The Gazette of Gor – Issue 14

Disclaimer: All images contained herein are stock images of Lunacaleengpanthers.

(Gorean Press Edition)


  • From the Editor’s Desk (Minnie)
  • Whispering Moon’s Day (Minnie)
  • Corine Fargis talks about the Whispering Moon festival (Mariko)
  • Trust on Gor, Part II (Kimba)
  • Interview at Awakening of Schendi (Frey)
  • New Ayana Prank Story (Ayana Bade)
  • Pani Culture vs. Gorean Ways (Minnie)
  • A tour at the Lotus Blossom Pani Sim (Mariko Marchant)
  • The new Tavern of Port Thassa (Minnie)
  • Welcome to Woodhaven (Mariko Marchant)
  • Sa’ng Gretuk (Minnie)
  • Interview Tammi Wildness (Minnie)
  • Thanks and Promotions for Sponsors for Festival (Minnie)
  • Events – Festival Results (Minnie)
  • Editors and Writers needed
  • Feedbacks

From the Editor’s Desk (Minnie)

  • There are moments of joy, moments of sorrow. Whether in RL world or in our Gorean life. We all had to live a disappearance. I wanted to tell you about a person, a smiling Australian, sparkling with life, who left us. You go and you tell me that that’s life, for death is part of life. And you would be right. But this person was a figure of Gor, a great person, great in her desires, her goodness and kindness. There are moments of joy and we must keep our pain in us always remember that person. To all the people who knew Vulos Legs (Cinomuffin) to everyone who crossed her smiles, allow me to associate myself with your sorrow. Let me you reach out and keep in us the kindness of an angel.

  • We continue our tour of SIMs and Gorean cultures in this issue with the Pani world. This culture is very vast and we just made some drafts. This RP deserves to be known by all. And I want to thank the various people I have crossed for their help in the discovery of this world.
  • Finally, we had a big festival to Whispering Moons. This number, a bit special, covering the major events that took place this last weekend, during those four days on the SIM Whispering Moons.
  • It is already the end of the summer. Soon will come the autumn with his long coat with dead leaves. A long coat that will cover the aisles of Gorean Campus, our next direction will be like a red thread for future issues. Until this new start, I wish you a good read.

Whispering Moon’s Day

  • Four days of festival, a flawless organization, continuous events, an admirable preparatory work, this is what was proposed in the Whispering Moon Days.

(A totem of Panthers was made during the preparation of the Festival. It was the symbol of those four days where smiles were always present.)

  • We had good mood, crazier trials each other, a large audience, participants, and above all laughter and smiles. Whether at the preparation or different tournaments, everything was perfect.

(The famous Trivia party done before DJ Night or how test our culture of Gor)

  • We could talk about fishermen in search of bigger fish, shooting Vulos, Totem Panthers conventional Arcs and Melee tournaments, running on Tharlarions, animated evenings, Trivia, Mud Wrestling, the Bean Race.

(Fishermen / fisherwomen tried to catch a lot of fishes  in Whispering Moon’s river.)

(How see Huntresses kneeling ? The bean’s race was one of the most funny event during this Festival !! )

A Tharlarion’s race with a lot of participants, and some proud Huntresses who did their best on those beasts to win)

  • Yes, we could talk things but we can never describe the smiles and laughter that have flowered during these four days. Congratulations to the organizers who have the right to rest. These people were going into the unknown. They just proved that the will allows defeat mountains.

The classic podiums of Bow and Melee tournaments)


– – – – –

(Two great videos about Festival from Mariko)

Corine Fargis talks about the Whispering Moon festival (Mariko)

Corine Fargis talks about the Whispering Moon festival to Mariko Marchant.

  • Mariko Marchant: Corine you took part in the Whispering Moon festival, what do you think of this festival?

–    Corine Fargis: The  Whispering Moons festival has been a success for sure. Everything happened quite as intended.  And of course, people had fun and that is most important.

  • Mariko Marchant: And you personal experience?

–    Corine Fargis: To me the festival was quite unique. I’m only 6 months of Gor.  it’s true-I’m 6 months today, the 16th of August 2015, and it showed me what big bunch or great family we are.  So much people used to play together normally in more restrained groups who, this time were united and sharing their fun as a whole. We are so used to play with our bands or little committee, or private, with one and then another, and that is good, but here, what I have seen is most of the people I use to play with separately having fun altogether. I saw us as a community.

It reminded me and made me really feel the fact we are a wide group of people playing a big game altogether, sharing our fun.

–    It  all happened in a very good spirit.. The games were funny, there was too much people to let our little private boring dramas occur here, even sometimes erasing them. I saw a friend emoting several smiles in local, and IM whereas she did not anymore anywhere for days, I saw another one supporting me whereas we were avoiding each others for days due to a stupid things… well sometimes we get angry or on our nerves because we’re taken by the game, -all of us- and something like this festival , celebrating the community let us drop it, cause we just want to play with each others.

–    I remember one day here, someone said me “but Corine, it’s the nature of SL, everyone is here to have their own and personal fun”, making me wonder about the sense of our “groups” our “tribes”, our games. I’m happy this festival showed this person was wrong and mostly cause we are before everything a community and so a place we make friends. That’s what we revealed all during those four days.

–    Sometimes we wonder, or at least I do, what we’re doing here and sometimes we remind we are sharing fun with friends we made in this wide community/group we have created. The meeting of a big part of this group, letting each of us having a lot of those friends at the same time was one of those events, without necessary being representative of our usual activities here, what gave the sense of our, or at least my presence here.

–    Thank you all the organizers  in whispering moons, all the participants in anything all the spectators for making it possible. This festival has been a great gift from Whispering moon and everyone who came to any other, and it has incidentally been wonderful gift for my six months I am here.

I’m glad to be part of it and to share those moments and this game with you.

  • Mariko Marchant:: Thank you Corine for sharing this with us

Trust on Gor, Part II (Kimba)

  • Before Second Life existed, there were two forbidden things in Gorean roleplaygender: Dualling and Gender-Bending. Dualling referred to playing two different characters on Gor, which, if you got caught, would get both characters killed.  We believed that you made a commitment to be there for your Home and Family, through thick and thin – and if you were dividing your time between a kajira character in one Home and a Panther in another, you were being disloyal to both.  We also needed to put a lid on some of the chicanery that could occur, such as people using their male alt to purchase their female primary at auction, to get her out of trouble she deserved to be in.

  • Gender-bending was the most forbidden thing of all. We believed that it was impossible to realistically roleplay the other gender, and anybody who tried was stepping on everyone else’s roleplay. Somebody having unrealistic emotional reactions for their gender-role could screw-up everybody.   Another element of our disdain going on disgust for gender-benders was the lifestyle-aspect of Gor, that no Gorean Master wanted to find out that his beloved slavegirl was really a gay man. Part of the reason that there is a shortage of men on Gor today, is that the type of man who would play a Gorean Master, generally wants to know he is interacting with an RT female.  But it could blow up going the other way too.  I had a friend who went from one bad-Master to another for years, and found abject happiness with a Master, who was later found to be female.  The dualler was a serial gender-bender who roleplayed so convincingly as a Warrior that she wormed her way deeply into Home after Home, before getting caught.  My friend had experienced the best roleplay of her life, and been gloriously happy for half a year, and now was infuriated.  “Now I know that no man can truly Master me,” she said.  “Gor is ruined for me.”
  • I felt it was my duty as a Panther Leader to protect my people from duallers and gender-benders. While there have been some exceptions, I believe I always know the RT gender of people by the way they think. Testosterone and Estrogen are mind-altering drugs, the effects of which are well known.  No matter how well you understand the other gender, no matter how well you portray them; there are always going to be moments when you react emotionally to something before you think about it; and in those moments, your true gender is revealed to those who know how to recognize it.  Not necessarily by what you did, but by the way decided to do it.
  • I know people who drive themselves crazy trying to figure out who is who’s alt, and who is playing against gender, despite the fact that playing multiple alts and bending gender is considered OK here. Me, I decided a long time ago, not to be drawn into it, with the long-term upshot being, I just no longer care, and take people at face value and roleplay skill. But there was a time when I cared alot.
  • On OldGor, the prizes we played for were ourselves. You could win me, or I could win you; and everybody knew I was sexually-submissive, with a long history as a slave, so I had generated alot of roleplay of people trying to capture me, but nobody had been able to.
  • I was a Panther Leader, a great fighter with a great band and a great defensive-strategy to protect me, . The chances of some man being able to capture and subdue me was slim and none. New people came in all the time: Thralls dropped from the trees like leaves, and women came in free or slave, wanting to learn to be Panthers or to be broken by one. One slavegirl particularly distinguished herself, and I liked her, and eventually she moved up to being Lair First Girl and my personal slave. In time she learned to be a Panther and became my mate, and eventually got my submission.
  • Then, she told me, “I fell in love with you from your boardposts and your storytelling, and wanted to own you; but I knew I could never capture you. So I did all this to prove that you should be Mine. I am really a man and I want you to come and live with me in my true-Home and be my kajira.”
  • I told that story recently to a Gorean man, who said, “Wow, what a beautiful love story!”
  • Maybe it was to him, and maybe it is today; but at the time, my response was insta-boot and perma-ban for breaking the Room and Site Rule against dualling and gender-bending. I didn’t give it a moment’s thought.  I didn’t even reply to the post.  I just put on my mod-boots and did my duty.  Then I roleplayed my way through it alone.
  • If nothing else, this person had lied to me and violated my trust in a way that precluded any possibility of an ongoing relationship. When word got out what happened, even my worst enemies expressed empathy and were nice to me for a while. I did not make a conscious decision not to trust anybody ever again, but that is what happened.  It was eleven years before I next trusted someone enough to submit.
  • This all was brought to mind recently when I submitted to my girlfriend, and looked back on the old message boards, out of curiosity how long it had been since I was last collared – and the old memories came back.
  • The person I am today cried at how badly I had treated this other person who had cared for me.

Interview at Awakening of Schendi  (Frey)

I sat down with sim owners Damean Maalouf and Edundayo in the balmy and beautiful tropical setting of Schendi, to talk with them about their brand new sim, why they created it and what they have planned for this one week old adventure…

  • Frey: Please introduce yourself to our readers. Include your name as you would like it in the article, your sim name and your position.
  • Damean Maalouf: Damean Maalouf, slaver of the Cuff and Collar Company, member of the council of merchants for the current Gorean year of the sim Awakening of Schendi. Cherish can introduce herself and we as well have Alana Regulus who is an officer here, Head Scribe.
  • Ekundayo: I’m Cherish Bellic but go by Ekundayo and first girl to my owners house as well as the opposite owner of the sim to him.
  • Frey: Wonderful! Please describe where your village is located and include any pertinent landmarks.
  • Ekundayo: Awakening of Schendi is located south of the equator and we represent a district of the city. The water is stained brown from sediment from the Kamba and Nyoka Rivers that empty in to Thassa as you come closer to the port. As well, the smell of spices which were noticed before even hitting the port assault one senses.. Beyond the city, the jungles are thick and filled with the unknown. There is plenty of green and plenty of rain and hot.
  • Frey: Are you BTB or other? and do you observe Home Stone and Caste System cultures?
  • Ekundayo: We are BTB or as close as can be given the stipulations of Secondlife and peoples roleplay limits. We follow the caste system that was present in Schendi according to the book. They didn’t have a warrior presence since they were not a waring region. They didn’t even have a navy. When I think of Schendi, I think of Sweden in that sense. Schendi is neutral during times of war between other regions keeping its trade open.
  • Frey: Thank you, and if you had to choose one important or main thing or theme of interest from a Gorean aspect… What would you say your sim’s most attractive Feature would be?
  • Ekundayo: It is hard to pick between the open trade and the culture. A person could find just about anything in Schendi from around Gor. The culture is dynamic. The people of Schendi are mostly descendants of tribesmen from ancient cities that now lay in ruin. The different dialects are uncountable the further a person travels into the jungle. It is hopeful to see plenty of trade come through as that is what Schendi shined from. The jungles are just a small part.
  • Frey: Why would you be the perfect choice for Goreans, what sets you aside from others?
  • Ekundayo: We want to offer a sim that is run by the role-players IC. We want politics but not tea parties. We would like to see back stabbing and manipulation to the nice guy/girl trying to get to the top with righteousness on their side. We also do not allow raids since Schendi as was stated did not have a warrior presence. So it is a good place to go to get away from such things. We truly want to see a BTB role play environment in which the people take over.
  • Frey: Very nice, and what would you say is the main source of income for this fair village and what products are produced here that you would export to other lands of Gor.?
  • Ekundayo: Schendi is an important port for Merchants all over Gor. When the northern areas are frozen over, Schendi is still holding a warm climate and the ports are never closed. The major exports are Kailiauk leather and horns, spices of all sorts, palm wine, sapphires in different shades of color to even colorful tropical birds and fruit. Schendi is trade based. A merchants paradise.
  • Frey: Would you like to make any statements or comments about your lands or any Aspects of Gorean Life?
  • Ekundayo: We made a sim we wanted to immerse ourselves in, not to look at our traffic and worry if we are #1 or not. We want to have the everyday life with the embodiment of a politically run sim. We knew when we made it, that just because we owned it that we did not want to slap an Ubar or Admin tag over our head. All we can offer is the tools and hope people come and build their stories here

New Ayana Prank Story (Ayana Bade)

  • Well, there once was this headed girl with green eyes and large spirit.  She visited her uncle up north each spring in the norther keeps deeply buried in the mountains.Now this girl.s imagination seemed to always get her into trouble.

  • Her uncle had fits..of tempers and usually kept her busy with chores around the keep. One day as he was doing his rounds he found her on a rooftop playing her rebek.. He was furious that she might have put herself in danger..and yet she looked up to him with thoes green eyes and tried to explain how music sounded higher positions..
  • The girl had shown no fear from such heights and he was terrified she would break her neck or his temperment one day. He sent her to the stalls to muck them out..and clean up after the beasts..she uttered a curse at her hopelessnes. She stumbled off her tiny boots leaving a pathetic trail toward the barn not knowing how long it would take for her to clean it.
  • To make things go faster the girl made everything into a game when she was she did just that and cleaned the stalls..thinking for once she would do an extra good job and make her uncle proud of her for she had hated to see him holler took all night and she worked till the sun set..and finally dragged herself our of the barn and went to fetch him, beaming proudly dirty from head to toe.
  • She not even got to the barn gate when it swung open her uncle worried what kinda of mischief she was up too. What could she possibly have took so long to muck out stals.. and his jaw dropped at the sight
  • The stall was cleaned alright..spotless every speck of hay removed and changed each animal was hand washed.. with bows upon there neck..there hooves painted pretty colours.. the vulo ran about with painted toe nails..the girl stood proudly and smiled up at her uncle.
  • “See i made them all pretty for ya that they like each other more and have lots of babies”..she said..and all he could do is look at his stall stammering.
  • “TAKE the damn bows off my beasts..girl so help me ill spank you till you raw”. The girl blushed red..and sighed seemed logical at the time..i thought if i made them pretty they would breed more..and as her uncle left ..the laughs of the bonds could be heard echoing

Pani Culture vs. Gorean Ways

  • Some aspects of Pani culture are identical to Gorean ones:

– The physics, weather, plants, animals, materials, technology, and other scientific characteristics/limitations found throughout Gor elsewhere are the same in Pani territory.

– Pani men are wholly in charge of families, government, castes, and all positions of authority.

– Pani women are subject to men, even Free Women who have more privileges, rights, and responsibilities than their social inferiors.

– Both men and women are enslaved by the Pani for the same reasons as elsewhere on Gor: raids, debt, indenture, punishment, etc. Rarely, also, slaves are produced by breeding other slaves.

– Slaves of the Pani are completely at the mercy of all Free and should serve Them in fear of being killed for little or no reason.

  • The rough equivalent of Pani culture in Earth history was the Heian period in medieval Japan.
  • The Pani have met, and are aware of, the other peoples and cultures on Gor. However, the distance between Pani territory and the rest of Gor is very very far– hundreds of thousands of pasangs, months of travel. So non-Pani people and non-Pani ways will stand out dramatically.



  • The following are some bits of information gleaned from Swordsmen of Gor which may help you in developing your Pani character.

Men’s Clothing

– – – – – – – – – –

– bare headed

– smooth shaven or closely bearded

– “light loose robes to the knees, wide short sleeves” with belts (obi) wound around the waist to hold the robes closed, and support swords

– white robes: high rank or aristocratic standing

– gray robes: calvary, either tharlarion or tarn

– brown robes: no caste, informality

– silk robes: very formal, very aristocratic

Pani Men by Appearance

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

– taller than the Tuchuk

– lithe rather than bulky

– long hair rolled up at the back of the head

– “subtle yellow brown skin”

– high cheekbones

– epicanthic fold over the eyes

Roles of Women

– – – – – – – – – – –

  • A “collar-girl” is an enslaved female used for sexual purposes and manual labor.
  • A “stable slut” cooks and cleans for warriors in training, cleans up after tharlarions and tarn, and provides sexual service to grooms and warriors alike.
  • A “contract woman” is an indentured free woman whose marque is owned by a pleasure house, where she works as a highly skilled and refined entertainer who sings, plays musical instruments, dances, bathes, serves tea, arranges flowers, engages in skilled and eloquent conversation. *Sex with a contract woman is not a given, and is only engaged upon with her and her house’s consent.
  • A “tarn cot slave” is like a stable slut, but she works in city tarn cots.

Diet & Meals

– – – – – – – – –

– The Pani drink sake from small white porcelain cups.

– Collar-girls eat gruel and drink water.

– The Pani will eat tabuk, “forest” tarsk, and “forest” bosk.

– Food is prepared in cook houses.

– The Pani eat bread of some sort, sometimes with honey.

– They grow and eat rice.

– They drink paga and roasted suls. They drink hot kal-da.

– They eat “berries” and larma.

– They eat sea fish and shark if they can catch them.

More on Contract Women

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

  • Pleasure houses will purchase promising young girls from their families, or young women who sell themselves. The house will then train and instruct them to be “contract women,” essentially equivalent to geisha on earth.
  • Contract women are transported via wagons.
  • Collar-girls are not allowed inside pleasure houses, the way dogs are not allowed in restaurants.
  • Specific instruments taught to contract women include the lyre, the lute, and the shamisen.
  • Contract women may stand behind the man who owns their contract, even if he is sitting. They do not speak before spoken to, but they may respond non-verbally to conversation. They are permitted opinions and observations, even blunt ones.
  • Contract women are supervised closely when outside their pleasure houses. They are not allowed to roam as freely as collar-girls.
  • A Free Man may purchase a contract woman’s contract, if he can afford it. There are “customs and traditions” he is expected to follow after such a purchase is concluded, but essentially he can do with her as she pleases.
  • Contract women will wear combs in their upswept hair and jewelry, along with patterned robes.
  • They walk with small mincing steps and incline their heads when summoned by those who own their contracts.

The Aphorisms of Nodachi

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

– One does not sell life and death. No price is to be se on such things.

– How can one see what is not seen?

– One should not die with a weapon undrawn.

– One should pay attention to little things.

– From one thing, learn ten thousand things.

– One who has faced death at the point of a sword has an elevated understanding.

– Step by step walk the thousand mile road.

– The spirit of fire is fierce, whether it is large or small, and the spirit is like fire, and can be large or small.

– One knows what one has done. That is sufficient.

– Victory is the fruit of victory.

More on collar-girls

– – – – – – – – – – – – – –

– Pani collar girls are not allowed to use the name of the Free; they are always Master or Mistress.

– Pani collar-girls are white silk (virgin) or red silk (opened).

– Pani collar-girls will kiss and/or lick the feet of their Masters to beg forgiveness.

– Pani collar-girls are collared. The collar locks in the back.

– Pani collar-girls are branded with various marks, high on the left thigh just under the hip.

– Pani collar-girls are whipped, switched, and/or shaved bald to correct their attitudes or otherwise in punishment.

– Pani collar-girls who are found to be “poor slave stuff” are killed and disposed of in the garbage pits to be food for urts. Alternatively, the bodies of killed slaves are eaten instead by domesticated larls or sleen.

– When Pani collar-girls bathe, they are immersed in a hot tub of water and then oiled and strigiled and toweled.

– Blonde, blue-eyed collar-girls are considered rare enough to be gifts for the shogun.

  • It is a rare, great privilege for a collar-girl to bathe a Free Man because it is not a skill she learns to perform. Typically instead, contract women bathe Free Men because they “excel” at it as an art form.
  • Stable sluts will collect tharlarion dung by hand and pile it onto low flat carts, drawn by them when they are full.
  • Pani collar-girls will wear a ‘slave strip’ or a single narrow piece of cloth anchored with binding fiber, double looped around the waist and tied snugly (or hung loosely around the hips) with a slip knot. It accentuates the waist and the navel, and/or provides a Free Man with enough binding fiber to tie a slave hand and foot or to use as a makeshift leash; if the fiber is used in this fashion, the collar-girl is trained to carry the strip cloth in her teeth and she must not drop it.
  • Pani collar-girls will also wear the camisk and other traditional Gorean slave wear.
  • During cold weather, Pani collar-girls wear short long sleeved jackets that fall to the hip, an undershirt, trousers belted with binding fiber, and leg wrappings made from leather over wool. A close hooded wool cloak is also allowed in very cold weather.
  • Collar-girls are taught to respond to certain hand signals, i.e. the snap of the fingers and pointing at the boots commands a girl to crawl to a Master’s boots on all fours.
  • Slave wine is administered by binding a collar-girl’s hands behind her back and inserting a spout between her teeth, pinching her nose shut, and forcing her to swallow.
  • Stable sluts and collar-girls feed from pans on the floor, one for water and one for gruel, without using their hands. A bucket serves for a toilet unless they are being punished; then they use the dung cart from the stables.
  • Slaves are transported hooded and hands tied at the lower back, on a long hemp rope, walking barefoot behind wagons.

Pani Flora and Fauna

– – – – – – – – – – – – – –

  • The saru is a small, “cute, curious, mischevious little beast” who is also characterized as stupid, vain, and ignorant in children’s stories. It resembles in appearance and habits a monkey from Earth except it is tailless.

Customs & Etiquette

– – – – – – – – – – – – – –

  • Criminals and other undesirables are either executed by sword, or bound and dangled from tarns for use in training as targets. Or, they are enslaved and incarcerated on galley ships at the oars. They are also crucified– tied tightly to a cross to restrict movement, so the muscles will cramp and constrain with terrible agony. It takes two or three days to die from dehydration unless the person is given water to prolong the suffering.
  • When the Pani launch a new ship, they give/placate Thassa with wine, salt, and oil.
  • The Pani cremate their dead on large pyres of wood.
  • The Pani aristocrats, men at least, will be carried on sedan chairs by eight men.
  • The Pani carry lumber, tars, resins, canvas, tharlarion oil, fur, silk.
  • Pani mariners make fire bombs out of flammable oil inside clay jars with wire handles, flung from catapults instead of or along with catapult stones.
  • Domesticated larl will roam around the perimeter of encampments, and possibly noble estates, to thwart escape, desertion, and/or invasion.
  • Some daimyo inherit their position, prestige, and power, but others earn them.
  • Loggers are brought food in the woods by tharlarion-drawn wagons.
  • The Pani do not use tarn goads.
  • Pani arrows may be fletched with feathers or with thin metal.
  • Pani tarn cavalry use hand signals and horns (horagai) to communicate with each other.
  • Pani always bind and hood women when they are brought near tarns.
  • Pani men will typically soak in warm baths in the late afternoon.
  • Pani Free Women are taught, from birth, to respect men deeply. “Even an older sister must bow first to a younger brother.” However, status may affect a woman’s regard, and a man of lower status than hers may provoke her disdain.
  • A Pani warrior may be reluctant to kill a man he considers weak or otherwise beneath him, lest he “stain his blade with inferior blood.” Another method of death is chosen, perhaps abandonment to the elements as in the case of Pertinax.
  • The Pani use glass (and metal) tharlarion-oil lamps for light after nightfall.
  • The Pani use lacquered wood furniture.
  • Pani tarnsman use shuttered lanterns with colored glass to signal during routine security sweeps: when they fly over camp, village, or town below, they will use green if everything is secure and red if they discovered something.
  • The swords of the Pani are long and curved with a large hilt. Colored cords hang from the hilt terminating in tufted matching tassels.
  • The Pani will capture larl cubs and domesticate them, keeping them chained, teaching them “certain” commands– but they are never truly harmless.
  • The Pani use ball gags, the “ball and strap,” not just for silence but to dismantle a woman’s vanity because she looks “ridiculous” in it. Some ball-and-straps are colored to match slaver colors, i.e., the ball is blue and the strap is yellow.
  • Pani refer to people from earth as “barbarians.”
  • Pani contract women view collar-girls as “lovely pets” without hatred, envy, or rivalry. Similarly, Free Women Companions do not feel competition or territorial resentment of contract women.
  • Pani slaves bathe after their owners using His/Her bathwater.
  • A “one-name” person is lower down the social scale than a “two-name” person.
  • The most formal greeting for Free People when speaking to one another is: “Tal, <person’s name>, <person’s occupation,> as in, “Tal, Hayeo, Leatherworker.”
  • Pani towns and villages use alarm bars that ring, not bells.
  • Bowing upon departure is the proper farewell, rather than OR in addition to, “I wish you well.” Non-Pani bow first.
  • Only “enemy” women are enslaved, much the same way one does not collar women from one’s own home stone.
  • “Cultured” Pani men will cultivate small elegant pastimes, such as carving in wood or composing poems.
  • A man who is very skilled with his sword is said to have a “demon” or “holiness” residing inside him, or alternatively that he is “the blade’s brother.”
  • When a Lord sits, in formal ceremonies or audiences, he sits crosslegged on a lacquered wooden platform 12 feet square.
  • A warrior who has lost honor is permitted to restore it by killing himself, by slitting his own belly after which a comrade removes his head with his long sword. A Warrior who flees from a tarn has lost his honor.
  • Warriors carry two swords, one short (the companion sword) and one long.
  • Inferiors within the hierarchy of Warriors will call their commander or captain, “<title> san.”
  • Warriors fight with bow and arrow, the crossbow, the buckler, the glaive, the nodachi or battle sword. They do not wear body armor in battle but they wear a variety of helmets, some open and some closed or mask-like, sometimes with horns.
  • Pani tarnsman trained to use saddle bows, temwood lances, Anangan metal darts and weighted nets.
  • Blackening the teeth is considered an enhancement of beauty for Free Women, but not all Free Women adopt this habit.
  • Initiates are not welcome on Pani lands; previous parties of Initiates were sent to ensure the Pani learned Gorean and implemented certain “recipes, seeds, serums, and such.” But when the Initiates attempted to rule the Pani, the Pani crucified them and there was no retaliation from the Priest-Kings.
  • Refusing a gift implies it is unworthy or beneath you to accept someone’s generosity, an insult to the giftgiver and an injury to both his/her pride.
  • The Pani take no prisoners during battle. They cut off enemy heads and hang them from their belts; heads are kept on display indefinitely, perfumed with blackened teeth and neatly combed hair

A tour at the Lotus Blossom Pani Sim (Mariko Marchant)

  • Mariko Marchant: Greetings.

  • Mariko Marchant: can you please show me around and explain a bit

–    Pơɱƥơɲɪʌ (excess.lemmon): All this area belongs to the Lotus Blossom

–    Pơɱƥơɲɪʌ (excess.lemmon): This part is the residential area for the group members, if they wish to live here too . We have a Larl, joined us yesterday, she lives hereAnd here we have the main RP area

  • Mariko Marchant: looks wonderful i am very impressed

–    Pơɱƥơɲɪʌ (excess.lemmon): Only my self and the Sensei (The master) live here

–    Pơɱƥơɲɪʌ (excess.lemmon): thank you

  • Mariko Marchant: what kind of rp do you do here?

–    Pơɱƥơɲɪʌ (excess.lemmon): It will be daily life style, trading and training

  • Mariko Marchant: Japanese life style?

–    Pơɱƥơɲɪʌ (excess.lemmon): Yes, I deal with the new CW (Contract women) I am the honourable mother

  • Mariko Marchant: i see..for the the would you describe a contract woman?

–    Pơɱƥơɲɪʌ (excess.lemmon): They are somewhere between Kajira and Free women, but we differ greatly.  We run our own affairs to much of a degree.  Working girls, not unlike Japanese Geisha

  • Mariko Marchant: i see thank you

–    Pơɱƥơɲɪʌ (excess.lemmon): This is the Pleasure House, where I conduct the business and training of new girls. It’s as grand as Prims will allow.  The main building as far as the CWs are concerned.  All kinds of entertainment here, from shows, dances, stories, to tattoos, and Shibari, plus a sex futon

  • Mariko Marchant: i see..smiles

–    Pơɱƥơɲɪʌ (excess.lemmon): though we are not strickly about sex, we are more valued than that, possessing many unique skills

–    Pơɱƥơɲɪʌ (excess.lemmon): Table sushi, the kitchen is behind this wall.  Ideal for servants to use, RP fuctional

  • Mariko Marchant: looks around..only Japanese characters here?

–    Pơɱƥơɲɪʌ (excess.lemmon): Yes, well Pani, all members look oriental.  The Pani are a very private people, a little mysterious

  • Mariko Marchant: i understand

–    Pơɱƥơɲɪʌ (excess.lemmon): smiles

–    Pơɱƥơɲɪʌ (excess.lemmon): Another important social area, the tea house

  • Mariko Marchant: yes the japanese tea ritual

–    Pơɱƥơɲɪʌ (excess.lemmon): I tend to let the men over indulge in sake here, it’s relaxing

  • Mariko Marchant: smiles

–   Pơɱƥơɲɪʌ (excess.lemmon): This Pani group is a little more radical than the usual Gorean Pani, I will explain in a moment

  • Mariko Marchant: thank you

–    Pơɱƥơɲɪʌ (excess.lemmon): War council and meeting house

–    Pơɱƥơɲɪʌ (excess.lemmon): Chairs are not a usual feature in our culture

  • [Mariko Marchant: i see..yes i was going to ask you about that

–    Pơɱƥơɲɪʌ (excess.lemmon): Untill I find something better, I will leave the round table in place for more piratical reasons

  • [Mariko Marchant: i understand

–    Pơɱƥơɲɪʌ (excess.lemmon): This is the bath house, and often neglected, is one of the most important places in our culture

  • Mariko Marchant: the bathing area?
  • Mariko Marchant: men an women come here?

–    Pơɱƥơɲɪʌ (excess.lemmon): More secrets and stories are shared here than any other building.  We often meet here at first light each day

–    Pơɱƥơɲɪʌ (excess.lemmon): yes mixed bathing here

  • Mariko Marchant: i see..

–    Pơɱƥơɲɪʌ (excess.lemmon): Much of our culture is symbolic

  • Mariko Marchant: smiles

–    Pơɱƥơɲɪʌ (excess.lemmon): and tuned to nature and the world

–    Pơɱƥơɲɪʌ (excess.lemmon): Now I will show you the dojo

–    Pơɱƥơɲɪʌ (excess.lemmon): smiles

  • Mariko Marchant: yes please

–    Pơɱƥơɲɪʌ (excess.lemmon): I said we are radical, this is because the CWs here have more to them that you may at first think.  A small group of us are part of a secret sect where we will carry out contracts for the highest bidders.

–    Pơɱƥơɲɪʌ (excess.lemmon): We are also fighting women, but this is hush hush, smiles

  • Mariko Marchant: smiles

–    Pơɱƥơɲɪʌ (excess.lemmon): ((It actually makes the RP more exciting))

  • Mariko Marchant: so there are female warriors as well

–    Pơɱƥơɲɪʌ (excess.lemmon): Yes, though mainly BtB sim, there is an allowance for specific fem-laws here to allow for the female fighter.

  • Mariko Marchant: i see

–    Pơɱƥơɲɪʌ (excess.lemmon): Have you seen the film “House of Flying Daggers” ?

  • Mariko Marchant: no sorry i have not

–    Pơɱƥơɲɪʌ (excess.lemmon): Ah, well I am based upon that concept, true it may rock the boat a bit, but I dare to be slightly different

  • Mariko Marchant: i see

–    Pơɱƥơɲɪʌ (excess.lemmon): And I think I am in a unique position to do that here. It hasn’t put any of the male members off

–    Pơɱƥơɲɪʌ (excess.lemmon): This is the Sensei’s house. He has slaves too. We allow slaves. Slaves to a pani are treated with less regard than a normal Gorean may treat one

  • Mariko Marchant: i have a question about the contract women

–    Pơɱƥơɲɪʌ (excess.lemmon): yes

  • Mariko Marchant: between who is the contract?

–    Pơɱƥơɲɪʌ (excess.lemmon): to begin with the contract is in my possession, depending how each girl came to be here, some are sold by their famlies, some sell their own, and some can be brought.  I train them till they are ready to lose their virginity, it is then I can sell the contract on to a male .  They can buy their contracts back if their master allows or work alone. Owning their own contracts

  • Mariko Marchant: but they will start out to be owned

–    Pơɱƥơɲɪʌ (excess.lemmon): I am like the madam of the pleasure house. They can be born free, sold by family or sell their own contracts to a house like mine. But I’m bending the “rules” a little.  If I start selling my contracts to outside Pani’s my group will dissapear lol

–    Pơɱƥơɲɪʌ (excess.lemmon): ATM we are just becoming established, it’s all very new. Trading and the odd bit of contracted fighting.

–    Pơɱƥơɲɪʌ (excess.lemmon): If I remain strickly BtB pani life I doubt the group would remain exciting.  So I know some of what I will do here may rock the boat.

But, my goal is the the RP remains interesting

–    Pơɱƥơɲɪʌ (excess.lemmon): I know that many Pani groups died out in Gor, I’m making a revival.

  • Mariko Marchant: Thank you so much for this interesting tour.

–    Pơɱƥơɲɪʌ (excess.lemmon): You are most welcome

See the tour on youtube at:

The new Tavern of Port Thassa (Minnie)

  • Krown Tower, Owner of the Port Thassa’s Tavern did a new build and i invite you to come have a drink in this place. All objects have animations and give us a lot of fun. Play a drunken person near barrels, dance, RP in all ways. Yes ! it s a success and this place deserve be visited. A fest night is done every 15 days during summer and Kron will welcome you friendly with a smile.

Welcome to Woodhaven  (Mariko Marchant)

  • Nestled among the trees and rivers of the Northern Forest stood the sleepy trading outpost of Woodhaven. It’s rock walls looking out over the dense foliage, home to all manner and form of wanderers. Nearby, a Pani group created a settlement for the purpose of trade to their peers to the south.  As it’s population grew, so too did it’s commerce. A distillery was erected to bring in extra income, then a garrison to protect it. As Woodhaven continues to grow, the future looks bright. Perhaps it will grow to become a village, or even a town with it’s own homestone. What adventures await?

  • We have an extensive trading post with a fully outfitted tavern, blacksmith, cottages, and rooms. There are community G&S fields and resources to help foster trade.  There are OOC G&S markets on another level and also a track for both ground and flight beasts.  There are plenty of places for people to live and thrive and help grow the community.
  • G&S involvement is completely free and voluntary.
  • Woodhaven is what is considered a Hybrid region. We allow certain exceptions to BtB on a case-by-case basis.  Cap and sail is not tolerated, and roleplay is always emphasized.  This will include women in certain roles.
  • We need the following people in particular, though anyone is welcome:

* Pani settlers – see Excess Lemmon

* Tavern Wenches, Slaves – see Johnnystarrs

* G&S blacksmith (equipment provided)

* Head of Guards for the trading post

* Guards for the trading post and/or slaver compound – minimum of 3

* Slaver, who can not only buy, sell and trade, but train slaves – house and compound provided

* Users of the G&S system in a Gorean environment

  • We have G&S community crops and equipment to foster trade.
  • Key positions are donations only; there are also cottages and rooms available to rent for very reasonable prices.

– Wanted:  Serious players.

– Administrators:  Quest Tedeschi, Marie Resch, Excess Lemmon

About Woodhaven


  • Are you looking for something wild, something different than your average Goren experience?
  • Consider this: A small settlement, serving as a trading post, in the southern edge of the Northern Woods – taking advantage of the middle of the Laurius River, where it travels the most north, and the endless timber north of that point.  It is situated in such a place as to be a halfway point between Torlvaldsland and points south – welcoming those from the north, as well as the south.
  • The Pani, wishing to have a trading route south for both timber and other goods, sends a group northward to establish a settlement just across the river from this trading post. The group is known as The Lotus Blossom, and they are far more than your average Pani.  There are secrets to be discovered behind their beautiful walls.
  • The initial residents named this place Woodhaven, a haven for anyone who wishes to call it home. We consider ourselves to be a hybrid region – not strictly BtB, and yet, not GE pew pew.  We allow certain exceptions to the books, with admin approval.
  • We welcome those who would like a change of pace, a change of scenery, and maybe just a change from what you find on typical BtB and GE continents. We have many places for rent for those hardy souls who wish to settle and call Woodhaven home.
  • You will find out more when you come to visit, as there is bountiful information available at the landing point. Come down and explore our beautiful region, one of the most stunning in Gor.
  • Roleplay is stressed, cap-and-sail is not tolerated. Come, find your home, with us!

Sa’ng Gretuk  (Minnie)

  • Let me present you, one of the oldest tribe in Gor, Sa’ng Gretuk tribe. Good RP Players, lovely fighters, they live in Lydius Forest and Tammi Wildness is their En since a long period. Tribe is mixed with people from Europ and United States. How define Sa’ng Gretuk ? Maybe in seeing them as Guards of one ethic, loyalty and pride, lovers of Gorean world. Lydius Forest is a full SIM well and clever builded, a place where we can feel an harmony of lights and colors.

  • Yes, we can say that Captain at Docks speak too much and it could become boring. Yes, the tavern is often empty but we are not in Gor to be drunk in a tavern. Yes a wide no man’s land exists before reaching the camp and it could be difficult to raid. But yes, the forest is beautiful with all colors. Yes, waterfalls give us wishes to take a bath. Yes, Sa’ng Gretuk are good players and i invit you to meet and RP with them.

Interview Tammi Wildness   (Minnie)

  • Minnie: Ok, it s an OOC interview, If you dont want answer at some questions, tell me and i ll pass

–    Tammi Wildness: Ok

  • Minnie: Can you introduce yourself, your Gor story, your experience in Gor. And what decide you to have your place

–    Tammi Wildness: Hi, i am tammi, the EN of the Sa’ng gretuk panthers. I ve been in Gor for three years and have not left since. I love what all Gor can offer.  I pretty much landed on a island one day after being a drift at sea and seen all the wild panthers on the land. I was amazed on how i felt at home. I was very young then and knew nothing. But i feel, i grew and learn a lot and am sure i am not done learning. But i love every day i spend with my sisters and the friends i made. I have experience a lot and am proud to be the EN of the Gretuks. We are a fun tribe. I try to make a good fair balance here with RP and all.

  • Minnie nods *can you tell me a bit more about your tribe*

–    Tammi Wildness: Yes Yes ! We been around for many years now. We are a proud tribe that was started by panda bish. We try to do our best to mix it well with the roleplay and the fighting here. We all love to do both. Yes we are a GE but we will RP with BTB if needed.  We are a fair but can be mean panthers here

  • Minnie: Can we consider you as an old Gorean or do you see you as an old Gorean person ?

–    Tammi Wildness: Hmmm, i am not a old Gorean. But know of the old ways. I try to keep a open mind to all in Gor being old or new !!

  • Minnie: you told me that you are Ge but you can RP with BTB. Is it often ? RP with BTB ? Have you good contacts ?

–    Tammi Wildness: Yes, but it is not often. And last few times we did was all good. I think if you talk about things before hand all should turn out ok

  • Minnie: Gor could be a life’s philosophy. Do you adapt your RL with your Gorean life ?

–    Tammi Wildness laughs. “I try to keep the two apart but i do have like small stuff panthers and pictures in RL. But that’s as far as it goes.

  • Minnie: Can you tell me a bit about your land, who owns, builders. who decides

–    Tammi Wildness: Hmm…  My SE Vel is the land owner. Bless her for being there when we needed her. We had one person named RO that built it, and she did a wonderful job at it. But on who decides things, well, as for the camp, it’s me and as for the land it’s Vel. We both have a understanding. We also been talking about making some changes but that is in the near future.

  • Minnie: Is it a full SIM or homestead

–    Tammi Wildness: It’s a full sim

  • Minnie: Now 2 bad questions “She smirks”
  • Minnie: How do you imagine your future in Gor ?

–    Tammi Wildness: I will like to stay in Gor as long as i can. And to be EN for the Gretuks. I have no plans to ever leaving this tribe. So,  i will be around for a while. If not as a EN , a sister in this tribe for sure ! Also i would like to add ,as Gor changes, i will do my best to change with it

  • Minnie: Sa ng Gretuk seems to have a great place in your heart, explain me this

–    Tammi Wildness: Well, it has old Gorean ways in it and by the one that taught me in the past to be a true panther. When i first learn of panthers, i knew it was ment for me in my heart. And i thank my past EN and my past SE and all my sisters that i knew, that help me

  • Minnie: You are a good En, Tammi

–    Tammi Wildness: Well, i try to do my best and to be fair to all. Sure, i made a few mistakes  but that is how you learn

–    Tammi Wildness smiles

–    Tammi Wildness: If you want a feel of old Gorean ways and sisters, that will make you feel at home and that will help you out always then try us out. We are fun but yet serious in our ways !

–    Tammi Wildness: LOL, long sentence me knows,,,

  • Minnie: Have you something else to add ?

–    Tammi Wildness: Hmmmm. Well, we like to Roleplay with all and like to invite all to just come and pay us a visit and have a look around. Most of us here have been with the tribe for sometime. But, i am always looking to get more friendly panthers here !

  • Minnie smiles and nods

–    Tammi Wildness: And also thank you, Minnie for coming here and doing this interview

  • Minnie: Interview is over. I want thank you for your honest answers. And i hope come back often here to trade, RP and have a drink with you “she smiles”

–    Tammi Wildness: Yes, we like to do all here. We have the best traders and fighters with some good RP Players

  • Minnie: I forgot one question

–    Tammi Wildness: Yes

  • Minnie: All names have a story. What is the story of the name Tammi Wildness ?

–    Tammi Wildness: Eeeps, hmmm. Well Tammi can be sweet as Honey or as wild as panther “blinks”

  • Minnie chuckles “Interview is over. now, thank you more”

–    Tammi Wildness smiles “Thank you so much !!!”

© Gazette of Gor


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