Role play of a violent act of panther women

Adventures of Red hair

A runaway slave wishes to join the band ,to become a panther girl. There is only one way, a most violent way, she must defeat the Red haired panther in a one on one knife duel. The preferred choice being a sleen knife, which was short, well balanced and double edged.

Up to this point the red head had survived such challenges with minor cuts and bruises, this time she is caught by surprise. Her band is standing in a wide circle around the slave. The red head enters the circle and draws her sleen blade. With her other hand she tosses a similar knife at the slave’s feet for her to to pick up.

The role play:

Mar’li turns to her band, her sleen knife balanced  in her right hand,  “Shall I aim my knife at her eye?” she raised her eyebrow and questioned in a raspy voice, “shall I cut her from earlobe to earlobe just above her collar?” Marli glances back to the pale skinned kajira with her dark brown orbs. “You heard me slut….get on your knees….so my knife slides through easier when I cut your throat!” She assumes an offensive low stance,  decides over which direction she would attack. Then she charges in a frantic leap forwards and stabs at the girl.

Nara nose scrunching up at the image those words convey. She’s not yet defeated however, and the thought of such fatal humiliation keeps her on her toes. The other woman dodges forward in a feint and Nara jerks back surprised, but her arm jabs out like a spring, an aim taken toward the woman’s face.

Mar’li gasps out with surprise , she feels a penetrating sting, she wipes her fingers over her right cheek. Her finger tips show thick red blood, she has a cut through the skin. Her lips part, a guttural bark follows as she exclaims “First blood!” Her eyes narrow against the slave, the show is over, you can see it in her face, she snaps her bared teeth at the girl and moves back as the girl moves forwards, followed by wild slashing at the girls shoulders.

Nara is emboldened by the exclamation and evidence that trickles along the cheek of her opponent. She’s shocked to see it, blinking to be certain, but there it is.. She had struck. She isn’t prepared for the  strike as it comes, even though delivered head on, she’s dodging the oncoming toward her right hand and has no time to react to the jab at her left shoulder. Nara is pierced, through sinew and cries out.

Mar’li had this time prepared against a counter attack, she paced back and then stood there, planting her feet firmly on the soft loam earth, she inspects her sleen knife, the blade is covered red.  Her face is smeared with dirt and blood from the scuffle, with a “mhm” and an arrogant grin at the girl, she turns the blade vertically, so that the blood runs towards the hilt.  Her lower lip quivering with anticipation “The next strike will be at your throat….slut.”

Nara  knife hand is up toward her shoulder, applying pressure, watching with disgust and anger the bloodied blade. She’s doing her utmost to not fall over. The blood oozes from the wound and warms a path under her arm pit and down her flank. And by applying pressure with her good hand, she’s soaked the hilt of her own knife. She growls and snaps her teeth, much like Mar’li had done to her when the comment is made, and Nara feels a surge pulse through her and she advances toward Mar’li, slashing and crying out “arrrrgh!!!”

Mar’li sees the girl  approach her, she aims a hard kick of one foot against the slave’s belly, if she succeeded, she would get behind the slave , to push her full body weight down on the slave, to grip her arm around  the slave, aiming to get the blade against the slave’s neck , without killing her outright, but to make her surrender if possible.

Nara feels the air struck out of her, she’s gasping silently for a few moments right afterward, the blade set against her skin and each breath she strains to pull into her screaming lungs is met with its sharpness. She just lies there until finally she can breath and facing the woman that has her locked in place her lips purse tightly together. Her collar gives only enough room that the blade would fit tightly at her chin so she lifts it, almost in defiance. In that moment, her hand, bloodied and sticky, releases the knife. Her arm flopping to the ground at her sides.

Mar’li breathed in heavily, her blade just resting under the slave’s chin, with a cruel thin smile on her lips, she tastes the salty blood from her own facial wound, she grabs hold of the girls hair, pushing her face to one side, with a flick of the blade she nicks the pale skin just under the slave’s right eye “Panther girl’s should not look pretty” she hissed into the girls ear.

The slave lies defeated. The red head had seen the defiance in the girl’s eyes, she had fought well for a slave, well enough to save her throat from being severed, the red head  allows the slave to stand and rewards  her with a place in her band.

© Lunacaleengpanthers


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