About being an Assassin or Lure Girl of Gor

Can a female become an Assassins dangerous companion?

Can women belong to the Assassins Caste?

Gorean grid  is populated by some male sexists, females who play on the grid find out sooner or later. All the cool professions are for men only. The Black Caste uses a glass ceiling to block women from joining their ranks.

So let me throw a brick at this glass ceiling.

The various quotes in the novels refer only to men being brought into the Caste??? There is not a single reference that indicates or implies women were never permitted to join the Assassin Caste. Despite this lack of support, some MEN feel that women can’t be members of the Assassin Caste. But, MY primary argument in support of allowing women to belong is simply that there is NOT an explicit prohibition stated within the novels. Yet MEN will argue that in EVERY reference in the books to Assassins, where gender is mentioned, it refers to men.

To quote a BtB Black Caste member “Ancillary evidence concerning the status and roles of women on Gor further supports their prohibition from the Caste. The weight of evidence, when everything is considered, falls upon the side of disallowing their presence within the Caste”

What is the Black Caste?

The Caste of Assassins, also known as the Black Caste, is a mysterious one and the books do not explain a great deal about their Codes, conduct or activities. No one outside of the Caste is supposed to know their secret Codes though a few elements of their Codes are revealed in the books. Some of these Codes are disseminated as rumors so they could actually be intentional disinformation, and thus incorrect. It seems likely that Norman purposefully limited the amount of information about the Assassins to maintain an air of enigma about them.

Realistically, any such organization would carefully conceal its secrets. Consider the examples from Earth history of the Assassins of the Middle East, the Ninja of Japan and the Thuggee Cult of India. Secrecy was imperative to their success. It would also be a defense mechanism, as such organizations are often quite hated. In addition, fantastic rumors about the prowess and abilities of these groups were actively encouraged and disseminated to enhance their fearsome reputation. The Assassin Caste of Gor would obviously encourage such fanciful tales as well, to enhance their reputation, to make themselves even more feared by others.

Many people do fear the Assassin Caste and try to avoid the presence of an Assassin, often leaving a location if an Assassin enters it. Such people worry that the Assassin might be after them, or that the Assassin might take offense at something they do and kill them. Such people may cross a street to avoid passing by an Assassin. Some may even go so far as avoid touching the shadow of an Assassin with their own shadow. The money of an Assassin may be considered “black gold,” and thus tainted, so many people will not accept it. Instead, these people may simply give the Assassin anything he wants for free. The Black Caste definitely prefers that people fear them as it makes many things easier for them. Despite their fearsome reputation, Assassins are still the most hated caste on Gor though it is not considered the lowest of Castes. It is a Low Caste but its exact place within the hierarchy of Low Castes is never given.

The dislike and hatred of the Black Caste may have reached its apex around 10,110 C.A. During the events of Tarnsman of Gor, Pa-Kur, a Master Assassin of Ar, desired to attain the throne of Ar, to become its Ubar. Though he succeeded in conquering the city, his reign was very short and he was forcefully ousted. His actions were considered a serious violation of the limits of his Caste. According to the First Knowledge, if a Low Caste person comes to power in the city, that city will come to ruin. The Assassin Caste is a Low Caste and thus prohibited from taking power within a city.

After Pa-Kur’s defeat, Assassins were hunted down, many ending up as male slaves on the galleys that sail across Thassa. The Caste was also officially banned within Ar. Those Assassins who avoided capture had to assume disguises, often pretending to be Warriors. They had lost any respect they might have once possessed. It would not be until after the events of Assassin of Gor, about ten years later, that Assassins would once again begin to appear openly. The prohibition against them in Ar was apparently lifted though it was never explicitly stated as such.

The information in the books concerning Pa-Kur, Ar and the Black Caste raises additional questions that are never completely addressed. What does the title “Master Assassin” entail? Is he the leader of the entire Caste? Are there multiple Masters within the Caste? Are there multiple orders of this Caste or is it a single united Caste? No other Master Assassins are referenced in the books. Pa-Kur certainly seems to be in charge of all of the Assassins that joined in the attack on Ar. But there is nothing definitive on exactly who rules the Caste.

There is some indication as well that the Assassin Caste may have been based in Ar, or at least one major group of Assassins. Pa-Kur is sometimes referred to as the “Master Assassin of Ar” thus seemingly indicating his connection to that city. Though we do know he would not be a citizen of Ar, as Assassins cannot have Home Stones. There is also a question whether there were Assassins based in places other than Ar. For when Ar outlaws Assassins in the city, the book notes that Assassins all across Gor start hiding. If only Ar outlawed them, then why would they need to hide from other cities as well? We should note that these incidents occurred in the earliest Gor novels, when Norman may not have fully conceptualized the Assassin Caste.

The Assassin Caste may also be limited only to the cities of the northern hemisphere of Gor. There is a reference to Assassins being “sleen of the north.” (Explorers of Gor, p.241) This comment is made by a native of the jungles outside Schendi, located in the equatorial region of Gor. This comment, with its surrounding context, makes sense only if Assassins were limited to the regions above the equator. That does not mean they cannot travel into the southern hemisphere but only that they are solely based in the north. None of the other novels indicates that the Assassin Caste exists in the southern hemisphere. They can obviously travel into the southern hemisphere, but their base of operations appears to be in the northern hemisphere.

The Assassin Caste is also largely limited to the civilized cities of Gor. None of the barbarian cultures of Gor are known to have Assassins. The Wagon People possess a Clan of Torturers, who are garbed in black, but they are not Assassins. They act primarily as interrogators, torturers and executioners. The only people they kill are prisoners brought to them for execution. They are not hired to assassinate people. Though a Torturer apparently tried to kill Tarl Cabot when he spent time with the Tuchuks, this does not seem to be the norm based on the rest of the information presented concerning this Clan.

How does one become an Assassin? The Assassin Caste is one of the few Gorean Castes where you must actively join it to become a member. It is not a Caste that you are born into. This is similar to the Caste of Initiates and the Caste of Players. The Assassin Caste is very selective in their acceptance of candidates for their training. They seek certain qualities that have proven over time to lead to proficient and effective Assassins. Some of these qualities may include quickness, cunning, strength and skill. Such individuals may also possess a couple traits others might consider negative, a bit of selfishness and greed.

“The training of the assassin is thorough and cruel. He who wears the black of the caste has not won it easily.”  (Beasts of Gor, p.358)

The exact details of the training procedures of the Assassin Caste are shrouded in mystery though a few matters are known, rumored or suspected. It is believed that only about 10% of all trainees will eventually become actual members of the Caste. It is presumed that the other 90% either die during the training process or are slain as failures, their deaths serving to protect the secrets of the Caste. The Caste certainly would not want a disgruntled failure to be set free to share the secret knowledge they have acquired. The survivors though would tend to be a close-knit community, a killing elite. Based on these percentages, the Assassins are likely not a highly populous Caste though actual numbers for the Caste are never given in the books. In addition, the amount of need for their services is never clearly defined in the books so we cannot know how many Assassins could be supported by Gorean society.

At the commencement of their training, each trainee for the Caste is assigned another trainee as a training partner. These pairs will remain together for the length of the training period and a close friendship between these partners is actively encouraged. Each pair will be often be pitted against other pairs during the training process so it is very important that each pair can work well together. Dissension between partners would negatively impact in the competition against other teams. It thus becomes natural that the men in such pairs will grow close.

But, often unknown to these trainees, the partnership will eventually end, in a lethal way. The final test for each pair involves the two partners trying to kill each other. It is unknown exactly where this test occurs, whether inside or outside. But it does involve hunting down the other partner so it is more than a simple face-to-face duel. The survivor of this final test, if there is one, will then become an Assassin. Though this may seem counterproductive, eliminating potential members, the Black Caste has a definite rationale for this final test, reasons why prospective members must slay what becomes their best friend.

First, it is intended to make their members understand fully what it means to be an Assassin, what is necessary to excel and what sacrifices must be made. Second, the Caste wants to make its members emotionally cold, for an Assassin to place their Caste above all other relationships. Ultimate loyalty must be to the Caste, and no type of personal relationship can interfere. Third, it is to eliminate any traces of mercy within its members. An Assassin is not supposed to feel bad for his victims as that would be a weakness that could be exploited. This final cruel test obviously will drastically change a man. “One is then alone, with gold and steel.” (Beasts of Gor, p.358)

Assassins must possess loyalty only to their Caste. The Caste will not permit any conflicting loyalties. To that end, Assassins do not have Home Stones, as that would constitute a potentially conflicting loyalty. An Assassin might hesitate or be unwilling to kill someone from their own Home Stone. So, upon entering the Caste, you must surrender your loyalty to any prior Home Stone. Assassins generally are cold individuals and unlikely to form bonds of love. “It is seldom,” he said, “that those of the black caste laugh.” (Assassin of Gor, p.267) It is very unlikely that they would join in Free Companionship as such might also create a conflict of loyalty. It would also create a potential weakness, one that could be exploited by an Assassin’s enemies. To an Assassin, most people outside the Caste are employers, targets, tools or fools.

“The men in the black tunics who had remained overnight in the quarters of the pit master, including their leader and his lieutenant, seemed to me strange fellows. They were much unlike many, if not most, of the men of this world. They did not laugh, they did not joke, they did not tell stories. They were silent, frightening, terrible men. I do not think they had Home Stones. If they had some loyalty, and I do not doubt they did, I think it was rather to some bloody oath, or dark covenant, or even to a leader. They attended to their equipment, they sharpened their swords. They drank only water. They ate sparingly. The hospitality of the pit master, offering us to them, was declined. Even the women chained at the wall were not touched.”
(Witness of Gor, p.550)

The Caste color of the Assassins is black and they often garb themselves entirely in black, even painting their helmets black. They also use a black banner as their symbol. They do not seem prohibited from wearing different colors at times, but most seem to prefer the black. As a title of respect, Assassins may be referred to as “Killer.” They do not take offense when they are addressed as such.

Assassins learn many martial skills and their combat training is similar in many respects to the training of the Warrior Caste. The similarities would be primarily in the area of personal combat. It is unlikely that the Assassins learn much about waging wars, mass combat or siege warfare. But they would learn many weapon skills and unarmed combat, including the use of the gladius, spear, knife and crossbow. In one on one combat, an Assassin and a Warrior are probably on equal ground. Pa-Kur, the Master Assassin, was considered one of the finest swordsmen on Gor. In addition, no one was surprised at the sword fighting ability of Kuurus or Drusus.

Despite the similarities in certain aspects of their training, Assassins and Warriors generally do not get along well with each other. Each Caste considers itself superior to the other, a more skilled combatant. In addition, they consider themselves to be natural enemies. A few quotes further demonstrate what some see as the differences between these two Castes.

“The sword of the warrior, commonly, is pledged to a Home Stone, that of the assassin to gold and the knife.”  (Beasts of Gor, p.136)

“The Assassin,” he said, “is like a musician, a surgeon. The Warrior is like a butcher. He is a ravaging, bloodthirsty lout.”  (Beasts of Gor, p.413)

“But Assassins are such arid fellows. Warriors are more genial, more enthusiastic.”  (Beasts of Gor, p.413)

An Assassin goes in and does his job, and comes out quietly,” he said. “Warriors storm buildings and burn towers.”  (Beasts of Gor, p.413)

When an Assassin takes fee for a job, he often affixes a tiny and fine mark of a black dagger on his forehead. It is not known what material is used to affix this mark. In some instances, another Assassin will place the dagger on an associate’s forehead. The dagger is newly affixed each morning though it does not appear to be an absolute necessity. It may be more to make access to cities easier, as well as increasing the fear factor in their presence. With the dagger mark on his forehead, an Assassin may freely enter almost any Gorean city. Few would try to prevent their entrance. And many who see the dagger may flee, worried that the Assassin might be after them.

“There are few men who have done great wrong or who have powerful, rich enemies who do not tremble upon learning that one has been brought to their city who wears the dagger.”  (Assassin of Gor, p.7)

Some wrongly believe that because Assassins are often allowed free entrance into a city, that it is also true that no one will oppose an Assassin’s mission, that guards will just stand back and do nothing. This is not the reality. Gate guards may step back to allow an Assassin to enter, but personal guards certainly will oppose any assassination attempt made against their charge. The books also state that city rulers would bolster their defenses, increase their number of guards, when they were aware of an Assassin present in their city. They will not just sit meekly by and allow the assassination to occur unimpeded.

Witness of Gor made it clear that Assassins do not have free reign in a city that they visit. The Assassins who entered Treve needed specific authorization from the administration of the city to conduct certain activities. For example, they received specific authorization to bear weapons in the city, to enter the pits below Treve and to take possession of the prisoner Marlenus. They certainly did not enter Treve on their own, doing whatever they chose. They required specific authorization. And when they encountered opposition, they did threaten to complain to the administration.

Few things are known concerning the Caste Codes of the Assassins though the books provide more information on their Codes than almost any other Caste. Their Codes prevent withdrawal from the caste. Anyone who tried to quit would be likely hunted down and killed. The Caste does not want its secrets revealed to anyone outside the Caste. The Caste might even view such rogues as failures that needed to be eliminated to preserve the integrity of the Caste. According to their codes, Assassins are supposed to make their own kills. Thus, they cannot subcontract out a killing. This would also prevent them from using sleens or other animals to kill people though not all Assassins follow closely to this Code provision. There have been instances where an Assassin used a sleen for a kill. The use of poison is also against their codes though it is said that their pride alone would prevent most Assassins from using poison. There is little skill in using poison and most Goreans consider it a woman’s weapon anyways.

Though it is not against their codes, most Assassins are not tarnsmen. They will more often ride tharlarions though there are a few Assassins who are accomplished tarnsmen. Assassins also do not carry pouches like most other Goreans. Instead, they have small pockets in their belts.

“More than one triumph in a Gorean city has been spoiled by the bolt of an assassin.”  (Magicians of Gor, p.90)

The primary weapon of choice of the Assassin is the crossbow. A crossbow, which fires an iron bolt with an initial velocity of about one pasang per second, has a considerable striking power and can penetrate most shields. At a distance of about 60 feet, one of these bolts can sink about four inches into a piece of solid wood. Though it has a slow rate of fire, especially compared to short and long bows, most Assassins will not be shooting a barrage of quarrels at a victim. They hope to need only a single iron bolt to slay their target. The crossbow allows them to strike at a distance thus enhancing their chance of escaping detection. Some Assassins use special, smaller crossbows that are more easily concealed within a cloak. These weapons are also easier to ready for firing. Unfortunately, the books do not provide many details about these smaller crossbows. Assassins do not rely exclusively on the crossbow. They also obtain proficiency with other weapons such as the gladius, knife and spear. As well as maybe less common weapons such as garrote.

“Scormus of Ar reminded me of men of the caste of Assassins, as they sometimes are, before they begin their hunt. The edge must be sharp, the resolve must be merciless, the instinct to kill must in no way be blunted.”  (Beasts of Gor, p.86)

Assassinations are generally well-planned events, not impromptu killings. The Assassin will often begin by gathering information on his intended target. This will allow him to better choose an appropriate method of assassination, one that will have the greatest chance of success and also allow the Assassin to escape afterwards. It might entail following the victim to learn his habits, his routines. It may entail questioning people concerning the intended victim. It is rarely a haphazard affair. Skill and technique are very important to Assassins. They take immense pride in their work so they obviously do whatever they can to enhance their efficiency and success.

“Scormus would play like an Assassin. He would be merciless, and he would take no chances.”  (Beasts of Gor, p.88)

No one is safe from the potential of assassination. If someone has a grudge against you, and they can afford it, they could hire an Assassin. Assassins will kill both men and women. Talena, when she became Ubara, feared assassination and Tarl Cabot confirmed that was a real possibility. “It was not irrational on her part, of course, to fear an assassination plot.” (Magicians of Gor, p.459) But, how much does it cost to hire an Assassin? Obviously the price will vary dependent on the target, difficulty and skill level of the Assassin. Actually prices are not really provided in the books but it seems reasonable, based on tangential evidence, that their fees are calculated in gold tarns, and not copper or silver tarsks.

Assassins sometimes serve the purpose of justice. There is a differentiation between what are called the “first” and “second” killings. In a “second” killing, an Assassin is hired to avenge someone’s murder. In a “first” killing, an Assassin is committing the first killing between the parties involved. Many Goreans, who might object to first killings, will accept the validity of “second” kills as a necessary tool of justice.

It seems there may sometimes also be a certain protocol for hiring an Assassin. In Assassins of Gor, just after the ostensible funeral of Tarl Cabot, a man hires Kuurus, an alleged Assassin, to kill the man who allegedly killed Tarl Cabot. “He wore a black robe with a stripe of white down the front and back. Kuurus knew that it would be this man, who wore the black, but not the full black, of the Assassin, who would deal with him. Kuurus smiled bitterly to himself. He laughed at the stripe of white. Their tunic, said Kuurus to himself, is as black as mine.” (Assassin of Gor, p.4) This man was thought to look strange, devoid of all hair, even lacking eyebrows. Kuurus thought that he might be an Initiate.

So, who exactly is the man in the black robes with the white stripes? Unfortunately, the books do not provide enough information to resolve the issue. Is he an agent of the Assassin Caste, a middleman to arrange contracts? He does not appear to be a member of the Black Caste, as Kuurus believes he may be an Initiate. Do the white stripes signify the Caste of Initiates? As this is a second killing, revenge for the murder of another, does the Initiate Caste get involved because they see it as an issue of justice? It does not appear that this person is required for all Assassin contracts. Kuurus works for both Hup the Fool and Cernus without the need for an agent or middleman. Maybe if a city desires to hire an Assassin they appoint one of their citizens to make the contact, donning the black robes with the white stripes, to do so. This could thus be a temporary position.

It does seem clear that most, if not all, contracts with an Assassin are verbal only. You pay the Assassin and give him information on the intended victim. There are few formalities involved in such. There are probably multiple reasons why written contracts are not used. First, as many Goreans are illiterate, it would be very difficult for them to read and sign contracts. Second, to maintain secrecy, a trail of paperwork would be avoided. This helps protect any connection between the employer and the Assassin. It can also prevent repercussions from a victim’s family and friends.

 The role play of a Killer

Dahmer  had not been in the city as often as he would like, for personal reasons of a Hunt in a distance city that he otherwise wanted absolutely nothing to do with. Casually he made his way into the well built area, a growing familiar scene for the Killer, but as he rounded a few buildings he found another familiar sight, or more so a scarlet that fit the description Andrew had given him, being the Administrator Fishbeard. Of course he did not know this and needed to confirm, but it gave him reason enough to greet the man where he usually would just walk past one wearing those colors. His pace ceased a few from Fishbeard as he offered the man a nod, “Tal Scarlet, I’m seeking word with an Administrator here, or members of the Council, my reasons are not fatal, just want to establish a few things.” he said.

Ost follows after her owner, kept close enough by the chain that flows from her throat to his dark tunic. She’s just glad to be out of that other city that shall not be named. Her hands busily braid a few strings of leather as she walks, busy work that will eventually be a new belt. When Dahmer stops, she does as well, lingering behind him and out of the way as they speak, though her eyes do go to the stranger. Te curious case of the cursed administrators. Even she isn’t immune to the intrigue that permeates the subject.

Fishbeard had been on edge the past few days trying to seek out the party responsible for plotting against him, especially as his investigation had yielded no results. He had been turning over every rug, checking every barrel, searching for antyhing suspiscious, for any character that seemed too shady, and here was a Killer showing up as plain as day right before him. Fishbeard hesitated in answering for a moment. The stress and lack of sleep had exhausted him, and he had grown out of focus. His pride would not let him think too long as he quickly replied, “Yes, I am Fishbeard, the Administrator of Lydius,” as though his introduction would carry a great deal o fmeaning. His hand instinctively rest on the handle of his sword, btu he knew there owul dbe easier ways to kill him than out in the open like that, so eh remained at ease. “What can I do for you?”

Dahmer  knew his beast was behind him, the chain taunt from his tunic to her throat, but as usual she received none of his attention, the girl was a tool to him and nothing more, as any should be if they are owned by a Killer. As Fishbeard did not answer immediately, Dahmer did take the brief moment to visually assess the man, lack of sleep might be evident but this would not surprise him, a Scarlet’s duty is a taxing one, especially when he also had seen the flyers about and if anarchy was amidst, well the Scarlets need to be on their guard. He gave a brief nod as Fishbeard confirmed it was him and the hand along his blade was also seen but not surprising, most reacted in such ways in the presence of a Killer and for good reason. “I am Dahmer the Killer, Captain of the Caste.” he said, before speaking on, “I’ve learned that this city is without a Master Assassin, and I wanted to speak to the council about the benefits of having one dwell here. When you have time of course.” he said.

Ost continues her work, eyes lowering from the man as she goes about her usual demeanor of ignoring them both. It’s easier really, to just not even hear what they speak about. nimble fingers work at the leather. Maybe she should make a collar for the new giani instead. That would look nice. She holds it up a moment and looks at it before bending it to figure the needed circumference.

Fishbeard exhaled and his shoulders sunk as Dahmer spoke. “Ah you should have led with that,” he would tell the man in jest. “Right now I am the only surviving member of the Council, though candidates will be appointed in the coming hand. I have two men I am supporting for these positions, but it seems there will be some opposition to these posts. If you wish to request the full audience, things may grow complicated.” Fish paced around for a moment. He was quick on his feet, but had to figure out how he could levy the killer onto his side as being on the wrong side of the BC would be a terrible fate. “I would support you taking residence here. And as I am sure there is a great opportunity in these lands for someone in your caste, I am sure you can understand this will be of certain costs to you, but I can assure you that I will make sure they are fair if you and other BC here help support my… interests.”

Dahmer could see the weight of his presence was lifted from the man’s shoulders as he revealed he was only here to discuss some matters, of course one thing about a Killer is, they do not have any honor and are not above lying to get what they desire, which is the Coin. It did just so happen though that this stoic man spoke the truth. He gave another nod as he revealed he was the only living member, which did show the city might be in a more dire state than he had assumed. He nodded a few more times as Fishbeard continued on, about gaining his support at a cost, which a Killer knew everything had a price and this was a very delicate situation, it always was. “Contrary to what many think about us, it is never anarchy that I support, it would not make sense, for without law and order, we can not complete our task.” he said, in all honesty. “I’ve been approved by out Caste to assume a Master Assassin role, and what you gain out of this is organization, that if a Killer shows to hunt here, well he has to go through me, and I will make sure they are not some untrained idiot dawning black rags because they found them outside the city walls. As far as your interest, as long as they do not cross the Caste, then I am very open to negotiations.”

Fishbeard  had dealt with a number of troubles that had risen from assassins carrying out kills in the city, so he could agree the benefits would be great. As he would usually not make himself seem too eager, Fishbeard said, “Yes, I suppose that would be good. There re only two things I would ask. I would like to know if a contract is taken out on me, and due to some recent events, I am not sure whether I can trust the city guard or the Scarlets, and would want to hire you or some of your men to help deal with various, shall we say, problems, though you would be well-compensated of course. Be assured, I would pay more than whatever someone else tried to pay to have me killed.” He knew the BC enough to know they should be feared. He knew of two contracts that had been taken out on him in the past and been closer to death under their attempts than perhaps any other time,miraculous even that he was still alive. “There is a chamber that few know about beneath the long hall you can reside in with your men. “So what do you say?”

Dahmer  held a light cant in his head as Fishbeard spoke on, about asking two things from the Killer. His features never changed to the Scarlet’s words, remaining as a breathing corpse before him and Dahmer did not mind if that had been the perception. Not even his own beast had once seen him eat, drink or sleep, he did not want to offer anyone proof that he was indeed mortal. After the man spoke of offering even more coin and of the inner chambers, he did not answer right away, he rarely did and it was not so much hesitation he was more that he processed his thoughts before actually forming a response, negating the youthful haste that so many possess. But he did speak, shaking his head, “If I receive word that there is a contract on you, it is not my place to condemn the Killer whom has taken gold, to warn you.” he said, he would be up front and honest with the man, “But as the Master Assassin of this city, I will not personally, nor will any of my Killers take gold against you or the other council members.” he said, as that would be suicide for their Court if they did such, they would all be killed and Dahmer is no fool. “Ive prepared a scroll for you to know, the laws that I will be enforcing for this Caste, and it might be good for you to know also, just in case you do have a man in black after you.” he said, revealing a scroll and tossing it over to him.

Bubbles slowly she wakes from her nap upon her couch. Her blue eyes flutter open as her heart began to pump harder into her chest. Her hands lightly brush at her face and eyes as she lifts to a stand. Slowly she moves with a grace in her step as that of a woman of a higher breed. She carefully adjust her dress and starts to rebraid her hair on the way down the steps. Her eyes note frank just before her bakery and slowly makes he way to him. Though pausing for a moment as her ears ring about a chamber just under the hall, she raises a brow to the ground as fingers finish the braid. Her eyes turn up and slowly she moves to her door way. Pretending she had not heard a single thing frank said. Bubbles blue eyes catch the scroll as it was tossed. Her head nods to each, though lingured more on Dahmer studying his atire. She was no fool herself, though a baker at heart. Her eyes of observation did not miss a beat of what was going on about her little shop and who was whom with in the city. ” Tal Men.” She says to both,her body leaning against the door way as she feels the air brush against her face and shoulders. Her nose catching the slight smell of bread still cooking away in her small hearth as well as the sweet larma pie she will have to pull out soon.

Fishbeard  accepted the scroll and began to study it. He had traveled around Gor, but spent most of his life in the north so he was not entirely aware of all the codes the BC lived by., and was rather hesitant to believe that a man could not be bought. “A man that turns down an offer for gold?” The question was a rhetorical one that he left himself puzzled with. As they were interuppted with a greeting from the baker, Fishbeard knew there was little chance of being discrete at that point, so hejust said to Dahmer, “I understand you must live by the oaths you have taken, perhaps in time we can make other arrangements.” He would finally turnt o Bubbles and reply, “Tal.”

Dahmer heard Fishbeard speak about the bribe and he shook his head, “Once told is taken, its a fatal path, ending in the death of the Mark or the Killer.” he spoke this, not breaking any Codes, its exactly what they told the Clients that hired them, to warn them that it will never stop until someone dies, “And all the gold in Gor, will not even slow the Killer down.” he added in his calloused tone. He gave a nod to other arrangements, there was always a way around certain rules, and once Dahmer learned more about what Fishbeard could offer him, he might find those routes, to keep this man alive. “Of course, if you hired me, say to protect you, and a Marked killer arrived to take your life.” now shrugging, “I’ve taken gold, and by the oath, I would do all it took to keep you alive.” even if the Assassin that trained him showed up, Dahmer would gut his throat with out a blink of an eye, for he would have taken gold. He then glanced to Bubbles as she emerged, her attire caused his lone, scarred brow to ascend,
“You are from the North, yes?” he said, but speaking on with out awaiting confirmation to his confident assumption, “The Scarlets seem rather unorganized right now, but when they do become so, you might not want to exposed the flesh of your shoulders so boldly woman. You might get mistaken for a slave.” He had spent a lot of time in the North, and was more lenient, but he knew once within the city walls despite geography, City men were far more harsh.

Bubbles  had not wished to bug the men, but to know who is outside her door could mean life or death. For knowledge was key in living in the harsh ways of gor. She would offer frank a simple and friendly smile to his reply. Her ears catching franks words and completely agree to some degree, though it all depended on the man and how desperate he sought wealth and power. Her head lowers as she feels something upon her foot. A bug, perhaps? She was not sure. Her fingers lightly brush at it and found it to me a string. Damn, already her outfit was falling apart. She would need to speak to the seamstress later about this. Bubbles slowly comes to a stand leaving the string there for now until she found a knife to cut it away. Her blue eyes turn to Dahmer as she listens still. ” I’m was born in the north.” Though she did not add more details as to where she grew up. It would be reviled in time as people got to know her. Her eyes smile and her head held high. ” Pardon me. I must have dropped it as I crawled out from the couch on a nap.” She would give a little bow of her head to Dahmer, as his warning did not fall upon def ears. ” Aye thank you for letting me know.” Though she was in her house, seems no where was safe from the red cast of gor. Her eyes turn and slowly she slips back inside to fetch her scarf that wrapped tight around her shoulder and neck. Carefully she slips it on and steps back to the door. ” Ifin you two want something to drink. I have fresh mead that I have made myself.” She could not help but offer, as that is her job as a woman and as a baker. Sher eyes smile to both and once more she goes quiet leaving the men to talk of business.

Fishbeard had already increased the spending on guards and weapons recently. To pay BC to keep on retainer as protectors, he would have to raise taxes even more. That was a cost though he felt the city would bare as the preservation of FIshbeard’s life was always paramount in importance to silly things like tending to the ill and schooling the children. “When you get settled, I would like to work out such an arrangement. I will need to visit the city bank in the meantime and look into the books. I must be on my way now, but come to me if you need anything. I would like to have arrangements made bfore the rest of the Council is officially named.” He would then turn to be on his way as he told them both to be well.

Dahmer  had assumed correctly that Bubbles was from the North, he figured it was a safe assumption from her complexion, hair color and her manor of garb. And there seemed to be a rather strong Northern influence within the city walls since his arrival. To her response, he only gave barely a nod but his dark eyes did linger upon her for a few moments, it was something rare for him to see a free woman not fully covered, of course he was from the Southern city of Port Kar whom held strongly to such customs. But that had always been the curse of a free woman, and why they so bitterly and openly hated slave girls, for they were allowed to walk about and flaunt their sexuality, but a free woman held the allure that always grabbed this Killer’s attention. All one could usually see were their eyes and their arrogance and one wondered what was behind that veil and what was behind those cloths. Northern women were far more relaxed, and had their own beauty of course. To her offered drink, he shook his head, “Not today Lady.” addressing her as she was, a free woman. Now looking back to Fishbeard, giving a few nods to his departing words, “I am nothing, but patience Administrator.” he said before also moving along his path, having things to take care of, “Ill seek you out when the dust has settled, Gold and Steel, Scarlet.” he said. It was a departure meant for Killers, but Dahmer liked to say it to Scarlets, more so to annoy them, at a Killer’s bold path with out Honor.

 What role is open for a female to become an Assassins dangerous companion?

Well, could she become a lure girl?  There are plenty of references to support their existence.

Lure girl is a term used in reference to slaves used in the luring of men for the purpose of capture. The prisoners are most often put into work gangs.

“Such devices, of course, but without the authenticity and ultimate surrender, are often resorted to by “lure girls,” slaves who serve as bait for captains who need crewmen, masters of work gangs, and such. Such work can be very dangerous, given the astuteness of many Gorean masters.”
Dancer of Gor, 13:244

Would investigate the use of lure girls for innocent men to be used in a work chain. That particular chain, I had heard, was employed in the north, currently digging siege trenches for the Cosians who had invested Torcadino. The fellow whom they had bound, of course, and the others in whose capture I had been implicated, were not, as far as I knew, criminals. My master, Tyrrhenius, spoke of his work as “recruitment.” He was “recruiting” for the chains of work masters. To be sure, he must do this work surreptitiously. It would be quite unfortunate for him, I gathered, if he were to be discovered to have been involved in such work. Judges, magistrates, and such, would not be likely to look indulgently on these activities.

Dancer of Gor

“Slave girls, with the exception of coin girls, lure girls for taverns, and such, are generally not permitted to walk unaccompanied about the streets of a city after dark.”

Kajira of Gor, pages 316-317

So would the Black Caste Assassins use Lure Girls then?

There is no mention in the books, of Black Caste Assassins employing the use of females. Some Assassins use slave girls as a distraction but even then the role of Lure Girl is frowned upon as illustrated in this short role play from the grid.

Cornelius: “Teacher, may I ask you a question?”

Tullio looks up from the camp fire and stares at the lad. “Certainly.” he replies.

Cornelius: “What is your opinion of Assassins using lure girls?”

Tullio angrily thrusts the fire poke into the heart of the buring logs as if the question had annoyed him somehow. “Have you risked your life thus far, throughtout the rigours of our training, perhaps to successfully pass and become a Killer in your own right, only then to have your work done by a female?” he replies, watching the burning embers rise into the night sky.

Cornelius: “Nay Teacher, such would be foolishness and I would surely end up Dead if I was do do such a thing.

Tullio: “I for one would never trust my plans, in part or in whole with any female, let alone a slave and believe me, if it were captured by a guard, through fear alone it would point an accusing finger to avoid punishment and save its own skin. If you were careless enough to have given your position or worse your use name, if you had not covered your face from the Lure, be sure the beast will squark like a bird in a clenched fist..can you take that chance?…”

Tullio: “There are some Assassins who lack the ability to function adequatly without the requirement of a slave in their hunt. They claim distraction tactics but it is simply a lack of confidence in their own abilities and a misconception of their duty.” he says spitting into the belly of the camp fire. “I detest the use of lure girls to aid a Killers hunt and I have no respect for those Killers who lower themselves to such tactics. Are the shadows not enough?…”

Tullio: “Leave the use of Lure girls to those limp excuses for men, the captains of ships who seek to pressgang their crews or to Chain Masters who send them out to replenish their slave ranks. They are not something a proud Assassin would dream of using…”

Tullio: “Ask yourself, why do we not use poison? Why do we make our own kills? You will have your answer as to why we do not use Lure girls.”

Cornelius: “We have used sleen in our hunts, Teacher. Is this not a similar thing?”

Tullio: “Sleen do not lure, Lad! Sleen rip and bite and devour.” he replies loudly throwing the poke into the fire, an explosion of embers burst and crackle into the night air. “Sleen can not talk, or draw clues in the dirt, Lad” he adds.



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