The Gazette of Gor – Issue 13

Disclaimer: All images contained herein are stock images of Lunacaleengpanthers.

(Gorean Press Edition)


  • From the Editor’s Desk (Claude)
  • A Kajira …….. (Frey)
  • Di’Jan Cove (Roran Karu)
  • Pani Roles (Minnie)
  • The Cost of Being a Panther (Minxie)
  • Pani Food (Kasumi)
  • Interview with Sky, Northern Lights Outlaws (Kimba)
  • Drop (Minnie)
  • The land of Entho’s (Minnie)
  • Iron Inlet (Minnie)
  • Interview of Thor Eriksson, Owner Iron Inlet (Minnie)
  • A Kur’s Life (Minnie)
  • Events and Announcements
  • Editors and Writers needed
  • Feedbacks

From the Editor’s Desk  (Claude)

  • When I was a newbie, a few days old, I was talking very loudly to be a role-player. I kept saying, I KNOW, I KNOW, I KNOW, I KNOW !

It was the beginning, it was the spring.

  • But when I reached a few weeks of role-play behind me, I said:

I KNOW. That’s it, this time I KNOW.

  • And today, when I look behind me and look at my role-playing day, I still don’t know how it fully works.
  • After a few months, I knew how to roleplay everything. Love, fight, life, trade… Ah yes, love, I had covered all of it !
  • And thankfully, like my friends, I didn’t though I had reached the end of my journey. After a year, I had still learned more about roleplay.
  • What I learned, it can be summarized in five words. “The day when someone told you they loved your role-play, it makes the sun shine. I can’t say it better than this, it makes the sun shine.”
  • That’s what surprise me the most in life, after years of role-play. We forgot countless of bad role-play, but never a lone good one !

In all my newbie time as a role-player, I wanted to tell I KNOW. But the more I was trying to understand it, and the less I knew. Now, I have years of role-play behind me, I am still at my keyboard, and I wonder.

  • Now I KNOW. I KNOW THAT WE NEVER KNOW ! That’s all I know ! But this, I KNOW !


(A great thank to Mister Jean Gabin for the inspiration)

A Kajira …….. (Frey)

A Kajira Defines


  • My name is Frey and I am a kajira. I beg a moment of your time to write about what exactly IS a kajira.  I’ve heard so many opinions on this one, and I’ve no doubt you have too.  But, I hope you will allow me the privilege to give one more.  And as always, this article is my personal opinion, there is no right or wrong opinions, just different ones.  I’m going to stick on the literal side… we all know that “La Kajira” translates to English as “A Slave Girl”.  So, what is a slave?
  • Merriam-Webster’s definition is: a person held in servitude as the chattel of another; one that is completely subservient to a dominating influence; a device that is directly responsive to another.
  •’s definition is: a person who is the property of and wholly subject to another; a bond servant; a person entirely under the domination of some influence or person.
  • I’m not going to venture into the popular discussion point of OOC, as I do not care to hear the ranting of the numerous women who believe it is socially acceptable to be nasty to others, slap a piss poor excuse of being OOC on it, and think they got away with it. Nope, not going there.  Instead, for the purposes of this article, I am talking about the general definition of a slave.  However, it is important to remember that although the above are literal definitions, they do refer to enslavement as not necessarily being a person’s choice.  But that is absolutely not the truth for SL Gor…. as the person behind the computer fully and freely chooses the role of slave.
  • For this reason, I am baffled when I see a girl openly disobeying a master. It seems to me the concept is a rather simple one… you chose the slave role and it means you are owned, you do not have any rights, will, entitlement, possessions, etc.  If you find a proper master, you might have the privilege of having a voice and an opinion, but outright disobeying or bossing your master around?  that’s just wrong anyway you slice it.
  • So, I beg, I plead… when picking your role, please give careful thought as to who you really are in your heart and chose the right one. You will be happier and in turn, others will enjoy your company much more..a win win for us all.

A Kajira is Saved


  • My name is Frey and I am a kajira. This week’s article is very difficult for me, it exposes me far more than I had originally intended to allow myself to be revealed.  But, after giving it some serious thought, I do feel it’s important to write…as I feel there are many others that are like me out there, and the more I explain myself, the more people might learn and understand the mind of a slave.
  • First, it is pertinent to explain a bit about who I am. The Gor books are new to me, however the submissive culture is not. I was raised and lived most of my adult life in a submissive culture. A life changing event occurred two years ago that ended my ability to live completely in a submissive lifestyle.  Since the Gor lifestyle is extremely close to what I’ve always known, I sought out SL Gor as a counter balance.  Simply put, I am real life, emotionally bound to my second life.
  • I’m just gonna jump right into it… my Master saved me. I do not know if he intended it, and I do not know if he knows what he has accomplished.  When he grabs my hair and forces me to his boot, he gifts me with peace, he gives me safety, he dictates my clarity of mind there.  When he commands me to heel and follow him, he gives me a direction to walk in, he provides me with a path, he releases me from wandering.  When he places his hand over my mouth, he stops me from babbling without thinking, he protects me from myself, he offers me the gift of silence.
  • What I lack in real life, my Master in second life has succeeded to give me. By commanding me to serve him, he gives me purpose.  A purpose that I believe in…I cannot testify loudly enough the importance of this.  Many times, I have met women who are here to play a game; when they hit the power button, they walk away from a game and do not carry anything with them, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.  What I am doing with this article is telling the other side, the side of the person who uses second life for more than mere entertainment.  As I said earlier, I use second life to balance my real life, this is my own choice and I know that I am not alone in this.
  • My point is that there are all types of people in SL Gor and each has their own reason to be here. I beg you to listen and absorb this…. the wise person remembers the importance of learning each individuals motivations and works with them accordingly.  Always use care when you deal with any other person, whether you are a slave addressing a free or a free addressing a slave, free to free, or slave to slave, we are all emotional creatures, and whatever purpose brings us here… whatever we are seeking, we all deserve respect and consideration.

A Kajira is Snubbed


  • My name is Frey and I am a kajira. Although I am relatively new to role playing, I believe I have been victimized by a RP snob. After speaking with a few people, I have learned that there are varying definitions for the RP Snob.  So, to clarify, my definition is the person who refuses to RP with people for whatever closed minded reason they might dream up.  These are the people who greet you, but after that seem to go completely silent for long moments at a time.
  • I have, upon occasion, politely asked a person why they went silent and was sometimes told that they are answering IMs. But, to me, this is extremely rude behavior; equivalent to that person who brings their mobile phone to your RL meeting and fails to focus on the meeting while they text and read their mobile messages..  And of course, as a slave, I cannot expect a free to be polite to me….but, really, is it that much fun to make another person kneel near you for long periods of time while you “get around” to RPing with them?  If you are a person who enjoys socializing in IMs, perhaps you should avoid RP situations all together.  Truth be told, I am one such person…I prefer socializing OOC via IM chats instead of role playing.  However, I also do not ever…NEVER… simply ignore someone who strolls over to me and greets me.  In my opinion, this has nothing to do with being a slave and everything to do with showing a basic level of kindness to another human being.  It is extremely rude to have someone, free or slave, wait for over 5 minutes for you to respond to them.
  • That being said, there are many times in which our RL does intervene and cause delays in response. What I am asking…what I am begging, is that you practice good judgment.  If your children are due home in less then 10 minutes and will distract you greatly at that time, perhaps you do not start a heavily entailed RP session with another person.  If you need to leave for work shortly…if you are AT work…if you have company…if you are about to start dinner…basically, if there is something that will be pulling you away from the keyboard inside of 20 minutes, this is not a good time for you to kick off RP.
  • I was sent a website link that boasted RP Etiquette, and was wildly excited when I heard there was such a site. But, after viewing it, and as well as a few other sites, I was amazed that none of them bothered to remind people to be kind to others!  Not one site reminded people that they are not the center of the universe and we all need to play nicely with those around us.  Long story short, I will RP with anyone over any subject because I embrace each person’s uniqueness.  I will never stop short or be rude because I don’t care for someone’s RP style, and this is because I know that I am not the queen of the universe.
  • So if you see me, please know you are welcome to come and RP with me, I will strive to be pleasing and RP with you to the best of my ability. I have only one exception to this viewpoint.. the RP Snob.  I do not care to hear your silly excuses for your snobbery, you, Master or Mistress, are a buzz kill and you will end up sitting alone, role playing with the wall.

A Kajira Loves

  • My name is Frey and I am a kajira. “I love you.”  It’s a statement I have typed and/or said a million times.  I have never used the statement without meaning it, could not ever imagine a reason to do so.  It is a simple, beautiful statement with a simple, beautiful purpose that far too often has been terribly contorted into something negative.  We are placing way too much responsibility on the sentiment of Love, which is killing the simple beauty of the emotion.

  • I have loved just about every person I have met whether it be in RL or in SL. I love them.  So, why does this make us cringe?  There is no obligation that comes with this sentiment, any person who attaches an obligation to it does not love the person they are holding hostage over.  Love… is NOT a requirement, not now, not ever.  There is no expectation that comes with loving someone, there are no standards, or rules, or rational.  It’s not a light switch, you don’t get to turn it off and on upon your every whim.

  • Love is the little soft twinge you get in your toes when you see someone you know.  It’s that little upturn of your lips when you look at another person.  It’s the most basic and simple emotion and we have allowed it to be manipulated into a tool of control for far too long.  I call upon the lovers of the world…. help me stop the massacre!  hahaha   Force others to love freely without any attachments.

  • Love is universal, it’s not gender specific, it is not solely connected to sex, and there is nothing wrong with loving everything in sight. You love your mate, yes, of course you do.. but you also love your friends, your children, your parents, your siblings, hell, you even love inanimate objects.. that proves right there that there is no expected obligation that comes with loving.  So, I beg you.. YOU, yes, YOU.. when I meet you and shortly afterward, when I tell you I love you… don’t cringe, I don’t have expectations.. just accept my love for what it is… simple beautiful, free, and pure.

Di’Jan Cove (Roran Karu)

  • Sitting here in the balcony of Di’Jan’s guest room, the distant salt smell of the sea mingles with the cliff-side garden and fir trees, it could be the most relaxing place in Gor. But to spend all your time in the tavern would be to miss the most unique aspects of this charming city. Di’Jan is within a cluster of cities in the temporate climate, some few miles from the coast with a small dock.

  • Formerly a panther tribe whose proximity to the sea allowed easy access to shipping, they enjoyed considerable success as pirates, raiding nearby coastal towns. The group’s wealth is immediately evident as the most enormous fort, easily visible from afar, that belies the humble origins of the group.

  • Note to raiders – the extensive cave system under the fort is secured only by a thin door, but it is easy to get lost in the labyrinth. If you get caught then don’t expect rough-hewn wooden cages like some panther camp – they can afford top-notch metal accommodation with sophisticated locks.

  • Travellers will recognise the region due to its famous tavern, clean and with an enormous well-stocked kitchen of fine food. Prices were several copper coins for a meal, although perhaps only because the city leaders when entertaining may not have known the price of things!

  • The locals are friendly, and obviously wealthy from a glance at their clothing and weapons. I was met by the delightful Xenshara, resplendant in black bosk-leather jacket from a good tailor. Maddy, Sefa, Sarah, Myst, Carrie, and Black make-up the council, writing laws that make this ex-pirate colony aspire to real city status.

  • Visitors are only permitted to the fort itself with tied hands, although it’s believed that Xenshara’s enthusiasm for this may have been based on the attractiveness of the visitor. Don’t fear the process though, as they carry silky-smooth soft rope, and if you can avoid letting Xenshara bind you then you may find that they’re not so harsh with the very tight knots that their panther history would lead you to imagine.

  • The slave-trade continues apace at Di’jan, with captured panthers from rival tribes being brought in at all times. The famous Callisto Whitesong of Sa di Sani tribe was getting a taste of captivity, locked-up by a villageperson who couldn’t believe his luck. Captives from Sa Sekara were seen later

  • Journalists are well taken-care of, including provision of a writing desk for the Gazette of Gor. Not only that, but the leader Maddy prides herself on the extravagant quality of food provided even to prisoners in this town.

  • Far from being an oubliette, the dungeons at Di’Jin are often the centre of the town’s social life, with citizens keeping company close to their prisoners. For unfriendly visitors, these dungeons may be the only part of Di’Jin fortress that they see (and the tunnels are so confusing that they don’t bother blindfolding their captives) But up above, trusted guests can see the real Di’Jin – a mixture of ancient ruins, a newly-built stone longhouse, and scattered cottages with good view – although not as good a view as that of Gombo the tarn, looking across over nearby Rarn from his perch atop the front tower. So, welcome to Di’Jin, traveller.  A beauty of a city.

Pani Roles (Minnie)

  • Second part of the Pani’s Culture, this article will present you the different roles for men and women in Pani’s lands. An exhaustive list for our beginning knowledge of Pani.

Military/Warrior Roles for Men


– Daimyo: a “Lord” or aristocratic vassal answerable to the Shogun

– Shogun: a military governor with armies at his disposal, “nominally” subject to the Emperor

– Emperor: *the divinely appointed royal leader of all Pani lands

– Guardsmen: Bodyguards employed by daimyo, carrying glaives and shields, who also protect his home and/or property

– Servitor: Men in a daimyo or Lord’s employ who collects visitors, relays instructions, etc.

– Envoy: messengers and/or deliverymen employed by daimyo to communicate privately with each other

– Cavalry: Pani warriors who train and attack on tarn

– Ronen: Warriors without daimyo to serve.

– Ashigaru: infantrymen

– Signalmen: Warriors who convey instructions between daimyo using voice or gesture

– Bannermen: One per daimyo, who hold his personal banner/flag

– Captain of the guard: the Warrior in charge of guardsmen

– Commander: a man in charge of some portion of a daimyo’s military force

Other Roles for Men


– Grooms: Free Men who work in the stables tending non-human animals

– Trainers: who teach Warriors how to use weapons, warfare animals, etc.

– Loggers: felling trees with axes, using tharlarion to drag them out of the woods

– Mariners: men who sail and take care of ships

Other Roles (Gender Undetermined)


– Metalworkers

– Leatherworkers

– Wound Dressers: Physicians

– Suppliers: merchants

– Fletchers: arrow makers

– Sutlers: a civilian merchant who sells goods to soldiers in the field

– Drovers: a person who moves animals over long distances, or during hard labor

– Artisans: self-explanatory

– Tarnsters: men who breed, train, and care for tarn

– Shipwrights: men who build ships

– Carpenters: men who make things out of wood

– Sawyers: men who make lumber out of trees

– Oarmakers: men who carve oars out of lumber

– Sailmakers: men who make sails out of cloth and other supplies

Types of Slaves


– laundry slaves

– camp slaves

– stable sluts

– kitchen slaves

– pleasure slaves

Types of Warriors


– Glaivesmen

– Swordsmen

– Archers

– Cavalry (Tharlarion)

– Cavalry (Tarn)

Types of Free Women


– Free Women

– Contract Women

The Cost of Being a Panther (Minxie)

  • For a female to run for the forests the situation has to be pretty desperate. Whether she is a free woman from the city or villages, or a slave from the farms. Many would not even reach the forests, whether to the North or the South. Failure would see the salve hamstrung and the free woman enslaved. Most would only have heard the words Panther or Taluna in stories told by men who had never seen themselves. Just words handed from one trader or merchant to another.

  • For a woman to travel alone was to ask for trouble, any male could take them as captive and sell them. A slave girl would already have no rights, yet a free woman would give up her Home Stone and any caste, she would risk her freedom. Once given up she was most unlikely to ever have a Home Stone again, without a Home Stone, there can be no caste. A woman running away is considered outside the law an outlaw with no rights. Whilst ooc wise a panther can join the Physicians caste, in ic they have no caste, they are the tribe healer or shaman..

  • When someone reaches the forests in the North or the Jungles of the South, they will find the most daunting and frightening experience. They will never have come across this before, dark forests and jungles. There will be little chance of finding paths and the best way is to try and follow the path of a river, because any settlement will not be far from a river. The atmosphere will dense and intense. At night there will be no light, the trees will shield out the moon, even in day time it will be dim. You will feel fear of the slightest rustle of breeze through the grass or trees. Shudder at the howl of the wild animals. Probably unprotected unless you have picked up a solid branch. You will have little food and therefore will be hungry. At anytime a wild animal could come lunging out of the darkness to take you. For here in the forests such animals as the panther roam, that which Panther girls are named after. Some will starve to death never finding anyone for the forests are vast, lost and alone. Only the most resourceful, daring and desperate, will ever find their way..

  • During this time which could last for several earth months, how you feel and how view life will change completely. The Home Stone, the safety of the City or the farm, the Priest Kings will all seem far off things. here everything lives, everything has soul, even the river, you will feel it course through you, both scaring and invigorating you. Animism the believe that all things live and have soul will grow in you, for it is there before your eyes. The birth and growth of Mother Earth, the power of the 3 moons becomes ever real, when you can actually see them.

  • Then you find them wild and free, they treat you more as an enemy than a friend, they may well take, cap and sell you themselves. They may put you to a life and death test to prove your worth. Becoming a Panther was no easy journey, most would never achieve or make it. Yet once they left their homes, there was no way back, this was their only chance their destiny.

Pani Food (Kasumi)

  • Third part, Pani’s food by Kasumi will present us the meals eaten by Pani’s people. Come with me to discover what are traditionnal meals for Pani’s people.

  • A traditional meal would consist of boiled plain rice, called GOHAN or MESHI, served with seasoned side dishes such as pickled vegetables and perhaps a little seafood or meat on special occasions. The sophistication and variety and number of side dishes served would represent the affluence of the household.  Poorer families might serve millet along side or instead of rice.



  • The 3 staples of the pani diet, based on foods indigenous to the region, are rice, vegetables, and seafood. Verr and vulo are raised but mainly used for their byproducts (milk whichis used to produce butter and cheeses, and eggs.) Because of the limited amounto f agricultural land available there is little availble for grazing animans or to grow feed for animals so in most Pani households meat is eaten in small quantities, unless its a special occasion or celebration.
  • The growing season in pani is nearly year round except in the mountanious regions. Because it is islands




  • Short-grain rice is more common. It is cultivated in paddy fields which is land that is flooded.  Rice can be cooked in numerous, even brewed for sake!  Mochi is a pounded rice cake made by pounding steamed rice with a mortar and pestal and then fried (this is often made for ceremonial feasts and is said to contain the “sprit of the rice” within it when prepared this way.)
  • Noodle and cakes can be made with ground rice flour. For noodles, mix the ground flour with water and squeeze from a tube into boiling water or broth.  These are traditionally called sakubei.



  • A coarse grain that grows wild on the mountain sides and is used mainly for its tiny round seeds that can be white, gray, yellow, or red in colour. Millet can be cooked a variety of ways and its consistency depends on how you cook it — it can be creamy (like mashed potatoes) or fluffy (lik rice) or it can be ground into a flour and used to make an unlevened flatbread.  Like rice, millet is susceptable to mold in moist climiates so should be stored in covered containers in cool, dry, dark places and can be kept for months without spoiling.
  • Millet can be eaten as a porridge with nuts and fruit; ground and added to bread recipes; or cooked millet can be added to pan fried onions, garlic and other vegetables. You could also stuff vegetables with the seasoned millet mix.
  • Before cooking, rinse the millet thoroughly in cold water. Like rice, millet can be steamed or boiled or ground for flour.  To boil it, use 1 part millet to 2 1/2 parts boiling liquid (water or broth made from vegetables and possibly bones or poaching vulo) — simmer it covered, over hotcoals (not flames)for about half an ahn (hour) — this will produce a fluffy product much like rice.  If you want it creamy, cook it uncovered, stirring it frequently adding a bit more liquid now and then (makes a kind of risotto.)
  • Millet has a nutty flavor naturally — to bring that out more, roast it in a dry pan over low heat, stirring or shaking often, for several minutes just until you start to smell it — then add to the boiling liquid. Roasted millet will take on a golden colour.



  • Throughout early Japanese history (which is what the pani is based on), eating meat was often considered taboo and frowned upon, though it was never banned outright. These prohibition were mainly for domesticated land mammals and not sea creatures, birds, or wild game when it could be had.
  • Bosk and tarsk are not indigineous to the Gorean pani lands and so would be rare and costly to import. Verr were indigineous as were vulo and other birds — but the sparseness of agricultural land meant that most of what was grown went to human consumption and not for animal feed.  Domesticated fowl was usually raised for its eggs only.
  • Milk and other dairy products were not popular in Japan — the only Japanese dairy product known to history is called “so” and was produced between the 8th and 14th centuries only — milk was boiled down to a semisolid product which was eated at court among the noble class — but when the aristocracy died so did so. Domesticate called were used mainly for work — drawing carts, prowing fields.  However, that being said, on Gor bosk and verr were both used for their milk to produce curds, cheese, butter, etc.



  • Bosk — shaggy long horned ox-like beast with a humped neck (similar to beef)
  • Gant — like a duck — small, norned, web-footed aquatic fowl with a broad bill and broad wings (Vosk Delta)
  • Kailiauk — like buffalo or very lean beef — Red Savages — huge animal, 20-25 hands tall at shoulders and up to 4000lbs
  • Tabuk — one-horned berry eating antelope — used for meat, horns, hide
  • Tumit — large carnivorous flightless bird (southern plains)
  • Verr — herd mammal like earth goats — milk is used for drinking or making cheese and butter — meat can be roasted or grilled, steaks, stews, kabobs — but it can be tough and stringy
  • Vulo — small fowl (pigeon-like or like a cornish game hen) — the liver is often used for bait for large game fish like the white-bellied grunt — lay very small eggs



  • Because of the rare consumption of meat, heavy spices were rarely used except for medicinal and cosmetic purposes.
  • Sugars – white and yell (though may be other colours)
  • Salts — Red (from Kasra); white (untainted sea salt); and Yello form the mines of Klima
  • Garlic
  • Nutmeg



  • Fish, lobsters, sorps, oysters, eels, shark, and snails.
  • Parsit is the main fish the pani eat — its a thin silver fish with brown stripes and can be smoked and dried, then stored in barrels but also broiled, used in soups and stews, pies, etc.
  • Other fish of Gor included the Wingfish which may or may not have thrived around the pani lands. Also the great speckled grunt and the white bellied grunt may have been available — the eggs of the white-bellied grunt were considered a delicacy. Grunt fed on parsits so were much larger.
  • Shark could be served as filets or steaks (its much larger than the other fish!)
  • Sorp is a giant shellfish akin to an oyster. It produced pearls and its blood was used for blue dyes– the shell often used to make jewerly and inlays.
  • Eels can be boiled, fried or baked and there are varieties that live in rivers as well as in the sea.



– Apricots

– Berries

– Cherries (Tyros)

– Chokecherries

– Dates (Tahari)

– Kalana : a pear-like juicy fruit grows on a kalana tree (fermented to make dry or sweet red wine but also eaten whole like other fruits)

– Succulent larma : with a redbrittle hard shell, sweet and juicy flesh, much like a citrus fruit on earth, segmented with a softer outer skin, usually served whole but can be shelled and segmented, juiced, sliced, broiled with sugars, or as a sauce.

– Hard larma or Pit fruit : similar to an apple but with one central seed.  Can be served whole, sliced, juiced, stewed, baked (with sugars and spices) or fried

– Melons : yellowish, red striped skins (celane melone’s are an online-ism)

– Nuts : like ashews

– Olives (Tor and Tyros, Tyros olives are red skinned)

– Peaches (yellow similar to Earth)

– Plums (red or gold)

– Pomegranate (Tahari)

– Ta-grapes (and raisins) (from Cos)

– Ramberries (small reddish fruit with edible seeds, like a              strawberry)

– Tospit : lots of seeds, small yellow peach-like fruit, the size of a plum,  grows on bushes and is bitter tasting, usually candied or sliced and dipped in honey,  juice is used with other citrus fruits in a drink



– Cake

– Pastries

– Tarts

– Candy (tastas or “stick candy”) — “soft, rounded succulent candies, ususally covered with a coating of syrup or fudge” and served on sticks

– Chocolate

– Custards

– Honey

– Mint SticksPemmican (high energy food mixture of the Red Savages – Flavored ices

– Rence cakes

– Sugar : variety of colours (all presumably sweet),  white (from juices of crushed cane stalks) and yellow (from the juices of fruits) are ever mentioned by color




– Peppers

– Onions

– Kort

– Peas

– Suls

– Beans

– Cabbage (green leafed)

– Carrots

– Corn

– Katch (a green much like lettuce)

– Kes (salty blue secondary root of a shrub — used ni sullage – a Gorean soup)


Interview with Sky, Northern Lights Outlaws (Kimba)

  • Kimba (giannia.rossini): You read the article about Tarna. Does it matter to you that there is a book character who is a female outlaw leader, or do you feel you have established your right to do it, book or no book?

–    Sky (eskyrina): I really do believe in Gor Evolved, in that just because something did not happen in the books does not automatically make it impossible.  People are people and it’s silly to think that humanity will change significantly by being moved to another place.  Female leaders are in the minority for sure, but they crop up in all civilizations.

  • Kimba (giannia.rossini): Are there any other female-Leaders on Gor today? The only one I know besides you, she acknowledges that she doesn’t really lead so much as keep the group together.

–    Sky (eskyrina): Other than panthers…  I have not thought about it.  For a while there is seemed like there were more groups run by women than by men.   But you’re right that has changed.

  • Kimba (giannia.rossini): I think there is a stigma, that men think if they follow you. everyone will think they are subbie. Can you overcome that and build a home with men and women, or do you think this time will be like last time, with mostly women in the Home.

–    Sky (eskyrina): Do you really think that’s true?

  • Kimba (giannia.rossini): Yes. I think that there are enough subbie males playing free men, being dominated in private by their companions, that people will think any man here is somebody’s secret slave.

–    Sky (eskyrina): None of the men we had in the group is or was like that.  I take that back I can think of one.  But all the rest have been confident guys.  Although I do from time to time wonder whether or not it would be better to have a man as high commander or at least to balance the leadership out with a man as raid commander.

  • Kimba (giannia.rossini): Wouldn’t it be easier to do this in a realm that is not so testosterone-soaked, and have just as much fun? Why Gor?

–    Sky (eskyrina) laughs “Face it, it’s the testosterone that makes it all fun.  Medieval battle with a side of domination/submission.  I do wish some other more viable world was picked like the Conan series.  Besides I did not pick this place.  I stumbled into a Gorean sim years ago and someone gave me a bow and panther clothes.  The tribe En sent me out to scout a place called Aria and I was hooked.”

  • Kimba (giannia.rossini): You stumbled into Gor, but take it pretty seriously now. You have read most of the books, right?

–    Sky (eskyrina): Actually I learned about Gor here.  Of course people took it more seriously then.  Later I picked up the first book.  It was fantastic to read about places that I have been virtually walking through for 3 years.  I loved the first 7 books, then JN got into that whole “woman’s nature as a slave” thing.  I get it and don’t need it repeated ad nauseum for page after page.  So I pretty much skimmed after that just to find out about things.

  • Kimba (giannia.rossini): What do you think the future of Gor is going to look like five years from now?

–    Sky (eskyrina): I don’t know.  I don’t think the whole GE/BtB split has been good for Gor.  It’s encouraged silly Disney crap on the GE side – stuff that pretty much destroys the feeling of living in a medieval world.  Then on the BtB side a lot of the fun seems to have gone out of Gor.  That sort of makes sense if you think about it.  Really if you follow Norman’s rules, women are only fulfilled by being slaves which is 10% of the population.  The rest are frigid bitches who resent and are mean to slave girls.  Then how about the men?  Most are not warriors and only 10% of the female population is going to be fun to be around.  A pretty miserable place if you’re truly BtB.

  • Kimba (giannia.rossini): Last question. If you could IDreamofJeannie-blink one thing to change on Gor, what would it be?

–    Sky (eskyrina): Easy!  I would bring back old Gor except allow female fighters.  No OOC in local.  Everyone staying in character.  No GE raid rules that reduce the experience to an X-Box game.  If you’re captured you stay captured until rescued or somehow make an escape.

Drop (Minnie)

  • Some Poetry from (or not) Gor. Some drops are often salty

Falls to the ground, tiny drop of water,

And bursts into a multitude of particles

Who will be the future offspring

Limbo of my mind into decay,

Spark giving nightmares glow

Composed of salted acidity crying.


Falls again and again faster,

And just finish this poorly written story

In life bringing a torrent of mud

Which will drown the valleys of the cheeks,

Taking into bitterness hopes,

Ignoble feelings bordering on indecency.


Tomb louder, still proud

Spitting on the ground with tears your misery,

And let me enjoy this cold body end

Who just handed me his mortal hand.

Ultimate kiss on her metal mouth

To better engage the fatal button.


Falls and come marry, small drop,

At your sisters, those pearls, sounding doubt

Announcement of a gloomy and bloody tocsin

Who will sanctify my funeral

In claiming top of this epitaph unreason

From a drop of water fell without passions.

The land of Entho’s  (Minnie)

  • Let me present you a new philosophy in Gor. How live in peace in a quiet place where all people can rest and see something else than flying arrows. A place to live, a place to discover

  • The land of Entho’s (The Land of Ghosts )is in the delta not far from Port Kar set along one of the main roads coming in from the southern parts, its a rest stop for many travelers heading to and from the busy port cities, it has a tavern, a smith. and slavers house. G&S market and open for others who wish a quiet rest stop in which to live to get out of the stress of the Main Ports..Homes are for rent.Forest settings or main land setting..If you are a butcher, baker,Physician.. any caste.. You may want to check us out as a place to work but in a relaxed atmosphere…Homes  done your way with prim options

  • The village is surounded with a nice surface, housing and Roleplay Forrest as some places to relax and find some peace and private times too. You find there also G&S .. though not to much to not kill the RP as the legendary G&S gold mines. Center of the Village is the Tavern, the Black-Smith and the Skarsgard House of Slaves.

  • The Skarsgard House of Slaves is owned by Ragnar Skarsgard, man of the North and Slaver by the old Gorean way. It offers training as a good RP home in a great team of slavers and slaves. Perfectly for slaves between two masters.. abondoned or new starters.

Sim Onwer(s):


– Pa-Ento (wuban); Fisherman, .. some suspect he might be of the Black Caste

– Iniya (caitriona.eyre); Pa.Ento´s slave

A Word from  Iniya (caitriona.eyre)


  • I feel it is a different approach to the normal sims with raiding and such.. this is sort of like a rest stop or vacation place to get away from all the hectic life in the cities and just relax with no pressure or worry.. A place for weary travelers to be and not have to be standing around a Hub or off Gor please just to breathe

  • Its a place to play and wander the woods and relax ..We have many homes that are almost wilderness nothing but trees and forest around them and water falls to enjoy with the added features of fun places for couples and their slaves to really  play and express themselves ..

  • That really sums it up along with the card that Master Ragnar sent to me of what it is we seek ..We want it to thrive as a smaller community of Gor where people can live in peace and not worry about being raided and having their homes disrupted by such..For the elders too of Gor who have been through all that to come and relax and talk of times of old ..

  • We are very open to things like the homes if someone wants more or less prims  or a different style home we will work with them

Iron Inlet (Minnie)

  • Iron Inlet ! A traditional docks, a village, a tavern. Yes, it seems conventional ! But when you ll read that it is not a full SIM but a homestead, when you ll see and discover the work for building, all designs, the panthers’ part, the castle, the different rooms with all details, you could fall on your butt. Yes, i know !! I m kind, i told you that you could be surprised and you wont hurt your little butt. But it s not a reason to not come in Iron Inlet and begin a RP with residents of this place. And the tavern is able to give a drink, not only for your mouth, but for your eyes too. Because the tavern is like all rooms in castle : very vell designed !! SIM Ge, Ge and BTB players welcomed, Large part for RP, trade with panther

Interview of Thor Eriksson, Owner Iron Inlet (Minnie)

  • Minnie: time for you to answer at some questions. First, it s an OOC interview

  • Minnie: Can you introduce yourself, your gor story. And what decide you to have your own place

–    Thor Eriksson: I was first born in a small Northern Village, which was long since leveled by the Priest Kings a small Torvaldslander Fishing Village where I learned to be a Master Blacksmith under the hand of my father. The lure of the Thassa and at a young age I took a position under my Uncle who was Captain of a round ship out of Port Kar where I learned the art of trade and soon took the helm of my own vessel, the one you see docked outside.

–    Thor Eriksson: I met my companion Tasha, who is pregnant with my second daughter in a most unique way. She was raiding a land I was temporarily residing in at the time and dragged me home as a captive after their successful battle. Our evening of inquisition soon turned to love and I began to court her the next evening. She was in my bindings. We settle her because the mines are rich in Iron and Gold here in the mountains, the port is very deep and well protected. It was a perfect location to settle, to raise and protect my family.

  • Minnie: Iron Inlet, can you explain at me the choice of this name

–    Thor Eriksson: I was a slaver as well for a very long time, the collars i personally crafted of the iron bars from the very hills which surround us now. And being  port or inlet it seemed as good a name as any.

  • Minnie smirks *Blacksmith, Slaver, you did a lot of jobs. Did you do other jobs

–    Thor Eriksson: Yes, but for the places I have seen, both freely and in bindings, it was wise to know many trades, and a silver tongue was always an asset to get out of tight places and impending doom. I have ran taverns in the lands of Dorestad Fjord and Bloodstone Valhalla for a time. I enjoy places where many patrons and customers drop by to be social, or trade or even war. A good fair and spirited battle is always a welcome time.

  • Minnie nods *Can we consider you as an old Gorean

–    Thor Eriksson: Yes, I would be around a Gor a very long time, SL Gor for about 2 years, chat room Gor back in my youth.

  • Minnie: You told me that you are in a Ge place but you begun in BTB. Rp takes a great part in your Gor. Do you accept pew pew and what do you think about them

–    Thor Eriksson: I have fought in may Pew Pew groups and they are fine people, but I gravitated to the role players in those groups, or was one who would take the captive. You need good fighters for any land, but our focus is always roleplay. The only aspect of pew pew sims I do not like is the win at all cost attitude, which leads to exploiting, cheating and many mod calls which leaves those who wish roleplay time, either left out or the opportunity lost.

  • Minnie: As being in Ge SIM, have you still contacts and RP with BTB places

–    Thor Eriksson: Yes, in fact we welcome BTB and GE players to come here, I visit many BTB lands, I aid in many BTB battles. Gor is all about good roleplay and some of the best are in BTB

  • Minnie: I fully agree. Gor is for all people cos we are all Gorean

–    Thor Eriksson: If you don’t act BTB when in GE, Gor is lost, so you have to lead by example for those who are still learning Gor or are a slave who enjoys to fight.

  • Minnie: Homestead means 20 persons. You have 15 people in your group, You hope have panthers near, trade, exchange, contacts with BTB and Ge. Do you think that you ll go to a full SIM

–    Thor Eriksson: Always in my mind but not without members who are willing to pitch in of course. We attack smaller groups and would server a 12:6 ratio without lag, but a limit of 20 have not been much issue yet. If we need to upgrade our community in time we will. What I would do with 15,000 to play with. I prefer to build slowly, have great roleplayers and have a solid thriving port before expansion would happen

  • Minnie: And how do you imagine your futur in Gor

–    Thor Eriksson: Greyer hair from dealing with my daughters and their suitors I am sure. Many more children. And leaders of the crafting profession to take the burden off me giving me time to enjoy my companion and my bonds. My girls are a mix of BTB and GE so I have elegant serves and protection if raided

  • Minnie: can you give in one sentence, a reason to our readers to join your group and land

–    Thor Eriksson: If they are looking to actually be a working member of a self sustaining roleplaying, family oriented village, Iron Inlet will be home.

  • Minnie: Have you something else to add

–    Thor Eriksson: I am looking forward to pressing the 20 person limit, and active trade RP coming and going. It has been wonderful having you visit here, hope to see you with a slave to trade sometime

  • Minnie: Interview is over. i want thank you for the visit and for your honest answers. And i hope come back often here to trade and have a drink with you *she smiles

A Kur’s Life (Minnie)

Grosk’s Interview


  • Minnie : Greetings, I m Min, Owner of Gazette of Gor. This is an OOC Interview about you Gor. Can you present yourself in few words, explain since how much time you are Gorean, different ways you use, where do you live
  • Minnie : A Kur ? What are Kuris in Gor ? What are their characteristics, their abilities, their needs, foods .

–    Grosk : Food is human. They need ot be furred by their pets. Often times Kajira

  • Minnie : Do Kuris live in a band, or in a group or are they lonesome.

–    Grosk : A lot of times they live on the iron worlds in a band.  My Kuri however is solitary and majority of the way feral.

  • Minnie : Some people call Kuris, Beasts. Do you agree with this definition. Are Kuris, simple beasts or clever creature

–    Grosk : To my knowledge some can be clever. Others simple beasts. Mine however is pretty much a simple beast.

  • Minnie : I was hunted by a kur. I was surprised by the speed of the kur. Can you explain at me the reason of this speed, Is there a specifical hud to allow this high speed

–    Grosk : They are quite strong, but their speed I have the inhuman jump mod. Most SIMS won’t allow it however.

  • Minnie : Are Kuris well welcomed in all SIMs. Have you been kicked or banned cos you are Kur and what was your feelings about

–    Grosk : I haven’t been kicked but I know most won’t allow Kuri characters.

  • Minnie : What do you think about Gor, Ge World, BTB World, pew pews and more

–    Grosk : I prefer GE but BTB is something I would like to try.

  • Minnie : What is the main characteristic of your RP

–    Grosk : Feral nature and mannerisms. Lots of story development.

  • Minnie : And how do you imagine your future in Gor

–    Grosk : Pretty bright. I tend to pride myself in the way I roleplay.

  • Minnie : Can you give in one sentence, a reason to our readers to join your RP

–    Grosk : Very unique design which integrates new aspects into the land. It’s very panther heavy and friendly.

© Gazette of Gor


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