Book Based Panther (BBP), Panther sim guide, Jungles of Zima Ak’am

A new home for Zima Ak’am Talunas!

Market Place :

None that I could see. TP directly onto Sim.

Easy to Find TP point:


Meter Type:


Sim Lay out:

This sim is connected to other taluna  sims, it comprises of a floodlands and jungle setting. The fortress ruins have been toned down significantly since their Mariposa sim, a very good thing in my opinion !

Sim Rules :

Much the same as any other Gorean Sim, nothing of note stood out.

Sim overview:

The sim is based on a jungle setting, with a few small rivers to cross.

Talit the Zima slave has a deed to a Panther Camp

Talit claims to have a deed of ownership of the Luna swamps !


The role play:

  • Talit shouts: tal!

  • pepper waves

  • Talit: when are you leaving gril?

  • pepper shouts: Leaving? I am not leaving here

  • Talit shouts: but you got to! I own it now!

  • pepper shouts: you own what?

  • Talit shouts: i bought it!

  • Talit  whispers: maybe you come with it?

  • pepper : what did you buy? the Panther camp?

  • Talit : like the furniture?

  • Talit : smiles

  • Talit : oh yes!

  • Talit : i got a deed!

  • Talit : see?

  • Talit : hold out a paper

  • pepper : you and you phony papers, like your Man papers

  • Talit : it says ‘sole to Talit for two coppens, the panther camp of your choice”

  • Talit : huh?

  • Talit : this is real and i chose you

  • Talit : smiles

  • Talit : this has a nice view

  • Talit : andd lots of pretty blonds go by too

  • pepper : you are welcome to try to take this camp but i am sure you will have to fight many panthers to claim ownership

  • Talit : but….

  • Talit : but…

  • Talit : i got a deed!

  • Talit : smirks

  • Talit : did you come with it?

  • pepper : Panthers have no use for flimsy pieces of paper

  • pepper: my Mistress would probably eat that

  • Talit: frowns an studies the paper

  • Talit: gulps

  • Talit whispers: eat my papers?

  • pepper : do you not know my Mistress?

  • Talit : tucks his papers away

  • Talit : frowns ‘well sorta i guess

  • pepper: i have seen her chew the boots of Masters they capture in her swamp

  • Talit : oh dear

  • Talit whispers: boots like mione?

  • pepper : yes they help keep her teeth sharp

  • Talit : oh

  • Talit : ummm

  • Talit : can i talk to a En?

  • Talit whispers: one without claws maybe?

  • Talit : you are a pretty dancer

  • Talit : smiles

  • Talit : i could get you a full time job as a dancer in Tyros

  • Talit : smiles

  • pepper shrugs “i suppose you could speak to Her when She returns from her travels bt i am sure She will not be pleased to see that you want to take her camp as your own

  • Talit : but

  • Talit : but

  • Talit : i paid three coppers for it!

  • Talit : and i got papers

  • Talit : and you

  • pepper : the En and the Panthers have arrows

  • Talit : you are a witness and …ummmm…

  • Talit : maybe i shoul go and come back

  • pepper : as you wish Master, i wish you luck with your efforts to find a home

  • Talit : smiles

  • Talit : i will come back when there is no one here

  • Talit : smiles

  • Talit : tell your mistress she has got to go

  • Talit : or else!

  • Talit : growls softly ‘she will be in a collar at my feet’

  • pepper: i will and you should expect a visit from a very angry Feral with sharp teeth and claws

  • Talit : oh…ummm

  • Talit : on second thought maybe youshould tell her you did not see me

  • Talit : smiles

  • pepper : as i have heard very many times “TWIG”S SWAMP”

  • Talit : gulps

  • Talit : i heard that once too i think

  • Talit : tell her i was not here girl

  • Talit : that is an order

  • Talit : from a Free boy

  • pepper : SHe doesnt even like people looking at it from a distance let alone claim ownership

  • Talit : snorts

  • Talit: umm

  • Talit : tell her you did not see me at all

  • pepper : there is not such thing as a Free Boy

  • Talit : shudders

  • Talit : oh

  • Talit : i am a free man!

  • Talit : not a boy

  • pepper : that is like saying a Free Girl

  • pepper : there you go

  • Talit : sighs

  • pepper : keep working on it Master

  • Talit : i orderr you as a free something not to say talit was here

  • Talit : grins

  • Talit : thats it

  • Talit : no Talit came today

  • Talit : can you say that?

  • Talit whispers: you got pretty legs

  • pepper whispers: i work out

  • Talit : giggles

  • pepper laughs

  • Talit : just tell her that i was not here and did not take her camp away

  • Talit : smiles

  • Talit : please?

  • Talit : i will give you chocolate

  • pepper : i will not tell my Mistress that a boy named Talit came here today

  • Talit : smiles

  • Talit : that is good

  • Talit : umm

  • Talit : wait

  • Talit whispers: can you also tell her that talit did not take her camp today?

  • pepper : what about your paper?

  • Talit whispers: and that you did not evern see or talk to a Talit?

  • Talit : oh

  • Talit : umm

  • Talit : i think i will get my coppers back

  • Talit : the man was tall and said his name was oscar

  • pepper : i wish you you good luck Master

  • Talit : thank you girl

  • Talit : smiles

  • Talit : serve with passion and stuff

  • Talit whispers: how to i get out?

  • Talit : sighs and trys to find his way

  • pepper : If you own this place you better learn how to find your way around

Bad Points:


Good Points:

Funny and entertaining slave role play to be found. The vibrant jungle colours , the dark blue winding rivers, the sandy shore line. I wanted to sun bathe in my furkini 🙂

Final Comment:

This sim is well laid out,  the builder has done a good Job, thank goodness the ‘Minecraft’ fort has been ditched in this build! So I adjust my 6/10 for Mariposa to a well deserved 7/10 for this new sim.

The sim was new when I visited , so I didn’t find many panthers to role play some trade with. I also hope they decide to add a trade post or at least a tavern in the near future.

The Zima Ak’am may now be called Talunas, but they are one of the oldest tribes of SL Gor and well worth role playing with!

Overall Marks out of 10:



© Lunacaleengpanthers


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