The Gazette of Gor – Issue 12

Disclaimer: All images contained herein are stock images of Lunacaleengpanthers.(Gorean Press Edition)

Special Feature – The PANI Culture


•    From the Editor’s Desk  (Minnie)
•    Ode to Charles Tiramisu  (Itsmee Zander)
•    Zima Outpost (Minnie)
•    Tribe of Ja Lina  (Minnie)
•    The New Whispering Moons  (Minnie)
•    Interview QuigleyMaggie (Itsmee Zander)
•    RARN, The City of Copper (Minnie)
•    A Kajira Weeps  (Frey)
•    Luna Navah Tribe (Minnie)
•    Island of Stone Ridge and Keula Ja Keihas (Minnie)
•    Pani’s Culture – First Part (Minnie)
•    Events
•    Editors and Writers needed
•    Feedbacks

From the Editor’s Desk  (Minnie)

•    Already three months and many things have happened. The world of Gor is constantly changing. This does not mean full revolution. Yet we have seen and lived situations. Tribes who separate, alliances that are made and unmade, and kicked people who find refuge elsewhere, smiles disappear, people tired of fighting.
•    But far from me, these gloomy ideas! We are here to be Gorean. If my beginning  in BTB SIMs has been difficult, I finally found that the Role Players BTB become more accommodating. They appear more open to new ideas than some Ge places. I know I will not make friends by saying this. But, that is exactly what I feel. By strict rules, they set greater openness. But the truth in Gor is not so simple. The Gor world only exists  in the understanding of others. To die is to refuse any understanding, and forever, from the others. In general, larger is the understanding, deeper is  illusion. The smartest is the least normal.
•    Beautiful and complicated quotes to complete this introduction? No ! I want these few lines to express my feelings about past small internal wars that have sown here and there, their share of bitterness. Yes, I was unhappy to see people tear for trinkets. Yes, I felt sad to see groups are separated by a lack of dialogue, to see people camping on their position without trying to reach out, preferring a low pride in a strong friendship. For it is in hatred that builds solidarity. A tribe, tall and beautiful, gave birth to two tribes which beads of blood bloom now my cheeks. Welcome to this edition of the Gazette.

Ode to Charles Tiramisu

Written By Eean Faddoul, RL Friend and SL Salt Brother to Charles.
•    On the evening of the 25th of July 2015, our world became a little darker.  A fine friend and Gorean of many years went to the cities of Dust.
•    Charles Tiramisu was my friend, I don’t say that lightly about anyone.  I had known him since our early days in SL in Turia.  My first memories of him were of a man who lived not only a gorean lifestyle, but was well versed in this crazy world that we all live in now.
•    Most recently he was a member of our Wagon Camp along with his 2 girls and his FC Misty.  Charles filled many roles in SL Gor, from a slaver to a tavern keeper, but his most important role was as a friend and confidante to those many people who knew him.
•    Some years later I had the pleasure of meeting Charles face to face at my home in Georgia.  We had several such get togethers along with members of his family and mine.  One of the best things I can say about him is, he was as real in SL as he was in person, there was no difference between the character he represented, and the person he was in real life.
•    Charles was a good man, a fair man, he always had a smile and an encouraging word for you and was always willing to lend a hand.  From slaves to Aministrators and Ubars, he always had time for you, nobody was ever turned away.
Best memories of Charles by others that knew him.
–    Kaiila Mahoney: eeks probably when he proposed to me coming to carry me off.. he he.. but there are so many.. in real it was the darn birds on the pier… But i also loved when he sang like Johnny Cash
–    Coral (littleredhead): smiles “his dirty laugh, the way he would growl sometimes when someone messed up and even while we were shaking in our boots we couldnt help but feel it deep down in our belly too Master.  but the most personal memory for me is the way he inspired me to not let my health make me give up.   He would talkwith me about our health issues and he was one of a few that helped me see that while, yes I have a tough time, there are far more out there worse off than me. “
–     Dove (ramrodslove): his voice his good manners his kindness he made me laugh and in all he was a great man that has gone to soon and i will miss seeing him thats my thoughts and my remembrance of Master
–    Kittykat ninetails: One of my favorite memories of Charles is the day that we were sitting around the fire and one of the girls was dancing with a dance chim.  Charles chose to join her in her dance..which was very feminine and very sexy with lots of leg splits and arching back chest thrusts.  On the girl it looked very pretty I guess.  On Charles tho..well I have never seen a man dance that dance before but I must admit he looked very
–    Keely Faddoul: Ummm the kitchen when we were cooking as a team.  He was so sweet teaching us of what he loves to do.  Me sweeping at his feet coz the corn flakes were falling and he chuckled at me trying to clean up after him. Sitting in the morning enjoying his company during breakfast and his son. Always will remember that
–    Hathor:   I remember the first time I met Master Charles.  I was a fairly new slave, and asked to join the Anything Gorean group.  As I was plunked down at the campfire, Master Charles was there, growling, as only he could.  O.o I thought, am I in trouble?, and then he had red eyes!   I was a bit taken aback but soon learned what a truly kind, caring Master and a Master I could talk to anytime, about anything.   And we did talk often.   I will miss his many kindnesses, his guidance and his teasing which happened a lot at the Camp – burning a statue on a particular sim comes to mind !  Or the panther sim when he and another Master had a bombing war, or when Master was selling his girl’s clothes (to render her naked) to another visiting Master  or placed a Master in his lap.  He was a trickster!  He will be missed by all, and especially by me.
–    Tara:  My favorite memory of Charles is the last time we spoke.  It was only a week before he passed and we spent about an hour together.  I loved that man for so many things – how he always called me T2 (the T was for Trouble), for how when we met in RL, he was exactly the same,  and for how he never let anything stop him from living his life to the fullest.
.     Mistydawn Herbst:  Charles could be a tad sneaky at times.  We had a very long courtship, well over a year.  Friends, every once in a while, would threatened us with a Gorean shotgun style FC Ceremony.  To which we should say, “we will get around to it”, there was no rush.  One day, after we have moved from Tancreds to Red Rock, I saw people i had not seen in a while.  I wanted to talk just a bit longer but Charles kinda rushed things along as we were also setting up for the city’s grand opening.  Kept telling those we saw, that i hoped to see them soon.
Ko Ro Ba was having their big tournament, to wich a group of us went.  Had to remove layers to cut down on the lag, so all my finery was down to basics.  Some of those that joined us were being called off places. then even Charles had to get back.  I looked around and the large group was down to myself and  only one other person.  Received a message i was needed back at Red Rock, informing parish of this, found out he also was being summoned.  We were both lamented the fact we wouldn’t see the end of the tournament.
Arriving back at Red Rock, took me a while to see clearly.  I saw lots of pretty flowers, complimented the arrangement, then i see all these people sitting in pews, some of which i had seen ealier;  Way far up i see someone on a raised platform, and realize it’s our friend Enigma, about this time, Charles tells me my presence is requested up on the dais.  Welcoming me to my FC Ceremony so to speak, (We are in skype, and tells me to breathe more than once).  Here i am, dressed in a plain dress and shoes, every one else looks fantastic.  I said i needed to change my dress, to which of course, Charles said i was fine.  A friend of ours, Sephie, spoke up and Charles gave me two minutes. That was a very precious moment out of our time together.  He seemed to delight in catching me off guard, in the most loving of ways.
Later, I heard how Charles had put our FC Ceremony together, with the help, for some very wonderful sneaky people, lead by that loving adorable head sneak, Charles.
–    Itsmee Zander: Charles , to me has been one of those men of Gor who stood for everything Gorean, from the time i met back in the days when he joined me in the very first Port Cos Sim way back when there were only a few Gorean sims. He is one whom i am proud to call a Salt Brother and one who is true to the Brotherhood of Gor. He has inspired many both Free and Slaves to seek and be true to their Gorean ways, alway willing to listen and advice, guide… I know, I shall miss him terribly and that iti is indeed a great loss to our Gorean Community and the world we live in.  My hope is that he will find his hareem of Kajirae where he has journeyed to and he has enough supply of leather to make his well crafted floggers and whips to keep them all pleasing.
–    Lov’a:  My best memory of Master Charles is during last year’s Pirate fest in Tybee island.  my Master rented a vacation house where all our friends can stay with us. Master Charles was working with me in the kitchen during the whole time, teaching me and helping me to prepare food.  then i realized that he is a patient himself and had to sit up during night and attended to his breathing device due to breath issue .. but Nobody heard any complaint from him next day .. he didnt even mention it .  i think that might be normal for him and he didn’t wish to spoil people having good time there..
–    We hung out with Master Charles a few times later.  he is always a very caring person to others. for example:   taking  us out to sea on his boat.. giving Mistress Kaiila a ride.  driving a few hours up to Vidalia to surprise us in such a good way .. I almost forgot that Master Charles is a patient who still rely on regular treatment to maintain his not-so-good quality of life..    I was nearly shocked by his  sudden passing away . since i just suggested to my master two days ago that we shall visit Master Charles and surprise him too ..   We just lost one of the most precious  friends in our life . I miss you very much, Master Charles .
So do I my girl, so do I.
Rest in Peace my friend, until we meet again.

Eean Faddoul

The Zima Outpost (isla mariposa) (Minnie)

•    Zima ! a name, a tribe. Yes Zima will remain in my heart and all my Zima Sisters  will remain my friends. Yes, i had bad words with them. But for what they gave me, what they did for me, I forgive them. Zima !! a lot of memories and a lot of smiles. Past is past, but never forget that Zima is one of the older tribes in Gor, with good RP  players, good persons. And i invite you to visit them, play with them and discover their RP and Land. Because, Zima will stay Zima … a fantastic tribe.
A word from Sarka Matova
•    This is a long lost backwater somewhere on the edge of the Northern Forest, this is where the Zima Ak’am made their new home.It is a remote land bleak and desolate, but not without charm.
•    How did the Zimas come to be here? Well after a long absence, their founder returned to find that her former apprentices had summoned a demon from the abyss and had become enslaved by it. Rather than risk the terrible carnage entailed in fighting a demon she chose to seek a new home for her tribe and, after some travels she came across some ruins in a far land.
•    It was here that the few Zimas who had not been tainted by the demon’s evil chose to make their new home and it is here that they live now, and as time passed their memories of the terrible demon of pew pew faded.
OOC Section.
—————-•    The Zima Ak’am was never meant to be a pew pew style GE tribe, the very reason they never lived on the continents of past times is because they rejected that kind of roleplay.  We always wanted to make a tribe that was neither “BTB” nor “GE” but something in between.
•    Our first principle is to create an ongoing and interesting roleplay that feels as “real” as possible. That principle had been completely abandoned by the caretaker management and so after many months of listening to what everyone told me about the past and the present and observing the way things were going I reluctantly decided that I had to be in a different place so I looked for that place, I found it and I went there.   Naturally the name of the tribe stayed with me.

Tribe of Ja Lina  (Minnie)

•    Ja Lina, a new tribe created after Zima’s split, lives in Whispering Moons, in same place where was Zima before. A lot of Sisters are part of Ja Lina and come from the old Zima tribe. The split was done, is done now. A new name, a new camp, a new hierarchy and always old (very old) ENs. The band is composed with good RP Players, good fighters and some crazy (But are we all not crazy in Gor). Please come visit them and pinch their ass to make them wake up, i told you that some are old !! Follow the bird …..
A word from Ja LIna
•    The Ja’Lina Torvis, “My Heart of Fire” grows from the ashes of what was once a mighty tribe torn apart.  What survived was a group of huntresses and their slaves with a common belief and bound together in heart and soul.
We are guided by 4 principals;
•    Loyalty and courage: We are true to our sisters and to preserving our freedom in a harsh world. Preserving and protecting the least of us is as important as protecting the best of us. While we are not equal in rank or in strength, we are equal in value. We are a bonfire made of many flames. We will protect the tribe’s good name in our actions across Gor through our bravery and honesty. In all actions, the interests of the tribe come first. This we will never betray.
•    Empathy and compassion: We are a family of sisters, and like any family, we will always strive to understand our sisters’ needs, to compromise rather than hurt a sister and to show compassion to a sister in need.
•    Pride in achievement: Each sister brings something of value to the tribe. Some may bring a strong bow, some may bring a clever tongue for negotiations, some may bring a skill at building, some may bring a bright spirit that lifts us up. We all must strive to use our unique skills to bring safety, serenity and glory to the tribe.
•    Calm strength and wisdom: The tribe exists to shelter us all from the harsh storms of the outer world. We find pleasure in this refuge, and all must strive to avoid opening the gates to the storms. We must stay calm and wise in adversity, whether that be arrows or the anger of a sister. We maintain peace with strangers through strength, we maintain peace within the tribe by loving our sisters and having the wisdom to put that love above all else.
•    We are proud and strong, fun-loving and hard-working. Our efforts to maintain these core values – to safeguard each other, to keep life in the camp pleasurable and to have fun each day – are central to us. We all must strive, in any way we can, to foster these values. The Priest Kings gave you a skill. You must exercise it to keep it strong.
•    Ja’Lina is a new tribe in Gor, formed after a split resulted in Zima Ak’am leaving Whispering Moons. A group of sisters stayed to form a new tribe. As Ja’Lina was formed, the old leadership stepped down to allow the election of new leadership, the tribe unanimously reelected the old leadership back to their previous positions, reaffirming our beliefs and direction.
•    Even though we are a new tribe, many of the sisters have been in Gor and together, for a very long time, some as long as 8 years. We have a diverse band of good Role Players, good Fighters and some simply crazy (But are we all not crazy in Gor).  We try not to take ourselves to serious, after all aren’t we all here for FUN.  We welcome those, both free and slaves, with years of experience as well as those with none, so feel free to come visit.

The New Whispering Moons  (Minnie)

•    After several months with a same build, a wide activity was done to give a fresh air to Whispering Moons. Docks has moved and are now near the Tavern. The two tribes living there did changes in their camp. Forest Moon Camp is still well protected but build is wonderful, Ja Lina Camp is near the view of an Open Camp. Ok there are still gates and some tunnels. But the global idea to make Ja Lina Camp more easy to raid was done for the benefits of all. Feel free to visit all the place, see bridges, have a drink in Tavern and RP with residents there. And maybe you wouldn’t receive arrows because we like all more RP than fights !
•    At landing zone, you ll find the classic market zone,  an arena and a great, beautiful fight zone. Near Market, please, visit our office with feedbacks box and a library with all old issues.

Interview QuigleyMaggie (Itsmee Zander)

Land – Card Kaltras
Tribe – Skjaldmo Jerag
•    Zander :Greetings Huntress. I understand that you are a new tribe formed and have chosen this place as your home. Can you tell me who are the leaders of the tribe and why the need to form yet another tribe.
*    QuigleyMaggie : For the moment I’m the leader but I would let the leadership to someone trusted and experienced in this.
•    Zander : Why a new tribe? Circunstances did it. Grosk was willing to buy a sim for long at a time Corine wanted to leave the Valkyries and knew some people wandering. She told him she would help him but he had some RL and disappeared for a month or so. Then he came back and bought it so Corine helped whereas she is now in Sa’ng Gretuk and all she has known wanting to change or to find a tribe seems having found what they were looking for.
So she built the sim ith a panther camp and with no panther.
*    QuigleyMaggie : As I was still a slaver without an home I said her “ok, it doesn’t change anythnig for me I’m already alone, if no one joins at least I will have an home. Count me in. I’ll be a panther”
•    Zander : Does the name ( tribe name) stand for anything or does it convey a message
*    QuigleyMaggie : Yes, the idea was to keep a Torvie influence melted with the panther way. Skjaldmö like the Viking shieldmaidens and Jerag, like sisters for the panthers. This is two symbols of women fighters from the north, linked together.
*    QuigleyMaggie : This Torvie orientation or name can move anyway, or take a lower influence, as we are not a lot and if it’s an obstacle, well… we won’t keep more obacle than starting from 0. Several panther tribes assume Torvies elements in their name or land but are finally not really involved in this side. We can be that way too.
•    Zander : What is so unique about your tribe that would be so different that would make it a good home for other panthers to want to join you.
*    QuigleyMaggie : I don’t remember having seen panther camps only in trees for monthes. Neither camps without big doors and locks. I think this only in tree camp with only vine and ziplines looks like more authentically in the panther way. An huntress who came to Rp told me something like she praized us to live in the old ways of panthers so I also think it would be liked.
It’s how I see panthers.
*    QuigleyMaggie : The second point is that i love this sim. And you could too. Then… well…  the rest is not unique, all pretend it but we would be a nice sisterhood.
•    Zander : What sort of RP does your tribe practice… Para RP, GE style more Combat based?
*    QuigleyMaggie : I don’t really agree the GE style is necessary more combat based…  We are Ge, yes. We will accept Btb of course but as our rules says “your well thought and documented assessments about books don’t apply here”.
*    QuigleyMaggie : As I have said it doesn’t prevent us to live in something we consider as an authentic panther’s way with the camp. So the Ge side is more like what spirit we an give to the Gorean books. And there won’t be panthers in heels.
*    QuigleyMaggie : But well… Considering RP, we are not necessary Para RP but can adapt. It’s just a matter of conceptions, here also.
The main purpose is the character’s developement and .. making stories.
*    QuigleyMaggie : It’s the same about combat. Yes we want to fight. Like panthers do. But combat must not be the purpose but a way as other possibles, leading to RP. We must remember what is the purpose for panther : getting goods for their tribes. Combat is a way among others to have this. So we are I’ say in the middle of all things, Para, short lines, combat,
•    Zander : what is your advice to those seeking to become a panther in gor?
*    QuigleyMaggie : Come to visit Kaltras. *chuckles* . Well, I’d say the same as any RPer : Always think what would someone with your character background in this situation would do, and … try to take benefit of the most thing you can, melting the most of your possible storyarcs to build interesting possible stories for your character.
*    QuigleyMaggie : Then for panthers I see once advice and two major ways :
*    QuigleyMaggie : First, for all I’ say : Help your sisters. Be helpful involve with your sisters too, don’t work solo. Don’t play solo. If you are in a tribe there’s a meaning in this.
*    QuigleyMaggie : Then either you are a panther struggling to survive and ready to use any way for this and keeping her freedom, so always consider what would give you advantages. Or you see the way leading you to be a panther as more “universal” and make moral values with this, thinking about  honor, or maybe going against women slavery, things like that. The difference between Btb and Ge panther is mainly in the distance and all the degrees between those two in my opinion.
*    QuigleyMaggie : In any case I’d say play your role and play it with others.
•    Zander : is there anything else you wish to add regarding your tribe or anything to do with  Gor :
*    QuigleyMaggie : Did I already say : “Come to visit our sim it is gorgeous!”? “Play your role and play it with the most people you can?” Anyone is welcome here and you have -again- a new territory among many others to discover.  Come to RP here as a part of the world we share.

RARN, The City of Copper (Minnie)

•    Imagine yourself in an old village in southern France, with roofs of various colors, banners adorning the cobbled streets. Imagine an architecture developed with old houses in medieval style, carriage entrances, Romanesque arches, wrought iron gates, a maze of streets as well designed as each other. Imagine all this and come and see the city of Rarn! Open your eyes and your imagination will become reality. For, this is Rarn, City of Copper. An approach of a medieval fortified village where every detail has been designed and created. Rarn, the power of a design that leaves nothing to chance. Rarn, beauty in its purest form. How not to fall in love with this place. Moreover, people who live there understood. Their RP flies, influenced by the correctness of the implementation. Rarn, a city to discover and enjoy. They need people so what are you waiting ?
A word from RARN
Shade Christensen
High Scribe of RARN, The City of Copper
•    Rarn, The City of Copper, lies within the heart of Civilized Gor, approximately one hundred passangs southeast of Tharna. It’s is amongst the loveliest, most hospitable cities. It’s known for it’s plentiful copper mines, fine metalcrafters, blacksmiths and building artisans, as well as it’s trade of local produce and livestock. Life in Rarn is modest, but very comfortable and welcoming, offering it’s citizens every amenity and quality of life afforded on Gor.
The city is fortified well against enemy attacks. It is walled in many places. It is guarded well by the highest caliber of Warriors and Guards as well as Expert Archers, who protect their precious commodity, copper, and Rarn’s fine, hard-working citizens.
Although Rarn is not truly alongside a river, it lies within the great valley basin of tributaries, between the Vosk and Verl rivers.
It’s rolling hills offer fertile soil for a plethora of fine crops. A simpler slavery exists on the Great Farms outside the city. Males become Field Slaves working the land and many female, city slaves are used to carry water to them.
•    Seeing the dream become a reality, Rarn’s Administrator/Ubar, Corwin Spearsong, hired the best architect and builder in all of Gor, Lady Eve Cartier.
A typical day in Rarn
Shade Christensen
High Scribe of RARN, The City of Copper
•    During the early morning hours before dawn, men drawing carts move through the smaller cobblestoned streets of the city making deliveries of various goods. The grains & flours needed for the days business are brought to the shops of the Bakers from the larger storage buildings of the grain merchants. Charcoal, needed in every home for warmth, is delivered from home to home by the men of the Charcoal Makers. Peasant men deliver needed produce to the public kitchens, inns, and taverns. Other produce they bring to the city markets, setting up their offerings as the sun rises. Men emerge from their homes, extinguishing the oil lamps that light the common areas and the shops of the various castes begin to open. The Chandler shops make & sell candles. Metal Workers shops sell their metal goods, Perfumers sell their perfumes in their shops.
•    In the mid morning hours, the butchers offer meats to the city residents at their shops. The public laundries are open for clothes to be dropped off and cleaned. Free Women, when moving about the city, proudly conceal all skin, but the bridge of their nose and their eyes from the view of others. The Initiates open the temples and many men visit the temples to petition the Priest Kings for favors. Tarn wire, if the city is in danger, glistens overhead in the sunlight. The Library opens. Men visit the Barber shops near the city square for hair cuts and to be shaved. Some men spend time listening to the cases being argued in the city courts. Paga slaves wander the crowded areas, searching for men to entice back to their Masters’ tavern.
•    Throughout the remainder of the day, the city’s Public baths open and men and women gather separately to socialize in the baths. For the men of Gor, a 2 Ahn lunch break is not uncommon. Slave girls owned by Private Masters are seen shopping, taking clothes to the laundry, and traveling about the city. Kaissa is played in the streets and tournaments and competitions are sponsored by amateur organizations. The Paga Tavern is open, serving a simple meal and paga. Men discuss philosophy & current events in the city square and paga taverns. Slave rentals are arranged in the city square for service at evening dinners, parties & such. Races & games, in summer months, are held in the Stadiums in the afternoon sun. Tarnsmen patrol the city and surroundings in groups of three through the day and night.
•    In the evening, the Paga Taverns become more crowded and livelier. Many men enjoy gambling in the taverns. Coin girls are sent to the streets of the city around dusk to earn coin for their Masters. Concerts and plays are held in the theaters and amphitheaters of the city. Private dinner parties are often held.
•    In the later hours of the night, men direct male slaves through the streets to collect the large terracotta vats of waste, carting the refuse of the city on wagons outside the city walls to be dumped in the carnarium and drunks carouse & sing here & there on their way home from the taverns.
•    A Gorean life is wonderfully lived amongst Rarn’s many tempting offerings. Please don’t take our word for it…come see it all for yourself.

A Kajira Weeps  (by Frey)

•    My name is Frey, and I am a Kajira.  I am ashamed to admit that in five months, I have had seven owners.  I take responsibility for this, I do not blame others.. but I do call them Owners rather than Masters for a particular reason.  For a long time, I believed that the hardest role in SL Gor was that of a slave.  Slaves endure the harshest judgments; they put their heart on their sleeve and it gets rips off without much care; they release their will and freedom to another and often times that person does not give a fuck.  This makes for a hard life.. but only because Owners are not Masters.
•    I loved all of my Owners, fully and without restraint.  Upon the end of the ownership with each, I cried in real life.  And I am not alone, I’ve talked with dozens of true slaves who have been through the same thing..  We, as human beings, open our hearts to all social interactions.  An online interaction makes no difference to this rule.  So why is it accepted that a man calls himself a Master, claims to have the highest honor, and yet he treats his property like it has no value?
•    In prior articles, I have addressed some issues with females, and I know what I’ve said is harsh.. it’s truth, but it’s harsh.  This article will address the men.  I beg those reading to start judging a man by his slaves.  This is not an outrageous suggestion, after all, as it is Gorean for a man to command his slaves in a specific manner. And it’s Gorean for a Master to be proud of his slaves.  I’m merely asking that we hold men to this Gorean standard.
•    A real Master will recognize the value of his property and take care to increase that value.  He will put forth the effort to understand his slave and assess where she needs development.. and then develop her. He will do more than simply relishing in the win of collaring a girl only to move on to the next challenge.   So, again, I beg you… when you meet a Master, observe his slave.. if she is mouthy, bratty, disobedient, bossy, or just plain mean.. consider him a poor Master and let him know… perhaps we can actually start to hold them accountable and begin seeing a change in SL Gor.

Luna Navah Tribe (Minnie)

•    They are back !! Who ? Vulos ? Noooooooooo, Panthers are back in Primus and they are now in the old Var Viverra Camp. Their En is Dia Galaxy, a proud and strong huntress, ready to play with weapons and words. Because, dont forget this, Luna Navah are good and old RP Players. Yes, it s a little tribe, but the quality is here and i m happy to see them back in our continent. A new tribe to make live Primus, to give traffic at GTS, to improve all RP all along the Northern Continent. Warm welcome for Luna Navah Tribe !!
A word from Luna Navah Tribe
•    Luna Navah is new tribe created by experienced gor panther players, to have fun with role play and to enjoy the feeling of living adventures in gor.
•    Our camp is located in the South East part of Primus, it is an open part of the forest, close to beautiful nature. To make it feel more real we don’t have gates like villagers do, but our bows keep us safe.
•    Role players who would like to immerse themselves in gorean RP welcome.

Island of Stone Ridge and Keula Ja Keihas (Minnie)

•    A new tribe is always welcomed in Gor. I want present you the new tribe of Keula Ja Keihas. They are strong, fierce and great role players. And they need people ! Please, feel free to visit them, discover the land (Homestead). Two places in the land, a Panther’s camp and a little village. For the story, up to all of us to write it with residents of Stone ridge and Keula Ja Keihas.
A word from Keula Ja Keihas

•    We’re a small tribe, planning to stay that way, with a family atmosphere.  We try to stay as close to the book as possible but we might slide away slightly for the purpose of fun and excitement!  Good bows and good RP to be had here with us!  We are recruiting!

Stone Ridge Village

•    Also planning to remain small, the village acts like a fishing village with a tavern open to all.  Recruiting bonds and villagers alike!

Pani’s Culture – First Part (Minnie)

•    Here is our first travel in Pani’s World. We ll do several papers on Pani’s people to help our readers and maybe give them the wish of a new RP, a different RP in our world Gor. As Gor is universal, we have to visit an present all cultures and people who take part in our world. Welcome in this first part, welcome in Pani’s Culture !
[Look & Culture]
•    I was reasonably certain he was not Tuchuk. The Tuchuk face is commonly swarthy and broad. This fellow’s face, a subtle yellowish brown, was narrower than would be common with the Tuchuk. He did have high cheekbones. He did have the epicanthic fold.
•    “We are a formal, traditional people,” said Tajima. “The old ways are important to us. But we are also an intelligent, adaptive people, and are always ready and eager to adopt useful devices, pleasant customs, and such.”
•    At the edges of the lacquered platform, one on each side, crouched two larls. Behind Lord Nishida, at the back of the platform, stood six of the “strange men,” each armed with a glaive, the blade of which, socketed in its stout pole, was some two-and-a-half feet in length, and curved. It was presumably an infantry weapon. It could be used for either thrusting or slashing. It would not be thrown. Whereas I would not have anticipated difficulty in getting behind one such weapon, it would be exceedingly dangerous if there were two such weapons, as an aggressor would be likely to be vulnerable to the blow of the second weapon. As the glaive is used most effectively forward or to the soldier’s left, if the wielder is right-handed, one would try to keep to the wielder’s right.
•    Behind Lord Nishida, to his left, stood what I took to be two women of the “strange men,” each lovely, each fully clothed, neither veiled, unlike most Gorean free women, particularly of wealth or high caste, in what I supposed, on Earth, would be spoken of as kimonos. I shall, in any event, use that word for such garments, henceforth. Too, interestingly, the garment worn by Lord Nishida, as it is called by the same word in Gorean, korti, I will refer to as a kimono, as well. The woman’s kimono is rather different from that of the man. The man’s kimono is informal, elegant, and loose, and allows much freedom of movement. The woman’s kimono seems narrower and, particularly from the waist down, much more constrictive. The women would walk with short, graceful steps, which gave them an unusual, distinctive gait. The robes of the Gorean free woman, while layered and cumbersome, have much greater play at the hem. The kimono, incidentally, is not allowed to the collar-girls of the “strange men.” This is not surprising, of course, as they are animals.
•    I have arranged it so,” said Lord Nishida, and lifted his hand, and the wide, blue sleeve fell back from his wrist, as he signaled a group of men who were on the foredeck, below the stem castle
•    On a small platform, in a white kimono, one of Tajima’s people, which I will now refer to as the Pani, as that is their word for themselves, knelt. His head was bowed, and before him, on the platform, was a curved wooden sheath, which contained, doubtless, a knife. Near the fellow, also clad in a rather formal kimono, white, stood a fellow with an unsheathed sword, of the longer sort.
•    The Pani are an extremely emotional, passionate race, as I would learn, and the calmness of their exterior demeanor, their frequently seeming impassibility, even seeming apathy, was less of a disposition than an achievement
Eight of the Pani then rose from their places and four of them, unarmed, faced the other four, similarly unarmed. They then bowed to one another, warily squared off and, shortly, engaged. Another of the Pani, an umpire or referee, or, better, I suppose, an adjudicator, began to observe and supervise the practice. He occasionally commented, even scolded. In this engagement no mortal blows were to be dealt, of course, and when a stroke which would have spelled death or disablement was held up short, the adjudicator pronounced his verdict, and one of the fellows would politely withdraw from the contest, in effect having been ruled dead or, one supposes, disabled. One-on-one combat can be stylized amongst the Pani, and may proceed rather formally, for all its sudden swiftness and violence, alternating with an almost unnatural stillness, reminiscent of a larl or panther, intent, immobile, subtly quivering, before its attack. Interestingly, although four were engaged on a side, when one was removed from the contest, his opponent did not then join with his fellows to overwhelm the survivors, but stood back. In effect, then, one had what seemed to amount to four one-on-one contests. In actual warfare, I trusted this civility would not be respected. Courtesy is one thing, but courtesy at the expense of victory seemed to me a dubious tactical election. Finally one fellow held the floor from one team, so to speak, and he was faced by three of the other group. He defeated two and was defeated by the third. The eight fellows then stood, exchanged bows, and resumed their places
•    A large number of contests, of various sorts, took place in the dojo, most with weapons of wood. These were surrogates for several weapons, in particular the short sword, or companion sword, and the long sword. Some glaives without blades were used. An interesting variation on these surrogate weapons was supple poles, long, light, peeled, whiplike branches which might flash about, scarcely visible. These, I gathered, were less surrogate weapons than training devices, to quicken reflexes, and enhance skills. Occasionally steel was used, but, again, of course, the strokes were held up short. Sometimes one surrogate weapon was put against a different surrogate weapon. Sometimes an unarmed individual was to engage an individual armed, say, with a sheathed dagger. Understandably, a reasonable amount of care was taken in the dojo to reduce injury and, certainly, to prevent death, the holding of strokes, and such, but, nonetheless, bloodshed was not infrequent, and broken limbs, wrists, and arms, were not unknown. These injuries seemed to be accepted with equanimity, save where it was suspected that intent was involved. The Pani seemed to feel in such a case that something was out of balance, however slightly, and an adjustment was in order. A disharmony was in need of correction. In such case one slash reddening a wooden blade might be used to pay for another
•    On the observation platform there was much milling about, shouting, cries. At the same time I saw one of my fellows, from the final flight of the third wave, I thought, still in flight, and moving south. A figure, in white, below, on the platform, was being supported by two of the infantrymen, or Ashigaru, as the Pani spoke of them.
[Wound Dresser]
•    One of the Pani, a wound dresser, crouched over the fallen figure
•    To one side a group of Pani were considering a hut. The door had been shut, and, I supposed, blocked from the inside.
In the midst of the Pani before the hut was a figure who wore a large, masklike helmet, whose features could not be discerned. Most of the Pani helmets, on the other hand, were open, though winged, that is, were rimmed to the sides and back, with something like a descending metal brim. They, like Gorean warriors, wore no visible body armor, as this defensive device was contrary to the rulings of Priest-Kings. I have never understood, perfectly, why this was so, but there are two major theories, which I might mention. The first theory would seem to presuppose a historical origin, though perhaps one rather idiosyncratic. In ancient times, on Earth, surely in the Homeric era, at least, it seems the defensive accouterments of the warrior often consisted of a helmet and shield, and the offensive accouterments of a sword and spear. Body armor was rare, and doubtless expensive, and, it seems, many warriors, even by preference, went into battle nude, save for helmet and shield. One gathers this from ancient sculpture, if from no other source.
•    The most likely explanation for this, if it is true, as it seems to be, would presumably be to lighten and free the body to the greatest extent possible for great exertion and quick movement. Even much later Gauls encountered by Caesar’s legions, at least occasionally, seem to have gone into battle with little but a golden neck band, these being prized as loot by victorious legionnaires. One supposes that some warriors might have supposed, as well, that their foes might have been intimidated by their scorn for body armor, or perhaps they regarded, interestingly, body armor as effeminate or unworthy a courageous warrior, who should not fear wounding or death. Perhaps even vanity or preening entered into such matters. It is hard to know. In any event, body armor, in time, became rather general in warfare on Earth. Its use declined with the widely spread utilization of gunpowder, particularly as its quality improved, and advances were made in connection with its packaging and delivery, cartridges, rifled barrels, and such. For example, in two major wars on Earth in the Twentieth Century, body armor was generally unknown, with the exception of the helmet. Later, with new developments in metallurgy, moving toward lightness and strength, it became, once more, rather general, at least where it might be affordable. There are often “arms races,” so to speak, in such matters, in which an improvement in offense spurs an improvement in defense, and so on.
•    In any event, the historical explanation, for what it is worth, is that Priest-Kings arranged their laws in such matters based on indulgently codifying what they took to be current human practices in such matters. Few Gorean warriors, incidentally, go into battle nude, but male nudity is not as uncommon on Gor as it is on Earth. For example, it is not unknown for Gorean laborers, if engaged in heavy work on hot days, and so on, to work nude. Most people do not think much about this, one way or another. The human body, on Gor, is not regarded as shameful. Even Gorean women of high caste, who are commonly robed and veiled in public, do not regard bodies as shameful. That would be absurd for a Gorean. They do, however, usually, regard their bodies as special and provocative, and exquisitely private, and certainly not for public viewing. The Gorean free woman then does not think of her body as something to be hidden for reasons of shame but as something to be hidden for reasons of propriety. As is well known the usual Gorean free woman is more concerned with the concealment of her facial features than her body. Her face is much more revealing of herself than her body. It might be noted, in passing, that the face of the female slave must be bared publicly. This is a difference between her and the free woman. Anyone may look upon the face of a female slave with impunity, as much as upon a verr or kaiila. She is, of course, enslaved, an animal. Also, she is usually garbed briefly and
[Teeth Blackness]
•    These heads were clearly trophies of a sort. For example, a warrior might win favor from his daimyo or shogun by garnering heads, this understood as a proof of prowess in war. In such a way one might earn promotion, land, gifts, preferments, and such. I would also later learn that these heads, particularly if one of a celebrated foe, might be treasured, and kept indefinitely, the hair being carefully combed and dressed, the head being perfumed, the teeth painted black, and so on. The blackness of teeth was apparently regarded as cosmetically appealing. Indeed, certain beauties of the Pani, I would learn, blackened their teeth to enhance their charms. To be sure, neither of the contract women of Lord Nishida, one of whom was Sumomo, who was apparently of interest to Tajima, and the other of whom was Hana, as I later discovered, I was pleased to note, had adopted this practic
•    Did note that his sword, the long sword, with its beautifully curved blade, and its tasseled hilt, suitable for a two-handed grasp, was bloodied
•    One of the long, curved swords, with the large hilt, was placed in the hands of Pertinax, at which he looked, apprehensively. A colored cord dangled from the hilt, which terminated in a tufted blue tassel. Tajima then backed away from him, and, smoothly, drew forth his own weapon, which he gripped with two hands, and assumed what, for such a weapon, was apparently an on-guard position. The position seemed formal, and quite stylized, but there was no mistaking the readiness, or menace, of his attitude
•    The Pani had largely placed their long swords in racks near the edge of the feasting area, but none who bore them had surrendered the companion sword. That blade is to remain at hand. A similar practice I would learn often obtains in houses and barracks amongst the Pani, a practice in which the long sword is often set to one side, stored or racked, in a hall or vestibule, but the companion sword is kept at one’s side, even near the sleeping mats and blocks. To be sure, if danger is felt to be imminent, both weapons are likely to be kept in the vicinity of the warrior.
[Dress of Nodachi]
•    Then saw before me one of the Pani, but one such as I had not seen before. Had a larl by some incantation taken the form of a man, I thought it might be such a man. He was not large, but I felt a largeness somehow within him. Although of the Pani his visage was bearded, thinly, roughly, uncut, save perhaps by the sword, and his hair was long, and unkempt. His clothing was soiled, and uncared for. He was barefoot. In his belt, blades uppermost, were the two swords, the companion sword and the longer blade.
[Armory of Swordsmen]
•    Slipped the blade free from the sheath. The shoulder belt, if over one’s shoulder, may be instantly discarded. This may prove an important wisdom in a perilous situation. A scabbard, hooked to a buckled waist belt, or slung across the body, might be seized in combat, discommoding its wearer, perhaps pulling him off balance, or into the blade of a waiting knife. But the belt on the shoulder is easily shed. If one is in a territory thought safe, of course, the scabbard belt is not unoften slung across the body, looped from the right shoulder to the left hip, if the swordsman is right-handed, and, naturally enough, looped from the left shoulder to the right hip, if the swordsman is left-handed. Both modalities facilitate the swift, across-the-body draw. This arrangement provides a convenient, secure carry
[Cloth of Tarnsmen]
•    On the ground it had been warm. But here, aflight, there was the sharp, cutting, rushing of wind. My tunic whipped about me. Commonly the tarnsman jackets himself in leather, but I was as I had been, as I had come from the feast. I was unhelmeted. It was cold
•    In some situations, guards might be ranged for several pasangs beyond a camp, a fortress or city, at serial intervals. In this fashion signals could be relayed from post to post, rather in the nature of beacons on the Vosk. By means of such beacons, fire by night, smoke by day, an alarm, or signal, or message, could be conveyed a thousand pasangs in a matter of Ehn. This arrangement, however, is commonly practical only where danger is perceived to threaten from a given direction, or a small number of directions. When the guards are not stationary but aflight in concentric circles, some with a much greater radius than others, the timing and synchronization of signals, even with chronometers, is likely to be sporadic. In such a situation it is very difficult to guard against intrusions, particularly by single intruders. Accordingly, about Tarncamp, we commonly posted a single sentry for the sky, with his circular pattern, but several for the ground.
•    Hundreds of Pani stirred, looked to the platform, uneasy. Glaives, the long-shafted, curved-bladed naginata, were grasped.

© Gazette of Gor


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