The Gazette of Gor – Issue 15

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(Gorean Press Edition)


  • Pre Editorial – The Gorean Campus (Frey)
  • From the Editor’s Desk (Lady Ku’ulei)
  • A Tour at the Gorean Campus (Mariko Marchant)
  • Whispering Moon festival: Sense of community (Corinne Fargis)
  • The Gorean Campus (Homar Wilson)
  • A intro to Central Fire (Interview with Edwin Alter)
  • Interview ScorpionJack Watkins (Minnie)
  • City of Minoa (Minnie)
  • Interview Mistress Raven Dark-Fang – StrongHeart (Hathor)
  • Interview Mistress Selia – Forestport (Hathor)
  • Story of a Girl (Ayana)
  • Addendum, Erratum – Awakening of Schendi (Inna)
  • Events

– Gorean in the Round – Theater Night in Gimili

– Pilgrimage to Sardar

– Gorean Campus Timetable – (All times in SLT)

– Builder needed

  • Editors and Writers needed
  • Feedbacks

Pre Editorial – The Gorean Campus (Frey)


  • Most of this week’s issue centers around the Gorean Campus. And what a wonderful, amazing place the campus is; and what they are doing, in my opinion is very necessary and extremely noble.  You see, I am still a bit new to Gor, so I still have the beginner’s mindset, and I still remember what it was like those first few weeks.

  • I have found that Goreans, by nature, are not an open community, they are not overly welcoming, so it’s very hard to enter the community. Harder still if you are fumbling and struggling to learn a new culture.  Many have a tendency to attack a new comer over a small error over the wrong word.

  • And yet, the only way for SL Gor to survive and succeed is to bring in fresh new people, to restock the herd, if you will. So, to me, the Gorean Campus is actually saving Gor by offering courses and training to new players.  They give a refreshing alternative to the over judgmental Goreans that are flooding many of the current sims.

  • Further, the campus offers learning for the not so new as well. Whom among us is so foolish to think that we do not need continuous improvement or reinforcement of our current knowledge base. To get right to the point, the teacher, the mentor, and the coach, are the highest and most honorable roles in my book.  These are the saviors of Gor and I am elated to find that the Gorean Campus is providing them when a location to do their best work.

From the Editor’s Desk (Lady Ku’ulei)

  • Welcome to the Gorean Campus. My name is Lady Ku’ulei, I am one of the Scribe Staff. It is my pleasure to welcome you here to a learning sim headed by Administrator Lady Janette, Moderators First girl Krista and Second girl Dani. Founded in 2012 the Gorean Campus is home to all slaves, animals and Free.

  • Whether Gorean or not the sim welcomes all to learn about Gor as well as a variety of topics taught by teachers from other sims and experienced in their fields. There are over thirty teachers, more are recruited, some have resigned and others rotate. More than forty thousand people have visited the sim and what it offers as well as it continues to expand and grow everyday.

  • The sim offers a wide range of classes from Scribe to Gorean laws, Physician and medicines, slave serves and dances, new to Gor and combat, building scripts and tarnsmen. The list goes on and on. One of the events offered is the reading of the Gorean books done by Rose a deejay for the Whip radio in the sims theater as well as a tour of the Gorean Zoo that houses over seventy animals of Gor. There are also dance competitions for the slave graduates in dance, there is also a Library that holds over thirty three topics of books and over thousands of notecards in the Library.

  • The sim offers an inn to stay over as well as a kitchen, there is also offices for our instructors and a study room with lounge below the Library. There is an infirmary headed by our own Chief Physician Lady Gem and her staff. It is open for anyone who needs a Physician whether you are a slave, panther, taluna, animal or Free. Any sim that has no greens or HOC are welcome to go to the clinic and because it is a learning sim everyone is a safe.

  • As far as entertainment wise, Panner a poet and a singer, does his shows for everyone as well as takes a group of people to other sims for a tour with the condition that they are safe. The group meets at the docks and then they board the ship to go to the sim and take a tour, ending in the inn to meet and greet with the sims people. The background of the ship on one of the docks also holds puppet shows sponsored by Krista and Dani.

  • On the South end of the sim is where Krista and Lady Jannette lives as well as some other events they hold there. The sim is still continuing to grow and as Gor adapts so does the sim evolve. There is a courthouse for mock trials and just about anything you can think of.

  • So we encourage anyone to come and visit, see what we have to offer and perhaps there is a class you may be interested in as well as a job here that may entice you to want to stay. If you are new to gor classes here will help you, not only will you have a place to stay but you will be safe in a environment that will allow you to learn. Many come here for different reasons so whatever is yours i encourage you to come to see for yourself.

Gorean Campus Scribe Staff

Lady Ku’ulei

A Tour at the Gorean Campus (Mariko Marchant)


–    Lady K: Welcome to Gorean Campus Mariko. This is where everyone lands when the arrive here. This is what you call the landing docks. Here you have a welcome board and some messages in local about the campus as well as how you can join and a teleporter for the place you wish to be. However for the tour we will walk. Whenever you are ready please follow me.

  • Mariko Marchant: I am ready thank you. May I ask you a question first: How would you discribe the Gorean campus?

–    Lady K: The Gorean Campus is a learning sim, Recently founded in 2012 it has encompassed over 40,000 visitors and students sim wide Home to students, Teachers and slaves the sim offers a Library, an arena, an inn and even an Infirmary for your medical needs Home also to owners Lady Jannette Englewood and First girl Krista

This is the staff board so people know who is online. Here is where ou can get more infor for the classes, schedule, jobs and so forth

  • Mariko Marchant: i see

–    Lady K: This board here also shows the current schedule

  • Mariko Marchant: Interesting and how many visitors do you have per week?

–    Lady Kall:  About 10,000. Around us there are teleporters to get you where you need to go. This here is the Gorean Campus lounge. They hold readings here of the bppk via whip radio

  • Mariko Marchant: whip radio? Who holds the readings in the Gorean Campus lounge.

–    Lady K: Lady Rose of the Whip Radio stream and this is a nice place to relax as well.

  • Mariko Marchant: Ah ok

–    Lady K: This here is our library. I show you around. Tey have a wide range of topics to stdy, research and read and also places to sit and relax.

This is a teachers lounge and for students to use and even slaves notice the low desks

  • Mariko Marchant: Yes I see

–    Lady K: As we move in further we see more books

  • Mariko Marchant: it is impressing

–    Lady K: It started small and now it is massive. Here are the different languages.

  • Mariko Marchant: different languages as well! How many books do you have?

–    Lady K:  There are over 33 topics and thousands of books about the different cultures of Gor. The library has a wide range of topics for everyone old and new. Even slaves who wish to learn and for teachers helping them with their classes.

We will continue now. To the left of s that is Campus South. I will show you that in a moment that is also where Lady Jan and Krista lives.

  • Mariko Marchant: yes please

–    Lady K: As you notice there are tip jars so to help with the upkeep people can donate. This here is the Gorean Campus INN. People can relax and stay in one of the rooms they also hold scribe graduations here too. I show you the rooms. It’s very simple. This one has a desk.

  • Mariko Marchant: how many teachers are here?

Lady K: I would say almost 30 right now.

This is the infirmary open to all and  this is one of the classrooms. It is called the maproom classroom holds all the different castes whatever the are teaching. This is the temple. The initiate holds classes here and this is the chapel. There are Free Companion Ceremonies here as well classes. This is the arena where dance class and competitions are held. The combat class is held here too.

  • Mariko Marchant: i thought so… smiles. Who give the combat classes?

–    Lady K:  Sir Saxon Rihannyr and this is another classroom. Mainy Medical and Philopsophy and  this is a lake where you can feed the swans and relax. I need to show you the zoo. This is our gorean zoo.

  • Mariko Marchant: cute!

–    Lady K: Yes its huge all these animals are gorean and the signs tells you about them. One of the slaves dani gives a tour.

  • Mariko Marchant: Well i look forward to that. How many different gorean animals are there.

–    Lady K:  There are 70 different gorean animals.

  • Mariko Marchant: Thank you for the great tour.

–    Lady K: You are welcome if you have qestions let me know

(See this tour at:

Whispering Moon festival: Sense of community  (Corinne Fargis)

  • What I have seen in Whispering Moon festival: Sense of community.

  • How to consider the success of a festival like this?

  • The Whispering Moons festival has been a success, it’s sure. People coming all activites finding players, spectators, involvement, everything happened quite as intended, without anything. And of course, people had fun, it’s meant to be te most important.

  • But how can we say it? A poll?

  • Sincerely I don’t know and don’t care but the impression given to me during this festival was quite unical. I’m only 6 monthes of Gor it’s true-I’m 6 monthes today, the 16th of August 2015, and it may often be the case but it showed me what big bunch or great family we are all. I won’t try to distinguish families or bunch of buddies, to see which one is the more accurate but both in a way fits in what we lived here : So much people used to play together normally in more restrained groups who, this time were united and sharing their fun as a whole. We are so used to play with our bands or little committee, or private, with one and then another, and it’s good, but here, what I have seen is most of the people I use to play with separately having fun altogether. I saw us as a community.It reminded me and made me really feel the fact are a wide group of people playing a big game altogether, sharing our fun.

  • In all friend bunch or family there are little rivalry or some disliking or having feud with some other, but eventhough they sometimes find themselves altogether and have fun altogether.

  • That’s also why all happened in a very good spirit, keeping us out of the “cheater!” “mod!” “godmodder!” “You are RP banned” or anything. The whole reunion made this effect. the games were funny, there was too much people to let our little private boring dramas occur here, even sometimes erasing them. I saw a friend emoting several smiles in local, and IM whereas she did not anymore anywhere for days, I saw another one supporting me whereas we were avoiding each others for days due to a stupid things… well sometimes we get angry or on our nerves because we’re taken by the game, -all of us- and something like this festival , celebrating the community let us drop it, cause we just want to play with each others.

  • I remember one day here, someone said me “but Corine, it’s the nature of SL, everyone is here to have their own and personal fun”, making me wonder about the sense of our “groups” our “tribes”, our games. I’m happy this festival showed this person was wrong and mostly cause we are before everything a community and so a place we make friends. That’s what we revealed all during those four days.

  • Sometimes we wonder, or at list I do, what we’re doing here and sometimes we remind we are sharing fun with friends we made in this wide community/group we have created. The meeting of a big part of this group, letting each of us having a lot of those friends at the same time was one of those events, without necessary being representative of our usual activities here, what gave the sense of our, or at least my presence here.

  • Thank you all the organizers in whispering moons, all the participants in anythnig all the spectators for making it possible. This festival has been a great gift from Whispering moon and everyone who came to any other, and it has incidentally been wonderful gift for my six monthes.

  • I’m glad to be part of it and to share those moments and this game with you.

The Gorean Campus (Homar Wilson)


  • how many hear about Gor or have landed on a Gorean sim, and wondered what it was all about? got attracted to the mystique of Gorean Culture, and wanted to know more?

  • Wanted to Learn more, because it just intrigued you as to the attraction within it? the Honor, the Control Aspects? or wanted to know what a given “role” in gor was all about?

  • you can learn all of these and more at the Gorean Campus

  • they offer many courses, amongst these are, Scribes Training, Physician Training, Administrator Training, Building Classes, and yes for those that are looking for Honor Integrity and Respect, even a Warriors Course, Slave classes and how to dance (Kajirae for the south, and Bonds for the north) and many many more.

  • these classes inform you of what the by the book gorean “rules” are for each caste (roles) are in Gor.

  • While these classes are not the “be all and end all” of your chosen caste, they do give you much insight on how to play that role, and gives you direct quotes from the books to build from.

  • The Gorean Campus offers classed throughout the week, many of them at dual times and in other languages (Portuguese being one of them) so it is not all “english oriented” as there are people from other lands that wish to learn as well.

  • The people there are knowledgeable of the Gorean Culture, and how many of the given roles intertwine into the Society of Gor.

  • A Class I took there the Scarlet’s Course (Warriors) taught me of the Warrior’s Codes. the Teacher for it, Saxon Rhiannyr, is very knowledgeable of the cast, and is not afraid to answer questions posed to him in his course. he treats people with the respect of a warrior that has earned his caste from his first day. the Man exudes an order of respect, and has earned mine.

  • other classes they offer are a 3 level scribes course, beginner, intermediate, and advanced. friends that have taken these classes are shown and taught hands on about what a scribe does, what they need to know, and how to apply it to their chosen Caste.

  • If you are curious of Gorean Cultures, and of what a caste holds for a future, explore the Campus and learn, you will come away from it with a new respect of Gor and all the Castes, and what each may hold for you. and you may come out of the Campus with 2 other things as well, new friends, and offers to join a Home Stone as well.

  • Learn, Adapt, and Survive. it is the Gorean Way

Homar Wilson

Writer Gazette of Gor.

A intro to Central Fire (Interview with Edwin Alter)


  • Greetings Goreans, I am Edwin Alter and a long time builder for the Central Fire. I now tend the flames and care for the Home Stone of the Central Fire as Owner and Builder.

  • Perhaps our readers would also enjoy seeing it also. Would you please tell them where exactly the Central Fire is located on  the Map of Gor.

  • Traditionally the Central Fire is a meeting place between encampments and cities for trading, meeting and socializing round a large fire.

  • May I ask if this is a BTB Gorean land and has it’s culture and traditions of having a Home Stone and the Caste System?

  • In the spirit of the first Central Fire we have opened a life style sim for the sharing of Gorean philosophy and the community. We currently host events, discussions and some informal classes as well as provide a place for people to be served.

  • The early origins of the Central Fire can be traced back to the Steel Talons Inn and Markets of Semris. As a life style sim, for the sharing of Gorean thought and ideas. The lay out was that of a southern city with the Tarl Cabot Educational Library and a large fire for people gather around to share their thoughts and feelings on Gor. Central Fire hosts poets, readers, classes and charity events in support of the community of Gor.

  • The traditions of the Central Fire are alive and the fire is still burning brightly for the Gorean Community.

  • If you had to choose one important or main ideal or theme of interest from a Gorean aspect… What would you say is the most attractive feature of The Central Fire?

  • In the theme of Gor, and of Second Life, be true to who you are. This is an open sim for the sharing of Gorean ideas.

  • The Central Fire meeting area open to all Free is what attracts most Goreans. It is an open air tavern that you can have wonderful drink and food as you wish. There is also events held here in the centralized meeting area. Mistresses are permitted into it without fear of collar unless she is thusly behaving as slave/un-escorted. There is a message board to request, give commands or see things at the Central Fire of slaves, of Free etc. Also chores can be posted to the board in the tavern for slave girls to find things to clean and take care of the area. The kitchen is well stocked with mead and brews around gor. The dance pit featured is surrounded by sitting pillows for Free, the area is for slaves awaiting command to dance or serve in the tavern.

  • Of course in the center of the tavern and the parcel is the The Central Fire – surrounded by chairs for the Will of Goreans.

  • Come for a full tour if you like, as there are beautifully detailed areas to enjoy.

  • Why would The Central Fire be the perfect choice for Gorean folk here make it their home, What is Unique about it that you offer that perhaps no one else offers?

  • The Central Fire is a great choice for those seeking a home focused on first and second life Gorean philosophy. The location is unique for those new and old to Gor, it is more about the dynamics of Master and slave. There is role play service which is open to all kinds of fun in text and second life voice. You may hear several Goreans bantering together in the tavern meeting hall. Voice is accessible for conversation, sexual serves, and the atmosphere is cozy. If you are not easily offended by raw language, nudity or men enjoy a slut please know this is a reality of the Central Fire. The Central Fire welcomes all aspects of Gor, just remember it is a man’s world here.

  • What would you say is the main source of income for this fair city and what products are produced here that you would export to other lands of Gor.

  • The Central Fire is a non-profit location for like minded Goreans to meet together and enjoy the different ideologies of Gor. The Central Fire promotes the sharing of ideas for the grow and education of the Gorean community of second and first life.

  • Lastly.  please feel free to add to this interview any comments about The Central Fire or any aspects of Gorean Life?

  • We welcome you to come and enjoy the fullest of Gorean Lifestyle, Education, Relationship Building and love of Gorean philosophy.

Interview ScorpionJack Watkins (Minnie)


  • (We can, sometimes, meet a great personnage from Gor. Let me introduce you Jack, an old Gorean with some straight ideas on Gor. )

  • Minnie: I wonder if you could be ready to be interviewed. Let me introduce myself, I m Min, Owner of Gazette of Gor

–    ScorpionJack Watkins: How much time do you require?

  • Minnie: 30 Mn

–    ScorpionJack Watkins: Proceed.

  • Minnie: First it s an OOC interview. If you dont want answer at some questions, tell me and i ll pass

–    ScorpionJack Watkins: Very well.

  • Minnie: Can you introduce yourself, your gor story, your experience in Gor

–    ScorpionJack Watkins: I am S.J. Watkins, blacksmith. Brought to Gor in my middle years. I was a welder on earth, although illiterate not intellectually disabled.

–    ScorpionJack Watkins: I started gorean life after reading the first six books in the mid 1990’s, in the early days of the internet on Mirc, internet relay chat. From Mirc I progressed with technology to ActiveWorlds. From there I arrived in SecondLife in 2007.

  • Minnie: ActiveWorlds, can you explain at our readers what does it mean

–    ScorpionJack Watkins: ActiveWorlds was an early 3d cyber based universe, similar to SL. Like ms dos compared to windows. A functional but more basic version.

  • Minnie nods. So we can consider you as an old gorean. Do you feel as an old gorean

–    ScorpionJack Watkins: I am old by gorean standards, and by SL standards.

  • Minnie: Gor could be a life’s philosophy. Do you adapt your RL with your gorean life

–    ScorpionJack Watkins: I have fundamental personal beliefs that might also be considered gorean. I believe in personal accountability, success for hard work, liberty, limits in government intrusion, and natural order.

  • Minnie: All names have history, explain yours. Why this name : ScorpionJack Watkins

–    ScorpionJack Watkins: When I arrived in SL the name Jack was taken. I had been ScorpionJack in AW. I continued with Scorpionjack but routinely introduce myself as merely Jack. I chose Scorpionjack because I was born under that sign, and my Jack is a derivative of my given name.

  • Minnie: Ge, BTB, Mixed RP, You are BTB. what do you think about others in Ge

–    ScorpionJack Watkins: I have negative feelings towards GE. I simply choose not to rp there. Gender roles are fundamental to gorean philosophy. If you decide to pull gender fole asdignment out of your role play, you are simply no longer gorean by definition. Play as you like.

  • Minnie: So you never had contacts with Ge ?

–    ScorpionJack Watkins: I have No negative feelings toward ge, just not gorean. One cannot inhabit the same space without contact. I simply have never lived in a GE city.

  • Minnie: How do you imagine your future in Gor

–    ScorpionJack Watkins: I will continue to blacksmith. Perhaps I will learn to read. Always looking for that perfect forge girl.

  • Minnie: can you give in one sentence, a reason to our readers to join your RP

–    ScorpionJack Watkins: Need a brand? Collar stuck? Need a sword? Try your luck! Visit scorpionjack’s forge in beautiful downtown Olni.

  • Minnie: Have you something else to add

–    ScorpionJack Watkins: Slightly imperfect but eager and sexually frustrated kajira always welcome.

  • Minnie: Interview is over. I want thank you for your answers

City of Minoa (Minnie)

  • Minoa, a new land with traditionnal docks, a city with high and low caste separated areas. We can see in Minoa, a classic conception of a city with all ingredients. Yes, Minoa is strict BTB and Ge are not allowed. But it doesnt mean that we can’t play with them and for what they did, i invit you to meet them and begin a new RP.


A word from Minoa


  • The City of Minoa welcomes you!! We are a new BTB city and in search of all castes high and low. We also seek an Administrator. For Administrator position, an interview is necessary. Please contact Levaque Kuhn to discuss arrangements for this position.

  • The Island City of Minoa is located on a small island in the Tamber Gulf. It was discovered in its infant stage by a ship’s captain that took refuge during a storm. Finding friendly people and a hard working class, he decided to stay and soon became their leader. In gratitude to the people of the land, he set out with his forces to build the city into its glory of today.

  • The City of Minoa is a Ubarett and is known for it’s metal craftsmanship. Our metal workers are the finest in the land; manufacturing blades, swords, spears, arrow tips, and anything custom.

  • Stories of old, paint the city with a mysterious past. Laced with natural mazes that to this day, any that have entered have never returned to be seen again. Some say the biggest sleens ever to be seen live there. Others claim it’s something far worse

  • This is a strict by the books sim. We adhere to the common laws and rules that flow throughout all books pertaining to gor.

  • This is an ADULTS Only Sim. You must be at least 18 years of age or older to Role-play in these sims. No Child Avatars. If found to be a child avatar in the City of Minoa, you will be immediately Ejected and Banned till further notice. The residents of this sim engage in very adult scenarios, i.e. rape, violence, abuse, domination, sex, slavery, kidnapping, torture, and other acts that might be offensive to some people. If at any time you feel uncomfortable with these acts, you are free to leave. Please note, any IC actions you take may have IC repercussions.

  • Minoa does not Role Play with nontraditional groups or individuals. This means no Female Fighters or groups who have female fighters other than traditional Panthers, Taluna, or Mamba. Any role-play with such individuals or groups will be ruled invalid.  We ask that you come in a realistic to Gor character. Whether human, kur or larl, make your character believable or don’t bother  (remember, larls weren’t pets they were fierce beasts).  We follow the books of Gor, thus, the following beings were not found: No furries, transformers, vampires, smurfs or anything that does not look like your 1st life form.  We thank you in advance for understanding our request.  Please be dressed in Gorean style fashions.

Interview Mistress Raven Dark-Fang – StrongHeart (Hathor)


(I met with Mistress Raven Dark-Fang (ravendaraksimone) of the new sim Strongheart.  I was teleported to her home, a spacious, well built three-leveled home.  The top level was the Mistress’s private area, a spacious level, warm, were we sat at a sofa tucked in a nook surrounded by floor to ceiling windows through which I could see a large potion of the sim)

  • Hathor01: this is beautiful Mistress !

–    Raven Dark-Fhang (ravendarksimone): Thank you.  It is my private escape in the middle of it all.  smiles happily as i look around and feel comforted by the tranquil room.

  • Hathor01: and the windows, it makes it feel so open

–    Raven Dark-Fhang (ravendarksimone): oh yes.  the view is key to being tranquil.  You can see the entire sim and the lovely sunset from this spot.

  • Hathor01: If it would be acceptable, I would take some time to walkabout and see the sim, it looks so interesting

–    Raven Dark-Fhang (ravendarksimone): i would be disappointed if you didn’t!  There are many hidden rp spots for private moments and quiet escape.  This sim is meant to be a home to be explored and enjoyed by all members and friends

–    Raven Dark-Fhang (ravendarksimone): would you like me to show you around?   We should start at the beginning.  the sim was designed to give a breathtaking first impression to make you eager to come in.

–    Raven Dark-Fhang (ravendarksimone): let me go to the dock and tp you there as it is a long walk from here and i would like you to have the same first impression others get.

(And it was a remarkable first sight, rugged cliffs border the entrance from the dock and we walked to a  hidden cave which allows you to enter the sim proper. While somewhat forbidding, they added to the general feeling of the sim and the character of  this land.  I could see other cave entrances high above the wall on one side as we were walking from the dock.)

  • Hathor01: while we walk, could you tell me about the sim Mistress

–    Raven Dark-Fhang (ravendarksimone): this sim is designed to be a home for it’s members.  It has a role play village for those that wish role play but also has role play areas scattered throughout the sim.

–    Raven Dark-Fhang (ravendarksimone): you can see there are hidden caves and each corner you turn something new to discover.  it is never boring to live here because it is meant to have something for residents to do between role play and raids.

(I was taken from a cave entrance and through a tunnel to arrive at the village.)

–    Raven Dark-Fhang (ravendarksimone): this is the role play village.  you can see everything here is built from items that would easily be found right here on the land:  wood and rock and stone

(As we stopped, I was shown a large area with homes, grocers and trade shops)

–    Raven Dark-Fhang (ravendarksimone): I was frustrated with the direction some of Gor was taking, where there was no role play and everything was focused on raiding and ranking.  I was in search of a new gor experience.  I wanted to take out all the things i didn’t enjoy and put fun and enjoyment back into it.  Strongheart is based on the concept from the Outlaw of Gor where our hero is trapped in the mines on a slave chain.  He discovered that when each man thought only of himself he became lost in his own despair, but when a man looked to his brother on the chain and worried for his welfare first, they each were stronger for it.

–    Raven Dark-Fhang (ravendarksimone): so the idea was to create a brotherhood, a family where we would each look after the other and not focus on just ourselves.

–    Raven Dark-Fhang (ravendarksimone): we are northern sim, but we have a tavern in the RP village to represent that we are outcasts and we take in anyone who wishes to be our brother and place their homestone on their hearth here.  It doesn’t matter where they come from, only that they wish to be part of the brotherhood.

  • Hathor01: when was this sim created Mistress?

–    Raven Dark-Fhang (ravendarksimone): hmmm we opened , let me look.  July 7th the land was acquired and building started about 10 days later. and we opened the 25th

  • Hathor01: you accomplished a very finished sim in very short time Mistress, you are to be congratulated !

–    Raven Dark-Fhang (ravendarksimone): Thank you.  It has not been as easy as it now looks.

  • Hathor01: i can only assume so

–    Raven Dark-Fhang (ravendarksimone): Once the concept was there, i knew i didn’t want a sim full of locked doors, lever doors and zip lines and I needed someone skilled to defend it so i approached a friend of mine to be co-owner with me, but we could not agree on combat vs roleplay so he departed amicably and I brought in another co -owner ŁðҚɨƦ Ħαќεεℓ ϟҚƱĿĿ乙 (arohunter)  who is roleplay oriented but fights like the dickens. lol

  • Hathor01: what other caste members do you have

–    Raven Dark-Fhang (ravendarksimone): My new co-owner Lakir Ha’keel Skullz (arohunter) is actually a mamba and he brings members of his tribe here.  They promise not to eat us.

–    Raven Dark-Fhang (ravendarksimone): currently the kennel mistress position is filled by lily

–    Raven Dark-Fhang (ravendarksimone): i am in search of a black smith and a green or herbalist.  I have had a couple stop to inquire.  I do not press membership.  Each person is free to come and look around and come back and think it over.  I offer friend tags first.  Choosing a home is personal and should be thought over.  A member who chooses us will be more invested than one that is chased after.

–    Raven Dark-Fhang (ravendarksimone): this is the mill house we started in.  i only live on the top floor the bottom is open to anyone for rp. There are canoe rezzers for residents to ride on the water and a fishing dock to fish from.   We get the occasional panther who sneaks in to fish

–    Raven Dark-Fhang (ravendarksimone): there is full kitchen for roleplay and slave training here and on the opposite ridge.

–    Raven Dark-Fhang (ravendarksimone): the house holds many secrets best left untold for sake of defence

–    Raven Dark-Fhang (ravendarksimone): there is a river bed and places to sit and just watch the water flow and rp the one you care about and a lovers fountain there below

–    Raven Dark-Fhang (ravendarksimone): the rp is kept out of the combat areas.  Here if someone comes for rp and a raid starts, they have a realistic choice:  visitors may help defend their lives and this land or they may opt to set afk (or flee).

–    Raven Dark-Fhang (ravendarksimone): you can see it is a tranquil spot again in the middle of a gor sim.

–    Raven Dark-Fhang (ravendarksimone): it can be beautiful and still have the fighting and the roleplay everyone raves

  • Hathor01: There are so many places you have considered in the build and created here

–    Raven Dark-Fhang (ravendarksimone):  Devynn Nyte  was the builder; she really put a  tremendous effort into this project.

–    Raven Dark-Fhang (ravendarksimone): it was important to have these spots to let everyone roleplay in their own way

–    Raven Dark-Fhang (ravendarksimone): not all wish to sit in a tavern or longhall,so it becomes another option.

–    Raven Dark-Fhang (ravendarksimone): we use every inch of the sim.  that is how the mambas here have caves to live in and can keep their rp intact at the same time.  Since they do not eat women and are selective in eating the heart of strong enemies, those of us here have nothing to fear from them.

(Mistress took me through many of the tunnel that have been built and are a part of the sim.  Me, who is a tad claustrophobic actually enjoyed the tour of them, but was glad Mistress was my guide.  I could have wandered for days before I found my way out.  Mistress explained the reasoning for their extensve tunnel system.)

–    Raven Dark-Fhang (ravendarksimone): you notice there are no long tunnels here.  we pop in and out of the light

–    Raven Dark-Fhang (ravendarksimone): makes it difficult for raiders to map the sim.  since we are all open without locks or lever doors it makes it more realistic

–    Raven Dark-Fhang (ravendarksimone): all must run and move and the raid encounters are in the open and not always in some dark tunnel.   For those who wish the combat part there is something for bow and sword alike.  A player can play to their strength.

–    Raven Dark-Fhang (ravendarksimone): There are rp areas also hidden in the tunnels, with caves along the way

–    Raven Dark-Fhang (ravendarksimone): here one of the mamba families has set up

–    Raven Dark-Fhang (ravendarksimone): again another rp area.  this one was set up by our captain Silent.  Starting to think he is the romantic in the group

–    Raven Dark-Fhang (ravendarksimone): we have a tarn nest here and two more roleplay areas an underwater spring and a bath and private bath homes are spread throughout the sim

–    Raven Dark-Fhang (ravendarksimone): there are a couple more unique things here.

–    Raven Dark-Fhang (ravendarksimone): we have StrongHeart Legends.  It is an honor anyone can challenge.  It is won by duel

best 2 or 3 – they can duel the co owner Ha keel or they can duel the only legend who has won so far, Veed.

–    Raven Dark-Fhang (ravendarksimone): It is an honor to recognize good, honorable fighters without the burden of rank

–    Raven Dark-Fhang (ravendarksimone): I think it is awesome our first legend is a woman

–    Lastly, I asked two questions of Mistress Raven I thought readers would like to read.

  • Hathor01: If you had to choose one important or main ideal or theme of interest from a Gorean aspect… What would you say is the most attractive feature of your sim)?

–    Raven Dark-Fhang (ravendarksimone): StrongHeart was conceived on the idea of each person looking after the other making the entire group stronger than any one of us alone.   Our goal is to be honorable, brave and strong, with a good heart.  The most attractive feature is the sim itself.  it is truly an oasis.

  • Hathor01: Why would StrongHeart be the perfect choice for Gorean folk here make it their home, What is Unique about it that you offer that perhaps no one else offers?

–    Raven Dark-Fhang (ravendarksimone): StrongHeart was designed to be a home.  We are building a family here. a community that cares about each other.  What is unique is StrongHeart has something for everyone.  We are Outcasts so we do not care where you come from but that you have the same goal and wish to set your homestone at a hearth here and become our brother.  We have roleplay all around the land and not just limited to one roleplay village.  There is combat as well, but in an environment that is a home you want to protect and defend.  What we offer is a chance for people to have a complete experience of roleplay and combat with as much or as little of that combination to suit them.

(And with the generous time Mistress spent with me,  I thanked her for her time and tour of the sim,  walking away from a warm welcome, talented build and a thorough enjoyment of my visit to the Strongheart sim.)

Interview Mistress Selia – Forestport (Hathor)


–    Selia (julie.rae): here is what our history books say of our land

–    Selia (julie.rae): It is located on the northern bank and is east of Ar’s Station “I had gone from Lara to White Water, using the barge canal, to circumvent the rapids, and from thence to Tancred’s Landing. I had later voyaged down river to Iskander, Forestport, and Ar’s Station.” – “Rogue of Gor” page 63

  • Hathor01: your land is lovely, is the population made up of FM, FW and slaves?

–    Selia (julie.rae): yes it is

  • Hathor01: merchants? a G&S?

–    Selia (julie.rae): yes, both, we are very active in both and we have another area on the docks, an exchange area for panthers and talunas.   They are not allowed in the town but can trade, weapon-free, in the exchange area

  • Hathor01: I am looking about, the land seems warm and welcoming,

–    Selia (julie.rae): yes we try to keep it in line with the beauty that most goreans love

  • Hathor01: If you had to choose one important or main ideal or theme of interest from a Gorean aspect… What would you say is the most attractive feature of Forestport?

–    Selia (julie.rae): i think perhaps its forest land and the beautiful waterfalls  from a visual point of view.  In its heart are its people, their loyalty to the customs of Gor and each other are quite an attractive feature in my opinion

  • Hathor01: Do you allow visitors here at Forestport Mistess? any restrictions to a visit they should be aware (other than normal manners and courtesies)?

–    Selia (julie.rae): One thing we stress is to read our laws and rules before they enter.  I think this holds true for any place you visit.  And yes visitors are very welcome here.  Gorean attire and manners are expected by all

  • Hathor01: Why would Forestpot be the perfect choice for Gorean folk here make it their home, What is Unique about it that you offer that perhaps no one else offers?

–    Selia (julie.rae): Well I would not say no one else offers what we have.  Many people are striving to bring back what we had years ago.  We do strive to keep as close to our history books as we can.  This is a man’s world and we see it as such here. Good people in a beautiful setting. Day to day Gorean life as we understand it.

(Mistress Selia, who is the Head Slaver of Forestport met with me to talk about her land.  We sat in an open area around a large circle table, and I was made to feel comfortable and welcome throughout the interview.  While I was chatting wth Mistressit occurred to me I had never met a female slaver before, was intrigued and fascinated by this role in Gor.  With her permission, I asked her about Free Women as slavers.)

  • Hathor01: Are there Female slavers mentioned in the books?

–    Selia (julie.rae): yes Fighting Slaves of Gor has several mentions and a bit in Players too

  • Hathor01: are the slaves I see here both Freeport owned slaves and privately owned slaves?

–    Selia (julie.rae): yes we have both here

–    Selia (julie.rae): we also have a few from other lands who are sent here by their owners for training

  • Hathor01: why would they be sent here Mistress for training?

–    Selia (julie.rae): well our slave house has built a good reputation over the years.

  • Hathor01: and is there a fee to be paid by a Master to do so?

–    Selia (julie.rae): yes – anywhere from a silver to a gold or two, depending what is desired

–    Selia (julie.rae): some are left her for the training duration while most are here for an ahn or so each day and then they are returned to their owners each night

  • Hathor01: Do you have Forestport slaves that are trained and then sold?

–    Selia (julie.rae): well so far none have been sold.  We have only been in existence since the 6th of June.  But yes some will be sold

–    Selia (julie.rae): Erde Luik and I run the slave house, and own it

  • Hathor01: You are the Head Slaver, was this a role you chose?

Selia (julie.rae): yes I am the Head Slaver.  I am here in the town more than the others.  It is very uncommon for the women slavers to go out and do the hunting.  So the men take care of that as well as some of the training.  I stay here in town and manage the slave house

–    Selia (julie.rae): we really work as a team , a very good one and i think that is one of the reasons for our success

  • Hathor01: what made you decide to be a slaver?

–    Selia (julie.rae): It is not an easy job  in any  way.  It takes great patience.

–    Selia (julie.rae): I took the role because I saw such a need for it and teaching comes easy to me.

–    [Selia (julie.rae): And with my friend and business partner, Erde we seem to have a good working relationship.  The slaves get a different kind of teaching from the point of a woman that a man could just not give.  Just as a woman could not teach what a man can.  It works well together I think

  • Hathor01: and you as Head Slaver, can teach the Gorean path for the slaves and how their role is to be within Gorean standards?

Selia (julie.rae): yes we strive for the perfection of the true kajira

–    Selia (julie.rae): every encounter they have with the Free is a learning experience.

  • Hathor01: Not to be naive, but a would a Male slaver also have the same ideals?

–    Selia (julie.rae): yes of course.  A man has the touch, words, desires that only a man can teach.  And to me, that makes sense.

–    Selia (julie.rae): I think it is important for the slave to have both points of view too, a man’s and a woman’s, though they both have the same goal in their teaching, there are differences along the way.  Those differences help to round out the slave I think.

(Due to the length of time Mistress generously allowed for this interview,    our interview came to an end, and I must thank the Mistress for allowing me to find out more about slavers.  I have not read all the John Norman books but my impression after reading the may of the books, I thought all slavers were harsh and sometimes cruel.  Moreover, from a female slaver’s perspective I thought  it might be an complete turn-around.  Not so.  I felt that Mistress was a strong FW with a different way of teaching that seemed to me,  fair, solid, no nonsense, and yet with an eye to turn out the best a kajira could become.)

Story of a Girl (Ayana)


  • Once upon a time there was a young woman who had lived the life of luxury. She had been raised pampered and spoiled and only thought of herself and her pleasures. But one faithfull night tragedy stuck and her father was captured and killed during a raid. All there possessions were taken and she was captured and dragged to auction and soon .

  • He stood with a collar on her neck nothing but a camisk and the words SOLD rang threw the mountains. shocked she looked up to her new Master with utter distain. Her Master was firm but fair and had much more patience than most treated her

  • She did not understand the life of a slave and fought against her binds each night tied to the foot of his bed. treated with the patience of a saint knowing she too in time would come into her own

  • One day her Master left the town going to hunt and the girl managed to escape runing into the hills thinking to start life anew.: She got lost and wandered for days on end the sun beatign down on her like a punishment worse than any she could have ever encounterd.

  • Going down upon the ground slumped forward laying on the cold ground body in a position of defeat and uter helplessness. Long red tresses strewn everywhere exhausted thirst and hunger pangs calling her .

  • Silence stalked her for days she begs to hear a voice a noice something to tell her she not alone. Suddenly she hears teh sounds of the drums a glimber of hope on her face she lifts to her feel tumbling forward weak form thirst and hunger

  • She tries to run to the sound regretting having run form her jarl now lost in suffering .Tears streaming down her face as teh sounds pluck at her core not knowing why. Tears stream freely down her face she stops stone cold her hands going over her face in shock .She sees the drummer and stops short her breath caught in her throat. He looks at her and contnues to play not paying her any mind.

  • Her heart throbbing in despair to the sound of the beat that escapes from his fingers. her eyes chasing the gaze of the drummer feeling a deep glimmer of hope an escape to the madness. Indifferent of the steps of the drummer colder than the night of the defeated .In her eyes never seen such emptiness the paused time .Black is the night and darker the soul of she whom is lost..

  • Silent the sound of the drum now to her ears . a moment of silence just a single moment. Breaking down the rhythm spun by him who was once a tyrant. A scream was heard so profound so pulsating that could awaken the dad, dead as she saw the invitation to cross the river of souls. awaken her own senses stopped all other sound.

  • Her eyes beg and plead and she slides forth and head lowered slides forward toward his feet . Hands running upward over his thighs eyes lowered she lifts up her wrists together. begging to be bound once more.. he stops and time itself stops and he pushes her back onto ground..

  • She whimpers..and pleads with him “my jarl please collar me take me tie me to you forgive me” she cries thrashing herself upon the ground as he watches. he stands there silent and the little hope she has almost dies…and she slides forth and bends over holding her knees begging to be whiped knowing she has earned it. knowing he alone is her salvation

  • She utters words of love kissing the soles of his shoes knowing she not fit to love such a man who has shown her only patience and pulls out his dagger that she stole to escape and hands it to him..Keep me or slay me Master i cannot live without you. wishing she would once more hear the beat of the drum as he played each night before bed.

  • He bends low and cuts off the single piece of cloth she wore and tied it around her neck and leashed her and pulled her onto his mount ..smiling not saying a word knowing shed not run away again.

: tears of joy run down her face as she has finally accepted her home.

Addendum, Erratum – Awakening of Schendi (Inna)


Announce of Schendi


  • We were happy with the article, as I had said. Frey did a great job on that but yes the picture quality was very disappointing. I do think that they should have been approved by us first since.

  • Thank you and here are a few pictures of our sim.

  • Gazette Team – We apologize for different pics of Awakening of Schendi presented in Gazette of Gor. Maybe we are not the best photographers and to avoid problems like this, we invite SIM’s owners to give us pics during reportage. Thank you

© Gazette of Gor


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