekend.

Interview with Eve Cartier (Mariko Marchant)

The first panther in Gor
•    Mariko Marchant: Tal Eve nice to meet you
–    Eve Cartier: Thank you, it’s a pleasure.
•    Mariko Marchant: I heard you were the first panther in Gor is that true?
–    Eve Cartier:  Yes, that is true.
•    Mariko Marchant:  And how was that being alone in Gor as a panther?
–    Eve Cartier:  Lonely? *grins* Truthfully, it wasn’t bad. I was a Panther girl in IRC before arriving in SL and there I had separated myself from others so I was used to being on my own. It’s something you accept when you pick that particular path.
•    Mariko Marchant:  What year was it?
–    Eve Cartier: That was 2002
•    Mariko Marchant:  It was not in second life then?
–    Eve Cartier: It was pre-beta.  They switched into full beta right around Nov. I actually arrived before my “born on date”. But a handful of us had our dates reset to the beta open date.  It doesn’t matter that much it was only a few months either way but it confuses people who run the math.  Either way there were only a handful of us in SL at all so it was lonely for everyone.
•    Mariko Marchant:  I see ..and when was there a Gor community on Second Life?
–    Eve Cartier:  Well, that is up for debate with a lot of people, but I remember it happening this way.  I arrived in Sl and most of my time and everyone’s time for that matter was spent learning to use the system… to build and whatnot.  I used that experience to find a little spot away from everyone, build my hut and quietly practice building when not in classes. After about a year and a half SL had stabilized to the point it was open all day instead of only a couple hours each day and the world had grown from about 7 sims to about 20. One of those sims was owned by a man whose name I can not remember, though I know he had a girl named Tessa and a Companion. They had built their version of Ar and a few surrounding cities.
Unfortunately their neighbors were a WW2 re-enactment group who delighted in spending their free time taking pot shots at the city and it’s people.  Because, at that point, you couldn’t choose the settings of your sim they spent all day being killed and reviving over and over where they stood.  My hut was not on this sim so I would speak to them but wasn’t part of the issue.  Not long after, the AR sim closed in frusteration, they left and for a long time, until Black Tarn island was created I was alone.
•    Mariko Marchant: i heard Gor  was much different than, more an economic system with trading. Is that correct?
–    Eve Cartier: I’m not sure what you mean by economic other than that slave trades were made with real Lindens.  Of course the expectations of those slaves were quite different then they are now.
•    Mariko Marchant:  What were the expectations of those slave then?
–    Eve Cartier: Well, first you must realize that everyone coming into SL at that time were coming from Yahoo and IRC communities.  These communities tended to be, what we call now, lifestyle communities.  So when you owned a slave you expected them to be knowledgeable of Gor (i.e. have read the books) as well as versed in the traditions of the community at the time.  Admittedly many of those traditions were based in OLisms but they were accepted and expected across the community.  Either way, the better versed a slave was in these things the more they were sold and traded for. There was also an expectation of consequence.  Slaves that were sold were expected to not have alts and to remain in the collar into which they were sold.  One didn’t lay down real cash if they didn’t expect that person to live up to the commitments they were putting themselves into.  It was a life many would balk at now but it was the expected and loved way of doing things at that time.
•    Mariko Marchant:  Around the 2006 there was a Gor  community in SL right? I mean with cities, Panther tribes, outlaws camps etc..
–    Eve Cartier: Yes, by 2006 there was a full Gorean continent of about 7 sims with various cities and forests.  There were no outlaw camps.  Those didn’t come until later.  The cities worked together and my band occupied the forest.  We traded, they lived their lives, we lived ours, otherwise there was little to no interaction except those that were stupid enough to wander into our forest.  Those,  we expected wished to be collared.  I won’t go into great detail, but over time the continent broke up,  other sims were created and soon Gor exploded across SL.
•    Mariko Marchant:  Was there already GE Gor then?
–    Eve Cartier: I don’t remember when GE Gor first appeared.  What people should realize though is that GE Gor wasn’t what it is now.  It was COMPLETELY a different beast.  The first I had ever heard of Gor Evolved was when someone mentioned this new sim to me.  I arrived to an entirely modern build of a dark looking New York style city.  The concept was simple, “what if the ideas of Gor were brought to a futuristic earth and expanded/evolved out of what they are now.”  In short, men and women were chasing slaves around a modern city for purposes of capture, rape and release.  Eventually these ideas bled BACK into Gor but the start of GE Gor was a lot more twisted than I think people realise.
•    Mariko Marchant:  I hear Gor has changed much over the years. If you compare Gor in 2008 and in 2015 was are in the main differences in your view?
–    Eve Cartier:  The biggest changes I have seen are that more people are familiar with the books.  That may seem odd to say, but I think as RP has taken over lifestyling people search the books for RP material instead of falling back on tradition and community designed ceremony.  I have also seen a decreased amount of consequence.  Personally I think this harms SL Gor.  People say they don’t want to have consequences for multiple alts or for the actions of their characters because they just come for  “fun”.  But I think the truth is when you don’t feel your heart beat a little in fear that you might actually lose your character you don’t get the joy when it doesn’t happen.  Removing consequences makes Gor  very..very safe.  Gor was never meant to be safe.
•    I hear it is much more combat now and less roleplay. How do you comment on that?
–    Eve Cartier: I think it was.  There was a very dark period where everything became combat focused.  But people can only run around “capping” each other so long before the capture, rape, rinse repeat of it all bores anyone with two brain cells.  I’m pleased to say that I believe the “community” in general is swinging back the other direction and most cities, they are finding a more healthy balance of RP with a side of combat.  I am sad to say, however, that the Panther community seems to be slower in that swing and remains combat focused.
•    Mariko Marchant:  Could I summarize that the panther community has changed from lifestyle to combat into Roleplay and the last years into combat with less roleplay?
–    Eve Cartier:  Hmm… I think a summery could be that Panther RP has shifted from Roleplay into combat and there it remains.  It’s an easy thing to see.  All you have to ask of yourself,  as a Panther girl,  is do you spend more time hunting, gathering, preparing for winter, fishing, creating weapons and dancing under the moons?  Or do you spend more time running from raid to raid, RPing out your capture, and standing at a fire waiting for the next raid you are called to?  The way a Panther girl answers this says a lot about her priority and focus.  The sad thing is I’m not sure most panther girls even KNOW how to RP the life of a Panther girl if she’s not fighting.  It’s a shame.  There is so much enthralling RP lost.
•    Mariko Marchant: Thank you very much for this interview Eve. This has been very interesting for me and I am sure for all people who joined Gor in the past years. Do you wish something to add?
–    Eve Cartier: Hmm, perhaps only that if a person feels like they aren’t getting enough RP I’d remind them they aren’t the only one.  In fact, I dare say that that is how 99% of the people in SL Gor are these days, standing around, waiting for someone to start with THEM.  I would dare people to be the first to make contact.  It doesn’t always work, but Gorean RP isn’t about giant group activities, it is about the interactions between two individuals.  I dare people to be the first to out and make that contact.
•    Mariko Marchant: thank you very, very much Eve this has been enlightening for me.
–    Eve Cartier: You are very welcome and I wish you well.

Interview Draven Therongard (Minnie)

Therongard Stronghold Outpost-Torvaldsland
Do you know this feeling of being well, when we are well welcomed in a place. I have had this feeling when i came in Therongard Stronghold. I met Drave, a strong man with a long barb and he showed me all this SIM. He was kind and patient, proud of his work. For his humanity and kindness, i offer you to visit him in his new place and do a great RP with him. Because all good people deserve be met !
The Interview
•    Minnie: Can you introduce yourself, your group and this place
•    Draven Therongard: Well I am Draven Therongard the Jarl of Therongard Stronghold and the Therongard Trading Co. the group is growing but its open enrollment so people can feel free to join in, this place is a Stronghold beside the thassa near the northern forests
•    Minnie: what is your story in Gor
•    Draven Therongard: the story is that he used to be a farmer of Ironhall but after business died down he decided to run his own company and found an abandoned stronghold taking it for his own and making it his home for his family and citizens. The stronghold is both a home and a trading company where we trade with both North and South and East and West if they wish the trade with the wagons and red savages
•    Minnie: Can we consider you as an old Gorean or do you see you as an old Gorean person ?
•    Draven Therongard: Well ive been in Gor for quite a long time, I first started out with chat sites such as IMVU and Yahoo chat rooms for Gor, I have been in Gor since 2003 when i first heard about it and ran into John Norman at a book signing
•    Minnie: Gor could be a life’s philosophy. Do you adapt your RL with your Gorean life ?
•    Draven Therongard: I like to live close to the Gorean lifestyle in RL but i know that alot of what Gor is in the books and SL cannot be in RL so i try to keep as close to it without breaking any laws
•    Minnie: You are BTB, have you contacts with Ge and if not, why
•    Draven Therongard: We are BTB but we do allow GE to come here as long as they remain BTB in their attire and roleplay, GE may raid here but not take any caps but as this is a homestead raiding will be rare
•    Minnie: yes, it s not easy with homestead, 20 persons max
•    Minnie: Can you tell me a bit about your land, who owns, builders. who decides, have you a council for all decisions
•    Draven Therongard: Well the land i decided to fashion into a mountainous terrain with rivers intersecting to go towards the thassa, if i had to picture it id say were right between the mountains of torvaldsland and the northern forests where it starts to slope upwards. I am the only owner of the land as i am unmated and have not found the right one yet. I am the builder as well but i prefer to use the builds that you can find everyday but to modify them to the needs of Gorean, such as my stronghold is a Game of Thrones Stronghold but i modified it to look Gorean, and a council will probably be made up once i find partners if i ever decide to get a full sim
•    Minnie: Many sim owners get burnt out having to do everything listed and more. People wonder how people do it. How many hats do you wear as a sim owner (Warrior, Scribe, Moderator … and more)
•    Draven Therongard: Well the way i see it is being a sim owner is hardly tough at all, its fun and makes for great roleplay, the entire thing of how many hats i wear id say im a warrior and moderator and builder and friend. Unlike many sims i go to i participate in as much roleplay with my citizens when not modding a situation or fixing a few builds or fighting to keep the stronghold safe
•    Minnie: How do you imagine your future in Gor ?
•    Draven Therongard: Well my future in Gor i hope to keep as a suprise to me, but im hoping that the Therongard Stronghold holds up a strong name in Gor and continues to grow. The way i see it is that Gor will continue to grow and this sim will grow with it
•    Minnie: All names have a story. What is the story of your name, the story of the land’s name too
•    Draven Therongard: well the Therongard name has been on Secondlife since 2010 back when Sarus Therongard was head of Therongard, but once he passed away in roleplay i took upon the head of Therongard. The name of the land is based off of the Therongard name, a strong and growing family name that will be here for years to come.
•    Minnie: I think that you are a right person, loyal and a good owner. I hope for you success with this place. You deserve it
•    Minnie: Can i visit and take some pics for Gazette
•    Draven Therongard: yes feel free to

Lands of The Sa Ki Fori (Frey)

I recently visited the Sa Ki Fori band to see the sim and talk with the owner.  I was in awe by the beauty of the area and stood for several minutes just looking over the landscape in amazement.  This sim has by far some of the most beautiful untouched land I’ve seen.  Here’s what the owner has to say about her views of Gor and what she hopes for her sim.
Please introduce yourself to our readers.  Include your name as you would like it in the article, your sim name and your position.
•   My name is Morrighan Serendipity, and I am the en of the Sa Ki Fori band of panthers located in the Hrimgar sim
Are you BTB or other? and do you observe Home Stone and Caste System cultures?
•   I always say we are Gorean.  We try to be as close to the books as possible given SL limitations, yet we do allow any and all to play here, including female outlaws.
If you had to choose one important or main thing or theme of interest from a Gorean aspect… What would you say your sim’s most attractive Feature would be?
•   I think our sim has a very rugged natural beauty for the mountainous region we are supposed to be living in.
Why would you be the perfect choice for Goreans, what sets you aside from others?
•   Our band lives in an open camp, with no gates or walls, which I think is very realistic.  Our focus here is on RP over combat.  Everyone in the SKF is a para rper, and we pride ourselves on that ability, regardless of the situation, if trade, from a captive, or captor standpoint.
What would you say is the main source of income for this fair city and what products are produced here  that you would export to other lands of Gor.
•   Again, no city, but we do have a few things we trade regularly.  Furs and skins of course,  honey, and kur fat are things we have in abundance.
Would you like to make any statements or comments about your lands or any Aspects of Gorean Life?
•   I would just like to invite people to come by and start a story line with us, see for themselves the quality of our RP.

Live Your Life (Lili Dawes)

Life is crazy,
and totally unpredictable…
It’s going to push you over,
kick you while you’re down
and hit you when you try to get back up.
Not everything can beat you.
Things are going to change you,
But you get to choose which ones you let change you.
Listen to your heart,
Follow your dreams,
And let no one tell you what you’re capable of.
Push the limits,
Bend the rules,
And enjoy every minute of it.
Laugh at everything,
Live for as long as you can.
Love all,
But trust none.
Believe in yourself,
And never lose faith in others
Settle for nothing but only the best,
And give 110% in everything you do.
Take risks,
Live on the edge,
Yet stay safe,
And cherish every moment of it.
Life is a gift,
Appreciate all the rewards,
And jump on every opportunity.
Not everyone’s going to love you
But who needs them anyways.
Challenge everything,
And fight for what you believe.
Back down to nothing,
But give in to the little things in life,
After all, that is what makes you.
Forget the unnecessary,
But remember everything,
Bring it with you everywhere you go.
Learn something new,
And appreciate criticism.
Hate nothing,
But dislike what you want.
Never forget where you came from,
And always remember where you are going.
Live Life to its fullest,
And have a reason for everything,
even if it’s totally insane.
Find Your purpose in life,
and use live it.

Interview Isle of Sin (Claude)

•    Claude (claude.belgar): Hello Manon Seid. You are the co-owner of the “Isle of Sin” sim, could you tell us the story behind it ?
•    Manon Seid: Hello Claude. Oh my thats a long story. I am not sure I remember that far back. I think I first set foot on Isle of Sin back in springtime 2008 when my very good friend and panther leader Maysun Latte brought me there to meet her friend Lainie. Back then we all mixed in character and out of character and this friend of my leader had a slave then – Bill. Bill owned Isle of Sin and since we were a panther band with no home at the time we were invited to move there. We had been staying in Midgaard prior to that and were only a small band of I think 5 – 10 members tops. We took Bill and Lainie up on the offer and soon moved to Isle of Sin. Soon after Bill went to be Maysuns slave and we never left the sim again.
•    Claude (claude.belgar): So “Isle of Sin” was panthers land at its beginning. Is it still the case nowadays, or did the situation changed ?
•    Manon Seid: oh it was panthers land for all those years yes. Maysun stayed leader through all the years but were at times absent for RL. We had a strong second in charge in Najina and as time went by friendships grew so strong that we all keep in contact to this day and some of us met several times RL too. Over the years I went from a shy Dane who was not entirely convinced I could roleplay in English to nowadays being in love with parastyle roleplay with long storylines and being fairly strict by the books. But…that said I also learned moderating gorean roleplay is like herding cats. Isle of sin is still panthers land with wilderness, swamps and forest. But the focus is on roleplay not on meter fights and there are also areas where people can play out other roles like hunters or travelers or residents in a small village. In a skybox we have a kuri spaceship and at ground level there is a cave for them as well…plus theres also a skybox ship to play out traveling up one of the rivers should anyone wish to do that. Plenty of smaller areas are scattered for different scenes to explore too. Point is – I realized that I wanted the sim to be for a variety of storylines within the area of the northern forests not just for one single pantehr band. These days people going here would be fairly safe from panther attacks…though…never say never.
•    Claude (claude.belgar): I was about to ask what what people could expect by visiting “Isle of Sin”, but you already answered this. Instead, maybe you could tell our readers about the geographical location on your sim ? I am sure this would interest them.
•    Manon Seid: Isle of Sin is a bit of a strange name since the setting is actually within the northern forest. In the rules it is stated “a patch of land situated somewhere along one of the minor rivers connecting with the Laurius River at the southern edge of the northern forests. A pocket of scarcely inhabited land in the midst of wilderness.”  So making it entirely possible for a panther girl band or a group of outlaws to live here – but also possible for traders and caravans to travel through here…should anyone have a caravan to travel with. About what people could expect going here I got to warn here. We have no moderation. There is a notecard with a few simple ooc rules at the landing point and thats it. I expect people to be adult enough to deal with bumps in the roleplay themselves. It is my hope that people will keep their roleplay close to the books and play fairly (mind you I am not saying I want their character to be fair – I love villain characters) – but if they don’t follow the normal roleplay rules its anyones right to walk away and find someone else to play with.
•    Claude (claude.belgar): You said no moderation, but I would believe that if a real problem would arise, lets say someone using modern weapons and futurist clothing, actions would be taken ?
•    Manon Seid: Not necessarily no. If I am online and someone let me know, then hell yea i’ll kick their asses out. I want Gorean rp on the isle not some weird mix of Starwars-Gorean-Oz-Urban stuff. But if I am not here and the other moderators are not online either theres not much to do about idiots like that – we advice players going here that if they meet issues like that, that ruin roleplay that they take off their meter, block them and carry on with their roleplay as if they had not been interrupted. In worst case scenario even to treat the situation like a sim restart and tp somewhere else and hopefully come back when theres peace and quiet to continue rp here again. I have had an issue with people staying on the sim in demon attire. That’s NOT my vision for how the sim should be and it saddens me that people in SL don’t care to the point they can’t be bothered to even dress for the genre. But that said the demons were using a bed in a room in a village house. They were not really bothering anyone and they kept to themselves there. In a case like that I believe it would be possible to carry on the gorean roleplay anywhere else on the sim and ignore an issue like that if no moderators were around.
•    Claude (claude.belgar): Last question, would you say that “Isle of Sin” is “BTB”, “GE”, or something else entirely ?
•    Manon Seid: Tricky question. I would love to say its strictly BTB. But I am not micro managing what people play here. I assume good faith and that visitors follow the genre as advised in the ruiles, but I can’t guarantee that visitors won’t encounter GE situations meeting other visitors here. I have seen moderators fighting to keep rp strictly BTB in other sims and frankly I just don’t want to fight and control that much. As much as my heart is with the BTB part of Gor I also recognize that BTB roleplayers has been so strict that at times valid roleplay scenarios has been killed in rules and regulations and a pile of quotes. I want creativity and fun before BTB after all. I believe thats entirely possible to do within BTB you know. But I won’t be the moderator telling people they can’t play out something that only happened once in the books…or even scenarios not mentioned in the books – as long as it follows the spirit of the genre. And when I am not here I have no real control over what happens…only the players involved have that. To answer the question in short: Isle of Sin is BTB and strictly roleplay when you look at the rules. But when you come visit, the roleplay here is what you make of it. It’s as simple as that – here and anywhere else in SL.
•    Claude (claude.belgar): Before we end this interview, do you wish to add something, to address a point that we hadn’t talked of before ?
•    Manon Seid: hmm yes. Isle of Sin has been here for 7 years with basically the same crowd keeping it open. Build has changed a few times over the years and we all learned more about roleplay in the time frame too as we went from the old Gor mixing of ooc and ic to the more developed roleplay with storylines and separation of player and character. We saw the beginning of the btb movement and the later split in ge/btb/lifestyler and even later the emergence of the no meter strict roleplay sims. As we are friends RL too and has been for a very long time the sim will stay open for a long time to come, unless something drastic happens with either SL or one of us owners. At times traffic is low – so bring your own crowd if you want crowded rp. Low traffic is not a factor we consider when paying tiers though, this is our home, so the sim will be here regardless. Since we are a homestead, prims would be limited. But if you want stability and lots of freedom in your storylines – this might be a place for you.
•    Claude (claude.belgar): Thank you for your time, I am quite sure our readers would be interested by finding more about your sim by themselves, in light of the informations you provided. I wish you a great evening and wish you a lot of success for “Isle of Sin”.

SIM Owner Interviews (Frey)

I spent some time with two Sim Owners to talk about the joys and struggles of this demanding SL job.  Tristan is the former sim owner of the recently closed Thentis.  And Rose is the current sim owner of the Q&Q Art Center which is not necessarily and actively role playing city, but certainly has no less responsibilities.
Frey: Was or Is your sim a GE or BTB, lifestyle, or rp, Philosophy?
•    Tristan: It was BTB RP
•    Rose: lifestyle I suppose with a strong strain of acceptance as we are a theater group
Frey: it is said that “the laws of the land do not extend past the walls of said city”
how do you deal with those that may come in to tell you that you have to follow their laws?
•    Rose: I laugh to myself and ignore them – and let them do as they want while I do the same so long as they let the matter drop…….otherwise I tell them the truth “I am not concerned with your pressuring me to change”
•    Tristan: when I was running Thentis, luckily that never happened, however if someone came into my SIM and said I had to follow their rules and laws, I would give them the option to apologize for their arrogance and conform to Thentis laws and rules, or leave of their own accord, or get permanently banned, plain and simple.  I’m the one that was mainly forking out the money for the SIM and would listen to suggestions  but would not allow someone to dictate to me how things would be…if they want to run the SIM, then, in my opinion, they should pay for it
Frey: what is the hardest thing about running your sim?  the easiest thing?
•    Tristan: The hardest thing was keeping people interested, unfortunately they seemed to think that as SIM owner and Admin it was my job to always come up with things to do instead of trying to get things going themselves.  The easiest thing, honestly, was dealing with drama…the ban-hammer works wonders for that…unfortunately even with that, drama can still take its toll on a SIM owner
•    Rose:  as this is not an rp sim I am spared many of the headaches — so the hardest is keeping things organized so there is space and prims for everyone to use and that often means getting someone to pick up some things so someone else can work on a project less fun tasks of the sort…….the easiest part is hanging out with friends who are DOING things…never ever bored
Frey: how hard is it to keep people on your sim?
•    Tristan: Depends, people will stay in a SIM that they find interesting and fun, the hard part is finding that balance to where you are giving those that are there the fun they crave and the interest they want, while also having things that would appeal to new people.  In the end, you can’t please everyone and anyone that tries to will get burnt out very quickly
•    Rose: I have no need to be interested in traffic…and folks are here when they have something to work on…or are broadcasting…or rehearsing/performing

Frey: do you have people that contribute to your sim? (rentals, donations, purchasing items from your sim?

•    Rose: the theater has contributors but no, Q&Q just pays its own way

•    Tristan: Thentis had people that rented in the market place and contributed that way, we also had housing in the city that was rented….and there were a few places where I had donation prims out
Frey: how strict/easy are your sim rules? do others complain about having to follow them?
•    Tristan: Nobody complained that I know of, at least not directly to me, and from what I have seen my SIM rules were pretty much on par with most BTB SIMs.  Where the strictness came in was my standards on what BTB meant and how I tried to keep Thentis in line with those standards
•    Rose: nah….the only rule is don’t be irritating…and seldom does anyone break it for longer than an hour or two.  But then again we aren’t rp….so don’t have any external expectations
Frey: when do you get drug in as a mod?  how do you deal with those times?
•    Rose: no comment here
•    Tristan: To be honest, when I was SIM owner I feel like I spent more time dealing with stuff than getting to RP, though they may not have been “official” mod calls, I was usually in an IM somewhere doing a MOD type thing, and you deal with it as best you can just like any other MOD would…the problem is that as SIM owner, more is expected of you and, in truth, almost all your time is spent in MOD mode
Frey: we all know there is and will be drama. how do you deal with it?
•    Tristan: Well I try to resolve it like adults, but that rarely works…in the end it usually ends up with me giving someone an ultimatum or just banning them
•    Rose: talking a lot…..and then changing the subject as soon as there is a glimmer of agreement
Frey: do you have a council of people that helped you work out the laws of your land?
•    Tristan: Kind of, had a couple of people that went in and revamped the original rules, then I went in after them and altered them to conform to my view of what BTB should be.  But was always open to suggestions.
•    Rose: nah – doesnt take a committee to work out one rule
Frey: how much time did you spend in gor before you made the decision to make your sim a gorean style one?
•    Rose: 2 decades
•    Tristan: about 24 years to be honest
Frey: how do you deal with the by the book and gorean evolved conflict?
•    Tristan: GE wasn’t allowed to Raid Thentis and any female that showed up with weapons visible was collared on the spot
Frey: If there is one thing you would like to see change for gorean sim owners, what would it be?
•    Tristan: People that would actually appreciate the fact that the SIM owner puts a lot of time, money, and effort into the SIM with little to no gratitude or appreciation….the people of the SIM really should take into consideration all that a SIM owner does so that they have a place to have fun, instead of being petty and demanding and focusing on their own fun and what they want.  It would lead to less drama, in my opinion, and, may bring about some good communities
•    Rose: I think Gorean sims….basically need to work of a project and less fun task of the sort that suits the members….passive daily wait of rp…..breeds drama and discontent……people with a goal…..of whatever sort – an event, a charity, a publication…..or in RP a war, a pilgrimage…whatever….THOSE people have more fun and MUCH less time for negativity of all kinds. Also……I’d like to see either the price of sims lowered or ONLY folks who can afford it get into it….a ‘need for traffic’ is deadly.

Island Of Carthae (Minnie)

•    There a some places who deserve be known and visited. Carthae is one of those places. How describe Carthae without saying how good are details, how fun is the build. It is a full immersive BTB place with good players and a wonderful landscape. All is defined to find the good RP, the good fight, the good game. Maha is the builder who has done this place and we have to congrat her for her job. It s a part of dream that she gives us with her work. Please, don’t leave a place like this without players. They deserve be visited and i m sure that you will find there, this little piece of light wich is called, pleasure for eyes.
Backstory and LM – The Island Of Carthae
•    Long before the reign of Marlenus of Ar, the Empire had reached out their mighty arms to the coast of Cardonicus and further. They captured an island to control the trade route between Cos, Tyros and Farnacium, among other islands of Thassa as well as Cardonicus and Lydius on the coast. Of course this went against the interests of the islands and was not taken lightly. Cos and Tyros made an ally and together they gathered their fleet to conquer the stronghold that was threatening their ocean routes. Successful and triumphant they returned leaving the island with its destroyed outpost as warning for Ar.
•    Being engaged soon after in the Valley War and having not much naval power, Ar gave up their desire to extend their hegemony of their empire on Thassa. It was several 100 years before new life came to island known as Carthae. The closeness to important ports, as well as to the northern forest and the Vosk Delta were soon making the island a bustling village where goods were bought and sold, mainly slaves who were captured from all over Gor, making the island slowly becoming known for the finest in quality.
•    When you land on the docks, you can still feel the power of Ar as you see the thick walls and ruins. But once inside you realize that this place was now ruled by merchants, eager to provide you the richest of wares and the most beautiful girls, which were conquered in the raids of Cos, Tyros and even Port Kar and brought there to be left to their fate.
•    Protection they got from a hired group of mercenaries. The closeness to the coast and the northern forest sometimes even leads Panther Girls to come to trade captured enemies in exchange for arrow heads and other treasures.

Town Of Teibar (Roran)

•    Some cities defend themselves with great walls; others with moats or hidden entrances.  Teibar takes a different tack, as any army flooding into its gates will find themselves in a confusing maze of city streets, where only select hidden steps lead up to the second level where people live, and from where they can watch the confusion below!  A design worthy of Zhuge Liang!
•    The complexity doesn’t stop there – the entire city is a maze, with hidden steps leading ever further up, all the way to the lofty high-plain where the most expensive houses can be found.  Some say there is even a great library atop the city, if one could ever discover it.
•    Teibar is another of the great coastal cities, always packed with visiting longboats and maritime trade, making it an essential stop for any ships heading out to the northern reaches.  Perhaps becuase of this the lower city is in constant festival-mode, hanging out bunting between the adobe buildings, with fires of street-food and slave-girls aplenty in the lower city.
•    The reporter sat at the city walls, surveying Teibar.  Had he been dreaming?  What was that place.
•    He sat in a glade of cherry-trees, the soft chirping of birds making a peaceful sound; the delicate village behind him feeling calm compared to the hustle of the Teibar he had remembered from a moment ago.

City Of Ti (Minnie)

I was well welcomed by Eric Kammerer, regent of City of Ti. Ti  and Olni will rebuild the Salerian Confederation, Tied tightly together. Ti is a little BTB City for lovers of good RP.  No lag,  essential build, all is done for put in first place RP. It s also a quiet place where people can live in peace, with residents and rentables houses. Yes, it s a new place and build and all is not perfect. But we have always to salute people who are working to make live our Gor. So, i invite you to visit them and discover this new place. Eric deserves this …

How to Join Our Band (Sonia, SE of Dani’s Band)

•    If you have no idea how a panther lives in dangerous woods …
If the luxury of city, the chatter between free women and the laws of men annoy you…
•    So join us , come and learn how to handle a bow, how to use a spear to hunt wild panther at the bottom of wet wood … Join us in our camp in the middle of the forest, just participate in the many hunting trips …
•    We do not live in huts , there is no fence hiding our camp …
Come with your stories , comes with your desire to live as a free woman of the wild wood , free from men … But to enter our clan, you must prove your loyalty , you will prove to be one of our to earn our trust, to join our band as a panther in its own right you will kill one of us, so if you succeed to kill one of us and that you are accepted as a full sister, so we trust you as you will trust us…
•    The first day , you have taken care of call ringing the bell on the trading post along the river Laurius , after days of walking in the northern woods, tired , harassed you wait that one or several of us respond to your call ….
•    The first day , the arrogant panthers will surround you , their aggression will make you tremble with fear , but you will remain receives no escape or attempt to escape, because you will be quickly caught and probably killed like a wild animal …
•    So the first day, after long tiring days walking in the wild and dangerous forest that day will be your first time …
The panthers will tear your clothes to throw them to the ground leaving stream or put naked , trembling in the cold and damp wood ….
Then the chief of the tribe , will throw at your feet a thin knife … it will be your only weapon … Then the leader will point the surrounding woods, she will tell you to go bare with this knife and go hunt a wild animal, then come back when you have to kill and dismember by reducing the skin of the beast on your shoulders …
•    if you can hunt, kill and dismember a beast before the second half moon (three day) , so when you return to the docks, the panthers will guide you until their camp , uttering wild cries …
You’ll finally reached the first invitation to live and share the lives of panther-girls …
•    You will be formed by the oldest for use of the bow and spear
until you feel ready to face one of us and kill to take her place in our band as a full panther … If you hesitate, if it scares you, then life in the woods is not for you, fly, fly away that we do not catch you slave ….

© Gazette of Gor

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