Role play of those Sa Jesuil Panther scoundrels

Adventures of Whispering Moons Panthers

 She unfolds a scroll and reads:

The sa jesuil scoundrel dawn captured me

and our lovely kajira ayana and took us to their camp.

There she threatened to burn alive ayana.

I was JUST able to talk her out of it, and we are both now safe.

I intend not to let this action pass…I am calling on

all the enemies of the sa jesuil to unite,

and join us in a ceremonial burning

down of the sa jesuil camp to the ground

one dark night in the near future.

– bambi ambassador

Ja’Lina Torvis

Whispering Moons

 A Trade Bell is stolen

Two pledges are sent on a pledge task in Sa Jesuil lands.

Vanna arrives to the Ruins Dock with the necessary tools for the job, a short ladder for climbing up a post, a saw for sawing, and a long pole for carrying something big. She quietly shoulders the ladder and then picks up the saw, leaving the pole for Gia to carry.

[These Emotes Shouted]

Vanna sets up a ladder against the Sa’ jesuil’s trade bell’s post and climbs it to reach the bell’s crown and begins to saw through the heavy rope securing it. She saws at the ropes steadily until the weight of the bell is greater than the few remaining fibers and it snaps free, falling to the dock.

Gia  hears that the Bell striking the trade dock makes a muffled sound, because have I muffled the clapper by tying my fur cape around it and wrapping it with cord to hold it in place.*

Gia  shoulders the pole that Vanna and I will carry with the bell between us, the pole passed through the rope-hole of the bell, and the clapper muffled with my fur cape wrapped around it and tied with rope to keep it quiet as we run for the docks.*

Vanna shoulders the pole that Vika and I will carry with the bell between us, the pole passed through the rope-hole of the bell, and the clapper muffled with my fur cape wrapped around it and tied with rope to keep it quiet as we run for the docks.*

tina :  runs up to Vanna and takes a binding cord and ties tight her hands with a Capture knot

tina takes a second binding cord and kicks her feet together and binds tight her feet with a Capture knot

tina  takes a longer rope and ties around her chest and arms a nd makes a leash dropping the free end to the ground

Vanna groans, “can we still keep the bell?” she murmurs

tina  takes my Bow and spanks her butt………..NO you can not keep it..!!!!!!!!!!

Vanna: how embarrassing, can you sail me now? Ouch!

tina  reaches down and re ties her feet so she may hobble.not run nor kick

Vanna sighs

tina: Sighs………did you really think you could just walk in and tcut down the Trade Bell and take it

Julia: damaging jessie property, lets see now, that sentance carries a three year enslavment punishemnet

Vanna: well, yeah.. its just a silly slave bell

tina : reaches down and takes the leash and holds tight

Gia: Slave bell again?

Julia loosens giannia leg bindings enough so she can walk or bobble but not kick or run

Gia : Nothing was damaged.  She cut a rope

Julia: so tell us why you are trying to talk the trade bell?

Julia: be honest to

Julia: grins

Gia : Pledge task

Julia: hahaha

Vanna: uh huh

Julia: you tried, I give you that much

Vanna: we do this and we’re made huntresses

Julia: giggles

Julia: pledge test?

Vanna: yep yep

Gia: That is why you got us yesterday too.

Julia: and what happen since you where caught?

tina  laughs…and is thinking there may be something to that remembering her own times as a Pledge

Gia : The day before that, we ran away.

Julia: oh I remember to sis, omg

Julia: oh, thats why you where her the last day, the pledge test?

Vanna: uh huh

Julia: laughs

Gia : The only reason we would be here, is under orders.

Julia: had I not been on the dock you would have pulled it off

tina: So you had to come here and steal our Trade bell then take it back with you as proof that you can follow orders

Gia : Dragged on a leash, or under orders.

Julia: hahaha

Vanna smirks

Julia: I love it, the good old days sis

The Return Trip

Vanna returns to the Ruins with the Kailla in tow carrying the new shiny trade bell. She thanks the dock hands giving her help getting the intemperate beast and her cargo onto the dock and returns to the trade dock to install the new bell.

tina : We;ll I am glad to see you returned.did you bring a nice new shinny bell with you

tina : I left new rope and your ladder is still there, so sooner you get that done tha faster you and your sister will get to go back home

Vanna unloads the shiny new bell from off the Kialla and sets it onto the trade dock. She would fasten the new ropes that Tina provided onto the new bell’s crown and then climbs up the ladder to the support beam and and back down to the dock. She braces herself and begins to hoist up the massive new bell.

tina  smiles wide looking at the new Bell that is being replaced and now wonders as you work away……* You had to do this as a pledge then to come and take our Trade bell ……….well if that Bell sounds nice and rings true……then I am guessing that you can have the old one…..just you may need to go for a swim to get it back…… did kick the old one into the water..?

Vanna grunts and pulls against the heavy rope until the new bell is resting against its support beam, before tying it off and climbing back up the ladder and securing the new bell with steel chains. She would make some last minute checks of the new bell’s position before cutting away the rope. Then climbs back down the ladder and examines her work. She climbs the ladder one more time to give the new bell a quick polish before jumping down and ringing it.

Vanna shouts: It seems to be working. Do you like your new bell Tina?

tina : Well done then, thats sounding so much better then the other one……….Yes I do, I think you can keep that other one and take it back as your prize

Vanna: Yeah!!! Pledge Test is done now!

Vanna: how about my Gia?

tina : please wait here, I will see whats going on

Vanna: alright

Gia shouts: Be well, and stay the hell out of our LAIR!!

Julia: all set vika?

Vanna: yes, I was just waiting for Gia. but she’s easily distracted.

tina laughs……..would seem so

Julia: she is at the dock

Vanna: see you around. I’m glad we get to cross this task off our list

Julia: your free to go, thank you for the new bell

 The Sa jesuil camp will burn

Red hair travels to the village of Odin, the tavern being a place for tales and rumours. She enters and sees two free women preparing for a journey it seems.

  • Jasmine: tal!

  • Nalani : Tal Huntress

  • Mar’li spins around , both her dark orbs settle on the women “Tal” she replies

  • Mar’li  lips curl into a thin smile as she looks at the woman wearing a healers back pack and assorted weapons “You are a trader?”

  • Jasmine : HUntress, we are going for a walk….

  • Jasmine  smiles and runs off

  • Mar’li shrugs “Do what you like “


Red hair leaves the empty tavern and heads to the small wooden dock at Odin, where she meets…..the two women again!

  • Mar’li : mhm

  • Mar’li  glances at the women

  • Nalani : which camp is yours Huntress, I would hate to burn the wrong one

  • Jasmine : Nala!

  • Jasmine coughs

  • Nalani : what? I was being polite

The red head recalls the scroll she had read about the cruelty of Dana, she would help these women burn the Sa Jesuil camp.

  • Mar’li : Neither camp , I would even help

  • Jasmine : REALLY?

  • Mar’li : Why not……too many panther camps as it is

  • Nalani : which one does the Huntress Sara Connar live in

  • Jasmine: Youre so right!

  • Jasmine : Tal huntress!

  • Mar’li : Tal shana

  • Jasmine : You’ll help us too Shana?

  • Jasmine  smirks

  • Shana: tal marli

  • Mar’li : Especially the sa jesuil camp , where sara lives

  • Jasmine: Ohhhh

  • Mar’li  points to the shaman…..”follow her and you wïll find that camp”

  • Jasmine : Lets do it !

  • Jasmine : you do it with us?

  • Mar’li : I have some time to spare

  • Jasmine : Amazing then

  • Jasmine : But i’ll be the protector only !

  • Jasmine : Only because Nala wants to do it !

  • Nalani : hey, you made me come here

  • Nalani : you are the one with weapons, not me

  • Jasmine: NO YOU DID!

  • Jasmine : I am yes to protect you silly !

  • Mar’li  smirks “getting cold feet?”

  • Jasmine : “Nno but i have enough trouble huntress”

  • Jasmine : “If it’s on her it’s cool i will still protect her with weapons !”

  • Kazrak Thornstein : Tal LAdies

  • Nalani : Tal Sir

  • Mar’li : Tal

  • Kazrak Thornstein: dont mind me im just em… fighting

  • Nalani : are you friend or foe to the panthers that live here

  • Nalani : perhpas you may wish to help

  • Kazrak Thornstein : I am freind to no panther

  • Jasmine : A helper?

  • Kazrak Thornstein : help with what?

  • Nalani : weheard they are chilly at night, so we thought, we would uhmm help them out with some heat

  • Nalani : and lots of it

  • Kazrak Thornstein : whom is it you came to help

  • Nalani : whomever tickles our fancy

  • Mar’li chuckles “….heat? the sa jesuil sluts have other heat”

  • Jasmine  bursts out laughing

  • Kazrak Thornstein: i forget there name i am a war currently with the othere tribe here not the se julie

  • Nalani : any panther that looks like some fire may help them uhmm warm up

  • Nalani : ooo maybe the tribe you are at war with could use some warming up

  • Emma shouts: Whomever downs that man in black gets a reward!

  • Jasmine : Oh listen to that…

  • Nalani  shouts: funny he just said the same about you

  • Nalani : tee hee

  • Jasmine smiiiirks

© Lunacaleengpanthers


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