Book Based Panther (BBP), Pani sim guide, Okinotori

Okinotori Island

About the sim (translated from French):

Okonitori is a small village located in the archipelago of twelve islands.

The Panis are an adaptation of feudal Japan in the Gorean world. Most of the information available on this people may be in the volumes of Gor Swordsmen and Mariners of Gor.

John Norman descriptions about what people are rather vague to allow players the freedom to tap into the ancestral Japanese culture to address the many unknowns.

Okonitori is not a sim BTB, but we try to best comply with the spirit of the Gorean world.

Through our game, we highlight the Pani culture, it is the spiritual aspect (which is very important) that trade or the daily life of Panis. To enhance the game, we use the G & S system that allows us to develop a viable economic system.

The raids are not prohibited but are not a finality.

The inhabitants of Okinotori, are a mixture of Pani and refugees from the village of Korat. This is an aspect that I let you discover when visiting vote.

The island also offers a series of main intrigue around which revolve our activities.

I could not be complete without mentioning our delicious sake that I invite you to discover!

Takeda says:

i just see me appear in your pic , i am the guy who wear the mask .Takeda . Already left there for a long time , miss the Okinotori and a lot of old friends .

My thoughts on Okinotori:


© Lunacaleengpanthers/Okinotori


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