Book Based Panther (BBP), Panther sim guide, Sa ‘Anu

Sa ‘Anu

Market Place :

None that I could see. TP directly onto Sim.

Easy to Find TP point:


Meter Type:


Sim Lay out:

This sim is a standalone sim, it comprises of a forest setting. There is a panther camp, a trade post and a tavern.

Sim Rules :

Much the same as any other Gorean Sim, nothing of note stood out.

About the tribe:

Sa ‘Anu means daughters of Anu. Anu, pronounced an-oo, is the Celtic Mother Goddess. She is the Mother-Earth Goddess and the flowering fertility Goddess.

Example of role play:

Noosey hears movement in the forest and calls out. Anyone there?

Mar’li  hears a voice calling , she assumes she has been spotted , despite her best efforts , so she cups her hands and shouts “Tal”

Noosey calls out to the movement and voice I hear. Not seeing anyone, I shout “Tal!”

Noosey  adds “Come closer so I can see you. I will not shoot unless shot at!”

Mar’li laughs to herself when she hears the woman , she makes a plan , she shouts back “I am not that follish…..SO…..Where is your trade post?”

Noosey  looks into the dark forest, trying to penetrate the gloom. “It is outside our cliffs on an island with a bridge to it. Look for the bright flag!” I yell into the forest

Mar’li  peers through the thick undergrowth looking towards the direction of where the female voice is coming from , she unsheaths her sleen knife , she cuts through the thick branches , making her way to the cliffs she can barely make out in the distance

Noosey  yells “It sounds like two bosk mating out there!”

Mar’li yells back “That was the sound of my sleen knife cutting through branches !”

Noosey  peers down to the trade dock and finally sees the voice. “Tal Panther!” I call out loudly. “They will grow back, I suppose”

Mar’li  cups her hands and shouts back “I will ring the bell… looks so…..mhmmm…….inviting !”

Noosey Helgerud  laughs

Sa ‘Anu Trade Bell shouts: The Sa ‘Anu Trade Bell has been rang, keep your weapons sheathed and wait for answer

Noosey  hears the bell and grabs my nose. Stepping back, I leap forward and jump down into the water and swim to the island

Noosey  shakes the water from my hair like a wet larl. “Tal panther. Welcome to the lands of the Sa’Anu”

Mar’li  peers down her nose at the smaller woman “Tal… we can talk”

Noosey : it is much easier than shouting

Mar’li  lips curl into a thin smile as she nods in agreement , she waits an ihn , she sees no one else appear and can now assume both of them are alone “I have travelled many pasangs by canoe , I had no idea a camp had settled here…..the Sa anu……the name sounds familiar to me…..I knew a panther once Sin…was her name”

Noosey  grins, my teeth white in the dim night lit only by the moons. “Aye, we are they. After many journeys and trials we have emerged from the cold north and found new lands. Sin has led us well for us to be able to survive this long. I am Noosey, her Se and right hand”

Mar’li  brushed back her tangled knots of red hair with her hand , both her almond shaped orbs closely observed the woman now that she had revealed her status in her band , she answers in a proud tone “Well met Noosey , a higher girl…..I should be honoured” she clicked the back of her tongue “…I am Mar’li , I lead a small band of women near the wetlands of Whispering Moons

Noosey  feels her hair rise up at the word ‘girl’ but decides to let the insult pass until i find out more. “Well met, Mar’li. I know those lands fairly well from visiting the Forest Moon and the Zima. I had heard that there was a new tribe there now, with the Zima moving on into history. Are you of the new band?”

Mar’li smirked a little when she heard Noosey mention the zima tribe , she folded her arms , “The zima, ……they are no longer friends of my band …..we call ourselves the Forest Moon” she glanced up at the sky “It seemed an appropriate name at the time ……” then laughed “I might change the name to Red hair’s band” she flicked back a loose strand of red hair

Noosey  chuckles and shakes my head, my own red hair hanging wetly on my scalp from my brief swim. “I knew a few of the Forest Moon in the past. Moonstar and Chrissy were their names. But this was long ago. As for the Zima, tales of their downfall reached even this far into the forests. I always hate to see a band fall apart. ” I sigh and shake my head. Then I look up and ask “What brings you to this newly discovered part of Gor?”

Mar’li  nods when she hears a familiar name “I will mention your name to Moon, when I head back” she chose not to delve too deeply into the downfall of the zima , instead choosing to see  what possibilities there were “….I did not come here with a clear purpose in mind ” she looked over her shoulder “I tracked a small verr and prepared the meat , I will trade a piece of any catch  in return for rights  to hunt near these forests…..the catch to be traded here on these docks” she raised an eyebrow and awaited the reply to her proposal

Noosey  listens to the proposal and rubs my chin. “That is fair, Mar’li. All we ask is one tenth portion. And for you not to scare the game more than they must.” I raise my hand and point to the mountains to the west and add “Those lands across the water are free to all to hunt right now, though.”

Mar’li ponders a moment “One tenth ?  ” she scratched  the back of her head , “I will take it…..and you will tell your band of our trade arrangement… ….mhm….avoid possible confrontations in the forest” she smiled “……wouldn’t want to cause a war for a wayward arrow”

Noosey  holds out my hands and replies in a haughty voice “War? We do not make war on panthers unless they attack us first. It divides the women of the forest and makes us easier prey for the men of the cities!” I grit my teeth, my eyes flashing anger as I remember the affronts and chains of the city men.

Noosey  jumps and turns, seeing someone running across the rocks to the waterfall. “Hey! Over there! Step out and be seen.”

Mar’li  noted that this tribe did not attack first, a lofty ideal the red head thought to herself , she shrugged at Noosey’s reply “I have seen wars between panther tribes started over much less”  she looked in the direction of the noise “we have company”

Seri shouts:  laughs  as he  heres  the  fiminime voice almost lieka  childs  giving him  ordreres  and  contiinues  on his  search ignoring ehr for  now”

Noosey  nods and whispers softly “well spoken, Mar’li” I continue to watch the waterfall as I talk to the panther. “We prefer to be friends with the tribe, and trade food, iron, and slaves with them. We will also trade with cities and villages, but trust them not.”

Mar’li  turned around , she saw nothing , then spun back to face Noosey “…..slaves …..we do not trade them…..we do trade captives however”

Noosey  grins and replies “What is a captive but a future slave? It is just a matter of what person or band decides to collar them” I shrug and add “Unless their home stone is willing to pay a ransom, of course…”

Mar’li  huffed “….you will find……not all captives are future slaves” she decided to leave it for what it was “…it seems the danger has passed , no more noises…I head back to the wetlands , with word of our trade agreement… paths Noosey”

Noosey  holds out my hand and touches the panthers shoulder “Safe paths, Mar’li. And be careful in the forest. There seems to be dangerous people running about”

Noosey  pause and nods, looking at the panther in the woods. “You were here yesterday… Tal Mar’li” I say loud enough to be heard

Mar’li  waves and approaches “Tal Noosy”

Noosey  sees the woman approach closer. My hands tense. “You find much game in the forests, panther?”

Mar’li  points her thumb behind her “I set some traps near the river, in a few ahn I will look if anything was caught”

Noosey  raises and eyebrow and says “Then you would not mind me looking at the traps every now and again to make sure that they are tended to and to… relieve any excess game from them. ”

Mar’li  lips curled into a thin smile “I do not mind”

Noosey  returns the grin and nods. “Good. As long as we get our share. The game is plentiful but not endless.” I look back at the trees and add. “Tell me… have you come across an her called argrimony in your travels?”

Mar’li  listens and nods , she knew too about hunting too much game , she frowns hearing mention of the antibiotic salve “Mhm” she wondered if Noosey had heard that she was a healer “…..I have used that herb as antibiotic salve…..I have found some wild saplings near two places , Gimli and Hrimgrar and cultivated them”

Noosey  brightens up and says “oh good, you know of it, then? I ask because I am a healer and use it to prevent… the redness that can show up in a wound. It is called ‘infection’ It can be found in Gimli and Hrimgrar? Interesting. I may have to re-visit those places.” I pause and then ask softly “Do they trade it, or do they hold onto it jealously…?”

Mar’li smiles as she sees Noosey brighten up “Also an healer eh?” she looks around the forest “I am surprised it does not grow here, it won’t grow in our wetlands and even the few saplings I managed to grow is barely enough for our own band” she placed her dark orbs on the woman , “Hrimgrar is controlled by an aggressive band , I would recommend the Gimli forests , the Sa di Sani are more open to trade”

Noosey stretches my arm out and waves it from right to left in front of me. “I have onyl been able to search in the obvious places here so far. Th elands are new, so there is much to discover.” I grin and add “I have found a nice supply of blue short grass growing in the mountains to the west, though. And a swamp there has many plants. Yarrow and marigold. ” I wince and hiss “and osts. Always the damn osts”

Mar’li  grinned broadly when Noosey mentioned swamps , she knew of their dangers and treasures “My former band , the Lunas , thrived and made their home in the swamps, I recognise what you have found there” she pursed her lips “….those ost , useful for poison tipped arrows they are”

Noosey  laughs and replies “aye, they are. But a poison dangerously bought if we have a single slip… I prefer tassa, myself. Hard to find at times, though.” I point towards the south and ask “The Sa Di Sani.. They are willing to trade, you say. What do they seek in return? Or is it easier to simply take what I need!”

Noosey  says softly “We don;t have much to trade, yet. My first batch of mead is still fermenting, and the paga is being hoarded for the En”

Mar’li  laughs “Well ,I understand…….let me say,  if you are a fast runner and arrow dodger , I would take that chance”

Noosey  shrugs and says “No faster than most, although the arrows do seem to miss more than hit. A skill learned in my early years, when I was a she-urt.” I grin and add “The guards in Lydius were poor shots in the dark”

Mar’li rubs her chin “You know , I have been hearing some tales of Lydius, I am sure they have some kind of arrangement with the sa di lina…….though” she chuckles “it is good to know they are poor shots in the dark, should I ever come accross them”

Noosey  shakes my head and says softly “Arrangement with panthers or not, I am not allowed withing their walls. I was caught thieving there and enslaved, you see. To go near is to court impalement or the noose for me. I’ll stick to places more friendly to me, if not my tribe”

Mar’li  squints some “I do not know how they treat thieves in Lydius, only how they treat them in Port Kar” she didnt elaborate how she knew , she revealed her past only to a few trusted members of her band , she nodded in agreement “I rarely venture to the cities , only when I need something I cannot trade outside their walls”

Noosey looks down at the soft forest grass and then up at the red haired panther. “The cobbles of their streets hurt my feet! Even the dirt of a torvie village appeals to me more than their mighty walls and banners.” I sigh deeply and say “I had hoped to continue my studies as a healer in a city, perhaps disguised as a free woman. But the scent of the forests holds me close. I will never complete them, I regret. My feet as well as my sole will not let me”

Mar’li  takes a deep breath “I do not miss the salty air , I much prefer the forest air , to be free to do what I want , when I want”she pursed her lips “within reason”

Noosey  grins and interjects “And for a 10% cut of the meat, You can do what you want in my band’s forest!”

Mar’li laughs “mhm”

Sim overview:

The sim is based on a woodlands setting, several rivers to cross and an untouched  forest to explore.

Bad Points:


Good Points:

The layout of the sim, impossible to get lost, small and compact sim.

Final Comment:

This is a well laid out sim,  the builder has done a great Job, I especially liked the many lakes around the sim. With the lighting set to sunset or dawn it is especially pretty. Eager tribe for role play which is a bonus 🙂

Overall Marks out of 10:


© Lunacaleengpanthers


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