The Gazette of Gor – Issue 17

Disclaimer: All images contained herein are stock images of Lunacaleengpanthers.
(Gorean Press Edition)

•    From the Editor’s Desk  (Hathor)
•    Tyrs Fist Idea and vision (Mariko)
•    A tour at Tyr’s Fist Village and interview (Mariko)
•    A walk at the Gorean Zoo (Mariko Marchant)
•    Zima Ak’am Jungles (Minnie)
•    Interview with a Green (Roran)
•    Outlander Outlaws (Minnie)
•    Announcing The Curulean Auction (Kimba)
•    HoT Arena of Blades Event
•    Events
– Theater Night in Gimili
– Gallery of Photos
•    Editors and Writers needed
•    Feedbacks

From the Editor’s Desk (Hathor)

•    Why do we Dance in Gor?
•    I took a series of classes at  a Gorean dance school .  My thought was I would be given skills to be a better dancer in a tavern, to please the Free and hopefully get a grunt of “not bad girl” from my Master.   This should be a no-brainer, I am basically a story teller, I can easily spin a story from an idea that pops up in front of me.
•    I did, however, after the many classes, learn how hard a dancer works to perform, no matter what reason(s) or level of expertise she  wishes to achieve.   Gorean dance is a beautiful expression of words and movement, a mastery of  words and movement to captivate an audience or a single  person with her imagery of her body and emotions.  It is hard work, the written dance alone takes hours of writing, editing, rewriting, striving for the best representation of one’s dance.   Add to the “story”,  the actual dance must show movements by the dancer to express not only the dance, but to echo the written portion of the dance.   A dancer learns how to use props, what to dance in, i.e., silks, nude or an appropriate costume.  All are a parts of a dance.
•    The teachers showed the class examples of some of their own personal dances, to give each in the class a sense of what a dance can become.  The dances were exquisite, beautifully done and inspiring.  Each was a dance they had carefully crafted after many hours of work and many years of dancing.  At the end of the weeks of classes, each student walks onto the sands before her teachers, judges and her friends (who are welcome to attend the graduation dance) and showcases a dance she has created.  I wrote such a dance for my graduation and a mentor, and friends picked my dance apart and tossed it back in my lap, with so many helpful ways to improve, to better coordinate dance movements with the emotes, to engage one’s audience with the dance as a whole.   To become one with the joy in a dance.
•    I am not a kajira who says, for now, I do not wish to compete; it’s not my “thing”.  I do, however, commend those who do wish to dance competitively.  It is not an easy choice, it takes hard work, dedication to the beauty of the dancer’s moves and emotes, but rewarding in its own way, to be judged competent in the ability to dance Gorean and found to be a girl who dance for the joy, pride and grace in the judges eyes.

•    I wish to dance for the Camp group Free the best I can.  I wish to be pleasing, to please both the Free and slaves who would see me dance.  I wish to honor my Master with my dance.  If my Master brought me to a tavern and told to dance I would want to be able to step to the sands with my head held high.  I would dance Gorean, a dance of beauty, of joy, of heart, confident I have been taught by the best, the teachers who have magnified my passion for Gorean dance for more than a story.  I  now know how deeply I feel about Gorean dance.

Tyrs Fist Idea and vision (Mariko)

•    The idea of Tyrs Fist is that having wandered for years Steinar, decided to settle. Bringing with him those of a like mind to build a small, thriving Northern village. Very much based in the old ways, making sure we can survive and grow through hard work and worship of the Gods.
•    The philosophy is to try and reclaim Northern Gor back from viking and danelaw RP. Gor is a society based on men being strong and very much Alpha males. With women being both beta and in cases of slaves subservient. Bringing para and semi para roleplay with ongoing and growing stories. Close knit community spirit and the harshness that is fundamental for Gorean life. We welcome all levels of RPer however we do ask that they abide by our rules and at least make an effort.

A tour at Tyr’s Fist Village and interview (Mariko)

•    A tour at Tyr’s Fist Village and interview with Steinar  Bergstrõm
•    Steinar had wandered Torvaldsland looking for a place to call home after his adopted family had passed to Odin’s hall. Many lands, many halls he had seen and none had felt like home to him. Whilst sailing within sight of the Torvaldsberg he stopped at a small inlet for water. It was typical Torvaldsland, treeless, with rocky terrain. Deciding to stretch his legs he climbed the cliffs and wandered till he stumbled onto a dead lone tree. As night was drawing in he sheltered under a rock and rested for the night. That night was filled with dreams of Gods, battles and feasting.
•    A voice in the dream called to him, “my son this is your home, Odin will have his watchers look over you. Heed my words”. As his eyes flickered open he saw two ravens on the branches of the tree. Shaking his head he stood and walked back to his boat. Spending a passage of hand he sailed to the local Jarl and asked for that inlet, he was given it for coin he had collected and made his home there. Wood was delivered and over the summer he worked tirelessly, always the Ravens watched and never left the tree for long. Now he has finished and welcomes travelers who share his beliefs in the old ways, keeping away from what he believes has made his homeland weak. He named it after the nickname he was given by the Jarl of his adopted Father when he fought and raided with him “Tyr’s Fist”.
•    Mariko Marchant: Nice to meet you Steinar.
–    Steinar  Bergstrõm (sonofnjord): And you Mariko, welcome to Tyr’s Fist Village.
•    Mariko Marchant: Can you tell me something about the concept of Tyrs Fist?
–    Steinar  Bergstrõm (sonofnjord): Of course, well I have been in Gor on and off for around 10 years. I have seen, through no ones fault the steady decline of Torvie Gorean RP. Influence from Game of Thrones and the series Vikings. I just wanted a small close knit community that will RP as close to the books as we can and hold the pillars of Gorean society firm. So here we are.
•    Mariko Marchant: I read you do have a philosophy, can you tell me something about that?
–    Steinar  Bergstrõm (sonofnjord): The philosophy is to try and reclaim Northern Gor back from viking and danelaw RP. Gor is a society based on men being strong and very much Alpha males. With women being both beta and in cases of slaves subservient. Bringing para and semi para roleplay with ongoing and growing stories. Close knit community spirit and the harshness that is fundamental for Gorean life.
•    Mariko Marchant: This is a place for those more experienced in Gor, Am I correct?
–    Steinar  Bergstrõm (sonofnjord): No, not at all. All people are treated as individuals and their RP approach, if the desire to RP in the way we do and fit in is there then hell yes we welcome you. I have a couple here already just like that and are loving the RP and the laughs we have.
•    Mariko Marchant: smiles..Anything else you like to mention before we do a 10-15 minutes tour?
–    Steinar  Bergstrõm (sonofnjord): I just want to say that it is a pleasure to welcome the Gazette here, we are having a feast in the hall today. So your timing is impeccable as the preparations are just starting.
•    Mariko Marchant: smiles… it is pleasure to have you in the Gazette and talking to you.
–    Steinar  Bergstrõm (sonofnjord): As we come of the dock you can see to our right. The traders lodge, he likes it down by the water. And to our left is the Merciless, a labour of love for me as I am building her as and when I get the time.
The first level you will see on the cliff a statue of Tyr, the first of our three guardians. In the open is the stone circle for rune ceremonies and the like. Also a couple of lodges for the villagers.
As you arrive on the top tier you see the small patches of fertile land which we make use of for our crops. We tried to make Torvaldsland as it was described, minimal trees and rocky terrain with small patches of farm land
•    Mariko Marchant: It is beautiful.
–    Steinar  Bergstrõm (sonofnjord): Thank you.
I could not pass the tree I slept under and Muninn and Huginn who are ever present in its branches.
(The hall is sunken into the land to retain heat. Outside is a summer circle for storytelling and the blacksmith close by. This the hall I will move you quickly through it. The fresh water for the hall use is here.
And we have started to bring the more fragile animals inside as winter approaches quickly. This is an Iron mine also.)
•    Mariko Marchant: I see. The hall is very impressive that is where most of the roleplay is done?
–    Steinar  Bergstrõm (sonofnjord): Actually the Roleplay is spread out over the whole sim. We are busy preparing for winter so people go to other villages to trade. They work the fields, prepare wood etc etc..
(To the side of the hall is a smoke house and behind it an icehouse.. we RP all of the things needed to survive.)
•    Mariko Marchant: how may people come here?
–    Steinar  Bergstrõm (sonofnjord): well this is the quiet time but as we have only been open a week, our usual RP numbers between 10 and 18 on sim actively RPing
•    Mariko Marchant: Nice and what is this? A statue?
–    Steinar  Bergstrõm (sonofnjord): Yes indeed that is Odin he stands highest of the Guardians. We saw Tyr and we will see Thor. You may have noticed also the animals grazing freely, again trying to keep it authentic and rustic as possible.
•    Mariko Marchant. This all look very authentic to me.
–    Steinar  Bergstrõm (sonofnjord): thank you.
The final part of the lands and Thor statue. They over look the inlet and guard us. As you can see the homes are well spread out. We also have a single free womens lodge that can hold 8 for those who have no family here.
•    Mariko Marchant: I see..beautiful view here and I am very impressed by your work.
–    Steinar  Bergstrõm (sonofnjord): It is my favourite spot, why I left it to last. There are few other surprises but why spoil people finding it out ICly?
•    Mariko Marchant: I fully understand thank you for the wonderful tour Steinar.
–    Steinar  Bergstrõm (sonofnjord): Well I did not build this I cannot take the credit Eilíft Sál (elithra.rae) did. I told her my thoughts she made it into reality.
–    Steinar  Bergstrõm (sonofnjord): You are very welcome Mariko is there anything else you would like to ask?
•    Mariko Marchant: Not at this moment and i agree with you, let visitors check out this wonderful place and see fot themselves and discover this SIM
–    Steinar  Bergstrõm (sonofnjord): Well in that case I thank you for coming and I look forward to the article in your wonderful Gazette.
You can see the tour at: click here

A walk at the Gorean Zoo (Mariko Marchant)

•    Up in the sky, stretches the Great Gorean Zoo, a wildlife Preserve. A spacious, interestingly landscaped area hosting  ALL of the known Gorean animals, and birds, and insects, and fish, and reptiles.
•    The Great Gorean Zoo is a teaching facility with information dispensers at each animal exhibit giving details on each species on display.

•    The arrival area has a tea house that doubles as a small meeting room. Visitors take a winding path through each of the over 60 species exhibits, and more than 200 animals, which loops around back to the beginning. (A check-list is provided so you don’t miss any)

•    The park-like area is a favorite for Goreans to take a pleasant walk or to relax, enjoy nature and Gorean wildlife while sitting on one of the many benches provided.

•    You can see this walk at: click here
and also with (funny) comments of PeZ at:
•    click here
•    See also: click here

Zima Ak’am Jungles (Minnie)


•    There will always be immortal tribes. Zima has moved and is placed on the Talunas continent , alongside Veck En. The ZIMAS Jungle hosted, Saturday night, different tribes and Panthers for a crowded party where the wine flowed freely. Joy, good humor, an engaging RP. Everything came together to make this evening a success.

Interview with a Green (Roran)

(In this issue, the Gazette talks to a Green-caste physician, bringing you readers a day in the life of the camp medic at a remote outpost)
•    Ms Cupcake: I am the person who patches everyone up… after any little contre-temps…!!
•    Gazette: That must surely interest our readers, many of whom may only know about the ‘wrap a cloth around it and hope for the best’ method of medical care…
•    Ms Cupcake: No no that kind of amateur first aid… it can cause more problems than it solves…. the dirt, infection, poor drinking water… all these things can lead infection…. our camp is close quarters…. it can spread… so… i am quite fussy about hygiene and cleanliness … and of course excess drinking too…. we cant be tolerating people wandering around in the morning wiv hang-overs… like in a daze…. these days… in Gor… anything can happen
•    Gazette: It must be difficult to get much medicine out here in the wilderness, other than herbal stuff?
•    Ms Cupcake: We have to go out…. into the forests for roots and herbs…. into the fields…. different lands have different habitats…. and we have to keep stocks
•    Gazette: They go bad after some time?  How cool do the cellars of buildings get around here?
•    Ms Cupcake Well they do go off… some you can dry and they will last ages…. others have to be fresh so we have a rota…. where we go…. and when… to maintain stocks…  — I must have done … god…. I cant even work out how far in my canoe… I have a two person canoe… it;s the easiest way to go and it’s quick and reliable.” and she glances round checking cautiously as she speaks “the ships… for travel…. they call them ships but pffffft..!!” she dramatically pinched her nose…”they are just floating hulks of rotten wood…. they stink … and the Captains… seriously…  (Ed: cut it there; we’ll have no such aspersions against our fine captains printed here, thankyou)
•    Looking at the towers of nearby cities, the Gazette asked “is that something which you have to sneak past watch-towers to reach the best places?”
•    Ms Cupcake shook her head “because people know I am a Green.. they don’t normally try anything on….. obviously that’s not a rule but……” and she checks her nails as she speaks…”it’s not a …. damn i have caught my nail on the edge of the table earlier….” and she looks up “sorry where was i? oh yes… rules… no well there is no rule but….. people never know when they might need  Green so… silly to attack one of us…. when at some point in the future they might find themselves on a bed and one of us peering over them wiv a scalpel..!!”
•    Gazette: Ah yes, that would be quite the nightmare for someone accustomed to battle injuries, to be facing the much more delicately controlled ones of a green.  Still, must be quite anonymous up in the towers – do you generally recognise any of them as you pass?
•    Ms Cupcake: No, you dont normally recognise the people in towers or the larger groups of pirates and outlaws…. alas the survival rate of people in those occupations is very very low… i have friends in the forests where people live a more peaceful life and a calmer and longer one.
•    At this point, the interviewers retired to a quiet room in the basement to continue the conversation (Ed: can you cut the bit about the raiders tying us up, and make it sound like a natural break in conversation)

Outlander Outlaws (Minnie)

(Tara Krohall owner of Outlanders)
•    This is a Gorean GE Outlaw Group…
•    Although Outlaws, we are so much more then just a group, we our family here, the stats, the raids, the rescues, mean nothing without the feeling of warmth among each other and the feeling that you found the place you want to call home.
With that comes dedication, fun and craziness, when this group opened, we wanted to be different, wanted all to know that they existed and mattered.  It has been rewarded 10 fold, I am fierecely protective and care for each and every person here.
•    Our group is dedicated to each other and Outlanders. We are not and never will be a pew pew group.  I have it no other way
•    We are Outlander Outlaws the land is welcoming, the people even more so, with cave like beach areas, waterfalls, there is hidden beauty to be found thru out, this is home, this is Outlanders.

Announcing The Curulean Auction – Live Roleplay, Real Lindens

•    Buying slaves from a vending-machine, lacks a little something.  A Gorean slave-auction is supposed to be a show, an event, and a spectacle.  We cheapen Gor, and we rob ourselves when we do mechanical slave-auctions.
•    “The third lot was a High Caste girl of Cos who stood before us clad in the complete robes of Concealment, which, piece by piece, were removed from her. She was beautiful, and had been free; she was not trained; she was of the Scribes, and had been picked up by pirates from Port Kar. She did nothing to move the buyers but stood, head down, numb on the block until she was completely revealed. Her movements were wooden. The crowd was not pleased. Them was only a two gold piece bid. Then taking the whip from the whip slave the auctioneer stepped to the disconsolate girl; suddenly, without warning, he administered to her the Slayer’s caress, the whip caress, and her response was utterly, and uncontrollably, wild, helpless. She regarded him with horror. The crowd howled with delight. Suddenly she threw herself, screaming hysterically, on the auctioneer, but he cuffed her to one side and she fell to her knees weeping. She was sold for twenty-five gold pieces.”
•    I was auctioned-off in roleplay, on OldGor twice; and both times the growing crowd eventually crashed the server.  This is one of the reasons why, on the weekend of October 2-4, Northern Lights Outlaws, in association with Di’jan Cove and The City of Ar, will be staging The Curulean Auction, as portrayed in Assassin of Gor.
•    We have an entire sim to use for the Curulean Auction House, and will auctioning slaves and captives in live roleplay, for Lindens.  Why Lindens?  We want it to mean something.  People value something more when they pay for it.
•    “The major auction house, the Curulean, contains the great block. It is a great mark of prestige among slave girls to be selected for sale from the great block in the Curulean, and GIRLS TEND TO COMPETE VICIOUSLY among themselves for this honor. To be sold from the Curulean great block is almost a guarantee of a rich master, and a luxurious pleasant life, though it be, of course, only that of a slave.”
•    The sim will be open on Friday, to preview merchandise for sale:  “The sale of Elizabeth Cardwell, Virginia Kent and Phyllis Robertson, with that of Cernus’ other trained barbarians, did not take place on the first night of the love feast, though they had been transported to the cages of the curulean early in the first day. The Love Feast, incidentally, as I may have mentioned, occupies the full five days of the Fifth Passage Hand, occurring late in summer. It is also a time of great feasting, of races and games.”
We will have entertainers and vendors:
•    “A number of Musicians now filed-out from the door at the foot of the block and took their places about it, sitting cross-legged on the floor. Those with string instruments began to tune them; there was a czehar player, the group’s leader, some katika players, some flutists, players of the kaska, small drums, and others. Each of these, in his way, prepared himself for the evening, sketching out melodies or sound patterns, lost with himself.  There were vendors in the crowd. They had great difficulty in moving about. Still, given the size of the crowd, they seemed to have little difficulty retailing their goods in short order; they would then disappear down an exit, soon returning with more.”
•    We will have Panthers, Free Women, thralls and kajirae for sale.  We hope Slavers from other Homes will also conduct sales from the block.  If you want to participate, as a seller or for-sale, please contact me by notecard.  What we want to have happen is for people to Slavers to reserve time-slots to sell merchandise that they can certify as worthy-for-sale, because those people have roleplayed being prepared for sale, proving their value.  Ideally, we would have people who want to enter Gor, those who want to return, those who are looking for different roleplay, and even people taking a break from their main-line roleplay, to be a slave for a week.
•    Who will inspire the most enthusiastic bidding?  Who will put on the most entertaining show?  Who will sell for the highest price?  Will it be an outstanding redsilk, a repressed Free-Woman, or a captured Panther?
•    This is a private sim.  You are here as a guest.  If you don’t like the way we are doing this, it’s a big SL.
•    Disruptive behavior will earn an immediate boot.
•    Prohibited: Non-Gorean appearance, griefing, harassment,  violence, threats, intimidation, bad roleplay, scripted-weapons, meters, scripts over 50.
•    While we intend to roleplay the auction, some elements are OOC, so this will be a mix of IC and OOC.  See Rule1.
•    All transactions will take place through the board.  When the auctioneer closes the sale, the buyer will make the pledged bid to the board, and pay it.  One half of the sales-price goes to the sim, half to the seller, to be split between slave and Slaver as they decide is appropriate.  Slaves are expected to auction at least one week of their time, and must get at least as large a share of the proceeds as the Slaver.
•    Nobody can guarantee that a slave will show up and keep their commitment.  The reputation of the slave and the reputation and recommendation of the Slaver should be taken into consideration when the purchaser considers how much to bid.  NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN.
•    Auction-times will be assigned based upon the times people are actually available for roleplay, to facilitate people being to purchase and enjoy their purchase during the times they are normally online.
•    This is a spectacle and a show, as much as a sales-event.  So Slaves and Slavers who can show evidence of preparing a performance will be given first consideration for the best auction-times.  Auction-slots will not be longer than 10 minutes per slave shown,with 5 minutes for the actual sale.
•    Slaves are encouraged to train-up before the auction.  For example, a thrall who wants to be sold to a high-caste woman might train in bodyguard skills in advance of the sale, if he lacks those skills currently.  So slaves should just to be sold by Slavers who can train them up with the desired skills.

© Gazette of Gor


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