The Gazette of Gor – Issue 09

Disclaimer: All images contained herein are stock images of Lunacaleengpanthers.

(Gorean Press Edition)

Special Feature:  The Torvalsland

Table of Contents:

  • Letter from the Editor
  • Featured Sim

– Hfravnik Sim Editorial

– Open Roles in Hrafnvik

– Hrafnvik RP Snippets

– Interview with Ymir

  • Healer’s Tips
  • Culture and Religion
  • Spotlights

– Freewomen Of Gor

– Freeman Of Gor

– Slave Of Gor

  • Centerfolds
  • The Conrad Letters – By Shahin of the Tahari
  • Snippets
  • Combat Tips
  • What’s cooking
  • Ressources
  • Rumor has it
  • Writers Corner
  • Quote On
  • Special Events


Letter from the Editor (Melantha Patria, Editor)


Is OOC Education killing Role Play?

  • A few days ago I polled a couple of slaves in the True BTB Gorean and Dark Side of Gor chats and asked what they as role players had expected when they signed on for the role of slave. Over and over again the word training was mentioned. I stopped to think about that for awhile. There are all sorts of slave classes offered but they are done on an OOC basis. The same is true for Scribes, Physicians and even Rarii. Classes are even held to teach someone how to behave as a Freewoman or a Freeman of Gor. These classes are without a doubt, educational and good resources. However, when we allow a certification obtained OOC to hold IC merit, it has a serious impact on role play.
  • The impact takes several forms and the greatest is the release of responsibility for slavers and heads of caste. Slaves are no longer trained in character. They are handed a collar, a group tag and a handful of note cards. If they want to learn they are told to *read the books* or to attend one of the many slave classes available on Second Life. Then they are shoved out the door and told to make their own role play. A similar thing occurs with scribes and physicians. An application is submitted whereby a person declares their role. They are handed a group tag and some helpful note cards and then sent off to play. What happened to the IC responsibility of a slaver to train slaves? Why do we have heads of caste if everyone is expected to know everything immediately?
  • Opportunities to develop IC relationships, to have interactions, the forum to create both mistakes and achievements, to grow as an IC person are robbed from us. The concept of mentorship which plays out over and over in the books no longer exists. We don’t invest in our players and are baffled when they snap off that collar or trade homestones every other week. Our Heads of Caste lose the opportunity to garner IC respect that is gained when THEY share their knowledge with those they are responsible for. Our slaves have no value because we have invested nothing in them.
  • The same is true when we speak of families in Gor. Families are that last line of defense Gor has to keep players honest. Those people we take as Mother, Father, Son, Daughter, Sister or brother are a reflection upon us. Yet we do not take the time to IC teach our daughter how to behave if she is captured, how to handle a slave or even how to remove those tassa pins without pricking herself. Sons are not taught how to fight. They are not taught how to deal with a freewoman or how to skin their hunt. They are expected to know this. They are told read the books, which are at best often contradicting among themselves.
  • So when the books contradict themselves, there are no more IC mentor-ships, the only education one can get is done OOC and then meta-gamed to give their character privileged status, what do we get? We get a culture that is diluted, bored and without respect for one another as players. We have allowed out altruistic desires to educate steal half the meat of the roles we play. We set unrealistic expectations for perfection and fail to invest in those who are our player base. Of course IC education is only one part of how we as players can create richer environments for our community but it is a start. It is a very good start.

Featured Sim

Hfravnik Sim Editorial

(An in-depth look at the build, the features and the role play of this editions Featured Sim.)


  • As soon as you land in Hrafnvik you are surrounded by high mountains, waterfalls and lush green trees. The overall environment is open and natural feeling. Placement of buildings is random enough that is does not give the “planned” feeling of a city. The ground texture are high quality and blend nicely at elevation points. Fanatik Architecture’s mesh cliffs are used well here, complimenting the build rather than dominating it. Sim designers Remy Placebo and Brimir Resident made smart prim choices here, by using Centipede’s mesh Viking village package for their buildings. The buildings are a quality mesh product with detailed textures and low prim/ land impact costs. The saved prims were reinvested into their trees and landscaping to give the village a quaint and rustic charm.


  • The sim features a mineral mine, a camp fire which serves as a gathering point for group role play and a very well done altar. The altar and rune stones are by Artisan Fantasy. However, what truly creates the mystical feel this area offers is the detailed landscaping. The steep stairs that creep up the mountain, a dirt path, ferns and ancient stone walls all lead a player to feel as if they are making a journey to some ancestral power. The longhall is typical in its layout and we would have loved to see a more rustic look here to match the overall theme of the sim. The market area is minimal. Its scale seems out of place with the vast, open feel of the village. Outside of these two cons this is a very well done sim with many role play conducive areas that create a northern village ambiance.


  • The role play style in Hrafnvik tends to be detailed, paragraph form with a preference for story line building. The IC structure includes a Jarl and several minor Jarls. Notable families on the sim include the Verndari, Njordr and Paine clans. Open positions on the sim include farmers, overseers, skalds, butchers and bee keepeers. There is also a call for people to rp as family members. A complete list of these roles and contact information for family members is included at the end of this article. Most players are active from 11am SLT until 9pm SLT.  The sim is Dark Side of Gor player friendly and encourages creative story lines that stay within the boundaries of a BTB genre.
  • Current RP story lines include a rumor that the Chieftain is not only looking for Minor Jarls to help manage the responsibilities of the Hold; but is also looking for Lieutenants, and even a Captain, to help lead the men in combat. Those who will step up to the responsibilities will receive positions above the salt, as well as increased pay and the ever-important “bragging rights.” Is Hrafnvik planning some late En’ Kara marauding? Whose village will be sacked? Will more initiates die for their sins against the men of Torvaldsland? The only way to know is to catch that next boat out and indulge in a fresh new venue filled with hot avatars and terrific paragraph role players.

Open Roles in Hrafnvik

  • Looking for ideas on how to step into RP here at Hrafnvik? Maybe we can help!  These roles are by no means mandatory; just suggestions on some roles that we would like to fill with actual players.  Feel free to look through, and decide what will work for your character, or come up with something completely different!  We try to limit our roles to no more than 3 of the same specialization.  We might have three butchers, if all three specialize in different things (general butchering, smoking and sausages for example).
  • Open Professions:

☼Bee Keeper (2)

☼Blacksmith/Locksmith (1)

☼Bower (2)

☼Butcher (1)

☼Candy/Chocolatier (2)

☼Carpenter (1)

☼Chandler (Candle-Maker) (1)

☼Cobbler (2)

☼Farmer (2)

☼Herald (1)

☼Horn/Bone Craftsman (2)

☼Jeweler (1)

☼Long Hall Kitchen Assistant (works with Hall Mistress) (2)

☼Miner (3)

☼Musician (2)

☼Overseer (Will take 4 of these!)

☼Perfumer/Soap Maker (2)

☼Record Keeper (2)

☼Skald (2)

☼Stone Mason (2)

☼Tanner/Leather Worker (1)

☼Trader/Merchant (1)

☼Woodcutter (2)

  • Open Family Roles:

☼Twin (Adult) Children for Relia:  ?

☼Uncles, Male Cousins for Ainalla:  ?

☼Family of all sorts for Hannah:  contact Hannah Doran

Hrafnvik RP Snippets

(See for yourself the quality of roleplay at Hfravnik and the interesting and creative story lines unraveling there.)

  • Verdandi Njörðr-Hrafntýr (perizaad): Slowly exhaled knowing zira now for sure wouldn’t tell Ghaz. She watched carefully over to freya, listening than to unjana, and smirked, “my first time too.” She hand’t known ujana was a full blown alcoholic yet. Or had any sort of addiction problems, damn peer pressure. Dandi watched zira all the while taking a leaf, never leaving her eyes off of her, zira had to be probably one of those popular girls in gorean studies that made other free woman her mummets and hooked them on the good stuff. She wasn’t sure, but it was shocking to see how different her and ghaz was. But ofcourse they were, she was his half sister.. and a woman.. just like her. Dandi took the leaf but before chewing it, she had to take a strong drink first.
  • Zira (babybear.serenity) took the most middle of the road leaf and crushed it up like a pro. The crushed little leaf was then put between her molars and she started to bite into it and soak it with her saliva. It was extraction time! There would be no more drinking until she’d swallowed a few times to get on her journey to mental distraction. Looking at Freya. “I’ll tell you what, I am so.. so so so relieved to hear you say that. Just the other day I was complaining to my slave that the women here are so disrespected. You are their mothers, their sisters, their companions, and they dare give attention or affection or .. anything to these enbonded wenches in your presence?” Zira spit, but not the spiked spit, the unspiked spittle that didn’t have precious kanda in it. “And to think.. my brother says I can’t even own my own thrall to enjoy as I see fit.” She swallowed and her eyes circled their little gathering, landing squarely on Dandi’s returning gaze. “don’t worry…. you’re a free woman. You do as you like, when you like.” As if she felt compelled to push a little bit.

Interview with Ymir

( A tell-all interview with the Jarl of Hfravnik who spills juicy secrets to our reporter about what really goes on behind closed doors at one of SL Gor’s hottest Torvaldsland sims.)

*** Interview wit Ymir Egorson Verndari, Jarl of Hfravnik ***

  • Melanthe Patria (devin.patrucci): Alright…..question number one…..Hfravnik has a reputation for engaging in the more extreme parts of Gor. Tell us what makes the roleplay at your sim considerably more extreme than other sims and why you as the Sim Owner chose to create that particular theme for your genre.
  • Ymir Egorson Verndari (brimir): ninjas. We have all these tiny, bald ninjas with mustaches as long as their legs. No, really…More extreme?  I guess it depends on what you mean by extreme.  Intense?  Cutting across the edges of the taboo?  We’re not afraid to play Gor the way that we feel it would be in day to day life if the books were an actual place we could go.  It wasn’t all sunshine and bunnies.  We embrace all parts of it, good, bad, exciting, mundane.  I personally get bored easily when everything is too peaceful.  I like rich detail, no matter what the RP is.  I’ve played characters outside of Gor that are really dark and some really violent.  I’ve also played the loving, gentle type.  Here, we get a pretty good balance.  While we do accept and embrace the darker, more dangerous elements, we also have our fun… like dice  nights.  We know how to have fun, how to laugh, to love, and also to exact vengeance, to express rage, and to suffer the consequences of all of it, good or bad.
  • Melanthe Patria (devin.patrucci): Great answer but come on, give our readers the goodies. Tell us the nitty gritty about dice night. Give us some examples of the rp that is *intense and taboo*. What can potential visitors expect when they show up at Hravnik?
  • Ymir Egorson Verndari (brimir): “Alright.  We’ll go with dice night.  One thing you have to understand about Hrafnvik, is the dynamic of the players.  Yes, we want and welcome new players, particularly those who have been through some shit.  Can I say shit?  Anyway, the characters that comprise most of the population of Hrafnvik either have been friends for decades, or will welcome people in and make them feel like they’ve been here for decades.  Dice night is an example of that.  Ulfr and Ymir have known each other for probably about 30 years based on Gor time.  They’re best friends.  Dice is a regular thing, and anyone around who gets roped into the game ends up seeing a very different side of the Chieftain and Rune Priest.  Drinking, debauchery, dares… typical dice night.  We’ve had the loser have to run naked through a long hall… someone else’s hall, mind you… have to skinny dip in winter, stand in the snow as a living snowman, play thrall for a day, or more recently, each round had the lowest roller doing a truth or consequence from the highest roller.  All kinds of crazy stuff happened that night.  Had a couple of guys end up wearing kirtles… and one way or another, a couple ended up naked.  We get in fights over it usually, but a few bruises later, we’re right back at it again, laughing, drinking, sharing a bond.
  • Ymir Egorson Verndari (brimir): Now, if you want to talk intense or taboo, Ymir recently went on a hunt for an Initiate. The Initiates and men of Torvaldsland have a long-standing enmity.  The Initiates, you probably know, will kill any Torvaldslanders that stand by the old beliefs in the Norse gods.  If seen making a fist over their mead, they will be taken and boiled in oil, tortured… it’s a horrific way to go.  So, Ymir had heard that there was recent bloodshed from Initiates to men of the North.  He went hunting, found an Initiate, and kidnapped him to bring him back to Hrafnvik and take him to Hugin and Mugin’s peak, the tallest point of the mountain where the ravens have a nest in the tree there.  We have our rune circle up there and altar.  The Initiate was given mead and raped by a bond… two things they are to abstain from… and then slowly hung on the tree.  Before his last breath, he was stabbed with a spear, disemboweled, and then once dead, beheaded.  His body was sent back to Sardar with his face to his ass.  It was a sign of disrespect, warning, and vengeance.  A carved white raven was left in the box with the body to let them know the Order of the White Raven is alive, well, and coming for them… even if it’s one at a time.
  • Melanthe Patria (devin.patrucci): Sounds like you have a lot of fun and you may have just convinced some of my readers to become initiates with the whole bond rape thing.! But I want to back up a moment. You spoke about both welcoming new people and your player base having long connections. What kind of story lines would you be interested in having come to Hfravnik? Is there something that you would love your group to be part of? Something the High Jarl has always wanted to live out? Tell us readers what we can bring to Hravnik?
  • Ymir Egorson Verndari (brimir): chuckles.  “Well, first off… he’s a Hold Jarl, not a High Jarl.  That’s a common misunderstanding.  A High Jarl is one that leads a huge amount of land… basically all of Torvaldsland… with many men from all over oathed to him.  They come in at the Thing every year and report in how things are going on the land they are responsible for, because though they are responsible and the local leader, the High Jarl actually owns it.  Like a King with his various Governors coming in to report.  Each land is ruled by a Hold Jarl, the leader of the Hold.  That’s what Ymir is.  We have Minor Jarls here, who govern their own territory for Ymir; but on an OOC level, we’re one sim.  We don’t have other sims that come and report to Ymir, or are oathed to Ymir, nor do we recognize any other sim or any other man as High Jarl that Ymir would report to.  As far as storylines coming in?  Anything that is Gorean and makes sense.  If you are looking to start up more trade, bring it!  We’d love to have more Torvie men come. in, and could use more thralls, as we have none on sim right now.  Thralls are tough roles; but some can play them really well.  And for those who are coming in and not sure how/where to begin, we have a banner up at the landing zone that lists some open roles we’re looking to fill.  Family members, NPC’s we’d like replaced with real players, etc.”
  • Melanthe Patria (devin.patrucci): Great! Let’s move on to some more personal questions. For all the Freewomen of the South out there, tell us Ymir are men of the Torvaldsland really “bigger” and is there really a “Second taking”?
  • Ymir Egorson Verndari (brimir):. “Ohoho, boy…” Alright, well, I guess it depends on the man.  If you go by the book, and how we RP here… yes.  Men are bigger.  They are basically giants.  Ymir is about 8′ tall.  He’s not as broad as some of his counterparts; but that’s largely due to his professions that have shaped him.  Ulfr is a little shorter, not by much; but he’s more solid.  We have some real giants in the North.  But then, I don’t go around comparing staffs, if you know what I mean.  Second taking… by that, I’m guessing you’re referring to when a bond is opened, more gently at first so you don’t damage her, then secondly taken so that she knows her place and you really stir up that heat?
  • Melanthe Patria (devin.patrucci): We wouldn’t be doing the readers justice if we didn’t ask about the taking of bonds. And yup, the ladies want to know if they fall to the collar of Hfravnik what is in store for them.
  • Ymir Egorson Verndari (brimir): grins wolfishly. “Well, bonds in Hrafnvik… they need to show their fire, their desire to please.  We have some who walk around timidly, and as a result are not given the attention they want OOCly.  We have bonds that are bold, that walk up and press themselves to the men, that seek to please.  Those are the ones who stir up desire in the men, that know how to shift their bodies in a way that distracts us from whatever we’re talking about and end up getting used… sometimes shared.  We have taken a bond and filled her with three men at once, over the work table in the blacksmith forge.  Sometimes we share, sometimes we don’t; but we use our bonds, we make them work, and most of us… we’re not gentle.”
  • Melanthe Patria (devin.patrucci): Now that is HOT, HOT, HOT! Is there anything else you would like to tell our readers about Hfravnik or any dirty little secrets about you that we can coax you into sharing?
  • Ymir Egorson Verndari (brimir): We’re not quite open for raids yet, but are planning to be in the next couple of weeks. We’ll be ready for raids before August, I think.  Aside from raids, we let RP be RP and the meter is optional.  If it’s not a raid, and you want to use dice, go for it.  We have a lot who prefer that, in fact.  We’re a mostly Paragraph RP sim, but we’ll take all sorts as long as they can be patient enough to follow a post order.  I know I’m pretty proud of the sim.  Ymir loves everyone in his village, and on an OOC level, I really love the player base we have here, too.  We all have our quirks; but you get that everywhere.  It’s part of human nature.  Our website has some pictures, some lore and rules, and news and events listed there for those who want to take a peek at it. If anyone wants to learn more about Ymir, come find him.  Learn in RP.
  • Melanthe Patria (devin.patrucci): Thank you Ymir for taking the time to speak with us. We’ve really enjoyed learning about Hrafnvik. As we like to say at the each of our Featured Sim interviews, “See you on the playing field.”

Healer’s Tips

  • Healer tip 1: Paga is alcohol based. Splashed over a wound it can prevent infection.

  • Healer tip 2: Warm tea bags will draw the heat out of a sunburn.

  • Healer tip 3: Unpeeled boiled suls can cure constipation

Culture and Religion


Long Hall Blessing

(Curious about the religion of Torvaldsland? Ever wanted to see one of the Northern rites performed? The Gorean Gazette went undercover to capture a glimpse into the world of the Rune Priest.)

  • Ymir Egorson Verndari (brimir) had his hands full of rope, with a fat, squealing tarsk on the end of one and a bleating, stubborn verr on the other, neither one wanting to move into the main part of the hall. He thought he heard someone outside shouting; but then, there was always noise in the village. With the animals going wild and fighting the way through the hall, trying to trip him up with their leashes, he really was in no state to go chase down someone that would rather shout outside than to approach, either. It was like people on Earth pulling up to a stranger’s house and honking the horn, expecting the people inside to come out. Knock on the damn door! He grunted and cussed, trying to shove the tarsk’s ass with a boot only to get shit on by the verr. “Gods damn it! Here, Ulfr! Take one o’ these so’s you can do that blessing. I’ll be glad t’do whatever needs doing from there.”
  • Ulfr Njörðr (kullenkill) looked to Brokk.. ‘good ..then you will ready when I challenge you in the duel for acting like an ass.’ Ulfr was a man of war.. he fought more battles than Brokk was alive. ‘why don’t you look in your bota again. I see you seek comfort of the long hall table. you can’t even keep to your own oaths.’ turned his back on the man. he would hear the farmer woman speak of pie and he would look over. yup distracted again. oh animals in his face.. ‘oh.’ took one of the beasts.. taking the verr and would bind it to the post near him. ‘aye. after I bless the hall you just bless the meal and mead. can have the thralls (NPCs) put the beasts on the spit. they should be done by the end of Jarl’s court.’ wrestled with the verr. he heard some shouting as well… but could have been anyone in the hall.. it was too muffled and it was too busy in here to be bothered.
  • Relia βĻùέ Ʈόόţħ (liz.shim) covers Jes’ hand with her own, she looks at Jes and then at Karigan “Mead is fine.” Jes would correct the order if he didn’t want her to have any. Turning her attention back to Fiama when she mentioned pies “Oh would I!” Relia loved her food, almost as much as she loved Jes but on a day when she is particularly hungry, her mate might loose out. “I still owe Ymir a beat down in eating pies. Those two would be good for training.” Goofing around, Relia had told Ymir she could eat more pies then him, she probably could, he accepted the challenge and wagers were made. At some point, they would have their contest. She patted Jes’s hand with her fingers “Fiama” she says to him “She makes the most wonderful pies.” She had made assumptions that they’d met so she didn’t bother with introductions.
  • Jes (jester.mode) gladly reached for the mead as it was offered but looked the bond that presented it over. She was new to him for sure, though Ulfr seemed to fancy her already. But then pie was mentioned and his brow perked. Looking at the farmer over the rim of his mead, already to his mouth. After taking a quick sip, “Pie? We like pie, what kind is it?” Pie reminded him of his grandmother, the only person in his childhood to ever really see potential in him. Pie was good. He could only guess who the woman was based on knowing who the dress was for, but he’d never met her himself. Hearing the words about Relia eating them both, he turned to stare at her incredulously. “You’ll have to fight for them if you think you’re going to hog them all to yourself there lady.” Of course, Relia was the one that had done all the work but…pie, he couldn’t pass it up! There was no correction to Relia wanting mead either, she’d earned a good drink, and it might even help with her pain, or at least forget some of the pain for now. That or a tea.
  • Brőkk (bradyn.mcmahn) ‘s brow just furrowed all the more. He didn’t say anything he just dropped his gaze to look within the mead in the pitcher. His jaw worked but he said nothing ignoring the jibe about the bota and about sitting down on the bench. He started to drum his fingers a little heavily on the table though he made no move to get up.
  • Karigan (karigan.ansar) caught Jes’s eye briefly and winked, before her attention turned to the two women. “Yes Mistresses,” She disappeared back towards the kitchen for one more pitcher of mead. This time she’d bring with it two horns, since she didn’t expect the women to drink straight from the pitcher. Pouring each full, she’d stop first at Flama and offer her one “Mistress, your mead.” With the assumption that she’d take it, Karigan would do the same to Relia before setting the pitcher she poured from down between them on the table.
  • Fiama lifted a hand to lips as she smiled, watching the banter between the two. “Two peach pies.” She replied, Karigan drawing her attention. She accepted the horn with a smile. “Thank you.” Out of the corner of her eye, she spied Ymir frantically wrastling with the flailing verr… which promply dumped a load of poop all over his tunic. She choked on her mead, managing to swallow it, covering her mouth with a hand to stifle a laugh.
  • Ymir Egorson Verndari (brimir) snorted at Ulfr and Brokk, irritated with the verr and the tarsk. “Aye, well, you’ll get your fill o’ pie soon, Relia,” he rumbled, “and I’ll still be eating.” He smirked at her and tied the tarsk to the other post, then pulled off his tunic to toss to Karigan. “Here, take this out o’ the way. It can be washed later.” He didn’t pay any attention to whether or not her hands were full, or if she even caught it. “NOW ALL PAY ATTENTION! THIS BE FOR THE GODS!” he tugged on his waist band, his pants already sliding down, and gave a nod to Ulfr to begin.
  • Ulfr Njörðr (kullenkill) once the beasts were tethered to the beams Ulfr would call out to the long hall. ‘all please be silent a moment while I take this time and bless our chieftains house.’ he would take the figure of Odin he carved and brought in.. making sure it was center on the high table. ‘This is Odin and he shall watch over this hall as all father and bring our chieftain wisdom. Thor at the north of the building.. shall bring the men and women of this hall strength and Loki to the south shall bring it laughter!’ now I shall sacrifice these two beasts your chieftain had offered for this blessing. seeing that there was two beasts.. he would motion for Ymir to back up a moment.. so he would not get hit with the ax. Ulfr would bring the ax up and would bring it down suddenly on the verr’s tethered neck.. the head would drop to the floor and the body would scramble only seconds as it sprayed it’s blood over the hall and to the walls. it was important the beast sprayed the blood the walls. that was blessing it. he would then move to the tarsk and do the same. Ulfr’s own form would be sprayed the most in the blood.. second would be Ymir.. and the ax would come down on the tarsk’s neck.. this was tricky as it was not a long neck like the verr. it was thicker.. and it would take two swings of the ax to take the tarsks head off. again the spray of blood and most likely those like Jes and the women.. bond.. even the new dress. would get sprayed. once the beasts lay still ..Ulfr would motion for Ymir to bless the meal and mead..
  • Relia βĻùέ Ʈόόţħ (liz.shim) reaches over taking the horn from Karigan, she would take a quick drink. She would only get out “I might let you have a piece or two” to Jes before she heard Ymir’s comment and laughs “So you think.” taking yet another drink she did as commanded and put both eyes and her complete attention on Ymir and Ulfr. Jerking back as the blood spatters on her dress, a bit on her face, even in her hair. Her eyes wide, she looks to Jes, seeing his state and then Fiama’s. She could have cried at the blood even if only a few drops would get on that dress. She hadn’t slept in a night finishing it off, her hands and the small details. Blessing or not, happy as she was for the celebration, she leans against Jes and lowers her eyes to look at her hands. Thankfully cold water on blood thankfully worked wonders, there was little she could or would do. She trusted Ulfr and when she saw blood on the walls it hitting them had to be a good signs as well right?
  • Jes (jester.mode) hushed right up as soon as it was called for. His attention was turned immediately to his friends and the beasts. There was barely a blink or passing of emotion across his face as the creatures were beheaded right there. Nor did he move more than closing his eyes in a blink as a small bit of the blood sprayed his way. His gaze though never left Ymir and Ulfr, always searching between the two men. This was a good day for the village, one Ymir had worked hard towards. Still silent, he raised his pitcher towards the two men. His other hand held fast to his mate’s, a gentle squeeze as he felt her leaning in closer. Blood didn’t bother him, not a bit, but he wasn’t sure how she felt about it.
  • Brőkk (bradyn.mcmahn) pulled his eyes off his mead to look up at the animals being sacrificed. He didn’t say or do anything just turned his blank gaze to the verr then to Ulfr briefly then to Ymir and the others across the way before settling back onto the mead infront of himself, closing his eyes if blood would head his face
  • Karigan (karigan.ansar) caught the tunic that was thrown to her and slipped back to dump it where her kirtle was, so she could figure out where to wash it (or burn it.) Confusion and curiosity warred on her face as she watched them tie the animals to the post. Were they going to do that HERE? Apparently, because the next thing she knew blood was everywhere. Thankfully Karigan had escaped back towards the kitchen and missed getting splattered with it, but her stomach dropped when she realized she’d have to walk barefoot on those floors. While they did what they did, she prepared more pitchers. With the spices and nutmeg for Ulfr and some honey for Ymiir. It kept her busy and well out of the muck and mess they just made.
  • Fiama set her horn down and folded her hands in her lap, turning her attention to the sacrifice. She worked on a farm. Blood on one’s clothing was a regular occurrence. Perhaps that was why she normally wore black. She felt something warm strike her forehead and dribble between her eyebrows and down the side of her nose. Miraculously not a speck of blood touched her dress. No, she was mostly protected by the big support beam. She quickly caught the bead of blood before it could drop into the pale, periwinkle fabric, frantically checking over her dress to be sure it wasn’t ruined. Not a speck.
  • Ymir Egorson Verndari (brimir) stepped back in time to not get his head taken off, his pale beard and hair stained a red-orange rather quickly. He didn’t turn away from the splatter, or blink when the spray came at him. His eyes were already closed, hands wide open and raised as Ulfr spoke the words of blessing. When he was done and both animals beheaded, Ymir opened his eyes and dropped his hands, then lifted the right one to dig in his ear with his pinkie. It was full of blood and he had to tilt his head to drain it out. “Hail Hrafnvik, Hail the Gods what guide us!” He clapped Ulfr on the shoulder and nodded for the thralls to take the beasts and put them to the spits, then walked over to get his pitcher and hold it up. Just as rehearsed with Ulfr before, he cleared his throat and bellowed out, “Bless the four corners of this hall and bless the lintel blest; And bless the hearth and bless the board, and bless each place of rest; and bless the door that opens wide to Strangers, as to kin, and bless each opening that lets the starlight in, and bless the roof-tree overhead, and every sturdy wall. The peace of man, the peace of our Gods, the peace of all! I bless this feast, this beast and mead for my village and people!” He held up his right fist and then chugged down his mead.
  • Ulfr Njörðr (kullenkill) would put his axe back down by his chair and would go over to Ymir and give him a brohug. they didn’t have a temple..this was their temple and the blood sprayed to the wall would bless them and show Ulfr if it was truly a good blessing. the blood didn’t bother him. nor did the killing of the beasts. it was their culture. Ulfr would get his own pitcher of mead and would hold it with Ymir and drink it down. ‘All Hail Hrafnvik! All Hail Ymir! All Hail Odin!’ of course.. Ulfr being a priest of the order. he would add in the last.. something he didn’t expect any other to repeat.. but he had to.. he was of the order. ‘All Hail the Order of the White Raven!’ his dark green eyes would look out. they would be dark and alive.. full of mirth and celebration. watching at the thralls took the beasts to the spits. the blood showed well. it coated the walls far. ‘the growing season looks good my friend.. ‘ turning to Ymir to speak more to him. ‘the trade will go in peace.. but there be rains coming.’ indeed the one wall showed a hard rain or days of rain.. either way.. that was the seasonal challenge.
  • Relia βĻùέ Ʈόόţħ (liz.shim) lifts her horn as well and echoes after Ulfr “Alll Hail Hrafnvik! All Hail Ymir! All Hail Odin!” she took a drink, smiling as she looks upon the two friends. This had been Ymir’s vision and she was proud of the man. She looks at Jes and gives him a wink if he would catch it and then looks back to Ymir. They were blessed, it was the first home, the first peace she’d ever felt. Taking another drink, her eyes would well up and glisten with tears. Her heart was threatening to burst from just how happy she was.
  • Jes (jester.mode) smiled as Ymir spoke the blessings and when the man finished, he stood in his place at the table, raising his pitcher high, “Hail Hrafnvik! Hail Ymir…..Hail, Odin.” The last was said quieter, still unsure how he felt about that god or if he’d made peace with Odin yet. He did know though that he’d never in his life felt as much at home as he was starting to here, and he was sure it was the people, and how they’d worked together to raise these very walls they now blessed. He too finished his mead, then slammed the empty pitcher on the table. There was a kind of pride in the way he looked at Ymir and Ulfr, not for himself, but for his new family. He had moved his hand from Relia’s lap over to her shoulder, always with her so she knew she was in his thoughts though he did not look at her.
  • Brőkk (bradyn.mcmahn) wasn’t phased by the spraying blood even when it landed on his face. His eyes slowly reopened as he heard others talk and he too would fall into line with them though he was still getting use to the customs of the free “Hail Hrafnvik! Hail Ymir! Hail Odin”
  • Karigan (karigan.ansar) looked behind her, then to the side. Where the devil were all the bonds? With a small crowd like this they should be buzzing about, eager to help, happy to serve, and ready to clean up the mess the two men had just made. Karigan stared at the pools of blood and the dripping crimson on the walls and sighed, hoping she wasn’t the last one here who had to fetch a mop and a half gazillion rep clothes. Taking the pitchers she’d filled back to the head of the table, she walked carefully across the slick floor – leaving bloody footprints in her wake as she set down another pitcher of mead for Ymir and Ulfr.
  • Fiama lifted her own horn, echoing the sentiments, quietly, voice drowned out by the cheers in the hall. A new start. This was what her mate had wanted for the both of them. She wouldn’t dishonor his memory by dwelling on things, but she did feel a pang of sorrow that he wasn’t there beside her, to celebrate. She lowered her horn, murmuring something into it, before taking a sip.
  • Ymir Egorson Verndari (brimir) clapped his hand on Ulfr’s back, smearing blood between them with that bro-hug, then thunked his forehead to Ulfr’s and grinned. He only abandoned the comraderie to set down his pitcher on the high table and reach out for the other from the bond, waiting until Ulfr took his before he slipped his arm around the naked form of her to pull her right up against him. “Come with me, beastie,” he rumbled to her, trying to guide her around the table and toward his chair. “And now Jarl’s Court begins! After, we feast on roasted tarsk, roasted verr and PIE!” He chuckled and plopped his ass down in his chair, then, if the bond had followed along, would pull her to his lap and murmur to her, “What’re you called?” He’d squint to Ulfr then, “She had her wine?”
  • Ulfr Njörðr (kullenkill) laughed and cheered with his own. finishing his own pitcher and going back for the other.. taking a seat. the blood dripping down his brow. he would pull the cloth from his back. a cloth he always had to clean his hands and would wipe his face and hands. sitting and relaxing and look to those of his family. he would tilt his head and regard each. how met them. when and were. his twisted thoughts of course would remember Brokk when he beat him, the farmer woman when he took care of her water bloated dead mate, Jes when he came in and had to deal with Ymir and Ulfr and their drunken dice game, and Relia.. the woman with the crazied father..then.. there was Ymir.. is friend that was cursed just as much as him. but even those curses couldn’t stop the hand of Odin to move them into their rightful places. Ulfr would see how the hand of Odin moved each one in the hall here. all their own way. here. ‘yes she had her wine. I be sure to give her to before I nailed on my door.’ chuckled and took another drink of his mead.

Poet’s Podium

(What would any would be without literature? Wanting to court that special Freewoman with sonnets Poetry by Chryoprase )

– Loneliness Will Grow By Chrysoprase (Edward Clay)

If one never says, “hello,”

One may need not say, ”goodbye,”

But the loneliness can grow

as the years go bye and bye.

Being quiet can prevent

one from having spoke ”adieu,”

The time one spends alone

is much worse a way for you.

Take your heart out for a walk,

Let the sunshine shine on you,

Let the wind blow on your face,

Walk through grass with morning dew.

It may seem you do not die

if you keep your heart from hurt,

In that way you might as well

be entombed below the earth.

So I say once more to you,

I speak it fervently and clear,

Say “hello” to someone close,

May turn into someone dear.

If one never says “hello,”

One need not say “goodbye,”

Could miss love that might be

till the heart can sometimes die.

© Gazette of Gor


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