The Gazette of Gor – Issue 16

Disclaimer: All images contained herein are stock images of Lunacaleengpanthers.

(Gorean Press Edition)


  • From the Editor’s Desk (Mariko Marchant)
  • The Many Hats of a Sim Owner (Homar)
  • A visit at Northern Light Outlaws (Mariko Marchant)
  • Dark Sword Outlaws (Minnie)
  • Bloodfire Outlaws (Minnie)
  • Weapons Vendors (Minnie)

– LR

– Arueil Designs (Bow or a voucher of 500L to win)

  • Poem of Ice (Ayana Bade)
  • Interview with Minoa (by Frey)
  • Port of Hesius – Opening (Minnie)
  • Manni’s Best Buns of Gor bakery
  • The Jolly Vulo Tavern (Minnie)
  • Events

– Theater Night in Gimili

– Gallery of Photos, Kama Maertens, kajira of Ko-ro-ba

  • Editors and Writers needed
  • Feedbacks

From the Editor’s Desk (Mariko Marchant)


  • Panthers and Outlaws are in the books but according to Sky from Northern Lights Outlaws, a gang of of cut-throats, escaped slaves, thieves and disgraced red castes, most Btb deny that. Maybe because Gor has  changed into more fighting and less roleplay in panthers and outlaws groups. That whole rescue and raid thing could indeed make GE Gor to an “Xbox” game.  We all have to watch out for that and work together to maintain Gor here.  With all,  I mean both Btb and GE Gor groups.   Keep in mind that ‘old’ Gor capture was permanent until  rescued, released or traded.  Now there are raids without captives and no roleplay at all. Is that the way we should go? Some limits like a maximum of three days capture  might be fine, because it could attract more people to Gor,  but many think  roleplay is an essential part of Btb and GE Gor.  There are  new outlaws and panther groups who take roleplay seriously! Fighting with a background of stories might be more interesting than just go out  a battle and return within an hour without captures.

  • I read about the Dark Sword Outlaws they might have another view. As the the Gazette of Gor we are here to inform you and not to judge. We are very interested what our readers think about this. So please feel  free to  write us your opinion. A discussion is always interesting for everybody. The Gazette of Gor respects all groups in Gor and we hope our readers do the same.

  • We also should bear in mind all these activities are made possible by lots of people who do a lot of work and donate money so we can play here. In this Issue you can read about the many hats of a SIM Owner.

  • Furthermore there is information about SIM’s like the city of Minoa. The view of Uber, Levaque Kuhn  is very clear and may lead to some discussion as well. I quote: ” If this sim is BTB and dead, I would rather it be dead then filled with GE Bullshit”.

  • Also you can read about Port of Hesius, Manni’s Best Buns of Gor bakery, The Jolly Vulo Tavern upcoming events and a lot more.

  • I would like to end with a beautiful line of the ” Poem of Ice ” which is also included in this edition:

  • ‘Gypsy girl was my name free spirited wild and you tamed me.  With a gentle brushing of my hair.’

  • Please enjoy reading issue #16 of the Gazette of Gor.

The Many Hats of a Sim Owner (Homar)


  • How many hats do you wear as a sim owner


– Jarl/Commander/Ubar, Administrator

– Warrior

– Cook

– Hunter

– Farmer

– Estate Mmanager

– Moderator

– Scribe

– Builder

– On call green

– Counselor

– Friend to those that have so few?

– A teacher of skills?

– A tutor

– An advisor

– An initiate?


  • How many hats do you wear as a sim owner. Many sim owners get burnt out having to do everything listed and more. People wonder how people do it.
  • As a GE sim manager myself, i tend to wear these hats all the time, i do not get a chance to flip from hat to hat at given times of the day. As a BTB manager they have an added hat to wear as well, that of  being the one that memorizes the rules and can quote them word for word.
  • How Many sims have you seen be there one day, be a great new sim to explore around, and then the next thing it is gone? Some say it vanished because the sim owner was not willing to budge in their idea, others claim it was because they didnt do enough, still others claim that it was internal conflicts within the sim.
  • But the thing people do not realise. The caste of Sim Owner gets so stressed financially, and being a Counselor and so on and so forth, that they finally give up on their dream and stop trying, because they wonder why bother. because they have a dream to make the lands their way, they have a dream to have a sim that people want to be at to do whatever is offered. then they start collecting their people and then one or 2 come in and want to change all of that sim owners plans and force the sim to change to the new persons idea and ideals. shoving the sim owners ideas out of the way for “their” better way.
  • The Caste of a Sim owner is harder than being an ubar. It is harder than being a priest king. Who amongst you can see this? ALL HAIL the Caste of the Sim Owner

A visit at Northern Light Outlaws (Mariko Marchant)


  • Mariko Marchant: Greetings Sky nice to see you again.

–    Sky (eskyrina) smiles..Shall I show you the sim?

  • Mariko Marchant: Yes please and maybe i can ask some questions?

–    Sky (eskyrina): Sure and let me give you a little pre-amble as well.

  • Mariko Marchant: Yes please. How would you like to describe NLO outlaws?

–   Sky (eskyrina): The Northern Lights Outlaws were started almost by accident when a friend and I were wandering and found a deserted fort in Primus. It had been an exchange point for selling captives into slavery. We thought it would be fun role play and a group grew up around it.

  • Mariko Marchant: i see..

–   Sky (eskyrina): I’ve always been a fighter so raiding became a big part but role play is still important here. I didn’t really want to start a sim until October, when I’ll have more time, but some of my gang was homesick and this sim was for sale (it was Sanguis Eros on the continent) so here we are. The basic intent is to have an area set aside for role play. That’s what this village along the waterfront is for. RP seems to be beaten out of a lot of GE Gor and we want to bring it back. Follow me I’ll show you. Opium den here and RLV place here. I’m toying with the idea of making this whole section for men, slaves and free women wearing a relay only.

  • Mariko Marchant: you use RLV much?

–   Sky (eskyrina): not in Gor but it can be fun.

  • Mariko Marchant: Interesting..

–   Sky (eskyrina): More of a BtB, women are helpless sort of thing.  I need to come up with a decent dare for FW to come back here. So in October, I’ll start actively looking for role players for this area.

  • Mariko Marchant: Is NLO all women?

–   Sky (eskyrina): No we have men but we need more.

  • Mariko Marchant: Both men and woman are in charge and there are male and females slaves?

–   Sky (eskyrina): We’ver had thralls before but none presently. I think that’s the hardest role in Gor to play frankly. I would love to find a male raid leader to take charge of that end of things. I’m a good raider and a decent raid leader but I’m not crazy about voice. I would not mind a good raid leader or two.

  • Mariko Marchant: Well you can use things like Kool team leader

–    Sky (eskyrina):  We do use Kool Team Leader. So follow me and we’ll go to the main part of the sim. The part that is NLO. The tunnel back there leads to the fort but it’s closed off with a levered door. This land is a small island off of Farnucium. We get ships passing through with captives from the Northern Forests. This is the main entrance. 1 minute picks and very hard to defend.

  • Mariko Marchant: You are raided often?

–   Sky (eskyrina):  When we’re active we are. It’s not a hard place to raid so I think people like coming. here.  All of these buildings in the village are connected by tunnel with another tunnel out to the keep.The lower region is more for RP than for raiding. This is the keep and our last stand place. We can zip back to where we started though. I fact we keep captives there and the only way to get in is the route we just took. Follow me. Down below is a levered door. So once shut raiders and defenders can only get in by zip.

  • Mariko Marchant: You make many caps?

–   Sky (eskyrina):  We usually do raids looking for caps and try to get one a night or so.

  • Mariko Marchant: How many is the NLO gang?

–   Sky (eskyrina): 45 members. But some are allies and others of course are not so active.

  • Mariko Marchant: You raid everyday?

–   Sky (eskyrina): Hmm. I would say maybe 5 days a week. In October when I’m back from RL distractions we will do a membership campaign and really get things moving. Right now it’s a small core of steady NLO members.  I cannot imagine living without these nut cases in my life to be honest. LOL.

  • Mariko Marchant: If i say you raid and do rp after and then start again. How would you comment on that?

–   Sky (eskyrina):  I’m not a big fan of that to be honest. I’m thinking of putting a huge sign at the dock that says “Welcome to old Gor! Capture is permanent until rescued, released or traded.” That whole raid and rescue thing has made GE Gor an X-Box game.  I miss the realism of knowing that some groups are stronger than others. Life is supposed to be unfair.

  • Mariko Marchant: That is very different from most GE panther camps. You raid panther camps as well?

–   Sky (eskyrina): Not often. When I was a panther I lived in dread that a rival tribe the Mahinas would cap one of us.  they were bigger, better bows and had some Rpers that could convert most panthers to kajiras. I really didn’t like them,  but life was a hell of a lot more interesting then.

  • Mariko Marchant: So this is more a btb approach?

–   Sky (eskyrina):  More of a BtB approach than most of GE Gor I suppose.  But we’re outlaws… we live outside the law.  So if you look at BtB as meaning following Gorean city laws we’re not BtB.

  • Mariko Marchant: Outlaws are in the books, panthers as well. Smiles.

–   Sky (eskyrina):  True although most BtBers deny that.

We’re like a gang of cut-throats, escaped slaves, thieves and disgraced red castes really would be whether it’s in the books or no.

  • Mariko Marchant: What makes your outlaw gang unique compare to other outlaw gangs?

–   Sky (eskyrina) Smiles… thinking

  • Mariko Marchant: i think because you have philosophy.

–   Sky (eskyrina): I think the mixture of GE and role play… but I have noticed lately a lot of people and places seem to be yearning for that. We shall see how things change.

  • Mariko Marchant: i see..Gor has changed..more fighting..less rp

–   Sky (eskyrina):  Yes.  And the problem is that it’s hard for me to complain. Even long ago when it was mostly RP I was a fighter.  A very bad fighter, but I tried.  *grins*.  But I always loved to do my fighting with a background of stories.  Rivalry between groups, vendettas and rescues that might take a week of attempts rather than a single try and automatic release.

  • Mariko Marchant: So fighting in a context..not just see where you can raid and do that?

–   Sky (eskyrina): Exactly

  • Mariko Marchant: You have been a panther too, what are the main differences beteen panthers and outlaw groups in your view

–   Sky (eskyrina):  Men. LOL.

  • Mariko Marchant: That is it?

–   Sky (eskyrina):  Also I find outlaw to be more multi-dimensional.

  • Mariko Marchant: Because?

–   Sky (eskyrina): Panthers sort of have a certain character (at least in my mind) whereas outlaw is a more open role. Panthers are forest girls with bows right? But outlaws (other than panthers) can come from a wide background.  Some were panthers, some are on the run from a city, some are slavers or pirates etc..

  • Mariko Marchant: i see..and less drama? Smiles.

–   Sky (eskyrina): Well that too. So many panther tribes have a lot of drama. Not all but it seems a trend.Mariko I need to get going…

  • Mariko Marchant: Thank you so much for the interview. It was really interesting!

See the visit at Northern Light Outlaws at:

Dark Sword Outlaws (Minnie)


(I did a visit in Dark Sword Oulaws Land. I was well welcomed by Paul Ambrus, Counselor of the Group. He invited me to follow him and discover his land. Come with us in this place to admire the good word they have done.)

  • Minnie: Tal

–   ᴘᴀυʟ ᴀмʙʀυs: Tal

  • Minnie: I m Min, Owner of Gazette of Gor

–   ᴘᴀυʟ ᴀмʙʀυs: What I can do for you, I am Paul

  • Minnie: May i visit to present your group and place in our newspaper

–   ᴘᴀυʟ ᴀмʙʀυs: yes, of course, be my guest

  • Minnie: Thank you
  • Minnie: good build, congrats

–   ᴘᴀυʟ ᴀмʙʀυs: thanks

  • Minnie: may i take some pics

–   ᴘᴀυʟ ᴀмʙʀυs: of course, go ahead

  • Minnie: have you NC about your group

–   ᴘᴀυʟ ᴀмʙʀυs: we may, I am not sure. Marsha just left and she knows all about this sim

  • Minnie: who is Owner

–   ᴘᴀυʟ ᴀмʙʀυs: This is one of the oldest GE Gor sim at SL, Orlando

  • Minnie: what s your RP

–   ᴘᴀυʟ ᴀмʙʀυs: we are mainly GE GOR group, raids fights not much RP

  • Minnie: Classic raiders

–   ᴘᴀυʟ ᴀмʙʀυs: yes

  • Minnie: how much people in group

–   ᴘᴀυʟ ᴀмʙʀυs: the list is large, but not many playing

  • Minnie: what means Counselor tag

–   ᴘᴀυʟ ᴀмʙʀυs: kind of administrator. I have some responsibilities

  • Minnie: I love the concept of your SIM, not easy to raid
  • Minnie: A mix with woods and a city

(A great mix with a city and woods all around, antic stones and a lot of details to play here. It s a pleasure for eyes)

–   ᴘᴀυʟ ᴀмʙʀυs: yes, has been built after large previous  sims. It was built after RO (Revolution Outlaws) evolution sim

  • Minnie: how do you choose to raid others Ge SIMs

–   ᴘᴀυʟ ᴀмʙʀυs: we know the main ones. And we visit them or they visit us

–   ᴘᴀυʟ ᴀмʙʀυs: we are like 10 active groups

  • Minnie: All pirats and Outlaws groups

–   ᴘᴀυʟ ᴀмʙʀυs: I was the owner of RO we close it couple of months ago and now joining efforts with dso

  • Minnie: you are good fighters, so. Have you a training zone

–   ᴘᴀυʟ ᴀмʙʀυs: no, we use the sim to train. We have a new RP only zone at side. But just finish it and not yet operating

  • Minnie: The place is not laggy but you have a good build with a lot of details, who was the builder

–   ᴘᴀυʟ ᴀмʙʀυs: you can visit the sim as you wish. Havih Ambrus was builder. She is one of the best builder in SL

  • Minnie: where is this RP zone

–   ᴘᴀυʟ ᴀмʙʀυs: follow me

  • Minnie: 2 sims ?

(Why do easy when we can do wonderful. 2 SIMs near to do fights and RPs. We have to applause this concept)

–   ᴘᴀυʟ ᴀмʙʀυs: yes

  • Minnie: good ! One for fight, one for rp

ᴘᴀυʟ ᴀмʙʀυs: that is the idea

  • Minnie: so you ll touch a lot of persons without being laggy in one sim, great idea. Thank you for the tour, be safe

Bloodfire Outlaws (Minnie)


  • The Bloodfire Outlaws was opened on July 23, 2015 in hopes to give those that wished to play Gor in an environment of family and where people have a voice to state their concerns and will be heard. We welcome all members and where the same blood might not run through our veins the sense of unity is always there for everyone.

  • We also offer a diversity between fighting and rp by providing a roleplay area with no combat allowed for those that just wish to rp without being in fear of being shot by raiders.

Our Motto:


  • Bonded by brotherhood and by their swords, they are outlaws that aim to re-establish order in Gor. They fight to take and they fight to protect . They will kill without recrimination and honor their fallen brothers and sisters. They will never leave their people behind and  know nothing of the word surrender. They will triumph together or die together. Come visit us at Bloodfire and enjoy our beautiful lands and great bunch of people.  You might just want to stay..


Owner and Admins


China Rainforest

Cameron Xenno

Dale Edwardstone

Carissa Grayman


Roleplay Aera


  • We have a roleplay area safe from combat with a tavern, a fa rm, a greens, a smithy, the tavern is called th e dirty deed where all sorts of illegal, gossip, things can go on.


Weapons Vendors


  • How do a special Oulaws and fighters without presenting weapons vendors. Today, i will present you two vendors who were with us at Gazette’s beginning. And two ways either, LR Weapons does promotional price every month. You can read the promotion here. Arueil Designs and Gazette Of Gor will give you a voucher of 500 Lindens if you are able to answer at some questions !! A little game in Arueil Designs Store


  • Any month LR Weapons offers a new weapon with promotional price, available only at the event “We Love RP”.


  • The offer of September is the Divian Armour, a mesh armour shield in 4 pieces (2 bracers and 2 shinguards) with many features. Not only it shields any melee attack, you can also resize it to fit well on your avatar, and choose between 6 different colors. Beside, you can also darken it, so the combination texture/color help you to match well any outfit you wear.


Arueil Designs



  • A new store to discover in market place of Ki Kara. Welcome to this store and a long life. Visit it and test those weapons (High speed, easy use). They have a lot of qualities !



– – – – – –


  • Quiz (Answers should be given from 09-04-2015 to 09-11-2015. The first person who gives the right three answers will get a fantastic bow. If no person gives all answers, the first who gives 2 will get a 500 Lindens voucher. Answers must be put in feedbacks’ box, Gazette Office in Whispering Moons.


– Who was the person who gave her name to the shop

– Wich was the first weapon Arueil Designs created

– Find Minnie’s (Maxfromfrance) pic in the store

Poem of Ice (ayana bade)


  • Loneliness is haunting me with shadows of my past. I can still feel your first kiss and how it made the earth stand still my knees weak from it.

  • Eager embraces my lips were worshped as if without them youd would perish. I use to feel so safe in y our embrace each night as we talked. how i loved how you could make the world come alive.Nights i treasured hands capturing me .Words of adoration and love spilled forth so easily.
  • Gypsy girl was my name free spirited wild and you tamed me. With a gentle brushing of my hair.
  • She lives now forgoten her screams for you muffled by chains. Rules and restrictions for one who was once free to caress the one the only thing that made her heart beat and feel like she is truly home and safe.
  • Have you forgotten her laugh her playfull spirit broken. Her eyes hallow of stars her once flushed skin cold as ice she stares hopeless.once in a while youd’d see a glimpse of fight and she would pound on the glass iced cage that holds her away from the sun.
  • She would pound on them till they bleed and stare at the pain as if it reminded her she was still there.

– Tears run free in the cage no comfort no words.

– “save me my sun. Give me back my stars melt the cage that you enslaved me in . Id forgive anything for your warmth”

Interview with Minoa  (by Frey)


Among the few brand new sims stands the proud City of Minoa.  With a strong, clean build and rapidly growing community, Minoa is showing signs of success in it’s early stages.  I sat down with the sim owner today to ask about his views and plans for his new city.

  • Please introduce yourself to our readers. Include your name as you would like it in the article, your sim name and your position.
  • LEVAQUE Kuhn: City of Minoa, Levaque Kuhn, Ubar
  • Please describe where your city is located and include any pertinent landmarks
  • LEVAQUE Kuhn: A small island located in the middle of Tamber Gulf. Not to hard to find us as we are pretty much smack dab in the middle.
  • Very nice, and are you BTB or other? and do you observe Home Stone and Caste System cultures?
  • LEVAQUE Kuhn: The City is BTB and yes it does recognize Home Stone and Caste System
  • If you had to choose one important or main thing or theme of interest from a Gorean aspect… What would you say your sim’s most attractive Feature would be?
  • LEVAQUE Kuhn: The realistic features. I have never bowed down to what people want and strayed from the books. No matter whether it is the popular choice or not. If this sim is BTB and dead, I would rather it be dead then filled with GE Bullshit
  • Good! And why would you be the perfect choice for Goreans, what sets you aside from others?
  • LEVAQUE Kuhn: besides the above said mentioned thing. Reality of Gor. There are no woman HOC’s. Slaves are slaves, It is BTB in purity.
  • If you are set on no female HOC, how do you work around the problem of fewer men in SL Gor than women.. how to you solve the issue of vacant HOC positions?
  • LEVAQUE Kuhn: I have no vacant head of Caste position. At the moment, we have a female acting as head green. but that is till the man is able to take up that spot, as he was not ready to be Head Green. Unlike most Sims, We do not say we are run by Men we truly are , all the way up to the owner. Their is no hidden women in ownership.  Which also takes quite a bit of pressure off people as well, Their is one owner here, so no need to lose homestone due to infighting , or someone having control of something.
  • What would you say is the main source of income for this fair city and what products are produced here that you would export to other lands of Gor.
  • LEVAQUE Kuhn: Source of income are the Metal working. Swords, shields, Arrowhead. Battle ready material. Cages, collars, and the like, all expertly crafted. Exotic pets, and Slaves are another source. As well as good taken when in War
  • That’s very interesting! And the final question… Would you like to make any statements or comments about your lands or any Aspects of Gorean Life?
  • LEVAQUE Kuhn: The city holds two distinct areas, for low caste and high caste. Each having its own natural feel to them. Citizens blending well but facing the reality of their lot in life.

The city boasts a very appealing merchants area. Shops of all kinds, build up your own shop or utilize one of the many that are already available. Candy, potter, rope maker, cheese maker, butcher, baker. There are stalls available as well for small G&S sale items.

Since the city’s main export is metal goods, we are also in need of experienced metal workers. The forge is one of the largest available and has several different stations for manufacturing..

Building up it’s Scarlet caste, there are plenty of slaves to keep the men happy. We welcome all levels of scarlet and have experienced men that will take the time to train.

For a true BTB feel, visit, come to live and work, you are guaranteed an old sim feel with 8 years of gorean sim experience, and the old values that Gor once had.

  • Wonderful, any other comments before we end the interview?
  • LEVAQUE Kuhn: a must see for all would also be the maze. filled with various beasts of gor lurking at every wrong turn you make. a true attraction for those who are into those type of things

Port of Hesius – Opening


  • We are pleased to announce the opening of the Port of Hesius August 25, 2015.

  • The Fields of Hesius in Gorean lore is the location where Goreans believed the first Gorean man originated. The land is ancient, with deep roots that draw from timeless Lake Ias and flow out to nourish the rest of the world.  The land is located between Argentum and Corcyrus, and it is considered neutral territory, where Goreans from all walks meet to discuss philosophy, the art of warfare, the study of nature, the cure for disease, and to engage in philanthropic pursuits in an effort to reach out and heal the rest of the Gorean world.
  • The Port of Hesius will host monthly events designed to bring Goreans together for a bit of roleplay, OOC fun, competition, and to raise awareness and funds for charities that affect Gorean lives everywhere.

**PLEASE NOTE:  The Port of Hesius will NOT be maintaining roleplay groups.  There are NO “Chief Scribes,” “Kennels,” “Port of Hesius Warriors” that raid and NO roleplay tags that are given out… If you wish to engage in roleplay at the Port of Hesius, you do so at your own peril, without the support of a moderator or the structure of others here.  There is NO metered combat here.

Manni’s Best Buns of Gor bakery


  • Come visit our Tavern and get a free pastry for Manni’s Best Buns of Gor bakery…!

  • We are looking for new members to help make our home flourish… Panthers, Villagers, Fisher person, ferals, slaves……tavern and bakery staff…all are welcome …
  • Free homes available in village, also the dockside cottage is empty, staff are needed for the tavern and for Manni’s Best Buns of Gor bakery…! All of which are no combat no collar (unless agreed by all parties).
  • Full sim rules are available near landing dock…just click the barrel..!

Contact myself  : Lil Manni (Manita Mangaroon)

Or :  Hope (Tamahope Resident)

  • An Island 250 pasangs South West of Port Kar, a long deserted iron mine and village … we love In Character Role Play.
  • The DOCKS, TAVERN AND VILLAGE are all strictly RP only areas
  • The Docks, Tavern and the village are RP only zones. No combat actions taken inside of them are allowed.

The Jolly Vulo Tavern


  • The Jolly Vulo Tavern in Cartius is an establishment known for its drinks and slaves, games and patrons, and the reputation of being the place to conduct the most important of business to the darker, more secretive arrangements.

  • The Jolly Vulo is looking for individuals to fill certain roles within the tavern.


Tavern Guard



  • These are the hired parties who guard the taverns investments, be it alcoholic commodities or the wellbeing of the slaves. They also help resolve the brawls (or join in on them).


Coin Girl



  • These are tavern slaves who will serve in the taverns, selling drinks and food as well as providing sexual services to paying patrons. They will also be sent out to work the streets and meet a quota each day on the amount of coins they bring back in their coin box. Services provided to citizens can range from sexual use to physical labor,


  • The girls of the day, designated by a coiled whip pressed against their left shoulder, wearing their neck chains, with the attached bell and coin box, are sent into the streets in the late afternoon and expected to return before the nineteenth Ahn. And woe to the girl who does not return with a jangling coin box on her neck chain! Some girls, once designated, and locked in their accouterments, kneeling, weeping, scratch even at the insides of the stout gates of their masters’ houses, hoping to be sent into the streets early, that their chances of turning a profit for their master, and thus avoiding a beating or torture, may be enhanced. Such a lenience, however, is seldom shown to the girls, as it is against an agreement binding the entrepreneurs engaged in this trade. Sometimes the girls are sent into the streets with their hands braceleted behind their backs. Sometimes they are sent into the streets with their small hands free, that they may use them to please their master’s customers. Sometimes a new girl is sent into the streets on a leash, with an older girl, that she may learn how a Coin Girl behaves.


Paga Slave



  • These are the girls who are responsible for ensuring that all patrons receive service for food and drink as well as dancing or sexual service. They are responsible for the day to day tavern business, one of their primary goals is to bring in patrons to spend money at the establishment.
  • Interested parties need to contact Darque Nicolaou (Daerque) for more information on the desired role. Paragraph to semi paragraph roleplayers preferred as well as updated avatar appearance. Knowledge of Gorean RP a must.

© Gazette of Gor


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