Book Based Panther (BBP) City Reference Guide, Hesius

A City Port with An Ancient Hero’s name

Where the name Hesius is mentioned in the Sci fi novels of Gor:

There are also several mythical accounts of the origin of the Home Stone. One of the most common of these stories revolves around the actions of Hesius, the mythical first man of Gor.

“One popular account has it that an ancient hero, Hesius, once performed great labors for Priest-Kings, and was promised a reward greater than gold and silver. He was given, however, only a flat piece of rock with a single character inscribed upon it, the first letter in the name of his native village. He reproached the Priest-Kings with their niggardliness, and what he regarded as their breach of faith. He was told, however, that what they gave him was indeed worth far more than gold and silver, that it was a ‘Home Stone.’ He returned to his native village, which was torn with war and strife. He told the story there, and put the stone in the market place.

‘If the Priest-Kings say this is worth more than gold and silver,’ said a wise man, ‘it must be true.’
‘Yes,’ said the people. ‘Whose Home Stone is it?’ asked the people, ‘yours or ours?’

“Ours,’ responded Hesius.

Weapons were then laid aside, and peace pledged. The name of the village was ‘Ar.’ (Dancer of Gor, p.302)

A tour of the city:

You have a super terrific city here, I love the architecture n the colors n stuff, and I most seriously approve of the lack of a gate while a gate kept the unfriendly people out it also kept the friendly people out too and I bet their simtraffic is gonna be lots better I love to come explore places like this without the need to state home stone and being drilled about my NPC escort.

Well!! I don’t remember being so impressed with a sim in a long, long time. The first thing I see when I get off the boat.. is a market place! Guaranteed to draw instant approval of a shopping fashionata 🙂 Instantly drawn to a clothes market, with some really gorrrrrrrgeous fabrics in a rich teal blue, so matching the colour of the river and skies of this pretty city sim 🙂

There’s a lower village,near the river with it’s market and docks, which must be completely separate from the city proper, as it had its own Caste buildings.  There is an amaaazing arena that any city would be proud of! The City proper is built up behind the villages in steeply rising levels above a great wall, a terrific defense except against tarns, but almost no raiders without tarns could breech the City proper, I should think 😉

I walked along the teal blue river, I’m glad I did, ’cause I’d have hated to have missed out on seeing the City proper and admire the stone bridge with it’s spectacular views.

This is DEFINITELY a place that I want to come back, again and again!!!! hmmm… wonder if they will need an NPC? *ponders the possibilities*

 She hears a male voice speak to a girl:

Saga Viper leaned in then, keeping the blade holding and lowered his face to hers “I wish not to fall into foolish traps” he declared. With that he walked up the planks, leaving her on the ground. He spoke in hushed tones with a man in a tri cornered hat, a fat little man with more rolls than a bakery. A single finger pointed down at the slave and the fat captian eyed the beast like a little slice of larma pie covered with icecream. Saga then nodded. The captain and Saga haggled for some time about a price, back and forth as Saga shook his head as a no. Finally, after some time, his hand came out flat to accept the coin. A small bag was produce, a coin pouch. He shook it about for weight and then walked back down the planks. “your new owner…Captain Hubbenfluff” not another word was spoken, his blade came around to her back, the flat of it swatting her on one arse cheek.

Hubbenfluff???? I laughed so hard I almost fell off the docks!!! OMG

My thoughts on Hesius:


Final note:

**PLEASE NOTE:  The Port of Hesius will NOT be maintaining roleplay groups.  There are NO “Chief Scribes,” “Kennels,” “Port of Hesius Warriors” that raid and NO roleplay tags that are given out… If you wish to engage in roleplay at the Port of Hesius, you do so at your own peril, without the support of a moderator or the structure of others here.  There is NO metered combat here.

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